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Sometimes I write stories, on the spot, in #MiG. This is one of them...


<Myschii>STORY TIME?
<Inquisitor>Story time?
<Inquisitor>What kind of story?
<Myschii>Everyone is already dead?
<Ataisai>this musclebound big-eyebrowed asshole came on through here and poked everyone
<Ataisai>and so yeah
<Ataisai>we are all dead
<Inquisitor>I see.
<Inquisitor>Genre... how about a tragedy?
<Ataisai>cow, raven
<Myschii>Tragedy romance... got it
<Myschii>cow raven
<Myschii>the adjective
<Ataisai>No, wait
<Ataisai>retcon that
<Myschii>Nothing would ever hurt the people of the town. Not a thing could really.
=-=[huh]Leilia is now known as huh
<Ataisai>dsk.fnsa .exgfnv.wdsmvlnval/wmsdva
<Myschii>Because the only monsters strong enough were already its gaurdians
<Myschii>The werehakutaku and endless phoenix patrolled the town limits as its citizens slept everynight
<Myschii>Unaware of their watchfull eyes keeping hungry and uncivilized monsters from destroying them
<Orange>yay story time.. I wanna get some warm milk and cookies~
<Myschii>But as their eyes would glow in the moonlight, watching for the neverdogoods that would pray on the innocent, they wouldn't notice the eyes that were watching them.
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<Myschii>"And THIS will be the headline that makes the BunBunMaru the biggest paper in Gensokyo!" Aya screamed into the room.
<KChasm>I've been feeling like shit for the last hour or so
<Myschii>Words stretched in bold across the top of the mock newspaper in Aya's hand make room for text nearly impossible.
<KChasm>but this video brightened my day
<KChasm>I don't know why
<KChasm>I mean, it's cute, yeah, but that cat is a fucking jerk
<Inquisitor>Goddamnit I lol'd
<Myschii>"Wait what?" Momiji tries to interupt before Aya gets...
<Orange>Nice run on pun there..
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<Myschii>"No" Momiji tries to push Aya out of the editting room.
<Myschii>"Oh, come on," Aya directs towards Momiji, "Super heroes in newspaper sells!"
<Myschii>"That's not the point," Momiji takes a breath.
<Myschii>"Come on! Haven't you seen Superman? He like the headline every day in that newspaper AND they always sell out!"
<Myschii>"Aya, that's fiction," Momiji rationalizes, "this is real life!"
<Myschii>"Phffft!" Aya shoves a pad of paper and pencil into Momiji's hands, pushes her hatdown over her eyes, takes her trusty camera and says...
<KChasm><Myschii> "Aya, that's fiction," Momiji rationalizes, "this is real life!"
<huh>o hay its inquisitor
<KChasm>That's right, Momiji!
<Myschii>And flies out the door with a farewell scream instructing her pal to get to writing...
<Orange>Quiet it you two, its story time.
<KChasm>People definitely don't fly around like that in real--
<KChasm>People don't bust up things with super-strength--
<Myschii>So should I keep writing?
<Orange>Up to you.
<Orange>I'm all for it..
<KChasm>...people don't wear capes?
<Azureshot>Go for it.
<Myschii>thanks kchasm
<KChasm>Eh, what are you thanking me for?
<Azureshot>I think a boy- no, no I'm not :V
<KChasm>You should be getting angry at me for interrupting your good story with my blather
<Azureshot>I think I saw a boy wearing a cape somewhere...
<KChasm>Ahhhhh you confuse the hell out of me
<Orange>Continue on with you story and singing Mystia~
<Myschii>And then for the next month, the BunBunMaru would sell nothing without the pictures of SUPER COW front and center on the front page.
<Myschii>And oddly enough, the paper did sell...
<Myschii>Ridiculously well at that
<Myschii>"This is just..." Momiji starts as her face sickens at the amazing amount of fan mail the paper has gotten. Especially since they were all made up stories that should have gotten no attention at all in the news.
<Myschii>"Fantastic!" Aya finishes. She shines her camera with her feathers, ready for another night, of prime photography.
<Myschii>"No, this is just SILLY!" Momiji can't help but feel outraged at this. It's wrong.
<Myschii>Aya waves off Momiji's words as she always has. Yanks the letters out of Momiji's hands and begins rifling through the fan mail
<Myschii>And though a few complaints came from concerned readers here and there, the majority said the same thing.
<Myschii>"Who is this girl behind the Cow mask?"
<Myschii>Aya could only grin at the posibilities...
<Ataisai>(suddenly imagining Mokou kissing an upside-down EX-Keine)
<Myschii>Yamame and wriggle
<Myschii>draw it
<Myschii>before i do
<Ataisai>it's been drawn
<Ataisai>go back to story telling
<Inquisitor><< I have two sudden ideas. One for a City of Heroes-Esque CYOA in Gensokyo City and a one-shot for shits and giggles about.... shit, I forgot. >>
<Inquisitor><< So prolly a 1-shot City of Heroes in Gensokyo City. TY, Myschii, for the inspiration. >>
<Inquisitor><< Yes'm. >>
<huh><<How about you keep to your one CYOA if you can't even manage updating that regularly>>
<Ninny><<I have no idea what we're doing, but damn it's fun.>>
<Myschii>And that night, where Aya would usually go alone to take pictures of the unaware "SUPER COW", this time she would draw along an Unwilling Momiji...
<Inquisitor><< When someone tells me how to prove Dante's Inferno is gayer than San Francisco without refering to Devil May Shit so I can get this essay done, I'll get back to it. >>
<Ataisai>okay, it's Kisume, not Wriggle
<Ataisai>but still
<Pygmalion>Wriggle can be Gwen.
<Ataisai>Gwen Stacy go splat. ;_;
<Orange><< Go on with your story Myschii~>>
<Azureshot><<Please do~>>

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<Ataisai>(fffff yes goddammit, more)
<Myschii>Keine Kamishirasawa was on her nightly walk as she always would be. She would take in the history of the day and talk to her less than sociable best friend
<Ataisai>(and sorry)
<Myschii>The voice behind her wasn't unfamiliar as she turned to upbraid Aya who was apparently up to more mischief.
<Myschii>Keine could never stand the BunBunMaru and the false history it would produce
<Myschii>A bad taste would linger in her mouth any time she even saw the paper
<Myschii>But to her surprise before she had turned around Aya had already flown away.
<Myschii>In her place was some unsuspecting Dog of a youkai. Completely tense and with pad and paper in hand.
<Azureshot><<I'm imagining Momiji with a dog pad notepad at the moment...>>
<Myschii>Her garb and recent history marked her as that damn ravens assistant. So she was writing fake history about herself now was she? Keine would wonder.
<Myschii>"h-Hi," Momiji would say, "My name is Momiji Inubashiri. Pleasant night isn't it, miss?"
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<Myschii>"Kamishirasawa," Keine would say in a flat tone that left no room for pleasantries.
<Myschii>Momiji could feel the tension immediately, but decided to just be honest about the situation. Maybe the "truth" would finally kill this charade of a story and do both of them some good.
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<Myschii>"Well Miss Kamishirasawa, I'm afraid my boss is making me do nothing, but write blatant lies based on your likeness. It's pretty horrible."
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<Myschii>Keine raises an eyebrow at this. Honestly she's surprised the mutt can pronounce her name without fault while speaking in a perfectly respectable tone, but the 'horrible lies' are intriguing as well.
<Ataisai>(I missed everything after "Pleasant night, isn't it, miss?" Anyone mind PMing me the rest?)
<Orange><<I will>>
<Myschii>And so they would converse into the night. The silver dog would tell the school teacher about her horrible life as Aya's lackey.
<Myschii>And Hakutaku would share with the reporter details about her own life as the town's gaurdian.
<Orange><Myschii> Momiji could feel the tension immediately, but decided to just be honest about the situation. Maybe the "truth" would finally kill this charade of a story and do both of them some good.
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<Orange><Myschii> "Well Miss Kamishirasawa, I'm afraid my boss is making me do nothing, but write blatant lies based on your likeness. It's pretty horrible."
<Myschii>In fact Momiji would forget about taking notes, and Keine would complete disregard that this was an interview.
<Myschii>Days would pass without an interview with Supercow hitting the front page. All the while Keine couldn't help but continue having her renzdevous with the only person to keep accurate records of history outside of the village.
<Myschii>Her midnight snack she'd begin to call it.
<Myschii>And nightly, Momiji would blow off steam talking with the only sensible person in Gensokyo.
<Myschii>Maybe she got so good with people while handling the children at the school?
<Myschii>Months would pass as this routine would continue, and maybe there was something more to Keine that Momiji wouldn't notice, because she would find herself staring at her when she wasn't looking.
<Myschii>And Keine probably couldn't understand why she felt so compelled to look into Momiji's past... She would never actually commit the deed. That'd be an invasion of privacy... But she'd always feel compelled to think about it, anyway...
<Myschii>And so one stary night... Just outside the village...
<Myschii>And down the road... And behind a tree...
<Myschii>And a few miles up a beaten trail, and a left turn at a river,
<Myschii>follow that a couple more miles up a waterfall and take a right, and then straight up the cliff face and behind the BunBunMaru front door...
<Myschii>Aya would finally get fed up with "paltry" earnings the paper had been making with the "same old" story
<Myschii>And then the idea hit her!
<Myschii>"AN INTERVIEW WITH SUPER COW!" She'd exclaim.
<Myschii>No one would be smart enough to think of an idea as grand as this!
<Myschii>Only super genious reporter Aya could get this kind of scoop!
<Myschii>And so Aya would reach for her notepad and pencil behind the ENORMOUS stack of supercow photos and stories that would last the paper for years and set out on a mission
<Myschii>The next morning was brighter than any before it.
<Myschii>Keine cheecks were rosy as she savoured the history of the night before.
<Myschii>She'd never have guessed she would hear those words in a lifetime
<Myschii>Always a monster or boring or too intellectual or not pretty enough...
<Myschii>But Miji-kun would utter them unto her like a long awaited gift.
<Myschii>Keine would have to stop twirling around her room above the school room as she bumped her leg into her furniture and nearly went sailing into the ground.
<Myschii>But nothing could make this day bad for her.
<Myschii>This morning was brighter than any before it.
<Myschii>Or perhaps the torches of the mob outside the school house had something to do with that.
<Myschii>Keine would gasp as she threw open her window to look outside at the crazed mob
<Ataisai>(well, shit.)
<Myschii>A well aimed rock would leave a nasty gash across her eye, as she demanded to know what was going on
<Myschii>Running to her door, she would throw it open only to find smoke billowing up in mass
<Orange><< ;_;... I'm gonna cry now..>>
<Myschii>The fumes would choke, the cinders burn, and the heat would cause her pain as she tried to crawl down the steps
<huh><<huh, how about that.>>
<Myschii>I just have to make it to the window on the first floor. She'd repeat the words in her head
<Ataisai>(thanks a lump, Inq. ;_; )
<Azureshot><< ;_; >>
<Myschii>Pain from every step, she could feel the burns etching further into her skin, towards fat and muscle.
<Myschii>But after the torment she would be rewarded with her goal. She would make it to the window.
<Myschii>And in some harsh irony of the world, she'd witness a pile of flaming school desks blocking that exit as the world would finally turn black around her.
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<Myschii>{psst... how do you make italics?}
<Ataisai>( you don't. in / slashes / is the best you can get )
<huh><<what client?>>
<huh><<Ah. Also, bold could work just as well?>>
<Myschii>{bold will do... Man I need some water give me second...}
<Myschii>{Okay, back}
<Orange><< go go go!>>
<Azureshot><< Keiiiine! ;_; >>
<Myschii>The riot wouldn't settle till later that evening. It was fantastic that the silly newspaper would finally oust the monster in their ranks. After old man Jenkins bought the one with the strange bull monster on the cover roving around town, a quick town meeting and some "fan" mail would eventually get them what they wanted.
<Azureshot><< IT WAS OLD MAN JENKINS! >>
<Ars><< I smell hamburgers. >>
<Myschii>The identity of the monster among them, in clear bold pint, was printed accross today's paper
<Orange><< Oh shit.. I'm actually crying... ;_;>>
<Myschii>{it gets better}
<Myschii>{also, I was going to use that joke, ars...}
<Azureshot><< ... >>
<Ars><< :> >>
<Myschii>Burning flesh.
<Myschii>Burning clothes.
<Myschii>Melting skin.
<Myschii>Burning wood
<Myschii>Hasty sparks
<Myschii>Piled hay
<Myschii>A falling torch
<Myschii>A hastey villager
<Myschii>A panicked town
<Myschii>A newspaper's frontpage
<Myschii>Backwards and backwards
<Myschii>Nothing makes anyone hungrier than dying
<Ars><< Oh, yes. >>
<Myschii>Keine could only have her last meal like anyone else
<Orange><<huh...what? What just happened>>
<Myschii>It would be a feast
<Ars><< YES. >>
<Azureshot><< Oh dear. >>
<Orange><< oh no..>>
<huh><<oh my.>>
<Ars><< Oh, fuck you. >>
<Ars><< :< >>
<Myschii>All of it she could eat
<Myschii>and then more.
<Ninny><< Arse~ >>
<Ars><< ~ >>
<Myschii>Villagers would spend days wondering what they were doing burning down the vacant building in the center of town
<Myschii>No one ever lived there
<Myschii>Many would even go as far as to believe demons had been bewitching them
<Orange><<gah!!!!!!! the suspense is killing me!>>
<Ars><< She's dead, Jim. Shhh. >>
<Myschii>How else would they find themselves owning so many copies of the horrendously ficticious BunBunMaru paper
<Myschii>But alas, they would never realize what happened that day.
<Myschii>And Momiji would head down to the outskirts of the city that night. The night that would follow after the brightest day than any day before it.
<Myschii>For some reason she had a skip to her step.
<Myschii>A song in her heart.
<Azureshot><< ;_; >>
<Myschii>And outside the town,
<Orange><< this chill down my spine.. it does not feel right!>>
<Myschii>Sitting on a rock
<huh><<She found a lone hamburger.>>
<Orange><<I was going to slap you huh for that. but I laughed.. ;_;>>
<Myschii>A rock etched with a warning.
<Myschii>"Leave me alone" Was all it said
<Myschii>Keine would sit on this rock crying
<huh><<The rock said, "Unless">>
<Myschii>Crying after what she had done
<Myschii>She'd never hear the footsteps behind her
<Myschii>Or be more surprised at the hand on her shoulder
<Myschii>Keine would turn around to look at her true love in the eyes... and Momiji would say...
<Orange><< I'm gonna kill you if this ends in a pun..>>
<Myschii>"Pleasant night tonight," Momiji would start to say. It was silly really. Momiji would coninue... "Miss?"
<Azureshot>You don't get it?
<Myschii>Also should at least fix the last sentence
<huh>Good story. Unfortunately, the bit about the rocks reminded me immedaitely of The Lorax, and so...
<Ataisai>brb making self taller
<Orange>I don't get it..
<Ataisai>And the rock actually said WELCOME HOME. ;_;
<Ars>r e p e a t a g a i n ...
<huh>Oh, I see.
<huh>Yeah, you should make it a bit less subtle.
<Ataisai>I got that.
<Ataisai>Leave it
<huh>Though making it less subtle, well, ruins the subtlety.
<Azureshot>I thought it was pretty obvious...
<Ataisai>fucking Aya
<Ars>I was really hoping Keine would eat herself in the fire.
<Orange>I was thinking of that too.
<Ars>Ah well. Can't have everything.
<Myschii>"Aya, that's fiction," Momiji rationalizes, "this is real life!"
<Myschii>I could have left Keine dead
<Ars>Why didn't you.
<Orange>I thought you did.
<Myschii>because I like orange and orange was crying
<Ars>Those tears were lies.
<Orange>I really did shed a tear.
<Orange>Believe what you want or not Ars.
<Azureshot>Well, it still fits the themes.
<Ars>The fruit deceives. Do not fall for its trickery!
<Ars>Okay, I'll stop.
<Myschii>Do you want to hear the making of?
<Orange>So did Aya incite the incident or what?
<Myschii>It was orginally going to be KeineXAya
<Orange>Oh.. wat.
<Myschii>But that sucked
<Azureshot>Well, Raven and Cow afterall.
<Myschii>Immediately after writing Aya, I wrote in Momiji and realized I could do the same
<Azureshot>Hrm, kinda, I guess
<Myschii>Except instead of Aya accidently printing the interview while lovestruck
<Myschii>Aya purposely printed the interview after forgeting for awhile
<Myschii>Momizi was just the beter canidate for romance with another refined historian
<Orange>She felt better as a role for Keine anyway.
<Myschii>Mokou would have originally had some part, but too much dialogue was going to detract.
<Myschii>You know from the tragedy and romance.
<Azureshot>Honestly, with the fire, I thought Mokou was gonna jump in sometime there.
<Myschii>And do what?
<Ataisai>wouldn't be tragic
<Myschii>Anyways after the first bit I had Keine die happy
<huh>Oh, Myschii.
<Myschii>It was going to be a picture of Keine and Momizi kissing on the cover of the paper, and Momizi would be clutching it as she kicked the chair beneath her and hovered over the earth for the last time.
<Myschii>last line would be...
<Azureshot>... Wat
<Myschii>Love is silly, isn't it.
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<Ataisai>I like history-eaten end better. :<
<huh>now I'm thinking of Scorn's Youmu story.
<Orange>It's a strange yet wonderous thing after all..
<Ataisai>this way there's some fhope for renewing it.
<Ataisai>Keine x Momiji
<Orange>What an odd couple~
<Ataisai>two hours ago: but a mere crack pairing
<Ataisai>now: OTP
>> No. 8494
orange sux
>> No. 8498
Interesting pairing.
Aya sucks.
Two thumbs up.
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I'm so lost.

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Sometimes I write stories, on the spot, in #MiG. This is one of them...


<Terminal>I've had Delta road on my mind.
<Vodoka>Story ideas?
<Terminal>That's not very interesting though.
<Vodoka>Hmm. How about something with Wriggle and Yuuka?
=-=HardworkNOwen is now known as UNOwen
<Myschii>Fine Idea vodoka
<nftyw>Something with Sanae and Wriggle
<KChasm>I have a story idea, but I brought it up two or three times before as idle conversation, so I won't bring it up again.
<UNOwen>Two and a half hours on that.
<KChasm>Would make me look conceited.
<Myschii>Also a fine idea nftyw
<UNOwen>Engineering homework Extra credit for the win/loss.
-->|Shizzy (~sheez@Rizon-76206650.lightspeed.hstntx.sbcglobal.net) has joined #MiG
<Myschii>I'll bit KChasm
<KChasm>Nah, nah, let me think of something else...
<UNOwen>Nitori...she's an engineer, right?
<Myschii>NO SHE NOT
<UNOwen>You could write somethign with her.
<UNOwen>That's what I'm saying.
<Vodoka>Story time!
<Myschii>"No one must ever suspect it"
<Vodoka>It's ma favorite time!
<UNOwen>Why must I have to go to bed NOW?
<KChasm>...some sort of deconstruction of the originalmalecharacter/canonfemalecharacter romance that's in every cyoa, except it actually does end up successful?
<UNOwen>When he finally gets on?
<KChasm>...ah, you've started yours. Never mind.
<Niski>Vodoka: write an update already, ok?
<Myschii>After all these years hiding behind her inventions, no one could guess that Nitori's brilliance was all a lie
<UNOwen>No. I won't. I have to sleep.
<UNOwen>I need at least six hours.
<Myschii>For down in the depths of her workshop was the one thing that was the true source of all her inventions
<Kapow>where did her inventions come from then
<KChasm>I just realized I've been having four hours of sleep a night all week
<KChasm>Sorry, five
<UNOwen>I don't care how tempting story time is, I can't stay. As much as I regret it.
<KChasm>not THAT bad.
<Terminal>Sounding kind of Venture Bros. right now.
<Tsurupettan>Hey, anyone know where me dot or whatever his name is? :>
<Kapow>jerl would
<Jerl>Yes, I would
=-=glasnost|asleep is now known as glasnost|sux
<UNOwen>Also, Mystia, quick question before I go: Did you read Eclipse of Eternity yet?
<Tsurupettan>Where is he at~?
<Tsurupettan>bah, tell him to come in here
-->|me[dot] (kylie@taking.my.nekomata.for.a.walk) has joined #MiG
<me[dot]>Dot here, now speak.
<Tsurupettan>hey me[dot]
<Tsurupettan>Do you have any pictures of you wearing the maid outfit?
<Myschii>I'll tell you the reason tommorow
<KChasm>The Clippers of Eternity?
<UNOwen>I can wait.
<Myschii>Years ago, while passing through, Yukari would thwoah open a portal in time.
<KChasm>Any hair cut by them stays shorn...FOREVER
<me[dot]>...Old old OOOOLD, Tsurupettan.
<Tsurupettan>Old what?
<Myschii>As she had just returned from a visit from the distant future.
<Tsurupettan>I was serious.
=-=Ataisai is now known as Kagami_is_out
<me[dot]>There were pictures, I shared them in here, too
<Tsurupettan>I saw pictures of the maid outfit. And pictures of you. But not you wearing it.
<me[dot]>But I has a giant headache
<me[dot]>...I did.
<Tsurupettan>I didn't say you didn't.
<me[dot]>Picture of self.
<Tsurupettan>I said I didn't see them.
<me[dot]>In maid outfit
<me[dot]>ask around, maybe someone has it
<Tsurupettan>As in, I am slow and missed it. :3
* UNOwenvanishes like...something mysterious. That vanishes.
<Tsurupettan>uboa probably does, he'd keep that sort of thing.
<Myschii>Intrigued scientist of the future would stabalize the portal before it entirely closed, but the strain that the portal put on the soul would kill any human who tried to pass through
<--|UNOwen has left #MiG
<Myschii>for Nitori on the other hand
<Myschii>Leaving this time and returning with her newest inventions was a snap
<Myschii>"No one must ever know..."
<Kapow>nitori is the booster gold of gensokyo
<Myschii>And so Nitori closely gaurded her secret.
<Tsurupettan>I see you there, Doujin.
<Myschii>For the hundreds of years that would pass she would wonder if Yukari could feel the portal that never closed
-->|UNOwen (~chatzilla@Rizon-CC5321E5.dhcp.mrqt.mi.charter.com) has joined #MiG
<UNOwen>Gah, forgot my brain.
* UNOwentakes his brain.
<UNOwen>All right, I’m good now.
<Myschii>ANd for years, she would gain more and more reputation as the brightest inventor of Gensokyo
<--|UNOwen has left #MiG
<KChasm>...wait, so Nitori goes to the future, is handed new inventions by her future self, goes back to the past...and...
<Terminal>He forgot his briefcase
<KChasm>...ffff Time Paradox
<Myschii>But as her reputation grew, so did her fear of losing everything
-->|Mari (~choco@Rizon-9244B463.phnx.qwest.net) has joined #MiG
<Mari>Maris in Gensokyo
<Beard>Pime Taradox?
<Myschii>The fear of being shown for the fraud she was
<Vodoka>Oh wow, they're playing with Dreamcast in Ga-Rei Zero.
|<--me[dot] has left irc.rizon.net (Remote host closed the connection)
<Myschii>And soon (hundreds of years to us humans) the distant future that was on the other side of that portal was...
<Myschii>not so distant anymore
<Kapow>http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/404045/chibi-fan-hat-pink_hair-ribbon-saigyouji_yuyuko-sh did someone say dreamcast?
<Myschii>Paranoia gripped Nitori. She went into hiding in her "workshop" longer and longer
<Beard>Oh you
<Myschii>Nothing from the other side was marvelous or unbelievably scientific anymore. Just mundane things she had already grabbed from unwitting scientists.
<Myschii>And with nothing more to proclaim as a new invention, she couldn't imagine what she would have to do to make people forget about her.
<Beard>Speaking of Dreamcast, we need a new Jet Set Radio for the current gen
<Mari>why did i read mundane as tsundere
<Myschii>Or how she would get her fix of attention, as being the goto techno girl was a great gig.
<Myschii>But now there was nothing.
<Myschii>nothing at all.
<Terminal>I don't see me[dot] in a maid costume
<Myschii>maybe she should end it.
<Terminal>I found the picture of the costume and what is supposed to be "him" though.
<Myschii>what's the point of living if life was just a pit with people looking in at the fraud she is
<Terminal>I closed the logs
<Terminal>I would have to open them all over again
<Terminal>This is what he bought http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=1507
<Myschii>She'd clutch her knees to her chest as she'd rock back and forth in the corner of her lab
<KChasm>Also whores
<Beard>Shit, this is the depressing story you wanted to write, isn't it?
>> No. 8682
File 123571794221.jpg - (91.46KB , 567x793 , chen1.jpg ) [iqdb]
<Myschii>For years she would go without leaving her home
<Kapow>this better have a good punchline
<Myschii>For months she'd go without eating
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<Myschii>For weeks she'd cry and mutter
<Myschii>"There must be a way. There must be a way. There must be a way"
<Myschii>And on one particular night
<Myschii>When the loop of rope she had tied off years earlier looked more inviting then ever
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<Myschii>On that night
<Myschii>An idea came to her
<Ninny>AoD updated.
<Terminal>If she sticks her head in that loop the blood in her head will stay there making her smarter.
<Myschii>"If I can't grab new inventions from this portal. I'll simply have to get another..." She would mutter, voice cracking at intervals.
<Kapow>suddenly a lion ate nitori
<Beard>I'm pulling for masturbatory aid
<Myschii>Her blood shot eyes would barely focus, but she could still see clearly enough to grab the laser gun off her table.
<KChasm>If it's a portal to the future, shouldn't technology be...
<KChasm>...never mind.
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<Myschii>Her clothes may have gotten ratty and she may have long torn up her hat, but she could still strap on her jetpack.
<Myschii>She knew Yukari. Knew she was a monster. But if she was going to die anyway...
<Myschii>Maybe she'd wager the last of her life on trying to steal back what she had lost.
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<Myschii>Her dry cackle would make her voice hoarse with pain as she put her "last" plan into action...
<KChasm>She should water her cackle, then.
<KChasm>I'd water her cackle, ifyouknowwhatimean
<Giddy>I don't.
<KChasm>...yeah, me neither.
<Myschii>[ ] end here
<Myschii>[ ] Good end
<Myschii>[ ] Bad end
<Giddy>[x]end here
<Vodoka>[X] L5 End
<glasnost|updates>[X] Good End
<KChasm>[X] rear end
<Giddy>mari sux
<Mari>Giddy sux~
<Vodoka>Level 5 = Critical level of Hinamizawa Syndrome.
<Mari>oh i get no tilde fine
<Giddy>im tired piss off
<Mari>k >:
<Vodoka>For example, that's what Keiichi got at the end of first Arc.
<Beard>[X] end here
<Giddy>syndrome powerlevels
<Myschii>And so when Yukari would wake up to find Chen held at gun point, Nitori could only grip the trigger in anticipation.
<Myschii>"wHAt iS It?" Yukari would chime sleepily, but uneffected.
<KChasm>...yes, hold hostage the lookoveree of a virtually omnipotent youkai that is smart
<KChasm>Like trying to punch Mr. Manhatten
<Giddy>stop not ending, mystia
<Myschii>"I'lll kill her," Nitori would say, her voice thick with madness as Chen would struggle in her arms.
<Myschii>"Unless you do something for me..."
<KChasm>...is it just me, or does it seem like someone handed Nitori the idiot ball in this story?
<KChasm>I mean, in general.
<Myschii>*Yawn* AnD WHat couLD thAT bE, I Do deCLare?"
<Beard>I think there's an amount of time elapsed that should be considered
<KChasm>Nitori: "Stop toggling the caps lock key, or the cat gets it!"
<Vodoka>KC: Well, yeah. It started with Nitori NOT being genius.
<Myschii>Yukari would only smile at Nitori. A threat maybe? But at least Nitori would get what she wanted either way.
<KChasm>Not a genius != idiot ball
<Myschii>"Give me a gap to the future." Nitori would make it simple. She had brought along the stabalizer she first found on the other side an old thing that never looked a day older than the day she found it.
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<Myschii>"HmmmMMmmMMmm..." Yukari would ponder hand on chin.
<Myschii>Her annoying smugness would bite at Nitori's pride.
<Myschii>Why could she be born with so much power
<KChasm>why do all your stories take place in this weird tense?
<Jerl>it's sorta a beforehand tense
<Myschii>Why couldn't it have been her.
<Jerl>like "this is what happens in five minutes"
<KChasm>...wouldn't that be "will"?
<Jerl>Both do it. "would" changes minor things.
<Vodoka>[ ] Get some gin
<Vodoka>[ ] Stop drinking
<Jerl>Instead of "this happens next" it's "the character is thinking that they're going to do it, and they definitely are, and it happens in five mintues"
<KChasm>I really don't understand.
<Myschii>Nitori could end Chen's life right now if just to wipe that smile off of Yukari's face.
<KChasm>I should understand, being the stickler for grammar I am, but I really don't understand.
<Giddy>>*Yawn* AnD WHat couLD thAT bE, I Do deCLare?"
<Giddy>You don't declare questions
<Jerl>Giddy, what about the instance of "What."
<Jerl>That's a declarative sentence.
<Mari>night fagets
<Jerl>Even though it's a question.
<Myschii>"SuRE tHIng," Yukari would say, dropping through the bow lined gap beneath her into a pit of eyes.
<Giddy>"What." = ಠ_ಠ, for all I care
<KChasm>Isn't "I do declare" what they stereotypically say accompanying some sort of omigod sort of fact?
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<KChasm>I dunno.
<KChasm>I mean, think about it in a southern accent.
<Myschii>And from a similar vertical gap she would walk out moments later.
<KChasm>Ah dew de-clahre!
<Myschii>"ANd theRE yoU Go, YOu'rE veRy OwN pOrtaL!" Yukari would laugh.
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<Myschii>Without missing a beat. Nitori would drop an angry Chen and turn on the stabalizing device.
<Ninny>lol KC
<Myschii>She would dash through the portal without much thought at all
<KChasm>kill you
<KChasm>kill your teeth
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<KChasm>What's Eating_Giddy Grape?
<Myschii>And as she tumbled out into the world on the other side of the gap, the last thing she would see was a familiar cave before any "inventions" had appeared. A cave where a strange gap to the future existed, and some scientist had stabalized. A gap that Nitori had once explored, despite the skeleton that lay in front of it.
<Myschii>Nitori would close her eyes now.
<KChasm>called it
<Myschii>She remembered the brutal bite marks that lined the bones.
>> No. 8685
This story is badly written and you should feel like a bad person.
>> No. 8686
1) ......Damn. Gloomy shit is gloomy.

2) Please, for the love of god, trim out non-related #MiG chatter next time?
>> No. 8687
Cry harder. You would lose your edge story-freestyling in the middle of all those dirty, dirty Miggers, too.
>> No. 8770
I mean concerning grammar and prose.
You can't blame irc for all shit.