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File 131184730428.jpg - (131.85KB, 888x1374, sonzai.jpg) [iqdb]
20062 No. 20062
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>> No. 20064
[x] L__e.

Was it… that?

Something that you once felt, long ago. Something that you feel like you’ve lost, for what feels like an eternity. It feels, nostalgic. You don’t really understand it. It scares you a little, because of how unfamiliar it is, but… it’s also so very warm, so comforting. What could it… what could it be? You don’t know… no matter how much you try to think you can’t find a way to describe what it is that you’re experiencing right now. What is it…? What is it...

Ah. Could it be that?

That thing called ____.

No, that can’t be it. This is… different, from the ____ you remember. It’s something so similar, yet so different. What is it, what is it? You want to know. But is it something that one is able to learn for themselves, or is it something that must be taught? You don’t know that either. It all feels so confusing, so unfamiliar and strange. Is it ____, or is it something else entirely? Why is it that you can’t seem to recognize this great emotion swelling up within you…

You feel a squeeze on your hand, bringing you back into your surroundings. Your eyes focus again, and look on Kiyone’s face. She smiles as she gazes back.

“Come on,” she says, with another squeeze on your hands, “Let’s not keep her waiting.”

Silently, you nod, your fingers reluctantly letting go her hand as you take a step back. The woman hops off the table, running her hands through her hair, and tossing it back, letting the strands rain down beautifully onto her back. Turning her body, she moves toward the exit to the room. Seconds pass before you begin to follow after her as she reaches the door, moving out into the hallway.


“So they’re really going through with this Great Border thing,” the immortal says, peering out the open window, hands jammed in the pockets of her baggy red pants. “It doesn’t mean anything to me since I’m always on my own, but won’t this be bad for the village? There are youkai everywhere that aren’t going to like all the changes.”

“It’ll be fine,” Kiyone says confidently, running a finger across the surface of the wooden desk in front of her, moving across the tatami mats on the floor to join her friend and the window. “Even if the enforcers can’t get things under control, we’re here to protect the village, right?”

“I don’t have any obligation to do that,” the immortal says, scoffing.

“Sure you don’t.”

“It’s true,” she says stubbornly.

“Right, right,” Kiyone nods, almost as though she’s appeasing a child in tantrum.

Grumbling to herself, the immortal turns around and moves away from the window, carefully stepping around the knee-height tables set up around the room as she heads toward the exit of the classroom. She shoots you a look of suspicion as she approaches you, but says nothing and instead saunters past you toward the open doorway. Kiyone watches her leave, and then turns back to the window, resting her elbows on the windowsill as she gazes outside.

You kneel at one of the desks on the floor, reaching out to touch its surface. Your fingertips brush against the smooth, patterned desktop. This is the place. This is where kids will be able to gather, and talk together and laugh together… You feel your lips set into a small smile as you picture the classroom in daylight, with the children at their desks, with a bright and joyful look on their faces as they enjoy themselves. They will be happy, even if they don’t realize it. You’re sure…


You turn your head in the direction of the window, hearing Kiyone’s soft gasp. She leans further out the window, grim yet awestruck. You get up, unbending your legs, and walk over to join her, sticking your head out the window. A bright light illuminates the night sky, filling the world with its shining radiance. It’s a small one, just a little shimmer in the eastern skies. But it grows, and spreads, like a spider’s web, stretching out and enveloping the entire sky. The light reaches out across every direction, becoming so intense that it’s almost blinding to the eyes…

“It’s started,” Kiyone says, squinting through the light.

The light dims down in intensity, although it has not lost its splendor. A pattern now covers the sky, as far as you can look. Geometric patterns of every shape and size are drawn on the black curtain of night, becoming more numerous and complex with every passing moment. The patterns begin to move, rotating in place as though they were gears in the inside of a clock, twisting and turning and moving together in harmony with one another.

And then, it stops.

Everything stops. The light fades away, as quickly as it had come. The world is returned to its natural darkness, lit only by the light of the moon and the stars. The world is still. The world is silent. You can’t hear even the sound of your own breathing. Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed, that you can see. The sight of the world is the same as before, and the sound of the world is the same as before. But at the same time, everything has changed. Nothing is as it was before. It’s all changed. Everything has. Everything has changed and—


You hear a heartbeat.

Why am I here?

You hear another heartbeat. It’s coming from the inside of your head. You step away from the window, clutching the sides of your head, your eyes opened wide, not blinking at all. Another heartbeat, louder now. And another one. And another one. And another one. The pumping of blood fills your head with its deep, rhythmic sounds, blocking everything out. You can’t hear anything but the heartbeat. Bump, bump, bump, the heart screams and groans.

Why do I live?

What purpose… am I…

I am—

“Guhaa!” you scream out in pain, your fingers tightening around your own head, your vision blocked out by a scarlet color.


This is wrong. This is wrong! Something is—something is pulling at you, tugging at you, tearing at you, tearing you into pieces! You’re disappearing. You’re fading. Something is tearing you apart, splitting your head in half, something something something it hurts everything hurts what’s happening what is happening stop I’m scared please stop it stop why is this happening stop stop stop I won’t be me anymore stop tugging stop tearing at me I don’t want to disappear I don’t want to disappear I don’t want to disappear I can’t I can’t I can’t why am I here why why why why why why WHY!?

I don’t want to disappear i don’t want to disappear I don’t want to disappear!

I… why am I here. For what reason do I exist? What is the thing… keeping me in this world? I’m sure it was… I’m sure it was…!

You look straight ahead.

She is there. She is approaching you. She looks upon you with concern.

—stop no don’t come near not now not now not now get away from here STOP DON’T COME HERE—

My purpose is… my existence is to…

[ ] Kill her.
[ ] kill her
[ ] Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her
>> No. 20065
[ ] kill her

>> No. 20066
[x] Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her

Hopefully this shows the most fight against headgames
>> No. 20067
[x] Kill her.

The italics doesn't want Keine to die. I don't want the italics to compromise its ideals, so I pick the option that doesn't have italics trying to kill her.
>> No. 20068
Fuck. I meant Not-Keine.
>> No. 20069
Well, so much for that.
>> No. 20070
[x] Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her

Fuck this shit. Seriously, i am not going to stop now.
>> No. 20071
[x] Kill her.
>> No. 20072
[x] Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her.

Finally, the part with killing!
>> No. 20074
[ ] Kill her.

Fuck, no. Neither of these options are good. ;_;
>> No. 20075
[X] Kill her.

It's a forgone conclusion. Kiyone is doomed regardless of our actions, you know, seeing as she doesn't exist in the present.
>> No. 20079
[x] Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her
Hahaha! Repeating words like a kid throwing a tantrum... oh well.
>> No. 20081
[x] Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her

I told you bros. I warned you about them Headgames. It keeps happening.

Well, Headgames' prophetic counterattack has come and Tayasumi will kill Kiyone regardless of his wishes. A real shame that, as he was just starting to become a better person and learn how to be human again. It would have been better if he had just stayed like he was before, unthinking and unloved. That way, he wouldn't feel anything when he slaughters her.
>> No. 20082
[ ] Kill her.

>That way, he wouldn't feel anything when he slaughters her.

That's the problem. If he kills her indeed, he should at least regret it.
>> No. 20084
[x] kill her

Here's to hoping this is right, as the first choice is us wanting to kill her, second is headgames wanting to kill her (my vote), and third is both of us wanting to kill her.

Chances are, we'll overcome headgames or some shit.
>> No. 20085
[x] Kill yourself
>> No. 20086
>second is headgames wanting to kill her (my vote)

But the italics seems to have become Tayasumi. So the option in italics probably is him.

Also, inb4 there are no differences between any of the options.
>> No. 20087
[x] Kill yourself

Eh. He died somehow, right? Take yourself out and let Kiyone die from old age or Keine nomming her and inheriting her power, HIghlander-style.
>> No. 20089
[x] Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her Kill her kill her

You can't kill someone if your head is too busy exploding.
>> No. 20090
[ ] kill her
>> No. 20092
[x] Kill yourself

Forget fate.
We write our own endings.
>> No. 20093
File 131189415099.png - (133.64KB, 599x599, 1268981492439.png) [iqdb]
All options are the same for a reason: this is not a real choice, it's a placeholder.
I know it sounds weird for a CYOA, but that's how Lion works: just roll with it.
>> No. 20095
[x] Kill yourself

Lion's never snubbed us on a write-in before.
>> No. 20096
Besides the incredibly slow pacing and endless cliches, that's my biggest complaint about this story. It feels like we've got no control over what happens, and when we do, the options are so vague that we might as well be voting blind.
>> No. 20097
The quality of the story just barely makes up for it though.
>> No. 20098
The pacing is fine for me. Besides, it has a few twists and high quality. More than enough to qualify as one of the best of the site.
>> No. 20099
It appears the border triggered this uproar.
>> No. 20100
>Besides the incredibly slow pacing and endless cliches

>> No. 20101
You know I'm right.

[x] kill her
Wait, she? Is this Yukari or Suwako or someone we're attacking?
>> No. 20102
I have no idea what's going on anymore, but i'm going to assume its no one. Prolly some CONQUER THE DARKNESS FOR PALADIN bullshit.

Hopefully it doesnt involve mirrors.
>> No. 20103
I'm surprised I managed to get that reference at this time of night. Especially when it's been many years since I played that.
>> No. 20105
[x]Kill her

The entire update heavily implys this is Tayasumi attacking Kiyone. I don't quite know how you guys missed that.

There was that one time we walked into the darkness by write-in or something and it resulted in a bad. I have a feeling Tayasumi killing himself would also result in a bad end since, well, he would be killing himself.
>> No. 20106
As much as I'm opposed to the write-in, that kinda makes me wonder.

He isn't the type to die, even if he's killed (hyuck hyuck). The choice most likely would end up in him causing great enough bodily harm to knock himself out or leave him too weak to go after her.
>> No. 20107
Sense when is Kiyone referred to as she?
>> No. 20108
Sense when is Kiyone referred to as she?
>> No. 20110
Since when did Headgames refer to anyone by name?
>> No. 20111

Since she is approaching him and the italics also ask for her to not get any closer?
>> No. 20112
>I have a feeling Tayasumi killing himself would also result in a bad end since, well, he would be killing himself.
I admit, I lol'd.

That said, if the option is kill her or himself, the choice is obvious.
[x] Kill Yourself.
>> No. 20113
Instead of complaining about the votes being vague, you should explain why you're voting the way you are. Surely there's a reason, right? If there isn't, you shouldn't vote.
>> No. 20114
>> No. 20115
I think they're talking about the choices,which all seem to be the same thing and the real meaning only known to the writer. Why do you think I'm not voting?
>> No. 20116
Because people are going to vote for a story they like?

Also, Yeah, I like this vague votes, but come the fuck on, this is just getting worse then it ever has been before.
>> No. 20117
Because people are going to vote for a story they like?

Also, Yeah, I like this vague votes, but come the fuck on, this is just getting worse then it ever has been before.
>> No. 20118
Post if you like the story. Vote if you have a real preference for one of the choices. The reason for this should be obvious.

I'm pissing against the tide. I'll shut up.
>> No. 20119
I have to wonder if the people complaining of how "vague" these choices are, are simply stupid, or have the reading comprehension of a gnat. Lion never makes these things a complete crapshoot and they appear to be following the same general convention he has laid out for us this entire time.

Italics usually means Headgames, and standard text means Tayasumi. You should be able to figure out these terribly challenging set of options laid before us without feeling as if you are voting blindly.
>> No. 20120
Well... with the kind of writers we have, they may misinterpret a lack of votes with a lack of interest...
>> No. 20121
Except headgames and some of the main characters are slowly merging without us knowing?

Yes, I've known from the start that italics were headgames. Key word being 'were'. I'm not too sure now, to be honest. Whenever any of the characters have some sort of fit of quick insanity like this, its them and headgames talking at the same time, or some bullshit like that. I dont know, its just really screwing around with my sense of perception.
>> No. 20122
But they all seem to lead to the same place: One dead mother of Keine.
>> No. 20123
[x] Fuck That!
>> No. 20130
It's like everything i worked for, just so that this and other things do not happen, were useless and it just happens.

>> No. 20143
File 131219078680.gif - (466.08KB, 960x768, 54d58008a15f2e9224797a23ed4bc1ac.gif) [iqdb]
[x] kill her

She steps toward you.

You scream, silently. Your mouth is wide opened as though its bellowing and incredibly savage roar. And yet, nothing comes out from your mouth. Not a single sound. Or maybe it’s just that you can’t hear it, because at that moment, the only thing you can hear is the pounding of blood in your ears. A powerful, rhythmic beat that drowns out everything else, rumbling and beating so hard against your ears that you feel as if your head is quaking along with every step.

But still, she steps forward. She reaches out to you, talks to you with soothing words. She showers you with kindness, with attention, with love. Even as you scream and thrash in agony, she does not stay away. She holds you by your shoulders. She looks into your eyes. She parts her lips to speak to you gently, with concern.

And everything goes black—

A long time ago, I asked her what ‘love’ meant. I asked her what it meant to love people. She smiled, and grasped my hand, pulling me closer. She put my head to her bosom, and began to stroke the top of my head, running her long, slender fingers through my hair. She told me that to love someone was to want to help them in any way I could. So I told her that I loved her. She laughed, and held me tighter, and told me that she loved me as well. That made me happy. That made me want to be loved. To be loved by many different people. That’s why I wanted to love them. I wanted to be someone who loved people, and was loved by them as well.

But it was impossible for me.

You snap back to your surroundings, dazed. It feels like you’ve been dreaming. You don’t know what you were dreaming about, but you’re sure it was a good dream, a happy dream. But a dream must end eventually, and when it does, it’s forever gone, never to return. No matter how much you try to grasp at it, you can’t reach it, your fingertips groping only the air. That’s how dreams are, no matter how beautiful, no matter how wonderful. A dream is nothing. No matter how much it feels real, no matter how much you enjoy it, once it’s all over, it’s returned to being nothing.

This was all just a dream.

You look down at the collapsed form of the woman before you, a large bloody gash across her body, the deep red vital fluids pouring from her open wound quickly festering into a dark, black liquid. She is still, she is motionless, limp on the ground like a doll without its strings. Grasped tightly in your hand is your weapon, blood still dripping from the tip of the blade, the drops hitting and breaking against the tatami mat floor. It had been with you the entire time. You just hadn’t realized it. But now you have, and it is once again in your hand.

“This was a dream…” you whisper to yourself, “…everything was.”

“Hey, what’s with the screaming in here--!?”

You turn around, and see the immortal standing at the doorway out of the classroom, frozen in place. But she quickly understands, her eyes darting from the collapsed woman to you, and the bloody spear you hold in your hand. Her expression quickly turns from shock to anger, immense anger. Her teeth clenched together, her eyes opened wide and bloodshot, she rushes at you, letting out an incomprehensible scream as she draws back a fist.

You sidestep her punch, letting her swing wildly past you. You pull your arm in and swing it out, catching her hard across the abdomen. She goes flying across the room, crashing into the desks, buried underneath them, while you stand and watch her, without moving, without speaking. You feel nothing. You feel numb. You don’t know whether you’re happy, or sad, or shocked, or surprised, or scared. Nothing matters anymore. Nothing matters… no matter what happens, it doesn’t matter anymore, nothing nothing nothing. It’s all worthless. Everything…

“You!” the immortal screams in rage, hurtling away the desks piled on top of her, standing up.

With a yell, fire appears at her fists, engulfing them. Her skin begins to darken, burning and cracking from the heat of the flames, but she doesn’t care. She runs up, dashing at a speed at the absolute limit of a human body, and swings her burning fists toward you. She misses with the first punch, the flames leaving a fiery trail in the air, searing your skin even as her fist grazes you, but she immediately swings her other fist. It connects with your cheek, jerking your head around. The flesh melts off, leaving your cheekbone visible for just a second, but it quickly grows back.

You bring the blade at your knees up around and past them, slashing upward with the sharp edge. The bloody, rusty blade slices through both of the woman’s arms at the elbows, severing through flesh and bones. Her forearms fall to the ground, and immediately burn up in the fire of the hands, turning to nothing more than ash.

The immortal roars in rage, berserker tears streaming down her face. With that roar, fire streams out from the rest of her body, her shirt catching on fire. Despite the pain she’s causing to herself, she rushes forward, attempting to tackle you with her body. You stab out with your spear, and she pierces herself onto it, but she doesn’t care. She moves forward, turning her body to jerk the spear’s handle out from your hand before rushing forward at you. She knocks you down with her burning body, your flesh boiling and melting just from being in close contact with her.

With a shove that nearly burns off your entire hand, you push her off you, and as she rolls onto her back, you get to your feet, and grab the handle of your spear again, ripping it out through the side of her torso, spilling her guts onto the floor. She’s paralyzed by the pain, and you lift the tip up and hang it over her, bringing it down and piercing her heart. She stops moving, stops gasping for air, stops struggling, remaining as limp as the other woman on the floor, her body completely burnt up by the heat of her own flames.

You pull the blade out from her, turning to leave the room.

“You’re not getting away!”

You turn back around, and see the immortal on her feet, her flesh and arms completely restored. Her shirt has been burned away, but she doesn’t care. She rushes forward with renewed vitality, her fists covered in flames again. She flails her arm wildly at you, the fire in her hands dancing wildly along with her punches, embers flying off in every direction. You catch her by the wrist, even as the flames destroy both yours’ flesh, and throw her at the wall. She hits it with a pained scream, landing on her knees, but she quickly gets up, fiery wings erupting from her back, licking the wooden wall behind her. They catch on fire. The desks strewn around her catch on fire. The fire quickly spreads, from wall to wall, desk to desk. The ceiling supports creak and groan. The air wavers and dances in the heat of the fire, and becomes filled with thick smoke.

“You shithead,” the immortal shouts hatefully, her soot-covered face illuminated by the roaring red flames around her body. “I’ll kill you… I’ll kill you!”

She throws both palms forward, and the wings at her back fly forward, forming the shape of a fiery bird soaring toward you. You raise your arm, the flame hitting against it, your mind filled with the searing hot pain as the embers crash against your body, burning and incinerating it. But it’s healed. The flesh that has been melted away returns to normal within seconds.

You lean forward, and run. You run much faster than she can react. Before she can even let out a yelp, you catch her by the throat, leaving her hanging in the air for a split second before throwing her hard up against the other wall. She hits one of the support pillars, and it splinters and cracks under the force, while she falls down onto a pile of burning tables. She gets up on top of the pile, heedless of the flames licking at her feet, burning it to a crisp, tossing her head back and yelling, her body exploding into fire again, her flesh renewed, her burning wings spreading once more.

She leaps, and takes flight, soaring with those fiery wings of hers, swooping down with burning palms. She knocks you down on your back, climbing on top of you. She punches you in the face, and again, and again and again and again with those fiery hands and melts away every bit of flesh on your face but you reach up and stab her in the gut with your hands, pulling it apart and shoving her to the ground and stabbing her with your blade again and again—


You stop.

A small little girl stands at the doorway to the burning room, peering inside, her small eyes wide open, her mouth agape in shock. She doesn’t see you, or what you’re doing, or even the state of the room at all. She sees only her mother, lying down amidst the burning desks in a pool of her own blood. She runs in, her eyes filled with tears, completely heedless of you and the immortal and the fires raging inside. She drops to her knees at her mother’s side, and reaches out with her small hands, shaking her shoulders.

“Mama!” she cries.

The immortal coughs and hacks, before violently shoving you off her and rolling away, getting to her feet. “Aww, crap, the kid!”

A loud creak.

The ceiling support you broke earlier begins to fall, the base weakened by the flames. The beam groans, beginning to fall toward the little girl—

“Hey, watch out!” the immortal yells, beginning to rush forward.

[ ] Save her.
[ ] Escape.
>> No. 20144
[x] Escape.

That kid does not need his dreams.
>> No. 20145
[x] Save her.
...Well, fuck.
>> No. 20147
[x] Save her.

You really have a habit of asking which choice we want to go with when there's really only one.
>> No. 20149
[x] Save her.
>> No. 20150
[x] Save her.
>> No. 20151
that or both of the choices lead to the same exact outcome

[x] Save her.
>> No. 20152
[x] Save her.
>> No. 20153
[x] Escape

Mokou's the hero here
>> No. 20154
[x] Save her.
[x] Then escape

No point sticking around
>> No. 20155
I kinda like this idea.

[x] Save her.
[x] Escape with her.
[x] Tell her you'll do everything in your power to make sure that the immortal doesn't do to her what she did to her mother.

And then Tayasumi was Trollface.
>> No. 20156
[x] Save her.

The one thing we can control.
>> No. 20157
This would be awesome, but he's probably going to end up either trapped under the collapsed ceiling or delayed by Mokou.

Or he could escape completely unmolested as Mokou stares in shock, loli slung over his back while he rides into the sunset.
>> No. 20159

We don't control anything in this flashback.
>> No. 20160
[x] Save her.
>> No. 20161
[x] Save her.
>> No. 20162
[x] Save her.
>> No. 20163
[x] Save her.
For the loli!
>> No. 20164
[Q] Save her.
>> No. 20165
[X] Save her.
>> No. 20166
[x] Save her.

>> No. 20167
[x] Save her.

Was there any difference between kill her and "Kill her"?
>> No. 20168
[x] Kill her
[x] Escape
>> No. 20170
[x] Escape.

>This was all just a dream.

Now tell me guys, is it really better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all?
>> No. 20172
Is it better to live and die then have never been born at all?
>> No. 20173

Not if that's all you did. This scenario wound up being pointless. Better to have never loved if you never did anything with that love.
>> No. 20174
>> No. 20175
If he never loved, he would have never seen the light.

Yeah, I know, sounds extremely cliche'd, but fuck this story has enough to them to know when ones coming.
>> No. 20176
Are you implying that this story lacks original thought? Because that's what you seem to be implying.
>> No. 20183
I'm saying that I have fucking idea what's happening half the time until after its over, and at said time the only things I understand are the complete obvious.
>> No. 20188
>Mokou fight scene
Hooray! Was waiting for something like this since the defeat at the Tengu's hands. Good to see Tayasumi's martial skill hasn't declined, but why isn't he hardening his skin to stone as before? Is he simply regenerating too quickly for it to be an issue, or is he being careless and forgetting he can do so?

Or perhaps he can no longer do so since he went without practice for so long. Ah well, such is life: if you don't use it, you lose it.
>> No. 20191
That's probably just because you're not that bright.
>> No. 20193
Yes, and a choice between L__t and L__e is clearly an extremely obvious choice.

Oh. Wait.
>> No. 20194

That choice wasn't hard at all. With the context of the update, it was pretty much obvious what the words were.
>> No. 20195

See: >>20191
>> No. 20197
Better example?

[ ] Kill her.
[ ] kill her
[ ] Kill her kill her Kill her kill herKill her kill her Kill her kill her
>> No. 20198
And lastly, return to
>> No. 20199
Personally, my issue isn't with the sometimes vague choices, it's that no mater what we do, things just keep getting worse. It's like MiG lite.
>> No. 20200
>Personally, my issue isn't with the sometimes vague choices, it's that no mater what we do, things just keep getting worse. It's like MiG lite.

The ending was already spelt out for us, when Aya & Momizi told Mikio the story of the youkai killing god. It's how we get to that ending is what our choice affects. And our choice might have a residual effect on the ending, possibly based on the Headgames:Tayasumi ratio for our choices.

[x] Save her.

Also, dat battle.
>> No. 20201

We should have had more fun killing everything around us, then. None of this sappy shit.
>> No. 20202
this is a flashback sequence.
Tayasumi is not Mikio. We already know how Tayasumi's story ends.
>> No. 20205
>We should have had more fun killing everything around us, then. None of this sappy shit.

No we shouldn't have. If you think that, you're either underageb&, or a sociopath.
>> No. 20207
Or altogether too carefree and ignorant of narrative casualty.
>> No. 20209
>narrative casualty
This is the best typo.
>> No. 20211

It was meant to be "narrative casualties."
>> No. 20214
[x] Save her.

You know, that Youkai killing god story was just that. A story. Tayasumi may have already played out what that story was based on. We don't know the ending for certain. I believe Tayasumi can change.
>> No. 20216
[x] Save her.

Your body moves forward on its own. Without a single thought, you rush past the immortal, much quicker than she to dive toward the child. The crumbling pillar descends, ever faster and faster, threatening to crush the child and her mother – but you put yourself in the way, pushing the child to the ground. You crouch over the little girl and her mother, the wooden beam crashing upon your back. You nearly buckle under the weight of the beam, but you push against the floor, keeping yourself from crumpling.

The child stares up at you with wide, traumatized eyes, unable to let out even a single sound from her mouth. What kind of look is she giving you, you wonder? Does she hate you? Of course she does… after what you did to her mother, there’s not a single doubt about it. She hates you. She fears you. She detests you with every fiber of her being. And yet, you saved her. You saved her from being crushed. Why? You don’t understand – it doesn’t make sense. Nothing makes sense. You don’t want to think about it.

“Damn it!” the immortal cries as she rushes to the child. She quickly scoops her up, holding her by the waist under her arm, before delicately slinging her mother’s body over her shoulder. She turns to leave – but before she does, she looks at you. Her eyes are unmistakably filled with hatred as well, but she won’t act on it. She can’t act on it, as things are now, and instead she curses you, “I’ll kill you someday, you bastard.”

The child and her mother secured, she carries them away from the flames, rushing through smoke and fire. The inferno inside the room continues to rage on. All around you, you can feel the flames licking your flesh and the smog choke and fill your lungs. The foundations creak, and splinter, and snap, and the ceiling shakes and threatens to fall. You gather your strength, pushing up against the wooden beam. Your body is moving on its own again, determined to survive. But why? What’s the point of it all? There’s nothing left, nothing left at all, so it doesn’t matter what the body does, what it does to survive…

The roof finally gives out, collapsing on top of you and crushing you beneath it.

You watch the fire from the edge of the settlement, watching the villagers scramble to put the fire out on what’s left of the building. You watch for a long time, in the dark, unnoticed by anyone. Finally, as the last embers are put out and smoke fills the air no more, you turn around. Your spear in your hand, you walk away from the village. Where you’re going, what you’re going to do now – none of that matters anymore. Whether you continue to eke out a miserable existence, driven only to survive… you don’t care.


“Urgh… guh.”

A giant beast falls at your feet, head sunk low. An enormous wolf, with shimmering white fur that gleams in the moonlight, the tip of its tail split into two distinct ends. Black blood gushes out from one of its eyes, the same black blood dripping from your spear. The beast struggles to stand up, but his forelegs give out under him, and he falls to the grass, crying a tear of that black blood. His great pants push against you, his breath smelling of blood, of death and decay. Countless bodies of other wolves lie about the field, butchered and sliced apart at your hand.

“Why are you… in the way!?” the beast curls back his lips, baring his fangs, his mouth remaining agape as he speaks. “Damn you, you human! You’re trying to trap us to this land, and let our kind be dominated by yours! I’m going to tear that border down, even if I have to rip apart every single human with my jaws!”

You say nothing, only raise your weapon in response. The great wolf flinches, before attempting once more to get back onto its feet, its breathing ragged from the pain of his wounds. He manages to stand on all four feet once again, although he’s struggling to even stay that way. He’s no match for you like this. No, like this, he can’t even attempt to escape. You can finish him off with just a single strike.

You freeze, looking behind you. Humans. A group of youkai exterminators, coming this way, attracted by the sight of the great wolf. Slowly, you lower your spear. They’re always in the way. Always, always, always, always, always getting in the way. You turn yourself around fully. Why do they get in the way? Annoying, annoying, annoying. Behind you, the great wolf sees a chance, and leaps, bounding away as quickly as his injured legs can carry him.

“Look, there’s the blood-soaked youkai!” one of the humans screams, pointing at you.

…always, always, always in the way…

You raise your spear as they approach you.

You sit down, leaning back against the stump of a tree. Your spear rests against your shoulder, the tip of it covered in deeply-colored blood. The killing isn’t satisfying. It satisfies neither need nor want. But you do it anyway. You kill, you rip, you slaughter. But no matter what you do, no matter what you kill, no matter how many you kill – it’s all the same. All the same. All same. But you still do it. You still do it, and you can’t stop. If you stop, you’ll disappear. But you don’t want to disappear. But isn’t that alright? You don’t care about anything anymore, so why not just disappear?

Are you scared?

Are you actually scared to die?

Even though up to this point, your existence has been miserable, are you actually afraid for it all to come to an end?

It’s just

a little


But ever since that moment, something’s changed. You kill, and you kill, and you kill, and you never stop wanting to kill, but you derive nothing from it. Your body is compelled to kill for the sake of killing. You can’t explain it, you can’t describe it, but it’s become almost an unconscious action. You just kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill—

So that’s why you’ve been directing all of that toward the youkai assaulting the village. With the formation of the border, as everyone predicted, the lesser youkai began to revolt. So that’s why you would go to them, and kill them all. Something guides you to them. Something… something. It feels as though you’re being influenced by someone, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you can find them and kill them all. But you don’t understand. What made you this way?

“Go to the Hakurei shrine.”

You jolt to attention, looking up. There’s a woman standing in front of you, her back lit against the moonlight. It’s her. The woman who sought to change you. The woman who treated you with kindness and acceptance. But it can’t be her. You killed her, and she can’t be her because she’s dead. But even though she’s supposed to be dead, she continues to talk.

“Everything will become clear once you go there,” she says, cryptically.

You blink.

She’s gone.


You climb the last of the steps leading to the shrine, dragging your weapon with you. Stepping on the stone ground, you look forward. She is standing there, at the center of the shrine grounds, with her back turned toward you. Behind her, the shrine itself stands erect. The border that the lesser youkai resent and revolt against – it’s here. Without speaking a word, you walk forward to that person, and hearing your approaching footsteps, she begins to turn around…

…and her image distorts, blurring. When she has turned around, she has changed completely. Gone is the woman with silver hair, and in her place stands a tall, majestic woman in a purple dress with golden hair, a pink parasol held in her hand. She smirks at you as she turns around fully, although her eyes are narrowed and hostile, completely at odds with her smile.

“Not who you were expecting, am I,” she asks dryly.

With her free hand, she snaps her fingers. Immediately, borders erect around the perimeter of the shrine grounds, completely sealing it off from outside. Her smirk fades away, and she remains standing at her spot. “You know, I’ve been watching your actions for quite some time now,” she says, her expression cold and hardened, “When I first noticed you, my first thought was to kill you, and my next thought was to make you a shikigami. But I left you alone, instead. That ends now.”

She snaps her fingers again, and a second layer of barriers appear, overlapping with the first, securing the area even further.

“I thought you’d calmed down a bit thanks to the hakutaku, but, well, we both know how that turned out,” she says, shrugging her shoulders flippantly. “Honestly, you foolish boy, what do you hope to accomplish? Extinction of all youkai? The destruction of everything supernatural?”

You say nothing, remaining silent, watching her without moving a single muscle. She seems content to continue on by herself.

“I let you run amok at your own leisure because you were at least helpful in dispatching the riffraff who were raising a fuss over the border, but an attack dog isn’t very efficient if it’s rabid,” she says, wagging her finger in the air like she’s teaching a lesson. “And rabid dogs do need to be put down, after all. This world will belong to youkai now. Something like a ‘youkai-slaying god’ has no place in such a world. You’re an anomaly in this world. You’re something that shouldn’t exist.”

[ ] Chuck your spear at her.
[ ] Let her keep talking.
>> No. 20217
[x] Let her keep talking.
I don't like how she says it but she has a too good point to just ignore.
A monster who kills and kills and kills is not needed in this world anymore.
>> No. 20218
[x] Chuck your spear at her.

Slay the bitch.
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