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File 131184730428.jpg - (131.85KB, 888x1374, sonzai.jpg) [iqdb]
20062 No. 20062
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>> No. 20439
[x] Smile.
[x] "Bang."
>> No. 20441
We're dead you know, And we dont have enough mana for another iron heart surge.
>> No. 20442
[ ] "Always look on the bright side of life"
>> No. 20443
[X] Smile.
-[X] Laugh
-[X] Through tears
>> No. 20444
[x] Smile.
[x] "Bang."

Took me a second to catch this, but damn if it didn't bring a grin to my face.
>> No. 20446
[Q] Smile.

Man, you really feel terrible for him now.

Though I was right, fighting an Oni was awesome.
>> No. 20447
Not nearly as awesome as fighting Yuuka, but then again I suppose we survived that fight.
>> No. 20449

If by survived you mean 'ended in a tie' then yes.

Not only that, but we made her <i>scared.</i>
>> No. 20450
[x] Smile.

You can’t help but smile.

What else can you do, when such a beautiful thing shines down on you? Even though the rest of your body is still, frozen, breathless; even though you can’t feel the pain of the hundreds of needles stabbed into your body, you can still feel the corners of your mouth move. Or maybe you’re just imagining it, and you’re not smiling at all, but what does it matter? You smile. You smile. You can’t smile very wide, but still, you smile, your head craned back, looking up at the sky.

It’s so beautiful, so beautiful.

Not because the moonlight is beautiful

but because of what it means.

It’s beautiful, just as the happiness of that woman was.

It’s beautiful, just as the happiness of that boy was.

It’s beautiful, just as my own happiness was.

Yes, they were all so beautiful, all so marvelous, and all so wonderful, and yet… and yet I destroyed it all. All of it is my own responsibility to bear, as the one who ended their happiness, and shattered their lives to pieces, into millions of fragments that could never be put together again. Yes. Everything was my fault, everything was my doing, everything, everything, everything. It’s always because of me. It’s always because I am what I am, that this cycle of misery continues ever onward. That’s why, this is… this is alright. This is what should be done.

And that’s why, as the gap demon steps up to your body, and raises her hand, you look her in the eyes and laugh; a haunting, broken laugh that fills the empty air, spreading throughout the broken shrine grounds, drowning the silenced atmosphere in its echoes.

This is alright, this is alright…

…I keep telling that to myself.


if that’s true

then why is it that I’m so scared—?

and then

under the moon

your mind

b r e a k s

i don’t want to disappear

I died.

I think that much, at least, is true.

I can’t really be sure of anything else. I don’t know where I am. I can move my arms, my legs, but I can’t touch anything, and when my feet move through the grass, the blades don’t move, as though my feet weren’t there. I can’t feel anything, and everything I can see looks a little hazy, and any sounds I can hear is muted, muffled. Is this real? Or is this something that I’m just dreaming up? I can’t be sure of anything, I…

I look around myself, trying to get a bearing. I stand on grass, on mostly flat ground. I look to my right, and see big, enormous mountains. To the other, I see a large body of water. Feeling almost drawn to it, I move closer. It’s a river, and as I move down to the bank, I look beyond it, but the thick fog obscures my vision. I can’t see the other side. The river is so vast, and the fog is so thick. I stop, standing still. I look to the sky. I can’t see that, either. This fog is everywhere.

…but, why was I here?

Where is this?

I don’t understand.

I… the rain, the birthday cake, the lights—


What was that?

I felt something, I

Something familiar

Something inside me is calling out to it, it’s

I turn around and look behind me.

The head of a gigantic serpent returns my gaze.

Its scales are white and smooth, and its eyes bleed with a deep crimson color.

The serpent opens its mouth

and the last thing I see is red.
>> No. 20451
You wake up to a numb pain, inside a dimly lit room, lying on soft bedding. Weakly, you try to get up, but the most you can accomplish is twitch your fingers a bit. You exhale, slowly, gently, as you try to move your head, rolling it to the side. This is… the tengu infirmary. You roll your head again, looking back up at the dark ceiling. You wait a few minutes, before attempting to rise again. You’re more successful this time, picking yourself up halfway before collapsing back d own again.

As you do, you catch a glimpse of your body. There are bandages wrapped around your torso, with deep, large spots of red blood staining through the gray cloth. Your wounds are having trouble healing, even though before, they were healing almost instantly, Breathing heavily, you struggle to rise again, using your wobbling arms as support as you push yourself up out of the bed. A dizziness spell comes over you as you sit up, and you bring a hand to your head, wincing.


You look up, and see a pair of hands pushing you back, trying to get you to lie back down. It’s Miss Momizi, her face lit by the light of the lamp hanging from the ceiling.

“Don’t get up,” she says, sternly, “You need rest.”

You murmur several times before anything resembling protest escapes from your mouth, “No. No, I’m fine, I… what about, what about Rouga? Is he alright—”

“He’s fine,” she says, still trying to get you to lie down again, “His pride was more hurt than anything. He went back to his den a while ago.”

“What about—”

“He’s okay, too,” she says impatiently. “That demon wasn’t lying when she said he’d be fine. But Mikio, you’re the one who’s worst off, so you should worry more about…”

“It’s fine,” you interrupt her, smiling, “It’s fine. It doesn’t matter what happens to me, so—”

She slaps you. You stare at her, feeling your cheek reddening as it grows warm with pain. Her teeth are grit, and her canines are showing. She’s absolutely furious with you.

“Do you think you’re being selfless by saying that?” she asks, keeping her voice down to a snarl, “No, far from it. You’re doing the complete opposite. You’re being selfish. Do you think that as long as everyone else are all fine except you, that it’s okay like that?”

You give no reply, staring down at the ground.

“I really am fortunate,” you say, barely above a whisper. You look up to Miss Momizi, slipping on a smile as naturally as breathing is, “Hey, you know, Miss Momizi. I really… I really hate the rain.”


“It’s true,” you say, nodding slightly. “I… really hate the rain. I hate it.”

“Mikio…” she says, her voice tinged with the beginnings of suspicion. She looks at you, not saying a word, staring into your eyes, like she’s trying to get a glimpse of what’s going on inside your head. “…Mikio, you should lie back down again. You need rest. You lost a lot of blood. You’re not thinking clearly right now.”

Finally you allow her to gently push you down onto the bed. She reaches behind your head and readjusts your pillow, before pulling your blanket back up. It’s almost as if you were a child again, being treated like this. You have… so many happy memories, of things like this, back when everything seemed so bright and radiant…

“Good night, Mikio.”

Standing up, she gives you one final glance as you nod, before turning away, and exiting the infirmary. You lie there for a few minutes, just staring up at the ceiling. There’s no doubt about it. The time you have spent here, every moment of your life here – some sad, others painful – you don’t regret them. Yes, that’s the conclusion you’ve arrived at. It wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t a mistake for you to exist. It wasn’t a mistake at all. After all, you were – you were so happy…

You get up, and push the blanket aside. You reach for your mask, sitting to the side of your bedding, and quietly slip it on.


When you exit the hallway, you hear hushed voices. Turning in that direction, you see Miss Momizi, speaking to someone in a whisper. Twisting your head, you see that someone to be Miss Aya; the moment you notice her is the moment she notices you, and she quickly breaks away from her conversation with Miss Momiji, hurrying over in your direction.

“MikI!” she says, half-surprised, half-angry, “What are you doing up!? You should be in bed!”

“There’s somewhere I have to go,” you reply, mechanically, “something that I have to do now.”

Yes… that’s right. I have to

[ ] I have to set things right.
>> No. 20454
File 131470067780.jpg - (87.63KB, 1000x719, 3d734f07a4bc885d3f274f12caa50ff4.jpg) [iqdb]
Now, I'm aware of the complaints of being railroaded, so I'm not ignoring those complaints or anything, but, well, to that I can only really say one thing:

Trust me.

Even if things seem bleak and miserable and awful, no matter how bad things seem to get, all you have to do is believe in me.

>> No. 20455
[X] I have to set things right.
I shall see if this trust is misplaced.
>> No. 20456
Damn it you just had to post this before I had to leave didn't you.

>Trust Me
[X] I have to set things right.
>> No. 20457
I can't, when you use such a line.
>> No. 20458
[X] I have to set things right.
>> No. 20459
[Q] I have to set things right.
>> No. 20460
[x] I have to set things right.
You have my full trust.
>> No. 20461
[X] I have to set things right.
>> No. 20462
[X] I have to set things right.
Poor kid. Like I said 5 times already, he deserves better.
>> No. 20463
[X] I have to set things right.
Poor kid. Like I said 5 times already, he deserves better.
>> No. 20464
[X] I have to set things right.
>> No. 20465

You realize that you're gonna get your head crushed by a baseball bat, right?
>> No. 20466
[X] I have to set things right.
Well it seems we're building to the climax now.

So, Headgames confirmed for Mishaguji?

I love you, Lion.
>> No. 20467
[X] I have to set things right.

Trust you? Sure, why not?
>> No. 20468

There's actually another hypothesis for the role of the Mishaguji. One that's been proposed twice, months apart by different people.
>> No. 20469
So we werent for the past few updates?

[x] I have to set things right.
>> No. 20470
I'm getting ASSM vibes. Awesome.
>> No. 20471
And that is?
>> No. 20472

Mikio is the Mishaguji.
>> No. 20473
Oh. I've kind of suspected that for a bit.
>> No. 20474
This story can't end until we punch Mindgames hard in the face at least once.
>> No. 20475
[x] Go yell at Suwako.

She asks for the truth. Sanae blows up. Suwako immediately sides with Sanae instead of telling her to shut up and let Mikio explain himself? Fuck her.

i trust you to disregard this childish complaint
>> No. 20477
[X] I have to set things right.
>> No. 20480
This was an awesome fucking update.

[x] I have to set things right.

There ain't no gettin' offa this train we're on!


It fits. In the path the voters chose, the 'Mikio' personality eventually subsumed the Hoshuu personality completely, and here Hoshuu is symbolically consumed by the Mishaguji's snake. It's why every time he talked to Hina, she goes from content with her job to the End Times.

But those memories aren't just something he can box up and put in storage, either. Nuances slip through the cracked mask he chose to retain.

Like deciding that he hates the rain, for example.

Or deciding there needs be a settling of accounts, between himself, and at least one divine being. Something that he just can't let lie.

For fear of him (Mishaguji/Mikio) gaining form, they murdered a boy in the Outside world. Then they later ran away from that world, anyway.

But surprise! He's there too, and given form by their actions!

Yes, he did consume the dying boy, but he retained most of his memories and some of his personality.

The end result is a young man, reticent & soft of speech, but amicable & reliable. He has friends, with no desire for power (aside that which was forced upon him) nor aims subjugate any civilizations.

When given the complete circumstances, they'll realize that, in comparison to their extreme judgments and actions, he seems downright reasonable.

And, boy, will their faces be red.
>> No. 20481
One of the newer things I've noticed about the 'Mikio is a Mishaguji' is that it makes the entire blame thing going on make sense - in that, the Mishaguji facing Hoshuu after he first almost killed Sanae said 'Don't blame us for this', and Mikio repeatedly going 'It's not my fault!' or 'It's not your fault' to the little Mishaguji above the lake.

Besides the constant use of the phrase/idea, note how Hoshuu died - from what looks like to be bad luck. To an outside observer, if they knew there was a Mishaguji inside of Hoshuu at the time, they'd likely blame the curse god.

>> No. 20482
> Trust Me

Screw you, if you had not said anything, then I would have just voted. Now that you did, I'm going to spite you.

[X] "I have something that needs to be taken care of."
-[X] Kill Sanae.
>> No. 20483
>note how Hoshuu died - from what looks like to be bad luck.

>they'd likely blame the curse god.

Suwako faith gathering?
>> No. 20484
[X] I have to set things right.

You've done an amazing job with this story since you first started writing it. There's no way I'd start doubting you now.
>> No. 20485
I-I'm not voting b-because I l-like you or a-anything!
>> No. 20486

Oi, don't pretend to be me.
>> No. 20487

*Sheepishly puts away riding crop and schoolgirl outfit.*
>> No. 20488

wtf are you doing?
>> No. 20489

Go die, you worthless fag.


Please endeavor to fully and accurately type out everything you say. I know you are not pressed for time on these slow ass boards, so you really have no excuse. Good work on policing though.
>> No. 20490

It's a meme, but an old one, and only a fragment at that.
>> No. 20491
so i herd u liek over 9000 mudkipz who jizzed in their pants

Do you see how completely retarded that sounds? Dont use memes ever, it's like eating a cracker that's been in your cabinet since 1932.
>> No. 20493

Do you realize that raging about memes is as annoying as memes? It's like swallowing acid after you swallow a base.

Being calmer about your corrections won't kill you.
>> No. 20494
...What kind of meme involves a riding crop and schoolgirl outfit?

What kind of anything involves a riding crop and schoolgirl outfit?
>> No. 20496

You should probably direct your anger at the person who made the post then.
>> No. 20497
>Oi don't pretend to be me.
See, this poster said someone was pretending to be him, so someone replied with
>*Sheepishly puts away riding crop and schoolgirl outfit.*
as a joke. Then someone posted
>wtf are you doing?
(this is the meme fragment)

I hope this post clarified the conversation for you! Now let us all wait patiently for the next update. Without irrelevant discussion.
>> No. 20523
The wait is killing me
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