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9611 No. 9611
Yukari nods and sets to her work. She gathers energy and ZURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. A giant hole opens in the space before you.

You charge headfirst into the gateway and tumble headlong into a roof. It looks quite familiar for some reason. Hearing someone shout. “I FOUND HIM!”
you quickly dash forward and grab your self as they prepare to jump. You swing them back into the roof, which they slam into hard. They gasp in pain, but seem to be quite stable in their new position lying against the roof.

You look up at the person who just slammed you into the roof. They seem to be glowing slightly, or is it fading away… you can’t quite tell. Before they do, though, they toss something to you, and give you a thumbs up before finally fading away into nothingness.

The camera smacks you square in the chest. Looking surprised, you clutch it tightly. With in moments, an army of rabbits descend upon the roof, and are holding you tightly preventing you from going anywhere.

“You gave us quite a scare there, young man.” A woman with long grey braided hair steps up onto the roof. “Reisen’s illusion should have kept you under for longer. I can only imagine what happened in there to make you wander out onto the roof. But enough of that. This time, drugs are the answer!” Erin pulls out a largish needle and pushes it into your arm. Emptying the contents into you. “Nighty night.”

The world fades to black.

Time passes.

[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 5
[ ] 9

>> No. 9613
>> No. 9615
[ ] 9

The strongest answer. Also, ZURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
>> No. 9616
Goodbye, Counter Guardian.
[X] 9
>> No. 9617
>> No. 9618
[ ] 9

The only answer.
>> No. 9619
>> No. 9620
[X] 5
>> No. 9621
[X] 5
and now we know whats coming
>> No. 9622
[ ] 2
>> No. 9624
>> No. 9625
[X] 5

Not quite as strong, but Kira probably expects 9.
>> No. 9626
>> No. 9627
>> No. 9628
[ ] 5
We've already seen 9
>> No. 9629
5 wins
>> No. 9630
File 120787040964.gif - (17.70KB , 294x271 , yugi.gif ) [iqdb]
Well then...
>> No. 9632
[X] 5

Curveball instead of nineball.
>> No. 9634
[ ] 9

Best answer
>> No. 9636
>> No. 9637
Wait, what happened to our doppleganger?
>> No. 9638
File 120787058556.png - (212.72KB , 480x272 , Terminator 2 ending scene.png ) [iqdb]
>and give you a thumbs up before finally fading away into nothingness.
>> No. 9640
[x] 5

>> No. 9642
>> No. 9645
I know now why you cry
But it's something I can never do
>> No. 9646
He became us. We are all within one mortal shell. Who knows how many times this has happened? How many separate minds we have developed...

Well at least it explains the schizophrenia.
>> No. 9648
[ ] 9

Wait, when did reisen get to us? Remind me what happened moments before our dream, something about collapsing after Wriggle and the gang found us?
>> No. 9649
Not to mention our sudden unexpected weight gain.
>> No. 9651
How was this dangerous at all?
>> No. 9653

Well, we did need medical attention, right?
>> No. 9654
They took us to a hospital, obviously. Welcome to Eientei!
>> No. 9655
File 120787088494.jpg - (47.27KB , 704x480 , 1187297376408.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9656
Then why were we on the roof?

>> No. 9657
>> No. 9658
[X] 5
>> No. 9659

We freaked out and started running around due to Reisen's lunatic eyes. They were probably used as an anesthetic based on how Eirin is speaking.
>> No. 9660
Oh you know how it is. Have a dream of a perfect world and then fuck it up. And then wake up about to kill yourself. Who HASN'T had that happen before?
>> No. 9661
So we never actually groped Mokou, and it was all a Reisen-induced delusion? This is unacceptable. We must remedy this the first chance we get.
>> No. 9662
'cause you pissed off mokou, and started sleep/illusion walking, then you found yourself on a roof and jumped. 'cept the jump's been retconned out of existance. I agreed. Don't bother me about it.
>> No. 9663
We were found by the gang, and our future self Archer helped prop us and carried us somewhere. Where, it didn't say.
>> No. 9664
Haha oh wow.
>> No. 9665

Can we set the choice to auto?

Boobs, grope all.
>> No. 9666

>> No. 9667
Why don't we remember this? We weren't quite badly hurt enough to pass into a semi comatose state, we would've been conscious for some time at least. We had to look in Reisen's eyes at some point and I doubt you can put an unconscious person into an illusion.
>> No. 9668
Yes, this needs more Mokou
>> No. 9669
File 120787122119.png - (45.72KB , 450x500 , 1203909891216.png ) [iqdb]
Ok. Walk around outside and get lost. When she comes to rescue you (as is her nature), grope her. And then you die again. Surely it won't end poorly this time!
>> No. 9670
A wizard did it.
>> No. 9671
so gensokyo school days was reisens illusion.
how does the note from the girl with a hat fit in?
>> No. 9672
That's all I need to hear
>> No. 9673
Do we still have that? It may have been part of the dream, to make it seem more real we were given "evidence" of our past life.
>> No. 9674
We can fast talk our way out of it. Tell Mokou that those folk at Eientei screwed up our head with illusions, and that we decided to just make the best of it. We would NEVER have groped her if we knew she was real, honestly!

Anon can pull it off.
>> No. 9675
so rinnosuke transported us to Eirin while we were passed out, we were dreaming and waking up then walking on the roof of the building and jumping. Makes sense now
>> No. 9676
I always thought Eientei was only one or two stores tall, except for the physics defying hallways that go into space or whatever. I guess we could have fallen headfirst and hit our head on a rock or something. Ah fuckit, I'm probably overthinking this.
>> No. 9677
So we groped Mokou for real even though we were tripping?
>> No. 9678
File 120787158231.jpg - (116.39KB , 704x396 , 高良紫.jpg ) [iqdb]
It was a glorious illusion of a perfect world to keep us unconscious while we heal. Reisen knows what weaboos want. Weaboos want Touhou in a highschool setting in which Anon is the main character.
>> No. 9679
Pretty sure it's massive in all directions.
>> No. 9680
Stop overthinking this, anon.
>> No. 9682
Nah, Mokou wouldn't have been in Eientei. At least, not without setting lots of things on fire, and we didn't see shit burning.
>> No. 9683
File 12078718005.png - (15.69KB , 126x254 , Th08reisen01.png ) [iqdb]
You sit bolt upright after an indeterminate amount of time. Your arm still throbs in pain, but it’s still bandaged, but now it’s also splinted. Looking around, you’re in a room that looks very Japanese, replete with futon upon which you’re lying. Outside it looks like the sun is just starting to rise. You wonder what in the hell has just happened. You vaguely remember Rinnosuke helping you walk, then the trip, and the fall into unconsciousness… From there it gets more fragmented. Something about going to school with some girls, Jumping off of a building and going to the netherworld. You shiver involuntarily. For some reason the netherworld really bothers you. You vaguely remember making some sort of promise.

You move to get out of bed, but you hear a loud cough.
“I wouldn’t get up if I were you. You seem to have an adverse reaction to my eyes.” Scanning the room, trying to find the source of the room, You see a Rabbit girl with long purple hair sitting on the floor next to the door.
“Doctor asked me to keep an eye on you, in case the drugs didn’t last as long as they were supposed to. Which they obviously don’t. You should have been out for at least four more hours. Wait here, I’m going to get the Doctor. If you move, I’m quite certain you’ll be made to regret it.”
With that Reisen stands up and leaves the room. You lay back on the futon. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else awake, or near by. Near the head of the futon there’s a glass of water and some fruit.

[ ] Get up anyway.
[ ] Wait for Reisen to come back.
[ ] Have something to eat.
[ ] Search the room.
>> No. 9684
File 12078718181.png - (459.68KB , 600x800 , 0e4e5f3893af37e73132a6f18f238521e39c7b6d.png ) [iqdb]
Delicious Mokou, A++, will grope again.
>> No. 9685
[ ] Have something to eat.
>> No. 9687
[X] Get up anyway.
We're anon and we're men. I'm also worried we may be naked under the covers.
>> No. 9688
Well, it's a pretty Japanese-y place. I'm betting it's one of those sprawling j-style mansions.
>> No. 9689
[x] Hide
>> No. 9690
[ ] Search the room.
>> No. 9691
[X] Get up anyway.
>> No. 9692
[x] Wait for Reisen to come back.
No more deaths
>> No. 9693
[x] Search the room. With my eyes. While not moving.
>> No. 9694
[X] Wait for Reisen to come back.
>> No. 9695
[x] Wait for Reisen to come back.
>> No. 9696
[ ] Search the room.
But without getting up, just look around. We're probably all fucked up on drugs and mindfuckery at this point, moving around would be bad.
>> No. 9697
[ ] Have something to eat.

We're probably fucking starving.
>> No. 9698
[ ] Get up anyway (but carefully)
[ ] Search the room.

No worries!
>> No. 9699
[X] Wait for Reisen to come back.

Our health is lousy enough as it is, and we just dodged death through timewarp hax. I think we ought to kick back for a bit.
>> No. 9700
[ ] Have something to eat.
>> No. 9701
[ ] Have something to eat.
[ ] Search the room.

Priority vote is eat
>> No. 9702
[x] Wait for Reisen to come back.

Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool.
>> No. 9703
[X] Have something to eat.
>> No. 9704
[x] Have something to eat.
Om nom nom nom
>> No. 9705
[x] Have something to eat.
if it is not a strange underworld fruit
>> No. 9706
[X] Have something to eat.

Our last meal was when?
>> No. 9707
[X] Search the room.
>> No. 9708
[x] Take a picture.
>> No. 9709

You are not thinking with GAR
>> No. 9710
[x] fake anaphylactic shock
>> No. 9711
Manly men need MANLY REST.
>> No. 9713
Examples of this are surprisingly common, perhaps because manly men get injured a lot.
>> No. 9715
[X] get up
[X] get on up
[X] get up
[X] get on up
[X] and DANCE
>> No. 9716
File 120787251258.jpg - (376.60KB , 1280x1024 , 1204073831488.jpg ) [iqdb]
I lol'd. Why did I lol?

Think of it this way, Anon. We have a hot bunny girl serving us. Who wouldn't want to lay back and enjoy it? (Oh, minus the unconsciousness and needles.)
>> No. 9717
>> No. 9718
My, she sure does look hot.
It is indeed unseasonably warm.
>> No. 9719
Ttch, fine.

[ ] Have something to eat.
>> No. 9720
Is it just me, or is Anon in Gensokyo sturdy as hell, recovers REAL quickly, and doesn't take much to survive?
>> No. 9721
Yukari is helping us out with that.
>> No. 9722
we have ran sealed in our body
>> No. 9724
[x] hot bunny girl

Oh wait, there was no such option...
>> No. 9725
Well that explains our sudden unexpected weight gain.
>> No. 9726
[X] Have something to eat.
>> No. 9727
[X] Dance.
>> No. 9728
Reimu also tried to kill us, and Rumia isn't hostile towards us anymore after that whole hand biting incident. We also have poison miasma powers and our camera packs quite a wallop...
Look inside your heart. You know the truth already, don't you?
>> No. 9729
Anonymous is the lake.
>> No. 9730
We're a youkai. Oh, and the Rumia eating our hand thing was just us hallucinating from starvation.
>> No. 9731
With the exception of the pomegranate, and assuming we weren't fed during the dream, we have not managed to eat anything at any point.
>> No. 9732

Anon = Kirby?
>> No. 9733
[x] dance around naked
>> No. 9734
You lay back on the futon and look at the ceiling. Which, strangely enough seems to be a lovely shade of chartreuse. Or is it maybe neon pink? You can’t quite decide, what with all those spots running around on it.

Maybe your mind is a little more buggered than you originally thought. A few moments later, Reisen returns with Eirin leading.
“Awake already, are we? You’ve got some mighty strange resistances there,” Eirin notes, “That should have been enough to keep you out for much longer. Ah well then. Come on, this way.”

Eirin and Reisen help you to your feet, then assist you in walking out of the room. The three of you continue down a hallway and into a smaller room that appears to be some sort of examining room. The girls help you up onto the table in the middle of the room. Eirin walks over to a cabinet opens one of the drawers and pulls something out. Returning to you she cuts the bandages from your arm, and removes the splint. Looking down at your arm, it looks HORRIBLE. There’s 3 largish holes through it, and it seems to be nastily discolored.
“Hum. It’s actually healing quite nicely. I’ll just need to bandage it again after putting some medicated salve on it. Also, You’re going to need to wear the splint at all times, understood?”
You nod.
“Good. Now. Reisen, Get me the salve and bandages please.”
Wordlessly Reisen gets the materials that Eirin needed. Within a few short minutes, Eirin has your arm bandaged up and splinted again. You thank her, and then promptly ask her why she has a potted plant growing out of her head. Erin gets a shocked look on her face and Reisen laughs quietly.
“It would seem that you’re still under the effects of Reisen’s eyes. I suggest that you spend the rest of the day relaxing here before you go wandering off again. From the company you keep, I wouldn’t be amazed if I don’t see you back here before too long.” Eirin casts a sideways glance to Reisen.
“Reisen, Could you go get…” Eirin lists off a bunch of materials who’s names you could never hope to remember. Reisen turns on her heel and goes off to get them.
“Really now, I have to know. How did you get this much damage to your arm? The holes are too perfect to be stabbings from a Youkai’s nails. About the only thing that could make this is…. Well…”

[ ] Tell Eirin the truth.
[ ] Make up a story.
[ ] Skirt the issue by asking Erin a question.
[ ] Remain Silent, do nothing.
>> No. 9735
We're a youkai/otherwise a freak and we regenerated after Rumia ate our hand.
>> No. 9736
Oh--that was us who used the poison miasma? For some reason I always assumed that Medicine was hiding somewhere and backed us up.

Hmmmmm--does our camera allows us to temporarily mimic Youkai abilities?
>> No. 9737
[ ] Tell Eirin the truth.

Why lie? She's helped us.
>> No. 9738
[x] Tell Eirin the truth.
"I have no regrets. This is the only path. My whole life was "Unlimited Imouto Works."
>> No. 9739
[X] Tell Eirin the truth.

Lunarians are probably about as crazy as us. I doubt she'll even be surprised.
>> No. 9740
[x] Tell Eirin the truth.
>> No. 9741

[X] Tell Eirin the truth.
No real need to lie, and fuck, I'd like to know the truth myself.
>> No. 9742

[X] Tell Eirin the truth.
>> No. 9743
[X] Tell Eirin the truth.

She might not be so altruistic as she now appears, but there's still little reason to lie. Also, she'd catch us.
>> No. 9744
[ ] Tell Eirin the truth.

Brag about how bad ass you are.
>> No. 9745
[ ] Tell Eirin the truth.
Eirin is too smart for us, might as well tell her the truth. Besides we would look badass going against that evil red-white.
>> No. 9746
[X] Tell Eirin the truth.
>> No. 9747
[X] Tell Eirin the truth.
Altrought I almost went with

[] Make up a story.

In west Philadelphia born and raised,...
>> No. 9748
[X] Tell Eirin the truth.
Reimus gone insane, and is going postal
>> No. 9749
[X] Tell Eirin the truth.
Eirin can be a valueable ally, no lies and no shit anon- we must get on her good side.
perhaps one of those days, that long silver hair is to be ruffled.........
>> No. 9750
[ ] Tell Eirin the truth.

...either our arm is infected, or we're some supernatural critter and Reimu's attack was SUPER EFFECTIVE. I'm betting on supernatural critter...but maybe Eirin will know.
>> No. 9751
and i thought this post would end in erin and reisen undressing and washing anon.

[x] Tell Eirin the truth.
reimu is a bitch
>> No. 9752
[ ] Tell Eirin the truth.
It's not like shes tight with Reimu, seeing how she busted in and ruined her shit during IN.
>> No. 9753
File 12078733678.jpg - (10.65KB , 180x154 , 180px-Nurse!.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Skirt the issue by asking Erin a question.

Maybe we should ask if we had any unfortunate interaction with Mokou, just in case. Though I don't know if Mokou and Kaguya are on good terms with each other in this world at this time (it varies)

I wish to play doctor more with Eirin.
>> No. 9754
Holy shit, that's it
we gain the ablities we picture
now it's just left to find out if temporarily or permanently
so that's what shiki meant by "i let you keep your gift,,,,"
>> No. 9755
>> No. 9756
I'm looking at the old threads and I don't see where we took Rumia's picture.
>> No. 9757
The poison miasma = Medicine.
>> No. 9758
[X] Tell Eirin the truth.
No reason not to. She might even think us as trustworthy.
>> No. 9759
File 12078736634.jpg - (457.86KB , 1140x1647 , vivid_gensokyo_girls_photo_collection_33.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think medicine helped us, and I think I know why.

Well, she wanted her picture taken, right?
>> No. 9764
[x] tell Eirin the truth
>> No. 9765
Covered that. Not the point.

It's about us getting our arm eaten. Even if it was an hallucination (fat chance, obvious misdirection is obvious) that doesn't explain why Rumia was so freaked out. We didn't take any pictures before that point so couldn't have gained any powers that way.
>> No. 9766
We freaked out and yelled Y U DO THIS? at her, didn't we? That scared the shit out of hre.
>> No. 9767

Obviously, we need to find a pointy object at some point in time and cut ourself. Just to see if our body is made of swords.
>> No. 9768
File 120787406958.jpg - (244.17KB , 800x560 , 1206327013299.jpg ) [iqdb]
You take a deep breath and tell Eirin the story about how, after you ran into Wriggle, Reimu came out of nowhere and attacked you, however you leave out the bit about the miasma. Eirin seems shocked beyond words. She stares at you dumbly for a moment before she starts muttering to herself.
“Well.. I had figured as much… But… That means.. . No… I wonder…”
You sit there, confused as fuck, also wondering when Eirin grew a cat’s tail and ears. Or where that giant frog in the corner came from. Maybe that’s the one that Cirno’s always taking about having fought.
“It seems, then, If it was indeed Reimu who attacked you, that you’re very lucky to be alive. I would have never thought that she would attack a human, and so openly too. Something strange is going on here. I would highly suggest that you avoid the human village and the Hakurei shrine for the time being. If she really was the one attacking you, and I’m really stressing the if here, it would mean that you’re disrupting Gensokyo in some manner by being here. You seem like nothing more than a normal human to me, when I examine you, but there could be something that I’m missing. I’m not sure. In any event, I’m no longer suggesting that you stay here the day, I’m ordering you to.”
At that moment, Reisen returned from the errand she’d been sent on.
“Ah, thank you Reisen. Impeccable timing, as always. Would you please escort our guest back to his room? He’ll be staying the day. Make sure he rests for at least another 2 hours, then he’s free to move about to any non-restricted areas.”
Reisen nods to Eirin and helps you down off the table. She helps you walk down the hall back to what’s apparently your room for the time being.
“Alright. Here we go. Please go lie down.” With that Reisen turns to walk off.

[ ] Thank Reisen.
[ ] Pat Reisen’s head.
[ ] Ask her if you can get something to eat.
[ ] Go into the room silently.
>> No. 9769
[ ] Thank Reisen.

Be appreciative. Don't fucking pat her head, that's condescending. She isn't a little girl.
>> No. 9770
[x] Pat Reisen’s head.

My ruffling hand needs excersize.
>> No. 9771
[X] Thank Reisen.

I doubt she enjoys having strangers pat her on the head.

Tempting though that may be.
>> No. 9772
[X] Thank Reisen.
>> No. 9773
[x] thank Reisen.

while patting her head may be good, i dont think she would take it as well as other people
>> No. 9774
[X] Thank Reisen.

It is too soon for the ruffles.
>> No. 9775
[ ] Thank Reisen.
Probably shouldn't eat while insane/hallucinating, too many things that could go wrong there.
>> No. 9776
[x] Pat Reisen’s head.

>> No. 9777
As I recall, she responded to that with "I'm hungry."

Wasn't freaked out until we came to.

[X] Pat Reisen’s head.
>> No. 9778
[X] Pat Reisen’s head.

She knows wwe're under the effects of lunacy. We can pull off all kinds of shit now
>> No. 9779
[X] Ruffle Reisen’s hair.
>> No. 9780
[X] Thank Reisen.
>> No. 9781
[x] Ruffle Reisen's hair.
>> No. 9782
[x] Thank Reisen.
>> No. 9783
[ ] Thank Reisen.
>> No. 9784
[x] Thank Reisen.

need to find interwebs nao
>> No. 9785
[ ] Thank Reisen.
[ ] Ask her if you can get something to eat.

Polite and in need, also no ruffling Reisen. She's a bit tougher than that.
>> No. 9786
[X] Thank Reisen.
Getting on good terms with eintei residents
NOTHING can be better.

Also, we probably have some youkai ablilities or presence- Reimu attacked us.

i must admit, WUIG is some kind of VN, that's great, but MiG is more like an adventure story- and i think i like it better.
funny how something that started as a ripoff ended up so good.

also- unlike GM, we don't have 7 minute soup breaks
>> No. 9787
File 120787437546.jpg - (123.37KB , 591x775 , 1204163269451.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Thank Reisen.

>> No. 9788
File 120787437367.jpg - (20.19KB , 300x300 , 120723750971.jpg ) [iqdb]
We need to find Kaguya and show her this imageboard and thread, since she has a computer and the internet. PARADOX.
>> No. 9790
[x] Pat Reisens ears
ears ... feel ...so good
>> No. 9791
[X] Pat Reisen’s head.
Our Hair ruffling shall continue now

Damn people are playing serious now.
Maybe we are Godzilla, but without mask, only plus Camera.
>> No. 9793
She's probably reading this thread right now and chuckling at our foolishness.
>> No. 9794
MiG doesn't need to worry about consistency and is more of a fun-casual play. Its just in a different area than WUIG.
>> No. 9795
Does that mean we're popular in Australia?
>> No. 9797
i always wanted to shoot a radioactive ray out of my mouth
>> No. 9798
she might even possibly one of the anons
>> No. 9799
She samefagged the jump vote to kill us. Bitch!
>> No. 9800
Dying had that affect in GM threads as well. Give it time, we've advanced past the first boss and we're out of the training area.

We must be more selective with the ruffles.
>> No. 9802
>>WUIG is some kind of VN, that's great, but MiG is more like an adventure story- and i think i like it better.
>>funny how something that started as a ripoff ended up so good.

Eh, The writing quality leaves a bit to be desired. I think WUIG is better.

Though, Not having random seven minute breaks is nice.
>> No. 9803
suddenly Mokus rage in our dream makes sense
>> No. 9804
where is the kaguya tripfag?
>> No. 9805
I'd pick "Pat Reisen’s head" if there were some way to ensure that it would be blamed on your mind being wonky.

*pat* *pat* *pat*
"Mrs. Eirin, your cappuccino machine isn't working."

But since that's not a guarantee...
[X] Thank Reisen.
>> No. 9807
Doesn't Reisen have control over what we see? Even if she's using random wave lengths to block out the pain or whatever, she knows what we're seeing for certain.
>> No. 9808
There was the drugs too.
>> No. 9809
I don't see that mentioned anywhere, one way or another.
>> No. 9810
File 120787487716.jpg - (216.57KB , 563x750 , 1207362463821.jpg ) [iqdb]
You thank Reisen as she walks away. She laughs lightly.
“It’s my job, silly, You don’t have to thank me for doing that.” And with that she turns a corner and walks out of sight. You wonder if maybe you should have squished that mushroom on her head before she left. She seemed to be moving fine, but the d-pad reversal is always annoying. You shrug your shoulders and walk into the room and lay down. The Futon is quite comfortable, and when you lie down, you find yourself to actually be quite tired.

[ ] Go to sleep
[ ] Eat the fruit next to your bed.
[ ] Fight the sleepiness and stay awake
>> No. 9811
What's with the namefags? I know all the tripfags come from /jp/, but where are all the namefags coming from?
>> No. 9813
You cant compare WUIG and MiG. Totaly differnt styles.
Kiras writing is sometimes a bit confusing, but i like it very much and enjoy it.
WUIG got too serious, and the random 7 mins breaks are getting worse. Maybe GM has finally enough, who knows. Still no badmouthing GM in this thread
>> No. 9814
[ ] Go to sleep

We're delusional. That fruit may be something sharp.
>> No. 9815
but does she know what we do while trapped in her illusion? does she know we groped mokou?
>> No. 9816
[ ] Eat the fruit next to your bed.
>> No. 9817
[x] Go to sleep
>> No. 9818
[x] Fight the sleepiness and stay awake
And investigate our regenerative powers. And possibly learn how to cast PSI Starstorm Omega.
>> No. 9819
[X] Go to sleep

I take this as a sing and go to sleep myself too.
>> No. 9820
[ ] Go to sleep

I don't trust the teeth on that fruit, and even considering Tewi, I doubt we have to try and stay awake and on guard....
>> No. 9821
[X] Go to sleep

>> No. 9822
[X] Go to sleep

Manly men need manly rest, as stated before.
>> No. 9823
[ ] Eat the fruit next to your bed.

Maybe the mushroom needed squishing, but I really don't trust Kira anymore.

>> No. 9824
[X] Fight the sleepiness and stay awake
>> No. 9825
[ ] Go to sleep
>> No. 9826
>>WUIG got too serious, and the random 7 mins breaks are getting worse. Maybe GM has finally enough, who knows. Still no badmouthing GM in this thread

The irony in taking a jab at GM, and telling everyone not to badmouth GM is making me giggle.
The fact that you think you have any authority at all is also making me giggle.
>> No. 9827
[x] Go to sleep
>> No. 9828
[x] Eat the fruit next to your bed.
>> No. 9829
[X] Go to sleep
>> No. 9830
[X] Fight the sleepiness and stay awake.
Options like these usually lead somewhere.
>> No. 9831
And so it begins.
>> No. 9832
And sleeping might lead us somewhere as well.
>> No. 9833
sometimes even death
>> No. 9834
[x] Eat the fruit next to your bed.
>> No. 9837
Fair enough.
>> No. 9842
What are we doing for 10,000 get?
>> No. 9843
[x] Eat the fruit next to your bed.

Fruit GET
>> No. 9846
[X] Go to sleep
Reisen called us "silly" ;__;
so moe i died 3 days ago
>> No. 9848
The fruit's probably actually a paperweight or rock.

Damn delusions.
>> No. 9849

9999 GET should be Cirno.
>> No. 9851
Posting touhou related images.
>> No. 9853

Maybe one of us could draw some crappy porn.
>> No. 9854

Maybe one of us could draw some crappy porn.
>> No. 9857
Or a pomegranate, just to fuck with us.
>> No. 9859
File 12078756893.png - (7.58KB , 260x288 , 9001hoursmspaint.png ) [iqdb]

O rly?
>> No. 9867

That's the spirit! Now just add a penis, and it'll be ready.
>> No. 9869
I can't even draw the body, let a alone the single most important organ ever in the history of evolution.
>> No. 9871
File 120787589690.jpg - (240.18KB , 1024x1522 , 1205469764355.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide that sleep is probably the best option at this point. You close your eyes and allow yourself to float off to dreamland. You just wish your dreamland wasn’t currently made of a 50 foot tall miko, aiming a bazooka at you. Really, you’d rather have sunshine and lollipops, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Suddenly there’s an earth quake, and people are yelling. You’re not quite sure what’s going on right now but something big seems to be falling from the sky. Well, not falling, in as so much as flying rapidly, just in the general direction of the ground. Oh wait. It’s the moon. Maybe you should run.

“Why run when you can fly!” a nearby sprout says, horn held high. It flies off into a nearby building, which promptly explodes. You can’t remember having a crazier dream than this in all your life. Directly ahead of you, you see someone walking towards you. You can’t quite make out who it is, so you feel like running directly at them. As you get closer, you see that it’s the shrine maiden. Well what’s she doing here. She turns, Obviously surprised to see you. The surprise quickly turns to anger though.
“I’m going to pay you back tenfold for what you did to me,” She coughs, Pulling out several spell tags.
You stop running forward. Something seems strange. The shrine maiden seems more real then the rest of the dream you’ve been having so far, but it IS still a dream isn’t it?

[ ] Charge the Shrine maiden.
[ ] Wait a moment and see what happens.
[ ] Do the Rumba!
[ ] Call for your loyal Sprout MITZI, and fly into the face of oblivion!
>> No. 9872
Two circles and a rectangle.
>> No. 9875
[ ] Do the Rumba!

>> No. 9876
[ ] Charge the Shrine maiden.

>> No. 9878
[X] Call for your loyal Sprout MITZI, and fly into the face of oblivion!
No charging, this aint no dream
lets get the fuck out of here
>> No. 9879
[X] Wait a moment and see what happens.

I have a bad feeling about this.
>> No. 9880
[X] Charge the Shrine maiden.

Falcon punch her, like the motherfucking fist of the north star.
>> No. 9881
[X] Charge the Shrine maiden.
No time to hesitate! CHARGE!
>> No. 9882
[x] Do the Rumba!
ルンバ ルンバ ルンバ ルンバ ルンバ.
>> No. 9883
[X] Do the Rumba!
sounds like a plan
>> No. 9884
File 120787611151.gif - (883.17KB , 352x198 , suteki.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Do the rumba!
Rumba, rumba, rumba, rumba, rumba!
>> No. 9885
[x] Call for your loyal Sprout MITZI, and fly into the face of oblivion!
>> No. 9886
[ ] Charge the Shrine maiden.

>> No. 9887
[x] Do the Rumba!
>> No. 9888
[ ] Do the Rumba!
>> No. 9889
[ ] Charge the Shrine maiden.

GAR end.
>> No. 9890
[ ] Do the Rumba!
>> No. 9891
[X] Do the Rumba!

Let's see her figure this one out.
>> No. 9892
[x] Wait a moment and see what happens.

Even though

[ ] Do the rumba rumba rumba rumba rumba!

Is tempting.
>> No. 9893
[X] Charge the Shrine maiden.
>> No. 9895
I'll bet they're spell cards that shoot silly-string lazer-beams!
>> No. 9898
[X] Do the Rumba!

Sounds like a plan to me!
>> No. 9899
[x] Do the rumba!

Anon uses confusion!
>> No. 9900
[ ] Wait a moment and see what happens.
[ ] Do the Rumba!
[X] Do the rumba while waiting to see what happens.
>> No. 9901
[ ] Charge the Shrine maiden.

Go retrieve your balls from Reimu's purse.
>> No. 9907
is there any touhou that controls dreams? maybe PC-98 ones
>> No. 9908

If doing the rumba in front of someone trying to kill you isn't ballsy then I don't know what is.
>> No. 9911
[X] Wait a moment and see what happens.
>> No. 9932
[ ] Charge the Shrine maiden.
>> No. 9939
A strange urge overtakes you. The urge to DANCE. You begin grooving and swaying to a beat that only you can hear. You dance all over the place. Up the walls and across the ceiling. The shrine maiden stands there dumbfounded.
“HEY. Stop ignoring me! Take this seriously!” she throws the three spell tags which burst into a wide assortment of cakes, candies, and chocolates. You see them and dive headfirst into them, only to have something stick squarely to your face. You reach your hand up and feel a strip of paper covering your face. In front of you the shrine maiden is breathing hard, as if just throwing those three spell tags took a lot of strength out of her. You stand there for a moment, the spell tag stuck to your face. You realize, then, that you have one stuck to each arm too. You look down at them. Huh. You could have sworn that they were delicious cake just a minute ago. The thought that the cake was a lie makes you cry. You look back up at the shrine maiden, who now wears a mask of shock and surprise.
“How… You… You should have been at least hurt by the spell tags. Why don’t they affect you? They’re designed to even work on humans… What’s…”
Suddenly Reimu’s confusion is interrupted by someone charging in. Oh look it’s the cavalry. You just don’t ever remember the cavalry having bunny ears.
“Curse you, you you… whatever you are. I’ll get you next time.” And with that the shrine maiden runs away.
Reisen comes running up to you. “Are you alright?”
You reply with something about purple snakes and toxic mushrooms.
“Oh my, It seems that you’re delirious.” Reisen quickly orders several of the rabbits to take you back to your room.
“I’ll go get the doctor.”
You can’t hear her though, The banana on your shoulder just told you the most hilarious joke, and you’re laughing to beat the band.
The rabbits take you back to your room and set you down on the futon. Looking up at the ceiling, You’re not quite sure what’s going on, but the banana just keeps telling you the most hilarious jokes. Also singing that song. Eirin comes in several minutes later with a glass of water and some pills.
“You need to take these, right now,” She says, peeling the spell tags off of your face and arms.

[ ] take the pills.
[ ] don’t take the pills.
[ ] sing the song the banana’s been singing to you.
[ ] get up and dance a little jig, while singing “I’m so pretty”
>> No. 9940
Who wants to bet that we're having another delusional "sleep-walk", and that we're actually charging a real person?

...well, I'm sure it'll be fine. Though if we just charged Kaguya, it could put a slight strain on our relationships in Eientei....
>> No. 9941
I guess we're pausing since GM's back?

Wouldn't want to have two of these running at the same time. Might... overheat, or something.
>> No. 9942
[ ] take the pills.

Eirin is our friend.
>> No. 9943

[ ] take the pills.
>> No. 9944
[ ] take the pills.

Cures our infection, maybe?
>> No. 9945
[X] take the pills.
>> No. 9946
[x] take the pills.
If I have the ability to choose I'm obviously sane again. Best to listen to the doctor.
>> No. 9947
[X] take the pills.
>> No. 9948
[X] take the pills.

Hahaha fucking gold.
>> No. 9949

[x] Take the blue pill.
>> No. 9950
[YES] get up and dance a little jig, while singing “I’m so pretty”
>> No. 9951
[X] Take the pills.

Eirin is friendly enough towards us. Not to mention that the Eientei crew just saved our butt.
>> No. 9952
[X] take the pills.
The Green one.
>> No. 9953
[ ] take the pills.

Fuck I love it when Anon is tripping balls in Gensokyo.
>> No. 9954
This is why I love this story.

[X] take the pills.
>> No. 9955
[ ] sing the song the banana’s been singing to you.

Ladies love a man that can sing.
>> No. 9956
[ ] sing the song the banana’s been singing to you.

Damn it, you guys have gotten to become so boring.
>> No. 9957
>>“Curse you, you.. you.. DOUBLE NIGGER!"

>> No. 9958
For some reason this reads like the bit from Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy when Arthur and Ford are first taken into The Heart of Gold.

But I digress;
[x] take the pills.
Then [x] get up and dance a little jig, while singing “I’m so pretty”
I love that song.
>> No. 9959
And I pity
any girl who isn't me toooonight
>> No. 9960
Have we considered the possibility that our strange inability to stop being crazy is due to Eirin's treatments?
>> No. 9962
[X] get up and dance a little jig, while singing “I’m so pretty”
>> No. 9963
No, it's more likely because of insane eyes and infected arm.

Also because of raymoo.
>> No. 9964
[X] sing the song the banana’s been singing to you.
Do it.
>> No. 9966
i don't mind if we get more dance options
>> No. 9971
I still think we should have danced before, back when Reisen tells us to stay in the bed.
>> No. 9975
I can't wait for Anon to lose his mind and become a man eating youkai. Then we can run around with our level 1 friends........forever.
>> No. 9986

I'm hoping for Gilgamesh end, myself.
>> No. 9990
You open your mouth, and Eirin puts the pills in, then presses the glass up to your lips. The water feels cool and refreshing as you swallow.
“Those pills should take effect quickly,” Erin states, matter-of-factly.
A few minutes pass and suddenly, everything seems clearer and sharper. Also the banana’s gone. You’re a little bit sad at that, but there’s not much you can do about it.
Eirin looks directly at you. “When was the last time you ate?”
You mutter something about eggs and trail off.
She sighs, “This isn’t good. Reisen, I need you to go get some food for our guest.” Picking up the nearby apple she puts it in your good hand. “Eat.”
You eat the apple quite quickly. Feeling much better, you thank Eirin for all the trouble you’ve caused.
She looks at you with a worried look on her face. “You just need to relax and get something to eat. I’ve already sent word to your companions, and they’re on their way to get you now.”
You shake your head, Wait, what? You ask Eirin about staying here.
“Now that Reimu knows you’re here? It’s not safe for you to stay here any longer. I’ve asked your friends to take you somewhere where you might be safe for a while, until it can be figured out what’s going on here.”
Reisen comes back in just as Eirin finishes talking. Reisen sets the small tray down in front of you. Both Eirin and Reisen get up and leave the room, animatedly talking to each other about what they need to do to increase security in case Reimu comes back.

[ ] Eat
[ ] Don’t eat
[ ] Sneak out of the room
[ ] Remain silent, do nothing
>> No. 9992
[ ] Eat
>> No. 9995
[x] Eat
I got the munchies after all that tripping balls, man.
>> No. 9996
[X] Eat

We really need to. Now.
>> No. 9999
[ ] Eat
>> No. 10001
[ ] Eat

Can't fight mikos hungry.
>> No. 10002
[X] Sneak out of the room
No more pills, lets gtfo before we dendanger them all, and we need to get our friend the Banana back
>> No. 10003
[x] Eat
>> No. 10004
[x] Eat
>> No. 10005
[ ] Eat

For fucks sake, eat the damn food! Who knows when you will have another chance?
>> No. 10008
[ ] Eat

It seems we are immune to Reimu's powers.
>> No. 10013
[ ] Eat

Can we at least agree to ruffle Reisen fondly before we leave? I'd like to charm her away from here but that ain't gonna happen.
>> No. 10015
[X] Eat

lol at Reimu being the antagonistic vandal.
>> No. 10021
>Can we at least agree to ruffle Reisen fondly?

Nonono, fondle Reisen, that's the way.
>> No. 10024
[X] Eat
Nom nom nom
>> No. 10026

>> No. 10028
[X] Eat
>> No. 10031
I just had this image of, during the dream fight, Anon's form breaking up into as many bodies as the minds of Legion. They all began dancing, and some of them started to sing (poorly), with all taking part in the chorus. Reimu was swept under the legion and forced to dance until she collapsed in confused exhaustion.
>> No. 10037
File 120787865363.jpg - (21.04KB , 193x187 , 1197523952469.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes....its all so clear now......we must eat Cirno....I understand....
>> No. 10040
File 120787870764.png - (34.22KB , 700x700 , OHNO.png ) [iqdb]
Way ahead of you.
>> No. 10041
Walk before you run into the pit of sharpened stakes young anon. Ruffles lead to rapes.
>> No. 10042
New post Incoming, and new thread to boot~
>> No. 10049
Dan Kim is my fucking hero!
>> No. 10053
Oh Kim, you card.