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59842 No. 59842
The pleasure of her touch floods my mind, but instincts drive me to fight it. The alluring scent of perfume enters my sense. She travels between erogenous zones quickly. As she moves to the back of my neck, running her teeth and tongue along it, I can’t help but to shudder. It’s been too long since I’ve had this sort of attention, but not knowing who is treating me is too unnerving to ignore. I can’t lose myself in it.

It takes incredible focus and effort, but I manage to push my thoughts to my hands. Forcefully I grab the roaming arms hidden in their long white evening gloves and pull the mysterious person over my head. A very surprised blond woman in a tight purple dress swings into view and suspends perfectly upside down, held by my iron grip. Her long golden hair hangs down to the frilly white hat now on the floor. She grins mischievously and then speaks again.

“Oh, you ARE a rough one aren’t you~.” She states in an amused voice.

“Who are you?” I demand angrily, never letting go of the strange lady.

“Oh, why do we need to exchange names? I could tell you, but we wouldn’t know each other any better. My method for introduction is so much more fun~.”
She coos to me before crying out in pain as my clutch grows tighter. Suddenly the air behind her slides apart into a horrible tear of reality. Countless eyes bore their gaze into me from an impossible world. My mind reels at the sight as I lose my grasp. The woman falls into the dark fold before it immediately reseals.

The awful feeling in my guts immediately dissipates, but my mind still swims in confusion. In a sudden panic my head turns about, scanning the room for the missing woman.

She sits there at my table with a troubled look, setting down two small cups next to a large unidentifiable bottle of sake before sliding her hands to her arms protectively.

“Alright, we’ll play it your way. Please have a seat, Mr. Morichika. I would like to introduce myself.”

I stare at the stranger making herself at home in my household.

Her amethyst eyes shine with sincerity and her voice takes on a sort of calm, almost Keine like tenderness.

“Please, Mr. Morichika.” Her expression grows to one of hurt the longer I stand in silence.

[ ] Walk over and sit down.
[ ] Approach, but remain standing.
[ ] Leave

Sub option
[ ] Pick up her hat and present it to her.
[ ] Leave it.

>> No. 59844
[x] Walk over and sit down.
[x] Pick up her hat and present it to her.

Lets be civil about this.
>> No. 59846
[x] Walk over and sit down.
[x] Pick up her hat and present it to her.

Didn't mean to hurt her.
>> No. 59848
[x] Walk over and sit down.
[x] Pick up her hat and present it to her.

No hurting Yukarin~
>> No. 59849
[x] Walk over and sit down.
[x] Pick up her hat and present it to her.

Yukari is love.
>> No. 59850
Damn straight she is.

And yet here Anon avoided a wonderful H-esque scene like the plague. Makes me sad.
>> No. 59851
[x] Walk over and sit down.
[x] Pick up her hat and present it to her.

Approach her like a gentleman now, no need to bite her head off.
>> No. 59858

h-scene with plot device=no-no
>> No. 59860
File 122186929169.png - (120.22KB , 239x179 , HIKI TOBE.png ) [iqdb]

God, that picture makes me want to fire a Sidewinder into her face.
>> No. 59861
Do it anyways.
>> No. 59862
Writefag. Polish. Abusive hater of beautiful women who aren't named Reimu..
>> No. 59864
File 122187194216.jpg - (77.43KB , 400x312 , 1212445728629.jpg ) [iqdb]

Reimu isn't beautiful though.
>> No. 59865

What a boring, boring troll you've been reduced to, YAF. Someday real soon we're going to take you behind the shed and put you down.
>> No. 59867
[x] To make it simple, just rape her

Is that better, Doujin?
>> No. 59868
but you can't rape the willing, so yeah!

I'll figure it out somehow.
>> No. 59869
File 122187921293.png - (833.87KB , 800x600 , eceb9e44b8b6c1913e6483505d81b87b.png ) [iqdb]

No, really. For some reason, some kinds of pictures make me want to punch the monitor. Like this picture of Marisa. Or that one with Reimu with teary eyes. Or that one with Alice crying, holding Shanghai in her hands. Or that one...
>> No. 59870
File 122187936327.jpg - (75.99KB , 759x538 , 1221369111438.jpg ) [iqdb]

Take it easy, we'll just wait till he disappears like Mima and Shinki did after PC98.

Oh, the irony.

[x] Walk over and sit down.
[x] Pick up her hat and present it to her.
>> No. 59871

These pictures stir up sensations you're uncomfortable with; anger is a very common way of dealing with it.
>> No. 59872

Perhaps. But I yet have to actually punch my monitor instead of just thinking about it.

I guess it's just that I find those pictures extremely out of character. Grieving Yukari? Give me a break. Weepy-happy Marisa? She's the goddamn human witch, damnit, she should act like one. Now, crying, happy Reimu? What manner of bullshit is this?
>> No. 59873
File 12218800092.jpg - (158.00KB , 600x600 , 1215042934085.jpg ) [iqdb]

Good, YAF.
Reversing your trolling tactics is the way to go!
>> No. 59874
File 122188024078.gif - (10.14KB , 450x450 , 1221879968648.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 59876
But Marisa was abused by her daddy so yeah. I read it in a fan comic so it must be true!
>> No. 59877

Try to interpret these fictional characters as representing people, and remember that people can display an amazing variety of emotion. It makes sense that you'd have difficulty here, though: Your "Naya" character was pretty much limited to laughter, anger, and "let's fuck."
>> No. 59879
I still say that picture looks like Patchi fracturing her frail wrists as she snaps a thumbs up.
>> No. 59890

>> No. 59897
What a miserable creature you are.
>> No. 59900

Whatever you say, lady.
>> No. 59904
Where the hell is F.O.E when we need him? did he die or what? didn't see his trip here in ages.

Anyways, stop killing the thread please.
>> No. 59907
>Where the hell is F.O.E when we need him?

I'd rather just have Doujin update.
>> No. 59908
TROLLING STOP. THREAD TROLLING STOP. I swear I'm about ready to delete this one and make a new thread.

Anyways, more moe moe Yukarin tonight.
>> No. 59913
Strike that, encountering some obstacles. Update will probably be tomorrow.
>> No. 59925
You failed us.
>> No. 59975
>> No. 60016
Stuff happened this weekend. No excuses or details, sorry. Its still half written, and I'll post whenever it's finished.

On the plus side, amongst the happenings this weekend I got a got a vision for Anon's upcoming special little night out.
>> No. 60027

You mean you had a date with a historian girl who transforms into a history-altering beast under the light of the full moon?
>> No. 60058
File 122221778441.png - (250.20KB , 700x900 , thedoctorishere.png ) [iqdb]
Dr. Doujin is a faget
>> No. 60066
File 122222203178.png - (413.88KB , 640x480 , score.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 60072
File 122222357974.png - (250.33KB , 700x900 , thedoctorisbeer.png ) [iqdb]
YAF is a drawfag.
(this image also made by him)
>> No. 60089

>> No. 60097
The fuck?
Go update you two faggots.
>> No. 60105
>> No. 60134
File 122228867793.jpg - (303.00KB , 822x842 , 1221624227151.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is this déjà-vu? What is it with women coming to me with vulnerable expressions today?

I sigh. Her wounded appearance cuts right to my core. I didn’t mean to hurt this woman. She just sort of startled me. Who wouldn’t react well in such a situation?

Quickly I grab my discarded shirt and pull it on. As I start towards the table, something catches my eye. The puffy white hat with red ribbon lies on the floor next to me. It’s odd to see it not being worn. I’ve occasionally wondered if the women of Gensokyo have their hats permanently attached to their heads. Apparently not. Without halting my stride I bend down and collect the bonnet before walking to my guest. Her hurt look seems to fade with every step as I approach and hand her the hat.

“Ah, thank you” she replies, accepting the accessory and returning it to its rightful place. She her smile still brilliant, but much more cautious this time. She seems weary of me as I sit down at the other end of the table. My thoughts continue to focus on her body language, searching for a hint of what the hell is going on, but are soon interrupted.

“Please have some,” she says while leaning forward, extending the cup of clear alcohol to me. My body unconsciously reaches out to accept, but my eyes can’t help but to be drawn to her ample bust as she bends across the table. The low cut purple dress with white frills does little to hide her incredible endowment, yet seems regal enough that I shouldn’t stare. That’s not fair wearing something that’s conservative yet provocative. As my focus shifts back to her face, I see she now sports a less ingenuous smile and sly eyes. Wait…was this all intentional? Did I just get manipulated into sitting down with her?

Who in the heck is this woman? Fine, I’ll play ball. Game face… game face….

“So...you spoke of introductions, did you not?” I maintain a neutral tone as I take a sip of the sake. Wow, it’s actually quite good.

“So I did. Please allow me to formally introduce myself.” The blonde stranger rises from the table while pulling out a white fan. With a deep curtsy which shows off her long shapely legs and white stockings, she gracefully announces herself as if speaking to royalty.

“My name is Yukari Yakumo, Lady of the Boundaries, Protector of the Great Barrier, and a Founder of Gensokyo. It is a pleasure to meet you, Sir Rinnosuke Morichika.”

The sudden elegance of such a bold statement throws me off. Founder of Gensokyo? Protector?
“Really?” I ask incredulously, feeling like I need another drink to handle this.

Flipping open her fan, Yukari waves off the question casually, as if her previous formality never occurred. “Well it’s a bit more complicated than that, but never mind the details.”

This woman truly has many faces. Bringing the fan to cover her mouth, she studies me for a moment with a look of frightening intelligence before snapping it shut and smiling innocently. Wasting no time she lifts her chair and places it close to mine before sitting down.

“Oh my, you seem to have taken a liking to the sake. I’m so relieved. Here, let me pour you more.” The large bottle seems weightless in her grip as she refills my empty drink, spilling not even a drop. It seems almost parallel to how the business men pour each other drinks. Am I being propositioned? Out of habit I fill her glass as well.

“So…Ms. Yakumo…”

“Oh please, call me Yukari,” she speaks sweetly.

“Ah…well Ms.Yukari” I say making sure not to drop to a pure first name basis. “What can I do for you?”

A silly grin spreads across her face for a moment as she draws circles on the table with her fingers like a bashfull school girl. “Oh I’m sure there are quite a few things you could do to m-”

“erHUM.” I jab in.
>> No. 60135
File 122228897733.jpg - (355.96KB , 1600x1200 , 1205265299540.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yukari laughs for a moment before shifting again into a more mature tone.

“I simply wish to learn more about you, Mr. Morichika. I apologize for my actions previous actions. I was just so tired of waiting for a chance to speak to you.”

“Waiting for a moment to…So you were spying on Keine and me?!”

“No no, you misunderstand,” say says urgently. “I was simply observing you before I appeared. You must understand I keep my presence fairly hidden from most humans and youkai alike. I was about to greet you when the school teacher entered. So I had to wait so patiently for her to leave.”

“So you were eavesdropping.” Sure sounds like eavesdropping.

“Oh please don’t say it like that,” she pouts. “I just found you interesting, and seeing the poor were-child in such a state is so rare…”

“Wait, so you already knew about Keine?”

“A bit, but please remember it’s rather one sided. There were some reoccurring disturbances of sorts during the full moon, so naturally I had my shikigami investigate. What interesting abilities she has…” she trails off for a second in remembrance. “You see there are few things in this land I don’t know about. You are one of these things, and I just hate unsolved riddles~.” She scoots closer and refills my glass again.

“So I’m an interesting riddle?” Her description is vague at best.

“Oh, you are far more than interesting. Few things are novel enough to keep me from sleep.” No doubt in her voice suggests that she thinks otherwise.

She subtly scoots closer again.

“A few days ago my shikigami was off running some errands in town, disguised as a human of course, and overheard some terribly interesting gossip about a man who always seemed human, but didn’t move like one. A half youkai they said.” She takes another sip of the sake before continuing. “Male youkai who aren’t beastlike are incredibly rare, and most of them usually lose themselves to insanity well before they reach proper adulthood. I dare say decent men no matter what species is hard to come by here. So when I heard about you, I simply had to find out more.”

Her words begin to work their way through my mind. It’s true that I have never seen a humanoid male youkai, but I never thought it would be that uncommon. Still, something about all this bothers me. When she first appeared, she said…

“But you said I was lying about myself. What did you mean by that?”

She raises an eyebrow knowingly.
“I simply meant that you shouldn’t lie to that poor woman. You are no youkai, Mr. Morichika. I know youkai. I recruited thousands of them come Gensokyo as their final haven from the ever changing world.”

“Wait, what do you mean I’m not a youkai?!” How the hell should she know if I am or not?

Maybe it’s the alcohol, but it never occurred to me that this Yukari woman was sitting right next to me. Like a young girl madly in love, she wraps her arms around mine and stares longingly into my eyes. For a brief moment the trickster is gone and replaced by a lonely warm hearted maiden.

“You don’t smell at all like a youkai, Rinnosuke.” Her head rests against my chest as she breathes in deeply and sighs. It transforms the maiden. For some reason the thought of rejecting Yukari doesn’t even reach my mind as she climbs onto my lap. How light and soft this woman is. She nuzzles against me while running her tongue long her top lips, licking them before biting the lower ones in yearning.

I can’t help but enjoy the sensation of her hot wet breath on my neck. It seems like we’ve come full circle, but this time feels different. She’s…enticing.

“You smell different. You..,” she takes a deep breath again, savoring the scent as if it were ambrosia, before letting it out in a voice shaking with desire. “You smell fascinating.” She rubs her gloved hands firmly against my chest. “Mmm, I can feel it. What a strange strength, hidden just below the surface. I would love to learn more about you, Rinnosuke~”

[ ] Inquire what you get out of the deal.
[ ] Drink more delicious sake.
[ ] Push her off.
[ ] Write-in
>> No. 60136

[ ] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
>> No. 60140
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."

But Kourin doesn't do well with conversation so yeah.
>> No. 60141
[x] Put it in
>> No. 60142
{X} "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."

>> No. 60143
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
>> No. 60144
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
>> No. 60151
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
[x] Drink more delicious sake as you speak, trying to suppress your smile.

in b4 the obvious "I'm not looking for conversation."
>> No. 60158
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
[x] Drink more delicious sake as you speak, trying to suppress your smile.
>> No. 60159
>spilling not even a drop
I see what you did there.

[+] Inquire what you get out of the deal.
Be flirtatious already!
>> No. 60160
File 122230336533.jpg - (113.65KB , 791x613 , 1219147307396.jpg ) [iqdb]

Do not want Hot Dog Chuck Manservice.

[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
>> No. 60179
Damn it, this isn't a fair decision!
>> No. 60180
>Do want Wi-Z Garage Manservice.
>> No. 60183
File 122230779270.jpg - (273.13KB , 1051x1502 , The Girl's Dreams Disappeared in a Flower Fi.jpg ) [iqdb]

But all of Wi-Z GARAGE's muscle fanservice is female, so yeah.
>> No. 60184
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
[x] Drink more delicious sake as you speak, trying to suppress your smile.

This is where Kourin starts whoring himself out for Outsider junk, isn't it?
>> No. 60203
>> No. 60274
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
[x] Drink more delicious sake as you speak, trying to suppress your smile.
>> No. 60277
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
[x] Drink more delicious sake as you speak, trying to suppress your smile.

And, when the time is right, [x] Put it in
>> No. 60284
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
[x] Pour yourself more delicious sake as you speak; try to suppress your smile.

>> No. 60286
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
[x] Pour yourself more delicious sake as you speak; try to suppress your smile.
>> No. 60301
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
[x] Pour yourself more delicious sake as you speak; try to suppress your smile.

Even in self-deprecation, Kourin is one smooth motherfucker.
>> No. 60337
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
[x] Pour yourself more delicious sake as you speak; try to suppress your smile.
>> No. 60349
[x] "Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist. And an even more boring person."
[x] Pour yourself more delicious sake as you speak; try to suppress your smile.
>> No. 60360
>> No. 60372
I'm afraid I've got a tremendously busy weekend, in addition to my usual turmoil of job hunting so I don't starve. No updates until at least next week, sorry.

More Yukarin and mANONosuke later then.
>> No. 60415
[X] Synchronize your structure with her integrated augmentation.

I think you know what I mean.
>> No. 60489
[ ] "I'm gay."

>> No. 60506
File 122264149898.jpg - (24.69KB , 640x366 , 1222640100000.jpg ) [iqdb]
And then Yukari was Droopy-tan.
>> No. 60507
File 122264163431.jpg - (95.05KB , 1024x768 , 1222624731207.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 60509

Oh god I can't get the image of Kourin as Tomitake out of my head.
>> No. 60510
You think that's bad? Just imagine what you get when you combine TOMITAKE FLASH with SEXY BEAM.
>> No. 60511

>> No. 60512
K1=Anon on a good day
Akasaka= GM

>> No. 60513
>> No. 60515
File 122264996848.jpg - (233.14KB , 737x520 , 1206337459741.jpg ) [iqdb]
Akasaka = DrDoujin


Started writing, hopefully it will be finished in a few days. No actual free time until Tuesday, and writing takes a ridiculous amount of time.

In the meantime, enjoy Higurashi nostalgia.
>> No. 60521

>Akasaka = DrDoujin

You god damn wish. You'd be a great Mr.Delicious.
>> No. 60522

FUND IT. Or alteast someone draw/vector a parody up.
>> No. 60524
File 122265634779.jpg - (29.92KB , 910x398 , 1175871284523.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oishi or Irie would work.

Irie is Rinnosuke
>> No. 60526
File 122266019789.jpg - (222.91KB , 398x1000 , SEXYFLASH.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Just imagine what you get when you combine TOMITAKE FLASH with SEXY BEAM.
>>what you get when you combine TOMITAKE FLASH with SEXY BEAM.


>> No. 60527
File 122266133316.jpg - (71.91KB , 734x404 , 121546295673.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 60529

Love is over.
>> No. 60531
That's some epic docking right there.
>> No. 60533

>> No. 60565

>> No. 60574
that's fucking awesome
>> No. 60672
File 122282659337.jpg - (277.20KB , 600x780 , 1210914437143.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm writing. Update will come as soon as I finish. Had to deal with scribblewiki bursting into flames and thus finding a new home for part of the TouhouVN.
>> No. 60724

>> No. 60805
File 122284101924.jpg - (100.15KB , 640x665 , 1205266452116.jpg ) [iqdb]
What’s with this warm relaxed feeling flowing through me? It’s delightfully refreshing after being so stressed and annoyed for the last few days. I feel intoxicated, but it’s not just from the sake. This woman’s touch…her voice…makes it hard to think. It throws me off guard.

It’s probably too good to be true. She keeps talking about what she wants, not what I get. Need to be coy about this. Gentling leaning forward as if to embrace her, I manage to reach my cup and pull it back before answering her.

"Well, sad to say I'm not much of a conversationalist, and an even more boring person." I fire the loaded statement while suppressing a smile behind the delicious sake.

“Oh that’s fine, we don’t need to talk much for what I want to do~” Yukari replies sweetly while lowering her hand to my crotch.

That takes me by surprise as I choke on the rice wine. Oh dammit, ALCOHOL UP MY NOSE OH GOD THAT BURNS! The culprit giggles and grabs the half emptied cup before I manage to spill it while coughing. Cautiously she places it on the table before pulling out a handkerchief and delicately wipes my face.

“Now now Rinnosuke, there is no need to be modest about yourself. I’m more than interested enough, and am willing to compensate you for your time.”

“Such as?” I inquire.

“Well for starters I am th-“ The blond vixen abruptly stops and turns her face to the side. It suddenly feels different, as if the atmosphere has changed. Yukari still sits on my lap, but she feels more like a shell than the person who was just speaking. Her violet eyes lose their sharp wit and go blank for a moment, as if her attention was miles away. For a few seconds she simply sits there, perfectly still, before returning and tiredly rubbing her eyes.

“Umm...are you ok?” That was sort of weird.

“Oh how sweet of you to be concerned~. I’m fine, please don’t worry about it. Now where were we?” She snuggles back up against my chest, as if nothing happened.

“I think you were making me an offer.”

“Oh yes! Well besides the obvious mutual benefit of each other’s company, I’m sure I could help you in various ways. Do you have any specific requests?”

I pause. There are many things I need, and even more things I desire. But one thing still dwarfs everything else. Something I absolutely must have happen. With a serious tone, I make my demand.

“I want you to help Marisa.”

“Who~?” she replies playfully.

Angrily I push Yukari from my chest and stare fiercely.
“Marisa Kirisame. The young girl I used to take care of, who is being held against her will by her father. I want you to end this problem and free her. You overheard Keine and I, you should know about this!”

Pity spreads across Yukari’s normally playful features. She closes her eyes and sighs, before repositioning herself to straddle me. In the end she sits upon my lap facing me, her legs with white stockings spread over my dusty pants.

“Rinnosuke, I can’t do that.” She replies with a sort of sadness. Before I can even respond she places single finger from her white gloves hand to my lips for silence. “I know you care about her, but in the end this is something she must do herself. You want her to be free and happy, right?”

Dumbly I nod my head. Her tone is different, filled with calm and compassion like a parent. Very…motherly.

“But what would happen if you take her away? You’d be her dashing hero, and she’d love you always. She’d depend on you always. I know you have done a better job raising her than her own father has, and there is still room for you to do that more, but not at this moment. This is her battle, and if she never forms the resolve face her own demons she’ll never be able to fight real ones later in life.”

The woman’s words cut into me like a knife. I want to yell and throw her and these thoughts away! Yet no strength comes to my arms. I can feel the truth in her logic, and it disarms me completely. That’s not fair to debunk my beliefs so easily. All calmness disappears. My mind screams out for a retort, demanding she revoke her words.

“No! It’s not right. It’s not fair. No normal child should have to deal with that!” Emotion fills my voice. Pain and anger swirl around in a turbulent sea which threatens to drown my mind. Thunderous waves crash into my limbs causing them to shake. The water splashes up and leaks through my eyes, clouding my vision. Dizziness overcomes me as I gasp for air vainly trying not to drown in this feeling.

Soft hands wrap around my neck and pull my head into pillow-like breasts. Impulsively my eyes close as she strokes my hair and speaks comfortingly. The ocean of despair drains away, leaving me tranquil but tired and empty. Did I really never let this out until now? How many days has it built up in the back of my mind?

“You are right, Rinnosuke.” She continues tenderly to run her fingers along my head. “No normal child should have to go through this. But Marisa isn’t normal is she? She carries a huge of magical potential within her. I looked into it yesterday.” Her voice lightens. “Even I will need to watch out for her one day I fear.”

Slowly she pulls me away to stare into my eyes. She looks like just a loving mother. How many faces does this woman wear? She’s a bigger enigma than I am, dancing through personalities as if they were separated by thin silk drapes. All I can do is admire her before I hear a surprised gasp.
>> No. 60806
File 122284119058.jpg - (91.41KB , 484x787 , 1203446271286.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Ah, Yukari-sama I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize you were…”
A shapely blonde woman in white dress and blue tabard kneels apologetically by the door. Now this sight wouldn’t be nearly so odd if there were not several golden tails spread out behind her. Who…what in the hell is she?

“Oh, please do get up Ran. What is the matter?” Yukari’s normal tone and composure returns instantly, though she makes no effort of climbing off me.

‘Ran’ stand again and looks to me with an odd expression before approaching her master and bowing. Maybe this is the shikigami she spoke of. A kitsune? That’s a bit much…

“I thought to inform you that something has wrecked the Hakurei Shrine, Yukari-sama. Reimu is currently fighting her way to whomever she believes the culprit is.” The tailed woman speaks urgently.

Yukari smirks. “Yes, I noticed the disruption. Is there anything else that would justify interrupting my new friend and I?”

“Ah… well you see…” Ran dumbly looks at us together and stumbles over her words for a moment. “She just defeated Singyoku and has made her way through the gateway to Jigoku.”

“Oh my, it certainly sounds like she is serious.” Yukari replies with slight amusement

“Yes…well…you see she is currently using the giant yin-yang ball…”

“The giant…” Yukari stops in thought for a second before laughing uncontrollably, nearly falling from my chair. “Oh…hahaha… you can’t be serious! Hahaha oh Ran, thank you for telling me. I simply must see this!”

I really don’t see what’s so funny about all this, but don’t have any time to ask. Yukari turns back to me and speaks cheerfully.

“I’m afraid I must be leaving, Rinnosuke. We’ll have to continue our negotiation another time. Here, I have something you might find enjoyable in the meantime. Think of it as a small taste of what I can offer.”

A void appears by Yukari’s arm before she reaches into it clear up to her shoulders and pulls out…

…a very lacey blue corset. Instantly she throws it back into the gap. A few seconds of confused silence passes between us before Yukari laughs sheepishly.

“Oh my! Fu fu fu whatever was that doing there?” A blush of embarrassment glows faintly on her cheeks as she rummages through the hole again.

“Ah, here it is.” From the tear this time she produces a pair of black squared glasses. A second later they sit comfortably upon my face.

Yukari squeals girlishly with delight. “Oh I knew they would look good on you. Don’t you think so Ran?”

“Yes, Yukari-sama.” The fox woman speaks dully.

“Try them out, Rinnosuke. Glasses are all the style in the outside world right now. Don’t worry about your vision, they lenses are purely cosmetic. Well then, it’s time to be off.” Playfully Yukari leaps from my lap and walks her companion, before winking and blowing me a kiss. Ran however stares at me with an unsettling half hidden glare. Is she jealous?

“Take care until my next visit.~ Try not to break too many hearts~” A gap stretches out beneath them as she speaks, allowing only a split second for me to reply. I maybe be exhausted, but I won’t miss this chance.

[ ] “Only yours, Yukari”
[ ] “Have fun~”
[ ] “I didn’t know you had a daughter!”
[ ] Write-in
>> No. 60810

[x] “Only yours, Yukari Yakumo!”
>> No. 60814
[x] “May you live in interesting times, Yukari Yakumo!”
>> No. 60816
[ ] “Only yours, Yukarin” Place emphasis on the "in".
>> No. 60824
[x] “May you live in interesting times, Yukari Yakumo!”
>> No. 60827
File 122286402367.png - (127.83KB , 405x540 , 1206591629303.png ) [iqdb]
[x] “May you live in interesting times, Yukari Yakumo!”
>> No. 60828
File 122286433268.jpg - (116.49KB , 542x650 , 1206591601007.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “May you live in interesting times, Yukari Yakumo!”
Bishie Sparkle is GO!
>> No. 60849
Reimu's doing tHRtP? Poor thing's gonna get her skull caved in by that damn yin-yang ball.

[X] “I didn’t know you had a daughter!”
>> No. 60851
[x] “May you live in interesting times, Yukari Yakumo!”
>> No. 60858
[Q] “May you live in interesting times, Yukari Yakumo!”
>> No. 60927
[X] "Only yours, Yukari Yakumo! May yourself and your charming daughter live in interesting times! Have fun at the shrine!"

>> No. 60932
File 122294837772.jpg - (86.63KB , 363x443 , 1222881649242.jpg ) [iqdb]

Are you SURE you KNOW what you're saying?
>> No. 60933

Everyone knows what that phrase means YAF.
>> No. 60934

I sure do hope so.
>> No. 60941
Why are we cursing her, anyways? She's been dodgy but overall nice.
>> No. 60942
This is Yukari we're talking about. 'May you live in interesting times' is probably a good thing to her.
>> No. 60944

Not exactly a curse; the phrase is meant to be ambiguous.
>> No. 60949
Its meant to be ambiguous? So Yukari could interpret it in any sort of way? Like maybe she hears it as him saying "suck my diiiiick, I'm Rinnosuke" ?
>> No. 60956

Well, you're the writefag here.
>> No. 60958

Yeah. It's meant to be an ambiguous curse. One that implies a distinct hope for another's life to be enveloped by many complications. It's not a good thing, and it would be very difficult to construe as such.
>> No. 60967
[+] “Have fun~”
Boring option, lol
>> No. 60973
The pedantry and hand-wringing in this thread is almost comical. You were okay with voting to manhandle her, and yet a sarcastic farewell you find objectionable?
>> No. 60977
>“Take care until my next visit.~ Try not to break too many hearts~”
[x] “Only yours, Yukarin.”

That line demands a flirtatious retort. Also, the write-in sucks and is gay.
>> No. 60983
[x] “Only yours, Yukarin.”
>> No. 60992
[x] “Only yours, Yukarin.”
>> No. 60995
[X] “Only yours, Yukarin.”

This is perfect.
>> No. 61001
"There isn't any multi-voting going on in this thread."

Having said that, though:
[x] “Only yours, Yukarin.”
>> No. 61004

I doubt that many people even visit /th/, let alone reading this one particular CYOA, let alone voting in it. So yeah.

That being said,
[x] “Only yours, Yukarin.”
>> No. 61005
[x] “Only yours, Yukarin.”

Sorry, can't figure out which one of the "[x] “May you live in interesting times, Yukari Yakumo!”" is mine.
>> No. 61007
File 122306415482.gif - (233.19KB , 320x240 , 1218070435695.gif ) [iqdb]
“Only yours, Yukarin.” I quickly retort as they begin to fall through the opening. Yukari brings a hand to her mouth playfully in mock surprise and bats her eyes. The kitsune, however, only increases her glare. This girl needs to lighten up a bit.

“Maybe your foxy friend’s too.” I manage to immediately throw in before they are halfway gone.

Pure shock hits the shikigami as her eyes and mouth go wide in astonishment at my comment. I suppose her tasseled hat didn’t fit very tightly, given that it literally pops off her head to reveal a pair of rather perking gold and white triangular ears. A loud cry of embracement and Yukari’s cackling echo out from the hole before being silenced by the gap’s disappearance.

Heh, that felt pretty good.

With sudden exhaustion, I lean back into the chair and close my eyes. What a day. Keine reveals that she is part monster and I end up agreeing to accompany her into the forest at night. A whimsical beautiful stranger seduces me and offhandedly drops that I’m not even half youkai. What is with that woman anyways? It feels like she is either mad or entirely too sane. Perhaps both? Maybe it rubbed off on me too; I’ve never been so open with someone before. Calm if not stoic has always been more my style, not teasing and witty. I’ll admit, it is a bit fun.

‘This is her battle…’ Perhaps Yukari is right. Keine, did you think this too? Is that why you didn’t intervene? If I take care of Marisa, would I shelter her too much? I don’t know what to do. Just sitting here makes me feel so…helpless. Still, now at least I have hope.

A cool breeze blows through the shop as the afternoon turns to evening. Hmm, it seems like the warm stagnant air has finally been blown away. It’s so refreshing I think I’ll keep the shop open tonight.

The rest of the evening is quiet and uneventful as I continue to sort my supplies and papers, trying to get used to these black frames on my face. What a useless tool, these glasses without corrective lenses. They are sort of enjoyable though. Stylish? Maybe I’ll keep them. At least Yukari left the sake as well, so I’ll count both as a present.

It’s nearly midnight before I’ve cleaned up and bathed. With tired weariness, I fall onto my futon in the back room of the store. I’m too worn out to even bother taking off Yukari’s gift. Steadily, my consciousness fades.

Odd dreams. Flowing hills of sand. Brightly colored pulsating dunes. The starless sky is pitch black and still. A hushed voice hangs in the air, whispering stories of

[ ] a foreboding moon.
[ ] strangling shackles.
[ ] order and chaos.
>> No. 61009
[X] strangling shackles.
>> No. 61010
[ ] order and chaos.
>> No. 61011
{~} order and chaos.
>> No. 61015
[x] strangling shackles.
>> No. 61019
[x] a foreboding moon.

Keine option?
>> No. 61021
[x] a game, that you just lost.
>> No. 61026
File 122307847018.jpg - (217.30KB , 800x952 , 1305544.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, if we can't teach Marisa magic, we may as well try to find someone that can...
>> No. 61027
File 122308088910.png - (849.67KB , 1183x1774 , 1216397469105.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 61029
Mima? Hina?
I'm afraid I must request the sauce of that doujin, good sir.
>> No. 61033
Yes. As much as it pains me to use the terminology of the plebs...

>> No. 61034

(╬ ಠ益ಠ)
>> No. 61080
I too would like the source to this doujin.
>> No. 61096
File 122317255622.jpg - (359.35KB , 981x563 , 1222486557067.jpg ) [iqdb]

Its on Voile. Maybe on the Wiki.
Mainly a Spin!HinaSpin! doujin.
>> No. 61100
[x] strangling shackles.
>> No. 61181
[X] order and chaos.
>> No. 61204
[ ] a foreboding moon.

Huston, we have liftoff.
>> No. 61221
A Hina is fine, too.
>> No. 61228
[X] a foreboding moon.

Who's Huston?
>> No. 61240

Nigger, are you serious?
>> No. 61246
a foreboding moon. is the winner.
>> No. 61251
[x] a foreboding moron.
>> No. 61287

Source is Unending Rain by Hashiya.

>> No. 61288
Good call anon. I knew it was something to do with rain, but the only one I could find was Shining Gensokyo (which I still prefer due to Mokou tits).
>> No. 61320
File 122341053252.jpg - (111.46KB , 503x537 , 121571493012.jpg ) [iqdb]
The voice speaks of a foreboding moon which hangs high in the sky, source of the dreaded light that strips away the covers and exposes its victims’ secrets. But in this pure darkness, no moon hangs. Not anymore.

The sand beneath pulsates erratically in flashes of blue and green. It quivers and churns.

The distinct sound of glass scrapping against glass echoes all around menacingly. The mending has helped and so it has not cracked. Yet.

I snap out of my daydream. There is no time to be playing around; the sun has nearly set. Keine specifically said that she wanted to be well away from the village before nightfall. I told her the other day that it’d probably be more comfortable to spend the night in the shop, but she adamantly refused. Too risky of being found I guess.

The cool weather has made its home here. I guess the season finally decided to act properly, being that it’s Fall. Honestly it was hot for far too long. Regardless, the leaves have already turned. Heh, Marisa always did like to play in the big leaf piles, despite emerging covering in slugs a few times.

I sigh. Marisa, please break free soon. I hate to say it, but things have been rather lonely here lately. I hardly see anyone except when heading to the village for food. The trips were a little awkward at first, but no one seems to begrudge me. I wonder if that was Keine’s influence. Regardless, I’m thankful for it.

Hmm, Keine said to pack lightly. I suppose my pouch should be enough. A few medical supplies and water won’t hurt. Maybe a compass, rope, knife, and a sewing kit too just in case. Hmm, batteries are scarce so the flashlight is out. These “chemical glow sticks” would be useful if I could ever figure out how to use them without breaking them. Maybe I could use a-

*knock knock*

Ah, looks like she’s already here. Keine enters quickly and shuts the door. She breathes a sigh of relief and leans against the wall.

“Hello Keine,” I warmly greet her.

“Hello Rinnosuke,” she says weakly, catching her breath. “I would have been here sooner, but I had to take a detour through the woods. I’m afraid I couldn’t simply fly straight here, it would have been too suspicious. I had to travel the rest of the way here on foot and make a dash inside.”

Ah, she really is secretive about this.
“Well please, have a seat. I’ll be ready in a second.”

Keine strides over and sets her bag upon the table to check over its contents. I can’t help but to notice some of its contents: a blanket, some scrolls and a brush, a lantern. Almost feels like we are going camping. With a shrug I drop my own bag upon the table as well. Keine looks up and stares for a moment.

“Rinnosuke, I didn’t know you wore glasses. Hmm, they make you look rather scholarly.”

“Ahh, well they were a recent find. Hmm, I didn’t know you carried a sword.” I shift the conversation to the beautifully sheathed Jian protruding from her sack.

“Ah,” she replies, pulling out the blade. “This is the symbol of the village guardian. It’s a town heirloom, so they take good care of it. Though the blade is old it is still quite sharp, and thankfully I have never actually used it. At least carrying it makes the ‘monthly youkai suppression’ story more believable.”

“Fair enough. It is indeed an interesting sword. Much better than the ones I have in the shop. Still…” I walk over to a corner and pull out a unadorned katana, “I can’t simply let you emasculate me. I have my male pride you know.”

She laughs before motioning me over and reaching into her bag again.

“I made us something to eat,” Keine states, pulling out and offering me a spare hat from her bag. Oh wait, it’s a bento box. I graciously accept it while trying not to notice just how much it resembles her headgear. Even the design is the same. How odd…

“Ah thank you Keine.” I reply before reaching into my own pouch and reveal a much smaller and plainly decorated lunchbox. “We seem to have an overabundance of food tonight.”

After a brief moment of puzzlement, Keine smiles and reaches out to receive the meal.

“I didn’t expect both of us to cook a midnight snack. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. If all else fails, I know of an eternally hungry youkai who would appreciate the food.”

“Feeding a hungry youkai? Sounds like self sacrifice.” Well it does.

She smirks. “That’s closer to the truth than you might realize. You’ll understand if we see her. Well, perhaps not see exactly.”

“It’s a bit strange for the village protector to be talking about a man eater like an acquaintance.” I playfully jab at her.

“We have an odd relationship. Regardless, I taught her not to come near the village with any such intent, and she has upheld this rule fairly well. I know it must sound strange, but she is not unlike an innocent child.”

“That does sound strange, but I have been hearing a variety of strange things lately. Well then, we should be leaving soon.”
>> No. 61321
File 12234106557.jpg - (34.04KB , 435x355 , 1203376355197.jpg ) [iqdb]
The sunlight fades beyond the horizon and rows of trees as we continue to trek down a hidden path through the forest. It won’t be long now. Keine’s cheerful and eagerness seems to die away with the sun’s last rays. She barely speaks a word now. Something is obviously bothering her.

“Is something wrong?” I eventually inquire.

“Ah…I just always get a little anxious around this time. Please pay no heed to it.” She says hesitantly. Her words seem less compelling than usual, as if she were trying to convince herself as well.

We continue to walk deeper into the forest, silence broken only by the snapping of twigs and crunching of leaves. Darkness quickly fills the woods. I have never been this far in at night. Even without the risk of running into a youkai, it’s rather eerie.

Keine slows to a halt and turns around to me with an odd look. Despite the dimness, I can see quite clearly. However Keine is still human, so possibly her vision is not as sharp?

“Do you need me to lead? I could light the lantern so you ca-“

“Perhaps we shouldn’t this, Rinnosuke.” Keine forcefully interrupts me. Distinct worry fills her voice. “I mean you are tired from working on your shop…and…and what if Marisa runs away and comes to visit you. And what if-“

“Keine, its fine. I told you I don’t mind, and I am a man of my word.”

“But, but maybe this wasn’t a good idea. I mean I was caught up in the moment when I ask you, and you were still emotional about Marisa. And it’s dangerous in the forest at night! Oh I should never have brought you into danger oh was I thinking this was a horrible idea please Rinnosuke leave I can’t bear this oh god I can’t breathe oh god oh god.”

Keine’s sudden fast paced words blend together into panic fueled gibberish. She clutches her arms and begins to rock back and forth in a daze, breathing quickly.

“Keine, calm down. You’re hyperventilating. If you don’t stop you’ll…”

The darkness stantly disperses as a bright orb appears from behind the final passing clouds in the sky. Haunting white light illuminates the fallen foliage and branches around us. The moon casts a spotlight upon the woman in front of me, drawing in my full attention in vibrant detail.

Keine grits her teeth as her muscles tense and quiver. Tears being to fall down her face. “Please… don’t look at me…”

Without thinking I grab Keine by the shoulders to calm her. Her shining white skin burns with a terribly furious heat. The fear in her eyes illustrates the worsening fever driven hysteria. This isn’t good, this isn’t good! I’ve never seen anyone so unstable.

“STAY BACK!” She suddenly shoves me away and screams out in a strange voice distinctly not Keine’s. It sounds like Keine, but it’s different. It’s deeper somehow, almost sultry.

“I’m just trying to help you!” I shout back to her, unable to resist the intensity of the scene. Everything just feels so crazy right now. She really caught me off guard. “What do you want me to do?!”

“Don’t look at my please please please just leave don’t look I don’t want you to see me I don’t want you to hate me!” Keine cries out before falling to her knees, weeping and yelling. Stunned, I stare.

The air turns thick and heavy. Keine’s long flowing silver-blue hair and ultramarine dress begin to shift somehow. The calm and collected wisdom, the feeling of steadily flowing properness, the Keine I know disappears as she is transformed before my eyes. A sort of feral wildness emerges, dynamically growing and spreading over everything. A livid organic atmosphere surrounds her and throbs under the moonlight, as if breathing it in. The wooden hat falls lifelessly to the ground as a pair of long ivory horns inch their way up from Keine’s head. The rear of her dress sweeps back and forth as something was brushing around under the cloth. She continues to shake uncontrollably.

“AAAAAAaaaaaa-fhu-fhu-aaaaaaaa fhu fhu fhu.” Keine’s strange howl of pain are broken by sobs of sorrow. Eventually the sound dies, leaving her motionlessly kneeling over the dirt. The terrible ambiance fades away, leaving me in a silent night under a bright indifferent moon with something I do not recognize.

[ ] Get down, try to help her up.
[ ] Stay still and wait for it to do something.
[ ] Run.
[ ] Write-in
>> No. 61322
[X] Get down, try to help her up.
>> No. 61323
[X] Get down, try to help her up.

Rinnosuke can fight off a caving attempt.

>> No. 61324
[X] "Keine? Are you alright?"
[X] Get down, try to help her up.

I'd be tempted to try hugging or comforting her somehow, but I'm not sure if that would really "fit" or not.
>> No. 61325
[Q] Get down, try to help her up.
>> No. 61327
[X] Get down, try to help her up.
>> No. 61330
{X} "Keine? Are you alright?"
{X} Get down, try to help her up.
>> No. 61333
[x] Get down
[x] Get up
[x] Get down
[x] Jump around
[x] Jump around
>> No. 61343
>It sounds like Keine, but it’s different. It’s deeper somehow, almost sultry.

fap fap fap
>> No. 61345
[X] Get down, try to help her up.
>> No. 61346
File 122342947159.jpg - (24.03KB , 400x444 , 1214879348358.jpg ) [iqdb]

I see what you did there.
>> No. 61349
The thumbnail makes it look like he's got a downright chilling rape face
>> No. 61351
So does the full-view.
>> No. 61352
File 122343528638.gif - (16.21KB , 150x390 , 1195088697955.gif ) [iqdb]
Looking kinda crazy rape face there, Shirou.

Nice. I won't deny that when I posted, I thought to myself someone is going to say 'gotta get up to get down' but that's certainly close enough.

Busy times. No ETA sorry.
>> No. 61355

No, the thumbnail looks like a rape face while the full image kinda resembles TITTY MONSTER.
>> No. 61390
[+] Get down, try to help her up.
>> No. 61492
[x] Cover your ass
>> No. 61538
File 122370378480.jpg - (137.61KB , 800x900 , 1203376579372.jpg ) [iqdb]
The forest is oddly quiet and still. Only my quicker than usual heartbeat and Keine’s labored breathing can be heard. But despite this seemingly static world, the atmosphere is turbulent and restless. Like a wild explosive energy being held back by an invisible wall, the pressure swells.

“Keine, are you ok?” I cautiously call out to the thing which was once the village’s charming compassionate school teacher.

There is no reply. She…it keeps kneeling there on the ground, breathing heavily.

Slowly I step forward, somewhat worried that I might spook her. How silly, this is my friend, not some wild animal.


Nevertheless, my eyes refuse to tear away from the pair of ivory horns. Warily I genuflect down next to her, yet she doesn’t respond. With great care, I lightly place my hand upon the back of her shoulder and call out to her again.

The creature jerks in surprise. Her panting quickens, slightly, before….

“I’m a monster.” She whispers sadly in the strange lusciously deep voice.

“Keine, you aren’t a monster.” I immediately protest without thinking.

Within the second, her head and full attention turn straight to me. A strange sharp glare pierces me. The familiar brown tone of her eyes have vanished; all the remains now is a terribly inhuman shining of crimson red. Beast's eyes. Where was once the calm knowing of an erudite teacher now burns untamed collages of anger, fear, and desire.

Admittedly I’m a little taken aback. The change would be enough to dumbfound anyone. I thought I was prepared, but no words come to me.

“…even you?” A heart wrenching pained expression crosses her face before she turns it back to the earth below. “They said my appearance didn’t matter, but I could still see it: their fear. Even the youkai are frightened for me. Just how horrible am I?”

I try to objection. In a mix of anger and shame, she continues while shaking slightly.

“Please… just leave me. It’s dangerous to be around monsters,” she growls.

[x] Write-in reply.
[x] Write-in action.
>> No. 61539
Make me proud, Anon.
>> No. 61540
[x] Unleash your own youkai side.
[x] Something witty.

I don't know. Someone who's good with words figure this out.
>> No. 61543
[x] Turn her head to face you.
[x] "...Your eyes are pretty."
>> No. 61546
[X] "I don't see any monsters around here, I only see you. I came here expecting to see something out of the ordinary, and you certainly showed me something. Everyone has two sides to them, you just show yours a little bit differently. Please get up;
[X] Offer your hand
[X] "the night is still young and there are far better things to stare at than the ground. Besides, I'd like to get to know this Keine."

Trying to be as open as possible.
>> No. 61547
[x] Stand up with a sigh. Step back out of her line of vision, pick her hat up from the ground, and untie the red ribbon at the top.
[x] Kneel back beside her. "Hold still."
[x] Tie the ribbon around one of Keine's horns in a bow.
>> No. 61548
That's right, she doesn't have her ribbon yet does she? You have my axe.

>>61542 here; vote deleted

[x] Stand up with a sigh. Step back out of her line of vision, pick her hat up from the ground, and untie the red ribbon at the top.
[x] Kneel back beside her. "Hold still."
[x] Tie the ribbon around one of Keine's horns in a bow.
>> No. 61549
[x] Stand up with a sigh. Step back out of her line of vision, pick her hat up from the ground, and untie the red ribbon at the top.
[x] Kneel back beside her. "Hold still."
[x] Tie the ribbon around one of Keine's horns in a bow.
>> No. 61550
[x] Stand up with a sigh. Step back out of her line of vision, pick her hat up from the ground, and untie the red ribbon at the top.
[x] Kneel back beside her. "Hold still."
[x] Tie the ribbon around one of Keine's horns in a bow.
>> No. 61555
[x] Stand up with a sigh. Step back out of her line of vision, pick her hat up from the ground, and untie the red ribbon at the top.
[x] Kneel back beside her. "Hold still."
[x] Tie the ribbon around one of Keine's horns in a bow.

Axe, have my, etc.
>> No. 61560
[ ] Allow Keine to rape you

>>Where was once the calm knowing of an erudite teacher now burns untamed collages of anger, fear, and desire.

It's pretty clear where this is headed.
>> No. 61561
>[ ] Allow Keine to rape you

Pretty sure this is implicit here.
>> No. 61564
[x] Stand up with a sigh. Step back out of her line of vision, pick her hat up from the ground, and untie the red ribbon at the top.
[x] Kneel back beside her. "Hold still."
[x] Tie the ribbon around one of Keine's horns in a bow.
>> No. 61566
You, sir, are an Anonymous after my own heart. You shall be rewarded handsomely.
>> No. 61567

>> No. 61574
Does this mean "writing now"?
>> No. 61595
No, this means I was out all day and probably won't make an update until next week, but it will be awesome. Good scenes take time.
>> No. 61597

>next week

Be more specific. What, praytell, does this mean? Do you consider Saturday the last day of the week, so it shall come tomorrow? Or is it Sunday, so we should not expect it until Monday? Or am I completely wrong and you mean it will take seven minutes days?
>> No. 61724
>> No. 61726
I've already written a whole page, but have many more to make, so no ETA. It takes time to build walls. Just be like Nemo and chill~
>> No. 61727
File 122395072079.jpg - (44.42KB , 437x590 , great waterslide of china.jpg ) [iqdb]

How big of a wall are we talking here? Is it cathedral-level?
>> No. 61728
Well don't want to jinx myself into writer's block, but picture related.

No go read HY's story and look for distinct symbolism which will help us navigate to the best end. The /sdm/ and PoG stories might have clues too!
>> No. 61729
But Nemo's dead, so yeah.
>> No. 61730
File 122395191551.jpg - (166.85KB , 791x613 , 1203048127671.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 61732
File 122395450142.jpg - (105.51KB , 512x384 , 1212878574904.jpg ) [iqdb]
In during that apology. >>61730
>> No. 61734
File 122395852581.jpg - (146.59KB , 800x600 , b63f4dd9989411e2a71d6ef4c09cd893.jpg ) [iqdb]
As long as this involves more than a little of the ol' Dr. Doujin H Scene I remember from "back in the day," I can display some restraint.

Image in reference to the good ol' days.
>> No. 61736
KxM. Oh man....ITT I relive the worst H scene I've ever written.

Thank you for appreciating my work though. The goal is to top my Yuuka story from GA:SD at some point in RoTS.

>>61729 >>61730
We miss you, Zakeri.
>> No. 61739

Still wanting my Teach me Ran-Sensei! story.
>> No. 61792

I more eagerly await the upcoming "Cave me, Keine-sensei!"
>> No. 61835
Now the day of Týr ends, and no update is in sight.

Heavy is my heart as I wait for the dawn of Odin's day. May it bring delicious Keine to noble Anonymous.
>> No. 61838
Get baack to writing.
>> No. 62054
>The goal is to top my Yuuka story from GA:SD at some point in RoTS.

You have admirable goals, my friend, but I'm still waiting on that Billnonymous & Suika (+ Nitori?) Mile High Club scene you suggested at one point. I ask that you make it happen.
>> No. 62064
Suddenly H requests! Thousands of them!

Oh man, that random SCIENCE idea? I didn't think anyone was interested. Sure, I'll add it to the list. Let me get through this monster first.
>> No. 62261
>> No. 62341
File 122421716728.jpg - (254.06KB , 600x550 , 121408402837.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 62342
The masses cry for Updates
>> No. 62344
I know, Anon. I know. I apologize and am working on it. This week was unexpectedly insanely busy and draining.

Trust me, I want to get this update done as soon as possible. I want to write about Keine's lust maddened crimson eyes rolling into the back of her head as she cries out in bestial orgasm through soft quivering lips.
>> No. 62345

See that you do, good sir, see that you do.

Already the day of Freyr dawns, and the week runs short.
>> No. 62346
>Keine's lust maddened crimson eyes rolling into the back of her head as she cries out in bestial orgasm through soft quivering lips.

You're not making this wait any easier on my balls.
>> No. 62348

Damn it, I don't even like KeineXKourin and I'm looking forward to this.
>> No. 62580
Seven days