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[X] Recap

Quicksilver light slides off wet grass and shimmers in Keine’s bluish-white hair. The clouds are gone and you stand alone with a spectacular beauty bathed in radiant moonglow. Your body’s numb with exhaustion that will yield to aches the moment you stop to rest, but Keine’s eyes glimmer and her movements are springy with unspent energy.

“You’re thinking again,” Keine says, gripping both your shoulders now. “Too fast. You’re thinking too much. Perhaps you should stop.” Strange, that declarative tone.

“Just. Stop. Thinking,” she says, and you wonder if she’s talking to herself more then you.

“Stop,” she says, blue-eyed stare boring into yours, and your thoughts do indeed halt as she leans in close... tantalizingly close.... and

wild ghost chase

You freeze.

wild ghost chase

“What?” Keine asks, irritated.

“Wild ghost chase,” you say aloud... again. Your own words from a few minutes ago echo through your mind.

We’ve wasted two days on a wild ghost chase.

“My brain shut up long enough to listen to itself talk,” you say distantly.


“You’re right, I had to stop thinking to start! Come on, we should-” you try to walk away, but Keine doesn’t release her grip on your shoulders. She glowers at you darkly, confused, frustrated... and....

“Right!” she exclaims, releasing you and springing away like you’re on fire. “Lets inside. I mean get house. Inside the house. If we could.... now.”

Keine can be pretty strange for somebody entrusted with young minds.

You stride through the soaked grass briskly, turning things over in your head, making vague gestures in the air and muttering to yourself.

“Do you care to share your... thoughts?” Duke asks from your elbow, apparently in his humanoid form again. He sounds more irked then normal.

“Wild ghost chase, Duke. We’ve been sent on a wild ghost chase!”

“‘Wild’ is an apt descriptor,” Keine mutters, “but you’re just stating the obvious.”

“It’s a saying. ‘Go on a wild goose chase.’”

“What’s bad about chasing geese?” Duke asks, mystified. “It’s quite entertaining.” You sigh. One cross-dimensional/cultural communications gap is enough, much less two.

“Chain of logic-”

Keine snorts.

“-first, the ghosts aren’t acting normal. Second, they seemed to be in a stupor of some sort; Youmu said as much. Obvious conclusion – they’re being controlled.”

“Obvious response; find the controller,” Keine concludes.

“Exactly! Now knowing this, why the hell would our ghost-controller make such an ineffectual attack so early and tip their hand?”

You can almost feel Duke’s perpetual frown deepening. “To probe your abilities?”

“Maybe. But it guaranteed we’d start looking around, taking action. And one of the likely suspects already had friction with Keine. Quite predictable.”

“Why would this enemy need to give you a fools errand? You had no activities to be misdirected from to begin with, no?” Duke queries.

“And the scrying, and the huge youkai, and the gazebo attack... where do they fit in?” Keine adds.

“So it’s a very short chain,” you mutter. Figures, after a day of getting stomped on by magical abominations they expect a complete thesis. “But I think I’ve finally got a handle on the situation in this madhouse.” You sigh with weariness, happy to be home, and open Keine’s front door.

Forty odd rabbits turn to look at you.

You stare.

Eighty hostile red eyes stare back.

Not an ear twitches.

Not a whisker stirs.

Slowly, you close the door.

“Or not.”

The door opens and Mokou pokes her head out, cigarette dangling from her mouth.

“Sorry about that. Come in, they won’t bother you.”

“I think they already did,” Keine says, glancing askance at you.

Your party enters the house, stepping carefully to avoid rabbits. The furry little bastards are draped over everything, forty heads swiveling to track your movements unerringly. The air sizzles with rubescent glares.

Keine boggles at Mokou.

Mokou sighs, shrugging. “Eirin’s idea of a bodyguard.”

“Bodyguards for an immortal?”

Mokou takes a drag and expels it thoughtfully. “Who knows what goes through that woman’s mind.”

“Did you find Reisen?” Keine asks. You limp over to your bed, which is occupied by six big rabbits.

“Me and everybody else.”

You wave at the rabbits irritably. They don’t twitch so much as a whisker, challenging you with their hard eyes.

“That outsider again?”

You loom over the fuzzy usurpers, letting them see the ragged edge of your patience in your bloodshot eyes.

“Him, yeah. Went absolutely apeshit about some flag.”

The rabbits rise, ears laid back, nibbley little teeth showing.

“A flag? He started a fight over a flag?”

Wrath rumbles faint and low in your throat, the bow-wave before the bloodletting. Knuckles crack as your fists tighten.

“No, actually. The Lunar guard did.”

The rabbits reluctantly shift – not leaving, just making room. You collapse on the bed, making the rabbits bounce.

“Oh. Oh dear.”

Mokou sighs again, fishing out another cigarette. “All hell broke loose. They would’ve trashed half the town if that freak storm hadn’t interrupted things.” Mokou looks you over. “What happened to you? Get your ass kicked by another peasant?”

“The gazebo in the park came to life and almost stomped him to death,” Keine states primly.

Mokou drops her cigarette.

“Then he summoned that thunderstorm that proved so fortuitous for you. And I’ll remind you, he’s a guest in my house.”

“... okay,” Mokou says.

“And he’s probably hungry. I am. There’s some sandwiches I made earlier in the kitchen.”

Okay,” Mokou hisses, carefully not looking at you. Retracting her fangs, she slithers into the kitchen.

Keine strides to the bed, parting rabbits before her. “Move,” she commands, and rabbits go springing away like their tails are afire. She flumphs onto the bed beside you with authority.

“So. Your little theory about somebody trying to mislead us. You don’t think its a little... elaborate?”

“Not for the list of available suspects. We’ve got a ghost princess, some vampire-devil mismash, a daffy dollmaker and gods help us a... er, a god. Two of ‘em have spying capabilities beyond my everyday ability to detect.”


“Ghost-geisha and semi-god.”

“But that spell..?”

“Works against magical scrying. Little to nothing can see a ghost that doesn’t want to be seen.” Which is a lie that any eavesdropping ghosts are welcome to trot right back to Her Royal Deadness. “And gods, even weak gods, they-”

Keine nods. “Yes, I know.” She slumps against the wall, and sighs. “And neither would have difficulty manipulating spirits. At least we can rule out the Society, now. We even made an ally of them.”

“And an enemy,” you remark, thinking of Riku. Rough and hardy farmers sons, growing up in the shadow of an ancient and hostile wood concealing terrifyingly powerful monsters. You’ve been in similar villages back home, villages that fought wars with such forest denizens and occasionally the trees themselves. Many farmers wear their sword into the fields, those who till in such shadows know how to use them, and those who dare the vile forests are truly formidable.

Riku’s an asshole – but a competent one. And his friends probably are, too. You expect trouble from that quarter in the future.

“At least its one we know,” Keine points out.

“What do you know?” Mokou asks, returning from the kitchen, tripping over rabbits as she does. “Sakuya shows up at your doorstep looking for Mister Magic here, then somebody scries upon you, and then you’re attacked by ghosts. Don’cha see the flow here? How thick do you have to be?”

“We don’t know anything,” Keine complains, reaching for a sammich. Mokou drags a small end-table over and sets the tray down. “If Remilia could just have Patchouli scry on me, why bother sending Sakuya? And neither is needed to bid spirits attack; if you’ve a token of the victim they’ll just find you, no matter distance or deception. Which you’d know if you ever paid attention in my classes, by the way.”

Mokou just humphs as she enters the kitchen and emerges with a tea service. “Well chasing your own tail all night isn’t going to help.”

That earns her a Look from the schoolteacher. Mokou ignores it. “Hey, Amazing Dogboy. Gonna stand there all night?”

“Apparently so,” Duke says from the doorway, looking down at a small regiment of bunnies blocking his way. “I believe they bear animosity towards canines.”

Keine stomps her foot irritably, and the rabbits reluctantly disperse, allowing Duke in. “We already chased our tails for two days by jumping at a false lead,” Keine grumbles, accepting some tea from her friend. “Every inquiry we make results in more unresolved leads, more disconnected events, and we’ve got to synthesize them into a cohesive whole before we make any moves-” Mokou’s eyes are rolling heavenward – “and this isn’t history, it’s happening now, so anything we do renders our analysis obsolete before its finished! It feels like we’re being dragged down by the sheer weight of... everything.” She sips at her tea, downcast.

Mokou groans. “I knew it. It’s Gensokyo High all over again.”

Forcible expulsion of tea ensues as Keine chokes mid-sip. Mokou ducks as the teacup snaps over her head, putting a neat hole in the wall behind her.

“Khaaacgk!” Keine declares as tea and air play musical chairs in her esophagus.

“Am I miffing sumfing ‘ere?” you ask around a mouthful of sammich.

Keine, still sputtering, seizes a tea sandwich and cocks her arm menacingly.

“Gensokyo High was Keine’s first attempt at a school,” Mokou explains. Keine hurls the sandwich with all her strength, making it disintigrate. Mokou stands serene amidst the swirling hail of lettuce and tomato.

“Not another word, Mokou, not one cursed syllable!” Keine wails, finally catching her breath.

Duke pulls up your Chest and takes a seat, and you silently wish for some popped kettle corn.

“She was trying to teach ‘adult’ youkai and humans. Regular classes in a few places, teaching them the other species history, to make them bond, blah blah blah.”

“MOKOU!” Keine hollers haggardly, clutching at her head. “Shut up shut up shut up right now or – or I’ll-”

“What, kill me?” Mokou snorts. “Anyway, it was a total fustercluck, like I told her it’d be.”

Keine’s face begins to redden, and she turns her head away from you.

“She was younger then, didn’t understand what most youkai are like. Self-absorbed, immature, and most of all just plain volatile. Not the school type, and when she got some of them together in the same room, well-”

“They get the point,” Keine says softly to the far wall. “People still talk about it. Stupid gossipy bints that dried their brains out cooking in yakatori stands all summer, to be precise.”

“If the bint was right, what does that make you?” Mokou says, leaning against the wall and sipping her tea.

“With a full perspective on history comes a full perspective of others,” Keine lectures the far wall with wounded scholastic dignity. “You can’t understand somebody else if you don’t understand their history. The concept was sound!”

There. That cartful of donkey dung, right there,” Mokou says, thrusting her teacup at Keine. “I kept telling you, ‘bust some skulls, they’ll settle down and listen real good,’ but you just kept on with all that intellectual stuff. You’re over-thinking everything again.”

Ah, the sharp metallic scent of irony. Gods help you, you love it so.

Mokou swirls her tea around idly, a distant look in her eyes. “People are emotional creatures... not that complex, at the heart of it. Injure them, they cry, shame them, they retaliate, humble them, they resent, adore them, they preen. And youkai, even more so. I’ve watched it for a thousand years, Keine.”

Keine says nothing, but you see her shoulders slump. Mokou makes some excuse of checking on Cirno, and quits the room.

Awkward silence descends.

“I like this demi-plane,” Duke says. “So interesting.” He sips daintily at a teacup pinched delicately betwixt his big thumb and forefingers.

“It’s been a long day. I’m going to turn in,” Keine excuses herself. You can’t blame her. She’s weathered the physical toll of the day much better, but you’ve both been riding an emotional yo-yo from dawn to dusk.

“I believe it is ‘later,’” Duke says, pulling a scroll from his belt pouch and tossing it to you. “It is time to hear my tale of the blonde puppeteer.”

“And this?” You waggle the scroll at him.

“Something she thought you’d find of interest.”

“Hmmph,” you doubt. She’s a specialist, and a few quarrels short of a quiver and holy shit what do we have here.

“She called it the ‘puppet enlargement project,” Duke says. He goes on to describe his conversation with Alice in detail, including tales of the kappa’s gigantic steam-inflated doll and the rumored sightings of the youkai that persisted even after the kappa’s festival.

“Kappa?” you ponder.

“Alice described them as essentially... aquatic gnomes.”

“That sounds like gnomes, all right,” you grumble. “Never, ever know when to stop. Puppet? Hell no, lets make a gigantic pop-up doll to scare people shitless!” You examine the unfurled parchment again. “So in response she dreams up a telekinetically-operated golem?”

“Yes. She has the means to manipulate a giant puppet, and she was nearby when we spotted the mystery beast.”

“But why would she bother?” you muse, trying to imagine Uncanny Nightmare Two – Dollmakers Boogaloo stalking through the forest. “What does she gain by making the Saturday summoning society, lichen-locks and her half-pint holiness go scampering around after a mysterious giant?”

“.... what?”


“Lady Su- ah, the goddess is investigating the forest giant?”

“So what?”

You raise a teacup sedately and take a sip, thinking.

“Oh, sweet frenzyfucking fiendish firedrakes.”

Duke sips his tea.



The lamps are extinguished, the bunnyhorde aslumber, and the dishes – well, screw the dishes, you’re a damn wizard. Prestidigitation handles that. You sit awake on your bed, slowly turning things over in your mind.

Deities know things. Even without divine prescience, they can hear a whisper from a mile off. Even the forgotten ones way in the back whom count a few hundred sages across the planes as their worshippers.

Or a few hundred tengu, for that matter. Suwako is posing, sure as you breathe. Perhaps she’s just promoting Sanae’s image, the proper monster-hunting human-helping shrine maiden. Perhaps not. Either way, she must have motive for meddling with the secret society.
To say nothing of the Scarlet Sisters. Remilia was righteously pissed off to see semi-god showing up uninvited. Suwako knew it, too, she just didn’t give a damn. She wanted to “talk to Patchy,” she said? Did she? Was that the only reason she popped in uninvited, or was she deliberately crashing Remilia’s party?

And Remilia herself! All those snippy comments at the dinner, trying to get your measure. Trying to drive a wedge between you and Keine. And yet, after all that hostility...

Let him into the library. In fact, give him a tour.

You remember the first few hours you spent with Keine. Her apprehension at your mere presence in Gensokyo...

You’re clearly powerful, so just by being here you upset the power balance. Many of these youkai have known each other for hundreds of years, even a thousand. You’re a wildcard. Some will try to exploit that, or exploit you.

You start. Keine was right, earlier. Nobody is trying to mislead you... just lead you. Keine suspecting the Society was predictable, due to old friction, but a ghost attack would send anybody straight to the Ghost Princess herself. As you did.

Somebody wanted you there. If they’d wanted you dead, well-! They would’ve thrown something really nasty at you, nasty and relentless, not a single horde of shambling comatose ghosts.

Something like a hideously powerful gazebo, for instance.

You think cautiously, methodically, turning each fact over and over, trying to fit them together like puzzle pieces. You always hated jigsaw puzzles. Set-piece thinking, no flexibility or creativity in it. Very much the hobby of the control freak, the villain too smart for their own good. So confident that nobody will assemble the puzzle they’ve already completed, so sure in that advantage. So horrified when somebody just flips the fucking table over and socks them in the jaw.

At least you’ve done some of that. Resolved the Society mystery, and made allies. Survived the first deliberate attempt on your life. Taken the measure of the Scarlet Devil and all whom serve her. Finally made progress understanding the elemental magic of this madhouse. And even managed to end the day on good terms with Keine, which you consider analogous to sailing a rudderless ship into every reef in sight and still not sinking.

You drift off on a sense of accomplishment.


WIZARD LEVEL UP! LEVEL 18 GET! Voting for level-up choices commences soon; writefag has work in 15 minutes. Expect revised character sheet/inventory check at that time. But for now:

You fall into a deep sleep untroubled by dreams. Sometime in the night, a half-forgotten memory surfaces in your subconscious:

[ ] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.
[ ] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.
[ ] Something you should’ve thought about by now, but have completely ignored.

>> No. 148941
[x] Something you should’ve thought about by now, but have completely ignored.

I wonder where Cirno is in all this... I guess she might have been hanging around elsewhere with Wriggle and co.
>> No. 148942
>> No. 148946
[X] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.
>> No. 148948
>WIZARD LEVEL UP! LEVEL 18 GET! Voting for level-up choices commences soon; writefag has work in 15 minutes. Expect revised character sheet/inventory check at that time. But for now:

Heh. Prestige Class: Danmaku Duelist?

[X] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.
>> No. 148949
[ ] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.
>> No. 148950
[x] the smallest of hints, completely unnoticed
>> No. 148952
[X] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.

Unholy updates! Good to see things moving again. If we're level 18 that means new spells. Time to plot and plan for those.
>> No. 148953
[X] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.
>> No. 148954
And now my November is set with this monthly post.

>[ ] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.
This will give us yet another clue that may or may not, again, lead us anywhere.

>[ ] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.
I'm sure we've got about 3 things we forgot about, like where's Youmu?

>[ ] Something you should’ve thought about by now, but have completely ignored.
This might imply that there might something in the recap that was mentioned but passed over without a thought.

[X] Something you should’ve thought about by now, but have completely ignored.
>> No. 148955
[ ] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.
[ ] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.
[ ] Something you should’ve thought about by now, but have completely ignored.
[x] All of the Above

That's going to be one intense series of thoughts...
>> No. 148956
[x] Something you should’ve thought about by now, but have completely ignored.

Huzzah, Demetrious's back. Nice GH reference there. Hope Taisa doesn't find out.
>> No. 148957
[x] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.
>> No. 148959
[x] Something you should’ve thought about by now, but have completely ignored.

Too late, I bet. And he could do with a reminder; he was supposed to update last 24th.
>> No. 148961
File 132071859748.png - (5.66KB , 207x424 , monsterswanttolookprettytoo.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Something you should’ve thought about by now, but have completely ignored.
>> No. 148963
[X] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.

"Elementary, my dear Duke. I've deduced the answer to our little riddle from something so small, so seemingly insignificant, that our mastermind no doubt believed it would be ignored in favor of something else. So, with this clue, there is no room for doubt. The one we're looking for is-"
>> No. 148964
[x] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.
What high and low level spells are useful against someone who his 10 levels higher than you?
>> No. 148966
[X] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.

The big man was right; you already know the answer, you just don't know that you know it until you find out that you know it.
>> No. 148967
[x] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.

Level 18 means we get 2 new spells and a feat.
Assuming we want 9th level spells for the purpose of limiting options, also sticking to core for the moment.

Gate could potentially break the game by giving us an easy way out, so it should be avoided. Likewise, Wish would break things, and not in the fun "huge amounts of property damage" way.

Disjunction could be very useful against another spellcaster, including one of epic levels.

Shapechange gives us a huge amount of utility both in and out of combat, and would also be a solid choice.

Energy Drain would be a damn good way of powering down our BBEG and levelling the playing field.

Time Stop could be fun just for showing Sakuya we can timehax too, but we could effectively get an infinitely better version if we manage to ally with her instead.

Foresight could be nice on the meta level, forcing Demetrious to give us more hints about upcoming events. This could also be too powerful, though.

Mass Hold Monster or Dominate Monster would probably be useful against NPCs, as both should affect any Touhous.

tl;dr So many spells, so little time.
>> No. 148969
Augh...I can't decide...
>> No. 148970
File 132072795347.png - (35.66KB , 245x230 , niggerpoke.png ) [iqdb]

You people are ten times more patient then I effing deserve. Okay, update: I'm taking a full load of 400-level classes (and just barely not failing at the moment) and I just picked up a part-time job at a grocery store to keep my electricity on and stuff, so it's been absolute hell.

On the other hand, stuff like this:

>this monthly post

-makes me want to set my face on fire and stab myself to death with a spoon, so I'll see about the whole "sack up and fucking deal with it" option.

>> No. 148971
I wonder if any of these options relates to Keine at all or now.
>> No. 148972
All paths lead to Keine. This is simply a fact of life.
>> No. 148973
I didn't mean anything rude, or that you should stab yourself with a spoon, just that even though it's been updated monthly lately, it's still a (somewhat) reliable thing to wait for. Every day, at the beginning of the past months, I've been checking here for an update, and it's great to see one.
>> No. 148974
[X] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.
>> No. 148981
so me thinks we got to players involved some one trying to get us to investigate things and some one trying to kill us. Now according to gensokyo logic one of these parties is Yukari the other is probably another outsider. Menwhile WTF is up with the lunar guard and who is this outsider they are interested and why was he messing with the american flag... unless this happening at the same time as the lunar land... nahhh
>> No. 148985
fuck yes. finally, it is time to REWORK THE SPELL LIST.

because, holy shit, our spell list before was so shit tier it makes me want to cry.


9th: Shapechange, Time Stop
8th: Polymorph Any Object, Mind Blank, Greater Planar Binding (to keep Duke around)
7th: Greater Teleport x2, Force Cage (aka Anti-Sakuya cage)
6th: True Seeing, Tenser's Transformation (to be used after a casting of Polymorph), Disintegrate, Contingency [Greater Invisibility when struck by a weapon or hostile spell].
5th or below: handwave woo.
>> No. 148987
>so me thinks we got to players involved some one trying to get us to investigate things and some one trying to kill us.
>> No. 148988
[ ] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.
>> No. 148990
They all sound so important...
[x] All of the Above?
>> No. 148999
[x] All of the Above

Let's crank this shit Up To Eleven.
>> No. 149006
[x] All of the Above
Write-ins, Ho!
>> No. 149012
[x] All of the Above

Do it faggot
>> No. 149013
[x] All of the Above

Keep up the good work demetrious!
>> No. 149015
[X] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.
>> No. 149017
DAMNIT! We missed Primarch Neil Armstrong!

We also missed a kiss. Curses.

[x] All of the above.

It is good to see you again, Demetrious Poliorcetes.
>> No. 149018
[X]The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.
>> No. 149020
File 132077437899.jpg - (173.87KB , 468x297 , 1279264834758.jpg ) [iqdb]

Oh no, you're cool bro. That's all self-criticism. If writefags don't meet their self-hate quota, bad things happen. For example - and this is just one example - "Under the Dome."


Keine might be involved, but not in a huge way. Anon's actually picked pretty well; choosing Keine over business earlier, and picking business over Keine now. Ignoring either for too long will have consequences - and benefits.

Spell list for the next day + level up options soon.
>> No. 149055
>And he could do with a reminder; he was supposed to update last 24th.
He has a schedule?
>> No. 149064
[X] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.

I love punishing my players when they try to be clever and take the "all of the above" option.
>> No. 149075
[x] All of the Above
>> No. 149089
The 24th referred to a therapist appointment.
>> No. 149097
I know it's a bad idea, but damn it, I want to know.
>> No. 149112
[X] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.

As for spells...
[X] Astral Projection, Gate.
Why risk getting flattened by a gazebo when we can just Gate back to our wizard's tower on our homeplane, Astrally Project, and open another Gate back to Gensokyo to send our Astral Projection through? Become invulnerable by never being present to begin with!
>> No. 149118
[X] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.

Why bother powergaming D&D when we're not even playing? Any spell will be as good or bad as Demetrious decides it to be, so what's with the "must have the best combat spells" mentality?
We're not hunting orcs guarding treasure chests in 10x10ft rooms, normal D&D spell priority doesn't apply anymore.

Because a story where nothing bad can ever happen sure is interesting to read.
We usually know nothing really bad will happen, but when it CAN'T happen there's no point anymore.
Besides, if it were that easy, Wizanon would have just Gated out on his first day and "that's the end of that story. Now get the fuck out of my house".
>> No. 149119
>5th or below: handwave woo.
You're the kind of player I like the most. In my table, you wouldn't last two days.

Ironically enough, in this case, you're correct: Demetrious said that all low level spells are considered to be learned and prepared, to avoid some of the usual clusterfuck.

That said, what about feats? Quickened, persistent and Maximized are a must. And Spell Penetration and Resistance?
>> No. 149121
>Why bother powergaming D&D when we're not even playing?
Other than it's /th/ where people are under the delusion they're smarter than they actually are? Though it might be some /tg/ brand derpness.

I'm starting to dread the notion of new spell/feat selection in anon's hands as I remember what passes for a good stat build around in /th/.
>> No. 149122
[X] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.

Cirno. Magic. Remember it.
>> No. 149123
[X] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.

[X] Astral Projection, Gate.
>> No. 149126
>Ironically enough, in this case, you're correct: Demetrious said that all low level spells are considered to be learned and prepared, to avoid some of the usual clusterfuck

I know, chuckles. that's why I said it.

>In my table, you wouldn't last two days.
Do I sense RBDM-ness? I see it and counter with my preternatural ability to spot your kind from miles away and avoid your games.

>Why bother powergaming D&D when we're not even playing?
Because the powergaming is as integral a part of the D&D experience as the story. It is a fundamental element of the game's appeal.

You will also note how flexible my selection is, despite doing very well in combat. A wizard should not have to give up ass-kicking ability for the sake of 'roleplay', any more than a Fighter does.
>> No. 149127
Well, I kind of doubt that, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, in my table at least, the objective is to have fun... but I have a thing for stories. Power gamers in general tend to think of the build first and the character later (usually making rather dubious excuses in the way) and that's a no-go. I didn't mean as if I'd turn the world against them (coincidences and randomness tend to destroy the SoD) I simply don't let them enter in it unless they have a decent character. Usually they get offended and leave right away or play with a character that doesn't curbstomp the rest and leave a few days thereafter: that's what I meant when I said you wouldn't last 5 days, and I maintain it.
>> No. 149128
>what about feats? Quickened, persistent and Maximized are a must. And Spell Penetration and Resistance?

Extend and Quicken, yes, and Persistent if it's allowed, but I'm not sold on the value of Maximized. A well-played wizard shouldn't be casting too many spells that require damage dice. Spell Penetration isn't worth it either. There's Assay Resistance from Complete Arcane (IIRC) that pretty much nullifies CR-reasonable spell resistance, and that doesn't cost a feat.

It depends on what splats are allowed, really. I recommend Assume Supernatural Ability, Twin Spell, Extraordinary Spell Aim. Core-wise, Crafting feats can come in handy depending on the metagame. Also I like to take a few fighter-ish feats to complement Polymorph. particularly Power Attack and Karmic Strike.
>> No. 149132
yeah, definitely RBDM-ness. I'd be the guy who's not enduring your arbitrary on-the-spot houserules about what constitutes powergaming and is thus banned, because I'd be having fun in somebody else's game.

>I kind of doubt that, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

gee thanks, your majesty. your aura of au-tho-ri-tah suits you well and definitely doesn't make you look like a douchebag.
>> No. 149137
Energy drain is the great de-leveller, especially against other wizards (though it can be protected against). Not very efficient, though.

[x] That one detail. You forgot it.

Just to counteract all the astral project and gate suggestions that will almost certainly lead away from PLOT and therefore be rendered only useful on one occasion during the grand finale, I say
[x] shapechange because it lasts all day,
[x] energy drain
Because I hope it drains the highest level spellcards, too.

Finally, persistent spell is always nice. Do we have extend spell already?
>> No. 149145
Why are you guys putting votes down before Demetrious puts down choices?

And what we need are:

[x]Cock of the Infinite
[x]Might Fuck of the Beyondness
>> No. 149153
[☢] Something you should’ve thought about by now, but have completely ignored.
>> No. 149154
[X] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.
You're tempting fate.
[x]Cock of the Infinite
[x]Might Fuck of the Beyondness
>> No. 149159
That would be only if I was serious. I'm not.
>> No. 149170
Even if powergaming (in YOUR opinion) is an integral part of the game, we're still not playing D&D.
There are no dice here, just a story.
>> No. 149174
a story about a wizard. from d&d 3.5e. with spell slots and feats and levels and xp.
>> No. 149181
File 132092188250.jpg - (40.03KB , 562x437 , hahaha.jpg ) [iqdb]
>we're still not playing D&D.
>> No. 149184
[X] Some small thing you’ve been meaning to do, but totally forgot about.

I don't really think all of the above is a viable option for a dream mates.

Spells: Foresight, Disjunction

Gate is unlikely to be useful in ways we would appreciate. Its less of a summoning and more of a... gap. Shapechange is like asking for someone to fuck with our existence. Time Stop might be seen by Sukuya as a challenge, and she can do at-will what we can do once a day.

Foresight will help Wizanon stay alive by giving him a measure of danger sense and precognition, for three hours at this level. Disjunction... I would normally say this is one of those spells that you should never pull out unless you're prepared for mutually assured destruction.

But its also one of the few things that could level the playing field with an epic level caster. Even artifacts can be taken out with this spell.

Feat: Quicken is the best bet. A Quick Dimension Door is a damn life saver.

It also may be time to see how Anti-Magic Fields and Globes of Invulnerability affect danmaku.
>> No. 149185
Disjunction is a spell that every PC fears, but against NPCs, it's less powerful than it seems.

Consider what happens when you cast a disjunction at a more powerful enemy: you break whatever spell your enemy's cast on him/herself, and possibly most of their magic trinkets, and then - your turn ends.

then you have to deal with a pissed-off caster, with most of their ability to shank you intact, and with one less 9th level spell.

this is hardly optimal.

Shapechange, now: Shapechange means you get to choose from a whole library of abilities that can either take out the enemy before they can react, or protect yourself from anything imaginable, limited only by your knowledge of useful forms. what's more, it lasts for hours.

my gripe with Foresight is that it's unpredictable; its value is pretty much completely up to the DM. basically how much info you receive is completely up to DM fiat, and if you're going to rely on that sort of thing you shouldn't spend such a precious resource on it.

the versatility and sheer number of options brought on by Shapechange goes a long way to make up for what you can get from Foresight, too.

basically, Shapechange is awesome and is without a doubt the best 9th level spell.

Time Stop is pretty great also: just look at how uber Sakuya is. getting a handful of actions in while others are frozen in time? you'd be hard-pressed to think of a dire situation where it's NOT useful.
>> No. 149187
Another point on Energy Drain: it doesn't kill, just severely weakens (assuming used be powerful characters).

That's a plus in Gensokyo.
>> No. 149202

Personally, I don't think it very likely that we'll get Sakuya as an ally, right now.

(Also, come on, Time Stop to show up that maid?
I'm so totally down for that, you don't even know!)
>> No. 149208
We definitely have to have shapeshift. Beyond being a wonderful spell in every regard - and one with numerous, powerful uses - there's just something about flipping out and turning into a dragon that appeals.
>> No. 149248
I'm no DnD expert, but maybe some kind of disguise magic could make use look like a powerful touhou (Marisa is ideal as we can get away with casting in disguise(spell limitation not withstanding)) and then scare off weak, non-fae. might be helpful for avoiding fights or easy intimidation.
>> No. 149251

But then whoever wizanon turns into will have to take the heat for all our fuck-ups. Sounds like a douchebag move to me.
>> No. 149253
That's the fun part.
>> No. 149254
[x] That one detail. You forgot it.

I think at the core of things right now, powergaming has little effect. We are a single wizard. A wizard who is undoubtedly powerful, but who is surrounded by gods and demons at a level and number that can and will stomp us flat if we step too far out of line.

A careful mix of alliance, deception, and exploration will win the day. Not min/maxing.

At least that's the impression Demetrious is giving me.
>> No. 149306
Well, I'd have go with Time Stop and Shapechange, simply cause they'd be both useful and fun. I mean, sure everyone expects a certain Maid to Timehax, but a wizard who has never shown any ability like that before? Also, shapechanging into stuff from D&D would be awesome in Gensokyo, if only to prove that you've dealt with stuff weirder than a "human-eating tree" (Yeah, recently was rereading this fic and was just up to around there when I found this).

8th: Mind Blank (obvious is obvious) and Greater Planar Binding for Duke (might be nice to get him to hang around longer as a character). The other, I'm not sure. Maaaybe an attacking spell, if only cause it seems in character.

7th: True Seeing and GREEN RAY OF DEATH. While Disintegrate is not "nonlethal" by any means, it is still very useful, as shown vs Gazebo. Wonder if one could blast someone's spellcard with that early. Or dust a hat or something.

I'd also vote for something planty, if only to give Yuuka a mention (not even screen-time, but I'd like to see how our Wizard reacts to a plant-manipulator being among the most powerful beings, compared to timehax and historynom), but given I don't know how Demetrious would handle her, and also given that she could probably LolStomp us without much effort if we offended her by doing anything like that, it might be a bit dangerous. Still, as long as no-one, just as an example, burns down any flower fields it should be ok.

Anyways, just my take.
>> No. 149322
I agree with most of this.

I don't think Time Stop really is that great here, though. It gives you 1d4+1 rounds of time to act. That's roughly 12-30 seconds, assuming each round is ~6 seconds and you're also limited to non-hostile actions.
While there is still quite a lot you can do in that time I get the feeling that 90% of the votes for it, if we prepare Time Stop, will probably be some vain attempt of showing Sakuya that she's not the only timehax around here. And that's like a 5'1" scrawny kid telling Mike Tyson that he hits like a girl. We're just way out of our league there.
I'd rather prepare something that will be put to GOOD use. Wizanon can get into enough trouble on his own, without antagonizing yet another bullshithax-powered Touhou.
Also, the "element of surprise" was probably lost when he had a fit about Sakuya using time manipulation to clean the SDM.
Anybody who cares have probably found out about that already.

Greater Planar Binding isn't necessary. Greater (and regular) PB only increases the Hit Die cap on what you can summon, not the duration of the spell. We summoned him with a scroll of Lesser PB, so we don't need any more than that. All Planar Binding spells have a duration that depends on the task you give the summoned creature. It lasts until they finish the task you give them and when they report back to you, they go home. Vague, open-ended tasks last your caster level in days regardless of which version of PB you cast. Meaning he has a total of at least 9 days, maybe more depending on whether or not Gensokyo decides to "keep him", or if the scroll was prepared at higher than minimum level.
If he poofs back when the time is up, we can just prepare LPB instead of casting it from a scroll to bring him here for almost three weeks.
(More, with a cleverly worded task. Or just a piss easy one and he never tells us when he's finished, because the summoned creature is not sent back until it reports the completion of the task back to the summoner.)

>Or dust a hat or something.
Oh no you didn't just say that! Nobody messes with hats in Gensokyo, they're even more important here than in TF2.

Also, "something planty" is for druids and hippies. (Which means pretty much just druids, since they're basically the same thing. Tree-hugging bastards.)
>> No. 149328
I love the Dnd discussion in this story. Reminds me of /tg/.

Anyway, I'll vote for Gate and Dominate Monster because summoning more creatures and controlling Touhous to do our bidding are always fun in my book.
>> No. 149330
Thanks for clearing up the Greater Planar Binding v Standard Planar Binding issue. I was running on my poor memory, so I just assumed it lasted longer or something. Meh.

Yeah after thinking about it, I'm changing my vote away from Time Stop, as fun as it might have been. Simply too many limitations compared to everything else. Still voting for Shapechange, and...something. I believe early on he mentioned Meteor Swarm, so that would be an in-character choice, though it's a pretty awful spell. I guess it depends on how much we go by in-character choices, and how much on the optimum build. I'd hope that we wouldn't get too badly screwed over for not using the 'best' spell selection, so I'd personally try and have maybe one in-character spell per level, even if they don't fit the 'God Wizard' build everyone uses. Also, as useless as it is in combat, Meteor Swarm might be good if we ever need to blow up the general environment or buildings or something. Or pull a Tenshi. Speaking of pissing off Reimu, didn't we nearly run her over around 'chapter' 20, when we went on the drunken chest ride just before the scry scene? ("...somebody in a red-and-white dress dives out of the way...") Is that ever going to be referenced, or has it already and I've just forgotten? Or was it just a random red-and-white-wearing villager who got nearly trampled?

"Something planty" is for druids and hippies, and one of the most powerful characters in the already-stupidly-powerful Touhouverse.

Dusting a hat would be amusing, though possibly dangerous (given most-every Touhou character has some kind of headgear, it would really depend on who you dehatted). Dusting a parasol, on the other hand, would always be insanely dangerous: You have Kogasa (dusting THAT umbrella might be...interesting) and Remilia, two quite powerful characters, though their abilities tend to wildly vary in power depending on who you ask. And then you have Yuuka and Yukari, two VERY powerful characters.

Sorry for possibly disjointed writing. Router got lightningbolted, so am having to rely on a laggy iPad until it's fixed.

(Random thought: Wonder what would happen if the main character tried to check out a certain High Judge of Paradise. I'd expect a rant long enough to shock even Duke, who might be used to lectures, being a Celestial and all)
>> No. 149331
File 132101130927.jpg - (187.84KB , 850x968 , WHAT NIGGER.jpg ) [iqdb]
>this thread
>> No. 149332
Sanae, why are you angry?
>> No. 149333
I can't help but to wonder how many folks here actually play DnD as a wizard as opposed to just reading the game books and doing theorycraft with them.
>> No. 149334
Well, I have only played Neverwinter Nights as a cleric, so...

Wish we'd had a cleric MC instead.
>> No. 149337
I've not got above level 5 with either of my campaigns (yet).

One fell apart and the other still ongoing. Only played a sorcerer and cleric, too, though I'd read up on spells.

Time stop is mostly for buffing, though, and with hour/level buffs and we don't need it as much, relatively speaking.
>> No. 149338
Well, I've finished all the campaigns on NWN and its expansions. Most of them were done with a cleric but one of them was done with a fighter.

I really love cleric's buffs. I tried a monk once but I found it really weak so I never used it again. Paladin's buffs are too short and they're based on Charisma so I couldn't carry much stuff. Never tried a wizard though.

Damn, this makes me want to reinstall NWN again just to try playing a wizard.
>> No. 149339
There's a lot more uses to Time Stop than just showing up some leggy wench in a fetish outfit.

The key thing to remember is that for those 12-30 seconds, nobody knows what you're doing and nobody can stop you.

This means your once-per-day alpha strike can always be launched in complete surprise and from the position most optimum to you. want a point-zero rip-and-tear with a buffed-up hydra form from the back? Time Stop can do that. Want to leg it to the maximum range-limit of your long-ranged spells before you let fly? Time Stop can do that. Want to encase someone in solid, air-tight stone and cast Antimagic Field next to them so that they can't magic their way out? Time Stop can do that too.

It's not just for combat, either. Time Stop lets you leg it if things aren't going well, without giving away whether you cast Greater Teleport, ran away or simply became Invisible. It lets you steal things from under peoples' noses without anyone the wiser. There's so many uses for it, the only challenge is in saving it until you actually need it.

Time Stop is fucking awesome.
>> No. 149341
Well, if the Greater Planar Summoning isn't necessary, then I recommend Irresistible Dance.

1d4+1 rounds of complete helplessness with no save is almost a death sentence.
>> No. 149344
I hate Time Stop when the enemy uses it in NWN. There's no counter to it just like Bigby's Forceful Hand. My character will be a sitting duck while the enemy buffs himself, summons monsters, stacks damaging spells, etc.
>> No. 149348
My problem with Time Stop isn't the spell itself. I know it's useful, in or out of combat (even though combat uses for it is pretty much limited to "just" extra prep-time or a safe escape), and I am well aware that it has more uses than bothering Sakuya.
I just don't trust everyone else to understand that, judging by past conversations in this thread.
That's why I believe that if we prepare it, the votes will lead to a situation where it causes more harm than good and we would have been better off leaving the spell slot empty.

I think Meteor Swarm might be a viable alternative. Sure it might not be the best spell to use if we're powergaming (but I really couldn't care less about that). It's a very in character choice, and Demetrious can apply some creative license to the effect of the spell and make it worth the spell slot.
>> No. 149355
Ah, minor mistake. I didn't mean just earlier conversations in this thread, I also (mostly) meant earlier threads too.
>> No. 149364
Well, assuming we only get to add two new spells to our book I'd suggest these:

Shapechange: For all the reasons stated so far. We could even change into a dragon for the sheer irony value.

Wish: It'll cost us to cast it (5000XP, at least), but it'll let us alter reality when needed. Be it fixing a single tragic mistake, or bringing someone back to life. The way things could end up going, having a cosmic re-roll available when we REALLY need it would pay off.
>> No. 149370
if we really need Wish, we can decide on it and then prepare it the next day. there's no need to waste a slot on something non-time-critical.
>> No. 149373
>>149370 Unless we have it in our spellbook, which we don't, or happen to conveniently level up immediately after we would need Wish for something, no we can't do that. Unless you meant that we shouldn't have Wish prepared, which is still irrelevant.

And for everyone that voted for Shapechange being added: Looking back through the archives, I noticed that we actually already have it in our spellbook.

So, our current high-level spells known (feel free to help fill in any more):
Lv. 9: Shapechange, Foresight
Lv. 8: Greater Planar Binding, Mind Blank, Irresistible Dance, Moment of Prescience
Lv. 7: Control Weather, Limited Wish, Delayed Blast Fireball, probably more

With this in mind, I vote for the 2 new spells learned/scribed to be Time Stop (because it really is useful, although >>149322 did make some decent points) and...eh, Meteor Swarm because it really would be in-character. I'm against Wish because, from a storytelling perspective, we shouldn't have an automatic reset button for everything. This way we can, say, do our best to prevent Youmu's death instead of just going "Nooo, Youmu's dead... *Wish-Revivify*"
>> No. 149375
obviously I'm talking about prepared spells, not the contents of the spellbook. in fact, if you look back up the thread, that's what the entire thread is about starting from >>148985.

since there never was a definitive list of what's in our spellbook and what's not, I find it pointless to discuss adding anything to it. Unless one gets posted, and for the sake of simplicity, I'd just assume that all core spells are in the spellbook for now.
>> No. 149376
>using wish ever

>> No. 149378
>that's what the entire thread was about
The person you were responding to in your previous comment was talking about adding spells to the spellbook, as were several other people.

>I'd just assume that all core spells are in the spellbook for now.
It seems unlikely that Wizanon would have found sources for scribing at least all the 9th level spells into his spellbook, but I can't actually prove that.
>> No. 149379
like I said: for the sake of simplicity. I speculate that how this actually works, metagame-wise, is that Demetrious has decided that tracking spellbooks is too much of a hassle, and any spells-per-day we pick will retroactively make it onto the spellbook.
>> No. 149381
well, if we suddenly wish to change our ways and become an evil bastard, Mind Rape is pretty nice. It basically lets you completely rewrite someone's memories and make them fanatically loyal to you.
>> No. 149382
Fair enough, but hopefully Demetrious will address this at some point. I'd support Shapechange and Time Stop for 9th level prepared spells, maybe Greater Celerity (if we do indeed have it) for 8th level.

Also, for feat discussion: We already have Spell Mastery, Eschew Materials, Explosive Spell, Transdimensional Spell, Improved Initiative, and Scribe Scroll. This leaves 6 blank, including the new one at this level. For the new feat, I'd like to propose Nonlethal Substitution, as we won't want to accidentally kill any Touhous, and it's not one likely to have been taken before.
>> No. 149389
Shapechange and Time Stop for 9
and Nonlethal substitution...
>> No. 149390
Exalted Spell Resistance? No, there's no way that he has 15 cha. Well, we should get a spell resistance spell at any rate. It is incredibly useful in any situation and even more so in danmkau
>> No. 149398
CR-appropriate spell-resistance is expensive and hard to come by. what's more, the alpha dogs of Gensokyo likely have higher caster levels than MC, rendering it useless.

Feats of interest:
Feats that are good when Polymorphed/Shapechanged:
Arcane Strike
Flyby Attack

Feats that are good as a caster:
Extraordinary Spell Aim
Persistent Spell

Craft Wondrous Item
>> No. 149409
File 13210851369.jpg - (269.79KB , 800x407 , promotions.jpg ) [iqdb]

Wizard Mcspellsalot- 18th Level Wizard

AC: 17 (+5 Armor, +2 Dex)
HP: 55
BAB: +9/+4
Base Saves:

Fortitude: +8
Reflex: +9
Will: +12

(Note- a Permanent Resistance spell is in effect.)

0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9 (Level)
6|6|5|5|5|5|4|3|3|2 (Spells/Day)


STR: 13 (+1)
DEX: 15 (+2)
CON: 12 (+1)
INT: 21 (+5)
WIS: 11 (+0)
CHA: 10 (+0)


Bumping DEX: Will bump you to a +3 bonus, making you better at dodging attacks, boosting your reflexes, and striking targets with ray spells. Truly useful for danmaku duels.

Bumping INT: Will bump you to a +6 bonus, making your spells almost impossible to resist. You'll get more bonus spells-per-day,too. You will have a truly mighty intellect, powering through challenges mental and magical with amazing speed.

Bumping WIS: Will bump you to a +1 bonus, affording you the self-introspection and unconventional insight you've never had. (Note how blind you seem to be to your own motivations and emotions, sometimes.)

Bumping CHA: Nothing, you're an abrasive asshole with no game.


Known Feats:

Spell Mastery
Eschew Materials
Explosive Spell
Transdimensional Spell
Improved Initiative
Arcane Mastery

These are the feats you've seen in the story so far. There's others Wizard hasn't revealed yet - the one you pick, however, is set in stone. This is your chance to pick a feat you really want Wizard to have and use!


[ ] Double Wand Wielder (pre-reqs waived) Wield two wands at once! Double the danmaku!
[ ] Reckless Wand Wielder Not as much dakka... but more powerful then the usual low-powered wand.
[ ] Silent Spell Gags, underwater, silence magic - nothing will hinder your spell. Uses spell slot 1 level higher. "Power Word" Spells can be cast completely mentally.
[ ] Still Spell Tied up, arms pinned, wearing armor - no matter. No motions needed to cast. Uses spell slot one level higher.
[ ] Spell Penetration/Greater Your magical attacks blow through spell resistance like a hot knife through butter.
[ ] Spell Focus/Greater Your spells in one school of magic are even harder to resist!
[ ] Widen Spell: Any numeric measurements of spell area increase by 100%. Let's see those hat-wearing bitches dodge THIS! Uses spell slot 3 levels higher.
[ ] Quicken Spell Cast a spell so swiftly nobody - and that includes knife-tossing hookers - is going to react in time. Uses up a spell slot 4 levels higher then normal - very costly, but very powerful in certain situations.
[ ] Maximize Spell All random numeric effects are maximized - the spell is twice as powerful as average. Uses up a spell slot three times higher, but makes for quite a blast!
[ ] Empower Spell Effective spell power increases by x1.5 - but only uses up a slot three levels higher, not four.
[ ] Sculpt Spell Alter a spell's area to a cube, a cone, a ball, a vertical cylinder or a 120-foot line. Uses spell slot 1 level higher. Like any shaping spell, tons of application in danmaku battles.
[ ] Extraordinary Spell Aim Exclude one target from your spells effect - useful if an ally is standing in the area you want to obliterate with a Meteor spell!
[ ] Write-In! I can't cover all this shit alone!



Antimagic Field (6th) Negates magic within 10 ft.
Evan’s Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion(6th) Wait, what?

POSSIBLE SPELLS: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spellLists/sorcererWizardSpells.htm (All fair game for write-ins)

9th Level (VOTE FOR TWO)

[ ] Mordenkainen's Disjunction [i]Truly horrific anti-magical power - the mightiest magic disintegrates and even powerful artifacts are not safe.

[ ] Prismatic Sphere The awesome defensive power of the Prismatic Wall, but surrounding you on all sides.
[ ] Summon Monster IX The most powerful monsters from across time and space answer your call to battle.
[ ] Foresight A 'sixth-sense' warns of impending danger.
[ ] Dominate Monster Dominate the mind of any creature, be it man, beast or touhou... if you can overcome their formidable will. A gamble!
[ ]Power Word Kill Kills one creature with 100 hp or less, with but a word.
[ ] Meteor Swarm The single most devastatingly powerful rain of fire any mage has ever used. Call down the wrath of Heaven and Hell combined. They want danmaku? SHOW THEM DANMAKU.
[ ] Shapechange I AM A FUCKING DRAGON
[ ] Time Stop For thirty seconds... time stands still.
[ ] Write-In?

8th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[ ] Irresistible Dance One target is forced to caper and dance against their will. LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN~
[ ] Scintillating Pattern Twisting colors confuse, stun, or render unconscious.
[ ] Trap the Soul Imprisons subject within gem. Ed. Note: VERY costly.
[ ] Sunburst Blinds all within 10 ft., deals 6d6 damage.
[ ] Greater Prying Eyes Floating eyeballs scout for you. Wat.
[ ] Mind Blank Subject is immune to mental/emotional magic and scrying.
[ ] Greater Shout Devastating yell deals 10d6 sonic damage; stuns creatures, damages objects.
[ ] Telekinetic Sphere Mobile Force globe protects but traps one subject.
[ ] Horrid Wilting Evaporates moisture from the body of living creatures; 1d6/level damage within 30 ft.
[ ] Protection From Spells Confers +8 resistance bonus on saving throws versus magic. Ed. Note: Costly, but can benefit allies. See description.
[ ] Mass Charm Monster Makes all monsters (youkai) in 30ft believe they are your ally.
[ ] Polymorph Any Object Changes any subject into anything else.
[ ] Power Word Stun Stuns creature with 150 hp or less.
[ ] Symbol of Insanity Triggered rune renders nearby creatures insane.
[ ] Sympathy Object or location attracts certain creatures.
[ ] Symbol of Death Triggered rune slays nearby creatures.
[ ] Iron Body Your body becomes living iron.
[ ] Incendiary Cloud Giant rolling cloud of flaming death deals 4d6 fire damage/round.
[ ] Maze Traps subject in extradimensional maze.
[] Prismatic Wall Psychadelic wall destroys all whom might chance it.
[ ] Write-in?

7th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[ ] Control Weather Changes weather in local area.
[ ] Prismatic Spray Rays hit subjects with variety of effects.
[ ] Statue Subject can become a statue at will.
[ ] Limited Wish Alters reality—within spell limits.
[ ] Project Image Illusory double can talk and cast spells.
[ ] Mass Invisibility As invisibility, but affects all in range- 1,080 feet!
[ ] Delayed Blast Fireball 1d6/level fire damage; you can postpone blast for 5 rounds. Ed. Note: TWICE as powerful as normal Fireball!
[ ] Reverse Gravity Objects and creatures fall upward.
[ ] Statue Subject can become a statue at will.
[ ] Forcecage Cube or cage of force imprisons all inside.
[ ] Scrying, Greater As scrying, but faster and longer.
[ ] Spell Turning Reflect 1d4+6 spell levels back at caster.
[ ] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion Extradimensional crash pad springs into existence - that's just how wizards roll, baby.
[ ] Control Undead Make the Zombai Goasts your bitches.
[ ] Finger of Death Kills one subject. ZAP
[ ] Teleport Teleport an ojbect.
[ ] Write-in?
>> No. 149410
File 132108553735.jpg - (22.09KB , 337x368 , belated feels good man.jpg ) [iqdb]
This story uses D&D and all, but it's also a story, so don't be afraid to pick things based on characterization/fluff appeal. If a feat/spell appeals to you thematically, go for it - it'll have effects in the story beyond the mechanical.

With that said, there's a few feats that are probably right out:

>Extended/Persistent Spell

Always good, but Wizard bought two rods of Extend Spell for a reason. Which is why he doesn't have to re-cast Tounges all the time.

>Item Creation

He has one of these already. Which one? TUNE IN NEXT UPDATE TO FIND OUT. (Tip - it's totally him.)

>Nonlethal Substitution

Danmaku battles - The Game is primarily magic tag, you don't have to beat the snot out of somebody to win. Also, it'd be kind of rough to force you to take that just to compete on equal terms. If you do want it, it'll greatly enhance your ability to capture, interrogate, etc - but as a Wizard you've got tons of ways to do that already.
>> No. 149412
Some think one could turn a lethal attack non-lethal with some tweaking due to the spell card system/danmaku.
>> No. 149414
Bump Int
Wizard's spells must be more powerful.

[x] Spell Focus, Enchantment

Level 9
[x] Dominate Monster
Let's control those Touhous!

[x] Summon Monster IX
I love being a summoner.

Level 8
[x] Mass Charm Monster
Must control more Touhous!

[x] Mind Blank
Mandatory protection against those Touhous!

[x] Trap the Soul
Gotta catch them all!

Level 7
[x] Project Image
Could be useful for tricking those Touhous.

[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion
A place to hide safely.

[x] Spell Turning
No Touhous will expect this!
>> No. 149415
[x]Bump WIS

[x]Silent Spell seems immensely useful in all sorts of situations.

Not gonna bother voting for spells; don't know enough D&D.
>> No. 149417
[x] Pump Int
Bread n' butter of wizarding.

[x] Extraordinary Spell Aim
It was a toss-up between this and Quicken Spell, but then we have another feat coming at 20th that can only be used for metamagic, so ESA it is.

9th: Shapechange, Time Stop
8th: Irresistible Dance, Mind Blank, Polymorph Any Object (a word about PAO: among other things, this lets you play 'the floor is now lava' for real. fun times)

7th: (Greater) Teleport x2 (one isn't enough, trust me), Forcecage.
>> No. 149419
File 132109051737.jpg - (44.70KB , 800x450 , Dragon age26.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Silent Spell

[x] Shapechange I AM A FUCKING DRAGON
[x] Time Stop For thirty seconds... time stands still.

[X] Mind Blank(Most Important one)
[X] Mass Charm Monster
[X] Iron Body (Iron Man)

[X] Limited Wish
[X] Teleport
[X] Teleport

Wat? We get statpoint at 18 level?

And while we're at stat increasing we should consider wishing(as in using wish spell) for stat increase.
>> No. 149420
Stat point: [x] Take the WIS bonus

[x] Extraordinary Spell Aim (A little conflicted about this; seems to me if you use Sculpt Spell properly you won't NEED Extraordinary to avoid damaging your allies... but I've heard there are advantages to this one.)

9th Level:
[x] Meteor Swarm
[x] Time Stop
(Note: I was rather conflicted about Meteor Swarm; I'm not so sure that something of the kind isn't EXACTLY WHAT'S EXPECTED of magic users in Gensokyo, so it might not be enough on its own to take them by surprise -- in which case Time Stop is absolutely necessary. Shapechange could be useful, but I don't know if it'd be useful enough.)

8th Level:
[x] Mind Blank
[x] Greater Shout (I admit, I'm only wasting a vote on this one because I think it's COMPLETELY IN CHARACTER)
[x] Polymorph Any Object

7th Level:
[x] Project Image Illusory double can talk and cast spells.
[x] Scrying, Greater
[x] Teleport

And as for what Wizanon's dreaming about:
[x] Something you should’ve thought about by now, but have completely ignored. (The hell with little hints, THIS is more the kind of thing our subconscious would be willing to bludgeon us with.)
>> No. 149421
[W] Bump WIS (will also help with those pesky Will saves. Pyonta and his ilk won't stand a chance! maybe...)

[F] Still Spell (People keep on letting us talk. Don't know why, but it means we don't have to worry about being silent stuff)

[9] Meteor Swarm (Flaming rocks fall, everyone pichuu~ns!)
[9] Shapechange (Wizanon power, Activate! Shape of... a wombat!)

[8] Scintillating Pattern (Equally effective on Touhous and Ultrahippies)
[8] Mind Blank (Yeah... Just in case...)
[8] Iron Body (The gazebo might have friends. Maybe garden gnomes or a shrubbery. We must be prepared for the worst!)

[7] Delayed Blast Fireball (Who doesn't love surprise boomies?)
[7] Spell Turning (I am rubber, you are having to dodge your own spellcard)
[7] Teleport (Travel in style... without technically traveling at all)
>> No. 149422
[x] pump wis - cause we need all the help we can get at making not retarded decisions.

[x] Extraordinary Spell Aim - because improbable aiming skills appeal to me

[x]Shapechange - versatility in a bottle.
[x]Meteor Swarm - in case we need something gone again, lousy gazebos

[x]mind blank
[x]polymorph any object

[x]limited wish - just in case
>> No. 149427
Bump strength to a +2 bonus for increased carrying capacity.
Bump Wisdom to a +1 bonus.
It makes sense that he would increase his wisdom after being forced to adapt to everything around here, and he needs the +1 bonus for the same reasons.
Also, it would make things work a little bit smoother with Keine when he's no longer emotionally denser than even the party Fighter. No, seriously. Their best chance of getting even near a decent will save, before some of th heavier magic items are available, is to at least take 12 Wis. Of course, on the downside, their low Int is the stuff of legends and their Cha is often worse than a Dire Bear.
...Huh. Looking at the stats for Dire Bears just to confirm that, they actually have 10 Cha.
So Wizardnon is about a charismatic as Dire Bear. Suddenly everything makes sense.

Anyway, moving on.

Sculpt Spell
Because it opens up so many possibilities.

[x]Meatier Swarm Double damage to vegetarians and vegans Meteor Swarm
[x] Shapechange

[x] Greater Prying Eyes, because it is great for both scouting out new areas and setting up an early warning system.
[x] Sympathy, two words. "Sympathy: fairies".
[x] Iron Body, we got a bit too close to being squashed. No harm in taking precations. Also, "Behold WIZARDTRON!"

[x] Delayed Blast Fireball, Wizanon needs to fill his quota of Fireball spells in his spellbook or Bad Things happen. In other words, because it's in character.
[x] Spell Turning Reflect 1d4+6 spell levels back at caster, "oh yeah, well fuck your danmaku."
[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion, that's just how wizards roll, baby.

Also worth noting that the Mansion itself doesn't appear, just a "door" that you can enter to get to the mansion. The door comes with it's own bouncer function, blocking out anyone you do not specifically allow inside. The mansion is also filled with barely visible Unseen Servants (up to two per CL, so 36 of them) and has enough food to serve a nice-course banquet for... Just over 200 people. (A dozen per CL.) So calling it a "crash pad" is a bit misleading, unless you're a wizard, of course.
Lasts 2 hours per CL, so with Extend it lasts three days.

Three days of luxury and complete privacy. I'm sure you can all see the possibilities there.
>> No. 149428
But, 10 Cha is the standard Charisma for normal people.
>> No. 149429
And for Dire Bears.
Just sayin'.
>> No. 149431
So, ordinary people is as charismatic as dire bears?
>> No. 149435
I concur with this.
+1 to wis is critical
>> No. 149436
I vote:

+1 to int.

Feat: Sculpt Spell

[X] Meteor Swarm
[X] Shapechange OR Mordenkainen's Disjunction

[X] Polymorph Any Object
[X] Mind Blank
[x] Iron Body

[X] Spell Turning
[X] Limited Wish
[X] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion. That's just how wizards roll, baby.
>> No. 149440
+1 Int


[x] Double Wand Wielder (pre-reqs waived) Wield two wands at once! Double the danmaku!


9th Level (VOTE FOR TWO)

[x] Mordenkainen's Disjunction

[x] Shapechange I AM A FUCKING DRAGON

8th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

x 2[x] Mind Blank Subject is immune to mental/emotional magic and scrying. (us and keine)
[x] Protection From Spells Confers +8 resistance bonus on saving throws versus magic.
[x] Polymorph Any Object Changes any subject into anything else.

7th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[x] Prismatic Spray Rays hit subjects with variety of effects.
[x] Limited Wish Alters reality—within spell limits.
[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion Extradimensional crash pad springs into existence - that's just how wizards roll, baby.
>> No. 149443
Why would we ever pick Meteor Swarm?
We can't compete in Danmaku stuff like that, so why try, instead of focusing on stuff where we're better than others?

[X] Time Stop
[X] Shapechange

[X] Polymorph Any Object
[X] Mind Blank
[x] Maze

[X] Spell Turning.

[X] Scrying, Greater - Time for us to do some scrying on our enemies, for once!
I hope the touhous didn't plan on trying to screw us over by doing something we can't see, or having secrets from us - and wizard is getting paranoid about other touhous, so we could do with info

[X] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion. - Because, come on, we need to treat Keine to a nice place some time, without any vampires around, and this is the best possible option for it.
>> No. 149444
[X] Time Stop
[X] Shapechange

[X] Polymorph Any Object
[X] Mind Blank
[x] Maze

[X] Teleport
>> No. 149445
Blowing things up and dropping/calling forth monsters is his style. And sometimes the best way to deal with something is a bunch of flaming meteors.
>> No. 149446
+1 Wis, because Wizanon is playing like he's got Wis 8 or took the "No common sense" flaw.

Sculpt Spell

[x] Meteor Swarm
[x] Shapechange

[x] Greater Prying Eyes, because it will confuse everyone
[x] Sympathy, two words. "Sympathy: fairies".
[x] Iron Body "Behold WIZARDTRON!"

[x] Delayed Blast Fireball, Wizanon needs to fill his quota of Fireball spells in his spellbook or Bad Things happen. In other words, because it's in character.
[x] Spell Turning Reflect 1d4+6 spell levels back at caster, "oh yeah, well fuck your danmaku."
[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion, that's just how wizards roll, baby.
>> No. 149447
Something else to consider is that we won't be going up against named touhou characters alone but other monster types as I doubt whoever made that killer gazebo would just stop there.
>> No. 149449
Polymorph Any Object does everything that Iron Body does, except better, and you can still cast spells.
>> No. 149453
Stat point which we totally get at 18th level: [x] Bump WIS. The bonus to save DCs and spells/day from INT would be nice, but being wiser can help us with things we can't solve with magic, e.g. Keine.

[x] Extraordinary Spell Aim

9th Level:
[x] Time Stop
[x] Shapechange

8th Level:
[x] Mind Blank
[x] Telekinetic Sphere (can encapsulate more than one person, and basically let us tank through anything)
[x] Mass Charm Monster

7th Level:
[x] Control Weather: we're pulling a Tenshi Forcecage
[x] Spell Turning (this should work on Spell Cards, at the very least)
[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion

Also, I know we're not voting on lower-level spells, but can I suggest preparing Protection from Arrows? I'd want to see if that works on danmaku.
>> No. 149457
>Wat? We get statpoint at 18 level?


Because, honestly, you poor bastards surfed into Gensokyo on a dragon; your arrival looked like the cover of a heavy metal album and it really hasn't stopped since then for three days straight. You earned it.
>> No. 149459

In that case [X]+1 wis
>> No. 149460
Iron body is more a selfbuff, and a possibly useful one at that.
>> No. 149461
WIS +1, we need to get a clue (particularly about Keine).

[x] Sculpt Spell (really, a toss up between this and Extraordinary Spell Aim.)

Prepared Spells:
[x] Shapechange (I've always wanted to be a Dragon)
[x] Time Stop (Let's show that hack how to do it right!)

[x] Mind Blank (We're not paranoid if they really ARE out to get us)
[x] Iron Body (Not so squishy now, are we?)
[x] Greater Shout (We WILL have the last word!)

[x] Forcecage (Let's see that maid get out of this)
[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion (For all our pimping needs)
[x] Teleport (Since when do wizards have to walk?)
>> No. 149463
wait wait wait. We already have polymorph any object and mind blank and limited wish, and control weather and greater... we have a lot of those. What the fuck?

[x] +1 INT

[x] Quicken Spell
[x] Greater spell penetration (bow chicka chicka bow bow)
[x]Morderkaiser (es numero uno) Disjunction
[x]Time Stop

[x]Sunburst (Fuck you Remilia)
[x]Mind Blank
[x]Polymorph any object

[x]Control Weather
>> No. 149467
int +1
[X] Double Wand Wielder

[X] Mordenkainen's Disjunction
[X] Foresight

8th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[X] Trap the Soul Imprisons subject within gem. Ed. Note: VERY costly.
[X] Mind Blank Subject is immune to mental/emotional magic and scrying.
[X] Greater Shout Devastating yell deals 10d6 sonic damage; stuns creatures, damages objects.

7th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[X] Mass Invisibility As invisibility, but affects all in range- 1,080 feet!
[X] Scrying, Greater As scrying, but faster and longer.
[X] Teleport Teleport an ojbect.
>> No. 149471
Goddamnit, there is a metamagic feat that makes all damage a spell would normally deal non-leathal. Uses no higher spellslot if I remember it correct. Safed my hide a few times wenn battling it out in a crowded city.

Considering the rules of danmaku battles we should have non-lethal spells in our big bag of boom. Wouldn't want the red-white after us, now would we?
>> No. 149473
it's not in the link that Deme provided?

Also this vote is a good measure of who's actually caring about the story and who's just out to "powerplay" (more like powerderp)
>> No. 149475
[x] +1 Wis.
I almost said Int boost, but we can get that with wish. (Either by the "inherent bonus" route or by wishing for either a headband of intellect or a scarlet and blue ioun stone. Or both.) Admittedly, inherent bonuses don't boost your spells-per-day... but one extra 6th-level and one extra 0th-level doesn't really seem worth it, and oh ye gods and little cherry snowflakes does Wizanon need him some Wis anon.

[?] I dunno. Surprise me.
The only one I found that I liked was a random feat in Dragon #359 called Footsteps of the Mage, but a) it's from Dragon, which is a little below my standards for "trawling through supplements", and b) it's just not very impressive in Gensokyo.

[x] Shapechange I AM A FUCKING DRAGON*
[x] Freedom note: does not untie the red string of fate

[x] Blackstaff** This is my doomstick
[x] Summon monster VIII Three words: celestial dire bear
[x] Polymorph any object impromptu breakfast golems

[x] Spell turning because fuck your danmaku
[x] Antimagic aura*** because fuck your danmaku
[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion because fuck your hakutaku****

* Seriously, that sold me on this spell. I mean, okay, we could also transform into a half-adamantine-golem pixie swashbuckler or Yukari Yakumo, but eh.
** Magic of Faerun, p. 81. Enchants a staff to +4 enhancement bonus + on-hit targeted dispel magic effect, plus, if it hits a spellcaster, they lose their highest-level prepared spell (or highest-level unused slot, for non-preparators).
*** Magic of Faerun, p. 77. Mobile antimagic field about the target, 1 round/level, touch, SR applies, Will negates.
**** Yeaaaah, I'm going to hell.
>> No. 149476
Yeah, threw me too at first. This isn't what spells are we getting for our 18th birthdlevel, this is just what spells are we preparing this fine $SEASON morning.

"Nonlethal Substitution". Demetrious addressed it specifically in >>149410.
>> No. 149477
[X] +1 Int. Because he's a Wizard. Spending that point raising anything else is the height of stupidity. He's not a Paladin or Monk, who are crippled by their dependence on multiple attributes. He's a Wizard, and all he needs is Intelligence. Every other option is vastly inferior.

9th Level (VOTE FOR TWO)
[X] Astral Projection
[X] Gate
Because they can't kill you if you were never there to begin with.

8th Level:
[X] Telekinetic Sphere
[X] Symbol of Insanity
[X] Prismatic Wall
Because Save-or-Lose is a Wizard's bread and butter.

7th Level:
[X] Spell Turning
[X] Force Cage
[X] Prismatic Ray
Because we can turn a loss into a win by bouncing any danmaku we fail to dodge right back at them. Also, more Save-or-Lose.

-[X]Sudden Empower
Because why waste higher-level spell slots when we can just spontaneously make a spell Empowered three times per day?
>> No. 149478
>>Bumping WIS: Will bump you to a +1 bonus, affording you the self-introspection and unconventional insight you've never had. (Note how blind you seem to be to your own motivations and emotions, sometimes.)

I'm bumping the wisdom. You can have all the intelligence in the world, and it won't mean shit if you don't have a lick of understanding.

[X] +1 WIS

[X] Silent Spell

[X] Mordenkainen's Disjunction
[X] Time Stop

[X] Protection From Spells
[X] Polymorph Any Object
[X] Maze

[X] Limited Wish
[X] Scrying, Greater
[X] Teleport
>> No. 149481
>[x] Spell turning because fuck your danmaku
>[x] Antimagic aura because fuck your danmaku
I lol'd.
I wish we were still in in 2.0: Improved invisibility? immune to spells unless dispel. Spell turning? Immune to dispel. LOGIC.

That said, we could use exalted spell resistance... goddamn WIS.
>> No. 149483
ITT Roleplayers vs Rollplayers
>> No. 149485
The problem with several of these (the save-or-loses, basically) is that we're not in a normal campaign, we're in Gensokyo, and thus we almost certainly won't want to drive Touhous insane / poison them to death / send them to another plane / turn them to stone. That kind of thing would get Reimu after us immediately for breaking the spellcard rules, and I'd like to avoid being Fantasy Heaven'd.

Demetrious seems to want to keep the spells, at least, core, given that he linked to the SRD as to what was fair game. Faerun has some cool stuff, but it's probably not for this story.
>> No. 149486
Whoops; missed that. (Mind, I probably wouldn't have included FR spells, except that I seem to remember the wizard himself being from Faerûn.)

Nothing else really strikes me, though, so I'll let it stand, even if it's partially invalid.
>> No. 149487
i don't care about the spells, but the character interactions matter to me. as such, my votes are as follows.

[x] +1 wisdom.
[x] whatever feat has the most votes.
[x] whatever spells have the most votes.
>> No. 149491
[X] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion.

you all probably have better ideas about the other spells since you play the game but I think that we should really get our own place to take Keine and hold meetings and such, its kinda sad that a powerful wizard is mooching off his girlfriend.
>> No. 149492
Yeah, too bad some folks aren't getting the obvious hint. Also if the wizard shits things up bad enough, he'll have something worse than Reimu to deal it: Yukari. Can you say "gapping in a bunch of beholders?" I can and I'd imagine her doing just that just to go the extra mile in being a vengeful bitch.
>> No. 149494
Ah, thx for the info. So here is my full vote. Gonna be a hell of a ride
[x] ability:+1 wisdom.
[x] feat:Nonlethal Substitution


[x] Summon Monster IX (why risk yourself if you can have minions do it?)
[X] Mordenkainen's Disjunction

[X]Power Word Stun
[X]Irresistible Dance (Dance my Puppets!)
[x] Mind Blank

[X]Project Image (He, for extra trolling!)
[X]Spell Turning (Catch you own spellcard)
[X]Delayed Blast Fireball
>> No. 149495
What roleplayers? The last couple dozen posts seem to want us to single handedly break the setting. Nevermind the fact that most touhous can break the rules far, far better than any dnd spellcaster.
>> No. 149496
Would it fucking bother you to fucking sage your fucking post when you're not fucking voting?
Because that's fucking annoying to fucking see that fucking story constantly fucking bumped!
>> No. 149497
folks choosing Wisdom as to help the wizard deal with people better, you know such as Keine. Maybe if you stopped surfing /tg/ and reading DnD books and being so austic that you can't even play a proper game of DnD.

That and thinking of things asides from "kill everyone".
>> No. 149500
While saging on principle is a good habit to get into anyways, you're coming across like a pedantic whiney bitch. Please, cry some more for us, your tears are delicious.
>> No. 149501
Stat point
[x] Bumping WIS
[x] Non-lethal substitution

Lv9 spells
[x] Summon Monster IX The most powerful monsters from across time and space answer your call to battle.
[x] Meteor Swarm The single most devastatingly powerful rain of fire any mage has ever used. Call down the wrath of Heaven and Hell combined. They want danmaku? SHOW THEM DANMAKU.
Lv8 spells
[x] Protection From Spells Confers +8 resistance bonus on saving throws versus magic. Ed. Note: Costly, but can benefit allies. See description.
[x] Mass Charm Monster Makes all monsters (youkai) in 30ft believe they are your ally.
[x] Iron Body Your body becomes living iron.
Lv7 Spells
[x] Control Weather Changes weather in local area.
[x] Delayed Blast Fireball 1d6/level fire damage; you can postpone blast for 5 rounds. Ed. Note: TWICE as powerful as normal Fireball!
[x] Scrying, Greater As scrying, but faster and longer.

I'm going with what I feel is best as opposed to trying to powergame and sucking at it.

Edit: changed feat as that'd be best for Gensokyo.
>> No. 149504
[x]+1 Wisdom. Help Zuul get a clue
[x]Sculpt Spell
Ninth Level Spells
[X] Disjunction. This can can shatter nearly every spell, enchantment or ability. It's probably the only offense we'll have against some of the magical abilities thrown around, such as Remalia's fate manipulation.
[x]Polymorph Any Object. When Youmu dies, we can use Wish to resurrect her, and then this spell to make her half ghost again. Alternatively, we turn random hunk of scenery into a Tarrasque and run.
[x]Greater Shout
[x]Protection from Spells
[x]Project Image
[x]Limited Wish
[x]Greater Scrying
>> No. 149505
File 132115712255.png - (531.17KB , 1000x1200 , Touhou Rocky as Pocky.png ) [iqdb]
Don't get into this bullshit please, it ruined the last thread.

From the looks of things, Wizanon pretty much has his magic chest and the clothes on his back when it comes to magic items, which makes things difficult, but manageable. He's single-classed (and not a Cleric), so Persist is too expensive spell-slot wise. Picking up fighting man feats is also not that good of an idea, since we can go FUCK YOU, I'M A DRAGON if we want and at this level, Dragon > fighting man. Extraordinary Spell Aim is less useful than proper trigger discipline unless we use it to make an Anti-Magic Field emanation that all our stuff works in and we can cast out of. Depending on how paranoid we feel about the BBEG, this might be the best choice.

Some Anon said Assume Supernatural Ability, which would be a really good idea (hello, no-XP cost Wish!), but Wizanon doesn't have the Wis for it and we'd have to specifically pick the Wish ability of {insert monster here}.

Given the way Wizanon is and the shit he gets himself into, Still Spell would be great, if it looked like it mattered whether or not he had to gesture to get spells off. Silent'd be nice for subtlety, but Wizanon doesn't do subtle and nobody actually seems to know or care what he's saying.

My Votes:
>[X] Something you should've thought of by now, but completely missed.

It would be unfortunate to miss the forest for the trees and get eaten by a grue. Or a darkness yokai. If [X] All of the above can be picked, I pick that.

>INT Level Up!

We can't use the other bumps to qualify for things, Wizanon's AC is babies, and Keine'll headbutt some common sense into him eventually. Plus, a wizard without max INT is like a pornstar with a tiny penis: just not right.

>9th Level Spells: Shapechange, Dominate Monster

Shapechange is a no-brainer here, but the second one is hard. Straight killing someone in Gensokyo is going to bring unholy hell down on us, and there are other ways to take care of the BBEG. Detonate is how you do Real Soviet Damage at this level without either mass Save or Die (Weird) or metamagic optimization we'd have to totally rebuild Wizanon for, but that's still an SoD on one dude (who then turns into a Delayed Blast Fireball). Time Stop is more of a "hold up, let me fix my face" spell than an active offensive spell; you should have your shit ready to go during the "Scry" part of "Scry and Die". Astral Projection straight-up allows you (and Keine and Cirno and anybody else you want to come with) to mulligan like your name was Akemi Homura, but that would fundamentally sap the tension of the story. Gate would probably just get us an annoyed Yukari.

So it's either Dominate or Mass Hold, and Mass Hold can be semi-replicated by a lower level spell so Dominate it is. Dominate is less straight-up mind rape and more Geass eye, so it's the most useful/powerful thing we can do without killing. For example: we pay a quick visit to the Moriya Shrine and get free Miracles from Player Two Reimu. Or intrude upon the SDM and effectively put one of the major players on our side. Or just unleash a muzzled MurderFlan on everybody.

>8th Level: Mass Charm, Polymorph Any Object, Mind Blank

Mass Charm makes us sexy even with our deplorable 10 CHA (and could make Riku's men sit and spin if we get them all together), Mind Blank makes us a true wildcard again and Polymorph Any Object can turn even the dread Pyonta into a normal hat. That spell gives us so many tricks it's not funny. We get Keine (or a Dominated Remilia's CHARISMA) to sweet-talk for us with Diplomacy and those people/yokai/whatever we Charmed are down with us forever.

>7th Level: Greater Teleport, Forcecage, Mage's Magnificent Mansion

Greater Tele gives us amazing mobility, Forcecage is a "fuck you Sakuya" spell that can really save our asses in many situations, and Mage's Magnificent Mansion is just straight baller. It's very hard not to pick good spells that wouldn't just straight kill fools or cause incidents (Control Weather, Simulacrum).

>Feat Choice: Quicken Spell (if he has Craft Rod)

If Wizanon has Craft Rod, he should take Quicken Spell and craft a Rod of Greater Metamagic Quicken, then three times a day rock Quickened Wings of Flurry because that is the most Danmaku spell in Dungeons and Dragons. Hell, if he makes one of those bad boys, I'd renge on not taking Time Stop because we could match Sakuya for long enough to bring our wizardly might and girth to bear. If he doesn't, then

>Feat Choice: Craft Contingent Spell

Because Wizanon is a loose cannon under pressure, but very clever with downtime. Contingent Spell makes it so the latter can pay off even with the former. And we don't have the stat bumps for Assume Supernatural Ability.

Also, if we take Shapechange, can we get into a transformation fight with Mamizou? That would be The Best Thing.

Remember folks, Wizanon is a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition Wizard. At level 18. If we do not have caster supremacy, we have failed as Anons and as Wizards.
>> No. 149511

You got that right, now go back to your basement and shave that neckbeard!

>Keine'll headbutt some common sense into him eventually.

Not soon enough.
>> No. 149513
>>Remember folks, Wizanon is a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition Wizard. At level 18. If we do not have caster supremacy, we have failed as Anons and as Wizards.

Wisdom helps give us use Limited Wish, and that in turn can be used to give us (either directly or indirectly) our INT bonus if we want/need it. Plus, he really needs the fucking wisdom here in regards to his interactions with others.
>> No. 149516
>Extraordinary Spell Aim + Antimagic
Ah, you noticed. good, good, I thought I was the only one. When we hit Epic this combo can be upgraded with Permanent Emanation. All subject to DM approval, of course.

>Picking up fighting man feats is also not that good of an idea, since we can go FUCK YOU, I'M A DRAGON if we want and at this level, Dragon > fighting man
If you actually use Shapechange to turn into a Dragon, you are DOING IT WRONG. The correct Core combat forms are Pit Fiend (for balanced fightan/magickan with cockroach-like survivability) and 12-headed Pyrohydra (for a melee Alpha Strike that almost guarantees end of hostilities). In either case, combat effectiveness can be hugely boosted with the right feats, e.g. Arcane Strike and Power Attack. Wraithstrike is important, too, but that's a spell.

>Dominate Monster
I doubt it'd work on the more powerful touhous that it would actually be worth using on. Rather than save-or-lose, I prefer "no save, just lose". caster duels at this level is too deadly to have to rely on dice. The only application I can see is if we manage to knock out a Touhou, Wisdom Drain/Level Drain her with Shapechange abuse and cast Dominate Monster when she's severely weakened ...but you don't have to have a spell prepared for that, you can prepare it after the fact.

>Time Stop is more of a "hold up, let me fix my face" spell than an active offensive spell; you should have your shit ready to go during the "Scry" part of "Scry and Die".

Nope. There are some preps you simply cannot make unless you're in Time Stop. What happens when you charge right up to someone and Shapechange into a hydra? Full Attack, or they step back and cast shit at you. Not as planned. In Time Stop, though? You get to Delay an action for when time resumes so you can munch their face off. Same with Wall of Stone abuse. Nobody's gonna let you encase them in solid rock AND get an AMF up unless you do it in Time Stop. Even something like using Dimension Door to gain distance: it ends your turn, releasing control back to an enemy powerful enough to warrant 9th level spells. Nope.jpg.

The true point of Time Stop is to prep right under your enemy's nose and turn every fight into a perfectly-planned ambush.
>> No. 149519
the dominate monster stuff sounds like A) too much effort B) needlessly antagonizing to the other party and C) would make things harder in the long run.
>> No. 149520
Well, personally, if I'm going to that much effort, I'd use Mind Rape. A much more permanent solution.

That would be Evil with a capital E, but there you go.
>> No. 149530
As has been said before, INT is the mechanically sensible choice. But outside of mechanics, Wizanon's low WIS is part of his charm. And his foolishness makes him relatable. And neither is it in character for Wizanon to be even a little wise. Lack of common sense is one of his defining traits. I strongly disagree with raising his WIS.

>[X] Quicken Spell.
Think about every battle we've been in. Would extraordinary spell aim have helped us? Sculpt Spell? No, they wouldn't. We have never had any trouble hitting our enemies without hitting our allies. Not with the ghosts, not in the bar, not with the gazebo. They're a waste. And Nonlethal Substitution? We beat Sanae without it: as Demetrious said, you can deal damage in Danmaku, you just can't kill. Our current spells work fine for that.

But we were nearly crushed to death by the Gazebo. It was always in our face and countered our every attack. We couldn't respond to it fast enough. A quicken spell or two (such as dimension door) would have let us recapture the initiative. It will also give us an edge against that fucking maid (who we have a rivalry with). This feat is IMO the only choice that makes sense in character.

>9th Level (VOTE FOR TWO)
[X] Shapechange
[X] Time Stop
Time stop gives us time to buff up, move around, or just THINK about what our next move should be.

>8th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)
[X] Polymorph Any Object
[X] Mind Blank
[X] Write In: Moment of Prescience (It will save your life once per day)
Polymorph any Object made the bed we sleep on. Did you want to sleep on the floor like an animal? Then take this spell! It can also kill our enemies. Or create gifts to impress allies. Or we can use it as a buff. It has huge potential both in and out of combat.

>7th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)
[X] Limited Wish
[X] Limited Wish
[X] Limited Wish

Remember how Youmu is GOING TO DIE? What have we done to prevent that? Nothing! But when Youmu dies, this spell will let us give one finger out of five to causality and bring her back.
>> No. 149531
+1 Wis, cause we should have gained some Common Sense after hanging out with Keine for the last few days.

[x] Non-lethal substitution. Really, kinda necessary in Touhouverse. If not, then second vote is for Scult Spell.

[x] Meteor Swarm: Totally In-Character
[x] Shapechange: Because Fuck You I'm A Dragon

[X] Mind Blank: Obvious is obvious
[x] Iron Body: After nearly getting Gazeboed, you'd think he'd just want this to be safe
[x] Mass Charm Monster: Befriending without needing to go all Nanoha on people might be useful

[X] Forcecage: Is always good
[X] Spell Turning: Given the name of the game in Gensokyo is quantity over quality, this should allow quite a few reflects
[X] Teleport: Flying is good. Instant teleport is better
>> No. 149532
The only person that knows what we've done or haven't done is Deme.

That and if you actually played DnD, any sort of wish spell has some major risks.
>> No. 149534


[X] Time Stop
[X] Shapechange

[X] Polymorph Any Object
[X] Mind Blank
[x] Maze

[X] Spell Turning.
[X] Teleport
[X] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion.
>> No. 149535
Personally, I pretty much avoid wish spells on pure principle, whether I'm playing or GMing (in which case I strongly advice my players to put the gun downstop flapping their fingers and back the fuck away) because Wish, Limited or not, always leads to nobody being happy in the end.

We learned that with the Deck of Many Things which is pretty much like getting X automatic Wish spells with random results.
One party member got his own estates, complete with castle-like mansion and everything, more bling than Scrooge McDuck and... Maybe 7 or 8 levels, instantly.
The next guy to try got Imprisoned (save or die, except DoMT allows no save) while simultaneously being forced to fight Death, with a capital D, or be erased from existance.

The "Wish arms race" of players wishing for more and more ridiculous rewards and the GM twisting their wishes accordingly always ends in either of those two extremes, unless one of them backs down. (The players stop Wishing, or the GM just fucking gives up and Monty Hauls it.)

So, please, no Wish spells.
>> No. 149545
Er, no. Read the goddamn rules. Wish hasn't been a "hey, GM, fuck me over!" spell since 3.0: there's a double handful of things you can use wish for that the GM isn't given free license to fuck with. (Well, besides Rule 0. But that's not exactly specific to wish, now is it?)

Yes, the deck of many things is well known to be the most campaign-killingly terrible item in the world, but why the hell are you trying to conclude anything about wish from that?

(Note: I'm not defending wish-cycles or other infinite-wish hacks. Those deserve to get squashed, and it's easy to do so without fucking over characters who are spending their own XP to cast wish.)
>> No. 149547
There is no possible use of Limited Wish that would let us bring anyone back from the dead. Wish, maybe, but not Limited Wish.

Aaand looks like Nonlethal Substitution is going to win, despite Demetrious outright saying it shouldn't be necessary. Oh well, it should still be useful given the setting.
>> No. 149548
[x] WIS bonus

[x] Extraordinary Spell Aim

9th Level:
[x] Shapechange
[x] Time Stop

8th Level:
[x] Mind Blank
[x] Maze
[x] Polymorph Any Object

7th Level:
[x] Morde's Mega Mansion
[x] Forcecage
[x] Teleport
>> No. 149551
And when we do, I'd prefer not to have Meteor Swarm around.
I mean, we really don't want to cause too much attention by throwing meteors around, when there's much better (and more subtle!) spells available.

Not to mention it's easier to hide what we can do from that vampire brat if we don't use something so ridiculously obvious - the less she knows, the happier I am.
>> No. 149552
File 132120814229.jpg - (311.88KB , 800x735 , 1318258806327.jpg ) [iqdb]
Limited wish can bring back to life an outsider, and certain Gensokyo's denizens count as such.

>"Unlike most other living creatures, an outsider does not have a dual
nature. Its soul and body form one unit. When an outsider is slain, no soul is set loose. Spells that restore souls to their bodies, such as
raise dead, reincarnate, and resurrection, don?t work on an outsider. It takes a different magical effect, such as limited wish, wish, miracle, or true resurrection to restore it to life. An outsider with the native
subtype can be raised, reincarnated, or resurrected just as other living
creatures can be."
Source: 3.5 rules.

Unfortunately this only works with creatures that don't separate their souls from their body. Ghosts count. Does our little swordman/gardener counts? Half of her does.

So...? Ask the DM.
>> No. 149556
Stat bump: INT
I agree with one of the posters above. I like wizard's foolish lack of tact. Lets make him even more insuferable!

Feat: Quicken or Craft Contingency


[X] Time Stop (breathing room)
[X] Shapechange (because the look on people's faces when we turn into a dragon / lord of the nine hells will be priceless).

[X] Polymorph Any Object (so useful).
[X] Mind Blank (as above).
[x] Irresistible Dance (I considered Maze, but Dance is just far more hillarious).

[X] Spell Turning (Lets see how Marisa likes her own Master Spark).
[X] Prismatic Spray (Danmaku of DOOM).
[X] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Playboy Mansion (I love this spell - lets cast it once, extended, and then prepare something else).
>> No. 149558
[☢] This.
[☢] Drop Sympathy for Greater Shout.
>> No. 149559
Ah, okay, I stand corrected: wasn't thinking about the possibility of outsiders.

...It would be kind of twistedly amusing if trying to use Limited Wish for that purpose brought back Myon and not Youmu, but yeah, Demetrious's ruling.
>> No. 149560
This may or may not be relevant at all, but in terms of Danmaku, wizanon's greatest weapon lies not at 9th level spells, but at 1st level spells (and derivatives thereof). Specifically, I'm talking about magic missile and wizanon screaming "DODGE THIS" at the top of his lungs while stamping his feet like a child.
>> No. 149561
sage goes in the email field, dumbass
>> No. 149562
AFTER he's used a ridiculous amount of high level spells that just keep getting dodged (even though they have a will or fort save instead of reflex save) and he's just doing it to be petty
>> No. 149565
Before this vote, I was doubtful of the neckbeards people were complaining about. Not anymore, folks like you prove there are neckbeards voting.
>> No. 149566
It's a Dungeons and Dragons story. The hell did you expect?
>> No. 149571
>> No. 149575
[x] Stat: INT
[x] Feat: Quicken Spell

[x] 9th
-[x] Shapechange
-[x] Meteor Swarm

[x] 8th
-[x] Polymorph any Object
-[x] Mindblank
-[x] Scintillating Pattern

[x] 7th
-[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion
-[x] Delayed Blast Fireball
-[x] Limited Wish
>> No. 149576
Realized I didn't actually vote on wherer we should put the stat point...
You know, I like Keine, she's sweet, and I really want our wizard to be better around her.

So, what the hell, screw the most optimal stuff.

[X]+1 Wis

Let's be better to Keine!

And also not piss off her friend, jesus christ that woman is scary
>> No. 149579
[x] STAT: + INT

[ ] Silent Spell Gags

9th Level (VOTE FOR TWO)
[ ] Mordenkainen's Disjunction
[ ] Meteor Swarm

8th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)
[ ] Irresistible Dance
[ ] Mind Blank
[ ] Protection From Spells

7th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)
[ ] Project Image Illusory double can talk and cast spells.
[ ] Spell Turning
[ ] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion

Eh, I have no idea how these really work. I'm not familiar with D&D, but these seem nice.
>> No. 149581
I am so glad your not letting us get the imprisonment spell. I hate that on it is so fucking broken.
>> No. 149590
Stat bump: WIS

Feat: Quicken or Craft Contingency


[X] Disjunction
[X] Shapechange

[X] Polymorph Any Object
[X] Mind Blank
[x] Scintillating Pattern

[X] Spell Turning
[X] Scrying, Greater
[X] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Playboy Mansion
>> No. 149596
It's a legal write-in, however it's in the category of "Spells that would piss off the miko." Noone wants a pissed off Reimu.

That and it's boring.
>> No. 149600
Also, all it'd take is Gapbitch to futz around with her portals to free someone from it.
>> No. 149608
+1 INT


Quicken Spell

9th Level (VOTE FOR TWO)

[x] Shapechange I AM A FUCKING DRAGON
[x] Time Stop For thirty seconds... time stands still.

8th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[x] Polymorph Any Object Changes any subject into anything else.
[x] Protection From Spells Confers +8 resistance bonus on saving throws versus magic. Ed. Note: Costly, but can benefit allies. See description.
[x] Mass Charm Monster Makes all monsters (youkai) in 30ft believe they are your ally.

7th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[ ] Limited Wish Alters reality—within spell limits.

[x]Simulacrum this is the most useful thing I ever used.
[x] Spell Turning Reflect 1d4+6 spell levels back at caster.
[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion Extradimensional crash pad springs into existence - that's just how wizards roll, baby.
>> No. 149609
+1 INT


Quicken Spell

9th Level (VOTE FOR TWO)

[x] Shapechange I AM A FUCKING DRAGON
[x] Time Stop For thirty seconds... time stands still.

8th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[x] Polymorph Any Object Changes any subject into anything else.
[x] Protection From Spells Confers +8 resistance bonus on saving throws versus magic. Ed. Note: Costly, but can benefit allies. See description.
[x] Mass Charm Monster Makes all monsters (youkai) in 30ft believe they are your ally.

7th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[ ] Limited Wish Alters reality—within spell limits.

[x]Simulacrum this is the most useful thing I ever used.
[x] Spell Turning Reflect 1d4+6 spell levels back at caster.
[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion Extradimensional crash pad springs into existence - that's just how wizards roll, baby.
>> No. 149621
+1 INT


Quicken Spell

9th Level (VOTE FOR TWO)

[x] Shapechange I AM A FUCKING DRAGON
[x] Time Stop For thirty seconds... time stands still.

8th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[x] Polymorph Any Object Changes any subject into anything else.
[x] Protection From Spells Confers +8 resistance bonus on saving throws versus magic. Ed. Note: Costly, but can benefit allies. See description.
[x] Mass Charm Monster Makes all monsters (youkai) in 30ft believe they are your ally.

7th Level: (VOTE FOR THREE)

[ ] Limited Wish Alters reality—within spell limits.

[x]Simulacrum this is the most useful thing I ever used.
[x] Spell Turning Reflect 1d4+6 spell levels back at caster.
[x] Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion Extradimensional crash pad springs into existence - that's just how wizards roll, baby.

>> No. 149623

>> No. 149654
[x] WIS bonus
>> No. 149659
[x]WIS bonus
Don't even know where to start with the rest.
>> No. 149690
You guys DO know we already know the Shapechange spell, right?
>> No. 149693

Obviously an accidental triple-post, not hard with the bugginess plauging THP these days.

Almost asked for a votespam check just for the fun of seeing Mode or Kapow recoil in horror from the number of votes to be checked.

Speaking of, now I get to count these. WOOHOO
>> No. 149695
I'll start hoping the +1 Wis wins then.
>> No. 149711
This is what happens, friend, when you let updates linger for too long. Yours is a very popular story, perhaps more than you know.

I, as always, will vote for Wisdom, as it is earned in time of trials and tragedy.
>> No. 149712
Oh, christ, don't start that again.
>> No. 149715
>>Speaking of, now I get to count these. WOOHOO





Assuming that neither the WIS or INT votes here are votespam, we have 21 WIS votes and 13 (15 if >>149608 and >>149609 as has been pointed out) votes for INT. Do you want me to tally up the votes for the feats/spells here as well?
>> No. 149723

Stop goofing off over here and get back to trading with us would yah...
>> No. 149724
File 132144533936.jpg - (53.52KB , 1024x277 , Clipboard01.jpg ) [iqdb]
spells tally here:
>> No. 149725
File 132144597248.jpg - (152.55KB , 1364x529 , Clipboard03.jpg ) [iqdb]
fixed for legibility.
>> No. 149728
File 132145886640.jpg - (16.40KB , 350x364 , lovely.jpg ) [iqdb]

I... I love you. So god damned much. You have no idea how much that saved time helps my taxed schedule. It also allows me to start thinking about the next update in every free minute of the day, instead of only after I have a chance to tally a ton of votes.

You have singlehandedly accelerated my update speed.
>> No. 149729
File 132146083380.jpg - (1.88MB , 1535x1629 , intensify THIS.jpg ) [iqdb]
>No Disjunction
>Polymorph any harmless object
>Mordenkainen useless mansion
>Iron body
>No forcecage

>> No. 149730
holy fuck

Anon, You've done this site proud.
>> No. 149733
oh, knock it off.
>> No. 149736
File 132146509810.jpg - (77.94KB , 537x714 , freetime.jpg ) [iqdb]
>every free minute of the day
>> No. 149737
File 132146613789.jpg - (44.17KB , 500x341 , 1299129905675.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Polymorph Any Object
>"This spell can also be used to duplicate the effects of baleful polymorph, polymorph, flesh to stone, stone to flesh, transmute mud to rock, transmute metal to wood, or transmute rock to mud."
>Mansion: Rope Trick shenanigans x1000
>Shapechange + Iron Body: FUCK MAGIC I'M AN IRON DRAGON

Decisions by committee will always be fractured and unpredictable by their very nature, but inside the story, Wizard is still pretty damn smart and would never prepare an odd spell list without good reason.

He's also a generalist wizard, and they only survive (especially in the early levels) by being very creative, ingenious, clever and downright devious bastards.

So never fear, my dear anons. There's a lot Wizard is laughably inept at, but doing the samba through loopholes in natural law ain't one of 'em.
>> No. 149749

I'm actually happy with A fluffy list like this,

By now, he's aware that half the people on this plane are CR ohshit. Doubt Save or Die is going to work on anybody of note, and it's too late to run as that obscene munchikin-ed out Magic Missile Machine gun build
>> No. 149750
File 132150241940.gif - (75.20KB , 200x200 , 1319804814385.gif ) [iqdb]
>CR ohshit
>Exp for defeating one is bananas
>A Wizard Is you - Thread 22
>In which you hit epic levels
>> No. 149752
what, you think the list is weak?

It has Shapechange and Time Stop. It has PAO. It has Mind Blank. All that it's really missing is a few better lvl7s to round things out (e.g. Force Cage).

Is it perfect? No. Can I break creatures twice Wizanon's CR over the knee with it? Yes, yes I can.

>Doubt Save or Die is going to work on anybody of note
They won't get a save.
>> No. 149753
>They won't get a save.
>> No. 149754
there is no save against physical damage.

there is AC, which is much easier to bypass, and there is DR, which never stops everything. If you want to be pedantic about it, there is also Concealment, but we have True Sight.
>> No. 149755
This discussion is going way over my head, so I'm going to nod whatever you're saying, while not voting.
>> No. 149756
File 132153272178.jpg - (118.25KB , 750x600 , 1308511391037.jpg ) [iqdb]
I've often found this to be the best way of dealing with D&D discussions, even though I understand everything perfectly.
If you don't, it might attract "people" with "opinions". Both terms used very loosely.

And nobody wants THAT.
>> No. 149757
File 132153489352.jpg - (289.62KB , 500x600 , flight (perfect) 30 feet.jpg ) [iqdb]
AC is the chance to dodge an attack. And we're fighting against danmaku speci*lists experts, who dodge stuff for a living.

I don't think you thought that part through.
>> No. 149758
Too late. You're one of them. And so am I.
>> No. 149760
In fairness, force cage is a really expensive spell to cast (dat material component). I can understand us not having it.
>> No. 149761
A true wizard dodges stuff with blur, displacement and other such premier defensive spells.
>> No. 149762
Nay, a true wizard fights with his fists like a man!
>> No. 149763
one of the strange things about D&D combat mechanic is that Strength gives you a better to-hit chance vs AC, not Dexterity. ergo take a Shapechange form with high enough Strength, add Tenser's Transformation if necessary, and bob's your uncle. There's also Wraithstrike, for dealing with Natural Armor.

Here's a thought: with the proper form and proper buffs, Wizanon can out-grapple almost every non-oni touhou. Yep.

By proper form I mean one with tentacles.
>> No. 149764
An oni (ogre) only has 21 strength, you know.

>> No. 149766
File 132154091064.jpg - (49.00KB , 640x480 , 127261879545.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're thinking too much with your rulebooks. D&D mechanics provide a base, but they're not followed by the letter, thankfully.
That said, Suika can probably out grapple anything we can throw her at (being the strongest of Oni and all that) and her fortitude save is high enough to warrant a 1/20 success for our MC.
As for the other Touhous, their reflex save is gigantic, being trained in danmaku and all. Will save-dependent spells might work, but think of their background. Satori, per example, needs to have a strong will but Koishi probably doesn't.

Pic unrelated.
>> No. 149767
If Satori had a strong will, she wouldn't be hiding in the underground like the coward she is.
>> No. 149768
File 13215417177.jpg - (25.89KB , 300x450 , 3186-26265509.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey, Satori isn't a coward!
>> No. 149770
File 132154234541.jpg - (137.98KB , 523x700 , 10044026.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sure she isn't. I was just offering a counterargument for her Will save being... not so good, that's all.

Demetrious has the final say, naturally. It's his story.
>> No. 149772
>like the coward she is.
>Sure she isn't(A coward)

>> No. 149773
File 132154784618.jpg - (125.76KB , 920x740 , d20.jpg ) [iqdb]
Keep on trucking, Deme.

Really I just wanted an excuse to use this image.
>> No. 149775
File 132155030883.png - (3.74KB , 184x128 , feats.png ) [iqdb]
Wrapped things up; here's the feats count.
>> No. 149781
>D&D mechanics provide a base, but they're not followed by the letter
you can't dodge melee with reflex saves. going in that direction, you might as well say "you can't ever win because the DM is free to drop a rock on your head at any time". the difference between d&d and the DM pulling the entire game out of his ass is that in the former, at least you know what the rules are.

Gensokyo Oni is quite different from D&D Ogre, I'd say. They're Outsider rather than Giant, for one. Plus Suika and Yuugi has class levels.
>> No. 149782
File 132156989436.jpg - (255.29KB , 800x750 , Classy Rumia.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Gensokyo Oni is quite different from D&D Ogre, I'd say. They're Outsider rather than Giant, for one. Plus Suika and Yuugi has class levels.

Is that so?
>> No. 149783
Suika - "Punch out the moon" (Su): As a standard action you can cause the moon explodes into fragments of fine powder (those poor lunarians!). But don't worry, you can fix it. At any time after causing the moon to explode, you can use a standard action to put it back together again - bunnies and all.
>> No. 149784
Guys, even if this does use DnD for rules, you can't equate races here. For all we know, Oni get a +40 to strength. Or have a strength boosting ability. Heck, they could even go by psionic-like rules for performing supernatural feats of strength without necessarily having a high STR score (and thereby bypassing the melee attack roll hax such high strength would afford.) We simply do not know.

Discussion is fine and all, but I don't think speculating about things we can't predict (and more importantly that Wizanon cannot predict) is a productive use of posts. I'd really like to get in more than 2 story posts per thread, thanks.
>> No. 149786

...but she was banned to the underground.
>> No. 149787
File 132157248310.jpg - (50.60KB , 700x700 , 1274218927254.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 149788
>I'd really like to get in more than 2 story posts per thread, thanks.
>> No. 149789
Na, she's down there of her own volition.
...I think.
>> No. 149791

I did not say Oni were psionic. I was saying that for all we know they could use a similar rule system limiting the uses of supernatural strength without resorting to an "x uses a day" system.

Lern 2 read
>> No. 149793
Gee, it sure is GH around here.
>> No. 149800

Even if he had meant it as true psionics, it wouldn't be so far-fetched. Udoroots (which resemble red and white sunflowers) are capable psionics users despite their intelligence of 4. You don't need to be a genius to be a psionicist in D&D, you just need the talent.
Often it actually helps not to be; in the Udoroot's case, its lack of a brain means that its victims can't mentally retaliate.
>> No. 149802
File 132159061512.jpg - (25.36KB , 320x240 , mah_boi.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mah boi, this shitstorm is all what true anons strive for!
>> No. 149803
File 132159420488.jpg - (816.56KB , 1200x923 , Konachan_com - 50271 dress green_hair kazami_yuuka.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 149804
File 132159487596.jpg - (22.91KB , 480x340 , LinkWondering.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wonder what Demetrious' up to.
>> No. 149806
he's busy not writing.
>> No. 149815
File 132160549463.jpg - (21.29KB , 480x340 , SquatYourmajesty.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your Majesty, Demetrious and his minions have seized the board of /th/.
>> No. 149819
File 132161013518.jpg - (21.24KB , 304x300 , Waluigi_Time.jpg ) [iqdb]

What's going on here... WaLugi fix this.
>> No. 149826
File 132162343614.jpg - (22.84KB , 480x340 , KingWondering.jpg ) [iqdb]
How can we help?
>> No. 149828
How about by first stopping to post for no reason?
>> No. 149829
File 13216254197.jpg - (91.76KB , 862x634 , 1314085997823.jpg ) [iqdb]
Maybe if he would update faster the people would stop shitting up the thread.
>> No. 149831
It is written, only sage can defeat shitposting.
>> No. 149839
deme hasn't updated yet because he's busy designing some sort of battletech mech to troll me over completely
>> No. 149841
More like he has a job in a grocery store and it's about a week until thanksgiving.
>> No. 149857
>rarely come to THP anymore
>See this thread
>Demetrious is still going
>1 update and incomprehensible ammounts of DnD DefecationHurricanes

Never change man, never change.

I hope you finish this by the way, that in itself would be a fucking achievement in itself, and on the offchance that you don't what would you write for your next story?
>> No. 149864
Hey, don't jinx that! I don't want this story to become another GH!
>> No. 149914
>> No. 149967
New-thread-after-only-1-content-post-and-a-status-(level-up)-post where?
>> No. 150183
New thread yet, or is Demetrious in a coma?
>> No. 150185
Demetrious is on IRC.
>> No. 150186
Tell him to stop Cabaling and start writing.
>> No. 150187
If he's on IRC he doesn't do much cabaling and it's a general sign that he's trying to write. The same cannot be said of certain people.
>> No. 150188
>certain people
>> No. 150189
Betty White. That crazy old bint.
>> No. 150610
Cannot link to thread 14 and the joke update thread all a sudden, what happened?
>> No. 150650
The way I understand it, each thread goes unavailable for awhile as it's being archived. The link will eventually work again.
>> No. 150829
Note to whoever said Limited Wish can't bring the dead back: It can duplicate Any non-prohibited 5th level spell, which includes Raise Dead. Just have to provide the 5000gp (Which is like, 20$ in D&D. Gold is worth shit-all) worth of Diamonds.

Also, Yaaaay shapechange. Most entertaining 9th level spell, in addition to being the best!
>> No. 150890

The interest in raising the dead was in relation to Youmu, who is half ghost. So Raise Dead, which does not work properly on undead, would be inappropriate. However, previous people were working under the assumption that she would be an outsider. Raising an outsider would require Revive Outsider, a cleric 6 spell unavailable to us outside of Wish (not duplicate-able by limited wish since 6th level).

However, as I said before, she is half-ghost and thus actually an undead, not an outsider. Which would mean the appropriate D&D resurrection spell is Revive Undead, a 6th level Sorc/Wiz spell we could theoretically posses. Although it's IMO unlikely wizanon would have spent the resources to add such a corner case spell to his spellbook. However, this spell is mimicable by limited wish. Not that we have limited wish anyway, though...
>> No. 150912
Did Demetrious officially classify Youmu? Besides, using Wish/Limited wish is taking a big risk as it leaves things up to the DM. It'd be far better to prevent her death than trying to undo it.
>> No. 151039
It's not quite as if 5K gold is worth 20$, it's just that a generic adventurer usually has an income of a few hundred gold a week, at minimum.
Once you hit a high enough level to actually cast Limited Wish, you'll get thousands of gold just for getting up on time in the mornings.
>> No. 151094
Actually, even your average peasant makes about 10gp a week from Profession. Adventurers are still rich, but gold in Faerun is worth very, very little.

Also, ah, missed the part about reviving the half-ghost.

And, once again, as long as you keep within the limits of the spell, it works without dickery. Trying to get something bigger or different from the normal wish is where it gets dicey.
>> No. 151133
Now that we seem to have some free time we need to do some research on the funny farm we've been dropped into. Find out who lives here, what they can do , and why they do it. If we can we should get our hands on Akyu's book. (I don't remember if she's told us about it or not but I'm assuming she has.) Knowledge is the difference between finding the treasure and finding the orb of annihilation.
>> No. 151161
File 132413686858.jpg - (33.74KB , 500x375 , 1250992179400.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 151224
How long is 'awhile'? Over a week all ready. First time reading this story, and i doubt skipping 14 would work well.
>> No. 151225
As far as I know, it needs to be done manually. Try getting on IRC and bugging Kapow about it.
>> No. 151236
Last time I checked, >>/gensokyo/7144 worked on "missing" threads.
>> No. 151255
If you really want to read it now, there's always the cached version of the page from Google. Not sure how much this site likes links, but this is it:

>> No. 151256
Oh, and there's no pictures saved either.
>> No. 151336
Thank you all, i managed to find 1-16 in a zip file, with pictures even.
>> No. 151343
File 13244307339.png - (77.87KB , 320x320 , untitled.png ) [iqdb]
I can haz this monthly update Demetrious?
>> No. 151349
Cut that shit out.
>> No. 151580
I see Santa didn't get my last-minute email this year. I am very sad.
>> No. 151699
Why the hell does Demetrious update so rarely?
>> No. 151706
>> No. 151714

Actually it's been almost 2 months now...
>> No. 151857
File 13256215039.jpg - (42.54KB , 500x375 , OP-will-deliver-We-just-have-to-wait.jpg ) [iqdb]
Still waiting
>> No. 152056
Wizards save us, is there a new thread or did something happen to Demetrious?
>> No. 152565
Welp, I think Demetrious is dead
>> No. 152578
.....update? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 152648
Be patient. There will be a post in this thread when an update happens, whether it's in a new thread or here.

In the meantime, stop acting like five-year-olds and find something else to occupy your time with.
>> No. 152982
If were still selecting spells, I have a suggestion. It's not a core spell, but it would be very useful considering where we are. I'll reprint it here. (It was from the miniatures handbook.)

Undeniable Gravity
Level: Brd2 Sor/Wiz2
Components: V,S,M
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Long (400ft. + 40ft/level)
Target: One flying creature
Duration: 1 min/level
Saving Throw: Will Negates
Spell Resistance: Yes
A flying creature, which can be a creature flying by means of the fly spell or a similar magical effect (which I'm assuming most touhou's are) is grounded. If the spell is cast on a creature that is currently flying they descend to the ground at a speed of 60ft per round but it does not fall. They may use their fly speed to move horizontally or down but not back up. Once they touch the ground the subject may not use it's fly speed.
Material Component: A wing torn off a fly.

There's also a mass version which is a 4th level spell. Once again, considering where we are, this would give us a huge advantage in just about any fight.
>> No. 153051
>Material Component: A wing torn off a fly.

Oh, Wriggle, would you come here for a moment?
>> No. 153096
>Oh, Wriggle, would you come here for a moment?
Wizard has eschew materials.
>> No. 153384
I know what happened to Deme.

Recently, I met him in IRC. He's complaining about his headache or something, like Taisa used to be.
>> No. 153482
Please tell me you didn't let him go with just that.
>> No. 153700
Am I the only one that remembers that we set a shitload of traps at the SDM and then completely forgot about them?
>> No. 153766
File 133002537356.jpg - (17.79KB , 443x480 , Nuclear-explosion.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nope. You are not alone anon. Certain there are others who remember it from rereading the story repeatedly while waiting for updates. I'm personally hoping Scarlet imouto gets curious about the closet.....
>> No. 154114
I totally forgot about that.
>> No. 154132
me too, its going to be so much fun when someone gets blown the fuck up
>> No. 154322

assuming there is ever a new post
>> No. 154556
Goddamn it! Now I know where Deme is!

He's writing a goddamn Strike Witches CYOA in 4chan!

Why? Why did you betray us?
>> No. 154567
Can Limited Wish bring back the freshly dead?
>> No. 154569
Can Limited Wish bring back a writefag?
>> No. 154579
i cast "raise dead" on the thead.
>> No. 154580
one might even go so far as to call it "raise thread"
>> No. 154591
After comparing tiny Witches updates with extra-huuuuuge Wizard ones... I doubt that he would be back before that quest would end if at all. Tiny updates usually don't cause burnout after all.
>> No. 154596
I've heard he's doing that because it's easier to do with his limited time and that he has started his next update.
>> No. 154597
For this, I assume.
Where did you hear that?
>> No. 154601
From the man himself. I happen to be a friend of his and I did try telling him to post a status report.
>> No. 154621
File 133228476179.jpg - (40.84KB , 500x664 , AYAW_Are_You_A_Wizard-s500x664-149176-580.jpg ) [iqdb]
...was raise thread successful?

>> No. 154628
Don't count you chickens. I'll believe it worked when I see another two updates.
Yes, two. It can't be called resurrecting if it's just one update, then another several months of silence.
>> No. 154632
OOOH! i may or may not be a wizard. the suspense is killing me.
>> No. 154644
Trying to cajole Demetrious into posting here again...
>> No. 154656
Trying to cajole Demetrious into posting here again...
Okay, he wants to post a full update, and not a quote 'lolsorry', so yeah. Who knows.
>> No. 154788
wait, the strike witches thing hes doing? is he doing it under the name "planefag"?

because he mentioned writing a story about a wizard a while ago, and it would be a hell of a coincidence
>> No. 154794
Yes, Demetrious is planefag.
>> No. 154825
have these threads been archived?
>> No. 154831
Threads are archived... after they're bumped off the boards. Which, according to the last of this story's threads to fall off, will be about a year from now.
We've got awhile.
>> No. 155071
I would wait half a year if another chapter came out and the story was revived again.
>> No. 155154
File 133377471451.jpg - (238.27KB , 906x1103 , crazy donald.jpg ) [iqdb]
So I finally have a weekend off. A full weekend. For the first time in six months or so.

Now I can do writing that requires more planning then writing on my hand with a magic marker at work, which is literally what I do for that quest thing.

good heavens

just look at the fucking time
>> No. 155155
Thank you. :)
>> No. 155156
You might want to read this, mate.
>> No. 155157
Holy fucking shit. After five months of monitoring this thread, and you're finally back. I'm just glad for those posts that kept giving hope of your return eventually.
Even if you don't post again for months, at least you're trying.
>> No. 155161
oh FUCK YES. I missed you. I really, really missed you.
>> No. 155183
File 133384524396.jpg - (146.34KB , 620x620 , 6cd1200df659ca69daca9fbecaeaa67e.jpg ) [iqdb]

I idly check the thread and what do I see? Demetrious has returned to us. My crappy day is now made amazing knowing he has not spontaneously combusted on us all. Good for you on finally getting time off mate.
>> No. 155260
So Demetrious, couldn't >>154567 apply to Youmu?
>> No. 155609
good heavens

just look at the fucking date

Seriously, Demetrious, thanks for the fake-out.
>> No. 155621
Thank you so much for posting again Dem to give us an update on the story and why you've been away for so long. Please do not get discouraged.

However, if you find that you're unable to post this story because it requires too much planning, I know I at least would be fine with less planning in exchange for more story. You don't have to be a perfectionist.
>> No. 155867
And he's gone again. Woo, look at the time go!
>> No. 155949
File 133573048054.jpg - (153.16KB , 499x333 , sleep is for the weak.jpg ) [iqdb]
>faggots are working
>please wait with flaming rage

Hard part's done. Now the FUN commences.
>> No. 155964
I fucking LOVE fun. Any type of update to the story is already amazing.
>> No. 155974
File 133578008687.png - (340.61KB , 750x2880 , fun.png ) [iqdb]
>Now the FUN commences.
>> No. 156004
File 133585009748.jpg - (15.17KB , 243x395 , sxW5E.jpg ) [iqdb]
>dropping stories
>I seriously hope you guys don't do this

NEW THREAD >>56003
>> No. 156034