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145677 No. 145677
"Waiter!" The negotiator called, clearly disgruntled. "Bottle of your finest-"

"Mushroom ale." Tabuki interjected immediately. "I didn't go to the trouble of setting this up just so you can poison yourself and escape."

The negotiator frowned darkly, but slumped down a little where she was sitting.

".... I should hope you don't believe that Sunny Milk will just pay any unreasonable ransom demands you send." She almost spat. "It's not at all unlikely she'll simply wait you out, until you get sick of keeping us, or we escape... through whichever means."

"That remains to be seen. But let us continue our negotiations, for now. The system of tunnels Sunny Milk is occupying? They are mine. I will have them, whether or not your leader is co-operative-"

"That won't happen." The negotiator answered immediately, without needing to even think about it. "Those territories are.... were in a key defensible position, where opposing armies would have to go through.... currently, at the very least, two territories before they could even enter the tunnels. A great deal of effort and time has gone into the improvement of the fairies recruited from these secure areas, and their loss-"

"That is none of my concern." Tabuki interrupted. "Though I will be sure to express some form of gratitude to your leader, for going to the effort of training my troops for me."

She could almost hear the negotiator gritting her teeth.

"... You can be certain of this. Sunny Milk will not give up any territory to you without a fight. She will destroy you, repel your armies, take your own territories, and then have you drug up into the light of day where she will crush you personally like a dirt-grubbing insect..."

"I can smell the way you sound...." One of the witches interrupted, voice confused but fascinated, and eyes partially glazed over.

".... Yes, the ale does that sometimes." Tabuki replied awkwardly, as the witch in question stared blankly at her hand for a long moment. Then she moved it slightly, and started in what seemed honest surprise. After another moment, she giggled to herself and began slowly trailing her fingers through languid, confused patterns in the air, seeming utterly fascinated.

".... In any case, I have business to attend to on the surface." Tabuki continued. "The only question is whether you'll stand aside, or hinder me in reaching it."

"You're much mistaken if you think we'll be willing to let you just saunter through our holdings like they belong to you." The negotiator intoned, with a sense of finality to her words. "It would have been unlikely to happen even if you had made an offering and humbly pleaded from your knees... it's out of the question now. If you're done making proclamations, I believe our discussion is concluded."


[ ] "Not so. We have much still to speak of..." [Input]
[ ] "It seems so. I will have you escorted back to your territories and released... A gesture of good faith to your leader. Be sure she understands that I had the capability to hold you here indefinitely, had I so chosen. I will, of course, send a bottle of ale along, with my compliments." [-3 silvers]
-- [ ] Substitute a cask for the bottle. [-20 silvers]
[ ] "It seems so. I will have one of you escorted back to your territories and released, to carry my terms to your leader. I also believe I offered a bottle of ale... that will be sent along as well. The rest of you will... remain here, enjoying the full hospitality of the underworld, for a time." [Select messenger, -3 silvers]
-- [ ] Substitute a cask for the bottle. [-20 silvers]

Round of drinks(Fairy Sized)- 1 silver. Current silvers: 24.

>> No. 145688
[x] "Not so. We have much still to speak of..." [Input]
[x] "Fine. You may keep the tunnels until further notice. Here, let me lead you back."
-[x] Try to make a detour to some sort of dark alley or some other place where you wont be seen, knock her out and tie her up.

Prisoners of war man. I'm not sure at all how this will do, but fuck it, might as well try.
>> No. 145691
[x] "It seems so. I will have you escorted back to your territories and released... A gesture of good faith to your leader. Be sure she understands that I had the capability to hold you here indefinitely, had I so chosen. I will, of course, send a bottle of ale along, with my compliments." [-3 silvers]
>> No. 145725
>>Prisoners of war man. I'm not sure at all how this will do, but fuck it, might as well try.

Heh, if we go this route we might as well see if we can find a zombie that looks like her, take the negotiators clothes, put them on the zombie, and send the zombie-in-the-negotiators-clothes back up with the stoned out knights. Because if we're going to send a message, a "We can turn your forces into the undead" (even as a bluff or lie) has one hell of a kick to it. But I think I'll wait to see what >>145697 comes up with.
>> No. 145737

Sorry anon, but this is gonna take a while. I can barely get up from my bed. Until I can think and move normally again, all I've thought until now is to remove the third vote.

Also, pointing out that the negotiator is exactly that, not a strategist/tactician, and thus unable to fully comprehend the art of warm might bring some sense into her. Or insult her greatly and things go horribly wrong.

Inquring why Sunny is absent, with more emphasis on Sunny instead of who came in her place. This could imply she/her forces are busy and can't divide her attention with the Underground. More points for us.

Can't remember anything else now. Sending a zombie in the negotiator's place could be fun...

Also, fuck iPhones. I need a tablet.
>> No. 145738
>".... I should hope you don't believe that Sunny Milk will just pay any unreasonable ransom demands you send." She almost spat. "It's not at all unlikely she'll simply wait you out, until you get sick of keeping us, or we escape... through whichever means"

Also, just noticed this. Does this means that Sunny doesn't give a shit about their troops/diplomats? Maybe we could at least confiscate their weapons and return the fairies after making them too drunk/high to remember anything
>> No. 145746
[X] You threaten my fairies with slavery and death?
>> No. 145753
[x] Take a stab at getting a non-aggression treaty. If they have heavily fortified the main entrance and a deal is made, then Tabby at least won't have to deal with the other leaders for a bit. The Kappa labs, if Tabby can get to them in time, offer what I imagine is a secure path to the surface. That said...
[x] "I will have you escorted back to your territories and released... A gesture of good faith to your leader. Be sure she understands that I had the capability to hold you here indefinitely, had I so chosen. I will, of course, send a bottle of ale along, with my compliments." [-3 silvers]
>> No. 145755
Yeah, I think we need to see if we can get the negotiator to Calm The Fuck Down and work out a Non-Aggression treaty. If that doesn't work, we NEED to prevent them from leaving for the moment, which may mean knocking them out and keeping them prisoners for a short while. We should probably ask Meira/Satori/Emerald for their advice on that if we have to take them prisoner for a while.

As for possible suggestions of what Tabuki could do, the Knights we can get drunk/high as fuck, and we can use the Negotiator to try and mindfuck Sunny if we can find a zombie that looks close enough to how she does. Beyond just putting the negotiators clothes on the zombie, we could also scare the living fuck out of the negotiators bodyguards with "How" Tabuki turned her into a zombie (I.E. tickled in another room with only her screams and pleas for it to stop being heard before silence and Zombie-Lookalike!Negotiator walks out of the locked room). It would be a hell of a prank at any rate if we could pull it off.

Because if we're going to mindfuck them, we need to really mindfuck them.

[X] Take a stab at getting a non-aggression treaty.
[X] If that doesn't work out, capture/restrain them and try to mindfuck all of them over in the process (see notes for possible details).
[X] Make sure to send up a couple bottles of Ungerground booze regardless of what outcome occurs when you send Sunny's forces back up.
>> No. 145759
[X] Tell the negotiator to train of of our fairies to be a negotiator as the only condition for freedom.

This way tabby doesn't have to go to EVERY single meeting. you guys need to think outside the box a little bit or were gunna be stuck with the same classes all the way up to end-game.
>> No. 145760
File 131520279854.jpg - (118.47KB , 480x800 , HM.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Zombie switcheroo shenanigans.



Okay, yeah, not at all what I was expecting, but I can run with this if things go that way.

I'll note, there's two possible ways it can go, if things come to that.

1- Trying to slip a troop-swap by Sunny, unnoticed. "What.... oh her? Yeah, she... she's always been a zombie. I think. Hasn't she?" Or something like that. If you pull it off, which is in no way guaranteed, then you lose one of your zombies. They work for Sunny Milk now. However, you gain the negotiator. Her pleasure with the arrangement is also not guaranteed.

2- Spyan' games. The zombie goes up, spends a day or three aboveground, then comes back down, possibly with useful info, stolen equipment, or having sabotaged something somehow. She might get caught, of course. But hey, same deal applies with her as does with your own group of current drinking companions: die and respawn back with everyone else on your side, no worries.

Potential benefits, drawbacks, and amusements with either path, of course. So, have fun thinking about it, I'll leave you to keep voting for a while.
>> No. 145778

I'd rather attend these meetings all the time. The control and possibilities we can have by doing so is of great value.


You make this very tempting, you know that? Still, you're a pretty cool guy.

>If you pull it off, which is in no way guaranteed, then you lose one of your zombies. They work for Sunny Milk now.

If we don't pull it off, the zombie dies and respawns back to us, but then we would be either in a delicate situation, or war would be imminent?

[x] "Not so. We have much still to speak of. Also, have another drink, I insist. You refusing our ale would be very rude."
[x] "Who do you think you are, anyway? You are definetly not Sunny Milk and my words are meant for her, not for you. You don't have the final say in anything. Damn, I know she has been underground before, there is no reason for to not come down again for something this important. Or are things on the surface that bad she can't afford to be absent for a few hours?"
[x] "Now, if you weren't so impatient, you would have heard the part where I offered a to form non-aggression pact with her. You leave our tunnels, and we will never raise a single finger against you for as long as the war lasts, unless you do so first, of course. In the future, we may also proide support and assistence against Cirno. Sunny will also receive a bottle of the finest ale we have, if she agrees with these terms."
[x] "Besides, if what you've said is true, then Sunny doesn't really care about any of you, and I will indeed keep you all down here, if I deem it necessary."

[x] If the Negotiator is still being an asshole, commence the zombifying plan. Write an official letter for Sunny with the proposed terms so the zombie won't have to speak much.

Damn you Kahi, now I want everything!
>> No. 145788
File 131524685866.jpg - (47.93KB , 550x336 , wololo.jpg ) [iqdb]

yea, but a negotiator would most likely have a chance to wololo captured or outnumbered wild fairies, instead of just killing/zombiefying them.

Also, it would be nice to have someone around who has a charisma score higher than 1.
>> No. 145798
I wonder if we could somehow get the Negotiator to think Sunny betrayed/abandoned her.
>> No. 145808
>>145688 here, changing vote to

[x] "Not so. We have much still to speak of. Also, have another drink, I insist. You refusing our ale would be very rude."
[x] "Who do you think you are, anyway? You are definetly not Sunny Milk and my words are meant for her, not for you. You don't have the final say in anything. Damn, I know she has been underground before, there is no reason for to not come down again for something this important. Or are things on the surface that bad she can't afford to be absent for a few hours?"
[x] "Now, if you weren't so impatient, you would have heard the part where I offered a to form non-aggression pact with her. You leave our tunnels, and we will never raise a single finger against you for as long as the war lasts, unless you do so first, of course. In the future, we may also proide support and assistence against Cirno. Sunny will also receive a bottle of the finest ale we have, if she agrees with these terms."
[x] "Besides, if what you've said is true, then Sunny doesn't really care about any of you, and I will indeed keep you all down here, if I deem it necessary."
[x] Zombie infiltration if negotiator is bitchy. If she fails us, she will know true pain.
-[x] However, if she does not fail us and nabs us some sort of useful information/items, then she will join the ranks of Sunny.

Hey, we can control zombies. Make them not want to fail at the cost of their lives... er, dead lives. You get the point.

edit to fix my post a bit. trading off a zombie for a negotiator is a damn fine deal, even if the latter hates it. but eventually she'll have no choice but to help us.

also as a side note, if Sunny Milk takes in the zombie, we could always use that to say 'har har your leader doesnt even remember you' and get her to join us purely for revenge or something
>> No. 145811
>Hey, we can control zombies. Make them not want to fail at the cost of their lives... er, dead lives. You get the point

I think promising a reward to fairies (any fairy) is more effective than threats. Well, maybe, I'm not good with children. I do know that fear isn't a very good tool if the kid can get away untouched, like the zombie will be able to.
>> No. 145820
The way that I see it is that fae are only under our command because they are Satoris, our wife, or because of us owning their land and therefore them. Now, Zombies? IIRC, we learned some sort of 'aura' like thing that zombies can feel, making our influence on them that much better. Normally they wouldn't obey anyone yet they obey us no questions asked.
>> No. 145823
>>I think promising a reward to fairies (any fairy) is more effective than threats.

It's a Zombie!Fairy we're talking about here. All Tabuki needs to do is promise her that if she pretends to be one of Sunny's fairies for a very short while, she can pounce on and attack/eat as many of Sunny's fairies as she wants to. Promise her that if she makes her kills as gruesome and bloody as possible that we'll also save for squid-meat for her as well. The Zombie!Fairy gets to maim/injure/kill/consume some of Sunny's troops, Sunny's troops that witness it get traumatized as fuck, and we get one very happy Zombie!Fairy. Win-win all around.
>> No. 145827

That's a bad idea. We want her to stay undercover, if she did anything as explicit as that, there is no way she wouldn't be blasted.

We could let her eat a neutral fairy, though. Maybe the Unkown MM, the one with the Survivor trait.

This still is too cruel. I'd rather give candies then let fairies suffer ;_;
>> No. 145828
If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight! Sun Tzu said that, and I'd say he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it, and then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor.
>> No. 145829

Oh yeah? Then guess what: Sun Tzu is dead. I am not. Who is the genius now, huh?

Regardless, I laughed. Good job.
>> No. 145832
No, we do NOT want her to "Stay Undercover". Do you know why? >>145760 sums up why very easily. We do NOT want to give Sunny one of our troops.

Now making Sunny and her forces to think that going down to the underground is BAD BUSINESS is something we want. How do we do that? Mindfuck them. Mindfuck them so badly that they don't want to go back Underground, even when it's to their advantage to do so.
>> No. 145854

Hello. Is seems you are focusing on the wrong paragraph. Here, read this one instead:

>2- Spyan' games. The zombie goes up, spends a day or three aboveground, then comes back down, possibly with useful info, stolen equipment, or having sabotaged something somehow. She might get caught, of course. But hey, same deal applies with her as does with your own group of current drinking companions: die and respawn back with everyone else on your side, no worries.

See, much better, isn't? Having free intel on Sunny's forces is much more valuable than maiming one or two mooks.

Remember, fairies regenerate. Anything the zombie does won't last for more than a day. Even if they get the Necrophobe trait, we don't have enough zombies to abuse it constantly.

Besides, that could be interpreted as an act of aggression, giving them a reason/excuse to attack us. Which is exactly what we don't want, by the way. That's why we're pushing for a NAP throught diplomacy, it's the safest and surest way of avoiding war.
>> No. 145858
File 131543711026.jpg - (202.35KB , 600x600 , ae7d4105556d75bfbbc518a3294d7050ee3cb00f.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Not so. Drink. Calm yourself, Ambassador, there is no need for alarm." Tabuki said, in a voice that she attempted to make soothing, but came across as simply smug. "I have told you what will be. There is no reason that it must come to pass tomorrow, or even the next day... this is simply advance notice that those tunnels will be mine."

The negotiator's teeth ground together again, but she visibly calmed herself.

"... So you believe." She grudgingly allowed.

"Good, good. Another round of drinks? I insist. You, ale!"

The witches cheered, even as the negotiator sullenly glowered into her still half-full cup. Without a word, she drained the liquid inside, then slammed the cup back into the wood of the table, as one of Tabuki's barmaids made her careful, deliberately wary way around the group, giving the undead as wide a berth as she could manage.

"Now... tell me. What degree of authority do you hold? Exactly. Be detailed, if you would."

".... I speak, to a degree, with the voice of Sunny Milk herself." The negotiator ground out. "To a point, I can make agreements.... negotiations, exchanges, arrange cease-fires and terms... It is what I do. In general, my leader deals with such matters herself, however I am deployed in situations where two meetings must be held at the same time in different locations, or a place is.... uncomfortable.... and I fill those duties nearly as well as she herself would. However, she still holds final say over any arrangements to be made, for just such situations as this. More normally, it is no issue, as I am more than capable of seeing to it that the details are arranged in a manner that she will find palatable, but do not think that she will be any more willing to meet unreasonable terms now than she would have been before you pulled this... stunt."

Tabuki considered, mulling this over for a moment.

".... 'Uncomfortable'... you said. Do elaborate." She instructed.

"Tch. It is a mark against your ability that this is not obvious." The negotiator answered, a moment of amusement flickering through her eyes before simple irritation took sway once more. "Sunny Milk is a fairy of Light. The sun's light, to be precise. Going to places removed from her source, where the light of the sun reaches only dimly, or not at all, is... uncomfortable. As I said. Sufficiently so that preference goes to avoiding being put in a position where such discomfort is required, though do not fool yourself into believing that this in any way limits the force she can personally bring to bear in such areas."

"I would think a matter of importance like diplomacy would more than outweigh... a little personal discomfort. Wouldn't you?" Tabuki mused aloud.

"Matters of... Importance." The negotiator mused in turn, then snorted. "You think you are 'important'.... how quaint."

Tabuki frowned darkly.

"... The simple fact that I am here.... is proof of your lack of any sort of importance." The negotiator continued, smugly. "The war has not yet begun in earnest, on the surface. There have been some movements of troops, yes, and Leaders have begun to stir, however... there is as yet nothing that requires my leader's personal touch. She simply didn't think such a small matter as you represented was.... important enough to bother herself with, if it came with even the most trifling discomfort to herself. And so I was sent in her place."

If there was one thing Tabuki could say about the negotiator, it was this. She knew how to inflame emotions. It was all that she could do not to stand and show her a taste of different fires...

"She does not consider me any sort of threat." Tabuki concluded, carefully.

"Not a bit." The negotiator cheerily confirmed, eyes glinting.

"... Fine. It matters not." She decided sharply. "In any case, I had intended to offer a mutual non-aggression agreement-"

"Not even fought yet, and you already desperately hunt for a way to stop us." The negotiator interrupted, smirk widening. "But by all means... continue. This should be good."

"You leave our tunnels." Tabuki began, ignoring the negotiator's derisive snort. "... And we will occupy them, but not move past them for the course of this war, capturing no territory further than the entry to our depths. The surface would be secure from attack through this venue. Further, we will not make the first strike against any of your forces, though if you should make any attack our retaliation would be swift and entirely without mercy. We may, further, agree to lend our support against Cirno's forces-" She paused for only a moment as another, more amused snort, came unexpectedly. "... if need arises. As well, we would tribute a bottle of ale, directly to your leader, for her own private consumption."

".... Hm, is that all?" The negotiator said dryly, as Tabuki wound down to a close. "... Allow me to rephrase your terms for you, if you would. 'We will take several of your more powerful soldiers to bolster our own armies', as I already mentioned. 'In addition to this reduction of your armies, we will extract bindings in the attempt to prevent you from getting those soldiers back, though we might use them against your enemies, if they take the area near the entrance and decide to attack, otherwise we won't bother. We might do more than that, but only against one enemy in specific, and in exchange for all this we'll give your leader a free bottle of beer.' Do you think that booze is hard enough to come by that an arrangement like that could be considered even vaguely palatable? Keep your swill." She sneered. "We can steal more, and better. I also find it very.... interesting that you focus your attention on Cirno, and gave none of the other leaders a moment's thought or mention in your terms. Curious."

"I consider her the greatest threat." Tabuki answered simply.

The negotiator let loose a bark of short laughter, before taking a drag from her ale.

"... Maybe so." She said simply, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with the assessment. "... perhaps rightly so, even. But you are mistaken if you believe that because the Alpha of a wolf pack is the strongest and fiercest, the Omega is any less capable of tearing free your throat. And Cirno doesn't have much cause to like you. Even dislikes you somewhat. She does, however, find you interesting, which is more than I can say for my own Leader."

Tabuki frowned again, in the face of the negotiator's smirk. At this point, she was inclined to snipe back, and indulge in a little petty cruelty.

"I imagine she doesn't. Then, from your description, I cannot imagine she finds you particularly interesting either, if she is willing to stand aside as I hold you here, behind enemy lines, at my mercy." She said, leadingly.

"Trust." The negotiator countered, smugly. "We are soldiers, at my lady's command. Our purpose is her will. In turn, we have some degree of mutual trust... Our detainment, it will not be without a purpose, if she chooses not to come to our immediate rescue. There is faith, that we can escape on our own, if an opportunity arises for even a moment. Further... that we can keep you occupied. That detaining us will, in the end, simply not be worth it for you. You may not have to supply us with food or drink, as we cannot starve or die of thirst... but should we die, then we will shortly be back among our comrades, with most interesting discussion indeed to come. Can you afford to set us minders, watch us every hour of every day, to be sure none of us has found, say, a sharp bit of glass? More, can you assure that our minders are sufficient in number and strength that if we get loose, we cannot simply fight our way free and leave of our own volition? Can you do this, and at the same time fend off incursions from other forces? Hm? It seems like it would be an... expensive... risky proposition." She mused aloud. "And entirely besides that.... you're a fine one to talk." She finished in a sneer.

"... How do you mean?" Tabuki asked warily.

"Simply that it is.... ironic... that you accuse Sunny Milk of not caring about her soldiers. That is all... you hypocrite." The negotiator answered, clear and vindictive amusement obvious in her eyes.

"... I don't care much for your insinuations." Tabuki bit off.

"You don't care. That is precisely my point. I imply nothing, I'm saying it straight to your face. Would you like to know something I've noticed? Not once. At no time, from the moment I laid eyes on you in the tunnels, have you referred to a single one of your fairies by their name. At first I thought it coincidence... but now I have begun to reconsider. Do you even know their names? Any of them? If so, then say it! Speak their names, and I'll retract the allegation. I'll even apologize. I don't even require that you be close friends or confidantes. Just prove me wrong... that you care enough about your soldiers to know the names of the fairies who fight, who bleed, or who toil in mindless drudgery for your cause. Not even your entire army... simply name the fairies that are right now in this very building."

The negotiator leaned forward, eagerly, going quiet as she waited. After a long moment, Tabuki grunted in disgust and turned her head aside, and she leaned back again, smug in her little victory as Tabuki's fairies shifted in place, awkwardly. One caught her eye, then looked away. The jittery one, who'd retreated rapidly after pouring drinks, eyes on the zombies the whole time. Fear... no. No...

"I thought not." She said, more calmly. "... And I'll thank you not to make your own little... implications, when your own-"

"Beryl." Tabuki interrupted shortly, without turning her head back.

"... eh-"

"Her name." Tabuki clarified shortly. "Is Beryl. I heard it from... somewhere. I can't recall. She was savaged, ripped apart and devoured alive, by undead fae, and returned with a deep trauma having taken hold. I could not think of words to comfort her. But I removed her from the rosters of fairies I use to conquer territories infested with undead... and equally unfortunate things. I put her to other duties, and did what I could to avoid putting her in a position where that fear could flare up, as best as I was able, without simply casting her out and finding a fairy without such issues. She was the one I thought of first, in purchasing uniforms for non-combat duties. I may not... be particularly adept with social workings, or have a friendly demeanor, or find the time to personally introduce myself to soldiers before directing the day's troop movements... but don't accuse me of not caring."

Beryl's wings were trembling slightly as she stared at Tabuki, and the negotiator snorted derisively.

"... So you can recall one name, when pressed. As though there is much difference." She grumbled, though much of her smugness had left, and the mood had lightened among Tabuki's fairies somewhat.


[ ] Press the talks further? Little chance of the arrangement you have proposed going through, but perhaps you can think of something else to discuss. [Input]
[ ] No, you've had enough. The talks are done.
-[ ] Release the entire enemy group, send them back.
--[ ] With alcohol [insert type, varying cost]
--[ ] With nothing.
-[ ] Release one of the enemy group, detain the rest. Send her back:
--[ ] With alcohol [insert type, varying cost]
--[ ] With nothing.
-[ ] Release none of the enemy group, detain them all.
-[ ] Zombie Shenanigans. You have A PLAN.

Round of drinks: -1 silver. Current silvers: 23.
>> No. 145861
Anon, I think this is the part where we re-read the story in hopes of finding more names just so we can tell this smug bitch off.
>> No. 145872

Uh, Deady. It's not great, and maybe a bit, um, racist, but it is affectionable. Right?

There is also MkII, which is not much of a name, and we were about to name Melanie (MMM).

[ ] No, you've had enough. The talks are done.
-[ ] Zombie Shenanigans. You have A PLAN.

All is lost, and I'm in despair. This is my only hope.
>> No. 145875
Why the heck would a negotiator willingly reveal her master's weakness?

just put out a flyer saying that all you have to do to defeat Sunny is to attack her forces at night with guerrilla warfare. she probably won't enter the battle personally(even though she technically can) and you have the overwhelming bonus of having a commander fighting against fairy fodder. She'll prolly be the first one taken out with no one the wiser to your trickery

sunny = ezmode
>> No. 145881

Only Sunny is sunlight aligned. The rest of her fairies are normal fairies.
>> No. 145886
[x] No, you've had enough. The talks are done.
-[x] Release the entire enemy group, send them back.
--[x] With alcohol [One bottle of ale, 3 silvers]

If she continues to gripe about the gift, toss in a second bottle, but ask her what, exactly, she was expecting to get down here. This isn't the surface, after all.

While the zombie shenanigans might prove somewhat amusing, I'd rather just move on at this point.
>> No. 145888
[x] No, you've had enough. The talks are done.
-[x] Zombie Shenanigans. You have A PLAN.
>> No. 145891
[x] No, you've had enough. The talks are done.
-[x] Zombie Shenanigans. You have A PLAN.
The other options are not much...
>> No. 145900
>Why the heck would a negotiator willingly reveal her master's weakness?

>though do not fool yourself into believing that this in any way limits the force she can personally bring to bear in such areas."

Think less 'Kryptonite to Superman', more 'ugh, these mosquito bites really itch'. As a "weakness", it's less crippling, more annoying. And being itchy all over or a little sleepy isn't going to in any way stop her from waving a hand and engulfing a bunch of fairies in a swirling storm of fire and pain.

She brought it up as part of the whole "YOU ARE WORTHLESS AND UNIMPORTANT, GOD YOU'RE SUCH A SHMUCK YOU NEWBIE" thing she had going there. Pointing out that by Sunny's reckoning, you aren't important or dangerous enough for 'talking to you' to outweigh 'ugh, feels like I just got dipped in a pit of slime and can't wipe it off' sensations.

If she was actually weaker at night and whatnot combat-wise, then I can assure you that would long since have been taken shameless advantage of by the other fairies.
>> No. 145904
While Shenanigans might be somewhat amusing, I can't imagine it'll end well, regardless of what you choose to do with it. Spying is out because you can't really communicate with the zombies aside from bossing them around, and I rather doubt fairies bother with written records of troop movements; and assuming the Negotiator's not grandstanding Sunny's going to spot the swap and either watch the zombie closely or just off her on the spot. You *might* be able to play it off as a prank, as the Fey have odd senses of humor, but that's not guaranteed either way.

The best outcome one can really hope for at this point is to be written off as some rude, uninteresting newbie and ignored(up until Tabby's forces have been built up and we start kicking them out of the Underground...).
>> No. 145905
It should also be noted that you'd have to keep the negotiator stashed somewhere and use fairies that could be off taking territory to guard her, all while keeping her from learning anything else about the area.

So yeah, more trouble than it's worth.
>> No. 145906

I can't delete my vote >>145872. Want to change to:
[ ] No, you've had enough. The talks are done.
-[ ] Release the entire enemy group, send them back.
--[ ] With nothing.

The offered bottles are for Sunny after she agrees with our proposals. It won't happen, but I'm not going to lose more mone with anything else. They alrealdy know much.
>> No. 145907
Already started writing, and am more than halfway through the post at this point. Gonna just call it for ZOMBIE FUN TIMES, so I don't waste what I've already done. Should have posted back when I started writing, but meh.
>> No. 145908
File 131551280176.jpg - (192.22KB , 600x800 , dc95f30932c8a1c72f93334c6f069c52fd3e3cf0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tabuki cast an idle glance over towards the retinue of witches. Two were already slumped forward onto the table, barely conscious and mumbling incoherently. One had their head tilted slightly to the side, drool trickling un-noticed and freely down her cheek as she flushed heavily and giggled softly to herself. Tabuki wasn't entirely sure she wanted to know what the fairy was seeing, through her glazed eyes. The last was shivering, wide-eyed and sweating heavily, eyes darting here and there as she jerked softly one way, then another. Likely, what she had dreamed up wasn't exactly pleasant. Even so, they were more than intoxicated enough, the underground drink hitting them unusually hard.

With her initial plan fallen through, she supposed it was time to look to alternate solutions.

"Tend to these for a moment, would you?" She directed the nearby barmaids, waving idly at the diplomatic guard. "Make sure they're reasonably comfortable, and that if they vomit, they don't drown in it. The negotiator and I need to speak for a moment, in... private. Yuugi, if I could borrow your room for just a moment?" She called.

"Sure, knock yourself out, kid." The oni responded, before turning her attention back to her current customer.

Tabuki nodded and rose, then waved a hand at her zombies as the negotiator warily followed suit.

"Restrain her." She ordered simply, and the negotiator started as two of the undead moved to her sides, each clamping down on one of her arms with a grip like iron.

"... I thought you said 'private' just now." She said sullenly, trying half-heartedly to break free for a moment before relaxing.

"They won't be gossiping about anything they see." Tabuki assured her. "Come along then."

The undead followed behind her, captive in tow, as she entered the quiet, private living quarters. The negotiator seemed to be slowly growing more worried, but her jaw was resolutely set. Tabuki waved the zombies over, to bring her closer. She spent a moment in silence, carefully sizing up and judging the negotiator.

Then, with a deft and dispassionate hand, she began stripping the captive.

"Wh... What do you think you're doing, you brute?" The negotiator cried out, thrashing slightly in place, hint of color rising to her cheeks. "You won't get away with... D-don't think that anything you do to me will-!"

"Hush." Tabuki replied in irritation, plucking a small fragment of cork off the ground and popping it in her mouth as an impromptu gag. "It really isn't anything like what you're thinking. I just need your clothes."

The light tint of color didn't fade, but the shock in her eyes was replaced with a mixture of confusion and relief. And, unnervingly, a touch of disappointment, which Tabuki decided she would pretend not to have seen at all.


You are hungry.

There are four tasties around you, staggering with their disorientation and drunkenness. They would be easy prey. You have Orders, though, and as the first and strongest, you will not fail the instruction. These tasties must be untouched. For now.

You pass other tasties, but some belong to The Mistress, and are forbidden to you, and your Orders prevent you from stopping to enjoy the others. A shame, but necessary. You are sure there will be opportunity to taste them at some future time, though.

You have reached the opening, from the tunnels to that which is above. It is bright. The light disagrees with your pale skin and your eyes ache, as you lift an arm to shield them without thinking. The action goes unremarked on by the tasties, who seem to be disagreeable towards the sudden change in brightness themselves. One has become very loud, and angry, though you ignore the actual words as unimportant. The surroundings are very colorful. You are accustomed to black and grey and red, and are now awash in an ocean of greens and blues. It is slightly disorienting, but it passes. Your skin still protests the sun's light and heat, where it is uncovered by the garb The Mistress bid you wear. Your eyes have mostly adjusted, however, though they still offer resentment towards the surroundings.

You reflect upon your orders, as you float through the sky alongside the tasties. "Go up into Sunny Milk's camp. Do as you please there, so long as you don't draw attention until you're in, but be sure to look at things once you are. I'm sure there's some spell or other that let's me learn things you've seen, even if I have to owe a favor to that cat, and if not then I can try my hand at a few rounds of charades."

The orders were, perhaps, a little undefined, but you kind of liked them.

You floated down towards a large tree, and were stopped by a tasty. The other tasties stopped with you, and the lone tasty sniffed the air lightly.

"... You guys got smashed and you didn't bring any back for me?" The tasty complains.

"Shorry.." One of the tasties around you offers. A soft, short groan seems appropriate, and fits in with other quickly offered moanings and apologies from the other tasties.

".... Well, whatever." The tasty says shortly, seeming to already dismiss you as she waves the group along. "You should probably get sobered up and scrubbed down before anything else, though. Unless you want to just brag about how much fun you had below. But you just know that someone's going to have had a hard enough day that they'll take it personally."

You float down a little further, having been dismissed by the guard-tasty, and take in the sight of the Tree. There is a large building nestled in the top, with three doors, each pointing a different direction, with the area surrounding the tree divided up in three parts, more or less according to which way the doors opened, the areas separated by lines of sticks jammed into the dirt to mark a common boundary. Inside these areas were small, crude shacks, with tasties occasionally coming in and out as they went about their business. You have difficulty not salivating at the buffet laid out before you. Turning your attention back toward the building in the top of the tree, you note that it is painted three colors, more or less focused around a single door, and swirling haphazardly together about where the borders of territories met. The one you faced directly, looking mostly out towards the forest and huge congregations of buildings beyond that you had floated over to get here, and situated as the highest of the three doors, was painted red. The second door faced mostly away from the forest in one direction, towards a relatively nearby structure seated at the top of a number of stairs, and was painted blue. The third was painted yellow, and also looked mostly away from the forest, though in the opposite direction as the blue door. Looking in that direction showed what after a moment you realized to be another opening to the underground, though it was very firmly within the Red territories, and much, much further away a river, partially concealed in mists, and slightly unnerving for you to look upon, though you did not understand why.

Below, the tasties have begun floating leisurely towards a heavily overgrown section of a twisting brook that made its way through all three of the claimed areas. Around the crude shacks below you can see a tasty that entered one building not a few moments ago leave it, long carved stick similar to the ones the tasties that came up from the underground with you were carrying. Not far from that, you can see other tasties carrying fruit into a larger shack. Back up, you think you can see a window partially hidden behind a leafy branch that you might be able to look into the large building through. You aren't very good at thinking, but there's a decision to be made here.


[ ] Input action. Keep it simple, trying to think too far ahead will just confuse you.
>> No. 145921
>as the first and strongest

Aww, my favorite of the three! She has grown so much! ;_;

>another opening to the underground, though it was very firmly within the Red territories

Just for confirmation, it's indeed Red/Sunny's territory? Just to make sure it1s not a typo.

[x] Investigate the large building.

I don't know where to start. We might want to take a look at their arsenal after this, though my first priority is to steala map, and maybe possibly a list of personnel,if such thing exists.

Oh Deady, you big girl, you~
>> No. 145925
Hmm, this might actually work out after all, as I thought they'd get shuffled over to Sunny to report in before anything else.

Heck, it'd be funny if we unlocked some kind of Zombie Ninja Fairy class for doing well here.

As for actions... Slipping into what is assumed to be equipment storage and swapping out gear(or at least tossing a robe on over the suit) would be a good start, if only to avoid awkward questions about why Deady hasn't reported in to Sunny yet. If she can pull that off without getting noticed, other options open up...

[x]Try to sneak into gear storage and disguise yourself as another class. A melee class is preferred, but grab a robe and a staff if time is short. If you can hang on to the suit, all the better.
>> No. 145952
[x] Look through the window.
>> No. 145960

Yes, confirming that the entry to the underground Deady noted is under Sunny's control.
>> No. 145978
[X] Go check the place of the carved stick.

By seeing their weapons depot, we can make estimatives on Sunny's army size, strengh, and class focus. We can steal some weapons, or better, destroy them.
>> No. 146027
I'm seconding this guys response. Destroying enemy equipment is a good plan of action if we can get away with it. It could even provide enough of a destraction that we could likely sneak back into the underground after we've had a look around the camp.

[X] Go check the place of the carved stick.
>> No. 146028

Isn't better to leave that for later? Find stuff out first, then destroy things and kill people later, then run back home.
>> No. 146029
Hmm, true, but at the same time, I'm running on the thought that Deady can only due one thing at a time, and at best can only keep track of two things. So, look around the camp, find weapons/armor/booze, destroy them. I'd also like for Deady to "Kiss" one of Sunny's fairies before biting her toungue off, but I doubt we'll get the chance to actually do that though.
>> No. 146030
File 131570092469.jpg - (259.02KB , 640x750 , probablyonlytheaxeisimportant.jpg ) [iqdb]
After a moment, you float down towards the building the stick-holder came out of, rather than follow the tasties to the secluded bend of brook, or look into any of the other points of interest you noted. You note them beginning to strip down, before they pass through the overgrowth, and the angle is changed enough that all you can tell is that they are in there... somewhere.

The shack is currently unoccupied, and as tasties wander in and out of it all the time, none bat an eye at your entering. Of course, for the same reason, you expect that you could be walked in on at any time, here.

One wall is lined with weapons, mostly made out of wood. Some look more used than others. There are a number of long, thin, carved sticks, and a near-equal number of shorter, heavy clubbing-sticks and small round shields crafted from wood. There are fewer larger shields of a different shape, and some number of wooden swords, with sharp pieces of cutting stone set into the edges. At a closer look, some of the longer sticks are less carved, and have pointed bits of stone secured to one end. There are also a few heavy-looking wooden hammers.

Another wall is set with folded clothes, including what you recognize to be 'witch costumes' after a moment, as well as some outfits made of furs and leathers crudely stitched together. There are some odd robes with unattached sleeves, which don't appear to have been used in some time, and are slightly dusty. There are also a few pieces of wooden armor, though they aren't particularly covering, and some are cracked slightly. There doesn't appear to be anything made of metal in the shack at first, until you note the single, fairy-sized double-headed battleaxe through a crack in a locked chest in the corner. You cannot identify the type of metal immediately.

That done, you set to counting the types of each sort of equipment equipment, as that seems like the sort of thing The Mistress would be interested in knowing about. A long, awkward moment passes before you recall that you can't actually count, especially in any significant numbers. You can tell, however, that there are more long, thin sticks than anything else, and aside from the single, secured metal axe, there are fewer wood-and-stone swords than anything else, and there are fewer spears than short clubbing sticks. The exact numbers of any of them, however, escape you. You can tell, however, that there are far fewer of any sort of equipment that seem 'heavily used' than their total numbers. What exactly this might mean, you do not know.

The thought crosses your mind that you could change your clothes here, if you were quick, and take some equipment with you when you walked out, and likely it wouldn't draw any note. Or you could attempt to destroy some, or all, of the equipment... however, it is likely that the sound of things being broken would draw some attention, and you doubt that all of the equipment that the Big Red Tasty's tasties use is currently present in this room. As well, if you attempt to smash through the chest to get at the axe stored inside, it is likely to be as loud, and draw as much attention, as breaking equipment would.


[ ] Input action.
>> No. 146031
>A long, awkward moment passes before you recall that you can't actually count, especially in any significant numbers.

I feared as much. Don't worry Deady, you are cute even if you can't count. Still, if we had sent a FF, we could have easily destroyed everything by putting fire on them. I don't supposed Deady knows ho to make a fire, does she.

[x] Pick a weapon that looks easy to use. Pick a costume that looks very big. Put that weapon inside the costume in an easy place to retrieve. If there is a weapon close to the costume, keep holding it. Stuff some other weapons inside the costume if it's possible to keep them without making much noise.

I was thinking how badly anything we did would backfire. Fortunatly Kahi has adversed against it.
>> No. 146032
Also, hooray, update!
>> No. 146033
[x]Toss on a robe and grab one of the long carved sticks. You can come back for the axe and some other stuff* after you've, say, surreptitiously started a multi-faction brawl or something.

*I'm especially curious about the other sort of robes. It's been said a fairy can change classes by wearing the appropriate clothes long enough, so...

Of course, if they have any holy enchantments on them, it might be wise for Deady to not touch them directly, just in case.
>> No. 146112

He means the uniforms we bought at Pedro's shop. This probably applies only to non-combatent classes.

Also, Zombie Fairies can't change classes.
>> No. 146113

Hush you, don't spoil the dream of zombie fairy ninja assassins. Of course, I don't think we'd find any Ratkin around, so the Cane of Corpus is out, but I can dream, can't I?

Oh, and the outfit changing thing? Orin says as much in thread 2, when she upgrades a couple fairies to fire tossers. Those with proper training/supervision change in a couple of days, so we won't have long to wait on Maids/Waitresses, but if left to their own devices it takes a couple of weeks...

Hmm... That gives us a reason to track Sakura down, thinking on it, as I imagine a Miko/Priestess class would be handy when delving deeper. Provided we can swipe some of the outfits, of course.
>> No. 146114
>>146033 and >>146113 have the right of it.

Incidentally, further detail on the chest: It is big and heavy, because the axe inside is comparatively big and heavy. You can probably muscle it out, but you're misunderstanding the witch outifts: they're actually not that covering. It would take significantly more than one to cover the chest. Odds of actually sneaking the whole thing out undetected are really, really low. You can still try, of course.

Further reminder: if you die, you won't have been carrying your loot long enough for it to come with you when you respawn. Just saying.
>> No. 146116
Changing this to: [x]Swap to whichever outfit covers more(skipping anything covered in dust) along with an appropriate weapon. If you can keep the Negotiator suit on underneath without it showing, great, otherwise stuff it behind the chest or under the dusty robes.
>> No. 146117
[x] Change clothes to something that loks strong. If there is a weapon next to it, take it with you. If not, pick a weapon that looks easy to use. Keep your old clothes hidden, under the chest.
>> No. 146133
If fairies change classes by wearing clothes, why the hell was Orin and Yuugi trying to scam us out of our silver? Damn man...you gotta watch dem touhous yo. Fuckin scam artists.
>> No. 146134

Changing clothes to a specific type of costume or whatnot is one way. But any class can wear plain clothes. What Yuugi/Orin do is beat/burn the class into the fairies, respectively. More or less the same end result, differing timespans and pain-endured before getting there.
>> No. 146135

While we're still on the topic, is is possible to change a fairy from one trained class to another? Because from what I've seen so far Witches and Knights look like they're flat out better than Fire Flingers and Brawlers...

On the other hand, we haven't had the Flingers that long, and haven't trained any Brawlers yet, so they may well pick up other perks as they level, or other ways to advance them along the same class lines to keep them on par with the other classes.

Eh, I'm probably overthinking things.
>> No. 146140
[X] strap on 2 short swords, leather gloves, a cloth bandanna to cover your face, and a leather jacket.
--[X] take one wand and witch outfit, and the negotiator's clothes. Leave the rest. For now.

Thief seems most appropriate for this situation. The longer deady remains inconspicuous, the more subtle calamity she can cause.
>> No. 146151
Okay I know where busy doing Zombie Infiltration Shenanigans (To be know as ZIS from now on) but I think now is a good a time to talk as ever.

We really need to set some goals here. First off we still technically have a few quests going. Second of all while we are planing we are generally only planing on step a time and seem to be reacting more then acting.

Here are our current goals

1. ZIS
2. Secure our current tactical position
3. GET TO THE CH, i mean surface and do the Mima mission.

1. Get Mima-Sama to teach us

1. Try to conquer to worldWin the fairy wars.

this is not enough. we need more things on the agenda not to dictate what we do per say but so that we have general Idea what direction we want to move in and how we are progressing at it.

First off here are some Ideas I’ve had others should be free to contribute to and or debate them.

1. Read the cave spider book or perhaps even better get one of generals to read the cave spiders book. Then capture some cave spiders and start breading them. (Please tell me I’m not the only one that noticed we have stated fighting them and think the Idea of Cave spider fairy cavalry is awesome.)

2. We need a Spokes person we suck at talking to people and we know it we need some one who can act as our mouth.

3 We need to find a direction expand safely in ( wait we may have that already have that)

4. Improve the troops.
5. Improve base Income levels

Mid term goals

1. Learn to fight better

2. We need some long ranged scouts and intelligence units some time in the near future

3. Improve our magic. (I would be interested in both improving our Necro skills as well as possibly learning to make fire Golems as counter against Sunny and Crino respectively (Fire vs Ice and Undead vs magic focused against screwing with your perceptions

4. Get allies. (Okay it looks very much like this fairy war is about to start drawling lines in sand permanently now and we are still the weakest faction. We really really can not afford to get caught between Crino’s and Sunny’s armies yet. We really can’t afford to agress either of them at them moment either because if we get involved with one the other is gonna be forced to jump in. Best solution to this problem I can think of right now is get allies.

Problems involving this are charisma and luck fail.


Lilly white/black
This would be Glorious. However unless we have some luck boasting items I doubt we could pull this off yet. at the same time the longer we delay the more like she is to join one of the other factions or simply deiced that IT’S SPRING TIME BITCHES! Also I doubt she be very interested in the tunnels.

The Oni
well... would be awsome... but really I don’t really see it happening except maybe in small numbers. Still a small oni strike force would be a godsend epically if we could get Yugi to train them.

Satori and her pets
I doubt were gonna get any material support here but we the palace would probably be an excellent source of information of all kinds.

The Kappa.
Nitori likes us but everything else is up in the air. We really need to get to that reactor so we can follow this line of inquiry further.

The Sukara chick.
We Really need to do something about this girl anyways It’s sorta of hanging over our shoulder here. Still consider the possibility of fairies with power besotted upon them from the sun god (or a certain hell raven.)

Do the words Wild Card mean anything to you. (Also where the hell is she!? why yes the fact that we probably have an EX boss on lose somewhere in our territory does scare me.)

Venturing into meta game territory here.

Potential Allies/Powers we don’t know about yet or know much.

Medicine She like us was a doll I think we could make something work here.

Alice. This could be interesting either A REALLY BAD IDEA to meet her or Very good one. Insufficient data.

Moryia. The mountain gods are always looking to expand their influence and it would not be the first time they gotten involved in the underground. But would the price be worth it.

Yokai Jesus. You never know

Moving on Long term goal.

1.We need better stats.

2. We need to decide if this fairy thing is really all we want to focus on in life because I get the feeling that this gonna be a long term commitment to the fey we’re making here. so we should consider other paths in life as well

3. Getting a home.

4. Reading more

5. Figure out our nuclear bomb trick.(this could be an excellent deterrent if we figure it out.)

Well now for a really dangerous Meta idea

If we ever need to truly screw the surface fairy factions over there’s only one thing we need to do. Get the SDM involved in the war. Remila would probably get a kick out of it and the Fairy Maids and Gate Guard division are probably much more dangerous and better organized then your average fairy. Not to mention the power of the Main household inhabitants who would be Ideal generals.

Probable effects

Short term: we completely screw over the surface factions who are going to be very busy trying to survive and not at all worried about us. Hell they may even pull out of the underground … then again they may also try hide there....

Long term: Now we have somtheing worse to worry about.

still it would be hilarious.

Other then that I am kind of empty right now. I’ve probably forgotten some stuff and gods know my spelling grammar probably fail but I wanted to get this out there.

-The Underground Fairy Military Intelligence Agency UFMIA
Good god that’s one hell of an oxymoron...
and that was bad pun and I should feel bad for making it... even if was an acident
>> No. 146155

>1. Read the cave spider book or perhaps even better get one of generals to read the cave spiders book. Then capture some cave spiders and start breading them. (Please tell me I’m not the only one that noticed we have stated fighting them and think the Idea of Cave spider fairy cavalry is awesome.)

Overlord 2, much? Our fairies don't stink, though. I'd rather read something on demons.
>2. We need a Spokesperson we suck at talking to people and we know it we need some one who can act as our mouth.

Doesn't seem something we can do yet. Maybe Sunny's Negotiator might get stuck Underground, with spawning point in Yuugi's bar. If we seduce her, we could just ask. She seemed willing, when forcefuly undressed, maybe we could give her as a gift to Emerald.

YOu know who would be a great teacher at speaking to people? Satori would. Now imagine a fairy holding a 3rd Eye plushie in a uniform, and we have our own Negotiator~

>3. We need to find a direction expand safely in (wait we may have that already have that)

T3-2 leads to unprotected neutral territories. There are many tunnels yet.

Also, Parsee's Bridge.

>4. Improve the troops.
>5. Improve base Income levels

Currently, these two are tied together, as trainning fairies with Yuugi seemed necessary to get to Nitori. There may be another way, an easier/faster way, though. Meira has mentioned that T3m the Tunnels we have demanded from the Negotiator, seem to contain ruby deposits. T3-2, the territory right next to T3's entrance is the only passage towards LVIII on T3, which might be it.

We also need to take the entrances to the other tunnels, mainly for scouting purposes, and we need to start moving towards the Underground main entrance. Parsee's bridge might give something nice too.

>Mid term goals
>1. Learn to fight better

Unlikely. Learning how to run better, sounds more useful.
>2. We need some long ranged scouts and intelligence units some time in the near future

With time.
>3. Improve our magic. (I would be interested in both improving our Necro skills as well as possibly learning to make fire Golems as counter against Sunny and Crino respectively (Fire vs Ice and Undead vs magic focused against screwing with your perceptions

Then we need to talk to Cirno or Sunny. Might get a new chance at diplomacy with Sunny herself too.

Or we take Parsee's bridge, make our way to the surface and find Marisa. Or we read more books.

>4. Get allies

I suspect the 4 oni are a possibility. Else, why do they keep showing in the options list?

Also, I think we need to unlock Koishi first, by talking to Satori. [Per/Influence] roll. We had 60ish, didn't we?

>Moving on Long term goal.

Everything on it's time. Let's focus on our current quests first.

>Get the SDM involved in the war.

Yeah, not gonna happen, you know that. There is also a chance the Patchouli is giving the tutoring for the Witch class. Or maybe it's Marisa, and Patchouli would give an Elementalist class. But it's more likely that Remilia wants no fairy messing up her gardens and anyone who dares entering her property get knifed to the head.
>> No. 146156
File 131594140846.jpg - (115.76KB , 640x520 , 97a4b4afde11224d6618a50c17fbb8c3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Something -Covering, that -Looks 'strong'. Well, fortunately enough, there's an option that reasonably fulfills both those qualifications.


They might look better, sure. But they may not actually be better. That's really all I can say on that, I suppose.


I'll start off with a hearty "OHOHOHOHO~". Okay, that's done. Hm, let's see...

>Please tell me I’m not the only one that noticed we have stated fighting them and think the Idea of Cave spider fairy cavalry is awesome.

Though slightly risky, there have been options in place, for you at least, to have a spider mount since thread one. You'd have had to crit the Cha- portion of a mag/cha roll for it (or pow/cha, but I can't imagine why Tabby would have even made that attempt, in retrospect), but that would have been nifty. Assuming you pulled it off and didn't get bitten again, anyway.

... Hm, it looks like that's really essentially all I can chime in on... oh, no there's also this. It's reasonable that Tabby's thought about it at least a little since then, so...

>Figure out our nuclear bomb trick.(this could be an excellent deterrent if we figure it out.)

There was a biig chance, not going into exact numbers, that this would have just fizzled and puffed out near-uselessly. A smaller chance for 'normal effect' damage and some degree of backwash. You basically struck gold there, hitting the tiny chance for jackpot damage levels, and then lucked out again in the recoil damage from that being minimized to levels your relatively frail body could actually survive. Good job.

Aside from that, not seeing much I can weigh in on or confirm/deny. For you or >>146155 either, for that matter. What I can say, though, is that some of the things you've brought up are more interesting, from my perspective, than others. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions from there.
>> No. 146157
Will there be a way to boost Tabby's stats? Mainly just to patch up the gaping holes my 'bright' fellow readers made in a sick parody of a min-max build.
>> No. 146160
did not expect the author to respond to me...

>Yeah, not gonna happen, you know that. There is also a chance the Patchouli is giving the tutoring for the Witch class. Or maybe it's Marisa, and Patchouli would give an Elementalist class. But it's more likely that Remilia wants no fairy messing up her gardens and anyone who dares entering her property get knifed to the head.

your assuming anyone could take the territories from her. So her property would be just fine.

As for stats I believe what we need most is Perception and charisma. With some luck as well if we can swing it.

>Unlikely. Learning how to run better, sounds more useful.

No by learning to fight better I mean use I spell more effectively with grater power while learning how to evade.
>> No. 146174
File 131596428196.jpg - (360.77KB , 500x704 , closeenough.jpg ) [iqdb]
You shuffle out of your negotiator-suit as rapidly as possible with your stiff muscles and drag down one of the folded masses of leather and fur. After a moment, you lift one side of the cumbersome chest and shove the old clothes under there, a stray firing of dim neurons suggesting that it would probably be best that they not be found immediately by the next person to wander into the building. You release the chest and it drops down with a thump, flattening the cloth against the floor, securely concealing it beneath its weight.

Turning away, you begin to struggle into the mass of fur and leather, doing what you can to lace up boots and tie straps and buckle buckles with numb, cold fingers. The costume covers much of your skin, when all is said and one, though there are a number of patches left strategically bare, and your pale skin provides startling contrast against the brown fur in those areas. Fortunately, that very contrast seems to disguise the pallid, dead tones of your flesh, making them revealing, but not to the degree of giving away your undead nature. If you gave off body heat, you suspect that you would be very glad of those exposed patches, as there seems little other way for it to escape.

Judging by the matching 'hat', much of the skull still intact inside, though with added pieces fixed in place to make it sit right, and the bushy tail now hanging down behind you, you conclude that most, if not all, of the ensemble was crafted out of a single, very unfortunate squirrel.

That done, you eye the lines of weapons, slightly daunted. After a moment, you grab a solid-looking clubbing-stick. Good. Easy to use, practical. All you'll have to worry about is remembering to hit things with it, instead of setting in with your own teeth and claws. There won't even be any finicky bits about having to hit things 'with the pointy bit at the tip' or 'with the edge, just the edge' either. Just a good, solid swing, and any bit that slammed into something would be fine.

You walk back out of the shack, and contemplate where to wander to nex-

"COMRADE!" comes a bellow, as you are suddenly tackled, not far from the door, by a fairy in a costume very similar to your own. It appears to be crafted mostly from some sort of young cat. "Is good to be seeing new face in the berserk, yes!"

She has begun rubbing herself affectionately against you. You quickly detect that she doesn't seem to have bathed in days, the acrid, salty tang of living flesh filling your nostrils much stronger than from the vast majority of tasties. It is mingled with the faded scent of spilled alcohol and blood, caked... possibly in fur or in hair, or somewhere unseen.


It smells good.... delicious. You can feel yourself beginning to completely lose control as you twist into the embrace, pressing just as eagerly, head moving to-

"Ahahahaha, neither the time nor the place, battle-sister!" The fairy declares, pulling back away before you've quite gotten your teeth into biting range of her throat. "But perhaps later. Yes, when not so many eyes, maybe. Ah, but come to lodge soon, we go hunt in woods before sun-down, and then drinking by bonfire after!"

She waves as she stumbles off, and you fight down the hunger that insists you go after the delicious little morsel, right now, and... If you needed to breathe, you would be taking deep breaths right now. Alright. Back in control, fully. That's good.


[ ] Input action.
>> No. 146175
Berserkers? Nasty class, right there. We're not ready to take on anyone.

[x] Follow where the undressed tasties went.

Yeah, I'm lost, for now. just hoping these fairies are bathing, so we might steal their clothes.
>> No. 146176
From the sounds of it, berserkers don't know the meaning of the word "clean" unless they get caught in the rain or have just respawned, so following the witch quartet to the river may get unwanted attention. It may be wise to grab some dirt next time you're out of sight and give yourself a quick rub down to better authenticate the look. On the bright side, you might be able to get away with grunting instead of talking in this outfit, so communication issues may be somewhat sorted out. For now though...

[x]Wander and observe, for the time being. Keep an eye on the other extra-tasties, and if there are any areas they avoid make note of it(and try not to look all that intelligent). If you can, make your way to one of the faction borders and see how the two sides interact. While the leaders usually ally with each other later on in the wars, there might be some tensions you can exploit in the rank and file. Failing that, keep an eye out for the Berserker's Lodge, as going along with the hunt could give you cover until nightfall.

Just, uhh... try not to eat the extra-tasties if you don't think you can drop them in one go. They'll probably think it's foreplay, and that would get awkward.
>> No. 146177
>attempts to get dirty

Dude. She's a fucking zombie. You cant get anymore putrid then that.
>> No. 146179
Given that there haven't been any comments about foul odors and the like, or mentions about missing bits, I'd have to assume that, while undead, they're not actually rotting. And seeing as their state would stop most bodily functions, like sweating, and assuming the occasional respawn prevents much foreign matter from accumulating, they're probably fairly clean.
>> No. 146193
[x] Go check the large building now.

Time to take a peek throught that window. There might be important info inside it, and now Deady has a good enough disguise to look dumb when scolded.
>> No. 146195
[x]Wander and observe, for the time being. Keep an eye on the other extra-tasties, and if there are any areas they avoid make note of it(and try not to look all that intelligent). If you can, make your way to one of the faction borders and see how the two sides interact. While the leaders usually ally with each other later on in the wars, there might be some tensions you can exploit in the rank and file. Failing that, keep an eye out for the Berserker's Lodge, as going along with the hunt could give you cover until nightfall.

Only because I'm terribly inept at typing large posts to display what I consider logic. I agree with the vote because it seems tactical, but generic enough that the Zombie could have whatever the zombie equivalent to fun is.
>> No. 146256
File 131613979843.jpg - (198.93KB , 850x1221 , closeenoughagain.jpg ) [iqdb]
You spend some time stumbling aimlessly around the encampment. This is apparently not abnormal behavior for the sort of tasty you are emulating, and you go relatively unnoticed, though you do garner some squeals as witch-clad tasties hastily change routes to give you a wide berth, as well as the occasional bout of hearty laughter and back-slapping from other, fur-wrapped tasties. You believe several of your ribs are cracked a little now, and are grateful you do not actually feel much in terms of 'pain'.

You note that the Berserks are quick to break into two things. Fist-fights, and song. Badly rhyming, tone-deaf song. They invariably drag the nearest tasty to them into things, when either happens. The Witches don't seem quite able to come to a consensus on which is worse.

There doesn't seem to be any interaction at all between this encampment and those in blue and yellow territories, none of the tasties get very close to the sticks marking the borders. It looks like the armies keep mostly to themselves, unless they're actively contesting the ownership of a territory.

After a little while, you locate what is probably the Berserk's Lodge, a rather larger-than-normal shack with a ring of stones out front, surrounding a burned patch of earth, and animal skulls and hides decorating the outside walls. There are a couple of Berserk tasties loitering in the area.

... In a different direction, you can see a large conversation taking place, including the tasty-smelling kitten-berserk-tasty you ran into before, and one wearing the remains of a sad-looking puppy. The other participants include a number of Witches, and a single, awkward seeming tasty in robes similar to the sort you saw earlier, detached sleeves seeming to draw the eye to the bare skin between themselves and where the torso-covering fabrics begin, just past the shoulder.

[ ] Input action.
>> No. 146257
[x] Nothing of interest here. Go check that large building.

Because, really.
>> No. 146262
Deady seems to have an awful lot of perception for a zombie, he(she) seems to recognize things and emotions that tabby would miss.

also, the fairy with the robe with unattached sleeves is probably a priest. The conversation taking place is probably him looking for deady cuz he sensed an undead presence and rounded up a search party, hence the witches accompanying him to the zerker's encampment when they clearly despise them.

[X] return to base, report back in with tabby. be prepared to commit seppuku if captured.
--[X] take the axe to compleat your zerker ensemble.
>> No. 146265
Can we somehow upgrade our Zombies to Liches?
>> No. 146272
[x] Nothing of interest here. Go check that large building.

Yeah, not getting close to priests is a good idea. Let's spy the Headquarters now, pick something up and then leave this place.
>> No. 146274
[x]If you can manage to listen in without getting spotted, go for it. Otherwise leave the area and go check out the larger building. Either way, keep an ear out for trouble.

Might be some kind of meeting between class leaders or some kind of preparation/planning for the hunt, but it might also be the Miko fairy issuing some kind of warning. Learning which it is would be helpful, but getting spotted would likely get you dragged in to the whole thing, so if need be it'd be better to just leave and go do something else for a while.

Shame that they keep their distance from the borders, but if a good chunk of the encampment leaves for the hunt then Deady might still be able to pull something off even without a major distraction.

Hmm... Thinking on it, how long does a fairy have to hang on to something before it starts respawning with her? Doubt it will come into play here, but it'd be handy for the future.
>> No. 146310
File 131629104349.jpg - (138.61KB , 480x640 , 717d5621cef606259664fb27d6b7f208.jpg ) [iqdb]
"-don't think it's unreasonable... basic hygiene-"

"Always with whining."

You ignore the choppy snatches of the conversation you've begun to overhear as voices rise, the prelude to a shouting match, as you quietly float away. You aren't interested in getting involved with something like this. Instead, you go to inspect the window.

It takes you a short time to get there, but only a couple minutes to rustle your way through the leaves and branches to find a place you can sit and easily peer through the window.

Inside is a tiled room, with a large basin remodeled into a bathtub. The room is filled with steam. The bathtub is occupied.

"Hey... you." A hiss comes from your side. "Get lost! This is my spot, find somewhere else."

You turn, and see a disgruntled, slightly disheveled-looking witch-tasty concealed in the leaves only a little away.

You attempt to explain yourself, forgetting you aren't really good at the whole 'talking' business, and end up giving off a low, awkward sounding groan instead.

"... What? Whatever. Just go away, this place isn't big enough to hide two."

You attempt to convey, through groaning and careful gesticulation, that you had no intent of interrupting whatever it was that she was doing here, but neither do you plan on simply leaving because you're told. She doesn't seem to get it, but she does note that you're very much not leaving.

".. You wanna fight? Huh, punk?"

You are both suddenly interrupted, then, by the sound of the window sliding open. You turn your heads, and see a big-tasty with long black wet hair, wrapped in a towel. Steam is escaping through the window, and she is frowning slightly.

"Excuse me, what's going on out here?"

You moan softly, almost sheepishly, and the witch near you chuckles nervously. After a moment, the big tasty 'Hm's softly to herself and leans back in, sliding the window closed again. Then closing the curtains behind it.

"... You stupid bitch." The witch says casually. "Thank you for fucking this up for me. Hadn't even got near the good parts, and now it'll be days at least before they start forgetting again."

She brushes herself off and works her way out of the foliage, then floats off. After a few minutes, you've similarly worked your way free.

The sun is starting to lower, and you suppose now would be a good time t-

"Comrade!" Comes a bellow, as a hand slaps down on your shoulder. "Was looking for you."

... She doesn't smell so absurdly delicious anymore. You can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing, as you are all but bodily hauled away. On the one hand, your temptations are much easier to keep in check now, but you're already starting to miss the scent a little.

"Starting hunt early, rest waiting by forest. We go!"

... You don't seem to have much of a choice. You float along with the excited berserk, rather than simply be dragged through the air, and meet up with a few others near the trees. Weapon selection seems down to personal preference, your club isn't looked at askance at all.

"Hm... best hunting in south of forest. We go south." The berserk decides aloud.

"South is-"

"Best hunting!" she interrupts, and the tasty who spoke up looks a little cowed. "Show new comrade much fun. We go!"

"... We're gonna get in trouble."

You set off, all floating slowly and quietly through the wood. A group of five Berserks... and yourself. Now that you think about it, if you can slip away from the group, this would likely be your best opportunity to return to the underground today. You haven't managed to do much, or get ahold of anything extra-special, though. The Mistress may be disappointed if you return like this, with hardly anything to show for your efforts, and while you don't seem to yet be under any suspicion at all... You're in no danger of your loyalties suddenly shifting for some time yet, either.

[ ] Try to slip away, a cursory inspection is probably fine.
[ ] Stick with it for now. Hunt could wind up being fun, and there's still more to look into.
>> No. 146312
[x] Stick with it for now. Hunt could wind up being fun, and there's still more to look into.

We arent going to say no to a group of extremely hostile beserkers, lest we want to come back with our undead life.
>> No. 146322
[x] Stick with it for now. Hunt could wind up being fun, and there's still more to look into.

Seems the Miko was browbeating them into bathing, so that's a bullet dodged there. Not-as-tasty seems intent heading for a dangerous area, either to hunt something big or to poach on another leader's turf. Might lead to us either being sent back for help or to go fetch the axe, either of which would likely allow Deady to make a proper looting spree before heading back to the caves. Either way, we're not risking much by staying.
>> No. 146325
[x] Try to slip away, a cursory inspection is probably fine.
>> No. 146336
[X] Try to slip away, a cursory inspection is probably fine.
>> No. 146338
Voting speed up, but the first one seems a little confused, trying to roll both into one. Let me clarify that for you: slipping off will in no way involve 'heading back to the camp'. What that one does is has you try to get back to the underground right now, carrying only the stuff on you right now: 1 berserk gear and 1 wooden club.

What I'm saying is that's not valid. It's a direct either/or question: picking one prevents you from picking the other. Sorry.
>> No. 146340
Whatever happened to those stat roll things this story used to have?
>> No. 146343
Haven't needed to roll any.

Oh, and it should be mentioned that this is probably the only real shot at this that we're going to get, as once the dust settles they'll be keeping an eye out for this sort of thing in the future. So we need to make this count.
>> No. 146359

Nah. Deady isn't even under any suspicion at all. theoretically, he could come back at any time as long as he has that zerker outfit.
>> No. 146366

Aww, alright. Then I change to:
[ ] Stick with it for now. Hunt could wind up being fun, and there's still more to look into.
>> No. 146373
The Negotiator's going to get back to her eventually, and if we try to hold on to her(or find some nice blue ribbon and giftwrap her for Cirno) it'll only stall her for a short while. Not to mention Sunny's going to be wondering why her Negotiator hasn't checked in yet, and, perhaps, why there's an extra Berserker running around. Pretty sure we still have some time, though if an opportunity arises Deady needs to hit it with everything she has.
>> No. 146374
File 131638500135.jpg - (485.75KB , 900x817 , 1313042418849.jpg ) [iqdb]
No, you haven't done near enough to justify leaving yet. For now, you'll stick around.

The wood is unusually loud, compared to the deliberate silence of the underground tunnels, where hearing is a better means to track prey than sight. You can hear insects buzzing in every direction, and the occasional small animal rustling through the grass. The berserk tasties do not pause for this lesser prey, but continue on, though the one that was cowed earlier still seems slightly reluctant.

After a time, the lead holds up a hand and the hunting party draws to a stop. Peering forward, you can see a rabbit of unusual size in the clearing ahead. Big enough that it's clear it will take some effort to bring down.

"Good eating." The lead decides aloud, and starts to call a charge before an orb of magical energy whizzes past the side of her head.

A warning shot. The shooter, a fairy carrying a differently carved, gnarled staff, wearing a headpiece of wood carved to resemble antlers, floats down to interpose herself between the berserks and their mark.

"Once more, you have ventured into territory you have no claim over." She says grimly. "Have you anything to say in your defense?"

"Not really." The lead Berserk responds, casually scratching at her nose.

"Ugh. Begone. I'll not have your whimsical hunts draw any deeper into our lands." The horned one said crossly, grip tightening on her stick.

"Is fine." The lead berserk decides. "After all... have already found very good prey! Charge!"

With a bloodthirsty howl, the berserks surge forward into battle, and the horned one bit off a curse as she floated backwards, firing off a blast of magic. The lead takes the shot full on and continues, not even seeming to register the impact, as a couple berserks break off to zip towards the foliage. You aren't sure why until you reel with a sudden impact.

Oh. That's an arrow, that's in your shoulder now. Huh. That would explain it.

You float forward into the battle, still slightly startled that the tasties are more eager to spill blood than you are, carefully reminding yourself to keep the hitting stick in your hand. One of the two remaining berserks is assisting the lead in facing the horned one, while the other, armed with a spear, is going towards the rabbit below, which has begun to shift in place, seeming ready to bolt after all this commotion has started up.

Well, you can't have that. You float down after, reaching the rabbit just as the Berserk pierces its side, and it wrenches free, kicking out and clipping her with its hind legs. Prey-beast it might be, those legs are strong: they're the part you have to keep away from.

You introduce yourself by smacking your hitting-stick right into its eye. The rabbit screams, and the horned one snarls loudly at you, preparing to take a shot before being forced to return her attention to the current situation. The archers in the trees are being pressed too heavily by the berserks harrassing them to turn attention to you, and with a roar the spear-berserk rises to her feet again, and pierces the rabbit again.

This has much the same result as the first time the attempt was made, but now the rabbit is bleeding heavily and starting to slow: at this point, even if it escapes, the exertion of running away will likely be enough strain that it will bleed out and die regardless. You swing your stick again, and the eyeball ruptures. One of the berserks in the foliage has finished their work, and has begun moving to assist the fight with the horned one, heedless of the arrow shafts in her flesh. The other will probably be done shortly as well.

The spear pierces the rabbit again, and this time it is sluggish to thrash enough to shake it out, exhaustion clearly setting in, as the berserk shoves it further and twists, and you slam your stick into its head again.

The horned one, above, is battered and bloody by now, one psuedo-antler shattered free of her headpiece. She seems almost resigned as the lead swings again, finishing matters there, and the last berserk floats down out of the leaves, bloodied but grinning widely.

With the group descending now like a swarm of horribly violent butterflies, it's only a matter of moments before the rabbit gives up and dies.

"Good hunt." The lead declares almost smugly, one side of her face purpling up into a bruise as the nearby berserks begin snapping heads and feathers off of arrows and working the shafts free of their flesh, laughing amongst themselves. You can't quite reach the barbed head of the one piercing your shoulder, but the spear-berserk wanders up, battered from being kicked around, and deals with it for you so you can rip it free without damaging yourself further.

"TONIGHT, comrades... We EAT MEAT and DRINK BEER!"

A cheering roar arises from the berserks, even as they settle down to get grips on the furry corpse, moving its hefty bulk proving difficult even with all of you straining into the effort. The sun is setting by the time you've hauled it back to the lodge and begun carving the meat apart.

Night fell, and you began to consider what you should do tomorrow, even as you gnawed at a barely-seared hunk of rabbit. Something was missing from the flavor. It didn't really excite you. For now, though, it would do.


Tabuki woke.


War Chest
-Wand of Light
36 silvers

Class shift: Beryl. Danmaku Mook --> Barmaid, conscript. 2s/day wage. HP:8, damage: 1, melee.

UPDATED report of IV-1.

Miko [Master] x1 HP 36, damage estimation 10-12
-Equip: [Wooden Cudgel] +2 damage [12-14]
Witch [Elite] x2 HP 25, damage estimation 15-22
-Equip [Carved Twig] +3 damage [18-25]
-Equip [Fur Robe] +4 HP [HP 29]

MM?1 seen sporting tarnished pot-metal breastplate. +6 hp, [HP 30]

New Scouting Reports

Tunnels I-1
Cave squid x4 HP 10. Damage estimation 2-3
Melee Mook x1 HP: 10. Damage estimation: 1-2
Danmaku Mook x2 HP: 10. Damage estimation: 1-2

[ ] Today's War Plans (refer to note below)

[ ]Read a book? (Refer to previous list, 5 silver fee).
[ ] You should chat with someone. You may have to hunt them down, though. If interacting with a war unit, unit cannot be used in war actions today.
- [ ] Orin.
-- [ ] Write-in topic.
- [ ] Satori.
-- [ ] Write-in topic.
-- [ ] Satori's Mysterious Sister [Cha/Perception/Influence]
-- [ ] Meira
- [ ] Okuu.
-- [ ] Write-in topic.
-- [ ] Kappa.
- [ ] Yuugi.
-- [ ] Write-in Topic.
-- [ ] Make a Purchase.
-- [ ] Brawl Training (select 4, costs 5 silvers/each), selected units unusable in war actions for three days.
---[ ] If Emerald, stats increase: +5 base hp, base damage = 2d4+2, no reset of rank.
---[ ] Else: Brawler- HP 16, damage 1d4, melee. Limited equip potential.
-- [ ] Make a personal challenge. (write in terms, stakes)
-- [ ] The four oni.
- [ ] Parsee.
-- [ ] Write-in topic.
- [ ] Nitori
-- [ ] Engineering [Int/Luck]
-- [ ] Kappa Projects [Int/Cha/Influence]
-- [ ] Write-in topic
- [ ] Beryl "Feary"
-- [ ] General comfort, etc, attempted alleviation of psychological trauma. [Cha]
-- [ ] Write-in topic.
- [ ] 'MMM'
-- [ ] General comfort, etc, attempted alleviation of psychological trauma. [Cha]
-- [ ] Write-in topic.
- [ ] Any other soldier.
-- [ ] Write-in topic.
- [ ] Emerald.
-- [ ] Write-in topic.
-- [ ] Quality of Art.
--- [ ] Doodles on the map.
-- [ ] Quality of Reports.
-- [ ] Ask about fairy versatility.
- [ ] Meira
-- [ ] Write-in
-- [ ] Swordsmanship
-- [ ] 'Matters to settle...?' [Influence]
[ ] Wander out and about randomly, see what happens. [Luck/Perception]
- [ ] The Palace.
- [ ] The City.
- [ ] Tunnels III area.
- [ ] Tunnels IV area.
[ ] Track down Sakura.
[ ] Visit Pedro's Toy Shop.
[ ] Visit the Clothes Shop.
[ ] Visit the Metalworker's.
[ ] Prepare for Surface Excursion
-[ ] Through Cirno's tunnels. Max entourage of four units.
-[ ] Through Sunny Milk's tunnels. Max entourage of four units.
- [ ] Other options currently unavailable.
[ ] Do something with or to the captive Negotiator.
>> No. 146377

what the heck is influence and do we have a lot of it?
>> No. 146383
Should probably keep pushing to the Kappa tunnels, but I'll leave that to those who have a better grasp on the current military situation.

If we can spare Meira for the day:
[x]Talk to Meira
[x]Once done, send her off to the Blacksmith to see what it would take to fix it up


[x]Read a book (5 Silvers)
-[x]Telmswell's compendium XII: Bound and Unbound

Should Meira be needed elsewhere, then:
[x]Read a book (5 Silvers each)
-[x]Telmswell's compendium XII: Bound and Unbound
-[x]Basic Atomic Theorems and Principles.

Mima referenced Telmswell's works, so it's a good a place to start as any. Tabby's going to get challenged directly sooner or later, she'll need something better than that basic firebolt and asking the RNG for favors. She also didn't get quite as much as she could have from chatting with Okuu due to lacking knowledge of the basics, so we may as well correct that if there's time.

As for the prisoner, keep the Zombies back to guard her, along with maybe one living fairy, with orders to subdue but not chew if she tries escaping. Just make sure she doesn't see what Tabby's troop composition looks like, for all that she'd be laughing too hard to escape.
>> No. 146388
Influence is probably how well people like us, with 50 being neutral, 100 being 'OMG I LUV U HAVE MA BABYS!' and 0 being 'I AM GOING TO RIP OUT YOUR SPINE THROUGH YOUR TEETH AND SKULL FUCK YOU!'
>> No. 146398
>MM?1 seen sporting tarnished pot-metal breastplate. +6 hp, [HP 30]

Hmm, that's interessing. Is it possible to capture enemies or steal from them? Kinda want to try and see if we can get this from her, they cost 21 silver each on Pedro's toy shop.

Also, before the war, we could read two books per day. Two books consumed an entire day, but one left some time for interaction. Is this still true?

By the way, I've read some parts of the previous threads (I like this story). I totally forgot we had that Bluntness spell, and just how much MP Tabby has. Also searched for our current Influence with the other characters, things aren't bad, but we need to talk more to people. This is what I found, might have missed an update on later threads:

Emerald: 92
Satori: 68
Okuu: 69
Orin: 61
Nitori: 60
Yuugi: 80

>> No. 146399
Oh yeah, Kahi, I think you've never posted the scouting report on TIV-2. If it was ever scouted that is.
>> No. 146400
Re-rundown of influence values.

0= Kill you to death.
1-20= Hatred and enmity.
21-40= Doesn't like you much at all.
41-49= Finds you irritating to be around.
50= Perfect neutrality, doesn't like or dislike you.
51-59= Doesn't mind you being around.
60-79= Likes you, friendly.
80-99= Very friendly/affectionate.

And current as of now influence blocks, since I haven't been posting how every little thing affects people.

Emerald: 93
Satori: 68
Orin: 66
Tuck: 52
Okuu: 69
Nitori: 58
Yuugi: 81
Cirno: 43
Meira: 50
Mima: 57
Pedro: 52
Negotiator: 22
Sunny: 50
Luna: 50
Star: 50
Dai: 45
Lily: 52


I could have sworn that I gave that report, but I can't for the life of me find where. Well, anyway, unless I've scrambled my notes, this is what's there..



And unless I miscounted days, Tabby's health is currently at 79/100. Mana pool is full.

As to the equip: that's one of the things that can happen, like Pedro mentioned, there's stuff scattered around here and there for the finding. Geeze, she's just getting beefier and beefier. But anyway, if you manage to recruit her at this point, the equip comes as part of the package.

Some of this stuff I should really make a note of at the start of every thread, or something, huh. Or get something going in /words/ to refer to, maybe.
>> No. 146401
Thinking of the books, it's a bit of a hassle to go back to Thread 2 every time to check the list, and I figure I may as well try organizing it a bit.

Telmswell's compendium XII: Bound and Unbound

Magic(not sure, might just be novels and/or Koishi books)
The Earth and the Summer
The Secret and the Scourge
Ebony Demon of Sylyan
Rune of Doom
Sorcery of Storm
Iron Apprentice of Celiniof
Demon and Darkness

Potential income aids:
Flora and Fauna: An annotated guide.(Could also help with magic once Tabby's got a good grasp of the basics)
An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance

Principles of Semiconductor Devices
High Energy Astrophysics
Basic Atomic Theorems and Principles
Quantum mechanics with Basic Field Theory
Chemistry: A core study
Neurology: an introduction.

The Giant Spider: Care, Feeding, and Riding of
The Mydge Mistress(Google didn't return much for "Mydge", but Midge refers to any number of insects, so it could be related. Kind of iffy though)

Potentially useful fiction:
Return of the King
Master of Empire
Faerie of the Sea City(could be handy assuming the author knows their Fae)

Stuff Tabby can probably skip:
Dick and Jane, 37'th edition.(assuming this would be needed if Tabby had a low starting Int, and Tabby's disposition doesn't lend itself to teaching so Fairy Literacy programs are probably out)
Clinical Handbook of Mindfulness(Get the feeling this is a Koishi book)
Science: For idiots.
Calculus: For idiots.(Might be able to skip these two, though I'm less sure about the Calculus book. Can always come back for it if need arises/Tabby can't brute force it from context)

There's also the possibility that Tabby may have missed a useful book or two in her initial search, so it may be wise to ask Satori if she has any suggested reading, or if there are any books on Geology/Mineralogy at some point. Failing that, ask if there's a bookstore in town.

And yeah, Tabby's absurd reserves means she could keep up some otherwise pricy army-wide buffs indefinitely once she picks them up.
>> No. 146402

Sweet, thanks. I was going to do that some time later, but without organizing them into possible categories.

Awesome, thanks Kahi. Now I can start brainstorming about war again.

>Dai: 45
>Lily: 52

Huh? Lily White and Daiyousei? We didn't even meet these two yet! Cirno must have talked too much with Dai, if she is working with Cirno and not commanding her own army too. Eh, they almost always are friends, so even if they are enemies, it's still possible Cirno is the culprit for that.

>Negotiator: 22

Aww, someone needs love.
>> No. 146403

Rumors of stuff get around, and Cirno had complaints about you aplenty. The Three Fairies weren't really impressed with the tale one way or the other, but Dai wasn't happy to hear about it. Lily, by contrast, thought it was hilarious.

Ripples, and stuff.
>> No. 146407
Ok, here it is, finally. As fun as controlling my favorite zombie, I missed Tabby so much.

[x]Read a book (5 Silvers)
-[x]Telmswell's compendium XII: Bound and Unbound

[x] Yuugi.
--[x] Brawl Training (select 4, costs 5 silvers/each), selected units unusable in war actions for three days.
---[x] Emerald and MMs F ,P and Q. Promise a reward for Emerald if she trains hard and "receives a good score in her tests". She may choose what it will be, if she desires anything in particular.
--[x] The four oni.

CrtlC+CrtlV. This setup still works, so yeah. Hopefully, the promised reward is actually meant as sexy things. How about we give her our guest from the surface? The guest seemed willing when stripped down...

[x] War Plans
[x]Maintence: DMR guards her spawning territory, VI-Tunnels I. Those already guarding somewhere, stay there.
[x] Combat:
[x] Roll for Strategy. If only one battle can benefit from it, then roll for Invade Tunnels I-1
-[x] Invade Passage to Tunnels II
--[x] MM A, B, C and D. Take down the Cave Squids first, then the rest, one at a time.
-[x] Invade Tunnels I-1
--[x] FFA, the Lost Spirit and both Zombie Fairies, plus MM T and S, DM A and C. Focus on the Squids first, then fire at will. One target at a time. FFA shoot each Squids only once, then let the others finishe them.
-[x] Invade TIV-2
--[x] Meira and everyone else free. Kill the stronger Zombie first, then the others, one at a time, normal fairies for last. Meira must not be hurt by the zombies - other troops need to keep the zombies focused on them.

Ok, here it is. Three territories at once, whoa. Barely managed to have enough troops for that. Unless I fucked up, we have 45 units to command right now: 20 MMs, 18 DMs, 2 FFs, 2 ZFs, 1 LS, Meira and Emerald. 15 territories, plus Yuugi's Bar and the Palace, currently taking 25 fairies, plus Emerald and 3 MMs to train with Yuugi, that leaves 15 units and Meira to invade other places.

It is possible to capture them all, I just fear that a fairy or two will be knocked out or turned into a Necrophobe. Meira's troops should be MM N, R and FFB. I'm confident they can capture it, I'm just scared of Meira being infected, as she is human, and having more necrophobe fairies, even if we can put them to work instead of fighting.

If reading and go see someone are mutually exclusive, then ignore the book. I believe that the 3-days trainning should start as soon as possible.

Also, I have no idea where DMO is stationed. That bothers me a bit, but I know she is stationed somewhere.


Eh, Dai was kinda expected then. Lily, however, has just gone a few points up on my list.
>> No. 146412
Pretty sure Tabby needs to leave a couple fairies out of combat to watch the prisoner for the time being, can't let her go until Deady's done, after all.

And yeah, the Negotiator's kinda pissed right now, we'll need to... discipline her, oh yes. I'd suggest giving any living fairy we set to guard her some feathers, and if she so much as thinks of getting out of line they are to be merciless.

If she proves resistant this heinous form of torture, we'll have to think of something else. At least until Deady's done.
>> No. 146413

How about the Royal Maids? We could have one of them attend to our guest's needs.
>> No. 146422
I'd suggest keeping the zombies there too regardless, I don't imagine they'd be all that easy to trick and they'd be able to overpower her if she tried anything; she's Master class, so she could probably take out a couple of non-combatant fairies by herself if she needed to. I'd also suggest not keeping her at Satori's.
>> No. 146424
>Master rank
>Negotiator [Master] x1. HP 30, Damage estimation: 3.

She doesn't deal much damage, but she could put a zombie down in 5 turns. The zombie would need at least 10 turns to kill her, but we don't want that, we want her alive.

Hm, the maids aren't trained in combat. We would need at least 3 of them to guard the Negotiator.

Hey Kahi, add this to my vote >>146407

[x] Have three of the Royal Maids to attend"to the guest's needs. Mainly keeping her alive and under watch. Melanie (MMM) should keep working as normal, but all maids are allowed interact with the Negotiator, as long as it doesn't help her escape/die. Do not talk about the army or the war at all. Keep her confined.

It would also be a good idea to talk to her and learn what her real name is, referring to her as Negotiator or just guest/hostage is tiring.

>I'd also suggest not keeping her at Satori's.

We don't really have another place to keep her, and I don't mean 'territory', I mean real places, with roof and walls.
>> No. 146425
The idea is that the zombies would knock her to zero for the KO, but the living guard would be on hand to make sure they didn't take her to negative and risk killing her.
>> No. 146427
Depending on Tabby's ability to control gravity, if there was a way to bind some object to the negotiator to make her movements more sluggish/slow with a gravity increasing item/enchantment it may help in keeping her in check and with Tabby's magical reserves even if it was a constant upkeep effect it shouldn't touch it at all. Just don't do the enchantment while the negotiator could see what was going on and therefore know that it was Tabby's magic instead of someone else's. If it was properly done the negotiator may think instead that Tabby posses some form of Chronomancy which is a very powerful concept.
>> No. 146440

I kinda support this, except for the book part. I'd rather not spend even more money on non troop related things, for now, at least.
>> No. 146443
The books can be considered troop related, albeit indirectly. Tabuki's forces are outnumbered and outgunned pretty badly at the moment, and one of the quickest ways to close the gap at the moment would be in leveraging her magic-heavy build to crank out troop bonuses. Bumping into some kind of healing magic would also be quite useful, as both Tabuki and Meira have to heal the long way at the moment. The other major way to equalize things would be getting Tabuki's hands on quality steel(or better) gear, but that has to wait until she gets her base income waaaaay better than it is right now, or if she can learn enough magic to pull a Cirno and just conjure stuff up every morning.

I'm also interested in getting details on the Samurai class, as if they're anything like Meira they'll be living blenders. It'd also be nice to see what kinds of armor they'd be able to use, as I imagine Meira would appreciate something beyond her basic clothing for protection.
>> No. 146448
>I'm also interested in getting details on the Samurai class

Without going into exact-number-details, Samurai have higher damage output, but lower staying power. So yeah.
>> No. 146494
Just an odd thought, but once we have more fairies to spread around we should hit the Blacksmith and Tailor, on the chance that opens up some more non-combat jobs. The wood and stone weapons Sunny's using had to come from somewhere, after all, and I imagine the same would be true for the Berserker outfits.
>> No. 146499
rolling stuff, but will probably not post today.
>> No. 146514
File 131672160750.jpg - (117.66KB , 600x962 , simple bound fire weapon example.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tabuki closed her eyes and considered for a long moment, then nodded. It was about time.

"Emerald." She said quietly to the fairy drooling into her side. "I've got something for you to do, starting today. You and three others."

She just hoped it was the right call. Emerald's presence was inspiring to the fairies that preferred to get close with their opponents. With her gone for a time... well, the zombies and Meira would still be fairly dominating on their own. She would have to hope that that was enough.

"Hrm..." Emerald mumbled, taking a moment to catch on. "... Oh! Oni training?"

"It will likely be harsh." Tabuki warned.

"Ahaha, it's fine, it's fine. I'll tough it out. Got to look good in front of the girls you're sending along, don't I?"

"Hm. Do well... and there might be a reward in it for you." Tabuki teased. "I might even let you decide."

A wistful look entered Emerald's eyes for a moment.

"... I miss fresh berries." She said quietly, then shook it off. "Ah, those aren't exactly easy to come by down here, though. Heh, I might settle for playing around with Meira... or that Negotiator, hm?"

"Let's see what she thinks." Tabuki said with some amusement. "Well?" She called.

Angry-sounding noise rose from the floor, where the captive was carefully tied-up, gagged, and settled on a mass of pillows. It wasn't the most desirable storing place, but it was a quick answer to the fact that they didn't actually have anything functioning like a dungeon at the moment.

"Well, I suppose we'll see then." Tabuki finished dryly, rising sluggishly from the bed.

Her waking hesitance was quickly forgotten as she assigned missions to the battling fairies, and sent off the barmaids to their daily work. Beryl in particular seemed to be in a remarkably good mood, having settled well into her outfit... Tabuki had had to blink several times before she'd realized that, no, she was indeed at least two cup sizes larger than she'd been before. 'Change themselves to fit the costume', indeed. She did, however, wave the housemaids over at the end of things.

"I'm going to need some of you to keep an eye on our... guest. She's tied up at the moment, but I can't just leave her on the floor indefinitely. At the same time, she can't be allowed to see or hear about anything sensitive that she doesn't already know: troop composition, layout of other tunnels, which leaders we have and have not encountered yet... essentially anything related to the war."

"Thaaat's gonna cut into dusting time." One fairy noted aloud.

"... Maybe not." Another remarked, brow creasing in thought. "Can we put her to work?"

The sly grins of fairies who'd suddenly realized they might be able to shove boring chores off onto someone else crossed their faces as though it were infectious. Tabuki shrugged in response.

"By all means: set her to menial labor if you wish." She decided. "So long as she is properly supervised, does not learn anything revealing, and most importantly of all, does not escape or die. I suspect, if given opportunity, she will kill herself simply to spite me, in the attempt to thwart my plans."

"Sure, got it." A fairy replied casually. "Dusting and mopping are fine, scrubbing cutlery's a no-go. We'll handle it, boss."

"See that you do." Tabuki said, with a note of finality as she waved them off.

Satori was reclining in the library, as Tabuki had come to expect, upon her arrival.

"... I trust you have payment prepared?" She asked idly, clearly already knowing the answer and which book that she had come to read.

Tabuki nodded, and Satori marked her place before taking a moment to unshelve and set down the book for her. The twelfth volume of Telmswell's compendium... she had been curious about what secrets it might hold ever since Mima had referenced the name in passing, though she suspected that it would not prove as useful to her as it might if she had had the opportunity to read the previous eleven volumes.

She found herself proven correct, as hours pass by. The text is incredibly dry, and the compendium makes frequent reference to itself: both previous volumes and later ones, without consideration for the reader, though she followed it without particular issue. The pages spoke of golems, obliquely, and the manipulation of elemental natures, as well as numerous other scattered topics, none of which had enough information for her to make any actual use of the fractured theory, without having the other texts to reference against it.

There is something she can use, however, detailed as a primitive alternative to more structured Enchantment of items. Shamanistic bindings of spirits and elements to items. There is a quick explanation of the hows and whys of it, and no particular references to other texts are included, presumably because the matter was so simple and self-contained that Telmswell felt he didn't particularly need to expound further on it, and had difficulty relating it to other things. It does, however, come with warnings. First, unlike Enchanting an item, where the result is clearly defined in advance and every working of magic is to nudge things towards that desired result, binding spirits or elements to items is a highly imprecise sort of magic, and the results can be wildly variable. Second, that only the weakest and most tenuous spirits and aspects of elements would give in without a fight, and more powerful bindings, requiring more powerful spirits or elements, would likewise require the spirit or element be made to submit through force. Finally, there is a warning that one should only attempt to bind spirits or elements into inanimate objects, though it doesn't go into specific details of 'why'...

In any case, it didn't quite match perfectly up against the little necromancy she had learned, but fit unusually well.

Meira entered, having temporarily taken up Emerald's role of giving reports while she was in training, and disrupted Tabuki's train of thought.

"Second and third squads completed their assaults and takeovers without issue." She relates. "First squad... was greatly delayed in reporting back. The battle went poorly, and only half their number returned, heavily battered."

... It seemed that she had been too quick to dismiss the morning's disquiet.

"Only half? What of the other two?"

"They did not say. It seems we will have to await their resurrection, however."


Tabuki has gained a perk: Basic Shamanistic Binding. She may attempt to infuse an item with a spirit of some sort, or an elemental aspect. Different areas may have different options for binding, and with no available means to lure or forcibly summon spirits or elements to herself, she must go to them in order to attempt a binding. As such, Tabuki must have access to territories held in an area she wishes to bind spirits from. Earth elements are near ubiquitous in the Underground, and the Old Hells contain a vast number of Earth and Fire natured elements.

In attempting to bind a spirit or element, a Magic roll is required. Should this roll fail, the attempt will likewise fail. In case of catastrophic failure, the item used as a focus for binding, the spirit or element you are attempting to bind, or both, may be lost. Effects from the binding are only determined after the attempt has proven successful.

At this stage, Tabuki may only make a binding attempt once per day, may not unbind and item and element/spirit once bound, may not infuse more than one element or spirit to the same item, and may only attempt to infuse elements or spirits into inanimate objects.


[ ] Speak with the remnant of squad 1. [regarding what? Write in will determine if/what rolls apply]
[ ] There's nothing to be done. Leave them in peace, to heal up for tomorrow.
>> No. 146515
File 13167218776.png - (11.25KB , 338x439 , TunnelsIMap.png ) [iqdb]
StratRoll=1, applied to invasion of tunnels I-1

Battle for VII-passage to Tunnels II.

MMA, B, C, D
CSx2, MMx2, DM


DM- 2 damage to (d4=4) MMD (13hp)

MMA- 3 damage to (d2=2) CS2 (7hp)
MMB- 2 damage to CS2 (5hp)
MMC- 2 damage to CS2 (3hp)
MMD- 3 damage to CS2 (KO)

CS- 2 damage to (d4=2) MMB (13hp)
CS attempts to swallow MMB (hp=13/15, d15=15) It succeeds!
MMB takes an additional 3 compression and acid damage. (10hp)
MM1- 1 damage to (d3=1) MMA (14hp)
MM2- 2 damage to (d3=3) MMD (11hp)
DM- 2 damage to (d3=2) MMC (13hp)

MMA- 2 damage to CS (8hp)
MMC- 2 damage to CS (6hp)
MMD- 2 damage to CS (4hp)

CS- 3 damage to (d3=1) MMA (11hp)
CS attempts to swallow MMA (hp=11/15, d15=12) It succeeds!
MMB takes 3 compression and acid damage.(7hp)
MMA takes 3 compression and acid damage.(8hp)
MM1- 1 damage to (d2=2) MMD (10hp)
MM2- 2 damage to (d2=1) MMC (11hp)
DM- 2 damage to (d2=2) MMD (8hp)

MMC- 2 damage to CS (2hp)
MMD- 2 damage to CS (KO)

The squid topples, but the fairies remain trapped inside.

MMB takes 3 compression and acid damage. (4hp)
MMA takes 3 compression and acid damage. (5hp)
MM1- 1 damage to (d2=2) MMD (7hp)
MM2- 2 damage to (d2=1) MMC (9hp)
DM- 2 damage to (d2=2) MMD (5hp)

MMC- 2 damage to (d3=3) DM (8hp)
MMD- 3 damage to DM (5hp)

MMB takes 2 compression and acid damage. (2hp)
MMA takes 3 compression and acid damage. (2hp)
MM1- 2 damage to (d2=2) MMD (3hp)
MM2- 1 damage to (d2=2) MMD (2hp)
DM- 2 damage to (d2=2) MMD (KO)

MMC- 2 damage to DM (3hp)

MMB takes 3 compression and acid damage. Can no longer struggle.
MMA takes 2 compression and acid damage. Can no longer struggle.
MM1- 2 damage to MMC (7hp)
MM2- 2 damage to MMC (5hp)
DM- 2 damage to MMC (3hp)

MMC- 3 damage to DM (KO)

MM1- 2 damage to MMC (1hp)
MM2- 1 damage to MMC (KO)


MMC and D drag themselves slowly back to base.
With the squid dead and unable to keep its prey alive, MMB and A slowly asphyxiate in the crushing, burning darkness.

Area adjustment report: MMx2, DM.


Battle for Tunnels I-1

FFA, LS, ZF B, C, MM T, S, DM A, B.


CSx4, MM, DMx2

+2 flat health bonus for invading forces.

FFA- 5 damage to (d4=4) CS4 (5hp)
LS- 3 damage to CS4 (2hp)
DMA- 3 damage to CS4 (KO)
DMB- 3 damage to (d3=2) CS2 (7hp)

DM- 1 damage to (d8=3) ZFB (31hp)
DM2- 1 damage to (d8=8) DMB (16hp)

FFA- 7 damage to CS2 (KO)
LS- 3 damage to (d2=2) CS3 (7hp)
ZFB- 7 damage to CS3 (KO)
ZFC- 5 damage to CS1 (5hp)
MMT- 1 damage to CS1 (4hp)
MMS- 1 damage to CS1 (3hp)
DMA- 2 damage to CS1 (1hp)
DMB- 3 damage to CS1 (KO)

MM- 2 damage to (d8=2) LS (half, 13hp)
DM- 2 damage to (d8=4) ZFC (22hp)
DM2- 2 damage to (d8=7) DMA (15hp)

FFA- 7 damage to (d3=1) MM (3hp)
LS- 4 damage to (d3=2) DM (6hp)
ZFB- 8 damage to (d3=2) DM, bites down (KO, -2hp)
ZFC- 5 damage to (d2=1) MM, bites down (KO, -2hp)
MMT- 1 damage to DM2 (9hp)
MMS- 2 damage to DM2 (7hp)
DMA- 2 damage to DM2 (5hp)
DMB- 3 damage to DM2 (2hp)

DM2- 2 damage to (d8=8) DMB (14hp)

FFA- 6 damage to DM2 (KO)

ZFB eats- 8 damage to DM (-10, death, necrophobe)
ZFC eats- 6 damage to MM (-8hp)


MM [-8/10, d10=10] Battle-Scarred.
Conscripted MMU [Battle-Scarred], DMR [Necrophobe]
+1 battle xp
ZFC Rank up, avg --> vet, 2.0hp, 1d2+6 damage
Loot -> 4 squid meat = +16 silvers.
Scouting TI-2, TI-3.


Battle for Tunnels IV-2

Meira, DM C, D, FFB


ZFx2, ZF(a), MM, DM
Scouting TIV-3, TIV-4
Meira- 19 damage to ZF(a) (3hp), 11 damage to ZF(a) (KO)
DMC- 2 damage to (d2=2) ZF2 (13hp)
DMD- 1 damage to ZF2 (12hp)
FFB- 7 damage to ZF2 (5hp)

DM- 2 damage to (d4=3) DMD (8hp)

Meira- 10 damage to ZF2 (KO), 18 damage to ZF1 (KO)
DMC- 2 damage to (d2=2) DM (8hp)
DMD- 2 damage to (d2=1) MM (8hp)
FFB- 6 damage to (d2=1) MM (2hp)

MM- 2 damage to (d4=4) FFB (13hp)
DM- 1 damage to (d4=1) Meira (89hp)

Meira- 15 damage to MM (KO), 15 damage to DM (KO)

+1 battle xp
DMD rank up, conscript --> avg. 1.5 hp, damage +1.
Conscripted MMV, DMS

>> No. 146516
File 131672195070.png - (9.62KB , 513x293 , TunnelsIVMap.png ) [iqdb]
And the other map.
>> No. 146517
The way this story is set up reminds me of something. But for the life of me I can't remember what it is.
>> No. 146519
Well, Binding's at least a start, though given the current restrictions it'll have to be saved for quality gear, like that axe if Deady can manage to make off with it.

[x] Speak with the remnant of squad 1. [regarding what? Write in will determine if/what rolls apply]
Basic report. Be patient, and give them time if they need it. Offer to set them to guard duty in low-risk areas for a day if they need a bit of time off, and make the same offer to the other two when they repop tomorrow. And get their names, and the names of the fallen. Have to start somewhere.
>> No. 146520
[ ] Speak with the remnant of squad 1.
-[x] Ask their names and what happened. They may have a day off from battles tomorrow, but will have a low-risk duty (guarding the hostage). The other two need to come to talk too, when they respawn.
-[x] Let them speak what are their thoughts and feelings, freely. You miscalculated, and they failed because of it, so let them vent. You will think harder next time, for their sake.

>With the squid dead and unable to keep its prey alive, MMB and A slowly asphyxiate in the crushing, burning darkness.

Ouch, that's awful. Didn't expect it was able to swallow more than one, but damn. Poor fairies. Let's get them some weapons tomorrow.
>> No. 146528
Ok this name thing is getting kinda silly.

[X] Gather all your fairies and have a elementary school style introduction where everyone says their name, hobbies, and one interesting fact about themselves.

this will not only provide us with info as to what fairies are suitable to which classes, but also might give us clues as to which of our fairies have above average base stats. in the 1st thread, Kahi said everyone in the story has base stats, but most of the time they are irrelevant (or something to that effect, too lazy to actually see exactly what was said))
>> No. 146530
>>Ok this name thing is getting kinda silly.

I wouldn't mind the abbreviations if SOMEONE would put up at least one quick post that explains what they fucking mean in each of the threads.
>> No. 146531
I'm hoping they respawn normally though without such memories.

Good idea as that was something that Sunny's Negotiator really struck home on.
>> No. 146534
[x] Speak with the remnant of squad 1. [regarding what? Write in will determine if/what rolls apply]
[x] Get their info and details of squad 1. How long they have been fighting, etc. Have them report what happened and ask what they think was the reason they lost. Any mistake needs to be corrected.

This is just an insignificant defeat. We didn't lose much, but we can't let this happen again.

Things happen, and they should have been throught worse things during their long life, so no need for condolences.
>> No. 146536
-report, direct
-background information, names, etc.
-free speech, mention miscalculation.
-suggest assigning low-risk duties next day.

So, that's that. Hm, but no actual attempt to 'comfort' or attempt to sway them in any direction verbally, so I don't think I need to roll Cha for this.
>> No. 146540
Well fuck.
>> No. 146541
Yeah, I was expecting another day or so of voting as well. Of course, I totally forgot that it was a weekend. Well, there goes what little charisma we earned with our troops with the Negotiator/Beryl episode. Thanks a lot everyone.
>> No. 146542
You're acting like this is the first time anon has badly fucked something up in this story. It won't be the last either, not until Kahi moves this to a board with a higher IQ average and even then it's not a sure bet.
>> No. 146543
Does it even matter? 90% chance to fail a char roll makes them pretty irrelevant or even bad.
>> No. 146544
Tabuki's flat-out said that she knows she's bad at dealing to people, but she still cares so she tries to help indirectly. Something like this is entirely in character.

Besides, the only thing Kahi said is that it wouldn't need a roll. Not that it was a good thing or a bad thing, just that she didn't go for anything fancy enough to require a Cha check. Whether it actually works or not is still up in the air at the moment.
>> No. 146546
File 131682115540.png - (263.61KB , 572x800 , 74cfee7091e4c8675e61bc683d723c27.png ) [iqdb]
"I'll speak with them in person." Tabuki decided, and Meira nodded indifferently as she rose. She had extracted more or less all she could from the tome, for now, anyway.

"Ah." Satori spoke, from nearby. "I had forgotten to mention. There is a store of used books somewhere in the city, where I believe you might find one or two of the other tomes in that Compendium, amongst other things. However, being as they are made of paper, they are rather significantly more expensive than they would be even on the surface. Particularly down here, printed and bound books are a hobby of those who can afford it. And in any case, I'm afraid I cannot recall offhand where exactly the store is located. It has been some time since I last made a purchase, you see."

Tabuki nodded, and made her way out. It was only a brief walk before she found herself in the middle of the room where the two defeated fairies had been brought to recover, slumped across fairy-sized beds. They were heavily bandaged, seemingly more for form than function, and seemed mildly embarassed about it. Not enough, however, to struggle through their current state of injury and the bindings themselves to remove them, it seemed. Tabuki hesitated a long moment before speaking.

"Report." She demanded, when she did.

One of the fairies turned her head away, sulkily, but the other chuckled wryly.

"... We screwed up. Sorry, boss." She said, with just a touch of bitterness. "We should have been enough to steamroll that lot. We were, right at the start of it, took out the first squid no trouble... but then the second squid set in, and we lost focus, and it started eating."

"It's fine. The loss was of little long-term importance." Tabuki said, shaking her head. "And I was aware from the beginning that there was some risk of failure, though it seems I miscalculated the degree of that risk."

"Yeah... We kinda got used to having Emerald, or the zombies, for backup." The fairy responded despondently. "But we'll do better tomorrow! I promise!" She finished earnestly.

"... If you wish, I can place you on a lighter sort of duty for the next day or two." Tabuki mused aloud.

The fairies seemed unexpectedly alarmed at the suggestion, sitting up straight, or as straight as they could manage at the thought.

"Won't be necessary." The one that had been sulking spoke up. "We'll be healed by tomorrow."

"Y-yeah! We screwed up a little, but there's no need to take us off the front lines. We even finished off both of the squid, so... yeah, we couldn't drag them back, but unless another moves in overnight, it's just the tunnel fairies there to deal with, and we'll stomp them for sure!" The other said, in a hurried rush. "We'll beat them extra hard for you!"

Tabuki was somewhat startled by the vehemence, eyebrows rising a bit.

"... Very well, then. It was merely a suggestion, for if you felt you needed more time to rest. I suppose, if nothing else, the maids can continue watching the prisoner as they have been today."

The fairies seemed to sag in relief at the decision.

"In... Um, in any case..." Tabuki continued on, starting off awkwardly now that she was off entirely-business topics. "... it's been brought to my attention that... I don't really know much about any of you. I know a couple of names, yes, but..."

"Ahaha, no worries there. I'm Chris, and that's Dominique. She's kinda gloomy." The fairy said, putting on airs as though she were confiding some great secret. The other fairy snorted in an unladylike fashion in direct response. "I like punching things! I think she'd rather have something to keep the other side of things back a bit, though. She always grumbles about getting 'stuff' caught under her nails after fights. I don't really mind though. Doesn't really matter, we'll use whatever you give us, and won't really be much better at anything whether or not we like it more. I'd... introduce you to Akira and Bellflower too, but uh... they sort of got eaten. They'll be back tomorrow, though, so it's no problem."

"Yes... Chris, um. Is that... a shortening of a longer name?" Tabuki asked uncertainly.

"Nope. Why?" The fairy asked.

"... It's just, I'm pretty sure that the name is of the masculine persuasion, and so I'm uncertain regarding...." She trailed off at the fairy's blank stare of confusion. "You know what? Never mind, Chris, it's not important. Forget I brought it up."

"Okay, no problem, just give me half a minute and it's gone!" Chris said cheerily.

"Yes. In any case, it was nice speaking with you, Chris, Dominique."

Tabuki left, still mildly confused by the whole conversation.


Some time previous to this, it is dawn on the surface.

You don't really sleep, as such, so you simply waited patiently with your eyes closed, lying on your back on a small pile of furs in the corner of the Lodge, throughout the portion of the night that wasn't a tribute to drunken carnivorism. You're fairly certain that one of the berserks either tried to kill, or successfully molested, another, during the night and in a different corner. Possibly both. Blood is only one of a number of smells the situation brought to your attention. It was a strain against the fullness of your restraint to keep yourself from lurching to your feet and shambling over to add your own teeth to the mix, but fortunately enough it seems their own fingernails and canines were only capable of drawing the faintest traces of blood from each other. Enough to heighten your awareness and all but lock your focus on the activity, but not quite enough to break through your willpower, as it turned out.

At this point, though, the sun has begun to slowly rise, and so it is at the very least theoretically possible for a berserk to rouse herself from her drunken stupor and wander outside. Whether it is likely or not is, possibly, another question entirely, which is why you haven't yet made your way out of the Lodge.

[ ] Input action.
>> No. 146547
[x] Move out and see how things are. Go check the place with food you saw yesterday.

Yay, Deady time! So, we need to take something to bring to the Underground. I guess we could go back to that arsenal and pick some uniforms and weapons, or we could steal the berserks' weapons.


What the fuck are you talking about? Cha Rolls are definetly something we don't want. Remember that big 1 we have in Charisma?
>> No. 146549
[x] Move out and see how things are. Go check the place with food you saw yesterday.

Works for me. Will probably want to make a move soonish though, last thing we need is Kitty deciding it's time to, uh, break the new recruit in.

As for the debriefing, there were a couple of ways I figured it'd go with the options we went with, and that was pretty much the best result. They're alright and want to get right back into the thick of things, Tabby knows them a bit better now, and she managed to avoid the worst of her foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Also: Yay, Bookstore. Even though it'll be a while before Tabby's got enough spare loot to get anything out of the place, knowing it's out there is good. Another lead on trade goods is also welcome, even if it will be a bit before we can take advantage of it.
>> No. 146580
Damn we need to check the metalworker to buy some stuff for them. I can't believe they're still using her firsts to fight. Maybe the zombie can bring out some cash?

[x] Move out and see how things are. Go check the place with food you saw yesterday.
>> No. 146581

If she can find some, that would be nice. Coins and the negotiator's outfit, along with whatever she's wearing now? Jackpot.
>> No. 146585
The toy store has some stuff ready to go for reasonable prices(basic weapons starting from 7~9 Silver each), and will give an additional 10% discount if we buy a dozen items or more, but it's made out of low quality metal. The blacksmith would be able to make better stuff, but it'd all be custom order and probably cost quite a bit more. Of course, there is the possibility that they'll be able to convert fairies into a production class, but we'd need more fairies around before we'd be able to mess around with that too much.

Oh, and the Negotiator's probably had her outfit for long enough that it'll go with her if she dies. so we can't really keep that. Still plenty of things to potentially swipe though, and if Deady can make off with anything it'll be a huge boost.
>> No. 146587
>an additional 10% discount if we buy a dozen items or more

Hm, I don't really remember that. Nd to reread the story again.

Still, even if the items aren't high quality, they are still useful. It's a certain 1 or 2 damage dealt.

Let's see, we have 36 silver, and just spent 20 with oni brawling. +16 from 4 cave quids, 32 total. Next turn we should have 46, I think, and maybe +8 if we retrieve the 2 cave squids Squad 1 killed. That's enough for 1 spiky pot-metal Gauntlets (For Emerald, only the best) and 2 pot-metal Gauntlets (For Squad 1 or the brawlers).

>Oh, and the Negotiator's probably had her outfit for long enough that it'll go with her if she dies. so we can't really keep that

There are ways around that. We can give it to one of our fairies and keep the negtotiator alive long enough the item changes owners, or we change her spawning point. All solutions involve keeping her alive, though.
>> No. 146604
File 131690807761.png - (180.74KB , 300x400 , f4a749b55aee8c7e9c4cf1b5dc191923.png ) [iqdb]
Nearby, you can hear one of the berserks stumble to her feet, lurch a few steps, then seemingly change her mind about getting up and flop down onto a different patch of furs. The fairy already in them lets out a soft 'whoof' of air being knocked loose, but after some grumbling, the both of them drift off again.

That's enough for you to decide it's time to step out, and you lurch up from your place to make your way out the door and into the morning air.

You've begun to properly work out the layout of the shacks, and it's only a short time before you find yourself in front of the food-shack.

It's not much larger than the other buildings, and as you enter you can see why, as it's simply the roof over the hole leading to a storage cellar. Most of the storage is bottles roughly as large as you are, though they do contain some larger, and the rest is made up of recently picked fruits. Very little space is occupied by the fruit, comparatively. It looks like they go through it steadily, as left on its own it will spoil.

Ahead of you, you see a Tasty in the robes with detached sleeves picking up what looks like a good sized berry. Her back is to you, and she hasn't turned around yet or called out. You aren't sure she heard you come in.

There's no way of guessing when another fairy might come in for food, or if sound carries particularly well out of the cellar.

[ ] Input action.
>> No. 146605
>robes with detached sleeves picking up what looks like a good sized berry



[x] Hit the tasty in the head with all your might if you still have the club, knock her out as fast as possible.

This might not be a good idea. But we need at least a few berries for Emerald, if we don't want her to moest the Negotiator. I just hope this miko is of conscript rank.
>> No. 146606
Are you fucking retarded?. Miko means shrine maiden. You wanna know what a shrine maiden does? She purifies things, like zombies. And even if she couldn't 'purify' us, then she could more then like still kick our ass. Oh, or better yet, maybe that's Reimu?

God dammit /th/, you really disappoint me sometimes.

[x]Ignore the tasty
>> No. 146613
Last I checked Reimu was human-sized and more likely to shoot a fairy than to work for one.

As for the Miko Fairies, I'm suspecting a damage bonus vs. Undead/Demons or a White Mage healing/buff kit. Maybe both?

Let's see... Miko's unarmed, they don't hit all that hard, and Deady's starting in melee range and might get some bonuses due to surprise. So assuming Mikos don't get a crazy huge damage bonus, Deady can probably drop her to 0 without taking much in return(and then drag her off behind some bottles to finish the job). Any leftover stains will probably be attributed to Berserker-style table manners and berries. Red, red berries.

On the other hand, there's a pretty good chance she'll get a good look at Deady before popping, so that commits Deady to either finishing things and escaping before before she respawns, or trying to pull another costume swap to a less than ideal outfit. There's also the chance a Witch will walk in, or the Miko having a sufficiently hax enough bonus vs. the undead to overcome the initial disadvantage, either of which would end this excursion on the spot and send Deady back empty-handed.

Going to hold off on voting for now, but for me it boils down to either trying to jump her or slipping back outside while she's browsing the berries. Leaning to the latter at the moment.
>> No. 146614

I want to reward Deady with something delicious. She is strong, and armed, she has a decent attack, plus it's a surprise attack. We might have a bonus/double attack, or even knock te miko out instantly.
>> No. 146617
Have Deady turn the Cleric around, kiss her, and then bite off the Clerics tongue when she gets the chance. Because if we're going to "Go Out", let's not only go out in style, but also create some distust and fear in Sunny's forces as we do it.

If we get the chance to 'escape', we could try to put on another costume before doing something else, like 'spoiling' all of the food there.
>> No. 146618
File 131691805215.jpg - (158.39KB , 636x900 , The-Bard-Damn-Birds.jpg ) [iqdb]
The spiling of the food kind of makes me curious. Do Zombies ever need to urinate or defecate?

if the answer is yes, we have an easy way for Deady to spoil the food there before she would need to try and escape and change out her clothes.
>> No. 146621
Eh, spoiling the food won't do much, it's mentioned that there's only so much there and it gets replaced pretty constantly. And seeing as fairies don't need to eat, it'd only annoy them at best.
>> No. 146622

Annoy them, and disrupt teir economy for the day. If we could have Deady stay up thre for a few days, sabotaging their income and cutting/eating teir forces, we could have an advantage.

But then again, everyone else is so far ahead that it probably wouldn't do much to us. But now, for the other factions...
>> No. 146630
Huh? The food is a luxury, not a necessity; ruining it wouldn't slow them down in the slightest, and given some of the Negotiator's comments I imagine they didn't cost anything other than a bit of time(which also reduces the likelihood of there being significant coinage to swipe, being firm believers in the five-finger discount reduces the need for currency).

As for picking some of them off? The only reason Deady stands a chance of a (near)silent takedown here is because she's getting the drop on what looks to be a low damage support class*. Witches hit hard, and I imagine Berserkers would flat-out stomp her. She's not going to do any real damage that way.

If you want to cause longer term harm? Swiping/destroying outfits slows how quickly they can convert recruits into better classes. Stealing/breaking the axe would set them back a little as well, as I imagine fairy-sized quality metal equipment is hard to come by when you're not living a short walk away from a blacksmith. Last thing I can think of at the moment would be swiping up-to-date maps and troop movements; Tabby might not be in much of a position to take advantage of them, but I imagine Cirno, and by extension Dai, might be able to cause some damage.

*Deady's stats, if memory serves, are: 30 HP/7-8 damage. Assuming the club is a +2, that brings it to 9-10; HP bonus from the outfit, if any, is unknown.
>> No. 146662
I think... yeah...

[x]Ignore the tasty and leave quietly, but try to get a whiff of what's in the bottles on the way out.

If it's alcohol, then we've found our potential distraction. Just need some fire and an opportunity.
>> No. 146666
File 13169990341.jpg - (103.49KB , 1000x708 , pic maybe related.jpg ) [iqdb]
Temptation rushes through you, but you beat it back. Were you here alone, this would almost be a golden opportunity, even accounting for the risk of what followed being noticed. You're under orders, though, and while everything could still turn out fine, if you screw up it will disappoint the Mistress.

You shift away, as silently as you can manage, and then move to quickly inspect the bottles. Most of it seems to be the thin, watery beer the Berserks imbibed in great quantity last night, but there's some that smells a little stronger, as you lean towards their bottles.

It's at that point that the Tasty turns around and sees you, and by extension, the bottles you're inspecting. Before you quite realize what's happening, there's a painful ringing noise in your head, your jaw hurts, and she's dragging you out of the shack by your ear.

"No. Bad." She says, as though chiding an animal. "You should know full well that the good stuff gets saved for special occasions. Geeze, I didn't know your lot ever got up this early."

You can't help but moan under the minor verbal and physical assault, and she clicks her tongue.

"Hangover? You're getting no help from me unless you're bleeding." She says dryly. "You brought that on yourself."

She pauses, and frowns in the general direction of the lodge.

"Still, I guess you're doing better than some, even now, though who knows how long that will last." She grumbles. "Whatever. I heard Cirno and Dai are contesting ownership of one of Cirno's territories today, a bit of a farm. I don't plan on getting involved, but I have no jobs today, and I don't think any of your lot have anything important to do either. You can come along, if you're feeling well enough to play meat-shield, just in case. You can do that, even with a pounding headache and roiling stomach, I trust?"

[ ] Input action.
>> No. 146670
[x] Just get a few berries and refuse her offer. Go check the arsenal again.

Great. A lost opportunity. Let's just grab as much as possible and GTFO.
>> No. 146673
Actually, I'm guessing not attacking was the right thing to do there, given that it's almost certain they can heal now she may have been able to drag the fight out long enough to either win or get help. That said...

If we do go, it'll take up a chunk of the day and take us out of the base, but Deady will pick up a bit of territory info, a better idea of what units Cirno and Dai favor, and a fair chance to see what sort of support abilities a Miko has. On the other hand Deady might get hurt, and if the Miko tries to heal her it could get ugly.

If she stays, we'll need to look for something else to do. Going back into the food storage isn't an option at the moment, the Miko would probably smack her again if she tried, but if most of the forces are still asleep there's plenty of places to check out.

Oh, and I rather doubt Deady's going to think of stealing berries. Gear, intel, and sabotage are the things she'd be shooting for at the moment.
>> No. 146683
If we're extreamly lucky (Like 10 critical successes) we might be able to take out one of the Leaders.
>> No. 146684
Am I the only one who thinks having Deady go to Cirno is a bad idea? Sunny's fairies apparently do not even know of the concept of zombie fairies, which is why we were able to fool them despite our pretty paper-thin disguise, but Cirno has met them and knows we are the only one using them. While she may not be allied with Sunny I think she hates us enough to just warn Sunny out of spite.
>> No. 146689
>I think she hates us

Cirno: 43

Yeah, no, she doesn't. You started off really, really on the wrong foot, but then there was counterbalancing stuff, like letting her show off (mitigated somewhat by you going 'no, I have a plan' first, and then that plan failing), the opportunity to lambaste you in front of your acquaintances, which improved her mood, and the fact that, in the end, she got everything she went down for. Not enough to completely balance things out, but it's something.

Does she find you strongly irritating, and think it's frustrating you had to do everything the long way, instead of just forking over stuff? Sure. Even nudging her to the stronger side of that, towards intense personal dislike. That isn't hatred, though.
>> No. 146690

>>146684 here, for some reason I had the Negotiator's 22 in mind when I wrote that. Makes her warning Sunny not as likely but still a viable danger in my eyes. Even her offhandedly mentioning that Deady IS a zombie fairy, something no one else catched on yet, would spell trouble for the mission.
>> No. 146692
[x] Go along. You might find some new stuff out.

Sure, why not? My reason is in the vote.
>> No. 146697
[x]Go along.

Might as well. Doesn't sound like the Miko's going to do anything aside from spectating, so aside from a stray shot or two it should be moderately low risk. She might be expecting Deady to pull meatshield duty, so try to avoid any incidental fights.
>> No. 146728
File 131716440921.jpg - (293.91KB , 911x511 , c6cd2b83bd5b27848692ef92b2333d0d.jpg ) [iqdb]
You groan softly, because it seems to be expected more than anything else, but fall in behind the miko as she moves. She pauses partway out of the encampment, glances back at the weapons-shack, then shrugs.

"Guess I don't need to be armed." She decides, after only a moment of thought, and continues on. You almost miss the slight glimpse of something on the end a cord-necklace before it settles back beneath her outfit. "Onward, meat-shield~"

Much of the forest is quiet as you pass overhead, but as you float over the most northern parts fairies rise up to stare warily at you, and you rise a little further, to give them a wider berth as you pass by.

As you pass the tree-line you can see large buildings to the south and southwest, and the large farm to the northwest, where you seem to be headed. There's a smaller, lonely looking building some distance away from it, and from this height you can see the lake beyond, and the absurdly huge building on its north. Mountains rise in the distance.

"Don't get too close, they've already started." The tasty warns, taking a bite out of her berry as she settles into a hover at some distance from the fight already in progress.

There are too many fairies on either side for you to count, and the details are difficult to make out from here, but it seems that Cirno's side is made up mostly of ice-plated Knights and Witches, though there is some variation. Dai's forces, by contrast, seem to be made up mostly of tasties dressed like the one at your side.

It's an interesting fight to watch, as the groups seem fairly evenly matched. It doesn't take long for one of Dai's to drag up a fallen and do... something to get them moving and fighting again, and so Cirno's forces are having some trouble keeping them down... but it also quickly becomes apparent that they are outpacing the restoration ability simply by virtue of the damage they can inflict, and with most of Dai's side spending their time on a defensive game, they're left with little opportunity to attack. Strictly setting armies against each other, it might take a while, but Cirno is set to come out the clear victor in this.

They aren't the only factor, though. Cirno and Dai themselves are in the fray.

Interestingly, their own behavior is the opposite of their troops. Cirno seems to know she's winning, and so is focusing the majority of her effort into keeping Dai from getting to a position where she can drastically affect that outcome, while Dai is trying her hardest to get past, whether through slipperiness or application of force, and mow down Cirno's troops.

She catches Cirno off guard eventually, closing in and tugging out a small pouch, which she puffs open directly into Cirno's face, releasing a cloud of something purple. As the smaller tasty clutches at her eyes and, presumably, howls, she moves immediately to capitalize on the advantage, zipping down into the fray.

The reason the fight isn't being held in the contested territory itself, rather than off to the side a bit like it is, quickly becomes apparent. In the first pass, she blasts away at least half of Cirno's army, armor of the Knights cracking, flaking, and immediately melting away from her assault as the tasties she strikes against die all but instantly. More of the rest seem to be weakened, and she gears up for another attack.

It's not to be, however, as Cirno has just caught her from behind, eyes squeezed almost shut as she pulls the bigger tasty's arms outwards. Frost gathers, and an expression of surprise is caught nicely, sealed in the forming ice. Cirno heaves, then, lifting the frozen Dai up bodily, and hurls her into her own forces. Her body shatters at the impact with the ground, but the unexpected attack has reduced Dai's army similarly to her own.

That done, Cirno turns and collapses to her knees, violently expelling the contents of her stomach.

"Well, that's that. Not much left to watch here, whether her troops mop up or she gets her head together enough to finish things on her own." The tasty by you says, almost disappointed. "Almost a shame we don't border any of her territories ourselves, that kind of thing will probably leave her feeling terrible enough that she still won't want to go out and fight personally even after it's over, so tomorrow would be a good time to make a push. Heh, but I think I see one of Star's over there, looks like she had the same idea."

Sure enough, there's a movement some distance away, of a fairy-sized figure making its way quickly back towards the tree and encampments.

[ ] Input Action
>> No. 146732
[x] Go back to the encampment.

Well, what are we supposed to do now? It seems everyone is aiming for Cirno's territories, that's good. We just need to recover Deady before they try to send her to fight.
>> No. 146735
[x]Head back, but keep an eye out for traps and ambushes, it doesn't sound like Sunny owns the turf you're watching from.

If Deady can get back tonight to relay the info in time, Tabby has a shot at taking that area of Cirno's that leads into the deeper areas while the vast bulk of her spare forces are tied up defending places she actually cares about, for all that she'd have to acquire more light sources before being able to get much out of it. Failing that, she should probably go talk to Orin about speaking with the zombies, and maybe see if there are any upgrades to her existing Fire/Necromancy spells.
>> No. 146779
File 131724828930.jpg - (110.40KB , 518x725 , b43cc3292a98bcdf65fc5f964b7557bd.jpg ) [iqdb]
You make no move to intercept or chase the tasty, as it's a long way off already. Then, neither does the miko next to you, simply remaining in place, chewing berry, and watching her go.

"... Hm, might be a good time to push at one of Star's territories tomorrow, too, if she gets wind of this. If she's occupied harassing Cirno, she can't throw as much into defense. And we do have territories bordering her. Dai too, come to think of it, though if Luna hears about plans like that, she might push at us just because we're occupied... hm. Well, it's not something you need to worry about, I guess." She says, patting you idly on the head. "Something for me to think about later though, bring up with the other Generals before anyone talks to Sunny about it. There's things that need to be talked about later anyway."

She squints towards the battle, shielding her eyes from the sun, as Cirno feebly flash-freezes a handful of Dai's troops before returning to her misery.

"... Yeah, we should probably leave. If she manages to recover a little, and sees us, she'll try to catch us in order to keep us from spreading word about this, until she's recovered. And I don't know about you, but sitting around frozen up to my neck in ice for the next few days doesn't strike me as a fun time."

You grunt in what you hope might be taken as agreement, and she floats back a little before turning. You deliberately ignore the fact that the two of you are, at this point, very much far enough from any red areas that there is little chance of someone coming to her aid if you strike as the two of you float back towards the camp.

Fairies float up to warily watch you pass, and you get the sense that they're debating whether or not to attack. You loom up a little, though, in between the miko-tasty and them, and carefully bare your teeth, eyes wide as you can open them, and they quickly decide that as long as the two of you don't float too close, they won't bother you as you pass.

It's not too long before you arrive back at the encampment, which by now is filled with activity of tasties moving around. The miko-tasty slaps you on the back, apparently a casual and wordless dismissal. It stings.

[ ] Input action.
>> No. 146783
[x]Find a way to slink back underground to report your findings.
>> No. 146787
... Deady's feeling pain now? Hmmm...

[x]Pinch yourself. If nothing much is felt, then it's probably just a Miko thing. If it stings... Either way, keep an eye out for opportunities to slip back to the underground, preferably with loot(the axe would be nice, but making off with several outfits would probably be easier and more beneficial in the long run).
>> No. 146798
Deady is a zombie. Feeling is probably going to be somewhat muted any way she goes about it.

[X] The plan is to get back underground to report, but if you see a chance to either steal some shit like maps, or outfits, or equipment, do so.
[X] If you can't escape with some loot, see if you can't destroy something valuable instead.
[X] Don't get caught.
>> No. 146805
Just an odd hunch I'm getting. First day she's up she's getting slapped on the back by the berserkers enough that she thinks several ribs are cracked, and it's noted that she's grateful that she doesn't feel much in the way of actual pain.

When the Miko smacked her away from the booze and slapped her on the back earlier? She felt those. Leaves me wondering if it's an indication of how strong the Miko General* is(either base and/or if she's getting a passive anti-undead bonus), or if something... else is going on.

*Which brings up the point that she feels the need to share potential tactical info with her fellow generals before bringing it to Sunny...
>> No. 146806
It's really too bad we don't have any incriminating evidence of some kind for Deady to use to attempt to throw suspicion on one of the surface factions if something were to be destroyed/etc.

Assume the better of the worse possibilities (Miko/holy energy versus Undead) and just keep your distance from there. Too bad we didn't hit her and throw her towards the enemy troops on the way back, would've disabled a general and no one would have had any idea why it happened and would've weakened forces on the way back.

Careful with our greed here. The other berserkers would be awake by now and so should everyone else be so this may not be the best time to destroy things.
>> No. 146813
I dunno, she's a General, so it'd take considerable effort to bring her down, even if she's unarmed....

Waaaait a second here...

That thing on the end of the cord Deady saw on the Miko was the key to the axe chest, wasn't it?

Addendum: Keep an eye on the Miko general, she's a believer in regular bathing, so she might hit the bathhouse at some point. Might get another chance to grab the key then, though it might help to rope in a couple other berserkers and disguise your theft as a prank.
>> No. 146823
>That thing on the end of the cord Deady saw on the Miko was the key to the axe chest, wasn't it?


Why didn't we notice that sooner? Fucking fuck, we have a Perception value as high as Tabuki has.
>> No. 146829
That was pretty much my reaction, yes. Especially when I recalled the pic Kahi used when Deady took a look at the storage shed.

But yeah, all is not lost. If she didn't bathe before Deady started wandering around in the morning, she might do so soon. Then all she'll need to do is slip in and grab the key. And the Miko's clothing. And the clothing of whoever else happens to be in there, though she may need help for that. But hey, fairies like their pranks, and the 'zerkers might still be a touch sore about being browbeaten into bathing yesterday....
>> No. 146835
So... currently, it's looking like votes are saying 'grab what's immediately available, but leave asap'. I guess I can wait a while longer, though, since it looks like discussion indicates you might be considering a slightly different plan. Wouldn't want to deliberately cut you off in the middle of something.
>> No. 146839
Right. "Hurry up." Got it.

So guys, do we do the Snatch and Dash, or do we wait a bit and tempt the potential of the dreaded Tsundere's Wrath for stealing her clothes (and more importantly her key) before we try grabbing something else and escaping?
>> No. 146841
Yeah, on one hand staying around longer means we're likely to get caught out or killed if anything goes wrong, but as >>146806 pointed out, it's day and people are awake and about making our chances of escape low anyways. If we wait until night, there is a better chance we can escape. The other issue is if we steal the General's clothes but she doesn't get the key back, there IS a chance she will post a guard to the area the key goes to in order to see if anyone tries to use it.

Honestly, I think we should wait until nightfall before making our move.

[X] Try and remain Unnoticed until nightfall. Look around the camp during that time, but if any sorts of opportunities present themselves during that time (pranks, thefts, etc.), take them.
[X] The Plan is to get back to Tabuki to report though.
[X] If we get the chance to steal some loot, we will.
[X] We'll do our best not to get caught.
>> No. 146842
The big issue here is timing. The quicker Deady gets back the better, as the info she has is time sensitive. At the same time, if we can steal some costumes it saves Tabuki from having to make and/or buy them herself, and we're likely going to be stuck waiting for a chance to make our escape anyways.

Also I want to second >>146265 's post. The thought of Lich!Fairies is both creepy AND awesome.
>> No. 146864
[x] Remember that tasty. Keep an eye for her and others like her.
[x] Go see where she is going.

I find it hard to believe we will have another chance for getting the key. We've had two opportunities, one of them the most ideal we could wish for.

But still, I want to try it.
>> No. 146873
[x] Remember that tasty. Keep an eye for her and others like her. Go see where she is going.
[X] Try and remain unnoticed until nightfall. Others may need sleep, but you don't.
>> No. 146893
How in the fuck do you remain "Unnoticed" while following someone around? Deady ISN'T agile or sneaky after all. WTF people?
>> No. 146894

Stop making things complicated. Following the miko is the first action, remaining unoticed is not doing things that would attract too much attention for the rest of the day.
>> No. 146900
File 13174300031.jpg - (94.79KB , 566x800 , e36c20b43aa7efeef915626225f0bdb7.jpg ) [iqdb]
It suddenly clicks for you, rather belatedly, that the thing you saw hanging off the tasty's cord is probably the key to something. And the only thing that you've seen with a lock to it is the axe chest.

Well, that's just fantastic. You aren't certain of your odds in a straight fight, though. Unlike the Berserks, who caused bodily harm to you with their camraderie, but little in the way of pain, she seems to have been deliberately avoiding causing you actual injury. On the other hand, she may well have been testing you, when it came to pain tolerance. It seems like she's fairly skilled at causing it, without leaving lasting harm.

A loose plan settles into your mind. For now, you'll keep an eye on that one, waiting to see if there's an opportunity to take the key. Whether you manage it or not, though, you should leave under the cover of darkness. The need for sleep will be their undoing.

You keep some distance from the miko as you shamble about randomly through the encampment for a while, but she doesn't do anything aside from hold a few quick conversations until she enters a nondescript shack, some time later. Through the door, before it closes, you can see a Witch already sitting at a table inside, and a minute or two later, the berserk in the kitten furs swaggers up, nearly smashing the door off the hinges in her entry.

You aren't close enough to overhear anything, as the door swings shut. If you slip a little closer, though, you may be able to slump down next to a wall and listen in. You think there's a window on the other side, but that might not be the best place, though you might be able to hear more clearly. Or you could float up and flop down on the roof as though napping, but despite that it seems an in-character action, it will probably make you fairly visible, and someone might come to drag you off. You aren't even sure the discussion will be important, or cover anything you don't already know.

[ ] Input action.
>> No. 146901
[x] Use the window

Oooh, a reunion with all the generals? This can only be worth it.
>> No. 146903
Miko mentioned that they'll be talking about where to best hit Star while she's off hitting Cirno while she's down, but also said they'll be talking about other stuff too.

Other stuff could include:
Sunny's whereabouts (I've been a bit worried about this)
Future movements underground
Where the Negotiator vanished to
Why there seems to be an extra berserker running around
Why the Negotiator has apparently suffered the fairy version of a mid-life crisis and is trying to change class to berserker (doubtful, but amusing)

That said...
[x]Take a quick look around first. If the other fairies are giving the hut some distance, then keep away. Otherwise go for the wall. Window feels like it's asking for something to go wrong, and the roof's out for the reasons listed. Plopping down against a wall and faking a nap in the shade/sun should be fine, so long as you're not right next to the door.
>> No. 146912
[x]Take a quick look around first. If the other fairies are giving the hut some distance, then keep away. Otherwise go for the wall. Window feels like it's asking for something to go wrong, and the roof's out for the reasons listed. Plopping down against a wall and faking a nap in the shade/sun should be fine, so long as you're not right next to the door.

This seems like the most logical plan of action, if the other fairies see you standing about the shack that no one else is standing by, they'll get suspicious. If you aren't the only one around the shack, which, fairies being curious little ones, will be likely, you'll probably be able to get away with sneaking a listen.
>> No. 146929
File 131753420724.jpg - (326.99KB , 730x956 , a8281dd3ec71f35acbb517815e68f9f0.jpg ) [iqdb]
You glance quickly around. It doesn't seem like anyone is moving towards the building. On the other hand, neither are they avoiding it, and some are passing very close to it as they continue on to other things.

Considering this, you stagger up alongside the shack, and then drop to sit on the ground, leaning back against the wall. You close your eyes for further illusion of slumber, even as you listen intently. The voices inside are muffled, but you can make them out clearly.

"... So Star will probably go after Cirno tomorrow. We can hit her, and she likely won't be able to repel us. That's probably what's expected, though, and if there are any assaults against us we'll be less able to repel them." the miko says, apparently having explained the situation.

"Bah. We should attack! Fight hard!" Berserk says.

"You know I hate listening to you talk like that, it gives me a headache." Says a new voice, clearly the witch.

"In character!" Berserk calls back.

"Yes, and I know you enjoy it, but parsing it makes my head hurt terribly sometimes." Witch says. "Could you talk normally, just while we're discussing things in here? I know you still can."

"No." Berserk says, almost petulantly.

"Please." The miko says, weighing in on the witches side for the matter. "It really does grate, after a while, and it's just while we're talking things over in private. You can go back to... bellowing at people and rolling in dirt, or whatever it is you do and then don't bathe afterwards, once we're done."

".... ugh, fine." Berserk says, normally. "But I don't have to like it."

"Thank you." Miko says. "Now, another thought is to attack Dai... She has a foothold in one of our farms, and Sunny's been wanting to push her out for forever. She'll be at full strength tomorrow, though, and she probably won't be prepared to push at Cirno again immediately after her last shot, so she'll be prepared, and we're the only other party bordering her territories."

"That could be a good thing." Witch says. "If she's not expecting an attack, that is. Nobody else will be expecting us to attack her right then either, given that we don't know she'll be occupied with anything, but it's not impossible that Cirno will send off a retaliatory strike for today. Good odds, at least."

"Not a guarantee, though. In any case, do either of you have any particular concerns about any course of action?" Miko asks.

They don't seem to, and she moves on.

"Now... the Negotiator seems to have disappeared. This is concerning." Miko says.

"I like her." Berserk says. "She's good at talking. Not General-Quality, like her predecessor was, but the next best thing ever since she wandered off to wherever she's living now."

"Who knows." Miko says. "I'm given to understand she decided to see if there was anything to do Outside gensokyo, but I'm not sure where she actually went. In any case, back to the topic?"

"My girls assure me that she was with them when they returned from the Underground." Witch says. "But that once they got back, they just turned around at some point and she was gone."

"It seems strange." Miko says. "I would almost discount the newcomer's involvement, but something's nagging at me. Perhaps one of us should advise making a second group, with more powerful entourage, and head down to start asking pointed questions?"

"Ah, you know my vote. I say we just attack, ask the newbie questions in between stomping her face in." Berserk says.

"We don't know for certain that she's involved at all, though. There has been no ransom note or any such thing... it's odd." Miko muses.

"In any case, we should start interrogating the troops." Witch says. "If she came back, then someone has to have seen her arrive. And she can't have moved around entirely unnoticed."

"Yeah, sure, we can do that." Berserk says almost disinterestedly.

"Then we can begin quietly questioning people tomorrow morning?" Miko asks. "I believe that will work out well. On that note, I think that's all the war-related business there is to discuss. On a different topic, I heard Luna got press-ganged by that mansion just today?"

"Oh yeah!" Berserk says. "It was really surprising. I mean, you hear how annoyed Cirno gets, because her knights keep getting picked up and made to dust and wash dishes from time to time, but Luna was just off looking for an herb she heard was growing past there, near the far wall, and that head maid snatched her up before she realized what was happening."

"Really?" Miko says, interest clear. "Have Sunny and Star decided on what they'll do about it?"

"As I understand, they decided to see if they can break her out, and to try to keep Lily from hearing about it." Witch says. "Because she'll take shameless advantage of it, if she hears, and they aren't sure her Generals are as competent at troop direction as she is. There was some consideration of whether or not Sunny would push against her herself, but they decided against it, though they both admitted that if it had been Lily, Cirno, or Dai that had been snatched it would be a different story. Sunny was a little disgruntled, but it seems like she decided she'd rather take the rest of that farm from Luna while she's actually available for her to rub it in her face."

From there the conversation descends into small talk for a time, and then the Generals leave, Berserk once more firmly 'in-character'.

You remain sitting against the wall for now, not ready to be too hasty in getting up.

[ ] Input action.
>> No. 146946
[X] Make yourself scarce for a while, but not 'too' scarce as to become suspicious.
[X] See if you can't stash away some loot either on yourself or near the cave entrance to try and bring back to the Mistress. A bag would help out a LOT. If none can be found, keep the loot light.
[X] Stay near the cave entrance incase the Generals decide to make a "Surprise" visit to start "Questioning" the Mistress's Tasties.
-[X] If they do decide to make a "Surprise Visit", join their party, and if you get the chance, either start picking off the group, or turn on them when you get the opportunity to do so and win.
[X] If none of the enemy Tasties make a move before nightfall, slip back to the Mistress with what loot you can carry with you under the cover of darkness.

[X] If we ever get the chance to talk again, ask for the Mistress to give us a name. It has been so long that we have long since forgotten ours.
>> No. 146953
[x] Sneak inside the building.

This is where the generals meet to discuss the war. There must be something important there.
>> No. 146962
So berserkers don't lose any Int, but rather take up an interest in LARPing? There's probably a joke to be made here, but I'm not the one to go for it.

[x]Blend in and keep your head down, but keep an eye out for where you can get bags of some sort. Otherwise bide your time until dark. If worse comes to worse she can probably make a makeshift bag out of some of the outfits.

Not really feasible to ferry stuff to the cave, as it's probably a few territories away and it is, at least during the day, heavily guarded. They also decided on holding off on heading down until they've finished their investigations on the surface, so there's no need to worry about visits quite yet. Of course, this also means it's probably Deady's last real shot to do something. As for sneaking into the building, she'd probably get spotted.

... You know, given that the pics Kahi uses occasionally have hints in them, I have to wonder why he used one of Koishi back near the start of the thread, rather than more Saber/Negotiator. And there's that thing she didn't quite catch out of the corner of her eye back when she left Pedro's...
>> No. 146965
[x] Sneak inside.

Strategic military information? Sure, I'll have it.

Honeztly, we've wasted a few precious chances before because of fear of being caught or similar (or because we can be clueless as fuck). I'm willing to take risks this time, specially considering we are just going to wait for nightfall now to get away.
>> No. 146967
An... odd plan is starting to come together, so it might not be all that important to grab the axe this trip in. Somewhat dependent on if the area sentries come in at the end of the day(or, at the very least, aren't particularly light sleepers), but if Deady can manage a clean getaway then certain options open up when it comes time to release the Negotiator.
>> No. 146971
Axe right now is probably best result for up here, but if there any spare miko clothes that's probably something of use to take since I don't think we had access to those unless it went through the custom tailor.

If we can get a variety of 1/offs for troops we can uncover a decent bit of information about the other classes we haven't unlocked yet and those fairies when they are trained, use them to train others more quickly. Maybe.
>> No. 146975
The thought I had was that, when it comes time to kick the Negotiator back up to the surface we grab a bottle of ale from Yuugi and get her drunk once night hits. Really drunk. Falling down, can't see straight drunk. Off of ale with hallucinogenic* properties. Zombie fairies sneak her back to the surface along with what's left of the bottle. Two break off to the camp and make off with what they can; between the two of them they might even be able to get the chest out without making much noise. Third stays behind and pours what's left of the bottle in/on the Negotiator and, once the others are clear, undoes her bindings, stuffs her back in her suit, and then punts her into the encampment, with a precaution or two to make sure she doesn't choke on her own vomit.

Then the next morning hits and they find the missing negotiator on the edge of the encampment, smelling quite strongly of alcohol, and potentially still tripping off the shrooms. Not what I'd call the most reliable witness.

*Hallucinogenic side-effects may or may not have been helped along by Koishi.
>> No. 146977
[x] Attempt to ease yourself away before making a break for it.

They're starting to notice the Negoiator being missing so it'd be a good idea to leave while the going's good.

The Negotiator's Predecessor? I'm curious who that might be.
>> No. 146980
Sneaking inside where the Generals just met is a STUPID choice. Releasing the Negotiator is the second stupidest choice we can make here, intoxicated/hallucinating or not. Immediately bolting is the third stupidest choice we can make. Hanging around and seeing if anything pops up before we make our break for it is a better choice overall.

>>146946 is kind of wordy, but he does bring up some very good points. There IS a chance one or more of the Generals could decide to say "Fuck it" and go down to ask questions anyways (I'm looking at YOU, Berserker!). >>146962 also brings up a good point that it is TOO EARLY to start stashing away loot here, and that we should wait a bit. I think we SHOULD see if we can grab a bag first before anything else though.

[X] Loiter around the camp a bit more, take a look around, and if you see a bag (or maps, or anything like that) lying around, see if you can take it.
[X] If you see an opportunity, take it (Miko, bath, key, etc.).
[X] Stay close enough to the cave entrance that you can watch to see if any of the Generals decide to "Do something", as well as to give you the chance to scope out the layout for your escape.
[X] Escape (with loot) under the cover of darkness.

Fuck, mine's wordy too. God damnit!
>> No. 146982
Incidentally: you might want to consider in advance which path you're going to try taking. Deady knows the location of two entrances to the underground.

The first is the one you came up. You know how the tunnels are laid out there, and where the enemy positions are. But it's a long way off, you'll have to go over or through the Forest, then past a bunch of 'big buildings' in order to reach it.

The second one is the one you noticed on arrival. It's nearby, but you have no idea what the layout is once you're inside.
>> No. 146983
The Negotiator can't be kept indefinitely, she'll either manage to escape eventually or the generals will come down with more force than Tabby can handle looking for her. So you either sit and wait until she can manage to get back to her side, coherent and able to give a full report, or you run damage control and do something to cast at least some doubt on the story, even if it's an attempt to make it look like she's been stumbling around the woods on a really bad trip(you can even stuff her into Deady's berserker suit when dropping her off, just to confuse things even more).
>> No. 146985
Well, we could do the whole "Drunk off her ass and making excuses" thing (though I do admit that sending her back up in the Berserker costume in that state IS an amusing mental image), but given the way the Generals were talking about her, I'd expect them to at least consider the validity of what she has to say, which means that they're still likely to come down, only with more forces than normal to "Teach us a lesson" rather than "Ask pointed questions". Remember, our luck score is 1. Shit IS going to go wrong for us here. Of course, you do bring up a good point that we can't effectively hold prisoners all that well, and there is a chance for them to escape. Let's change that. We need a holding place for our prisoners. We can MAKE one, but we'd still need metal for some of it. Hmm, I supposed we could pin them to the walls and mold the rock to prevent them from using their arms or legs, but I'm unsure if they could or couldn't blast their way out anyways due to Danmaku.

Kahi, what are Deady's stats for Agility and Luck?
>> No. 146986
Fairy average is 6 AGL and 5 Luck. Deady's a little slower than normal fairies, only 5 agility. Luck is about the same, though, so 5 on both.

Freebie: Her perception is 7, due to the whole 'creeping up on Prey in dark tunnels' thing the zombies have going, which is a fair sight better than the fairy average of 4.
>> No. 146987
Hmm, so we have the choice between going the shorter route and having the chance of getting lost, or the choice of going the longer route and either being caught and/or potentially dropping our loot. Deady's perception would make it harder for her to be 'caught unawares' though.

I'm going to say that the longer route is still the better choice to pick here. We know the way, and we can avoid the guards. Hell, if worse comes to worse we could possibly even make it look like we're taking over for the guards there. If it comes to a fight though, I still say we can get the jump on them by "Kissing" one of the guards before biting off their tongue.
>> No. 146989
.... The SDM may be starting to go active... or at the very least is actively enslaving nearby fairies for work. Food for thought.... (oh shit I hope Luna doesn't let something slip) anyways we need to see if we can get that key and chest saftly if yes do it if no it's BAIL TIME anyways
>> No. 146990

inb4 buttfrustrated nerds insist everyone must be anonymous here
>> No. 146996
Get out
>> No. 147000
anyone is welcome to be an agent of UFMIA even the dread anon
>> No. 147004
The fact that you're not voting and/or discussing items related to the thread topic is what makes you a fucktard in my eyes. I don't give a shit about whether or not you're using a name, but purposely trying to bait unnamed fucktards into raging about the fact you're using a named fucktard doesn' make you any less of a fucktard than you currently are.

TL;DR: Either vote, talk about something relevant, or get the fuck out.

[X] >>146980
>> No. 147006
What he said. At the very least, Use a fucking sage when you arent talking about the topic itself or anything in it.

>> No. 147028
>Sneaking inside where the Generals just met is a STUPID choice

I don't get it. Why whould it be stupid? Is it not what we are here for, besides looting? Military information? Maps, troops count, classes enlisted? This all is critical information, and there is no reason why the generals wouldn't have them where they meet and plan the next movements.

As I see it, this is the most necessary/rewarding. Sure, it's not that damn axe, but remember: information is half the war.

[x] Sneak inside the General's bulding.
>> No. 147029
For those voting to check out the building, do remember that it has a window. Check that first to see if there's anything in there worth looking at/taking, and then keep it in mind if you go in anyways.
>> No. 147037
It might have something to do with the fact that suspicious activity is kind of suspicious. Just saying...
>> No. 147080
Oh man...can you imagine if one of the fairy was to ever get complete sovereignty ? The SDM would have a NASTY surprise waiting for them. I'm half tempted to start supporting Cirno, just because she would totally do it.
>> No. 147082
Eh, not all that likely. There are ways to keep the lot of them in line, after all.
>> No. 147086
Dunno. I don't think ever Sakuya would manage to keep a handle of the situation if all of the SDM's fairy were to suddenly rebel and start making a complete mess of the mansion.

Does this quest has a discussion thread where we can continue discussing this (if anyone's interested) rather then clutter the place ?
>> No. 147087
I'm mostly referencing something that was mentioned earlier on, about how if a particular resource area was receiving too much unwanted attention an Incident Resolution Specialist could get called in and start a fight, and if they won any fairies involved in the fight would be permanently removed from the war. So yeah, there are ways of keeping them in check if it comes to it.
>> No. 147088
Heh. I was mostly envisioning the "Sacking of the SDM" as an very nice final. After the war in other words. But that's just wishful thinking ultimately.

Tough...a quest with Cirno as a main character as she bring Gensokyo's fairy under her banner for the purpose of freeing all of the fairies that the SDM have forced into service could be appropriately epic.
>> No. 147091
This is starting to get pretty AU as fairies can come and go in being a maid, it's just that the SDM doesn't approve of anyone who comes just for the food and makes no effort to work.
>> No. 147095
>> No. 147138
X] Make yourself scarce for a while, but not 'too' scarce as to become suspicious.
[X] See if you can't stash away some loot either on yourself or near the cave entrance to try and bring back to the Mistress. A bag would help out a LOT. If none can be found, keep the loot light.
[X] Stay near the cave entrance incase the Generals decide to make a "Surprise" visit to start "Questioning" the Mistress's Tasties.
-[X] If they do decide to make a "Surprise Visit", join their party, and if you get the chance, either start picking off the group, or turn on them when you get the opportunity to do so and win.
[X] If none of the enemy Tasties make a move before nightfall, slip back to the Mistress with what loot you can carry with you under the cover of darkness.

[X] If we ever get the chance to talk again, ask for the Mistress to give us a name. It has been so long that we have long since forgotten ours.


[x] Sneak inside the building.


[x]Blend in and keep your head down, but keep an eye out for where you can get bags of some sort. Otherwise bide your time until dark. If worse comes to worse she can probably make a makeshift bag out of some of the outfits.


[x] Attempt to ease yourself away before making a break for it.


[X] Loiter around the camp a bit more, take a look around, and if you see a bag (or maps, or anything like that) lying around, see if you can take it.
[X] If you see an opportunity, take it (Miko, bath, key, etc.).
[X] Stay close enough to the cave entrance that you can watch to see if any of the Generals decide to "Do something", as well as to give you the chance to scope out the layout for your escape.
[X] Escape (with loot) under the cover of darkness.



All right, looks like a tie between those two... So I'll combine them, more or less, since they're roughly compatible.
>> No. 147140
File 131784410565.png - (44.71KB , 1104x1151 , UselessGensokyoSurfaceMap.png ) [iqdb]
In good time, you rise, and move quietly towards the back of the shack. Fortunately, the fairies don't seem to have large quantities of glass to set their windows with, so here in the encampment, unlike the house above, the window is just a space where the wood has been taken out of the wall. You heave yourself through and inspect the interior.

There's a map, carved into an animal hide, pinned to the wall with bits of sharp stone. You inspect it, but it's fairly crude, and doesn't seem to mark territory locations or any such important information, simply being an outline of the geography. Aside from its relative tactical uselessness, it's comparatively very large, and even rolled up carefully it will be difficult to conceal it and impossible to explain if you get caught. You stare at it for a while and then leave it there, secure in the knowledge that there's little chance you can make sense of it on your own, without a lot of time to think.

Aside from that, there is surprisingly little, aside from the table and chairs, and a forgotten wooden hammer in the corner. By all appearances, it's just a random shack that the generals chose to hold meetings in. That determined, you slip back out the window, and slowly leave the vicinity of the building.

Hours pass as you keep the Miko just close enough to see, as you meander about, doing nothing. Eventually, she does bathe, and the Witch joins her.

Unfortunately the Miko does not remove the key, and one of them has their clothing in their field of vision at all times. You won't be able to snatch that either, without raising some sort of a distraction. You decide it's not worth it to alarm the camp when you're already planning to leave after sundown, but the thought of the armory hits you, and you slip back inside of it to think.

You can probably get away with changing out your weapon for one or two others, if it comes down to that. You aren't sure if you can escape with a second set of clothing, and you are uncertain if you'll be able to leave un-noticed if you change out of the furs and leathers. There don't seem to be any sacks, you kept a specific eye out for those, and there is no window either. If you take something out, it will have to be through the door, in full view of bystanders. You haven't had a chance to check and see if they post a guard on anything after dark, though you think there was at least one fairy moving around the camp last night. You aren't certain, however, if you noticed the movement from around this area or if it had been closer to the food-storage.

[ ] Input action.
>> No. 147141
Waiting warmly.
>> No. 147142
That update wasn't there when I posted. You're fast, Kahi. That's good.

Now, I, I say we put something large on Deady and try to hide stuff in it. We definetly need to take the Negotiator's clothes, so we can have our own Negotiator.

Gonna vote later, after some more thought.
>> No. 147143
[x]Best bet is to wait until nightfall to try anything. Keep an ear out for any mentions of night watch duty, and try to volunteer for it if you can pull it off; preferably for something within the encampment, but even if they stick you on perimeter duty it'll make it easier to slip off. And if you get a torch of some kind...

Oh what fun we shall have.
>> No. 147156
[x] Test the shields. See how hard they are to carry, and if it's possible to use them as a carrying plate, or the like. Then check the uniforms, try to find a really baggy one and hide it with the Negotiator's Uniform, under the Axe Chest.

So, things that might be important to remember when night comes:

Pedro's swords and rods come at a cheap 9 SP and give +2 dam, so, the carved twigs aren't much better. of course, they could be gratuitous +3 dam if we do take them.

Of the weapons we could take, I think that the swords and spears are interessing. Wooden Swords with stone parts, should be stronger than a common sword, maybe a +3 or even +4 damage. Plus, Sunny doesn't have many of those, so either they are expensive/hard to acquire, or most of them are being used. I want to bet on quality/pricey theory.

The spears are stronger than Swords and have more range. They are also more expensive, and Pedro only have two of them (13 sp +3 dam). The clubbing sticks ar proably the Wooden Cudgel (+2 dam), so not very useful.

The armor and larger shields could be nice too, Pedro don't have many decent armors (his most abundant one gives +3hp -1dam), but they probably are too large and bothersome to carry. Or maybe we could put things insde an armor. or use a shield as a form of bucket, and take everything away.

We could also try to push our luck and carry the axe's chest all the way down. Fairies have a 5 PER, and it will be night. Deady has 7 PER, is stronger than normal fairies (and veteran rank), and is used to the dark. She can spot others easier than be spotted by them, while using all her strenght/flying t carry the chest.

>More thin sticks than anything else
>fewer wood-and-stone swords than anything else
>fewer spears than short clubbing sticks.
>far fewer of any sort of equipment that seem 'heavily used' than their total numbers. What exactly this might mean, you do not know.

Still trying to figure out this bit. Any different equipment from the ones noted by Deady, or equipment like the ones described, without any remarkable differential, besides being used? The "heavily used" might mean old equipment from previous wars, or initial and weak equipment from the current war. Also, we may be looking at a recently renewed arsenal, specially if the scarce numbers of used equipment in the arsenal is because the troops are using the rest.
>> No. 147161
Everything should still be there by tonight, so there's no real need to hide anything. That said...

I imagine the weapons are better than what Pedro's offering due to being specifically made and hardened for fighting, rather than just being some spare doll accessories hammered out of tin and other cheap metals; I imagine anything made out of steel(or better) would blow them out of the water though.

My own thoughts on gear extraction, as there aren't any handy bags lying around, would be to take the spears, staffs, and clubs, and use the outfits to tie them together; two at each end, and one tying the two together for a handle, so that's upwards of nine outfits accounted for along with however many weapons can be comfortably carried without risk of slippage or rattling too loudly. Any extra outfits can be used to try to tie together some hammers or swords, if you can manage a way to do it to compensate for the awkward shapes of the hammers or the edges of the swords.
>> No. 147175
There are two thoughts that come to my mind with that description.

The first is that Sunny is building up as many weapons as cheaply as possible for use in attacking Tabuki if needed. Since they're cheap, and Tabuki is supposed to be "New" to all of this, Sunny probably doesn't see any real issue if many of them break, are destroyed, etc. What this may mean is that the forces currently occupying the tunnels and whatnot are the 'expendables', while the true bulk of her forces are off elsewhere fighting the real fights.

The second thought is that this area is being used to build up and store as much as possible, as quickly as possible, as Sunny is coming out more or less the loser in this war compared to the other factions in play at this time.

The sad thing? Either way Sunny is still in a stronger position here than Tabuki. So stealing equipment may be useful as a temporary stop-gap measure. If Sunny IS on the ropes here, Tabuki could possibly use that knowledge against Sunny. The issue is CONFIRMING whether or not that is actually the case.
>> No. 147180
From the sounds of it, the war hasn't hit full swing yet, so I doubt she's on the ropes.

As for the weapons? She's not building them specifically to deal with Tabuki(she's uninteresting to the point where Sunny didn't bother showing up personally, remember), she's making them because that's all she has access to. Wood and stone are plentiful; metal, and, even more importantly, the people and equipment to make proper use of it are not. One of Cirno's biggest advantages is likely the fact she can just make gear that is substantially better than what the other leaders have to settle for. Anything they can't make themselves or scavenge off of dolls is going to be pretty rare, as anything metal is going to have to be specially made, which costs money. Which is, of course, kind of a sticking point for a race that prefers trickery or theft over actually paying for things, and as such doesn't bother with cash all that much if they don't have something specific in mind for it. That axe could be made out of plain old iron, but it'd still be worth locking up for them.

Tabuki might have to pay for stuff, but at least she has the chance and opportunities to do so. The Kappa labs have a route to the surface, and if she can manage to clear it out in time for the bonus, I imagine the Kappa's town isn't too far off, and that could be a potential goldmine in trade opportunities. I''d also check to see if the Underground's blacksmith knows much about magically-enriched alloys when she does get around to having Meira's sword inspected, if he knows enough to guide Tabuki through the process it could be a way to convert some of that absurd MP pool she's not getting much use out of right now for more cash. Hold out for long enough and she'll be able to afford to load her troops out in stuff like Mithril or Adamantine gear(the Might and Magic nerd in me wants to try Obsidian, but I have no clue how well that'd pan out).
>> No. 147195

Screw Obsidian, go for Elementium.
>> No. 147219
Refer to: >>146030
Those are effectively the only three options, and Deady's already wearing the most covering of the lot.

Oh, and Deady probably has a good idea of how heavy the chest is already, seeing as she had to lift part of it to hide the Negotiator's suit.
>> No. 147220

This is the case.

She's strong enough to carry it, but she'll be very hindered in moving around, and the weight will drag her low enough to the ground that she might as well be walking.
>> No. 147224
[X] Go to the shack to grab a large tall weapon.
[X] Make a cape out of as many costumes as possible tied together, and tie a costume to the weapon as a 'flag'.
[X] Walk out like a motherfucking boss.
>> No. 147235
How about getting as much stuff from the armory as Deady can carry while still being mobile, setting the place on fire and then fleeing back to the underground in the confusion ?

If we're lucky, the fire may actually destroy the majority of Sunny's arm buildup.
>> No. 147237
Eh, most of it's replaceable, it's still daylight, and Deady doesn't have any way of starting a fire on her own.

Now, if the guard thing works, and they hand out torches(or some other fire-based light source)? That other storage shed had quite a bit of booze in it...
>> No. 147255
If we spend too much time talking, and not enough time voting, all our talk won't mean shit.
>> No. 147256

I don't think we will be getting more votes for this update, not only do DQ have fewer readers than, say, Patchy Quest, I suspect most of the readers are lazy.
>> No. 147257
Lovely. Fuck. Fuck it then, I'm going to second >>147224 's vote. It's brash, and it's arrogant as hell, but it actually has a shot of working.

[X] Go to the shack to grab a large tall weapon.
[X] Make a cape out of as many costumes as possible tied together, and tie a costume to the weapon as a 'flag'.
[X] Walk out like a motherfucking boss.
>> No. 147259
[x]Best bet is to wait until nightfall to try anything. Keep an ear out for any mentions of night watch duty, and try to volunteer for it if you can pull it off; preferably for something within the encampment, but even if they stick you on perimeter duty it'll make it easier to slip off. And if you get a torch of some kind...

What's worse than a zombie? A [i]burning[i/] zombie!
>> No. 147260
I was thinking less self-immolation, and more of that lovely flammable alcohol they have stashed away~
>> No. 147261
So how would you feel about deady getting dressed up before playing pyromaniac?
>> No. 147264
Oh god, why am I imagining Tabuki soon gaining access to the "Pyro" class from this line of questioning?
>> No. 147266
Well, the Fire Flingers might pick up some stuff as they level to keep them on par with the more elementally diverse witches.

But if you want something more melee-ish, I'm not sure where she'd get the rubber for that~
>> No. 147301
Keep in mind that if we can bring something down common to up here but rare down there, we won't get questioned and it's more valuable if we want to sell it or keep it.

I wonder if Tabby's magic could eventually be worked to make enchanted land to grow things in. Fresh fruit and stuff is /rare/.
>> No. 147304
I was actually thinking something along those lines a while ago. Get the scientific skills up, go chat with Nitori about engineering, maybe with Okuu for some additional input, then either import some soil or try to cobble together some hydroponics with an artificial sunlight generator, be it technological or magical. Keep some for a huge morale boost for the fairies, sell the rest for a mint.
>> No. 147305

There is also a book that could help with that.
>> No. 147306
Flora and Fauna: An annotated guide would a good start, with Chemistry: A core study as a possible follow-up. The Earth and the Summer is likely nature related, but there's no telling if it'd be of use or not.
>> No. 147369
Growing berries sounds like a good idea... Maybe we could grow some grapes, or something, to provide some more high quality alcohol as gifts to others...? Heh, even Dandelions can be turned into a wine, and they're weeds! That sounds much more simple than grapes...
>> No. 147370
Growing berries sounds like a good idea... Maybe we could grow some grapes, or something, to provide some more high quality alcohol as gifts to others...? Heh, even Dandelions can be turned into a wine, and they're weeds! That sounds much more simple than grapes...
>> No. 147374
Eh, sticking to fresh fruits and veggies would be the way to go, as the production of (good) alcohol is a fairly involved process, and once it's done you still need to let the stuff sit for a couple of months before it's ready for consumption.

Still, she'd need to find some spell to boost plant growth rates to get anything out of the project in a reasonable time, so you never know.
>> No. 147375
File 131827237063.png - (7.95KB , 380x386 , TunnelsVIIMap.png ) [iqdb]
Votes: 2-2-1-1. I'll just... keep waiting for that tie to be broken, I guess, since I didn't start writing fast enough when something got a second vote? Or just flip a coin if it takes too long. One of those.


[ ] 'Choice not Taken'. Pick an option you didn't pick, or a point where you failed at something, and I'll tell you what would have happened if things had gone elsewise.

[ ] Background Information (Character 'X')

[ ] Advance Scouting Report (Area 'X')

[ ] Tidbit from the Rumor Mill.

Changing the secondary bonus this time, I'm just going to pick one of these at random, and then a specific thing at random, inside the bounds.

Okay... d4=3. Advance scouting report it is, as of this moment. Random selection for what you get... Oh, neat. Well, here you go, tunnels VII map, as it stands at this exact moment. Whether it's still going to be like this 'tomorrow'? Who knows.

But anyway, break that tie, and get on with voting for the bonus.
>> No. 147376
Hmmm... While I want to ask about how aspects of the infiltration could have gone differently it isn't exactly over yet, so...

[x]A- Yet more diplomatic atrocities: Or how it could have gone if Tabby wasn't a witless noob/If the Negotiator wasn't an unreasonable jerk.

Can't recall how the maps connect, if if Lily makes contact Tabby might as well pass along news of Luna's... situation. Provided Deady gets back in time, of course.

On that note, I've already voted for Nighttime looting/pyromania, so no tiebreakers from me~
>> No. 147377
File 131827771965.png - (3.41KB , 168x198 , 1.png ) [iqdb]
Tiebreaker eh? In that case, 1 I vote for the Like a motherfucking boss option, 2 I vote for the Best Bet option.

Looks like 1 it is.

[X] Go to the shack to grab a large tall weapon.
[X] Make a cape out of as many costumes as possible tied together, and tie a costume to the weapon as a 'flag'.
[X] Walk out like a motherfucking boss.
>> No. 147378


Here's hoping they just assume she's drunk or something.
>> No. 147379
Oh shit, XII. That's one of the three southern tunnels entrances, the one to the right. We need to take those ASAP. There are 4 (VII, IX, X, XII) passages to capture yet, and Lily is almost knocking on our door.

Didn't expect Lily of all fairies to have so many territories underground. Cirno I kinda understand, since "the strongest" and all, but the others...something like Sunny, to be honest.

Bonus Vote:
[x] A - What if we had read Mima's letter?
>> No. 147380
File 131827858927.jpg - (82.83KB , 312x445 , Standard Bearer.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know, I'm kind of wondering if there is a "Flag Bearer" class here.
>> No. 147381
Bonus Vote:
[x] A - What if we had read Mima's letter?

This grabs my attention. Why? We can kind of figure out might have happened had the Negotiator not been an ass and Tabi not been a horrible people person. This though? Yeah, this question is not something so easily guessed.
>> No. 147382

Well, damn, I was going to change my vote since ino one seconded it, but I guess I'm too late now. Was going to change for waiting until night while looking for the patrol routes.
>> No. 147387
File 131828615722.jpg - (29.02KB , 223x310 , CoalitionFlag.jpg ) [iqdb]
You meant this one I think. But... gah, that'd be annoying.
>> No. 147388
I'm thinking that if there was a "Flag Bearer" class, you really only need two things to make such a class work. The ability to majorly improve troop morale and an HP bonus. Being a prime target to enemy troops would however be a REALLY nasty side-effect of the class though.

...which in a bizzarely amusing way would make classes meant to take a lot of damage prime pools from which to draw your Flag Bearers from.
>> No. 147391
Bleh, I need to chill, it's entirely possible this won't blow her cover. She might not know how to tie knots, for example(or at least not good ones). Or they hit her with improper* drunk and disorderly conduct and give her guard duty or laundry detail as punishment or something.

*An important distinction, there are berserkers around, after all.
>> No. 147394
You know that it's entirely possible that we could accidentally start a fad with the other berserkers here. We could also accidentally give Sunny this flagbearer class >>147380 and >>147388 are talking about.

Worst case is Deady gets killed, in which case we have to wait for her to respawn. Best case is that no one really questions this as it's so self-confident that they'll just assume that either she knows what's she's doing, it's funny, or she was ordered to do it. Average response would be "Stop screwing around", followed by either punishment or being told to go to some area or something.

Quite honestly, I view having Deady walk out without any worries or concerns in kind of in the same sort of way that I view Tabuki sending up a Zombie in the Negotiator's place. Awesome and amusing.
>> No. 147396
Yeah, once I wound down a bit I realized the worst thing that'd probably happen would be a reprimand for screwing around and some menial/boring task as punishment, which might end up working in her favor, depending on the task. I'd just rather not come out of this empty-handed, given that this has chewed up the last few weeks.
>> No. 147397
>> No. 147400

Or, she is put under surveillance so she won't do more shit which could damage the equipment. Or a guard is put to watch the arsenal so others won't do that again. Or she is punished as to be made of an example and is discovered or just killed. And then, we get nothing from all these updates (and time) for Tabuki to use.

You guys aren't thinking straight. Attracting attention like is just plain retarded. I am pretty sure the first vote as just a troll vote, while the second was just, well, just read the entire post, he simply said 'fuck this all'.
>> No. 147413
I voted for the more cautious option, just trying to look on the brighter side of things.

And to be honest, I'm hoping it'll eat some kind of veto, as that write-in is really out of character for Tabby's loyal zombie minion.

Snapping and trying to snack on a fairy when she's alone with them and knows she could probably get away with it? I can buy that.

Endangering the entire mission by making a public spectacle of herself on some random impulse? Not so much.

She's managed to resist the urge to RIP AND TEAR so far, so I just can't see her breaking cover to do something that stupid.

There's also the fact that she can get walked in on at any time, so it's entirely possible for the whole thing to get aborted before it starts even if it does go through.
>> No. 147446
Any action can be explained by acting like a drunken barbarian. tying a lot of clothes together and making a makeshift flag is probably not the weirdest thing a fairy has done while drunk
>> No. 147452
File 131835971978.jpg - (94.00KB , 850x1062 , sample-bc49ad38d85a49d949b886e4fefb9855.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alright, Mima's letter.

Actually, nothing much would happen. Not reading it wasn't technically part of the Compact, after all. You'd just get to read a quick, slightly motherly note to her student, and I'd roll your intelligence to see if you immediately find nothing at all, or if you spend a few minutes studying it intently to find nothing at all. Magic: same.

If you'd failed to phrase it so that the exchange was just delivery for a lesson, and not reading it had been included in the compact, of course, then that would have been a whole 'nother story. Lucky you.

Well, and Mima'd be kind of pissed if she saw or found out about you reading her letter when she'd asked you not to, but that's neither here nor there.
>> No. 152270
New thread: