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14927 No. 14927
I'm thinking of starting new LA here in /shrine/. And I'm asking you, good anon, do you want it or not?

The main character are still unknown, either male or female. Skill unknown, Abilities unknown. All of it will be created through the prologue by Anon's way to react.

All character found throughout TS will be inside the stories. But it's another LA so expect some changes.

Another notes will be:
= Writer are Asian. so expect grammatical error.
= Update will be at least once a day. Time uncertain but will be one update per day. Text might not be long, though. But will progress.
= Write-ins are welcome. in fact, please write-in.

What is your suggestion?

>> No. 14928
[ ] Yes
>> No. 14929
[x] Maybe

More than two really active attempts can make shit confusing.
See what happens to that other attempt, unless that too was you.
Trip does seem familiar, but I don't pay much attention.
>> No. 14932
File 12155683719.png - (171.77KB , 405x284 , codegeass1.png ) [iqdb]

This is my /shrine/ face. Just as fucking planned. You anon folk are easily manipulated.
>> No. 14933
I didn't see that said attempt. there's already one running? so I'll stop and let him/her write.

I agree that three active is quite a bit much. But if no, I'll start if there's more than five people wants me to do.
Yeah. Writefag enjoys writing.
>> No. 14935
[ ] yes

Let's give you a shot. It won't be too confusing.
>> No. 14936
Is that you again YAF?
Enough with your little faggotry games.
>> No. 14937
inb4 another shitstorm
>> No. 14938
Anyway, here's sample write. I don't know what happened before but I think it probably not a good thing.

Finally, the bell rang.

"Don't forget to prepare for tomorrow's quiz too. And the deadline for report is next week !!" The professor yelled across the lecture room to the uninterested college student packing their stuff and ready to leave. You sigh after the long and boring lecture finally end. This professor somehow make the class become as boring as sitting in a square room with a radio playing Russian propaganda over and over.

"Hey, are you prepared for the test?" asked one of your friend on the way to the toilet. Your backpack swayed idly behind you.

"Pretty much. This one is not too hard. And it's just a quiz."

"Can I drop by at your dorm today? I'm not having much confidence..."

"Sure, why not?"

You and your friend arrived at the restroom. now...

[X] Male restroom.
[X] Female restroom.
Gender selection choice.
>> No. 14939
First things first, there are obvious typos, and lots of them. But if you look aside from that, style of the writing is actually pretty good. It's too early to say anything about story yet.
You could really use an editor. And I don't mean this in a bad sense, that would really make your stuff easier and nicer to read.

[X] Male restroom.
>> No. 14940
[X] Male restroom.

Crossing my fingers.
>> No. 14941
Thanks. I will try to find some proofreader so that there won't be mistake like this again.
>> No. 14942
[X] Male restroom.
>> No. 14943
[x] Unisex restroom

>> No. 14945
[x] Male restroom.
Is this a subtle way of choosing the sex of our character? --though I'd be amused if it weren't so, yet we chose the wrong restroom.

>This professor somehow make the class become as boring as sitting in a square room with a radio playing Russian propaganda over and over.
I approve of this simile. Came out of left field.
>> No. 14947
[X] Male restroom

Eh, why not?
>> No. 14948
[X] Female restroom.
>> No. 14949
[X] Whichever restroom our friend enters.
>> No. 14951
[X] Yes, but only as long as you don't include LOL ORIGINAL CHARACTER DON'T STEAL's from other CYOA's going on in these boards.
>> No. 14953
[x] Whichever restroom our friend DOESN'T enter.

Co-ed dorms fuck ye...oh, wait.


[x] Male restroom
>> No. 14954
[X] Female restroom.

Sick of male leads.
>> No. 14955
[x] Female restroom.
Needs more Adahn.
>> No. 14956
{X} Female restroom.

>> No. 14957
That will not happen. After IRC discussion I don't have permission from their author to use them. so yeah. All brand new original character.

Male 4, Female 3. one point difference win.
Male anon then. Writing.
>> No. 14958
You and your friend enter the male restroom.

"So, when do we meet?" He asked.
"Let's see..." a quick glance at your watch, it said 4:31PM. "...How about 8 o'clock? So I can eat dinner first."
"Sure. I can treat you dinner too, Y'know? returning favor for your help."
"No need for that. Just thought is enough."

You finished your purpose of coming here. After taking a leak and washing your hand and face, You and your friend say goodbye and went to each other's dorm.
On your way, one of your classmate ran straight at you from the direction of cafeteria. Her brown short hair swing left and right as she running towards you. Her face is all red from the exercise as she told you.

"Hey !! You forgot your notebook !!"
"Thanks, Usami. I'll be troubled if I lost it."

It really have your name on it. It reads...


Please enter character name.
Your appearance and some triats may or may not inherit from person you choose to took reference from.
>> No. 14959
[x] Nanaya
>> No. 14960
[x] Roa Valdamjong

>> No. 14961
File 121560258491.jpg - (58.81KB , 379x286 , 1200000062414.jpg ) [iqdb]
{X} Charlie Chaplin.
>> No. 14962
File 121560282623.jpg - (53.63KB , 366x374 , roa3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Roa Valdamjong
>> No. 14963
Haha, mighty fuck.

[x] Roa Valdamjong

The conversations between Nanaya and Roa are going to be awkward, and hilarious.
>> No. 14964
[x] Roa Valdamjong
>> No. 14966
[x] RoSHIaKI

Why be Roa when you can be the biggest pain in the ass BMW boss that just happens to be Roa and SHIKI at the same time?
>> No. 14967
[x] Roa Valdamjong

>> No. 14968
File 12156050627.gif - (29.33KB , 852x731 , roasuke.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Roasuke Valdamjong

How does my dick taste, Naya?
>> No. 14969
[X] Roa Valdamjong

This world is just full of TM faggotry. Love it.
>> No. 14970
[x] Roasuke Valjamdong

Because just "Roa" is not enough.
>> No. 14975
>> No. 14981
>> No. 14982
[x] Atari Dumbledore
>> No. 14986
File 121561771356.jpg - (193.68KB , 650x629 , m0w.jpg ) [iqdb]
Roa, nearly unanimous vote. Writing.
I am amazed. I heard you guys don't want any more TM reference and now you want to become ROA.

"Roa Valdamjong. That's me alright." You put the book in your backpack, and thanks her as a gentleman would.
"Thank you again, Renko Usami."
"Ah... It's alright."

You took a long sigh. Bad things keep happening to you lately. Forgetting things, daydreaming and hitting some random obstacle as you walk, got chased by some crazy bitch calling herself Atari Dumblesnape, etc etc etc.

And that dream....

"You okay?" Renko ask you with concerned face.
"Nah.. I'm just a little depressed. My luck is kinda bad lately."
"Maybe you could use some god's favor." Said Renko with cheery tone. "There's a shrine not too far from college. Me and my friend are going there today. Wanna come too? offering some donation might helps tip your luck scale."
"I dunno. Maybe I will."
"I will meet with her here at 6 o'clock. Come to the statue of uni's founder. That's the meeting point."
"Alright. Thanks again, Usami."

And she left. Talking something about 'Be sure to come in time !!' while running. What an energetic fellow.

Renko Usami, and her friend Maribel Han. Those two are not bad at all. Despite Renko's tomboyish looks and Mary's well endowed body, none of the guys dare approach them. Their creepy club keeps everyone away. You've talk with them once or twice and they seems normal. Didn't know occult are new trends nowadays.

You absentmindedly walk past the main gate of your faculty. The main gate have a huge sign writing the name of it...

[] Engineering
[] Science
[] Architecture
[] (insert write-in)

non-hax skill selection.
>> No. 14987
[x] Architecture
>> No. 14988
[] Engineering

We already have a scientist and lol architeczzzzzzz
>> No. 14989
[X] Architecture

Pillars and Corridors are our speciality.
>> No. 14991
What the writefag said
[x] Architecture
>> No. 14992
[X] Architecture
>> No. 14993
>>I heard you guys don't want any more TM reference

Who the fuck said that? That is blasphemy.
>> No. 14994
>I heard you guys don't want any more TM reference and now you want to become ROA.

There can never be enough TM. YAF agreed, TS is a mixture of Tsukihime and Devil May Cry.
>> No. 14995
>YAF agreed

But I didn't so don't bother me about it.
>> No. 14997

Most people don't want any more TM faggotry.

However, the specific crowd that most often visits /shrine/ is the opposite of that.

It would be a good idea to somehow attract the other people who avoid /shrine/.
>> No. 14999

Alright, Now I've lost it. WHERE EXACTLY is the whole so-called TM faggotry in TS? I admit, first playthrough had lots of it, but the latter ones didn't. Only the name remains, but it wasn't even my decision to make it 'Nanaya'.
>> No. 15001
Not saying TM faggotry is a bad thing.
I like that you put so much of it into TS.
>> No. 15002
The so called TM Faggotry is the only reason i even bother to read your LA.
>> No. 15003

That doesn't answer my question.
>> No. 15004
I think using the anology of how your name came about would be appropriate here.
>> No. 15005
[x] Architecture

This thread has been tainted by the mark of faggotry. This needs to be remedied with updates.
>> No. 15027
[X] Architecture

TM Faggotry wasn't that bad, and really, TS wasn't spamming TM stuffs at a larger scale after the first (and somewhat for the second) playthrough. I don't really understand why people are so negative about having TM elements in LAs. Sure, there are a lot of LAs with some association with TM, but it's the people who chooses it to be so. Seeing as most of the time the majority of votes for TM names and not a lot for others, where's that 'most people' are you talking about?
>> No. 15028
1)Name of LA
2)Do try to warn us when you will top writing
3)Shrine routes, ONLY. No Alice route, Yuuka route, or whoever route.

That said,
>> No. 15037
[X] Drawing

Let's be a drawfag!
>> No. 15039
>1)Name of LA
Haven't thought of that. Any suggestions?
>2)Do try to warn us when you will stop writing.
Heck. sorry I forgot. Will do that next time.
I will be writing today almost all the time because I'm at office with no specific assignment at the moment. Will be here at least six hours.
>3)Shrine routes, ONLY. No Alice route, Yuuka route, or whoever route.
So, how many Shrine people is. Three.
What fun is it if you have only three playable route?
Anyway, I'll try to stick with shrine inhabitants. but then again, anon make the choice. Not me. Things might flow differently.

in summary, writing as soon as I got out of this traffic jam and have a proper seat to sit. I won't write in the car.
>> No. 15040
Random Name Suggestion- Infinite Requiem

Just suddenly popped into my head without warning.
>> No. 15041
Will there be a Genjii route?
>> No. 15046
This Roa will have same appearance as TM Roa but don't have his skills. I want him to be as normal as possible.

On your way to your dorm from your facility, architecture, your mind starts wandering off. Thinking about what's made you study architecture for four years now. Did you want to be an architect back then? Not likely. You just love drawing. Scratching crayon and charcoal across paper. Your club back when you were in high school was the Fine Arts Club. But now you are mostly stuck with boring classes like History of Architecture and all that.
Just how long has it been since you drew something unrelated to your studies?

You arrive at your room. There's some time before both of your appointments. You fling your shirt across the room and let it scatter with the previous pile of clothes. It's built up a lot now. Gotta do something about it later.
A necklace is hung around your neck. You pick it up and examine it. You've had this piece of jewelry on you since you can remember. The tear-shaped stone was crystal clear back then, but now it has become somewhat pinkish. like there's a red liquid swirling inside. Your father said to keep it on your neck all the time. Even in bed or in the bath you can't take it off. You didn't care much, and acted as you were told. It doesn't really bother you to do it anyway.

After taking a quick shower, you get dressed in your favorite outfit. white shirt and slacks. There's still time to decide on what to do. You can just go to the girls and cancel the tutor session, but your friend's grade might be in jeopardy. Or decline their offer and wait for your friend here. God's divine favor, huh?...

[X] To the shrine. It's just a quick trip anyway.
[X] Better stay here. Can't break promise.
>> No. 15047
[X] To the shrine. It's just a quick trip anyway.
>> No. 15048
[x] To the shrine. It's just a quick trip anyway.
But only because I'm trying to meta-game my way into Gensokyo--otherwise I'd tutor the friend. I guess he's out of luck.

If our friend were female, he would definitely be Sacchin.
>> No. 15049
[X] To the shrine. It's just a quick trip anyway.
>> No. 15051
If not the shrine where would a Yuka Route be? The only place she fits in at is /others/ along with Shinki and the rest of the PC98 Touhous. But with /others/ really being /Touhou General Alternative/ there isn't really much more chance of a Yuka route in /others/ than there is /tg/.
>> No. 15052
File 121567667142.jpg - (132.31KB , 1024x768 , img_5741_room6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] to the shrine. It's just a quick trip anyway.

It's not like you will completely left him to die tomorrow. Just a little detour to the shrine and then back at tutoring. Everyone's happy.

After made up your mind, you look at the watch. There is two hour left before the designated time. Now, what to do?

[ ] Read Magazine =Bodybuilder weekly=
[ ] Read a book =Cook like Shirou=
[ ] prepare the lesson for your friend.
[ ] Playing Vidya =TEGGEN 6=
[ ] Playing Vidya =Kettle gear solid 3=
[ ] Sleep a bit


Since I'm eager to write, I took the vote I have and write anyway.
>> No. 15053
[ ] Sleep a bit
curry favors with the god of resting.
>> No. 15055
[ ] Playing Vidya =Kettle gear solid 3=
>> No. 15056
[X] Brush your hair, read =Monthly Fabulous=
>> No. 15057
goddamnit YAF, I like that.

Anyway gotta tell you guys first. ALL the selected choice in prologue period (this thread) will affect Roa's skill later. And I mean all of them.
Choose wisely. Even playing a game, reading or sleep will grant different skills.
>> No. 15059
[x] Playing Vidya =Kettle gear solid 3=
>> No. 15060
File 121568573218.jpg - (30.05KB , 600x398 , katurdaycom_dramatic.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anyway, off to home now. See you 3-4 hours later. If there's not enough Votespene gas, I'll just skip the update to tomorrow.
>> No. 15062
File 121569072173.gif - (87.31KB , 600x480 , roaisfabulous.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Brush your hair, read =Monthly Fabulous=

Yes. YES.
>> No. 15063

[X] Brush your hair, read =Monthly Fabulous=

tee hee
>> No. 15064
[x] Brush your hair, read =Monthly Fabulous=
Fabulous Roa is fabulous.
>> No. 15068
>[] Read Magazine =Bodybuilder weekly=
Working out skills. Good to work out.
>[] Read a book =Cook like Shirou=
Cooking skills. Good to please Reimu.
>[] prepare the lesson for your friend.
Friendship skills. Good to...to...

>[] Playing Vidya =TEGGEN 6=
Fighting skills. Good for surviving.
>[] Playing Vidya =Kettle gear solid 3=
Stealth Shills. Good for peeking.
>[] Brush your hair, read =Monthly Fabulous=
Fabulous skills. Good for MISSINGNO.

Can we choose more than one? We are definetly going to need something to keep us alive in Gensokyo.
If yes:
[X] Brush your hair, read =Monthly Fabulous=
[X] Read Magazine =Bodybuilder weekly=
[X] Playing Vidya =TEGGEN 6=
[X] Playing Vidya =Kettle gear solid 3=

But if not:
[X] Brush your hair, read =Monthly Fabulous=
>> No. 15069

As you said, in /others/. But like you said, /others/ really became /th2/.

Hm, that reminds me, shouldn't /sdm/ have a Cirno route?

>You fling your shirt across the room and let it scatter with the previous pile of clothes. It's built up a lot now. Gotta do something about it later.

Not so FABULOUS, are you Roa? Don't know if we should correct that or act acordingly.
>> No. 15072
[X] Brush your hair, read =Monthly Fabulous=

>> No. 15073
Let's get Fabulous, people.
Writing now.
>> No. 15076
Not sure if want.
>> No. 15079

I DEMAND a BAD END where Roasuke loses his beloved hair and becomes a baldie. Preferably in a giant fire. While trying to rescue priceless shampoo bottles.

[ ] Go to the place early. Guys gotta wait for girls.
>> No. 15080
{X} Prepare the bag. Take something to the shrine might be good idea
{X} Include =Cook Like Shirou=
>> No. 15081
[x] Playing Vidya. =TEGGEN 6=
[x] Read =Cook like Shirou=
[x] Prepare the bag. Take something to the shrine might be good idea.

Better try not to develop OCD over being FABULOUS.
>> No. 15082
File 121570358683.jpg - (168.02KB , 351x422 , 121566027731.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry. I found some major typos so i delete it and repost. Your vote still counts.

[X] Brush your hair, Read Magazine =Monthly Fabulous=

You're going to meet some attractive girl, right? It's natural to look as good as possible. You pick up your beloved comb and start brushing your long black hair. You keep it sparkling with the help of conditioner and high-class shampoo. Come to think of it, half of your morning is being used for making yourself fabulous. This hair is your more-important-than-life treasure and you will protect it with everything you can afford to.

Ahh... perfect. You are such a handsome being. No female can ignore you with this awesomeness aura of your.

Reading the "Monthly Fabulous" to pass some time and catch up with today's trends, time passes by. After finish the magazine you still have another hour. You think you can make it to the rally point in half an hour, that means another half hour free time. Preparing the lesson takes too much time, so you scrap that plan. Playing Kettle gear solid 3 takes a lot of time and patience, too.

Some strange feeling tells you that you won't be back here again. But that's silly. You have exam tomorrow, right? And a tutoring class for your friend too...

[ ] Go to the place early. Guys gotta wait for girls.
[ ] Playing Vidya. =TEGGEN 6=
[ ] Read =Cook like Shirou=
[ ] Prepare the bag. Take something to the shrine might be good idea.
>> No. 15083

>> No. 15084

[x] Read =Cook like Shirou=
[x] Prepare the bag. Take something to the shrine might be good idea.

>> No. 15085
File 121570436257.jpg - (69.98KB , 600x480 , 3ruf.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's it for today, people !! 22.37 here !!
will be back and kicking in 10-11 hours. Sleep and all that. Please feed me more Votespene gas so I can write moar.
>> No. 15086
Hmmm. If we're tossed into Gensokyo, we'll want some gear. We can't be running around like a craven cur--we have to be prepared so we can maintain our fabulousness as much as possible.

[x] Prepare the bag. Take something to the shrine might be good idea.
It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.
>> No. 15093
[x] Prepare the bag. Take something to the shrine might be good idea.
[x] Read =Cook like Shirou=

If we don't have time to read it we'll just bring the damn book.
>> No. 15096
[X] Prepare the bag. Take something to the shrine might be good idea.
[X] Go to the place early. Guys gotta wait for girls.

Let's enchant every female we encounter with courtesy and fabulousity.
>> No. 15098
[x]Your face is a little puffy. Put on an ice-pack while doing your stomach crunches.
[x]Take a shower
[x]Use a water-activated gel cleanser
>> No. 15099

[x]Your face is a little puffy. Put on an ice-pack while doing your stomach crunches.
[x]Take a shower
[x]Use a water-activated gel cleanser

The modern day Patrick Bateman?
>> No. 15127
File 121572875726.jpg - (18.81KB , 370x300 , 1202028548291.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 15147
Roa just took the shower.

[ ] Go now - 2Vote
[ ] Vidya - 1Vote
[ ] Cook like Shirou - 4Vote
[ ] Prepare the bag - 6Vote

Aww... No love for Tekken, huh? Cookbook and bag won. Writing.
>> No. 15148
after sweating over stomach crunches he'll feel like another one.
>> No. 15149
File 12157399902.jpg - (33.22KB , 480x452 , Logitech Backpack.jpg ) [iqdb]
{X} Prepare the bag. Take something to the shrine might be good idea
{X} Include =Cook Like Shirou=

There's a cookbook that you have been reading lately. The writer, Shirou, can manage to use all the recipe he wrote in this book to won at least three girl's heart. There's a history at the appendix....hmm.... An emo girl, Tsundere girl, and a knight girl. what. Knight girl? what the hell is that?
But anyway, this book is good and you are learning from it as much as you could. A man who can cook is a competent man.

Gathering stuff in your bag might take times, so you decide to put the book in your backpack. Looking around the room, there is a lot of things that might be useful in this trip. But then again, your bag is not Doraemon's 4th dimension bag so it has limited capacity. Let's see......

[] Flick knife.
[] Baseball bat.
[] Drawing kit. Complete with brush and sketchbook.
[] Nintendo DS. With Charger, of course.
[] Kellogg's corn flake.
[] Sleeping bag.
[] Flashlight.

Write-ins are welcome. But as Roa said, you cannot take more than three things. probably four for small stuff and only two for large stuff like baseball bat, drawing kit and sleeping bag.
>> No. 15150
[x] Flick knife
[x] Sleeping bag
[x] Flashlight
>> No. 15151
[] Flick knife
A knife is always a good thing to have.

[] Nintendo DS. With Charger, of course.
could be worth quite a bit in Gensokyo, especially when Nitori is involved.

[] Flashlight
So that we won't be eaten by a Rumia.

sleeping bag is unnecessary since we'll find shelter readily enough. baseball bat is too large. the rest are completely unnecessary.
>> No. 15152
[] Drawing kit. Complete with brush and sketchbook.
[] Sleeping bag.
[] Flashlight.
>> No. 15153
[] Flick knife.
[] Flashlight.
[] Oppai Ball
>> No. 15154
>[] Flick knife.

Nanaya route? We can pocket it into our pant's pockets. Like Nanaya.
>[] Baseball bat.

There should be no need to put this into the bag. Too big anyway. We can hold onto it with our hands.
>[] Drawing kit. Complete with brush and sketchbook.

What? Heh, kinda funny to imagine.
>[] PSP. With Charger, of course.

Corrected your ugly type.
Wait, how is the charger supposed to help if there isn't even electricity?
>[] Sleeping bag.
Won't we be staying at the shrine? You better not make this another LAE.

>[] Flashlight.

...if you know what I mean.

Heh, but to vote...
[X]The FABULOUS Survival Kit. Can't go anywhere without it.
[X]Flick Knife.
[X]Baseball bat

Baseball bat and knife, see reasons with the quotes.
>> No. 15157
>> [X]The FABULOUS Survival Kit. Can't go anywhere without it.
It's a must.
>> [X]Flashlight
Standard equipment.
>> [X]Baseball bat
Good for a swing and SPIN SPIN SPIN
>> No. 15161
File 121575298116.jpg - (92.31KB , 1026x711 , FabuRoa.jpg ) [iqdb]
playing around with create.swf
>> No. 15162
Large items:
[x] Clothes

You'll need your Neko-Arc pajamas at the least and a few extra sets: What if you got mud on your socks or something?

Small items:
[x] Flashlight
[x] Toiletry bag

Flashlight for keeping away grues. Toiletry bag because so you can stay fresh and FABULOUS. Surely there must be a river, hot spring, or scenic waterfall nearby the shrine for you to bathe in?

[x] Get ye pimp cane

Telescoping titanium walking stick. Collapses into a baton. It cost a pretty penny, but it's much more fashionable than a bat; you get less weird looks while twirling this around. ~spin ~spin
>> No. 15163
[X]Baseball bat
We need nothing else.
>> No. 15167
deciding what to take is an important decision. will wait for more vote.
Hope to get more vote in the next 5 hours. ;_;
>> No. 15168
[X]The FABULOUS Survival Kit. Can't go anywhere without it.
[X]Flick Knife.
[X]Baseball bat
>> No. 15169
[x] Drawing kit. Complete with brush and sketchbook.
[x] Kellogg's corn flake.
>> No. 15179
[x] Flick knife
[x] Flashlight
[x] First Aid Kit
[x] Food & drink
>> No. 15180
[X]The FABULOUS Survival Kit. Can't go anywhere without it.
[X]Baseball bat.

>> No. 15198
>1)Name of LA
>Haven't thought of that. Any suggestions?

FABULOUS in Shrine? Yeah, I got nothing too. But we can't call this Shrine LA#2.

Or maybe we can. Hmmm...

Also, 4)Tripcode at all times.
>> No. 15209
Eh, yeah...right now there isn't much of anything from which we can derive a title. Nothing has really happened, and we don't know what the story will revolve around, so....
>> No. 15220

Well, we...are FABULOUS and...er...

>> No. 15226
FABULOUS Days in Gensokyo.
>> No. 15230
Something that would acronyme into ROA. Like Revelations of Androgynity.
>> No. 15270
The name would be "Spirit within". Plot-related, btw. Will use this name in new thread.
Writing now.
>> No. 15272
File 121583118677.jpg - (80.18KB , 229x432 , AdelTulba-HiRes.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Flick knife
[] Flashlight
[] Baseball bat

You throw a baseball bat inside the backpack. Its hilt poke out of the bag to be able to use in emergency. A flick knife is in your pocket. There's a good chance you might need something sharp. And lastly, flashlight. Six o'clock here can be pretty dark.

double check the inventory again, you nod. You hold on to the doorknob for some times, feels like you don't want to let it go. Your intuition screams that there will be something happening if you close the door. You shrug it off and move the door shut.

now... to the shrine, then.

on your way, you found your friend who supposed to come to see you tonight. He's loitering at the convenient store nearby.

"Hey Roa !! Where are you going? Didn't we suppose to meet at your room?"
"Yo, Adel." You greet him back. "I'm going to the nearby shrine. Getting some divine favor."
"Heh. Didn't know a smart student like you need the help from god."
"Sometimes." You shrug.
"Can I come with you? So we can go to your room after that. If even you need the divine favor I might need both divine favor and your tutoring."

You and Adel arrived at the meeting point. The girl was there before you.
>> No. 15273
Aw, fuck. I made a mistake and all the update are erased. And I have to go somewhere, too...
Will update later today.
>> No. 15281
Aw, no FABULOUS kit?
>> No. 15285
File 121588798113.gif - (51.37KB , 399x462 , 216d.gif ) [iqdb]
Got stuck in an unnecessary trip. just got back. Sorry for the delay.

"You're fast. I didn't expect you to come before the promised time" Said the blond girl, Maribel. She have that silly hats on her head all the time. Weird.
"Well... Guys gotta wait for girls, right?" You reply back, waving hand. "But you are already here before me."
"That's okay." Renko said.
"Can I bring my friend there too?"
"Sure. The more the merrier, right?"

the group finally head to the destination. Maribel and Renko lead you and Adel past the hill behind your uni to the area with big "No Trespassing" sign hanging over the barbed wire. The girl made their way in through the hole in the fence. You have no choice but to follow.

"So... how come I don't even know there is a shrine here?" Adel asked.
"It's not surprising. You and Roa are foreign student, right? This shrine is only known to small number of local people."

Finally, through the thick forest you arrived at the shrine. It is very old and battered. Not a single soul to be found except you, Adel, Maribel and Renko.

"Well then, Me and Renko will have to leave you guys here for a while. Feel free to explore the place as you wish." Mary grab Renko's arm and start pulling her to the shrine. "C'mon. let's go."
You overheard their whisper by accident. 'Then they will probably have to wait for us the whole day !' and 'We can come back here in any time we want to. For them it will feel like only a couple of minutes so don't worry!' but you didn't really make a head or tail out of it. never mind then.

You pick up your wallet. There's 20000 yen inside. You can just donate inside the box and do a little prayer. But come to think of it, this shrine is already abandoned, right? In second thought you should save it for later.

[] Donate <enter amount>.
[] Don't donate.

Choose wisely, people. Choose wisely. This is the last choice for prologue.
>> No. 15286
[x] Donate all of your 1 yen coins.
>> No. 15295
[] Don't donate.
save it for when you get to the other side
>> No. 15300
[x] Donate 1000 yen.

I grant you an offering. Open the gateway!
>> No. 15320
[X] 10,000 Yen

it will be GLORIOUS and/or FABULOUS.
>> No. 15349
[] Donate 5000 yen.
>> No. 15353
[X] Donate 5000 yen.

5k here, 5k on the other side and 10k left for other uses.
>> No. 15358
[x] Donate all of your 1 yen coins.
>> No. 15359
[x] Donate 10000 yen using 1 yen coins.

Their coffers are now overflowing. Literally.
>> No. 15360
[X] Donate 5000 yen.
>> No. 15362
A tie between 5000Y and 1Y coin.
Next vote decide.
>> No. 15363

Could just combine them.
Five thousand yen in one yen coins.

That's the joke most of them are going for.
>> No. 15364
I don't get the joke about this 1Y coins, but I'll do it anyway.
Cannot be that large amount though because it's kinda silly to have 5000 of 1y coins with you all the time.
>> No. 15365
[x] "... actually, I'll take the couch. Go sleep in your own damn bed with... 'Mary' or whatever your boyfriend's name is. A guest doesn't take the host's bed. Allow me that much pride at least."
[x] "But I would... appreciate something to eat. I haven't had anything that wasn't on a 'dollar menu' or from a vending machine since... I can't remember."

>> No. 15366

Never played KT?
Roa's a bad dude.
He goes to convenience stores and pays in all one yen coins.
>> No. 15367
File 121594190340.jpg - (80.12KB , 646x505 , kagetsu_10000_yen.jpg ) [iqdb]
From one of the joke side-story things in Kagetsu Tohya.
>> No. 15368
Thanks. I understand it now. Never play KT myself but have some knowledge about it.
TL;DR: Writing now.
>> No. 15370

Wrong LA faggot.
>> No. 15373
Not this Faggotry again.
>> No. 15379
File 121596026861.jpg - (187.48KB , 600x600 , 3s18.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Donate 5000 yen by 1 yen coins.

You always have this with you all the time. Devilish grin plastered on your face. This shrine is gonna get some serious amount of donations.

"Wait, What are you doing Roa ?!" Adel's eye stare at the picture of you pouring out tons of 1 yen coins inside the donation box. The poor box creaked with the weight of the coin combined with its old age. "It's one yen coins !! ...And lots of 'em !!"

"Donating five thousand of one yen coin is not a crime, right?" You grin. "And hey, It's a donation. They should appreciate it, not despise it."

Adel just shrugs, and throw another one of his one yen coins inside. "Heh. I'm gonna ride on this bandwagon too." Wow. As expect from your friend. On par with your craziness.

You pray for your success in tomorrow's exam and for luck in general terms. You also ask for your friend's grade too. Well, 5000 yen is a lot and you feel like you should use it to full extent by asking as much as possible.

Suddenly. Everything froze.

You can see the random leaf fly past your face at the speed of dying snail. You saw Adel's face. He look back with terror filled in his eye. You can't move an inch of your body. Feels like it's being surrounded by a very thick mass and only think you can do is just standing there, terrified as the blinding light covers all your field of vision. Your body is being overwhelmed by the white light.


You woke up.

You get up from your lying face-down position and found out that it's not the place you should be. There's a lot of tree but the tree is somehow bigger and more dense. It's even more creepier with all these pitch black darkness around you. Come to think of it, It is not even dark a minute ago. How come you are now alone in the forest in the middle of the night?

The shrine is nowhere to be found. Do do Adel. And the girls too.

You hurriedly check your stuffs. Your backpack is still with you. So do the knife and the flashlight. You shudder by the thought of this is the god's punishment for playing around with the donation box.

Walking toward nowhere in particuliar, You think you just circling around the same spot. While you sit down and despair, there is the footsteps.

The girl with the red bow placed off-center on her head walks to you. Her blond hair is easy to see in this darkness. She slowly walk to you, eye fixed on your face.

"Hello there. Do you know where we are?"

The girl doesn't reply. She is getting closer...closer...

"It's dangerous to be strolling around at night." You said to her. She didn't seems to be bother by it.

Finally, she speak.

"You are huge. That mean you have huge guts."

[] FIGHT [Baseball Bat/ Knife]
[] ITEM [Backpack/ Flashlight]
[] SKILL [Talk/ Fabulous]
[] RUN

If you select talk, please enter what you want to say too.
>> No. 15380
>Do do Adel.
So do Adel.

Aw, fuck you Leprechauns. And the elephants too.
>> No. 15381
[x] "Hey. Think fast."
[x] Shine your flashlight right into her eyes.
[x] Close in with baseball bat and GO FOR THE GOLD IN THE BEIJING OLYMPICS.
>> No. 15382
Yay for first encounter with Touhoes.
Update tomorrow. Somewhere between 20 hours.
>> No. 15384

But seriously.
[X] Skill [Talk]
"Quite the contrary, the size of someone's bones does not equal to the mass of their internal organs. You see, I've been paying more attention to be so FABULOUS that I haven't been keeping up with the diet, so my guts might be a little to small to sate your appetite. Might I suggest you go and look for a restaurant instead of wandering in the forest?"
>> No. 15389
It's time to live up to the spirit of that baseball bat. Paranoia time!
[x] ITEM: Flashlight
[x] RUN
You woke up in a strange place, and there's a freaky girl talking about your guts. Blind her and run.
>> No. 15391
[x] FIGHT [fists]
>> No. 15404
[X] ITEM [Backpack/ Flashlight]

Run and hope her berserker pack runs out.
>> No. 15405
[x] ITEM: Flashlight
[x] RUN
>> No. 15406
File 121597852736.jpg - (44.13KB , 512x384 , snapshot20080713154230.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is that so~
>> No. 15409
[X] ITEM [Backpack/ Flashlight]
>> No. 15412
[x] PKMN: Wobuffet
[x] Walk away as Wobuffet and Rumia trap each other in an infinite loop of "Is that so" and "So it seems"

Actually, consider this a not-so-subtle /r/ of said picture.
>> No. 15413
[X] Skill [Talk: "Is that so~?"]
[X] ITEM [Flashlight]
>> No. 15419
Haha. Perfect!
[+] Skill [Talk: "Is that so~?"]
[+] ITEM [Flashlight]
>> No. 15420
[X] Skill [Talk: "Is that so~?"]
[X] ITEM [Flashlight]
>> No. 15438
'So nano ka~', then flashlight. Awesome write-ins as always, Anon.
Writing now.
>> No. 15441
File 121604670651.jpg - (155.65KB , 580x532 , 3gln.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Skill [Talk: "Is that so~?"]
[X] ITEM [Flashlight]

Your mind freeze. This girl spells trouble. All over her face. Her existence is dangerous. You are no match for her. Gotta do something. Anything. think. think. think. thinkthinkthinkTHINKTHINKTHINK !!

"Is that so~?"

What the hell? You just blurt it out without thinking. Like a reflex. The girl also reply back with the same speed.
"So it is~"
You try again. "Is that so~"
"So it is~" Same reply.

You exchange the 'Sonanoka~' and 'So desu~' for a while. She stop dead in her tracks and seems to forgot what she was doing. Somehow that's give you more time to think things through. Come to think of it, You have a flashlight in your pocket, right? This will do just fine...

"So it is~" The girl is still absorbed in this pointless word exchange. You grab the flashlight and prod it at her face.

"Is that... SO !!"

She shriek with surprise as the sudden burst of light pierce her eyes. Losing her balance and fall down, taking you with her. You are now lying on your back with the mysterious girl on top of you. Her small breast pressed against your chest and her body warmth make you feel good. Oh shit. Your friend down there is starting to get rock-solid. She moans a little while wriggling on your body. You must do simething...!

[] Cop a feel. Cop a feel. And cop a feel again.
[] She's scary. Throw her off and FUCKING RUN LIKE HELL.
[] Ruffle hair.

I'm not good with H-scene, btw. I'm not hinting anything !! Really !! believe me !!
>> No. 15442
>You must do simething...!
oh fuck. obvious typos is obvious.
>> No. 15444
Fuck yeaaahhh
>> No. 15445
>> No. 15446
Write me some guro, Kirin.
>> No. 15447
>> No. 15462
[x] Ruffle hair.

>> No. 15463

Show Rumia what it means to kill things already.
>> No. 15464

>> No. 15466
[x] Ruffle hair.
No guarantee to work, since this isn't MiG, but the Bad End may be worth it.
>> No. 15479
[X] Ruffle hair.

Save the R&T for later.
>> No. 15494
[x] Put it in.
>> No. 15498
[] Ruffle hair.
Don't kill random people. It is not FABULOUS.
>> No. 15501
File 121608128589.jpg - (249.52KB , 732x780 , SUDDENLY FALCON.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 15504

Do you know Oyashiro-sama?
>> No. 15505
File 121608611845.jpg - (6.99KB , 408x235 , just as planned.jpg ) [iqdb]
Knife in the gut won. Only one point difference from ruffle. You guys are violent.
Writing now.
>> No. 15507
>Knife in the gut won. Only one point difference from ruffle. You guys are yandere.

>> No. 15509

Thi girl, wriggling around on your chest. The sensation is awesome. But it's not enough.
More. You can have more pleasure. You can have more satisfaction from this petite body.
More arousal than sex. More than anything you can think of.

In fact, You didn't think.

The cold steel in your hand plunge inside her belly. The warm, red blood poured from the wounds you gave her. The girl screams. It's not a scream like a human girl would capable of. It's sounds like otherworldly creature, wailing. Filled with pain, surprise, bewilderment. And on top of it...

...pure anger.

She break away from you, clutching her side. The blood keep gushing out but she seems unaffected by it. She's not normal. Heh. Taking a knife in the gut and still standing there, opposing you. Blocking your way of obtaining more pleasure. Pleasure from ravaging her body with your knife. Rip. Tear. Torn asunder. Stab. wound. SlashslashslashkillkillkillKILLKILLKILLKILLKILL !!


You scream at top of your lungs as you charge towards the girl. You swing, but missed the mark. Oh, where's your arm now? Somehow it ended up in her claws. Oh. And what's that red things in her another hand? Oh. Heart. Still beating, too. Wonder whose heart it is?

The last thing you see before the world gone dark is the girl who just murdered you. Tear flows from her eyes.

--BAD END.--

You always amuse me, Anon. Always.
Now choose the number of choice to roll back and select new choice.
Hint? [Y/N]
>> No. 15510
How disappointing.

[x] Back one choice.
[x] She's scary. Throw her off and FUCKING RUN LIKE HELL.

I don't feel like dealing with Rumia any more, this shit's giving me Border Crossing flashbacks.
>> No. 15511
[X] Back one choice
[X] Ruffle.

Ruffle is our Geass.

>> No. 15512
File 121608939329.jpg - (15.93KB , 400x400 , K_hi.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hello everyone! I'm a writer self-inserted shit in this story! You can call me Kirin or just a simple K will do!

Well, this is the problem. You guys are violent~
A knife in the gut is surely not a way to deal with a loli cringing on your chest. Take it slow. Even she's a Youkai she is also have the mind of little girls~

Well... This is kinda Border Crossing. I know it too because I just read it a while ago. Keep up the good work, guys ! Call me if you need me! later~ !
>> No. 15513
[X] Back one choice
[X] Ruffle.
>> No. 15514
[] Back one choice

let's get all the BAD ENDS before we proceed with the story!
>> No. 15515
[X] Back one choice
[X] Ruffle.
>> No. 15516
Ruffle time. Writing.
>> No. 15518
File 121610302922.jpg - (37.14KB , 400x400 , 2yjx.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ruffle her hair.

Ugh... What was that just now?
You don't remember what just happening, but your head hurts. Seems like you just being pulled back to the world by tremendous force. The thing happening probably not pleasant at all.

Back to reality. The girl is there. Cringing on your chest. She's adorable. Even you still have doubt that she is something you shouldn't be with, your hand moves before your mind can think. You starts stroking her hair. Softly. Slowly. Absentmindedly ruffling her blond hair.

"What are you doing?" The girl asked. Looking up to you.
"Uh... Ruffle your hair?"
"Yeah. Ruffle. like this..."
You stroke her hair again. This time, she close her eye and make a silent purr. You stop halfway. Did she just purr? Like a cat?
"hmm~~ I like it~" She slide herself upwards, grabbing your shirt. "Do it again~"
"Oh well..."
Your soldier are still up and ready to rock 'n roll. She's making thing worse. You know it's wrong on so many level. But still... it feels really good. Her bare thigh is wrapped around your leg now.

[ ] Continue to ruffle until the girl is satisfied.
[ ] Stop it. Ask her something (...)
[ ] Stop it. Leave the girl be, and find your way outta here.
[ ] Stop it. Take the girl with you and find your way outta here.

Well... in this case, at least.
>> No. 15519
[ ] Continue to ruffle until the girl is satisfied.

RUMIA has joined your party?
>> No. 15520
[x] Continue to ruffle until the girl is satisfied.

If you know what I mean.
>> No. 15522
[ ] Continue to ruffle until the girl is satisfied.
>> No. 15523
[+] Continue to ruffle until the girl is satisfied.
Ruffle now, Put It In later.
>> No. 15525
[x] Continue to ruffle until the girl is satisfied.
MiG Anon Reloaded.
>> No. 15527
File 121612111055.jpg - (73.30KB , 576x815 , 3q7x.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Continue to ruffle until the girl is satisfied.

Anyway, you keep ruffling her hair. The girl just lying there, satisfied. You look at her and thinking about how much trouble she have cause thus far. Spook you with that speaking about guts... fall on top of you and give you arousal... demanding you to ruffle her more. Well, not that bad. But still trouble you a bit.

"Haaaaah..... I decided." The girl speak. Now sitting on your belly. You catch a glimpse of her striped panties.
"To keep you around. Your...ruffling... feels good."
"Heh. Glad you like it."
"No one do that for me. You are the first human who don't run away from me or throwing torch and pitchfork at me."

Her gaze is not directing at you, but somewhere far far away. You caught a sign of loneliness in her eyes, but it disappear like a mist in the morning sun. Maybe you just seeing things.

"By the way, Rumia is my name~" She stand up, offering you a hand. You take it and pull yourself up.
"I'm Roa. Nice to meet you Rumia."
"Roa? Strange name~" She giggles.
"Anyway, I want to ask you something."
"What is it?" She hop around you. The feeling of danger dissolves into nothing.
"Where is the nearest settlements?"
"Settlements?" Rumia repeat your question, cocking her head.
"Well, you know... The place where human lives."
"Oh !! I happen to know one !! Come here, I'll lead the way~"

Rumia hopping away from you and heading into the forest. She probably know the way. You still don't know who she is. or, WHAT she is. You keep yourself sharp since anything can happen. her words still lingering in your mind. Girl come see you in the middle of the forest. Pitch black night. Talking about guts and stuffs. Maybe to 'keep you around' means to keep you as her company and emergency ration? You starts to shiver...

Rumia take you out of the forest to the building that looks like shrine. It's architecture is the same as the one you just saw before the flash, but in much better shape. You apologize in your head for trespassing the holy grounds, but your safety comes first. You have to find someone who can tell you what the hell is going on.

Oh. There's some miko sitting at the balcony. She wears a red miko outfit that shows her armpit. Probably new design. You approach her and wave your hand.

"Hellooooo~~!! Can I ask you something !! "

The miko stops drinking her tea and look at you, astonishing.
"Huh? Who are you? And what are you doing h-----OH SHIT !!"

You are going to introduce yourself when suddenly out of nowhere, three or more red spike flew past your head and bury itself into Rumia's body. One in the eye socket, one in the neck and one in the right shoulder. Your eyes widen in shock. DID THIS MIKO JUST SHOT HER?!

"YOU !! OUT OF THE WAY !! NOW !!" The red miko yell as she ran straight to you.

[] "WHAT THE HELL?!" move away from miko's wrath.
[] "YOU JUST KILL HER, YOU BASTARD !!" Standing there, rage at her.
[] "You can't lay a finger on her !!" Stand between the miko and Rumia.

>> No. 15528
[] "YOU JUST KILLED HER, YOU BASTARD !!" Standing there, rage at her.
>> No. 15529
[x] Try to go for the baseball bat. Surely you're faster than this girl!

>> No. 15530
[x] "You can't lay a finger on her !!" Stand between the miko and Rumia.

>> No. 15532
[X] "WHAT THE HELL?!" move away from miko's wrath.

This is a LA in /shrine/, don't need miko hungry for Roasuke's blood in the first playthrough.
>> No. 15534
[x] "YOU JUST KILLED HER, YOU BASTARD !!" Standing there, rage at her.

fucking reimu ruins everything every time
>> No. 15535
>You are going to introduce yourself when suddenly out of nowhere, three or more red spike flew past your head and bury itself into Rumia's body. One in the eye socket, one in the neck and one in the right shoulder.
>[ ] "You can't lay a finger on her !!" Stand between the miko and Rumia.
She's dead, Jim.

Well, not really. But it's pretty funny to think of a guy trying to a defend a girl when that girl just received two wounds normally considered lethal. I mean, she took high velocity SPIKES through her eyesocket and neck, and someone would respond by shouting "You can't lay a finger on her"? A bit slow on the uptake, there.
>> No. 15536
[x] "You can't lay a finger on her !!" Stand between the miko and Rumia.

Obviously, choosing the option that states Rumia being killed results in her actually being dead. If we pick this, she will still be very much alive.
>> No. 15537
Well yeah. I just don't know what should I put as a choice. Sorry for the choice being nonsense.
>> No. 15543
[x] "You can't lay a finger on her !!" Stand between the miko and Rumia.
>> No. 15544
[x] "You can't lay a finger on her !!" Stand between the miko and Rumia.
>> No. 15545
[+] "YOU JUST KILL HER, YOU BASTARD !!" Standing there, rage at her.
[+] "You can't lay a finger on her !!" Stand between the miko and Rumia.
going for Lunatic Mode!
>> No. 15546
[+] "YOU JUST KILL HER, YOU BASTARD !!" Standing there, rage at her.
[+] "You can't lay a finger on her !!" Stand between the miko and Rumia.
>> No. 15551
[x] Pulverize Rumia's body with your baseball bat, just to make sure she's dead.

>> No. 15574
[+] "YOU JUST KILL HER, YOU BASTARD !!" Standing there, rage at her.
[+] "You can't lay a finger on her !!" Stand between the miko and Rumia.
>> No. 15575
File 121617469395.jpg - (150.10KB , 720x900 , on.jpg ) [iqdb]
[+] "YOU JUST KILL HER, YOU BASTARD !!" Standing there, rage at her.
[+] "You can't lay a finger on her !!" Stand between the miko and Rumia.

Wait, WHAT?
This girl... came out of nowhere, and shot Rumia with a spike ?! And Rumia didn't do anything to her !! Your sudden rage fills up your body. Disregarding the possibilities that this miko might be very dangerous to deal with, You stand between Rumia and the miko.

"YOU JUST KILLED HER, YOU BASTARD !!" You screams out.

"No !! You move away !! She's not dead yet !!" The miko still trying to get past you by pushing you away, but you are stronger. You grab both of her wrist and pull it up, restraint her movement.

"I won't let you lay a finger on her again !! You murderer !!..."
"No !! Listen !! The girl you see is a Youkai !! Man-eating monster !! You are being tricked !!" She try to explain, but rage filled your vision and none of it can get through to your brain.
"...You killed her in cold blood !! What did you just do ?! Shot her with a nailgun ?! nailgun is illegal !! Murdering is illegal !! killing is illegal !! You are miko and you should be ashamed of yourself !! I'm gonna tell the cop about this !! You... you... "

"Shit. This isn't good."

You saw her right hand formed a fist and shot at your face. And then everything was a blur. Your nose hurts fucking lot. You try to look around and suddenly some red, wet stuff splashed on your face. You think you saw that miko curbstomping something but you really can't see well...

And like that. You passed out.


Out of idea. Will be writing very soon after playing some DotA.
>> No. 15576
>nailgun is illegal !!
>You think you saw that miko curbstomping something but you really can't see well...

I fucking love this.
>> No. 15578
The grammar needs some work.

But, then again, that's what makes the shit so cash, right?
>> No. 15579
I am fully aware of that and still trying to fix it.
ITT stupid Asian.
>> No. 15581
I didn't mean it as a criticism. At least not entirely. Hell, English is my first language and my grammar isn't perfect.
>> No. 15582
Thanks for the constructive criticism anyway, dySWN.

So... because the thread hit Autosage I'll take this opportunity to ask you guy's opinion about this story.
How was it so far? good? bad? need improvement where? feel free to tell me. I won't RAGE and BAWW. Promise.

Also new thread later if I can squeeze out more updates today.
>> No. 15594
File 121622062222.jpg - (12.45KB , 325x410 , nailed Rumia.jpg ) [iqdb]
The story has just started and one girl has already been nailed.

btw.: one ! is more than enough. Reimu's part of the dialogue was partly out of character, but OK. don't know about the nail gun part, but "killing is illegal !! " sounds just stupid.

I would've hit Reimu in the face the moment she tried to get past me.
>> No. 15611
There's bound to be someone online at IRC channel almost all the time. Chances are most people there are willing to spellcheck your stuff before you post it, and it should only take few minutes more.

Really, aside from grammar your stuff is pretty good.