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Thread 41501 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 15443694987.jpg - (899.71KB, 1344x1600, parade_logo.jpg) [iqdb]
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“Platonic love is love from the neck up.”
—Thyra Samter Winslow

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>> No. 41699
File 154767867254.jpg - (598.87KB, 1500x1500, __mononobe_no_futo_touhou_drawn_by_yua_checkmate__.jpg) [iqdb]
(X) “Belike not as pretty as some in the town, hmm?”

Futo allowed her eyelids to drop shut. The compliment had stung in its casualness – even if there was a point behind it. Mayhaps because there was a point. Futo hadn’t fought enough pointed compliments to figure wherethrough they were meant to sting. Her brother hadn’t deigned to let her practice too often.

Futo had all the same to respond somewise. Sarcasm volunteered – briefly. That, however, would have been ill appropriate. The comment had been trained at her womanhood; the best, therefore, if Futo responded in a like womanly fashion. If it also meant rubbing Mu’s nose in it, then all the better.

“Yes, well—” Futo sighed, “Belike still not as pretty as some in the town. Hmm?”

Sediments of modesty in her mind instantly reared up at the inadvertent envy behind her words. Futo stifled the old impulse. Words had never been her ally nigh as commonly as her enemy, but they would array together against a shared threat just the same. Mu was now just such a foe. Futo absently massaged the soap-foam into her hair, awaiting her brother’s response.

None was forthcoming.

At length, she condescended – and gave him a tentative peek. Wrong-footed by her reply, Mu was merely staring up at her – and, markedly, not her chest. His exotic, round eyes were even rounder than the rule. Futo raised a brow. Her brother twinged. Then, abashed, he sat up, cross-legged, in the middle of the basin.

“I’ll warrant,” he offered, the very soul of conciliation, “there are no more than four women prettier than you in all of Gensokyo, Futo.”
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>> No. 41700
>> No. 41701
So does futo hate herself or is this some kind of advanced long-term edging strat?

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File 154614013222.jpg - (179.36KB, 700x840, buddhistballs.jpg) [iqdb]
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Thread 1: >>41094


[x] To spar.
 [x] Loser has to sleep at the opposite abode.

I strode back out, into the open. She wouldn’t get out of those habits on her own, so I decided to shake this up. Byakuren waited by the trees.

I turned and faced her, resting my left hand on my sword. Seiga didn’t help, but I still had one card up my sleeve. I threw my right hand out, shaku pointed at Byakuren. “We’re here to duel.”

She stepped out of the shade. “Excuse me?”

I shrugged my shoulders and let my right hand descend to my side. “We’re not reaching each other through conventional means. So, I’ve decided we need to speak in a more common language.”

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>> No. 41695
[X] Surrender

She outmatches us in terms of stamina. If we haven't managed to shoot her down by now, it's better to go ahead and take the loss.
>> No. 41696
[X] Hold On.

Until the bitter end.
>> No. 41697
[X] Surrender
Because I want to see how Shou reacts to us spending a night in the temple

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File 154111647815.png - (326.96KB, 900x750, MikoByaku.png) [iqdb]
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It’s embarrassing, but I woke late that morning. My head hurt, my perfected body whined at every move. I snuggled tight into my wife’s welcoming, curvaceous body to shield my poor, defenseless eyes from the burning sunlight. My legs entwined with her own full, healthy thighs and strong shins.

The legs she lost. Years ago. Centuries ago.

Still groggy, I groaned. Too tender to dare look, I listened.

She conveyed the same old fears of abandonment and isolation. Frustrations at trust betrayed. The same unwavering determination to see her ideals realized. That unflinching spirit that first drew me in. Then something else slipped through.

A sense of protectiveness. Not for her descendants or allies. For youkai. Not some youkai. All of them. Or most of them, at least. All underlaid with a broad distrust of humanity.

…And a wish to repent for severe misdeeds.

I groaned again, louder. She stirred, conveying similar physical discomforts and a distinct yearning for a good cup of sake. That one puzzled me.

Straining, I peeked one eye open.
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>> No. 41620
[X] To spar.
-[X] Loser has to sleep at the opposite abode.
>> No. 41621
[X] To spar.
-[X] Loser has to sleep at the opposite abode.
>> No. 41630
Next Thread: >>41628

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File 154043409481.jpg - (222.86KB, 860x1204, KogaRei.jpg) [iqdb]
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Rice and Rain >>/shorts/2209

Inspired by, or shamelessly stolen from. Take your pick. Mibya wrote that (>>/gensokyo/15535).
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>> No. 41568
[x] Bother the pretender youkai. Also practice.

[x] “I think the first thing you must do is confront the cause directly.”

Who doesn't want to realize they have a potentially embarrassing crush in front of the subject itself?
>> No. 41569
[x] Bother the pretender youkai. Also practice.

Pretty sure there were supposed to be multiple choices for this vote, but I only see one.

[x] “You’re in love.”

Best to be direct and unambiguous with a girl like Reimu.
>> No. 41571
[X] Bother the pretender youkai. Also practice.
plus you could do like that gif and practice with her hea-no that's a bad idea

[X] “You’re in love.”
I think she'd be direct. And really, it's the only way to get through.

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File 154392331335.png - (140.48KB, 536x800, red haired human.png) [iqdb]
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Don't expect this to be long!

A request courtesy of Mibya >>/gensokyo/15696



I bounce the ball in my hand, and a dirt-circle spreads from the hit, dust dancing kind of pretty.


I’m surprised I can hear it. It’s loud out here.

Tmp—sh shh...
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>> No. 41525
[X] walk toward her, seeking to reconcile.
--- [X] Reassuring.
>> No. 41528
[x] walk toward her, seeking to reconcile.
--- [x] Reassuring.
>> No. 41570
File 154494912611.jpg - (44.86KB, 720x450, after the rain.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] walk toward her, seeking to reconcile.
--- [X] Reassuring.

“—Hitomi,” I say, reaching toward her even when I’m so far out, “you... Listen, I...”

Nothing makes sense in my head. Hitomi doesn’t look at me, even when I’m close to her. I keep my hand raised, thinking about what I could do to make her feel comforted.

... Well—

“The world is bigger than this.”

Her ear perks up.

“Hitomi, don’t think that... some stupid, thoughtless brats make up the whole thing. Don’t think they even make up the whole Village. Listen... I may be a youkai, but I didn’t decide to stay with you because of how you look. I stayed with a human child because I found her... cute. As a person she was cute... and kind-hearted, and I just...”

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File 154110515734.jpg - (217.31KB, 800x1250, Lil cutie.jpg) [iqdb]
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“Despite how it looks, it’ll be easy to fix.” The young man takes a few steps back from the broken door. “Though I’ll recommend we get you a new one entirely.”

“I’m not sure we can afford it.” The teacher shakes her head. “Our budget is tight as it is, and we have to save up for winter too.”

“Forget about it.” He dismissively waves her concern away. “Regardless of what I do, I charge a standard service fee, which you’ve already agreed to pay.” Reaching into his vest, he pulls out a vial with a thick brown liquid in it. “If I take this broken door as compensation, I’ll be able to replace all other costs for making you a new door.”

“I know you run your business in an unusual way,” the teacher folds her arms, “but what exactly can you use a broken door for?”

The young artisan looks at her for a second, puzzled by her words. “Oh right, you’ve never actually seen me work.” Placing the vial on the table, he frees up his hands to cracks his knuckles. “How many years have you been my customer now, Keine? Doesn’t matter, you’re going to be in for a treat.”

Holding his hand over the vial, it starts to float. As he drags it through the air into the more open space, the cork sealing the liquid inside is popped off. Drawing his other hand away, a few drops of the brown liquid follows the motion out of the glass container.

With the vial now suspended in the air he claps his hands around the droplets. As he draws them apart again, hardwood fills the space.

Using careful movements, he guides the growth of the tree granting it the rough shape of a door. As a final touch, he flattens it before it solidifies.
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>> No. 41469
>> No. 41470
It didn't have as much Youmu as I wanted (which is infinite) but just wanted you to know I enjoyed your story.
>> No. 41473
Like I said, the story isn't over, it's just becoming sporadic as I'll only be able to write on it whenever my main story doesn't take up my time. Plus, no one else I've seen has done an actual dork route, so I'll just have to carry that burden.

And, if you guys won't mind, could you tell me what you liked and disliked about this story? "Romantic" Slice of Life is far from my strong suit, so I would like some critique to help me improve the experience for you guys. I mean aside from "Good: Dork. Bad: Not enough dork." cause let's be honest, there will never be enough of Gensokyo's best bully target

Thread 40679 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 15085008455.png - (528.07KB, 1269x901, we seem to have lost a head.png) [iqdb]
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Thread 1: >>38346
Thread 2: >>38909

[x] Kokoro is learning about this sort of thing too, right? Maybe talking to her might help!

Before I can come up with an answer to that, Medicine surprises me. She slowly and awkwardly puts her arms around me and hugs me back.

...umm, what's that smell? It's kind of... sweet? And it's coming from Medicine's hair...

"You smell like flowers," I say.

"It's su-san's smell," Medicine mumbles.

"Er... aren't suzuraan poisonous?" I'm not going to get sick from hugging her am I?

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>> No. 41056
[4] The Seven-Colored Puppets
[3] Chireiden LA
[2] Prey
[1] Servants of Scarlet
[0] Frozen Crow
[0] Irreversable

So much for avoiding the note mines. Updates coming whenever I figure out what the hell I was going to write.
>> No. 41057
>> No. 41345
You there?

Thread 38122 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 141730893641.jpg - (459.12KB, 450x700, Gentleness.jpg) [iqdb]
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First off, hi yes it's still me. Don't worry about the change in magical signature up on top - I accidentally the magical equivalent of burning off my fingertips, and it still smarts a bit. With any luck I'll get it fixed soon, but until then let's just keep on going.

Thanks for waiting!


Reimu's kitchen is the largest room in the shrine; even with all of her money troubles, she does her best to eat well. Her pantry is always... stocked. Not fully by any means, but it is stocked, with dried vegetables and meats, fruits here and there - stuff that's easy to cook and easier to store.

I've been invading Reimu's personal space for years, so it's pretty simple to disable the warning charms slapped all over her tea cabinet; no need to wake my shrine maiden up. It's simpler still to dole out the right amount of leaves to suit her tastes, and to magic away just enough water from Reimu's buckets to steep the tea in. A snap of my fingers creates a quick spark, and then it's just a matter of leaving the pot on the stove until the steam wakes Reimu up.

I don't particularly want to sit on my laurels, but there's not much to do in the first place. The master of the house is off dreaming, and helping myself to Reimu's food just feels a bit too wrong right now. Hell, she's even starting a garden just to bolster her diet. It's - kinda depressing. Girl does so much to keep the peace, but it's a struggle to get enough to eat.

It takes a little while for the idea to actually worm its way into my head, but once it does I start scrambling. I find the small collection of seeds Reimu begged off the Village's farmers easily enough, and I even take the time to glance over them. I mean, they were all sorts of shapes and sizes, and it's not like I can identify them on sight... but I'm sure Reimu has some idea of what she's planting. The villagers should have given her the more hardy varieties anyway, if they have any sense at all.

Planting them without her permission will either piss her off or make
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 38514
I can imagine Marisa saying something like that as a joke to someone she knows well. Maybe she might say it to someone she might not be as familiar with as well.
>> No. 41058
Everything all right, Marisa? Been almost three years now. We miss ya.
>> No. 41059
Yes, we miss ya.

Thread 40658 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 150811588083.jpg - (135.65KB, 600x714, merlinthewhite.jpg) [iqdb]
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Pic unrelated.


Front Matter. Skip this section if you wanna go straight into the story.

This story will probably be centered around the Human Village, with some adventurous moments. MC will most likely be close-to-earth and interacts more with the humans. There shouldn't be any fights more dangerous than… say, against Rumia in the dark with bare hands.

I deleted my previous CYOA: Endless Flight since I started to get spams from my exposed email address. Also, that setting was so complicated that I decide to scratch it all together (I suppose Anons don’t like massive original setting crossover. I will keep those at bare minimum this time). One idea, however, is stuck in my mind: a low-profile low-power white mage who can teleport. What can he/she do?

Important: I am not a native English speaker, but I am a professional English user. If you spot a grammatical error, it does not imply I suck at English. I fix many problems in each pass of proof-reading, and I always proof-read three times or more, but I always miss one or two places. Unless you spot consistent mistakes, most will be one-time only. Remember, for every grammatical mistake you spot, I have fixed at least ten. It is frustrating to spend hours to polish a wall of 3000 words and the only comments are about how I messed up plural forms (though I had that one coming because I did make the same mistake quite a few times). If you really want to comment on my grammar, try to mix it with comments about the plot. I do not have a problem with grammar-picking, but please remember that commenting on grammar is trivial, especially for native English speakers, but the action gives an impression that I did not put work on polishing: an impression which is completely wrong and misleading. Honestly, I think criticizing the plot is much more helpful than picking errors in my grammar.

TL;DR: I appreciate criticism on my plot, pace, settings, character development and interaction, and recurring grammatical mistakes. Skip one-time grammatical errors, please. Names follow Asian conventions: Last Name then First Name

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 40925
[X] Keine may disagree with the trip, but ask her anyways.

If we're the one escorting him, Keine should be fine with it. Plus I just think its better to let her know regardless.
>> No. 40926
Writing now. Currently my Internet connection is struggling to load the thread, so I might start a new one.
>> No. 41000
Please come back

Thread 38909 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 144972999557.png - (962.71KB, 811x1168, how did this reach thread 2.png) [iqdb]
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[x] An assistant librarian.

"Heeeey!" I call, waving, "Koakuma!"

Koakuma's head jerks up from scanning the rest of the village. She puts on a burst of speed, swoops slightly, and does an acrobatic flip to land quickly without flipping her skirt. She touches down almost silently a few paces in front of us, straightens, and mutters a spell as she approaches. With a flick of her fingers and a few glowing runes, all four of her wings seem to just melt away.

Of course, most of the village just saw all of that, so it feels a little pointless to put on a disguise now.

"Miss Marisa," Koakuma says, bowing very slightly. She wears the tired half-smile of someone whose day isn't going well at all.

"Heya Koa," Marisa says, "yer a rare sight outside the Mansion. Ol' Patches send ya out book-huntin' or somethin'?"

"If only," Koakuma groans. "It's all hands on deck at the moment. Lady Remilia sent me to find you, among other people." She glances at me and Sekibanki. "I guess it might interest you too."

"Eh? Whassat ol' bat want with little ol' me?"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 40657
[X] Kokoro is learning about this sort of thing too, right? Maybe talking to her might help!

Tsukomogami need to stick together!
>> No. 40665
[X] It's a long shot, but... Byakuren helped cheer me up. And it's hard to stay miserable around Kyouko!

Obligatory tide piss
>> No. 40680
Thread 3: >>40679

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