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2239 No. 2239
I am unstoppable!

Hopefully another update tomorrow.


You grab a towel and wrap it round your waist quickly.
"Come in!"
Sakuya opens the door and stops in her tracks at the sight of your only half-covered body. You realize your mistake but manage to act unsurprised, instead opting to pretend that everything is fine. Sakuya eyes you slowly. You can't help but feel somewhat like a piece of meat. At least she looks appreciative. You consider saying something along the lines of "show me yours too" but maybe that's not safe.

After that long moment, Sakuya snaps back to herself.
"There's a change of clothes in your room. Are these all the dirty ones? Anything else got blood-splattered?" She points at the pile you left on the floor.
"Yes, apart from the whip." You answer.
"I ... I think maybe you should clean that yourself." She says.
You decide to push your luck a little.
"Oh? Why should I? You're the one who almost got me killed."
Sakuya just stares at you for a moment, then sighs, shoulders drooping.
"Yeah, I know. I'm sorry." She says.

You feel just a little bit guilty, but that fight wasn't child's play.

"So how exactly did it get out?" You ask.
Sakuya sits down on the edge of the bath.
"Honestly? I ..." She looks away and folds her arms across her chest. Her voice is suddenly a little harder. "I wasn't ... paying attention after I finished baking earlier, okay?"
"Go on." You say.
"I let them down after bloodletting, just for half an hour. If they stay up all the time then they get pressure sores and that eventually leads to blood poisoning." She looks back at you, waiting for something.
"That makes sense, so you forgot to er ... tie that one back up?" You say.
"Yes. But that still doesn't explain what happened. Which is why I think I should stay away from that whip."
"What do you mean? Explain what?" You ask.
"How it got out." She waits for a moment but you shake your head. You don't understand.
"Oh come on!" She says. "It was nearly dead! Even fresh from the forest they never have enough strength to escape, let alone smash doors off the hinges."
She stands up and sighs again.
"Just don't give me the whip again, that's all." She says.

You turn around to pick the whip up off the ground, maybe to ask her why it felt so right using it before, why you knew how to use it with no training. As the thought forms in your mind the towel drops from around your waist. Shit! You grab it as fast as you can and hold it back in place, turning to apologize.

Sakuya is just looking at you with one eyebrow raised.
"Right back at you." She says.
"Wh-what?" You bluster.
"Nice ass."

Then there is a click and your blooded clothes are gone, along with Sakuya.

[ ] Wash whip.
[ ] Go get dressed, wash whip later.
[ ] Appreciate own ass in mirror.
[ ] Shout "Yours was nicer!" down the corridor.

>> No. 2240
[X] Wash whip.

Safest option. Blood is more dangerous than nudity.
>> No. 2242
[X] Wash whip.

Best keep our weapons in order.

Also, it's always nice to hear a hot lady say you have a nice ass.
>> No. 2243
[ ] Wash whip.
>> No. 2244
I think I get it. Sakuya using that whip attracts demons to her, like Gut's brand from Berserk.
>> No. 2245
[X] Wash whip.

Can't walk around with that bloody. Flan'll go crazy for it.
>> No. 2246

[ x ] Wash whip.
Was hard to choose, as admiring ones own ass is a good choice as well.
>> No. 2247
[x] Wash whip.
Hahaha oh wow, Sakuya is awesome
>> No. 2248
[ ] Wash whip.

Who knows what sorts of horrible things could happen to our vampire killing weapon if it was to soak up all that blood?
>> No. 2249
[X] Wash whip.
Nobody is calling on Sakuya. Oh well, not like there'd be much point to it.
>> No. 2250
[x] Appreciate own ass in mirror.
I'm the sexiest
>> No. 2251
[x] Wash whip.
[x] Appreciate own ass in mirror.
I'll "wash my whip" while "appreciating" my ass if you know what I mean.
>> No. 2252
Hungry hinted before that we could upgrade the whip like in the games. Keep an eye out for "destroy candles" options.
>> No. 2253
Holy Shit, your a light in the darkness.
Will change nothing overall, but still
[X] Shout "Yours was nicer!" down the corridor.
Sakuya route open i guess, would be worth considering now.
>> No. 2254
☞ Appreciate own ass in mirror.
>> No. 2255
[☼] wash whip
>> No. 2256
We..... We managed to get Sakuya into "Buddy mode"? HOLY SHIT!
[X] Wash whip (If you know what i mean)
>> No. 2257
[X] Shout "Yours was nicer!" down the corridor.
Sakuya loev bold, powerful men.
>> No. 2258
[X] Wash whip.

Perhaps the Vampire Slayer in the hands of a true Belmont awakens the Chaos at the center of Remilia's mansion?

Or this is a total red herring. Although it's clear she has some connection to the whip, she doesn't at all explain how the monster could be related, and we're having to take her word for all of this. Two more things of note: She gives a different account of the escape than that she gave Remi (where she claimed it was a "chink in the door" or something). Secondly, this means she had lied before when telling us it was an ordinary whip.

Though I suspect this is a case of most extreme tsundere, expect more deathtraps in the future; she won't underestimate us to the degree she did last time, and now that we're in Remilia's high graces, they'll be have to be much more subtle.
>> No. 2259
Am I the only one who thinks that she's was honestly sorry about what happened, and isn't trying to kill us? The "nice ass" comment she made shows she's starting to be buddies with us.
>> No. 2260



>> No. 2261

Too bad we can't leave the damn mansion unless we're with Remilia.
>> No. 2262

No one said she couldn't come along.
>> No. 2263
Huh, I was expecting some timestop peeping from her.

[X] Appreciate own ass in mirror.
>> No. 2264
[x] Wash whip.
>> No. 2265
[x] Wash whip.
>> No. 2266
If Sakuya is truly buddy-buddy now, that means we have no antagonist.

Easy Modo? How disgusting.
>> No. 2267
[x] Shout "YOURS WAS NICER!" down the hall.
and then
[x] Ride the whip.
I mean,
[x] Wash the whip.

I'd awaken chaos in Remilia's center, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 2268
[x] Wash whip.

Can't have your primary weapon getting all nasty. It'll lose its effectiveness.
>> No. 2269
Depending on what is meant by "held in place", which I assume to mean holding it in front in one hand (the other grabbing for the whip), this makes it very likely that Sakuya walked around us for a better view while she stopped time.

Either way, she got a lot more view than we did. This is unfair. Justice must be met.
>> No. 2270
[x] Wash whip.
[x] Appreciate own ass in mirror.

Why not do both?
>> No. 2271
[x] Wash whip, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 2272
[x] Shout "Yours was nicer!" down the corridor.
And then
[x] Wash whip.
>> No. 2273
[x] Appreciate own whip in mirror.
>> No. 2274
[x] Ruffle the whip's hair.
>> No. 2275
[x] Wash whip.

Don't shout down the corridor, one of the Scarlets might hear you.
>> No. 2276
File 120980128671.gif - (120.83KB , 370x768 , Soma_Cruz_(Castlevania_character).gif ) [iqdb]
It could always be that we're as Belmont as this guy is, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 2277

God, I wouldn't want to see the look on Remilia's face if we told her that this... Was the future reincarnation of Dracula.

Also, some planning time. We should get Patchouli to try and translate that letter and some of the things in our inventory. Except keep the blood bag hidden away.
>> No. 2278

I don't know how great an idea it is to get her to do direct translations. If it's dangerous to the household, she may lie about the contents.

Rather, we should ask for a good French-to-English dictionary, as well as a primer on the language. Koakuma also may be of good help, probably more trustworthy, and asking Patchy if we could borrow the succubus along with the other research materials would probably be a pretty lulzy scene.

But yes, going to the library and doing as much research on the items on our inventory as we can is the correct course of action. Sakuya and Remilia are going to be avoiding us for a while after our most recent interactions with them. Flandre is dangerous given all the youkai blood around the house. Meiling would be good to talk to; we can ask her for more specific information about where Sakuya was and what she was doing before they noticed the attack.

Eventually though, we are going to have to enter that wonderful killing chamber.
>> No. 2279
Fuck yes, Soma Cruz!
>> No. 2280
So Anon Belmoint is the reincarnation of Dracula? That would be interesting. Would that make Remi route incest route?
>> No. 2281

She's not really related to Dracula.

And if we are Soma Cruz, then Sakuya is our Julius?
>> No. 2282
[X] Wash whip.

naw no accidental rape.. T_T
>> No. 2283
i thought sakuya was more like maria from castlevania
>> No. 2284
Remember who well she wielded the whip? She's 100% Belmont. There have been female Belmonts before. you know.
>> No. 2285
>There have been female Belmonts before. you know.


Isn't it sad Sonia ;_;
>> No. 2286
[X] Wash whip.

I'd gladly ask Sakuya to wash my whip, if you know what I mean.

>> No. 2287
>Meiling would be good to talk to; we can ask her for more specific information about where Sakuya was and what she was doing before they noticed the attack.

Is that before or after we play Bomberman and Guitar Hero?
>> No. 2288
Oh what's this I'm online again? Better make a post.


You wrap the towel around your waist tightly this time, tucking it in place in case someone else decides to come talk to you before you're done. Wouldn't do to flash Flandre your ass as well ... yet.

The whip has a few splashes of crimson on it, along with a big smear near the tip. You pick it up and start to run it under the tap, wiping at the blood with a sponge. You leave it to dry in the bath for a little while as you make sure all the blood is washed away and there's none left in the sink. Afterwards you examine the whip for a bit.

Where the hell did it come from anyway? Same place as all the other stuff in your pockets, you guess. The whip has no branding or markings at all. You wonder how old it is, when it was made. It looks old but in perfect condition. Aren't things like this supposed to go hard, or rotten after long enough? You roll the whip up and try to draw it like you did during the fight, swishing it out behind you in one swift motion. It doesn't work. You fumble it a little and it just goes off course to the side, looking silly, no satisfying crack. Bah.

You grab your belongings, wrapping them in another towel so you don't have to make several trips, and head back to your bedroom. It turns out the clothes Sakuya left you look more like pajamas than daywear. At least there's a robe as well, with enough pocket-space to keep all your stuff on you. Then you notice there is a tray on the bed, with a bowl of soup, some bread and a very funny looking pair of cupcakes on it.

There's a note.

"I know you must be starving by now. So am I. -Remilia

p.s. Flandre made the cakes. She insisted. Don't worry, they're edible."

You sit down and eat, realizing how hungry you are. The adrenaline from fighting must have suppressed your appetite before. The cakes are surprisingly good, if a little too heavy on the chocolate.

You don't feel that tired yet, but it must be late by now.

[ ] Sleep early.
[ ] Go find someone to pass the time with.
[ ] Stay awake, read a book or just think.
>> No. 2289
[X] Go find someone to pass the time with.

If I don't, then lets go for Remi, if you know what I mean.

ALSO: China was sleeping by the gates, that is obious!
>> No. 2290
[x] Sleep early.

Flandre and Remilia will probably be active during the night. Might be a bright idea to get some rest.
>> No. 2291


Oh, and by the way,
[ ] Go find someone to pass the time with.
>> No. 2292
[X] Stay awake, read a book or just think.
>> No. 2294
[ ] Go find Meiling to pass the time with
>> No. 2295
[x] Sleep early.
"Someone's at the door. It could be...
Hong Meiling.
A cat is fine too.

... A cat is fine too."
>> No. 2296
[ ] Stay awake, read a book or just think.
>> No. 2297
[x] Stay awake, read a book or just think.

Like a French-> English dictionary so we can read the stuff in our pockets.
>> No. 2298
File 120983539972.jpg - (223.30KB , 700x700 , 120836328155.jpg ) [iqdb]

[X] Stay awake
>> No. 2299
[X] Stay awake, read a book or just think.

Time to get us some learnin'
>> No. 2300
There are (and will not be) any scenes like this. Your previous actions will always determine who is there.
>> No. 2301
[X] Go find someone to pass the time with.

Remilia is starving. Let's feed her.
or into the library for some dictionaries.

btw Belmont Anon looks like Patchouli now.
>> No. 2302

[ x ] Sleep early.

>> No. 2303
[x[ Go find Meiling to pass the with.

Too bad a Meiling route is nigh impossible now since Remilia would kill us to pieces if we picked the door guard over her. Oh well.
>> No. 2304

Changing my vote to this.
>> No. 2305

[ ] Stay awake, read a book or just think.
>> No. 2306
>>I know you must be starving by now. So am I. -Remilia

Let us go and gently feed her what she wants.
>> No. 2307
Any chance she wants something white and gooey
>> No. 2308
File 120983783421.jpg - (34.67KB , 150x150 , portrait_shirou.jpg ) [iqdb]
you mean rice gruel? quite possibly.
>> No. 2309
"Oh Mistress how is the dinner?"
"Oh it's delicious! What is it from Sakuya? You didn't cooked Belmont, did you?"
"Oh he said pa- , er I mean he said he has to go somewhere, then he disappeared. I didn't saw him since yesterday.."
"Aaaw I would wanted to speak him, but Sakuya, do you mind some indoor bedsport?"
"Oh mistress sama"

>> No. 2310
Meiling route is still possible, good luck getting it though.
>> No. 2311
[x] Sleep early
>> No. 2312
[x] Sleep early.
>> No. 2313
[x] Go find someone to pass the time with.
needs more remi
>> No. 2314
I would give an INTERNET ACCESS FOR OP, if you know what I mean..
>> No. 2315
Meiling isn't really romantic interest for Anon Belmont. And...
[X] Go find someone to pass the time with.
I want some Sakuya love points.
>> No. 2316

Plug, socket, sexual innuendo, etc.
>> No. 2317
if you know what I mean
>> No. 2318
[X] Go find someone to pass the time with.
>> No. 2319
File 120984412574.jpg - (25.03KB , 512x384 , snapshot20080503204743.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2320
[x] Sleep early.
>> No. 2321

Lancer?! What the fuck are you wearing?!
>> No. 2322
his Gay Bulge has finally broke through the heavens.
>> No. 2324
File 12098459161.jpg - (71.49KB , 640x480 , 015.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2345
[ ] Go find someone to pass the time with.
>> No. 2351
>"Oh mistress sama"
Okay, that's it. You HAVE to be trolling
>> No. 2352
☞ Go find someone to pass the time with.
>> No. 2353
[X] Go find someone to pass the time with.

Come on Belmont Anon, have you forgotten the basics of whip wielding? Once you make the strike you just keep your arm extended and make tiny motions with your hand to make the whip spin all over the place to deal minor yet quick damage.
>> No. 2354
you leave me speechless.
>> No. 2355

Wow, you're a real expert.
>> No. 2356

I played the old school Castlevanias a lot. Kinda sucked at 'em compared to the ones with other weapons though.
>> No. 2357
>Would that make Remi route incest route?
>Remi route incest route
>Remi incest
Fapping at light speed
>> No. 2364
Side-note: That is the sexiest pic of Chen I've ever seen. NEED MOAR!
>> No. 2379
File 120989640170.png - (738.34KB , 1024x768 , torimoti.png ) [iqdb]
You may like this page.
>> No. 2383
You don't feel like sleeping quite yet. Getting some food in your belly has obviously reminded your body that its sleeping pattern is still totally messed up. You guess that you probably just had ... what? What meal was that even? Ugh. You decide that no matter what time it is when you wake up tomorrow, if you wake up tomorrow, you're going straight to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal or some toast. If you're living with vampires and are going to end up being awake until 6am every day then you may as well adjust your eating as well.

Probably a good idea to keep your strength up, considering.

You leave your bedroom and head out into the corridor. As you shut the door and turn around, you hear a single loud pop from behind you. Turning around as quickly as you can, hand on your whip, you see ...

Absolutely nothing.

You stay tensed for a few moments, waiting to see if something is going to spring from out of the walls themselves to tear your face off. Nothing happens. What the hell was that? Walking down the corridor, keeping one eye on your back, you come to the stairs.

[ ] Outside.
[ ] Upper floors.
[ ] Lower floors.
[ ] Kitchen.
[ ] Library.
>> No. 2384
[x] Upper floors.
>> No. 2385

[ ] Upper floors.
>> No. 2386
Did we just avoid another bad end?

It seems pretty clear who will be where, so:
[X] Kitchen.
>> No. 2387
[X] Upper floors.
>> No. 2388
[X] Upper floors.
>> No. 2389
>>It seems pretty clear who will be where, so:

[ ] Outside. (China)
[ ] Upper floors. (Remilia)
[ ] Lower floors. (Flandre)
[ ] Kitchen. (Sakuya)
[ ] Library. (Patchy and Koakuma)
>> No. 2390
[ ] Upper floors.
>> No. 2392

[►] Upper floors.

guys, she said she was 'hungry'
>> No. 2394
[✓] Upper floors.
>> No. 2395
I see..
So Anon wants to be the Lord of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.. Hmm a nice plan:)
>> No. 2396
[X] Upper floors.

Probably Remilia. We're both hungry, apparently, so a nice dinner together?

I'm guessing we just avoided a Koakuma scene, which is fine, but we need to give that girl some love every now and again. She seems sort of lonely.
>> No. 2397

>> No. 2398

All is not as it seems.
>> No. 2399
[9] upper floor
[1] kitchen

if you know what I mean..
>> No. 2400
yeah probably you can make us to bump into someone, but I have written the default destinations..
>> No. 2401
[x] Outside

However it looks like [ ] upper floors is gonna win anyway. I think this would be a good opportunity to ask about the letter.
>> No. 2402
affection levels (out of 10; 0=stranger, 10=companion cube):

Remilia: 5.5
Flandre: 5
Sakuya: 5
Patchy: 2
China: 2
>> No. 2403
How accurate is that, Hungry?
I'd say Sakuya's score seems too high, or she's just extremely tsundere.
>> No. 2404
oh, Sakuya likes us. it's just that it won't show until it hits 7 or so.
>> No. 2405
Some of it is right, some wrong. Remilia likes you the most right now, but someone else is almost tied with her. Somebody else's score is a little too low and another's is a little too high.
>> No. 2406
[X] Upper floors.
>> No. 2407
[x] upper floor

Remilia said she was hungry, and by the fact we're tired and it's "getting late", I assume this is night time.

Maybe Remilia will let us sleep in her bed after we give her something to eat. She'll wake us when she needs to use it, and we'll have an entire day to spend with the other staff, avoiding Flandre (assuming she usually sleeps when her sister does). If she doesn't wake us when she goes to bed, all the better.
>> No. 2408
[X] Upper floors

>> No. 2409

>> No. 2410
File 120992308251.jpg - (161.28KB , 700x500 , Lilyfcast.jpg ) [iqdb]
And here's Lily White with today's forecast:
>something is going to SPRING from out of the walls
>> No. 2411
Now please write the next stage, cause upper floor is the winner..
11 Anon+Sakuya agreed so don't bother it.
>> No. 2412
File 120992481868.png - (431.84KB , 700x832 , remilia.png ) [iqdb]
Remi- erm the Mistress is eating an ice cream now, also she waits for you.. <3
>> No. 2417
Remilia speaks French. And we do have what looks like a picture of her. I think she's dere enough at this point to ask what they mean.
>> No. 2418
>>2417 Yeah an interesting idea, but!
Do you have any idea, what on earth could be on that picture (maybe Hungry wrote it but I don't remember it). So, what would be happen if Remilia sees that? Maybe she gets just surprised
>or she gets mad->suck your delicious blood->in this case you will end up like that zombie youkai->BAD END
Or she just mistranslate it for some reason.
NO ANON YOU MUST GET IT TRANSLATED YOURSELF, just after you know what on earth it could be, just then show it to Remilia, that you want her to translate it! After this you will find out something about Remilia, that she has some dirty secrets or no..
>> No. 2419
For all we know that letter could be orders to kill Remilia, and the picture for reference.

If so, having her know these are on our person may not be the best of ideas.
>> No. 2420

It's a high-risk, high-profit venture. If she responds well, then we have a permanent connection to her, and instead of just being an over-indulged pet we become a member of the household. If she doesn't, we get a BAD END.

But waiting, too, is dangerous, as we narrowly missed a possible Koakuma BAD END, and we still don't know if Sakuya wants to kill us.

If we receive some kind of official status (no matter if she just makes us a servant), we gain a relative protection from the other members of the household. But as it is now, that protection (and hence our existence) lies entirely on the girl's volatile mood.
>> No. 2421
...I swear, it's like everytime the Sakuya tripfag writes, its like I'm reading a new, never-before-seen snippet of Repercussions of Evil.

Everything he writes is just like that, over and over again. It's... rather surreal. And irritating.
>> No. 2422

I think it's better we truthfully plead amnesia. If the objects are revealed by us in honesty without prior knowledge of their meaning, she would be able to detect that we're not lying as before, and allow us to live. It wouldn't be the first time she's made an enemy her ally.

On the other hand, if they are discovered by someone else, and she thinks we've been manipulating her emotions in order to kill her, regardless of whether we know what they mean or not, we'll have our head torn off right then and there.
>> No. 2423

English as a second language, I assume is the reason.

Or I hope is the reason.
>> No. 2424
You bring up a worryingly good point.

I know I won't get confirmation on this, but...

>Some of it is right, some wrong. Remilia likes you the most right now,
Thought so.

>but someone else is almost tied with her.

>Somebody else's score is a little too low

>and another's is a little too high.

So, the tentative new Love Rankings:
Remilia: 6
Sakuya: 5.5
Koakuma: 5
Flandre: 4
Patchy: 2
China: 2
>> No. 2425
Just remember, in your inventory:
- A black and white photograph of a middle-aged man and a boy in his early teens standing at a train station. On the back there is handwriting which reads 'John and Jonathan - 1925' In the corner 'Thanks for last summer!' is written in smaller and different handwriting. probably you're younger Belmont self with your uncle/father...
- A page torn from a art gallery catalogue, with a few words of French in the corner which you can't read. It shows an oil painting of a girl who bears a striking resemblance to Remilia, but a little younger. - Remilia's human form??? probably a very very old art from her..
- A blood transfusion bag. Full. The label tells you it's type o-neg and it appears to belong to a blood bank in Scotland, extracted 12/5/67. It is warm but not coagulated. - if a vampire would bite you..
- Five pens. ???
- A bunch of keys. 3 keys to be exact. you're a treasure hunter as well
- Two playing cards. One is totally blank. The other is a very ornate ace of spades. I just don't get this..
- A pair of knuckle dusters, one is bent out of shape. ???
- A flicknife. ...
- A drinking flask, full. From the smell it must be vodka. lol vodka
- A letter in French. You can't read it. first translate it yourself, then we will see what will do with it!
>> No. 2426

I'd switch Sakuya and Flandre. Flandre likes hugging us, turns red when we wipe her face, and baked us cupcakes for God's sake.
>> No. 2427
>probably you're younger Belmont self with your uncle/father...

We'd be too old now, if both we and Remilia knows we've had two World Wars already.
>> No. 2429
>12/5/67. It is warm but not coagulated.
So Belmont came from 1967, that means he can know about the word wars. Aww I dunno how to say it clearly.
I see that you has your own body thoughts or so, but you have Belmont's stuffs and thoughts as well, but you can't remember it. But instinctly you can use his skills.. I hope you understand, what I mean..

ALSO: I'm just tryin to warn you, to avoid any bad endings:)
>> No. 2430

I just mentally replace all those posts with "BE KILL BY GRAMMAR NAZIS"
>> No. 2431
It's half the reason; he's Hungarian, or maybe it was Bulgarian.

He's also a pompous twit who thinks it's okay to constantly RP
1) as someone he can't RP at all, as well as
2) even when it's not appropriate to RP. Like 95% of the time.
>> No. 2432
>- Five pens. ???

Maybe they're auto-injectors that just look like pens. Wouldn't be carrying a bag of blood around if you had no way to use it.

>Two playing cards. One is totally blank. The other is a very ornate ace of spades. I just don't get this..

Playing cards were quest items in Portrait of Ruin.

It's important to remember that ever since Symphony of the Night, there are tons of useless items to pick up.
>> No. 2433
I'd guess Koakuma's is too high, not too low. I don't see how we could have a lot of points with her. It seems more likely that she was just acting out her nature and not truly affectionate towards us at any point.

Flandre I think is higher, but I couldn't guess whether she or Sakuya is higher on the list now. It's possible that we've gone a long way toward cracking Sakuya's tsundere, and also possible that Flandre is too whimsical for us to read much into her making cupcakes for us. Conversely, it could be that we've only barely stepped up to bat with Sakuya and Flandre's genuinely enamored. Again, the tsundere makes it hard to tell.
>> No. 2434
>I'd guess Koakuma's is too high, not too low. I don't see how we could have a lot of points with her. It seems more likely that she was just acting out her nature and not truly affectionate towards us at any point.

No, no. Remember how excited she was just to be able to touch our hand? That was after suppressing her succubus nature.

And she was crying when she killed us.
>> No. 2435
Right, I'm not sure if there's time for another actual update tonight (though I will try) but I do want to say something else.

I have too many ideas for the rest of this to jam them all into whichever part of the flowchart you guys take the story down. I started trying to think of ways to get them all in because I wanted to write them all. Solution: after this is finished, would you like more playthroughs? Be honest, because I'm more than happy to write them if you do.
>> No. 2436
Sure, I'll have it.
>> No. 2437

thanks, now we won't get another playthrough
>> No. 2438

Sounds good.

Hell, give us New Game Plus, and let us carry over any extra items we pack into our inventory.
>> No. 2439
Sounds pretty cool to me, although it makes me worry about the game being shorter to accommodate replays.

I've become strangely fond of the Sakuya tripfag, it's posts are usually quite lulzly for stupid reasons.


I reckon scoring should be done as a per cent of 100 i.e.

Remi = 65 - 74
Sakuya = 52 - 60
Flan - 54 - 60
Patchy - 39 - 46
Koakuma - 54 - 62
China - 40 - 45

How's that sound?
>> No. 2440
i like the idea of more playthroughts. anon can focus on one girl at the time and later take the harem route.
on the other hand, the repetitions can become boring.
>> No. 2441
It's gonna be like Higurashi, anon Belmont has to reach the happy harem end but an unknown force always makes anon get BAD ENDS consisting in either him dying or some of the potential love interests dying.
>> No. 2442
I won't be making it any shorter than originally intended. Would be silly to change that. I just can't cram in all the things I thought of into one route.
>> No. 2443

Sounds good. Guaranteed replay should make it esier for Anon to stay, or even decide the target.
>> No. 2444

I'd like to keep replaying until we reach True End.
>> No. 2445
I like this idea. It will keep replays interesting.
>> No. 2448
Wow, an improv VN that will actually reach an end!
>> No. 2450
HY, i'm still reading through thread 5, and I must say I hate myself for not coming here earlier. But I swear to god, that if you haven't trhowed in at least a few Warakia jokes/references and do not do so, I will be VERY disapointed.

Which is not a big deal, just keep writing, you've done wonders until now.
>> No. 2451
>Warakia jokes/references

What? Where?
>> No. 2452

That's what I'm talking about.
>> No. 2453

I can't see KATTO being said in anything but a Bad End.
>> No. 2454

Mud, telling you, to spin, that is all, etc.
>> No. 2455


>> No. 2456

"All right then, Koakuma-chan... which one is green, cauliflower or broccoli?"

It's Wallachia, not Warakia or Warachia.

Doesn't really matter how the fuck French Bread says the "official" romanization is spelled, because it doesn't NEED romanization. IT'S NOT EVEN A JAPANESE WORD, FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

All right.

That said:
Why the hell would Wallachia be in here? Unless it was to have Remi go, "Oh, the one in this portrait over here? That's my second cousin, Wally. He dreamed of being an abstract concept for a living."
>> No. 2457

Sage self for emoticon faggotry.
>> No. 2458

Wallachia/Warakia, I just want to myself being understood. If you think about the ame person than I, then it's a success.
>> No. 2459
Nothing personal.
>> No. 2461
>> No. 2462
Get this shit off the board.
>> No. 2463
Sounds good. Like someone said, New Game+ would be a great way to handle this.

Also, because it hasn't been said enough in these threads, you are awesome. Great writing (including the ero scene, I liked how it was just explicit enough to be hot and didn't fall into conventions), the story's nicely cohesive and doesn't feel like schizoanon wandering around with random choices, all the characters are interesting, the Castlevania plot is intriguing without being intrusive... just well done on the whole. A++ would read again. Thanks.

Also [] Upper Floors if it hasn't won yet. Safest as well as pro-Remi. We can perhaps ask her to translate the letter.
>> No. 2464
In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 4 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read more about the request at ChillingEffects.org.

Google has received notice of a list of web sites from the Internet Watch
Foundation (web site URL) that contain child pornography.

>> No. 2465

How can they wake up if they don't exist in the first place?
>> No. 2466
Fuck you. I am not continuing the thread until this shit is deleted. I clicked the first link absentmindedly but closed it once I realized what the url was. If I have to re-format my hard drive because of this then no story for a while.

Where the hell are the mods anyway?
>> No. 2467
The mods are usually quite quick to respond around here...

I'm guessing same time zone + all sleepin'?
>> No. 2468
>>I am not continuing the thread until this shit is deleted

See you guys next week.

>>Where the hell are the mods anyway?

Go hunt them down on doujinstyle's IRC. I doubt they ever come here.
>> No. 2469
Why not just save the thread and the winning answers, then delete it your self? Problem solved. Just remake the thread in a new one.
>> No. 2470
I'm stupid enough not to have saved the password when I made the thread. Is there any other way to delete it?
>> No. 2471

If you haven't cleared your cache, you should be able to delete it without a password.
>> No. 2472
Cache was dumped, deleted and overwritten with nonsense after I clicked the link.
>> No. 2473

You're fucked. Just ignore it.
Any salty internet veterans will know to just ignore it.
>> No. 2474
New thread guys?

Push this to the bottom.
>> No. 2475
lol paranoid much?
>> No. 2476
Yes. New thread plox.
>> No. 2477
Save everything that was written, make a new thread and lets roll.
>> No. 2478
Agreed, new thread now.
>> No. 2479
New thread on it's way tonight.
>> No. 2480
Tonight? That mean we have to wait 6 hours? Or it will come sooner and I don't have to watch the board timer..
>> No. 2481
Go over to /shrine/, tonight it will be delicious Akyu H-scene.
>> No. 2482
tonight, we dine on loli.
>> No. 2846

I just noticed this and lol'd.
>> No. 2850
It's gone

>> No. 2869

Please, try a bit harder.