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I'm the guy who said he would start a Limited Adventure style thread based in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Enough people seemed interested so I'm going to give it a whirl and see what happens.

I'm a Britfag like Scorn, he's done a fantastic job with the first LA thread but I can't afford to stay up late like he has. I'll mainly be able to update as late as 1am GMT for the moment, dropping back to 11pm when I start my bonecrushingly tiring new job in 5 weeks time. Weekends can go all day. For now I could probably do some updates in the middle of the day as well. Might take some random days off for other reasons too, so basically don't expect really regular updates.

That said, if people want this then I will keep it going. It might roll slow sometimes but by god it'll keep rolling. On the other hand if you all think this is shit then criticism is welcome, if the criticism doesn't help then I'll stop if nobody else is interested. As far as this beggining goes, I'll update until 1am-ish if it's moving, otherwise expect me to update tomorrow morning.

Retarded tripfaggy disclaimer out of the way, let us begin.


SDM: Limited Adventure Style
>Start Game

"I wish they would remake Castlevania."
"Uh huh." You're not really listening to your crappy flatmate as he bitches about videogames. You're far too engrossed in dodging danmaku on Perfect Cherry Blossom.
"Maybe on the Xbox360, but I would prefer it on the PS3."
"PS3 sux." You reply without thinking.
"Why do you always say that?"
You shrug.

Later that night as you lie in bed you wonder what it would be like to play a Castlevania remake. Wiimote-controlled whip? Maybe not. You drift off to sleep. In your dreams you see a huge Castle. It must be Dracula's castle. No, wait, it's not a Castle, it's a Mansion. How could you have made such a silly mistake? You want to get inside but there's a huge wall in front of you. Somebody appears and opens a door in the wall where there was no door before. The figure laughs as you walk through. You turn around to see who the figure was and you catch a glimpse of blond hair before the door shuts and the wall itself vanishes completely, leaving only an open field of grass and trees on the horizon. And that lake over there. You look back at the Mansion. Nothing can stop you now.

Once inside, brandishing your trusty whip, you search for the first boss. She's easy to find, sitting up in bed. Damn! These graphics are good, you think to yourself as she raises an eyebrow at you. She's small, not long out of childhood but obviously a vampire from the wings, the visible fangs and her smooth, perfectly white skin.

"And how did you get in?" She asks with a quizzical look. Her voice is high, sweet and amused.

Wait a second. Why do you have a whip? What was up with that thought about graphics? Since when did dreams feel so real? Your head starts to hurt.

[ ] Something's wrong with this. Try to snap out of it.
[ ] This is awesome! Boss fight time!
[ ] I'm in a dream, I'll try to fly.

>> No. 167
[x] Something's wrong with this. Try to snap out of it.
[x] Whip it out.

This is obviously an eroge, not a platformer.
>> No. 168
[ ] This is awesome! Boss fight time!

fightan gaems
>> No. 169
[x] Something's wrong with this. Try to snap out of it.

>> No. 170
[ ] Something's wrong with this. Try to snap out of it.
>> No. 171
[X] I'm in a dream, I'll try to fly.

There's a window in the room, right?
>> No. 172
[X] This is awesome! Boss fight time!

Can't resist. Must see Remilia make Castlevania Boss conversation.
>> No. 173
[X] This is awesome! Boss fight time!
You are carrying garlic, right?
>> No. 174
[X] This is awesome! Boss fight time!
>> No. 175
Unless there is a flurry of votes otherwise in the next few minutes, Boss Fight wins. Writing.
>> No. 176
What's the vote limit?
>> No. 177
[ ] This is awesome! Boss fight time!

>> No. 178
There isn't one, unless it gets really popular and fast-moving. Seeing as I only have three hours right now before I need to sleep for the night, plus this being the very opening, I thought it best to count the choice as made after a few votes. I'll leave it for longer if lots of people want to chip in though.
>> No. 179
[x] Whip it out.

"Let me show you how I entered, let's pretend my penis is me and you are the mansion...."
>> No. 180
>"And how did you get in?"

Trough the door
>> No. 181
The headache clears as you steel yourself for the task ahead. Nothing can stop you! Apart from perhaps the sight in front of your eyes right now. She's getting up off the bed. Oh god her nightshirt only reaches the top of her thighs.

Despite being so very sure of your vampire-hunting heritage, you find yourself unable to move as Remilia crawls across the bed towards you. Remilia? That's right! Remilia! You remember now, The Vampire Countess you were sent to hunt ... but where is Dracula? Trying to ignore your raging erection and the sight of Remilia's hand reaching out towards your chest, you jump back.

"C-could this, perhaps, be the i-infamous castle of Dracula?" You stammer out. You feel a bit better after that, Foul creature of the night should listen to you. No wait it was a Mansion, shit.
Remilia sits back and puts a hand up to her mouth in mild shock. "Oh! Thankyou! You do know how to flatter, don't you?"
"No, it's not Dracula's castle. I'm one of his descendants though. Not surprised you noticed, it's hard to hide."
Foul thing seems full of itself! "You ... you ... you ... er ..." The words seem to be missing somehow.
"Yes?" Remilia waits with a grin, leaning forward on the bed.

[ ] Go for your whip before she suspects anything.
[ ] Talk some pre-fight shit.
>> No. 182
[x] Talk some pre-fight shit.
but enough, have at you fiend

by the way, you are doing great
>> No. 183
[ ] Talk some pre-fight shit.

Though, I'd rather [X] Stick my stake in to Remilia, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 185
Need a Remilia H-scene. She can suck us dry, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 186
[X] Talk some pre-fight shit.

I breathe this stuff like air.
>> No. 187
You'll get it if you work hard enough, but not yet.

>> No. 188
[ ] Talk some pre-fight shit.
>> No. 189

Your writing is good. I approve. Keep going.
>> No. 190
>> No. 191
[X] Talk some pre-fight shit.
>> No. 192
That's fine. I like a challenge. Just don't BAD END us constantly.
>> No. 193
Bad ends are possible, just don't act like a complete idiot (well, you are Anon, so within reason). You are inside Scarlet Devil Mansion after all, it's dangerous in there.
>> No. 194
"You!" It's coming back to you now.
"Yes? Go on!"
"You have been doomed since you lost the ability to love!" You shout. Damn that felt good. Wonder what you meant by it though?
Remilia sits back again, this time frowning.
"What? That's just rude." She pouts.
"Oh ... er, sorry." You look down at your feet.
"Oh!" She suddenly jumps up, but doesn't stop when her feet leave the bed. She floats up into the air, drifting slowly towards you.
"I remember this! I do, give me a moment."
She screws up her eyes, tapping her forehead as if thinking really hard. From this angle you can just see a sliver of her white panties and the floating motion is pushing the nightshirt against her body. While her eyes are shut you quickly rearrange the contents of your pants to relieve some pressure.
"Okay, here goes!" She says, floating closer.
"Mankind ill needs a saviour such as you!" She shouts, huge grin plastered on her face.
You're stunned for a moment. You suppose mankind could do a lot better than a vampire hunter who wants to bang the shit out of the vampire he is meant to be fighting.
Remilia is looking at you expectantly.
"You steal men's souls and make them your slaves!" You try.
It seems to work. Remilia doubles up laughing.
"This is the most fun I've had in years! Okay, right." She floats down and grabs you by the shoulders.
"Are you ready?"
You manage to nod, hoping she doesn't move close enough to tell how turned-on you are.
"WHAT IS A MAN?" She screams in your face, then collapses onto you, laughing.

[ ] Fling the foul thing away from yourself!
[ ] Go for your whip and attack now while her guard is down.
[ ] Cop a feel.
>> No. 195
[ ] Cop a feel.
>> No. 196
[ ] Cop a feel.

>> No. 197
>> No. 198

Keep her laughing!
>> No. 199
I'm going to second [ ] "A MISERABLE PILE OF SECRETS!", assuming we can do write ins. If not, [ ] Breasts (cop a feel)
>> No. 200
[X] Cop a feel.

My BAD END sensor is screaming... yet, I am compelled.
>> No. 201
[ ] Cop a feel.
Because she is already practicly rubbing herself against us
>> No. 202
[x] I am nothing more than a miserable pile of secrets. But enough talk, I'm about to grope you.
>> No. 203
F5 like the fist of, well you know what I'm talking about
>> No. 204
Remilia is pressed right up against you, shaking with laugher. You can smell her hair from this close. She smells so damn good. Shouldn't she smell like a grave? Or coffin-wood? Or something? It's getting hard to remember anything much about vampire hunting. You're laughing with her now and she's just started to calm down a little. You slip your arms around her back and there's no resistance.
"A miserable ..." you manage. Then you slip one hand lower.

For a moment you feel the silk smoothness of her underwear and the chilled skin of her thigh. You squeeze just a little and she gasps. Then pulls away from you fast. The feel of vampire loli ass pulls you out of the dream, your head feels fine now, though you notice you are covered in cold sweat. But you were never in a dream. You realize, with a mixture of terror and excitement, that you are standing in Remilia's bedroom in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

And you just groped her.

"That wasn't in any of them! Tut tut, can't you control yourself?" She frowns, hovering over the bed once more.
"Um, sorry?" In your mind you're still feeling that ass. And anticipating your own death.
"That's better." She smiles a sly little smile at you, sticking her tongue between her teeth.
"You're funny. Wait there a second."
You feel yourself relax just a fraction. You amused her. You made Remilia Scarlet laugh! You're fucking awesome.
Oh shit.

[ ] Duck and cover.
[ ] Ready your whip.
[ ] Sit down on the bed next to Remilia and try to look as non-threatening as possible.


Write in answers will be taken into account, but it didn't win this time, just got an honorable mention.
>> No. 205
[ ] Sit down on the bed next to Remilia and try to look as non-threatening as possible.

Worth a shot
>> No. 206
[ ] Sit down on the bed next to Remilia and try to look as non-threatening as possible.

We may not die. Immediately. Also, awesome writing is awesome. 10/10.
>> No. 207
[ ] Duck and cover.

Time to crawl under that bed guys
>> No. 208
[X] Sit down on the bed next to Remilia and try to look as non-threatening as possible.

So, we gonna be her new boy-toy?
>> No. 209
[ ] Sit down on the bed next to Remilia and try to look as non-threatening as possible.

sharp knives are sharp
>> No. 210
[x] Master Sakuya! I've found you!

Well, she was a vampire hunter before.
Or at least, she's rumored to have been.
>> No. 211
[ ] Sit down on the bed next to Remilia and try to look as non-threatening as possible.

Cross your legs, take a cup of tea, extend pinky.
>> No. 212
[X] Sit down on the bed next to Remilia and try to look as non-threatening as possible.
>> No. 213
Although I like MiG and such, I find it oddly preferable to read these in the "other" boards (SDM, forest, etc). Maybe because it moves slower?
>> No. 214
Hahaha, play the Youmu fan girl card?
>> No. 215
At this distance from Remilia it might be assumed that you're in the middle of a fight. You hop over to the bed as fast as you can and sit down. Remilia pats your head.
"Normally you're not supposed to sit on a Lady's bed. You're not supposed to appear in her room in the middle of the night and make her feel alive either, so it's okay for now."
The door opens almost without a sound, and in steps Sakuya. She pauses when she sees you, but doesn't look shocked.
"My Lady?"
"Sakuya, take this ... charming gentleman to get some food, then find him a room. I'm going back to sleep."
Sakuya bows her head slightly. "Yes my Lady."
As you get up from the bed to follow Sakuya, you feel Remilia's breath in your ear. "Go on, I'll see you later" she whispers. Her hand hitting your ass makes you jump.

Once outside the room, Sakuya shuts the door silently. She ignores you, turns to the wall and produces a small pencil from one the pockets on her maid's apron. As she reaches up to the wall you peek over her shoulder and see a piece of paper stuck to the wall with lots of Xs and Os on it in rows. There are lots of Xs and only a few Os. Sakuya adds another O.
She turns back to you with a scowl.
"Would you look at that! You're the first time she hasn't even touched a meal in months! You little, uagh!"
At least she isn't filling you with daggers, but Sakuya's temper is almost palpable.

[ ] Apologize.
[ ] Ask about getting that food Remilia mentioned.
[ ] Run away.
>> No. 216
>> No. 217
[ ] Ask about getting that food Remilia mentioned.

All this slaying is making me hungry woman
>> No. 218
Also, well done on not getting fed on by Remilia during that part. Almost all routes led to a biting (but they weren't all bad ends). I'm surprised.
>> No. 219
File 120899100922.jpg - (41.04KB , 1049x755 , 12086400802.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ ] Apologize.
[ ] Ask about getting that food Remilia mentioned.

Also, Remillia:

Body of a ten year old.
Libido of a 500 year old woman.

Pic related
>> No. 220

[x] Apologize.

I'll try harder next time, okay?
>> No. 221
File 12089912514.png - (46.45KB , 332x505 , 1206775289791.png ) [iqdb]
>Body of a ten year old.
>Libido of a 500 year old woman
>> No. 222
>>219 Body of a ten year old.
Libido of a 500 year old woman.

Superhuman stamina. Enjoy.
>> No. 223
[X] Apologize.
[X] Ask about getting that food Remilia mentioned.

"Ahaha! Yeah, I suppose someone like me just doesn't look appetizing, eh? Can't say I'm not starved myself, though!"

I like how strong Remilia's coming on, I must say.
>> No. 224
[ ] Apologize.
>> No. 225
Oh I know I will, even if it kills me
>> No. 226
Are you the guy who made suggestions for defusing Mokou in the YWUiG thread?
>> No. 227
[X] Apologize.
>> No. 228
[X] Apologize.
[X] Ask about getting that food Remilia mentioned.
>> No. 229

Nope. But casually brushing away dangerous situations usually lightens the mood a little.

>> No. 230
File 120899263415.jpg - (103.18KB , 600x600 , 1206570680909.jpg ) [iqdb]
`Next time we see her we might as well push one of her buttons
>> No. 231
You apologize profusely, explaining that you didn't know how to be appetizing and more importantly that you didn't know that you were supposed to be a meal. Sakuya sighs and crosses her arms.
"I suppose she'll have you later anyway. Stupid bloodbag."
Sakuya starts to walk away from you.
"Come on then. The Mistress said to feed you."
You follow Sakuya down the hallways of the Mansion for a while, keeping a little behind her. Fairy maids look at you with shock, some of them whispering to each other before Sakuya silences them with a glance. You notice that your earlier arousal has gone away after that little confrontation. Good, no knowing what Sakuya would do if she saw that.
She takes you down two flights of stairs and through a pair of double doors into a very large and well equipped kitchen.
"Right" she mutters to herself. There is a pause, like a jump through several frames of film, followed by a huge sneeze from yourself. You see a pan has been added to the neat pile of washing up next to the sink. In front of you Sakuya places a large plate of scrambled eggs.
"How did you know I would like eggs?" You ask, wiping your nose.
She is expressionless "I didn't."
She turns to go.

[ ] Eat up.
[ ] Refuse the food.
[ ] Ask Sakuya something.

If 3:

[ ] How much danger am I really in here?
[ ] Does the name Belmont mean anything to you?
[ ] Do you wear pads?
>> No. 232
[x] Does the name Belmont mean anything to you?

>> No. 233
[ ] Ask Sakuya something.

[ ] Do you wear pads?

Up now in any VN anon has not had the balls to ask. Let us be the first ones
>> No. 234
[X] Ask Sakuya something.
[X] Does the name Belmont mean anything to you?

It must be done.

Mostly because I'm picturing Sakuya with a little thought-bubble containing an 8-bit sprite of herself.
>> No. 235
[ ] Ask Sakuya something.
[ ] Does the name Belmont mean anything to you?

I.. I have a strange desire. This just feels right.
>> No. 236
[x] Ask Sakuya something.
[x] Does the name Belmont mean anything to you?

This will be awesome. Or disappointing.
>> No. 237
[X] Ask Sakuya something.
[X] Does the name Belmont mean anything to you?
>> No. 238
"Miss Sakuya?"
She pauses, back to you.
"Does the name 'Belmont' mean anything to you?"
Sakuya doesn't answer for a long moment. Or move. Or breathe, as far as you can see. Strange to see her so still. Kind of a nice sight as well. Then there is a dagger sticking into the wall just above your head, and another between your legs.
"No" Sakuya finally says, and slams the kitchen doors behind her.

You move out from between the daggers, which are both sunk into the wall right up to their hilts. Wow, you made her really angry that time.

[ ] Eat the eggs.
[ ] Make some other food.
[ ] Leave the room.
>> No. 239
[ ] Eat the eggs.

and then

[ ] Leave the room.
>> No. 240
[ ] Eat the eggs.
>> No. 241
[ ] Eat the eggs.
>> No. 242
[X] Eat the eggs.
>> No. 243
[X] Eat the eggs.

Delicious eggs will soothe the bitter pain of angering the ice-cold maid.
>> No. 244
[X] Eat the eggs.
>> No. 245
[ ] Eat the eggs.

She only threw two daggers, shes not that mad.
>> No. 246
[X] Ask Remilia how to get the maido to not hate you. -other than becoming dead, obviously.
>> No. 247
You dig into the eggs Sakuya left. Damn, these are good. Really good. Woman can cook. Not surprising considering who she's cooking for. You make a mental note to compliment her on her cooking if you get a chance.

As you finish up you hear a loud crash and a tinkle from just outside.. By the time you open the door to look there is a giggle receding into the distance and nothing to indicate a person breaking anything. What the hell was that?
"Finished?" Sakuya's voice makes you jump. She's standing right behind you, she wasn't there a moment ago. Was she watching you?
You nod.
"Follow." She sounds angry, but not any more so than before. Maybe she put the incident in the kitchen to the back of her mind already?
She leads you back to the upper floors of the Mansion and stops at a door. She opens the door, points inside and then walks off again before you can think to say anything.

Inside is not exactly wonderful. Everything seems a little old and battered but at least the bed is comfy. There is however, no window. You still feel tired though, no matter what time of day it might be outside.

[ ] Go to sleep.
[ ] Explore the mansion.


That's the last update for tonight. If I keep writing into the night then I just get really bad and I'm already tired enough for it to make a difference. Next installment tomorrow morning.

I hope you're all enjoying it. Can't wait to get back to Remilia? Just wait and see.
>> No. 248
[ ] Explore the mansion.

Suicide? Maybe. But if we can "whip" Flandre into shape.....
>> No. 249

[X] "Thank you, Sakuya."
{X} sleep...
>> No. 250
[X] Go to sleep.

Clearly the route towards either awesome dreams, or late night hijinx when someone wanders into our room.

Anyway, get some sleep yourself, if you need it.
>> No. 251
[X] Explore the mansion.
Goodnight, I'ma go to sleep too.
>> No. 252
[ ] Go to sleep.

Erotic dream time FUCK YEAH
>> No. 253
[x] Sleep.
>> No. 254
[X] Go to sleep.

This is shaping up quite nicely, indeed.
>> No. 255
This shit is awesome indeed.

Also, Wasn't it hinted/rumored/stated that Sakuya was a vampire hunter before she worked for Remilia?

Who knows, maybe she's a long-lost Belmont, or something equally improbable.
>> No. 256
Go to sleep.

Seems most reasonable for now, at least.
>> No. 257
I've heard that she was an assassin, or a crazed murderer, but never a vampire hunter.
>> No. 258
>According to one theory, she was a vampire hunter from the outside world or another world, and followed the vampires into the Scarlet Devil Mansion to try to slay them, but was defeated instead.

>> No. 259
File 120901833190.png - (785.68KB , 2131x1514 , i_cant_wait_16-17.png ) [iqdb]
The vampire hunter theory is supported by Akyu. But then again, she thinks that Eirin and Kaguya are humans.
I say that when Sakuya throws knives or uses time-stop, she's just using her sub-weapons.
>> No. 260
That would explain her reaction to the name... then again, it could just as easily have been frustration at being duty-bound to put up with our shit. Seriously, that chick is wound up WAY too tight.
>> No. 261
I'm the other guy that wanted to make a SDM VN. I'm bowing out! This one's just too good!
>> No. 262
Maybe we should loosen her up a bit, by ramming a certain thing into her certain precious place many times if you know what I mean
>> No. 263
Over and over again...
>> No. 264
And then once more
>> No. 265
File 120902609263.jpg - (4.95KB , 148x149 , shirou face.jpg ) [iqdb]
But I don't think she likes people using her kitchen, and it wouldn't be a very nice idea to scuff up her cookware.
>> No. 266
I'd scuff up her cookware if you know what I mean Shiro MAH BOY
>> No. 267
Doing all that work day after day must be getting to her. We should volunteer to help out around the house, so she can get done early and spend the rest of the day off. (Spend it with us, hopefully.)
>> No. 268
>The maids are nearly useless though and most of the work is done by Sakuya alone, which would be impossible if she didn't stop or slow time.

What makes you think us non-professional human cleaners that Sakuya hates will fair any better than professional maids that Sakuya hates?
>> No. 269
It's the thought that counts, right?
>> No. 271
>professional maids
professional: you mean "it's their job" rather than "being good at cleaning", right?

Unlike the "professional maids" we take cleaning serious.
>> No. 272
However tempting it is to explore the Mansion unsupervised, you decide it would be best to get some rest. Don't want to end up collapsing from tiredness like that Tohno guy. A sudden realization hits you as you pull back the bed sheets and think of sleep: you're wearing some very weird clothes. All the tension up to this point means you weren't really paying attention to them.

Those are definitely your shoes, but newer and cleaner. The pants look ordinary but there's no label of any kind on them. Same for your t-shirt. Over that is a long coat which you've never see before, full of pockets, some of which are obviously stuffed with various objects. Then there's that whip. A horrible thought hits you and you quickly find a mirror on one of the walls to make sure.

No no. You're still you. Your face is there. You haven't jumped into the body of Richter Belmont or anything. The whip looks like a perfectly normal whip, but you decide not to go around testing it out for now. Relaxing a little, you take off your shoes and coat, leave the whip next to them, get into bed and fall asleep.

Time passes, but you're not sure how long. Sleep feels strange somehow. You feel as if you're awake, but unable to open your eyes or move.
"How did you get in?" A voice asks.
You can't speak, but somehow the voice can hear you thinking that you don't know how you got here.
"Lies. How did you get in?" You can't place who the voice belongs to, it's not one you've heard before.
You protest that you have no idea. The voice fades away and you hear another one. Somehow this one is sharper, closer and a lot more cheerful.
"Hello! What's your name?"
You struggle to answer, but your body is still sleeping.
"Hello?" You feel a finger poke your side.

[ ] Force your eyes open.
[ ] Force yourself to greet the voice.
[ ] Go back to sleep.

I know I said 'morning' for an update, but I underestimated how long it would take me to wake up, so there was no time for writing before my lecture. Expect some more updates across the day, but sporadic until nighttime. I have lots to do.

And thanks for all the positive comments!
>> No. 273
[ ] Force yourself to greet the voice.

So, now we meet Flandre. Time for the fun to start.
>> No. 274
[ ] Force yourself to greet the voice.
>> No. 275
[ ] Force yourself to greet the voice.

When do we get to meet Patchy?
>> No. 276
[ ] Force yourself to greet the voice.
>> No. 277
Looks interesting!
>> No. 278
[X] Force yourself to greet the voice.
Patchy and Koakuma?
>> No. 279

I thought that too, but I figured Patchy and Koakuma would just wait for a person to wake up, and wouldn't sound very cheerful either. But Flandre would'nt think twice about waking someone up, and would probably be perpetually cheerful.
>> No. 280
[X] Force yourself to greet the voice.

Maybe Flan? Delicious, delicious Flan?
>> No. 281
But it's two different voices, and I don't think anyone hangs out with Flan. Plus, isn't she usually locked in the basement?
>> No. 282
File 120905153497.jpg - (232.00KB , 800x566 , 120484209846.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Force yourself to greet the voice.
Delicious psychotic loli
>> No. 283

She can escape. Plus, I was thinking the first voice was a voice in the dream, and the second was someone waking us up.
>> No. 284
She has a bad habbit off taking small strolls around the mansion when dead bored
>> No. 285
[x] Force yourself to greet the voice.
>> No. 286
The effort needed to move your mouth is near-superhuman. Nothing seems to be working properly at all. As you manage to part your lips and force some sound out, the effect begins to lessen and you're at least able to speak, even if you can't see shit Cap'n.
"Hello? Who's there?"
"Who's here? I'm here." You feel another finger poke your side. Then there is a fluttering motion and suddenly a weight pressing down on your chest. The voice comes from in front of you now.
"What are you anyway?" it asks as a hand grabs you by the chin and moves your face from one side to the other.
"I'm human" you say, before your sleep-addled brain can stop you.
"Human?" There is a loud sniffing, close to your face. "Oh." She sounds disappointed. "You're her's already aren't you?"
"My sister's." The weight leaves your chest again. "Hmmm." You can hear her hopping from foot to foot. You're so sure you know who this is, but the name and face are locked behind something in your mind.
"What's your name?" But as you ask you hear the sound of footsteps pattering quickly away from you, followed by the quiet click of a door shutting. A moment later you hear it open again.
"Don't go away" she says. More footsteps, then silence.

[ ] Go back to sleep and wait for whoever that was to return.
[ ] Wake up and wait.
[ ] Screw this sleep paralysis shit, wake up and leave the room.
>> No. 287
[ ] Wake up and wait.
>> No. 288
[X] Wake up and wait.

Delicious Flan is delicious.
>> No. 289
[x] Wake up and wait.
What the hell's going on, anyways? Did Koakuma come in and steal a portion of our soul away?
>> No. 290
[ ] Wake up and wait.
>> No. 291
Probably something in the food to make sure we stay put.

[X] Wake up and wait.
>> No. 292
We went to sleep and were in Remilia's bedroom. (early night)
We went to sleep again and were woken up. (night, early early morning)
>> No. 293
[X] Wake up and wait.

I get the feeling that if we fall asleep again, we won't be waking up again for a damn while. And you do NOT disappoint the Flandre.
>> No. 294
[x] Wake up and wait.
>> No. 295
[X] Wake up and wait.
We slept. Flandre woke us up. You don't fall asleep again.
>> No. 296
[ ] Wake up and wait.
>> No. 297
It takes a few minutes but slowly you manage to open your eyes and lift your head from the pillow. From there everything is easier, sitting up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes and grabbing your coat and the whip. You shift a large armchair so it faces the door and then sit down heavily. You feel awful. What the hell was that anyway? It's gotten a little better but you still feel weaker than you should do considering you just got some sleep.

Then she comes bounding through the door. Blond hair, red clothes and holding a twisted metal pole in one hand. The crystals on her wings, if they can be rightly called that, sway wildly as she moves.
"Hello again!" She skips right up to you. With you sitting and her standing you get the uncomfortable impression of something huge towering over you. The feeling passes in an instant as you remember who she must be.
"Hi Flandre." You give her a little wave. Maybe just being friendly is safest. She seems to be a good mood now anyway.
"Sister's not here right now and I can't find Sakuya so that means I can play with you." She looks at you expectantly for a moment before hopping onto your lap and looking up at you. That metal rod is uncomfortably close to your face. She smells different to Remilia, not bad but as if there is another smell below her's, sharp and artificial like a chemical smell. She shifts around a little on your lap and you're surprised to find that from this close up she's not as young as she might seem from a distance, maybe the same age as Remilia. Having her sitting on your lap suddenly becomes a lot more dangerous.

[ ] Ask her what she wants to play.
[ ] Give her a hug.
[ ] Ask her where Remilia has gone.
>> No. 298
[x] Give her a hug.
>> No. 299
[X] Ask her what she wants to play.
Hug is tempting, but suicidal. Play it safe for now.
>> No. 300
[X] Give her a hug.
[X] Ask her what she wants to play.

Too cute to resist.
>> No. 301
[X] Give her a hug.
what can go wrong?
>> No. 302


That said, [x] Give her a hug.
>> No. 303
[ ] Give her a hug.


>> No. 304
EVERYTHING is suicidal with Flandre! And if that's the case "[ ] You're the scariest"!

[x] Ask her what she wants to play.
>> No. 305
>[ ] Ask her what she wants to play.
"What would you like to play?"
>> No. 306
[x] Give her a hug.
I say it's worth the bad end.
>> No. 308
You guys have a while to decide, I'm going out to buy some dinner.
>> No. 309
[x] Give her a hug.

For our lap
>> No. 310
>EVERYTHING is suicidal with Flandre!
Man's got a point. Still,

[X] Ask her what she wants to play.

seems at least likely to buy us some time. I'd love to hug her, but I'm afraid she might hug us back...
>> No. 311
[x] Give her a hug.

You should be able to solve this.
>> No. 312
[ ] Ask her where Remilia has gone.

Divide her attention as often as possible!
>> No. 313
[X] Give her a hug.
>> No. 314
File 120906231639.png - (399.07KB , 928x335 , flandreDIE.png ) [iqdb]
No, asking about her sister will show you have no interest in her whatsoever.

That's when things go boom...
>> No. 315
[X] Give her a hug.
moe moe Flandre-chan
>> No. 316
File 120906541590.jpg - (241.23KB , 800x1065 , 120750445632.jpg ) [iqdb]
posting a Flandre pic while waiting
>> No. 317
File 120906643027.jpg - (287.81KB , 1024x768 , 1205939338355.jpg ) [iqdb]
And another
>> No. 318
File 120906672219.jpg - (39.17KB , 577x375 , 1205792036599.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 319
Writing now and
Where does that come from?
>> No. 320
Tohonifun's Offsetting Inferno.
Chado should definately do more color-work.
>> No. 321
File 120906781841.jpg - (122.89KB , 1070x654 , SakuyaBelmont.jpg ) [iqdb]
Posting a pic relevant to earlier discussion.

The perfect and elegant vampire hunter.
>> No. 322
The perfect and padded vampire hunter

there, I fixed it for you
>> No. 323

Fuck! Where is that from?
>> No. 324
Flandre is pretty cute when you think about it, despite being extremely dangerous. You wrap your arms around her, pulling her towards you. Your better judgement is screaming at you not to, but in this situation surely the best action is to show her some kind of affection. Right?

She stiffens in shock and her metal wand drops to the floor with a clang.
"What ... what are you doing?" she asks.
"Hugging you."
Like this you can see her wings close up. The odd chemical smell is stronger here as well, probably coming from the crystals. You shift your head so you're looking across the top of her head instead. She's still tense and not speaking but at least she's not rendered you down to your base elements yet. Now that you think about it, Flandre has probably never been hugged before in her entire life. Perhaps as a very small child. This must be a strange experience for her. You start to rub her back, you can actually feel the tension in her shoulders.

It takes a few minutes but she eventually relaxes against you, arms still by her side but head resting on your shoulder. You notice she has her eyes shut.
"I like this game." She mumbles.
Then you feel a sharp nick against your neck.
"I saw sister do this once." You can feel Flandre's mouth move against your flesh as she speaks.
You freeze.

[ ] Go for your whip.
[ ] Push her off you.
[ ] Ask her to stop.
[ ] Remind her you belong to Remilia
[ ] Let her bite down.


Choose wisely.
>> No. 325
[ ] Let her bite down.

I don't even know why I am choosing this, but I would let her bite me. Screw all survival instincts
>> No. 326

Sayakata Tea's "Then Break Through The Night"

In point of fact, a great deal of awesome things come from Sayakata Tea.
>> No. 327
[ ] Remind her you belong to Remilia

>> No. 328
The little girl needs affection, are we Mens enough to give her some?

All other choices feel like pushing her away.
>> No. 329
[x] Let her bite down.

Hey, being a vampire will help us not die!
Or she might just drink us dry.
Either way, a loli is sucking on our neck, do you really think we'd push her off?
>> No. 330
[X] Ask her to stop.

I can't imagine that a violent reaction would end well, and reminding her of Remilia would make it looks like we preferred her...

Just a nice, gentle request. Then again, maybe she's just giving us a neck-kiss or something.
>> No. 331
[X] Remind her you belong to Remilia

Can't see any other ending well, unless we can survive a biting from her. She's probably inexperienced and will completely drain us though.
>> No. 332
She won't do as you say, she can destroy you with a hand gesture. Only Remillia's authority will sway her and you don't want to teach Flandre where her meals come from, she may want to get it ...... fresh.
>> No. 333
>>[ ] Let her bite down.
Is so damn tempting. So very, very tempting. But I don't think she's a light eater like Remilia, so...
Oh dear. I can't choose.
>> No. 334
[X] Remind her you belong to Remilia

Although, I can't honestly say I see any of these ending particularly well...
>> No. 335

Or, reminding her that you belong to Remilia will make her think you like Remilia more, and she'll throw a giant fit that kills you dead. I can't imagine she likes being reminded of her sister's authority all the time.
>> No. 336
[ ] Let her bite down.
Even if it's a bad end it'll be awesome. And I got a feeling that she won't kill us. Trust me, I know what I'm doing!
>> No. 337
[X] Remind her you belong to Remilia

Stalemate situation.
>> No. 338
[x] Let her bite down.
Does she even know what she's doing? She might just give us a hickey instead.
>> No. 339
[x] Let her bite down.
Be brave faggots, it's just a batshit insane sweet little loli
>> No. 340
[X] Let her bite down.
>> No. 341
[x] Let her bite down.
>> No. 342
I take it bite won?
>> No. 343
[X] Remind her you belong to Remilia
>> No. 344
[x] Let her bite down.
[x] Leave me some, or I might not be able to see you again.
>> No. 345
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
>> No. 346
[x] Let her bite down.

Also, i love all the castlevania stuff Hungry Youkai uses.
>> No. 347
She's just too much to resist. More importantly you're so close to pissing yourself in blind terror that you can't even think of moving. The only thing you can do is close your eyes before she ...

She's sucking your neck. Just latched on and sucking. No pain, no biting, no rivers of blood flowing down her chin. Then you remember. She doesn't know where her food comes from! She's just mimicking Remilia. She's seen Remilia with her mouth on people's necks and assumed those people were enjoying whatever was going on. (Were they? What the hell does being bitten feel like anyway?) Flandre is just paying you back for the hug, thats it, just paying you back.

You let out the breath you've been holding. Flandre sits up and giggles.
"That good huh?" she asks.
She must have thought your breath was a sigh of pleasure.
"You know we're in trouble now?" She looks equally happy and worried. Like she just did something wonderful but with terrible consequences.
"Why are we in trouble?" you ask.
"Mmmm." She bites her lip. "I shouldn't have done that, sister is going to be angry."
She has a good point. If she could sense that Remilia had been on you, Remilia should be able to tell that Flandre has been all over you as well.
"I should go before sister gets back from shopping." Flandre puts her hands on your chest and looks up at you. "Promise me you'll do another hugging with me. Come find me again."
You nod. Flandre smiles and jumps down off you. Picking up her wand she rushes out of the room, pausing at the door and waving at you.

Pretty shaken up, but with all your blood inside your body, you get up off the chair.

[ ] Examine the contents of your pockets.
[ ] Try to find a window.
[ ] Follow Flandre. She can't have got that far yet.
[ ] Look for Sakuya.
[ ] Flandre said Remilia went shopping, maybe you could meet Remilia at the gate?
>> No. 348
I must admit I was sceptical about this at first, but fuck yeah, loli vampires.
>> No. 349

There may be more Castlevania stuff later, as well as other stuff, depending on which route you go down.
>> No. 350
[x] Look for Sakuya.

When not with loli vampires, annoy the maid. Were Belmonts, after all
>> No. 351

[ ] Examine the contents of your pockets.
[ ] Try to find a window.
>> No. 352
Told you guys she'd only give us a hickey.
[x] Examine the contents of your pockets.
I'm curious as to what we brought. We better have a spellcard named "Richter Sign: Hydro Storm"
>> No. 353
[x] Look for Sakuya.

I'm spoiling for a confrontation.
>> No. 354
[X] Examine the contents of your pockets.
[X] Look for Sakuya.
Flandre. I'm sorry I doubted you. I will never do that again.
>> No. 355
Exactly, she doesn't know where her food comes from. Know your Touhou!
>> No. 356
File 120907220766.png - (243.26KB , 600x600 , 120488844434.png ) [iqdb]
Next time we see her we should show her more of our love. If you know what I mean
>> No. 357
[X] Examine the contents of your pockets.
[X] Try to find a window.

Aw, that was sweet. Flandre's a nice girl.
>> No. 358
[X] Look for Sakuya.
>> No. 359
[x] Examine the contents of your pockets, while looking for Sakuya.
>> No. 360
Pockets and looking for Sakuya are tied. You have five more minutes to either vote or decide to do both.
>> No. 361
[x] Look for Sakuya.

Anon Belmont has to share vampire knowledge with fellow vampire hunter, or piss her off trying it.
>> No. 362
>> No. 363
Both. Writing.
>> No. 364
...You know, the successful outcome of a seemingly counterintuitive choice makes me think of the big Len decision in KT.
>> No. 365
As you stand up the weight of your pockets shifts your coat a little to the side. Whatever all this crap is, it was obviously given to you along with the clothes, whenever that was. You sit down on the floor and lay out the contents. In there you have:

- A black and white photograph of a middle-aged man and a boy in his early teens standing at a train station. On the back there is handwriting which reads 'John and Jonathan - 1925' In the corner 'Thanks for last summer!' is written in smaller and different handwriting.
- A page torn from a art gallery catalogue, with a few words of French in the corner which you can't read. It shows an oil painting of a girl who bears a striking resemblance to Remilia, but a little younger.
- A blood transfusion bag. Full. The label tells you it's type o-neg and it appears to belong to a blood bank in Scotland, extracted 12/5/67. It is warm but not coagulated.
- Five pens.
- A bunch of keys. 3 keys to be exact.
- Two playing cards. One is totally blank. The other is a very ornate ace of spades.
- A pair of knuckle dusters, one is bent out of shape.
- A flicknife.
- A drinking flask, full. From the smell it must be vodka.
- A letter in French. You can't read it.

You put all the stuff back into your pockets and leave the room. Sakuya might be angry all the time and willing to feed you to her Mistress, but at least she's human. More than that, she's kind of cute and you know she won't lay a finger on you while Remilia has taken a shine to you. Maybe you could ask her about how to deal with Flandre or ask her about getting some more food.

After wandering around the Mansion for a little while and achieving nothing but spooking the Fairy maids, one of whom tried to throw a bucket of water at you, you realize that you don't know where the hell Sakuya would be.

[ ] "SAKUYAAAAAAAAAA" Hey, it works for Remilia.
[ ] Go to the kitchen.
[ ] Maybe she's tending the garden. Go outside.
>> No. 366

I've played Tsukihime but not KT, so you can rest assured that I'm not stealing ideas from the latter.
>> No. 367
[X] Maybe she's tending the garden. Go outside.

Why not wander the grounds for a while? It's probably nice enough out.
>> No. 368
[x] Maybe she's tending the garden. Go outside.
Oh ho, why not challenge China?
>> No. 369
[x] Maybe she's tending the garden. Go outside.
>> No. 370
[x] Go to the kitchen.

Die anon, you don't belong to this kitchen!"

That's what i bet Sakuya will say if she's there and anon enters without her permission. Disregard the fact that anon DO belongs to the kitchen in the other gensokyo adventures
>> No. 371
>ace of spades

Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades" is now playing in your head.

[ ] Go to the kitchen.
>> No. 372
>- A black and white photograph of a middle-aged man and a boy in his early teens standing at a train station. On the back there is handwriting which reads 'John and Jonathan - 1925' In the corner 'Thanks for last summer!' is written in smaller and different handwriting.
We are Eric MOTHERFUCKING Lecarde, aren't we? Where's the spear?
>> No. 373
[x] Go to the kitchen
"It's okay now."
I lift my head. For a second, I see Sakuya's eyes widen. Does my face look that strange to her?
I have no time to wonder.
"It's okay now," I repeat.
"I had always wondered why...the only things I could ever make were eggs," I mutter aloud, more to myself than Sakuya. She watches me, cautiously, the same expression as ever on her face.
Does she think I'm crazy, perhaps?
I'm not crazy.
I simply understand now.
Every egg-based meal I ever made turned out perfectly.
Huevos rancheros. Tea egg. Omelette. Dan furong. Even the first tamagoyaki I made was a masterpiece. I assumed it was all the result of something like "luck" or "skill", but in the end, neither of those explanations were correct.
Images flash in my mind.
Cuticula. Membrane. Chalaza. Albumen. Even with my eyes open, I can see them clearly.
I understand the concept of 'eggs'.
Yes, that's right. If it is made from an egg, I can create it easily.
I don't even need the cookbook. The steps of the recipe are etched into my soul.
The Mistress desires a cake.
And a cake--
The very first thing you do--is--
"Beat egg yolks." I whisper.

And it begins.
>> No. 374
[X] Maybe she's tending the garden. Go outside.
>> No. 375
[ ] "SAKUYAAAAAAAAAA" Hey, it works for Remilia.
>> No. 376
Oh, I wasn't saying you were. Just made me think of that, is all.
>> No. 377
[ ] Maybe she's tending the garden. Go outside.
>> No. 378
[x] Maybe she's tending the garden. Go outside.
It's bad, but not as bad as the other two.
>> No. 379
[x] Maybe she's tending the garden. Go outside.
>> No. 380
You guys chose garden option for the sole purpose of meeting China, right?
>> No. 381

Well, the chances of sakuya being back in the kitchen aren't really that great.

Why not?
>> No. 382
Is that a problem?
>> No. 383
You manage to find a door to the outside after bumbling around for a while. This mansion has so many rooms it would be a serious challenge to remember where everything is. The door you find isn't the main doors, just a little back way out on the ground floor.

Outside, the garden is magnificent. You know very little about plants and flowers, but you can sure tell this is an amazing garden. There is colour almost everywhere, but you notice very little blue for some reason. There are trees of many different types, including some which you're pretty sure you've never seen before. You walk slowly round the Mansion, taking it all in. Near the back there is a hole in a hedge which seems to lead to a small hedge maze. Around the whole thing is a very high wall, with the main gate at the front, a pathway lined with trees leads from it to the front doors of the Mansion itself. From the position of the sun you would guess it's maybe late afternoon. You must have slept for ages.

Sakuya is nowhere to be seen. You can hear somebody whistling the theme tune to Metal Gear Solid from beyond the front gate.

[ ] Go out the front gate.
[ ] Go back into the Mansion.
[ ] Wait for a bit and listen to the whistling.
>> No. 384
Aw crap I hadn't even thought of Meiling, what wrong with me?
>> No. 385

So, you saw through my choice, huh?
>> No. 386
[X] Wait for a bit and listen to the whistling.
>> No. 387
[x] Wait for a bit and listen to the whistling.
>> No. 388
File 120907661180.jpg - (32.62KB , 400x400 , 120865208982.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Wait for a bit and listen to the whistling

"Hello Marisa, what're you doing out of your cage? SHIT! I mean /forest/ ?"
>> No. 389
[X] Wait for a bit and listen to the whistling.

I smell a rat...

No reason to leave the mansion as it is, and we don't want to deal with the confusion if Mei Ling has no idea we're here and refuses to believe we're a "guest."
>> No. 390
[ ] Go back into the Mansion.

>> No. 391
[ ] Wait for a bit and listen to the whistling.
"Enemy spotted! Requesting backup units!"
>> No. 392
[x] Wait for a bit and listen to the whistling.
And try to sneak up on her. We'll show her who's The Boss.
>> No. 393
File 120907726718.jpg - (18.36KB , 300x379 , springsteen.jpg ) [iqdb]

So we're Bruce Springsteen now?
>> No. 394
[x] Sneak up behind her and try your best to make the "!" noise.
>> No. 395
[ ] Wait for a bit and listen to the whistling.
Now remember anon, this is a sneaking mission.
>> No. 396
Come in HQ!

*This is HQ*

We have seen signs of infiltration, requesting backup.

*Roger, sending backup.*
>> No. 397
[X] Start Whistling the Alert music
>> No. 398
You walk over to the gate and listen to the whistling. Yup, no mistaking it. That's MGS alright. How would someone in Gensokyo know that? There is a pause in the sound and you hear very distinctly the turning of a page.
"Well that's just silly" the person on the other side mumbles to herself.
At that moment a butterfly decides to land on your nose and you let forth a sneeze.
"What? Enemy spotted! I-I m-mean, who's there?" One of the sides of the gate opens enough to admit a person through.
"I mean I wasn't reading on the job Miss Sakuya! Pleasedon'tstabmeagain." Meiling has her eyes screwed up and her fists clenched in front of her stomach. There is a large bruise swelling under her right eye.

[ ] Apologize for startling her and introduce yourself.
[ ] Jump into the bushes before she opens her eyes.
>> No. 399
[ ] Apologize for startling her and introduce yourself.

Then explain we're Remilia's lunch. Er. Guest.
>> No. 400
File 120907815021.jpg - (77.89KB , 591x838 , 7o58486.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ ] Apologize for startling her and introduce yourself.
>>There is a large bruise swelling under her right eye.
>>There is a large bruise swelling under her right eye.
>>There is a large bruise swelling under her right eye.
>>There is a large bruise swelling under her right eye.

>> No. 401
[x] Get back to work, China
>> No. 402
[x] Apologize for startling her and introduce yourself.
>> No. 403
[X] Apologize for startling her and introduce yourself, but suddenly AMNESIA
"Call me J."
>> No. 404
[X] Apologize for startling her and introduce yourself.

The poor dear is in rather a sorry state, isn't she?
>> No. 405
[X] Apologize for startling her and introduce yourself.

As a conversation starter, ask her what she thought of the E3 trailer.
>> No. 406
At the sound of your voice Meiling's eyes snap open and she visibly relaxes. You quickly apologize for surprising her and explain that you were just curious about what she was whistling.
"Uhh? You heard me?" She starts to turn red a little. You can see a book abandoned on the grass behind her. It is quite obviously the Metal Gear graphic novel, the title is in Japanese but you recognize Snake on the front.
"I mean! Uh! Hello sir!" She bows to you quickly.

You stand there looking at each other for moment before she turns even redder and looks down at her feet.
"Can I ask you a question?" she asks.
"What is it?"
She looks back up at you, frowning now. "How did you do it? How did you get in without me seeing last night?"
You explain that honestly you have no idea. She looks back down at her feet.
"I should get back to work." She turns back to the outside, looking dejected.

[ ] Let her go, head back inside.
[ ] Ask her about the bruise. Damn Sakuya.
[ ] "Enemy Spotted?" Ask her about the MGS comic.
[ ] Ask her for advice on how to survive in the Mansion.
>> No. 408
[X] Ask her about the bruise.
>> No. 409
[x] "Enemy Spotted?" Ask her about the MGS comic.

Asking about the bruise will only get us shut out.
>> No. 410
[ ] Ask her about the bruise. Damn Sakuya.

"You want I should take care of her for you?"
>> No. 411
[x] Ask her about the bruise. Damn Sakuya.

>> No. 412

[X] "Enemy Spotted?" Ask her about the MGS comic.
>> No. 413
[x] "CRAB BATTLE!?" Ask her about the MGS comic.
I think it's a bit too soon for a stranger like us to ask her about her personal issues.
>> No. 414
[X] "Enemy Spotted?" Ask her about the MGS comic.

I hope we don't come off as insensitive for ignoring the bruise, but... I doubt she wants to talk about it with us of all people.
>> No. 415
[ ] "Enemy Spotted?" Ask her about the MGS comic.
>> No. 416
fag, respond to AIM.

also, [X] "Enemy Spotted?" Ask her about the MGS comic.
>> No. 417
[x] "Enemy Spotted?" Ask her about the MGS comic.
>> No. 418
Aw hell, I forgot to set that to Away again, didn't I? I've been at work for the past four hours, but I'm getting off in, like, five minutes, so... yeah.
>> No. 419
[X] Apologize for startling her and introduce yourself.
>> No. 420
"Wait a moment."
She turns back to you.
"You like Metal Gear?" You gesture at the comic on the ground.
Meiling seems to perk up a little. "Yes. I've played them all so far. The Mistress sometimes gives me things she doesn't want any more instead of pay, so I got the playstation games before the one on the NES."
"The original game was on the MSX, have you played that one?"
"What? I haven't even heard of that! Oh dammit."
Meiling smiles at you. "I take it you've played them all them? Isn't Raiden a little ... well ... effeminate?" She says the last word under her breath, leaning in towards you conspiratorially.

Before you can reply you see a dot in the sky far off behind Meiling, getting rapidly bigger. You point it out to her.
"Oh, the Mistress is back from shopping already. I should get back to work, sorry." After bowing, this time Meiling smiles at you rather than simply turning away.

[ ] Stay out here at the gate to greet Remilia.
[ ] Wait at the Mansion doors instead.
[ ] Head indoors.


Last update for the night. I'm off to bed. More tomorrow!
>> No. 421

[ ] Stay out here at the gate to greet Remilia.

What's she doing out in the day?
>> No. 422
[X] Stay out here at the gate to greet Remilia.

Give her a nice welcome back.

At any rate, get some sleep. You've earned it.
>> No. 423
[x] Stay out here at the gate to greet Remilia.
>> No. 424
[X] Stay out here at the gate to greet Remilia.
>> No. 425
[x] Stay out here at the gate to greet Remilia.
>> No. 426
Shopping, I guess. She's got that parasol, remember?

[X] Stay out here at the gate to greet Remilia.
>> No. 428
>"How did you get in?" A voice asks.
>You can't speak, but somehow the voice can hear you thinking that you don't know how you got here.
>"Lies. How did you get in?" You can't place who the voice belongs to, it's not one you've heard before.
>You protest that you have no idea. The voice fades away and you hear another one.

Remember that, Anonymous? That was probably China, who must've received that bruise thanks to us. We better take responsibility for this.
>> No. 429
[ ] Stay out here at the gate to greet Remilia.
Soup Remi
>> No. 430

Thanks for getting us GUNGNIR'D, guise! We still carry the stench of Flandre on us...
>> No. 431
"Why do you smell like my little sister human"?

"I shoved her some affection when she was sitting on my lap, if you know what I mean"

Then Anon Belmont pokes Remi with his elbow
>> No. 432
Oh... good point
>> No. 433
It's not a stench, it's a sweet sweet smell that makes us feel warm and fuzzy
>> No. 434
Yes, warm and fuzzy. Enjoy it, because it's what we're soon to NOT be after Remi Scarlet Devil's our asses.
>> No. 435
Or she might think us bonding a bit with her little sister is a good thing
>> No. 436
Someone enllighten me, what's so bad for Remi in us meeting little Flan-chan?
>> No. 437

Well, she might be a tad miffed if Flan left us a hickey. Otherwise, our surviving an encounter with Flandre - and, in fact, befriending her - ought to impress Remilia.
>> No. 438
See >>286, then >>347
>> No. 439
Impress, or instill fear at us accomplishing something she can hardly keep the reigns of?
>> No. 440
It's not like going away from gate would magically remove her smell from us.
Actually, staying at gate might've been genius. If there's wind she may not notice.
>> No. 441
Hmmmm, you may be right, seeing as it IS daytime, she probably wants to head straight inside. Staying outside would only incur a Limited Knife Works, only China will be the target.

Crap, you guise just might be geniuses. Okay! LET'S DO IT!