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http://www.touhouproject.com/others/res/17383.html This.

>> No. 20351
[X] Wait until feeding time.
[X] Keep the spoon that comes with the meal and start digging way out.
[X] Pee on the bars so they corrode eventually.
>> No. 20364
[x] Make a set of Mahjong tiles and challenge the first three people you see to a game.
>> No. 20371
A few ideas come to you. Keeping a spoon and digging your way out. Peeing on the bars so they corrode. Making a set of mahjong tiles and challenging the first three people you see to a game.

But you realize that you aren't thinking seriously enough. You've got to come up with a better plan than any of these.

>> No. 20381
[x] Observe: room.
>> No. 20388
[X] Pee more at the prison cells
[X] ????
[X] Escape!