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File 124836638225.jpg - (283.10KB, 700x770, 4488caaa5167867486a28ea88c43060f.jpg) [iqdb]
16942 No. 16942
[x] Go back to Eientei.

While a room in an inn would be a good choice, you’re quite sure affording it is a bit beyond you.
“Well, Miss Kamishirasawa, that’s indeed a fine idea, but as of late my finances seem to have gone the way of the Titanic. This regrettable fact leaves me with little choice but to try my luck against whatever may be knocking about out there.”
“Oh. Well…” You notice Keine shifting her gaze from you to the inside of her house and back. “I…Well, that is, maybe I…Perhaps you should…” Keine mutters while her face flushes. You stay quiet to allow her to collect her thoughts and once her complexion reaches a shade resembling a ripe apple a thought appears to strike her. “Oh, I could be your escort!”
“Hm?” While you know what she meant, her wording is a bit…
“I could escort you to Eientei. Consider it making up for being such a poor hostess earlier.”
“Oh, I’d hate to impose any more than I have. By the way, you were a fine hostess.”
“As Guardian of the Human Village, I insist.” Keine says with renewed vigor. “Oh, and, thank you.” She adds with a bit of her previous blush returning. Makes her look quite lovely, come to think of it.
“Well, I suppose there’s no helping it.” You say in resignation. Though, you’re not exactly broken up about the prospect of spending more time with her. “Shall we be off, milady?” You ask with a grin.
“Yes, let’s.” Keine says while returning your smile. After she shuts the door and follows you outside, the two of you make your way out into the night with Helios’ sister showing a crooked smile in the sky.

Once outside the city gates, Keine (as Guardian of the Human Village) offers to fly you instead of walking. You accept, since it’s quicker, easier, and you get to fly. As she takes you from behind (fnar fnar) something presses against your back. Well, make that two somethings. Two large and soft somethings that, truth be told, feel absolutely heavenly against you. Well…huh. You’d say something about it, but you decide it’d be more embarrassing for her than staying silent. You also can’t really think of a better way to fly (bridal style and piggyback are far too undignified and you like your arms in a non-dislocated state, so hanging in her grasp is right out). Thus, the “horror” of her…tracts of land to the back it is. Though, the decision kind of loses its power since Keine had taken to the sky during your little internal conflict. Well, nothing to do now but enjoy the ride.

During the rather uneventful flight, you strike up a conversation (easy enough due to Keine’s leisurely flying speed).
“Lovely moon out tonight.” You venture.
“Isn’t it? I’ve always preferred the crescent moon; especially when it’s waning.”
“Oh? Any reason for the distinction?”
“Well, things get hectic around the full moon and a waning crescent is not only lovely but means the full one is further off. The, ah, Youkai are sensitive to it.” Keine adds the last part almost hurriedly.
“I see. Remind me to keep an eye out for werewolves, then.” You say with a laugh. “Though, given the area, maybe I’ll get the chance to meet one.” In your mirth you almost don’t notice how stiff Keine gets after you say this.
“Y-Yes, you may.”
“Keine, is something the matter?”
“N-No, everything is fine. Nothing to worry about. Just remembering something.”
“Alright, then…” It seems to be a touchy subject, so you let it drop and the two of you continue in a silence lacking both awkwardness and comfort. For the remainder of the ride you contemplate just how a slender young woman can carry a full sized man with the ease Keine is doing right now.

Eventually, Keine touches down at Eientei as soon as you come to the conclusion that magic is just one hell of a thing.
“Thank you for this, Keine. I get the feeling I would have gotten lost on my own.”
“It was my pleasure, Casey. My powers with History make traveling an easy task. I just hope the ride wasn’t too bumpy.” Well, two bumps, actually.
“Not at all. It was quite pleasant and smooth, all things considered.” As if you’d fall prey to something like a Freudian Slip.
“Very good. Though, as enjoyable your company is, I must be going now. See you, Casey.”
“See you, Keine.” At that, Keine floats into the air and flies off while waving to you. In a dress. Giving you a full view up her skirt. That you can’t properly turn away from without seeming rude as you return Keine’s wave. As you mentally note they’re black, you fear you may be turning into a pervert. Well, no, that couldn’t be it. You’re just still a bit off from the episode with the mask, right? Right. Nothing to worry about. Thinking these self-assuring thoughts you make your way to your room without encountering anyone you recognize.

Well, you’re in your room and you’re feeling a bit tired. You were feeling as such a bit earlier as well, but the…stimulation from Keine’s ride did a fair job of keeping you awake. Keine’s…ride…riding…Keine riding y-Okay, wait, no. She’s a lovely woman and thoughts of whether her bra matches her knickers shouldn’t even register. Thoughts of how Keine’s would look on Reisen with her fuzzy tail pulling down the waistband like a lover’s hand are equally-Oh, bloody hell! For whatever reason, you’ve built up a fair amount of tension in a short amount of time.

[] Relieve it. As dapper as you are, you’re still human.
[] You have more self-control than that. Just go to bed.


Starting the strongest CUtMaS thread with a goodly amount of perversion. Also, some consideration was taken.
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>> No. 19957
The only route is Moon Bunny route.
>> No. 19958
>Before Luna Ars Memorativa, this was the original Reisen route story

No, the original Reisen Route story was MiG before things went completely to hell.

Part of me still wants Kira to make up for that clusterfuck ending by writing us a happy Reisen story. The poor moon bunny went through hell, then watched us die for nothing. Makes me sad.
>> No. 19960
Speaking of Luna Ars Memorativa, that Anon finally updated.

Well, at least we know the harem ending is a no-go.
>> No. 19966
That's why I asked that question to see if such a thing as a go or not before seriously thinking about it. I wished that Were-Hakutaku story would get an update soon.

Seems Eirin'll have to wait for her route. Isn't it sad, Eirin?
>> No. 19975
File 126787899484.png - (194.55KB, 600x648, 1247964661161.png) [iqdb]
You know, the more I think about itthe more I see how a Reisen/Keine thing might work. It would take quite a bit of convincing for both parties, but Reisen and Keine have rather compatible personalities for such a situation. There may be hope for you harem fans yet.

I certainly hope this revelation isn't wholly tied to the rum and ale....

No update yet, by the way. I'm just a bit more talkative lately.
>> No. 19977
It's to hear from you even if you're not updating just yet. Lets us know that you're not dead yet.
>> No. 19981
File 126797704723.jpg - (356.00KB, 650x800, 0492062ec362377e37e1ab347967bf1d.jpg) [iqdb]
We'd have to get them to fall for each other somehow or they'd feel like rivals. Three-way relationships need to go all three ways.

Still sounds too risky, though.
>> No. 19982
But I think if the writer has it be possible, it's possible. KC has the power of Dapper after all. And we'd have to all agree on this; united we stand, divided we fall.
>> No. 19983
>We'd have to get them to fall for each other somehow or they'd feel like rivals.

You know, I'm not even that big on the whole three-way thing, but the idea of trying to set up a Reisen x Keine scenario appeals to me greatly.
>> No. 19984
>> No. 19988
A quest to engineer a situation in which Keine and Reisen can tenderly embrace each other, whisper quiet words of love, and exchange a soft, chaste kiss? Potentially before drawing Casey into the exchange?

This, my friends, is something I can get behind.
>> No. 19989
You know there's a great deal that they can learn from each other. I'm certain that Keine would love to hear about what Lunarian history she can. Keine could perhaps serve as a big sister figure, sharing some of her experiences.
>> No. 19991

But Reisen is somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 at the very least. She's probably been around longer than Keine has.
>> No. 19996
But does she have relationship experience like Keine does? Or dealing with kids, etc? Reisen's lived most of her life on the moon in the military, while Keine spent her life learning and dealing with people. Point is they both have things to learn from each other.
>> No. 19997
File 126808482893.jpg - (539.27KB, 440x2293, Gensokyo_is_filled_with_cheating_jerks.jpg) [iqdb]
While you're correct about Reisen, there's not much in canon to indicate Keine's age. A couple things in PMiSS and BAiJR imply that she's recorded all of Gensokyo's history since the border went up, but the way it's worded it's also possible she inherited the job at some point in recent history. Then again, from a fanon standpoint, history hax could also mean she's whatever age she wants to be.

Basically, Keine's age is vague enough for it to come down to a judgment call on Harker's part. Come to think of it, that applies to quite a few members of the IN cast.

Incoming meta-info dump:
Eirin: She was already old when the lunar capital was founded, and has some vague ties to myths going back to the beginnings of Shinto. One can place her as anywhere from two to five millennia old without it being a stretch.

Mystia & Wriggle: All we know is that they're (probably) post-border natives, and that Wriggle is supposed to be older than she looks. Anything up to 120 years works.

Tewi: Minimum 1300 years, and likely quite a bit older since she was already a notable figure among youkai at that time. What's interesting about her case is that the only information that puts any kind of upper bounds on her age is the fact that she's a long-lived rabbit with enough luck to survive almost anything. About all we can take from that is that she isn't older than her species of rabbit, which she could be one of several, so all we have to go on is "rabbit". Rabbits, or family Leporidae, have been around at least 33 million years. Obviously 33Ma is a hell of a stretch even for a youkai, but that still puts the range for "safe" guesses at her age in the millions of years. Which is goddamn ridiculous.

tl;dr: God bless ZUN for being so vague, and character age is the author's decision.
>> No. 19999
File 126815287785.jpg - (294.43KB, 800x600, 42ebb0c2fdb1a79ed3046d327de031f336d00153.jpg) [iqdb]
You heard it here first, /eientei/. Tewi is 33 millions years old.
>> No. 20000

Assuming the world is that old in the first place.
>> No. 20001

Tewi is older than the world.

Tewi is God.
>> No. 20002
File 126815610589.jpg - (34.25KB, 802x601, 1267739276651.jpg) [iqdb]

4.5 billion years
>> No. 20005
And she's in fantastic shape for her age. She can easily pass off as a 13-14 year old. Only other person who could say something similar is Yukari and Yuyuko. One reality warper and one ghost. And if you count Suwako, one god.
>> No. 20042
Tewi: Supplying authors with lie juice since ages before the written word!
>> No. 20135
Lie juice is like eating too much chocolate.

Bad for you, But oh so sweet. ;_;
>> No. 20259
File 127033036388.jpg - (488.33KB, 1280x1024, bfc2da1a662805a054ee224c6ab1bb28.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 20269
File 127040374331.jpg - (69.16KB, 600x920, yue sleep.jpg) [iqdb]
Do you know what time it is, Harker?

It's late.

It's very, very late.
>> No. 21381
S, I stopped reading TP cause I had no time and back in august of last year.

since then there's been one update

>> No. 22607
File 128764617929.png - (109.31KB, 300x300, 1199862805622.png) [iqdb]
[x] Good mood fading. Tea, yesssss...

Yes, as nice as the exercise with Eirin was, you feel the rush has left you and it needs to be replaced. For your own mental health and the continuing positive relations with the members of this grand household, it is in your own humble opinion that you need some bloody feckin' tea. Thus you make your way to the kitchen and the tea that lies therein.

It doesn't take long before you start to smell the unique aromas that could only come from a kitchen all aflutter with cooking. Well, you suppose something else could theoretically smell like a kitchen in use, but it would be a damn lie. Like Santa and American sitcoms being funny (Damn and blast your eyes, Jerry Seinfeld). Still, the fact remains that you are now at the cusp of the tea-having place. Not a moment too soon, either, since you're jonesin' something fierce right now and you can already feel the proverbial gears starting to slow. Greeting Mokou dressed like Reisen and the assorted cooking rabbits as you enter, you clear the tea-taking with one of them to make sure it's alright. Hate to be too presumptuous in your role as guest, after all.

Looking for a kettle you...wait. Something's wrong here. Tea...Kettle...Rabbits...Mokou...Mokou?
"Mokou?" You ask the obvious.
"Who?" She denies the obvious.
"Mokou. You."
"What, me? I'm Ako."
"Yeah, it's Ako, silly!" One of the rabbits cheerfully adds.
"You don't have rabbit ears."
"Uh, yeah I do?" Obviously Mokou says while lifting her two locks of ribboned hair.
"Come off it, no rabbit's ears are that long or floppy." You say, hearing an audible gasp behind you. Turning around, you see a rabbit on the ground with loose ears as long as it's body. After a brief pause you apologize, but it doesn't seem to help. With a beady glare it turns around indignantly. The group as a whole stand around awkwardly before one rabbit goes after it, asking "Benny" to come back.
"Way to go, jerk." says Mokou with a frown.
"Okay, you're Ako. So, tell me Ako, what are you doing here?"
"Alright, buddy, let's go outside." Ako says before dragging you through a few doors. Outside, she stands in front of you with her arms crossed and frowning. You stare at each other before Mo/Ako's frown dissolves into a satisfied smirk.
"Pretty good, right?" She says.
"You certainly seem to have them convinced." You respond, glad the act is over.
"Yeah, but it's not really that hard. They're not too canny until they hit around three hundred and most of 'em have never actually seen me."
"I see. So, 'Ako', what brings you here?"
"I see. You do this often?"
"Just once every couple of months. Don't want to push my luck."
"Makes sense. So, wha-" A shocked voice cuts you off.
"Mokou?!" You both turn around to see a quite displeased Kaguya.
"Top 'o the mornin', bitch! Sleep well?" Mokou greets her. You, instead merely wave, not liking where this is going at all.
"You damn roach! How many times do I have to stomp you out before you learn to stay in your hovel?"
"Um, I'll be going now." You try to bow out, but Kaguya snaps her head your direction.
"Casey...I see how it is. You aid my eternal enemy in violating my home...well played. But, don't think for a moment you will escape punishment!" She yells before creating a few ominous orbs of light.
"Now would be a good time to run." Mokou says as she grabs your arm. Again you're being pulled along through various doors in Eientei, but much more quickly as you have an angry princess chasing you.
"Why didn't we jut fly?!" You yell to Mokou.
"She could keep up! I've a better plan, anyway!"
"Get back here, you homeless whore!" Kaguya shouts from behind.
"Suck a duck dick, bitch!" Mokou shouts back, a danmaku shot grazing her ribbon. You take quite a few more turns and Kaguya begins to lag further and further behind. Can still hear her quite clearly, though.

Mokou finally stops in a secluded room Dagon knows how deep inside the complex. Good thing, too, since the abuse you put your lungs through back in the day has caught up with you. Wheezing, you see Mokou lifting one of those mat things. Looks like there's a little door under it.
"You can't run, bitch! You can't run!" You hear Kaguya quite clearly.
"Go down!" Mokou tells you while quickly opening the door with her free hand. You comply and enter a rather small tunnel, with Mokou following. As you begin to crawl away, you hear footsteps just above you.
"Fuck you, John Bull! Fuck you, Firebitch!" The enraged princess' voice begins to fade as she runs to other rooms. You take a moment to catch your breath.
"You okay up there, tough guy?"
"Yeah, yeah. Just give me a second to hate younger me."
"I know the feeling, buddy. Still, as nice as this view is, I'd like to get out of here."
"Sure, sure. Let's go." The two of you crawl through the passage while you deal with the feeling that you forgot something...

Soon enough, you are out and in a small clearing among the bamboo. You and Mokou enjoy a quick smoke.
"Ah, that was fun." Mokou says while exhaling.
"Fun. Right. I'm just glad I limbered up with Eirin already. During exercise." You quickly add the last part after Mokou gives you a wry look.
"Hey, I don't judge, Pyramus."
"Yeah, yeah, real funny. So, does she always get like that around you?"
"Pretty much. We have that kind of effect on each other."
"I see. So, what are you planning now? Going back into the breech?"
"Nah, I've worn out my welcome for now. Probably going to go get some breakfast. Care to join?"

Good question... What say the watch?

⌛: 6:22 a.m.

[] No. Go back and see if Kaguya's calmed down by now.
[] No. Go do something else.
-[] (Like what, smart guy?)
[] Yes. Breakfast. Food.


Yea, I return from my time away bearing an update I can actually stand to look at. Seems I missed quite a bit during my absence, though.
>> No. 22608
[x] No. Go back and see if Kaguya's calmed down by now.

I thought all hope was lost. It's nice to see someone come back!
>> No. 22609
Well damn, you're back. How utterly unexpected. I'd vote but I think I ought to read up again to remind myself where we were. Still, it's nice to see you back!
>> No. 22610
[X] Yes. Breakfast. Food.

Seven monthsSeventeen minutes later, still no tea. Dapper meltdown imminent.
>> No. 22611
File 128766049828.png - (484.60KB, 459x458, my body is ready.png) [iqdb]
[holy shit] Yes. Breakfast. Keep away from angry Kaguya, too.

Fuck yes, it's HARKER!
>> No. 22612
[x] Yes. Breakfast. Food.

Hot damn, I thought I'd never see another update. Good to see you back.

How's the update speed gonna be? I can take sporadic updates as long I'm warned.
>> No. 22614
[x] Yes. Breakfast. Food.

>> No. 22619
[X] Yes. Breakfast. Food.

Not a bad update, though Kaguya overreacting was a bit much; almost thought that Teruyo took over the story.
>> No. 22620
This was a fantastic update, everything I (we?) love about your style in true form. Never get sick of that rapid-fire dialogue. Glad you're back. Hopefully you'll stick around a little longer than last time.

[X] Yes. Breakfast. Food.

Question: was the meeting with Yukari retconned, or just the silliness of the mask?
>> No. 22621
[X] No. Go do something else.
-[X} Eat breakfast with Eirin.
>> No. 22623
fuck yeah!

[x] Yes. Breakfast. Food.
>> No. 22624
File 128772099439.jpg - (177.25KB, 872x599, 1281567376494.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Yes. Breakfast. Food.

>> No. 22625
File 128772860337.jpg - (76.25KB, 550x550, 1286895156068.jpg) [iqdb]
He'S baCk. thAt's An unExpeCteD anD goOd OutComE.
>> No. 22626
File 128774060262.jpg - (696.75KB, 954x1130, Mokou_Kaguya.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, I do believe that's a called vote. Now to do fuck all about it for the next seven months write.


Believe me, I know the feeling.


More than likely sporadic, but I'm working on being just a smidgen quicker.


Yeah, I got a bit too into showing this side of her character. Went all "I'm the Kaguya, bitch!" mode towards the end, there. She just needs some coffee in her and she'll be back to her mostly rational self.


Glad to hear you liked it. Also, the meeting with Yukari was indeed retconned. Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be messing with Casey again soon enough.

By the way, just for reference, despite growing up in Liverpool Casey normally speaks with a Received Pronunciation accent. Something like Hicox from Inglorious Basterds (At least, I think that's RP. Do correct me if I'm wrong). I say this because I'm totally crap at writing accents phonetically, so he could have sounded like a Scotsman all this time with only a change in the backstory.
>> No. 22630
Yeah I was a bit worried about that; still glad to see you back.
>> No. 22633

Nah, it's all in the semantics (and in me not being able to distinguish English accents). As long as you write with the words and structures an accent generally uses, you're fine. Phonetics usually just makes it harder to read.
>> No. 22634
[c] Yes. Breakfast. Food.

Harker is back? Awesome.

I'm fine with this.
>> No. 22635
>I'm fine with this.

Except Scots aren't dapper. Kilts and tweed are maybe manly, but they certainly aren't dapper.
>> No. 22636
You're the only reason I hit up eientei Harker.

I've never lost hope!
>> No. 22637
File 128796314811.jpg - (43.25KB, 640x360, doublerainbow.jpg) [iqdb]
YoU SaId It MaN, iT's A motHeRfUcKiN' MiRaClE.

[c] YeS. bReAkFaSt. FoOd.
>> No. 22639
Guess we owe Sanae a thank you for this miracle.
>> No. 22668
So, see ya next year?
>> No. 22841
File 129061771950.jpg - (297.48KB, 1000x786, 38ea8857f8b03e43c550dae19d1d9d6a.jpg) [iqdb]
come back
>> No. 26279
Just started reading all of this yesterday, this guy is dead isnt it? What is it with this site writers and dying
>> No. 26280
just read all these stories yesterday. this guy is dead isnt it? what is with this site writers and dying
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