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5854 No. 5854
You grin, holding the sandwich in your hands. You might as well get to know this girl, so long as she’s invited you into her home. You look at her chewing on her sandwich, which seems to have beef on it. She notices your stare and looks back at you after swallowing a bite.

“Yes? Is there something on my face?”

You shake your head.

“No, nothing’s on your face. I just wanted to ask you some questions while we were eating. Is that okay?”

She nods, her odd hair piece bobbing up and down as she does.

“Sure, you can ask me something, and then I can ask you something!”

She continues to munch on her sandwich as you speak.

“I was wondering, why do you have so many books?”

She grins as she sets her sandwich down, dabbing at her mouth with a napkin. She flutters her wings as she begins to reply.

“Well, I made friends with a few people after I was born. I met this one lady named Patchouli who lets me visit her library and read books. I also met this one girl named Alice who was very nice. She taught me about the type of magic she uses, and let me read her books about it. Actually… I know a few people, to be honest.”

You think this over. So she’s friends with a librarian and a magician? Sounds like an interesting group of people. She gives you a warm grin and talks once again.

“Now it’s my turn. I’ve never seen you anywhere in Gensokyo before, so does that mean that you came from beyond the Border?”

“Yes. I’m a half-oni that had been living not too far from an entrance to Gensokyo. My friends and I came here to investigate what was behind the border, and I somehow wound up living with the Yakumos.”

She nods, and it seems that she’s writing this down in a little notebook. You take another bite of your sandwich and look at her.

“I was also wondering, do you expect any visitors today?”

She shakes her head, frowning slightly.

“No. I’m normally the one who visits my friends, though Alice occasionally stops by here. Now then… What kind of oni are you? I heard that there are various types.”

“I happen to be a half-amanojaku. I think the name is sort of long, though.”

She nods, still writing things down. The two of you finish eating, and she then stands up.

“Well then, I guess I’ll try to take you back to Mayohiga now. Are you ready to leave?”

She holds her hand out, her fingers spread.

[ ] “Actually, I’d rather stay here for now, if you don’t mind.”
[ ] Grab her hand. “Sure thing!”
[ ] “I was actually thinking we could visit that magician.”
[ ] “I was actually thinking we could visit that librarian.”

>> No. 5856
[ ] “Actually, I’d rather stay here for now, if you don’t mind.”
>> No. 5857
[X] “Actually, I’d rather stay here for now, if you don’t mind.”

The goal is this, Anon.

Since Ran has denied our love, and Yukari callously raped us, we're going to hook up with Tokiko. We shall marry her, and take Len and Yamame on as our moe daughters.
>> No. 5859
[x] “Actually, I’d rather stay here for now, if you don’t mind.”
>> No. 5861
[X] “Actually, I’d rather stay here for now, if you don’t mind.”
>> No. 5876
File 121393030777.jpg - (209.40KB , 540x720 , Rinno1.jpg ) [iqdb]
You shake your head.

“There’s too much going on back at Mayohiga. I was wondering if I could stay with you for a while. Would that be alright?”

She gives you a blank stare for a moment, but then she nods her head rapidly.

“Of course! Of course it’s alright! I have some things I’d like to talk about, anyways.”

She grabs the plates and puts them in a small sink, and then turns back to you.

“Come on! I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.”

You nod and stand up, following her as she trots into her main room and then out the door. She grabs your hand and begins to fly. You follow her lead, and the two of you are soon off. You begin to fly over the woods, not seeing Mayohiga anywhere in it. Tokiko laughs as you get close to an edge of the forest. You recognize a large building that you and Ran had visited, sitting at the edge of the woods. The two of you land, and Tokiko runs over to the door.

“This is it. Come on, he’s right inside.”

She darts in and you hear the sound of a man greeting her. Probably that man from before. Thinking back to your research on Gensokyo, this must be Kourin, and the man inside must be Rinnosuke. You walk in and find the two of them chatting animatedly, talking about their mornings and what they’ve had to eat. You look about the store and see many things still here. Tokiko runs up to you and smiles, holding her hands behind her back, and moving back and forth on her heel.

“I’m going to buy some things, so you just look about while I do, okay?”

You nod, and she takes off again. You look about the store and find a number of things lying around. You remember where most of everything is, so what should you buy? In fact, you think you may have some money on you. You could get a few things right now.

[ ] A katana, maybe.
[ ] Might as well buy something to eat. Some beef would be nice.
[ ] Is that a flute? That could be a fun thing to have.
[ ] Some goggles, maybe?
>> No. 5877
[X] Buy a book for Tokiko.
>> No. 5878
[X] Is that a flute? That could be a fun thing to have.

Also, in before "goggles do nothing".
>> No. 5880
[X] Buy a book for Tokiko.

Obviously, my goal here is to get Tokiko.
>> No. 5881
[z] Buy a book for Tokiko.

Ran route doesn't seem to be salvageable. Unless 9 says otherwise.
>> No. 5886

Geeze. One little bump on a route, and people think that the character isn't salvageable. Her route is there, but Tokiko's route is also open.
>> No. 5889
But Tokiko is moe, so yeah!
>> No. 5890

Think of it from Anon's perspective, Ran flat out told us she doesn't think us of the same way we think of her.
>> No. 5895
I'm tired for now, and I think writing when it isn't fun is a bad idea. So I'll do this now. What should I work on tommorow?

[ ] BCR
[ ] LwMMD
[ ] Rumia no Uta
>> No. 5896
[ ] Rumia no Uta

Ooh. Looks interesting.
>> No. 5898
[ ] BCR
[ ] LwMMD

Either one of these. Count my vote to whatever is leading in popularity.
>> No. 5902
[ ] Rumia no Uta
>> No. 5903
[X] Rumia no Uta

I am intrigued.
>> No. 5916
Rumia no Uta is a short and will be done in the sidestories thread. LwMMD today.
>> No. 5936
You decide to glance over the literature in this store. It might be nice to buy Tokiko a book as thanks, especially since she’s been kinder to you then Yukari or Ran have been. You shudder at the thoughts of how Yukari handled you earlier, and at how Ran so callously turned you down when you made your feelings known. They don’t matter anyway; you’ll just start up a new life with this girl. You spot a book that then catches your interest.

>“A Review on the Processes of the Mind”

Well, this does seem out of place. Then again, with all the nonsense in this store, it does seem to fit in nicely. You grab the book and take it up to the counter. Rinnosuke looks at you, a slight surprise in his eyes.

“Oh, it’s you again? Do you want to buy this?”

You nod. A thought then comes to your mind. Ran dislikes this man, yes? Then you might as well see why.

“Excuse me?”

He puts the book in a small bag and then glances back over to you.

“Yes? Do you have a question?”

“Is there some kind of bad blood between you and Ran?”

He shakes his head and puts his hand out.

“That’s none of your business. That’ll be 500 yen, please.”

You pay him the money, and Tokiko then walks up, carrying some odd types of food. You recognize ramen and bread in the bundle, but… She really did pick an odd mix of groceries. You think you also see lettuce and tomatoes, chocolate and peanut butter, and even hog’s feet in the bundle. She smiles as Rinnosuke checks everything over, and she then pays for all of the food. The two of you exit the store and are met with the light of a late morning sun.

“Well then, could you help me carry this?”

It takes you a minute to quit daydreaming about what the Yakumos are doing, but you help her by carrying a fairly large amount of supplies. It’s all rather heavy, and you can’t bring yourself to fly while carrying all of it. Tokiko raises a hand to her mouth and laughs.

“I see. So you’re at your limit, huh? Well then, I guess we can just take a path through the forest to get back to my home, and then we can get you back to your own after relaxing for a bit. How does that sound.”

“Uhm, it sounds good.”

You can’t bring yourself to ask her to keep you any longer than an afternoon. You’ll have to face Yukari and Ran soon enough and you can’t exactly get back to the other side of the border without them. The weight of the food is rather impressive, and you have a bit of trouble on the way back to Tokiko’s home. Where did your oni strength go? It feels as if you’re slowly losing any power you might have once had. You shrug this off as you approach your destination, and you then enter Tokiko’s home, dropping the bags inside of the kitchen. You pant as Tokiko begins to put things away, wiggling her wings to and fro as she does so.

“You can rest in the main room if you’re really tired. I wouldn’t even mind if you read one of my books, so feel free to browse the collection.”

As if obeying orders, you go into the main room and slump down into a seat that is open. You notice that one table in the room has various tomes and volumes piled onto it, and that books adorn the shelves. She did say you could read something, so…

[ ] Read one of the books from her library.
[ ] Read the book you bought for her.
[ ] Just relax.

If choice #1 was chosen.

[ ] Something about Japanese demons.
[ ] A book about psychosis.
[ ] Something about alternate realities. Sci-fi, you could call it.
>> No. 5939
[ ] Read one of the books from her library.
[ ] Something about Japanese demons.

Learn some more about ourself.

>They don’t matter anyway; you’ll just start up a new life with this girl.

Another thing I meant to bring up in that thread. Don't make it look like we have to do something so extreme. Stuff like this should be mentioned in choices not right at the start of an update.
>> No. 5940
[ ] Read one of the books from her library.
[ ] Something about Japanese demons.
>> No. 5941
[z] Read one of the books from her library.
[z] Something about Japanese demons.
>> No. 5943
Seeing as BCR and BC were both things I did on a whim without much any thought to a plot, and LwMMD is something that actually contains a plot of sorts, I was thinking of ending all this shit by discontinuing BCR. I'll give you a few options on this matter.

[ ] Drop BC/BCR all together, switch to LwMMD.
[ ] Drop BCR and work on a new version with a plot.
[ ] Do something entirely different.
>> No. 5944

[x] Ran Sex Scene.
>> No. 5946
[ ] Do something entirely different, like continue writing BCR.
>> No. 5947
[ ] Do something entirely different, like continue writing BCR.

Yeah that works.
>> No. 5948
I enjoy BCR, why stop it?
>> No. 5949
[X] Do something entirely different, like continue writing BCR.

I like this new tripfag, he's chock full of good write-ins.
>> No. 5950
>[] Do something entirely different, like continue writing BCR.


You do know that BCR has no good plot pieces, and that it's a mess of horribly written shit, yes?
>> No. 5951

That's why you take some time off it and tweak it.

Don't just throw it out.
>> No. 5952
It has no plot, but the writing is fine, nineball~

Doesn't necessarily need a plot to be entertaining.
>> No. 5953

On this note, I had an idea on how to redo the whole thing. Give me 1 day - a week to plan things out, and then something new will be there.

Also, the main character can't be a futa loli anymore. You can choose one of these things for her to be.

[ ] DFC (loli)
[ ] Man
[ ] Woman
>> No. 5954
[ ] Woman

Ran tribbing.
>> No. 5955
[x] Woman

Loli means we probably can't do it with the older cast.
>> No. 5956
[X] Man

Woohoo! Status quo!
>> No. 5958
[x] Woman
>> No. 5959
[ ] DFC (loli)
>> No. 5961
[ ] Woman
>> No. 5962
[z] Woman
>> No. 5963
Also, can I still has Tokiko? ;_;
>> No. 5964
File 121399659366.jpg - (201.95KB , 480x640 , 1212738104078.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Woman
>> No. 5965
[X] Woman

I'd rather not fight against the tide and choose man. Also, I come over here to check on moe Mystia and see this. Fuckin' awesome since you are a pretty good writer. Have you been planning this for a while now?
>> No. 5966
{X} Woman
>> No. 5967
[X] Woman

This is acceptable.
>> No. 5968

Planning to start over yet again? For a small time.

Also, I'm suprised nobody did a write-in for [X] Shota.
>> No. 5971
[X] Woman
>> No. 5975
[X] Woman

Do want.
>> No. 5976

We still have to try, damn it! Think of Ran seducing the good little boy! Or Yukari "punishing" him for his misdeeds! Playing doctor with Chen! I mean, we've already had woman protagonists, so a shota would be perfect to round out the roster.
>> No. 5977
[X] Trap.

Yes, we need a trap protagonist. Crossdressing is optional if he's trappy enough.
>> No. 5978
File 12139993655.png - (26.27KB , 699x529 , CUHRAZY.png ) [iqdb]
I demand a do-over, with this as an option.
>> No. 5979
This is perfect.

[X] Trap.
>> No. 5980
[X] Trap.

third vote change. fuck you guys with your late ideas.
>> No. 5981
[x] trap

for the lulz.
>> No. 5982
[x] Trap

>> No. 5983
Delete + revote = One step closer.
>> No. 5984
File 121399969832.gif - (63.43KB , 196x239 , bridgetdance.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Trap
Changing vote, again. Merge this with Shota, imo
>> No. 5985
<UBOA> anon watarase~
<Tsurupettan> YES
<Tsurupettan> Wataranonymous?


[x] TRAP
>> No. 5986
File 12139998464.jpg - (147.24KB , 704x843 , jun.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Trap
Somehow even better than Shota. Make it happen.
>> No. 5987
[x] Trap

Second the merge with shota movement.
>> No. 5988
[x] Woman

Rather not have a trap.
>> No. 5989
[X] Trap.

Hell yes. Traps rule.
>> No. 5990
Deleting and changing my previous Shota vote to Trap. I don't care if it's an adult or young trap, as long as we look like a little girl.

[X] Trap.
>> No. 5991
Just call what won already.
>> No. 5992
[X] Trap.

Awesome late write-in.

Do it.
>> No. 5993
[x] Trap.
This. Do this.
>> No. 5994
[ ] Woman
>> No. 5995
>>5958 here. I want to change to [X] Trap, but I can't delete that vote due to cache password changing.
>> No. 5996
[x] Trap.

Oh God, fapfapfap. It'll be awesome. They'll think we're a woman, and then, SURPRISE! Except Yukarin will know.
>> No. 5997
I like shota better but trap is a good middle ground.
>> No. 5998
[x] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”
>> No. 5999
It looks like trap has more votes. I'll leave this open until 12:00 A.M., though.
>> No. 6000
[X] Trap.

This will be glorious.
>> No. 6001
>> No. 6002
[X] Woman
>> No. 6003
[X] Woman
>> No. 6004
[X] Woman

Down with the patriarchy!
>> No. 6005
[X] Woman!

Also, nine, for a plotless mess, this story sure had some great moments.

>> No. 6006
[X] Trap.

Excellent. What will we call him?

Watarasenonymous? Junonymous?
>> No. 6007

The Ranjection part was kind of disheartening though.
>> No. 6008

We will call him... RAIDEN!

>> No. 6009
File 121401344321.jpg - (122.97KB , 986x334 , ginyutrapforce.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Trap.
Picking the most interesting choice among a sea of banal, uninteresting choices.
>> No. 6010

It was. I was hoping the Ran side story would turn canon.
>> No. 6011
i don't normally read this story, but was directed to vote, so~

[X] trap

it may be interesting
>> No. 6012
[X] Woman

With boobs and everything. Maybe we can get a Touhou to use them as a pillow.
>> No. 6013
[X] Trap.

We need one. It's the only archetype we have yet to play as in any story.
>> No. 6014
[X] Trap.

(What >>6013 said.)
>> No. 6015
[X] Trap.

Come on. Seriously.
>> No. 6018
Trap won. So you guys can think of a name for him while I plan out the new story.
>> No. 6020
>> No. 6021

[X] Watako.

Since a few people mentioned Jun Watarase, and our characters acts/dresses like a girl..
>> No. 6022
[x] Watarase

>> No. 6023
I guess this is a reasonable suggestion.

And Jun is moe. If men can be moe, anyway.

[X] Watako.
>> No. 6025
[x] Norio Wakamoto.
>> No. 6026
[X] Watako.
>> No. 6027

We should look for something similar to Jun, since it's a sex neutral name. We need a name that could go with either gender, that way shock is maximized.

I would recommend Hyacinth, but I think we're supposed to be Japanese.
>> No. 6028
[x] Alex Onnatoko

trust me.
>> No. 6029

Any of these should work, then:

[ ] Aoi
[ ] Makoto
[ ] Michi
[ ] Yasu
[ ] Yuu
>> No. 6030

>> No. 6031
File 121402662958.jpg - (10.60KB , 320x181 , youreunderarrest_Aoi.jpg ) [iqdb]
>[ ] Aoi
Oh, another Dulce Report reader!

Or possibly you're thinking of Aoi Futaba.
>> No. 6032
Oh, and
[ ] Trap
[ ] Watarase
[ ] Watako
I forget what we're voting for right now. Just pick whichever is the most relevant one.
>> No. 6033
[X] Aoi.

Going with this. It's a good name.
>> No. 6034
[X] Watarase (real name)
[X] Watako (nickname)
>> No. 6035
[X] Watarase Aoi

Double-trap name for twice the awesome.
>> No. 6038
Why don't you keep running BCR and experiment with it until you figure out how to improve your writing? Get some more practice before you jump right to starting a new story, so we don't end up with Border Crossing Reloaded Reloaded.
>> No. 6048

Seconded. I want to see what happens next In BCR.
>> No. 6051

[X] Aoi Watarase (real name)
[X] Watako (nickname)

So, is the trap story going to be in a different setting?
>> No. 6053
>So, is the trap story going to be in a different setting?

It will begin outside the border, but it won't involve getting to Gensokyo in the way that Futako did.
>> No. 6054
[X] Aoi Watarase (real name)
[X] Watako (nickname)

Everything is going just as planned.
>> No. 6056
[x] Aoi Watarase

Aight, I can get behind this.
>> No. 6058
[X] Aoi Watarase (real name)
[X] Watako (nickname)

I support this.
>> No. 6065
>[X] Aoi Watarase (real name)
>[X] Watako (nickname)


I have most everything ready now. A little more brainstorming and personality building, and then I should be ready to fire things up. Expect the first thread in 1-3 days.
>> No. 6068
I wonder, would it be possible to decide a new gender should we start a New Game after completing a play-through, and keep that End Save around if we want to continue from it? You know, for a New Game+.

Also, we need long light purple hair.
>> No. 6095
>Also, we need long light purple hair.

That's what I said on IRC. ⑨ is giving Aoi generic brown hair though.
>> No. 6101

( ´∀`)
>> No. 12998
Haha wow. This was the worst CYAO ever.
>> No. 13003

So, why did you bump this again?
>> No. 13004

So everyone could know that 9 is the worst writer on THP, and possibly the whole internet

>> No. 13005

>> No. 13008

>> No. 13016

>> No. 13019

>> No. 13031
File 122776179288.png - (17.82KB , 318x318 , awsum.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13191
File 122855763919.gif - (31.00KB , 420x296 , ciao14.gif ) [iqdb]

Why did I laugh?
>> No. 13199

When are you going to update AoD?
>> No. 13201
You can write just fine even if BC/R stays on /border/
So either write, or say that you won't.
>> No. 13202

Oh just fuck off already. I'm sick of your excuses, just give your notes to HY so we can get a reliable writefag to do AoD.
>> No. 13204

There's a fucking button at the top of the thread that HIDES THE WHOLE THING YOU LAZY PIECE OF SHIT.
>> No. 13205
If you want the threads deleted then get on #MiG and ask one of the mods to do it.
>> No. 13207

Thing is AoD hasn't even had a chance to develop a story because of your laziness. Don't you dare try to blame anon for your failures.
>> No. 13209
[20:44] <HY> I don't think it should be deleted. That is 1) Not the job of the mods. 2) It is there for posterity and archived anyway. and 3) If he wants them gone then he should write more threads to get them off the boards.

You heard him. Get back to work.
>> No. 13210
I was going to say 'Either up date or shut the fuck up about it', but then I realized that you could possibly do both simultaneously and save a lot of hassle.

Stop making more stupid excuses.
>> No. 13211
You're acting pretty childishly, just in case you didn't realise this yourself yet. As someone already said, you're doing nothing but spewing out excuses after another, grab your collar and get back to writan. These old threads really will not bother you once you learn to live with the fact that you've written this story before. It can't be that difficult, just learn to let it go, you'll make your life much easier in general.
>> No. 13213

Pulling shit out your ass again. You have no idea if that would happen because you've never written a real CYOA before.

Either quit being a paranoid/lazy faggot or quit and give HY your notes. You can quit your baaaawfest too.

>> No. 13215