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File 121246152045.jpg - (407.75KB , 1060x1024 , Mystia2.jpg ) [iqdb]
4195 No. 4195
You smile as Mystia chews her cake. She really seems to like it. You finish your piece, and then Mystia reaches for the cake again.
“No.” You pull the cake away. “You can’t have any more until dinner is over.”
“Awwww, Why not?”
“It’ll ruin your appetite.”
She pouts and turns her head, puffing out one cheek you smile as the little girl tries to act like she won’t listen to you anymore, and you get up with the cake to put it away.
“What would you like for dinner?”
No answer. You smile and walk off to put the cake back in its place.
“Okay then. I guess we won’t have dinner tonight.”
You hear the chair scoot out and Mystia runs into the room.
“Hamvurger! I want hamvurgers!”
“No, Mystia, that’s hamburger.”
“No, Ham –B- urger.”
She nods and clenches her fists, ready to try again.
You smile and run your hand through her hair.
“That’s okay, Misty-chan. You can always learn.”
She takes off in another direction and yells for you to follow. You follow her and find her sitting on her bed in the room that belonged to your husband once.
“Mommy! Can we look at the pictures now?”
You feel joy and sorrow at the same as you walk over to show her the picture from the photo album. Mystia smiles as you point out events like when you and your husband first got married, and when the three of you visited that theme park that you were going to go to. You eventually finish showing her the pictures, and she skips over to the door.
“Mommy, I want to see if a friend can come over. Is that okay?”

[ ] “It’s fine, Misty-chan.”
[ ] “Maybe their parent could visit too?”
[ ] “I’m not in the mood for company.”
>> No. 4198

>> No. 4199
That just raises more questions than it answers, really.
>> No. 4200


Stranger things have happened...

I wouldn't some backstory on that at some point.
>> No. 4201
[ ] “It’s fine, Misty-chan.”

Friend bringing gaems.
>> No. 4202
[ ] “It’s fine, Misty-chan.”
>> No. 4203
[x] “It’s fine, Misty-chan.”
>> No. 4204
[x] “It’s fine, Misty-chan.”
>> No. 4205
[X] “It’s fine, Misty-chan.”
>> No. 4206
I'll update after I get my fix of Dan Kim.
>> No. 4207

Scratch that, sleeping.
>> No. 4495
You gonna write more of this sometime?
>> No. 4497

Either today or tommorow.
>> No. 5004
File 121295733141.jpg- (65.36KB , 511x671 , Mystia3.jpg ) [iqdb]
You smile and give her a thumbs up.
“It’s fine, Misty-chan.”
She smiles and claps her hands, jumping out of the door. She’s apparently hopping with her hands in front of her, up like paws.
“Hop, hop, hop like a rabbit! Hop to the phone!”
You laugh as the hops fade, and you take another look at the photo album. You really do miss having a complete family, and you wonder what ever happened to your husband. One day Yuuka was here, and the next… She had disappeared. You shrug as you think over the sad memories, and you put the photo album away. At least the disappearance hasn’t seemed to hurt Mystia. You walk over to the kitchen to see Mystia reaching up on her toes, trying to get to the phone.
“…Do you need some help?”
She shakes her head and keeps reaching.
“I want to get it myself, because big girls should be able to get phones. Right? Right?”
She keeps reaching up, and you walk over and drop the phone down to her. She pouts, but you tap her head lightly with a finger. She laughs as you begin to talk.
“Now then, who did you want to see today?”
She spins once and the cord gets coiled around her. She struggles, and then gets herself untangled.
“I wanted to see if Cirno could come over to play!”
You nod and dial in the number. Mystia waits a few seconds, and then begins to talk to her friend.

“Cirno, hey Cirno! My mom said it’d be okay if you and your mom came over for dinner. Isn’t that great?”
You don’t remember mentioning dinner. It’s okay though, since Mystia hasn’t had a friend over in a while. She covers the phone and looks up to you.
“She says her papa will be coming. Is that okay?”
You nod, and she begins to talk into the phone again.
“She said yes! How long should it take? …Okay! We’ll be waiting for you! Bye bye, Cirno.”
She hangs up the phone and looks at you with those big eyes of hers. You smile and lift her up, making ‘vroom’ sounds like a race car.
“In first place, it’s the wonderful little Mystia! She steers to the left and right, and speeds down the track!”
You swerve around with her held up over your head, and she begins to laugh.
“Yay! This is fun, really fun!”
Her giggles continue as you play this game for a little longer, and then the two of you eventually calm down. She runs off to her room to play, and leaves you to your own business.

[ ] Read a book.
[ ] Prepare dinner.
[ ] Go play with Mystia.
>> No. 5006
>> No. 5007
[x] Prepare dinner.

>> No. 5008
[ ] Prepare dinner.

Fun and games can come after
>> No. 5009
[ ] Prepare dinner.
>> No. 5010
[ ] Prepare dinner.
>> No. 5011
>“Cirno, hey Cirno! My mom said it’d be okay if you and your mom came over for dinner. Isn’t that great?”
>“She says her papa will be coming. Is that okay?”
...Cirno's parents? Oh, this is gonna be good.

My bet's on Daiyousei (dad) and Letty (mom), but who knows?
>> No. 5013
[ ] Prepare dinner.
>> No. 5014

Updates please.
>> No. 5015

What am I ⑨s keeper or something?
>> No. 5016

No, I just accidentally quoted you.
>> No. 5017
File 121296886495.png- (288.63KB , 420x708 , 1212934549240.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5018
Sorry about the lack of updates. Something came up earlier, but I promise to have a wall like no wall I have ever made before put up before 10:00 P.M.
>> No. 5019
File 121297519385.png- (163.96KB , 534x336 , Mystia4.png ) [iqdb]
Mystia said that her friend and her parents would be coming over, yes? You might as well get to work on dinner, then. You head into the kitchen and begin to gather the ingredients. The meats, the spices, the buns, you get it all. You take the meat outside and place it on the grill on the back porch, and then begin to cook it over the fire. You return to the inside to find Mystia there with her little drum you bought her not too long ago. It was a present for graduating kindergarten. She bangs on it and runs over to you.
“Hey, hey! Are you making dinner now?”
You nod, and she cheers.
“Hooray! That means it’ll be ready soon, right?”
You smile as you explain how the hamburgers won’t be ready for quite some time, and then she shakes her head.
“You lost me. I’m gonna go look for that thing Cirno and I were making before. Bye!”
She takes off towards her room again, banging the drum like a madman. You laugh to yourself and watch her go into the hallway, and then you go to read a book for a few minutes. The book is some odd science-fiction book about a clown or something. You really don’t understand why Patchouli recommended it to you. Or why she said the monster reminded her of Reimu. You shake your head and focus on the book while still watching the clock for some time.

There. You sigh as you finish your reading for now. It’s about time to go get the patties to put on the bread. You head into the kitchen to get a plate or two and find that Mystia has been running about the kitchen, playing with various ingredients. She had been messing around with a bag of flour and it seems that she had exploded on her. She seems frightened upon seeing you, and you sigh as you walk over to her and pick her up, and then set her down in the hallway.
“Go wash up. You don’t want to be dirty when your friend comes over, right?”
She nods.
“Not at all! I’m gonna go wash up now!”
She takes off to the bathroom with her arms out like jet wings. You smile as the little girl goes into the room to bathe herself, and then you put the meat onto the buns. You decide to leave the rest for after each person has had their meal. You see that the Whiterocks have yet to show up, so you decide to go ahead and go back to reading. You return to your room and continue where you had left off on the book. Huh. This is a pretty… Odd story.

You yawn and decide to check up on Mystia. You walk into the bathroom to find her washing her chest in the tub, and she smiles as you enter.
“Mommy! Can you scrub my back?”
You grin. She’s a very needy child, isn’t she? You get the soap and begin to wash Mystia’s back, making sure to get a good foam on the whole of her backside before washing her off. She turns and points at her hair next.
“Now my hair, too!”
You nod and reach for the shampoo, and then set it down next to you.
“Close your eyes, Misty-chan.”
You dunk her beneath the water and pull her back up. She has her eyes clenched together, which leaves you ready to finish up the job. You get the shampoo bottle and squirt a bit of it into your hand, and then you get a good amount on each hand. You lather the stuff onto her scalp while making sure to scrub behind her ears. She giggles as you do this.
“H-hey! Not there, that tickles!”
You laugh and begin to tickle her little chest, running your fingers over her small body.
“Oho, how does this feel? Are you ticklish here, I wonder?”
She laughs like a lunatic as you tickle her small body, and you then dunk her to get the shampoo out of her hair. You bring her back up and repeat the process of lathering her soft locks, and then you begin to talk.
“Did you want to meet with any of your friends tomorrow?”
She nods, and would be beaming at you if her eyes weren’t shut.
“Yeah! I wanna play with Chen and Flandre tomorrow, okay?”
You agree to call their parents and arrange the meeting, and then dunk her again. You bring her back up and place a towel on her head.
“You can handle the rest yourself, right?”
“Yes mam.”
She begins to ruffle the towel around on her head, and then turns to you while still blinded by the fabric.
“Also, I’m… I’m sorry about what I did earlier. I didn’t want to be bad, I thought you might need the flour later…”
The doorbell rings. You stand up and walk out of the room, telling Mystia that her friend must be here. You can see a van outside the window.

[ ] Remember to scold Mystia about the flour later.
[ ] Let the issue slide, it isn’t that big of a deal.
>> No. 5020
[x] Remember to scold her later, but soften the blow. It's only flour after all.
>> No. 5021
[ ] Remember to scold Mystia about the flour later. Drop kick her through the window.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

In the case of super powerful Youkai you need to be a little more stern.
>> No. 5022
[x] Remember to scold her later, but soften the blow. It's only flour after all.

Jesus christ Scorn.
>> No. 5023

Mystia isn't super powerful though. She's only a level 2 boss after all.

[ ] Remember to scold her later, but soften the blow. It's only flour after all.
>> No. 5024
[x] Remember to scold her later, but soften the blow. It's only flour after all.

Now I can't stop laughing at the mental image. Damn you Scorn.
>> No. 5025
[x] Remember to scold her later, but soften the blow. It's only flour after all.
>> No. 5027

Damn it Scorn, how and why do you come up with these things?

Writing now. Just a warning, I intend to make all future posts of this story into walls.
>> No. 5028

>> No. 5029
File 121298133737.jpg- (92.89KB , 550x424 , lettyandlily1.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk up to the door and open it, and you are met with the sight of Letty and Lily Whiterock, and their daughter Cirno Whiterock. The little girl between them jumps up and down, swinging her arms in the air.
“Hooray! Is Mystia ready to play?”
You let the three of them in and explain that Mystia is busy washing up at the moment. Mr. and Mrs. Whiterock sit on the couch in the family room, both maintaining a fairly respectable air about them.
“Aww nuts.”
Cirno pumps her fists down and shakes her head.
“I was hoping we could go play right away.”
You hear a door open, followed by the rapid padding of footsteps on the wooden floor. Mystia comes running from her room in her play clothes, and jumps at Cirno.
“You’re here!”
The two laugh and hug each other, and then stand up. They run off to Mystia’s room to play, and you sit down to talk to the adult Whiterocks. The wife, Lily, addresses you first.

“We’re so glad our little Cirno could come here to play with your daughter. We would like it if we might be able to invite you over some time soon. It has been a while since Daiyousei has seen either of you in quiet some time, and she doesn’t really go about on her own that much. She may be Cirno’s grandmother, but she barely ever leaves the house now. You would be happy to visit us next week, yes?”
“Yes, it would be nice. Mystia really does enjoy playing in that lovely yard of yours, and golfing with Letty was fun before. It was, right, Letty?”
She nods and pats her wife’s shoulder.
“Yes, I could always use a golfing partner again. This wife of mine barely ever agrees to play during my favorite season, but she’s always anxious whenever spring rolls around.”
The three of you laugh, and then move on in the discussion. Lily speaks next.
“I believe you remember our friend Sakuya Izayoi, yes? She said that she might be able to bring the Scarlet sisters over. And I think that a few others may be able to spend the day there. I’ll make sure to prepare some good food for all of you hard working father figures.”
Letty grins and pats Lily’s shoulder once.
“Yeah, I think we could even get the Margatroids to come over. They’re normally busy, but I think they can be free next Wednesday.”
The conversation continues in this manner for some time, and you then remember the hamburgers you had ready.
“I was thinking that it might be a good time to eat now.”
The two stand up and follow you into the kitchen, where you show them their seats.
“I’ll go get the girls now. Just wait here.”

You walk out of the kitchen and make your way to the hallway, where you open the door to Mystia’s room. Her and Cirno have changed into pink uniforms, and are watching a magical girl show. You beam at the two before remembering why you had come to find them. The show ends and the credits begin to roll, and the two of them clap their hands. Mystia notices you and stands up.
“Hey Mommy, me and Cirno thought this would be fun to wear!”
She grabs the skirt to the uniform and swishes it about. Cirno laughs and jumps up.
“Yeah! These things are really cute, and the little wands are fun to play with!”
She swishes about a small wand accessory and jumps up, cheering. You tell them that it’s now time to eat, and the rush past you, making their way to the kitchen. You follow them and grab Mystia’s shoulder, spinning her about before she could reach the kitchen.
“Mystia, do you remember what you did earlier?”
A saddened expression covers her face, and she holds her hands behind her back.
“Y-Yes mam… I’m sorry, I’m really, really sorry…”
You smile the little girl and run your fingers through her hair.
“It’s not too big of a deal. Though I’d prefer you not do something like that in the future, okay?”
She nods and looks up at you again, though she has a large grin on her face this time.
“Yes mam! I’ll do my best!”
She rushes over into the kitchen, and you begin to follow. Until you hear a knock at the door, that is. You could swear you did just hear a knock, though it might have just been your imagination.

[ ] Ignore it. It was probably just your imagination.
[ ] Answer the door. It might be something important.
[ ] Look through the peek hole first.
>> No. 5030
[ ] Answer the door. It might be something important.

Letty and Lily? Didn't expect that. The sex must be awkward.
>> No. 5031
[x] Look through the peek hole first.
>> No. 5032
[ ] Look through the peek hole first.
>> No. 5033
[ ] Look through the peek hole first.
>> No. 5034
[z] Look through the peek hole first.
>> No. 5035
[x] Look through the peek hole first.
>> No. 5036
[ ] Look through the peek hole first. won.
Which is good news, since this was the best choice of the 3 options.

Writing now.
>> No. 5037
File 121298491934.png- (316.84KB , 344x600 , Patchouli1.png ) [iqdb]
You walk over to the door and prepare to open it. Then you remember the peek hole, and how it might be best to check it before opening the door. You peek out through the hole and see Patchouli rushing off in her large coat. You unlock the door and call out for her. She turns about and sees you, and you see her. The bright pink of her face is blocked out by an intense red in her cheeks, and you can see that she must be either extremely embarrassed or she must be in need of her inhaler. You rush over to her and grab her shoulder.
“Patchouli, are you okay? Do you need your medicine or something?”
She shakes her head, and you notice a bundle in one of her hands. She hands it over to you and turns her head slightly.
“I t-thought you might like to read this. It’s one of my favorites, and I…”
She looks at you again. Her light hair partly covers those eyes of hers, and you lose yourself for a minute. You then pat her shoulder and smile.
“I see. Would you like to come inside and eat with us? I’m sure that you must be hungry.”
She turns her head and smiles.
“I’d like to, but the maid…”
She points to a limo she had come over in. You see that Sakuya is at the driver’s seat, and you smile and wave. She gives you a slight grin but keeps her air of professionalism about her, and you take your hand off of Patchouli’s shoulder.
“It’s okay, I’m sure she won’t mind to come back later to take you back.”
Patchouli nods, and goes over to the limo to discuss something with Sakuya. The two of them talk for a minute or two, and then Sakuya drives off. Patchouli runs back over to you and grins.
“Thank you for this. I don’t get to go outside much anymore, and… Well, this is rally nice for me.”
You take her in on your arm while discussing the latest events concerning her and her daughter. You eventually get back inside and walk into the kitchen, where you are met with a concerned Letty.

“Oh, she was what was keeping you?”
Letty was about to get out of her chair, but she shifts back into a normal position.
“I guess that means we have another member here for dinner, yes?”
You nod, and pat Patchouli’s back.
“See, you’re her with friends, Patches.”
She takes a seat without saying a word, and you serve everybody their food. You spend the meal discussing various things about the meeting next week, and how everyone will be there. Letty makes sure to invite Patchouli, and you begin to discuss the mansion that Patchouli works at.
“So you work as the librarian, eh? That title does suit you well.”
Letty leans back with her arms folded, grinning with one eye open. Patchouli nods, and takes another bite of her hamburger. She finishes chewing it and replies to Letty.
“Yes, I have my own room right in the library. It’s rather cozy, and the books are all rather high-quality.”
Letty grabs her burger and nods in agreement.
“Books are nice and all, but how do you stand the working conditions? Such a young master at the mansion must be an odd thing, and must make your working environment an odd one.”
Patchouli begins to explain things while Letty chews her food. Mystia and Cirno have already finished, leaving behind leftover bits of their burgers.
“Yes, it may seem odd. I can’t blame anybody that sees it as being out of place, but she really is bright for her age. She manages to direct the actions within the mansion rather well, and the place is rather fun to live in. The younger sister, however, is somewhat irresponsible. She could be called a trouble child on occasions.”
Patchouli shrugs, and the conversation dies. You all finish eating soon enough, and the Whiterocks decide that they should be going home.

“It was a great dinner.” Letty is speaking. “Simple, but still good.”
Lily gives her a slight slap on the arm as she holds Cirno between her own arms.
“You have to give our friend some credit, it was really good. I know simple, and that was anything but simple. It had a lot of effort put into it.”
Letty rubs her head.
“I get it, I get it. Sorry, I underestimated you. Well, we hope to see you next week. Goodbye.”
The Whiterocks leave and Cirno waves at Mystia from the window of their car. Mystia tugs your arm and looks up at you with her bright eyes.
”Hey, Mommy? Can we visit Miss Patchouli soon? I really like playing with Koakuma, and the other people are fun too!”
You nod.
“Okay, but I should see about getting her home first.”
You walkabout looking for Patchouli, and find her in your room. She’s panting heavily until she breathes in with her inhaler.
“I guess I should get back to the mansion. Koakuma must be lonely, and I can’t have that.”
She gets up and stretches her arms out. She falls over and begins to cough, and you help her up. She uses the inhaler again, and sighs.
“I guess I should get back soon. I’ll be a nuisance here.”

[ ] Insist that she stay here, she’s in no condition to go anywhere right now.
[ ] Call Sakuya and have her pick Patchouli up.
[ ] Take Patchouli back to her home, and bring Mystia with you.
>> No. 5038
And now I'm done for the night. I'll continue this tommorow. Also, sorry about the lack of updates on this recently. I guess I should work on this story a little more often.
>> No. 5039
[x] Put your hands on her shoulders. "It's no trouble at all. Besides, friends help each other out don't they?"
>> No. 5040
[x] Put your hands on her shoulders. "It's no trouble at all. Besides, friends help each other out don't they?"

Patchy helpan gaems.
>> No. 5041
[x] Put your hands on her shoulders. "It's no trouble at all. Besides, friends help each other out don't they?"
>> No. 5042
[ ] Put your hands on her shoulders. "It's no trouble at all. Besides, friends help each other out don't they?"
>> No. 5043
[z] Put your hands on her shoulders. "It's no trouble at all. Besides, friends help each other out don't they?"
>> No. 5057
So is this Adult Futako, or some new Mamanonymous?
>> No. 5060

Adult Futako. It was mentioned somewhere at the begining.
>> No. 5068
File 121303921243.png- (506.44KB , 480x640 , Gate_Guard1.png ) [iqdb]
You put your hands onto her shoulders, and grip them tight. She blushes as you begin to talk.
“I’ll take you back to the Mansion.”
She shakes her head.
“No, I should just call for Sakuya.”
“It’s no trouble at all.”
You walk over to a bowl and grab the keys to your car.
“Besides, friends help each other out, don’t they?”
She nods, and then walks over to you.
“I guess they do. Thank you, this’ll make things much easier for the people back at the Mansion.”
You tell Patchouli that you should tuck Mystia in first, and you go upstairs to find her in her bed already. She seems to be sleeping, so you walk over and tuck the poor girl in some. You leave the door to her room creaked open, and you make sure to lock the back door and the front door. You take Patchouli with you into the garage, where you both get into the car. You hit the button to open the garage door, and you are soon enough off. Patchouli decides to talk to you as you drive to your destination.

“…Sorry to ask, but do you still believe that she’ll return some day?”
You make a questioning look, showing your discomfort on this subject.
“She? Who could you mean?”
You already know that she means Yuuka. You still hope that she’ll reappear some day. That hope is probably in vain, though.
“I meant… Well, I meant Yuuka.”
You nod.
“I know, I just guess…”
You sigh. Do you still believe that she will return? Is there any point in waiting? Mystia really could use another parent, and you’ve been feeling lonely for a while now. You might as well just face the facts, Yuuka is long gone.
“Honestly, I think I’ll never see her again.”
Patchouli nods.
“Yes. After that day, I wouldn’t think that Yuuka would be here again. She just sort of disappeared, yes?”
You nod.
“I guess I should look for someone else to marry right now. Though I’m not sure where to look.”
Patchouli squirms about, and then settles down.
“I could help you look. I myself have been looking for a new father for Koakuma for a while, but I’ve yet to find one. It can be really hard, right?”
This is why you love talking to Patches. She can always relate to how you feel, since she is in a very similar situation. You can’t even remember who her husband was, but they just left her one day. It was sad, really.
“Yeah. I guess.”
You come up to the gates of the Mansion. Patchouli lets the guard, Miss Meiling, know that she’s with you. The gate opens, and you pull up closer to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It really is an odd name for this place, though fitting after the incident a few years ago. The walls of the mansion are a deep scarlet, and there are few windows on it. The previous Master of the home always seemed worried about the sunlight, and after the incident that put a hole in the wall, he and the Mistress simply vanished. The current owner of this place is Remilia Scarlet, a young girl that inherited the place. You bid Patchouli farewell and leave the Mansion.

After driving for a while, you spy a figure on the side of the road. They wave to you, and you think you recognize some sort of large sleeves on them. You aren’t entirely sure who it is, but it couldn’t hurt to help, right?

[ ] Pull over, let them hitchhike.
[ ] Leave them there and continue home.
>> No. 5069

Long sleeves = Ran?

[ ] Pull over, let them hitchhike.
>> No. 5070
If it's Reimu, run her over before she kills us.

If not,
{X} Pull over, let them hitchhike.
>> No. 5071
[ ] Pull over, let them hitchhike.
>> No. 5072
[z] Pull over, let them hitchhike.
>> No. 5084
tl;dr -
>Futako: "...You lost me."

Seconding this.
[+] If it's Reimu, run her over and steal her balls. If it's someone else, let them hitch a ride.
>> No. 5088
[ ] Pull over, let them hitchhike.
>> No. 5089
File 121305551291.jpg- (44.62KB , 707x716 , Reimu1.jpg ) [iqdb]
You pull over. Whoever this is must be rather irresponsible to be stuck out here. You watch as the person walks over, and then you realize that it’s just the local shrine maiden. Little Reimu, huh? She looks into the car and knocks on the door.
“Excuse me, Miss? Could I have some help? I need to get back to the shrine nearby. You know, the Hakurei Shrine?”
You nod. You unlock the door and let the girl into the car. She takes a seat and stretches, showing her ridiculously smooth armpits. What is a shrine maiden doing out here at this time of night, anyways? You ask her this, and she shakes her head.
“I’d rather not talk about it. I just want to get home as quick as I can.”
You nod, and begin to drive the car down the road. The girl seems rather annoying at first, but you grow to enjoy her company as you talk about various things. Then one topic grabs your attention. She mentions something about knives.
“Excuse me, could you repeat that?”
She nods.
“I was saying that knives can be pretty fun to collect. You agreed, and then I told you about my collection.”
“And what did you say about it, again?”
She huffs.
“I said that they can be really fun to take care of. Polishing them, cleaning them, sharpening them, all of those things. They’re also fun to throw, since they’re kind of like needles. They are like thin needles, right?”
…What a dumb girl. You decide to ignore this matter, and continue driving. The two of you are quiet for a while, and then she speaks again.
“I guess you must know me. I’m Reimu Hakurei. But who are you?”
So she’s full of herself? You wonder how her parents must raise her.
“I’m Futako Kazami. Pleased to meet you.”
She blinks.
“Kazami? Like Yuuka Kazami? Isn’t she dead or something?”
You grit your teeth. Does this girl know no manners?
“No, she’s merely missing.”
Before the conversation can continue, you pull up to the shrine. You let her out and leave, regretting having picked the girl up in the first place. You drive home, and walk inside. You lock the door and go to your own room, and get ready for bed. You lie down and ponder the events of today…

[ ] Dream Sequence
[ ] Stay up a little longer
[ ] Skip over to Day 2.
>> No. 5091
[x] Reminisce about your husband, Yuuka.
>> No. 5092

Liking this write-in. I want to know more about what life used to be like with Yuuka.

[ ] Reminisce about your husband, Yuuka.
>> No. 5093
[x] Reminisce about your husband, Yuuka.
>> No. 5094
[X] Reminisce about your husband, Yuuka.

Why not?
>> No. 5095
[+] Reminisce about your husband, Yuuka.
>> No. 5097
[+] Reminisce about your husband, Yuuka.
>> No. 5098
I'm being lazy again, but I'll update after a while.
>> No. 5100

Scratch that, I'm done for the night.

What should I do tomorrow?

[ ] Border Crossing Reloaded
[ ] Me, Master, and Youmu 2
[ ] Life with Mystia, My Daughter
>> No. 5101
[ ] Border Crossing Reloaded

Need to ask Yukari what she plans to do about residence after offing the Hakurei Border.
>> No. 5103
[+] Border Crossing Reloaded
I'm eager to find out what it is that Eirin yanked out of Futako's head.
>> No. 5110

Or off of Futako's crotch.
>> No. 5118
[ ] Border Crossing Reloaded

Need to tell mom about our love for Ran, which is not so platonic anymore.
>> No. 5119
[x] Border Crossing Reloaded

I want some more interaction between Yamame and the Yakumo family.
>> No. 5467
Writing now.
>> No. 5470
File 121347801939.jpg- (123.11KB , 593x837 , 12090582617.jpg ) [iqdb]

No, today isn’t even that important. You sit up op on the bed and slam your hands into your knees. You can’t go to sleep now. You’re still worried about Yuuka, wherever she might be. You try to calm yourself, and begin to think of a day you spent with Yuuka and Mystia…

>“Papa! Catch me Papa!”
>Yuuka laughs and catches the girl that jumped towards her.
>She lifts your new daughter into the air and smiles, enjoying this precious
>“Hey Papa? Where are we going today?”
>Yuuka nods towards you with a large smirk on her face.
>You stand up and walk over to the two of them,
>and take Mystia into your own arms.
>“We’re going to the theme park today. Right, Yuuka?”
>She nods, placing her hands on her hips.
>“Yes, and there’s one ride I’d love to show you two. It’s a rollercoaster that…”

You continue to think of the happy days the two of you shared. The sweet memories of you three enjoying yourselves at the theme park, laughing as you ran about it together. You would never trade these memories for anything. You need to find Yuuka once again, and bring her home to live with you and Mystia. It would also be nice to know why exactly she left, or if she even left of her own will. You sigh, trying to get rid of these bad thoughts. You then hear the door creak open, and glance over to see Mystia in her pajamas, carrying her toy bear. She pads over to your bed and looks up at you, holding one finger to her mouth.

“Mommy, I can’t get to sleep. I keep thinking that something is staring at me while the lights are off, and it’s really scary. So, um…”
She holds the toy behind her back and wiggles her feet, blushing. You smile and lift her up, and then set her down on your bed.
“It’s fine, Mystia. You can sleep in here tonight.”
She smiles and jumps at you, throwing her arms around you.
“Thank you! You’re the best mommy ever!”
You pat her head and tuck her in to sleep with you. The chirping of crickets outside catches your ear as you drift into the world of dreams.

Dream Sequence

[ ] A little sparrow breaks out of her egg.
[ ] A flower blooms elegantly in the field.
[ ] A flash of silver. A shot of blood?
[ ] Skip dream sequence.
>> No. 5471
{X} A flower blooms elegantly in the field.
>> No. 5473
[ ] A flower blooms elegantly in the field.
>> No. 5474
[z] A flower blooms elegantly in the field.

>> No. 5475
[z] A flower blooms elegantly in the field.

>> No. 5476
>>5474 here.

Disregard the last post. I accidently double submitted it.
>> No. 5477
Delete the extra, then. The default password is chosen by the cache, so do it before you close the browser.
>> No. 5478

It's not letting me. I click the box and go to delete and instead of the Post Deleted outcome it just shows the three arrows that come up and redirects me back at /border/.
>> No. 5479
File 121347894761.jpg- (63.79KB , 438x600 , uvoa.jpg ) [iqdb]
>“Mommy, I can’t get to sleep. I keep thinking that something is staring at me while the lights are off, and it’s really scary. So, um…”
>> No. 5480

( ´∀`)
>> No. 5481
[x] Wake up and go kick Uboa's ass.
>> No. 5482
[ ] A flower blooms elegantly in the field.

( ´∀`)Staring at little girls is what uboa does best~
>> No. 5484
I read this as
>Staring at little girls is what Anon does best~
>> No. 5485
[+] A flower blooms elegantly in the field.

"Aqualung" is now playing in your head. Manually.
>> No. 5487
File 121348365194.png- (358.34KB , 480x640 , 120896273868.png ) [iqdb]
You take her hand, and help her up. She smiles and pulls on your hand, raising herself up to stand. Yuuka, who had been missing for so long, has finally returned? You smile as the two of you embrace. The hill you’re on is a bright one, lush with color and life. Flowers adorn the sides of the hill, and appear in places at the top of it. Yuuka stretches her arms out and looks out at the horizon. The city is a ways off, but the town you live in is nearby. Yuuka puts an arm on your shoulder and grins.

“So, how is my favorite girl? Doing well?”
You snap back into consciousness, and realize that you’re merely dreaming. You put a hand on Yuuka’s arm and smile.
“I’m okay. But what about you? You’ve been gone for so long. I was wondering…”
She laughs and pats your shoulder.
“You were wondering what happened to the Yuuka in reality, right?”
You go along with what this figment of your imagination is saying, and nod. She pulls you close and puts her cheek to yours.
“You’re so sweet, Futako. If you really care that much, then come to this hill after you wake up. I’m sure something important will be waiting for you here.”
She pulls her head away and sighs. You think things over, and remember who all Yuuka had been close to before her disappearance. You put an arm around that apparition and look to the ground.

“Can you give me a hint to what else I should do? I want to see her again. To bring her home to be with me and Mystia.”
You grip her jacket and pull slightly.
“Please… I need her back.”
The figure nods, and pats your head. She does seem like Yuuka, after all. Her voice is serious and yet comforting as she speaks, running her fingers through your hair.
“Not everything is what it appears to be, Tako-chan. I’ll give you a hint to these things. Before you look anywhere else, look into the incident that gave a new name to the Mansion, and research what happened to the previous Master and Mistress of the Mansion. If you do that, then things may become clearer than they have been.”
She pats your head, and then lifts your chin.
“It looks like we’re about to part.”
She closes in and kisses you, running her tongue through your mouth. You close your eyes and wrap your arms about her, not wishing for her to leave. You slowly feel her fade away, and pull away to see a transparent Yuuka. She waves her hand slightly and grins.
“See you.”

You wake with a start. A slight moan is heard next to you, and you turn to see Mystia, still asleep. You check the clock to see that it is 5:00 A.M. You sigh and rub your head. What should you do now?

[ ] Get dressed.
[ ] Investigate Mystia’s room.
[ ] Wash up.
[ ] Drive out of town to see that hill.
>> No. 5488
[ ] Drive out of town to see that hill.
>> No. 5491
[+] Investigate Mystia’s room.
[+] Leave a note for Mystia, telling her where you'll be. Surprise her by bringing back something nice for her breakfast.
[+] Drive out of town to see that hill.

>> No. 5492
[x] Investigate Mystia’s room.
[x] Leave a note for Mystia, telling her where you'll be. Surprise her by bringing back something nice for her breakfast.
[x] Drive out of town to see that hill.

Nice thinking.
>> No. 5493
[ ] Investigate Mystia’s room.
[ ] Leave a note for Mystia, telling her where you'll be. Surprise her by bringing back something nice for her breakfast.
[ ] Drive out of town to see that hill.
>> No. 5499
[ ] Investigate Mystia’s room.
[ ] Leave a note for Mystia, telling her where you'll be. Surprise her by bringing back something nice for her breakfast.
[ ] Drive out of town to see that hill.
>> No. 5500
You stretch and get out of bed. Looking over what you have on… It’s casual enough. You could wear this outside. You look over at your daughter and smile. She’s still asleep, probably dreaming about school or friends. You lean over and give her a slight kiss on the cheek, and then proceed to leave the room. You walk across the house to investigate Mystia’s room. You open the door and peer in to see nothing out of place. You walk in and find that the carpet next to her bed has turned entirely black, in the shape of two feet. You walk over and check under the bed. Nothing is there, nothing to greet you. You sigh and leave the room to find a pen and a piece of paper. You write on the paper to leave a note for Mystia.

>“Mystia. If you’re reading this, then I ran off to take care of some personal business.
>“I’ll be back soon, so don’t get worried.
>“The doors are locked, so don’t wander outside.
>“I’ll make you some breakfast after I get back.
>“We can also go to the theme park later, like I promised.
>“Think about what you want to do today and write it down.
>“I’ll be happy to see a list of what you’d like to do at the park.
>“Love, Mom.”

You reenter your room and walk over to the bed. Mystia has nearly buried herself under the blanket, and she’s making a small snoring sound. You resist the urge to go ‘Awww’ and walk over to the bed, placing the note on top of her. You leave the room and go to the garage, and then you get in the car. You exit the garage and close the door to it, and then drive off to the hill outside of town.

The trip is uneventful, and takes 30 minutes.

You arrive at the location and climb out of the car. You look out at the hill with the flowers on it and around it, just sitting in this field. You then notice something at the top of the hill. You walk up it and pick the object up.

A doll?

Not just a doll, a doll made to look like Yuuka. You wonder why the item is here, and then you notice pins stuck in it. You pull them out of the knees and elbows of the doll, and you pull another out of its shoulder. You put the item in your pocket and sigh. Is this a sign or something? Either way, it’s about 5:45 now. Where will you go?

[ ] Go to the Mansion to visit Patchouli.
[ ] Go to the Whiterock’s home to visit Letty.
[ ] Go to the Margatroid’s home to visit Alice.
[ ] Return home to Mystia.
>> No. 5501
[x] Go to the Margatroid’s home to visit Alice.
>> No. 5503
[x] Go to the Margatroid’s home to visit Alice.
>> No. 5504
>Not just a doll, a doll made to look like Yuuka. You wonder why the item is here, and then you notice pins stuck in it.

Oh shi-

[] Go to the Margatroid’s home to visit Alice.
>> No. 5506
[X] Return home to Mystia.

Worried about her. Footprints in the house? Something is there that should distinctly not be there.
>> No. 5513
File 121350275759.jpg- (201.19KB , 420x420 , 1206501210963.jpg ) [iqdb]
The Margatroids live across town, but the trip will be worth it. You remember something about Alice making dolls as a hobby. You get into the car with the intent of going to see her about her doll-making habits. You start the car up and take off, leaving behind the flowered hill that you and Yuuka loved so much.

The trip takes 1 hour, and is rather uneventful, other than that one guy shooting you the bird.

You make it to the Margatroid’s home. You see the ‘husband’, Alice Margatroid, out back. She seems to be putting laundry up to hang. You get out of the car and walk over to her, giving her a slight wave. She claps her hands together after seeing you.
“Oh, Futako! How nice to see you. Is Mystia doing well?”
You nod, and ask her how her children are.
“Shanghai and Hourai are fine. Have they found Yuuka yet?”
You fall silent and look down. Alice walks over and puts a hand on your shoulder.
“I see. Will you come in for tea, then?”
You agree to go inside, and you then take a seat on a couch in her home. The place is rather well-kept, and is decorated well. There’s a few dolls around the home, but not too many. Alice goes into another room and returns with tea a minute later. She pours you a cup and sits near you on the couch.
“So then, what would you like to talk about?”

[ ] Ask her what’s up with the doll.
[ ] Ask her about Shanghai and Hourai.
[ ] Ask her about her wife.

A quick update before bed. Good night.
>> No. 5514
[X] Ask her what’s up with the doll.

Let's get down to business.
>> No. 5521
I can't believe all but one of you are completely missing the fact that UBOA IS IN OUR HOUSE.
>> No. 5522

( ´∀`)
>> No. 5537
I saw it. But Mystia will be fine. Uboa can't leave his room, after all.

[X] Ask her what’s up with the doll.
>> No. 5541
[x] Ask her about her wife.
[x] Ask her what’s up with the doll.

Come on, that won't take long. We already asked about the kids anyway.
>> No. 5553
[x] Ask her about her wife.
[x] Ask her what’s up with the doll.
>> No. 5562
[x] Ask her about her wife.
[x] Ask her what’s up with the doll.
>> No. 5574
[x] Ask her about her wife.
[x] Ask her what’s up with the doll.
>> No. 5608
File 121363591741.jpg- (143.08KB , 448x600 , 1206581365122.jpg ) [iqdb]
You might as well soften her up before asking about the doll. You have already heard about her kids, so you might as well ask about her wife.
“Alice, how has the wife been doing? Well, I assume?”
She nods.
“Yes, though we still have our arguments. We just don’t see eye-to-eye at times. She sure can argumentative, that’s for sure.”
You laugh and lean back to stretch. Alice watches you until you begin to speak again.
“So, what were you arguing over? Anything big?”
She shakes her head.
“Just some small girl that likes to run around with her dolls. She seems to hate me, for some reason. We were arguing over whether or not the children should play with her, since she’s always babbling on about magic and the occult. It just doesn’t seem like what I want Shanghai and Hourai exposed to. You understand, yes?”
You think this over, and decide that now would be a good time to discuss the doll. You pull the doll out of your pocket and show it to Alice. She freezes up after seeing it.
“Do you recognize this item, Alice?”

She stares in shock but regains her composure.
“It seems to be a doll crafted to look like Yuuka, yes? Why do you have that?”
You adjust your shoulders and continue to speak to her.
“It’s something I found with pins stuck into it. Do you know where this came from?”
She shakes her head.
“I don’t think so. You could ask around though. I’m sure someone must have been able to make something like that and have a reason for putting pins in it.”
You begin to speak, but Alice rushes you to the front door.
“The wife will be waking up soon. I’m sorry, but you have to leave.”
She shoos you out the door and locks it. You shrug this off, but then you remember that note you left with Mystia. It’s about 7:15 now, and you need to hurry home. You hurry to your car and take off, heading home to Mystia.

The trip takes about 45 minutes. It’s now 8:00 A.M.

You open the door and walk inside. You’re met with the sight of Mystia chewing on a pastry square. She puts it down and taps over to you. She jumps at you and hugs your legs, rubbing her head against your upper thigh.
“Mommy! You’re home! Look, look! I was a good girl, and I fed myself! Aren’t you proud, Mommy?”
You nod and pat her head. She jumps down and runs back to her seat, where she continues to eat her food. You sigh a breath of relief. It seems she wasn’t too upset about you not being there. You might as well get a few things done before you and Mystia go anywhere.

[ ] Have breakfast.
[ ] Change into something a little more casual.
[ ] Help Mystia change once she’s done eating.
>> No. 5612
[ ] Have breakfast.
[ ] Help Mystia change once she’s done eating.
[ ] Change into something a little more casual.
>> No. 5613
[x] Have breakfast.
[x] Help Mystia change once she’s done eating.
[x] Change into something a little more casual.

Alice is still abused whatever story she's in.
>> No. 5614
[ ] Have breakfast.
[ ] Change into something a little more casual.
[ ] Help Mystia change once she’s done eating.

>> No. 5631
>She jumps at you and hugs your legs, rubbing her head against your upper thigh.
>> No. 5632
[ ] Have breakfast.
[ ] Help Mystia change once she’s done eating.
[ ] Change into something a little more casual.

Slightly altered order.
>> No. 5917
You head over to the pantry and open the door. Different foods and cereals rest on the shelves, and you decide to grab that new brand of cereal which you’ve yet to try. Mystia watches as you pour the cereal into a bowl, and then pour milk onto the cereal. You sit down to eat, and say a quick prayer in your head. The meal passes by quickly, and without much happening. Mystia is still nibbling her pastry square, so you decide to go change into something more appropriate. The walk to your room is rather short, and you are soon inside your closet, changing.

You finish changing and walk out of the room to find that Mystia is now finished eating. She trots over to you and smiles, folding her hands behind her back.

“Can you help me change? Huh, can you, Mommy?”

You grin. What a sweet little girl, still asking her mom to help her change, and with such an innocent face.

“Sure thing, Mystia. Come on; let’s go to your room.”

The two of you walk into her room and open the closet. You pull out an outfit for her and begin to help her change. You help her put on her change of clothes, making sure she gets her little jacket on right. You then lead her into the garage, where the two of you enter your car. You open the door and pull out of the garage, and then begin to drive down the road. You see the Scarlet Island off in the distance, and you draw closer and closer to the road to turn to it.

“Hey Mommy, are we gonna visit Miss Patchouli and Koakuma soon? Huh? Are we gonna visit them now?”

Mystia wiggles her feet as she tries to see over the dash.

[ ] Turn to visit the SDM.
[ ] Keep driving to the theme park.
>> No. 5918
[ ] Turn to visit the SDM.
>> No. 5919

[x] "Do you want to visit them now or would you rather just go straight to the theme park?"
>> No. 5920
[x] "Do you want to visit them now or would you rather just go straight to the theme park?"
>> No. 5922
[x] "Do you want to visit them now or would you rather just go straight to the theme park?"
>> No. 5923
[x] "Do you want to visit them now or would you rather just go straight to the theme park?"

Give little Mystia an option.
>> No. 5925
[x] "Do you want to visit them now or would you rather just go straight to the theme park?"
>> No. 5928
File 121398574241.jpg- (158.00KB , 600x600 , Patchouli2.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hmm. Do you want to visit them now, or would you rather just go straight to the theme park?”

“I wanna see them! The theme park can wait, right? It won’t start to run away, will it?”

You laugh and pat her head as you turn onto the road leading to Scarlet Island. You begin to cross the bridge and look down to see a very familiar boat. It appears that Letty and Cirno must be out fishing again. You grin as you grow closer and closer to the gate of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where the guard is waiting for you to approach. You come to a halt in front of the gates, and roll down your window to talk to Miss Meiling.

“Hey there. Mystia and I just came to visit, for the sake of seeing Patchouli and Koakuma. Mind if we go in?”

She shakes her head and folds her arms.

“I’ll have to see about that. Give me seven minutes and I’ll see about this.”

She walks over into her little hut on the side of the gate. For a minute or two you hear her talking into the phone built into the box, and the gate soon lifts itself up. You enter and look in the mirror to see Meiling waving at you as you enter the grounds. You wave back as you turn to enter the underground garage.

Clank. Clank. Clank.

You find yourself driving down into this place, steering your vehicle into a spot where you can park. The Scarlets did have a large number of cars, that’s for sure. Thirty-two cars, apparently. You continue into the stairwell, Mystia in tow.

“Mommy? Is Koakuma up there? Are we gonna play together?”

You nod.

“Yes, she’s up there. Let’s just continue up into the Mansion, okay?”

Mystia nods her head rapidly, clutching your hand with her little fingers.

“Yes mam!”

You reach the top of the stairwell and open the door. It’s nice how this leads to the hallway just outside of the library. You and Mystia walk over to the larger doors and push them open, just to be met with the sight of a large number of books. Oh Patchouli, always collecting more and more things to read. You smile as you and Mystia walk down the halls of shelves, looking for Patchouli’s study. You eventually find it after a short time of searching. She looks up from her book as you enter, smiling softly.

“Ah. If it isn’t the Kazamis. Come in, I’m sure you brought Mystia here so she could play with Koakuma, yes?”

You nod, and Patchouli returns to her book. A small girl with red hair speeds around the corner and jumps at Mystia. The two of them laugh as the turn about, rolling on the floor. You take a seat opposite of Patchouli as they run to go elsewhere in the library.

“Mystia! Just don’t break anything, okay?”

“Yeeeees maaaaam!”

You sit back in the chair and breathe out. Taking care of that girl is a handful, that’s for sure. Patchouli sets her book down as you begin to wonder what all might be going on in the mansion today. She grins and pours you a cup of tea, and then passes it to you. You accept the drink and take a sip. Hmm. Not bad.

“So then, did you have something which you wanted to discuss?”

You shake your head.

“Not really. I just wanted to know-”

“If you have no questions then you can grab a book. I’d suggest this one, if I weren’t reading it already.”

She glances back down at her literature, glancing over it slowly. You smile. She really is a book maniac, isn’t she? Well then, you might as well…

[ ] Read a book.
[ ] Ask her about the name of the mansion.
[ ] Ask her how Koakuma has been doing.

If Choice #1 was chosen.

[ ] “History of the Scarlet Devil” by Patchouli Knowledge
[ ] “Voodoo for the Aspiring Witch” by Alice Margatroid
[ ] “Sparrow Noodle Soup for the Soul” by Yuyuko Saigyouji
>> No. 5930
[X] Ask her how Koakuma has been doing.

Patchouli could always replace Yuuka~
>> No. 5931
[ ] Ask her about the name of the mansion.
>> No. 5932
[X] Read a book.
[X] “Sparrow Noodle Soup for the Soul” by Yuyuko Saigyouji

I wonder how this will pass, seeing as how we're raising a sparrow.
>> No. 5933
[x] Ask her about the name of the mansion.
Because the Dream Hint is bugging the shit out of me.
>> No. 5935
[X] Read a book.
[X] “History of the Scarlet Devil” by Patchouli Knowledge.

Useful knowledge that we were advised to obtain, and Patch will like that we're interested in the book she wrote.
>> No. 5942
[X] Read a book.
[X] “History of the Scarlet Devil” by Patchouli Knowledge.
>> No. 6070
[ ] “Sparrow Noodle Soup for the Soul” by Yuyuko Saigyouji

I'm curious.
>> No. 6074
[X] Read a book.
[X] “History of the Scarlet Devil” by Patchouli Knowledge.

If Yuyuko's book is anything like the real-world counterpart, then it's nothing but bullshit.
>> No. 6079
[x] Read a book.
[x] “History of the Scarlet Devil” by Patchouli Knowledge.
>> No. 6089

You, sir, need a stern lesson in "Chill" if you think those books are nothing but bullshit.
>> No. 6090
[x] Read a book.
[x] “History of the Scarlet Devil” by Patchouli Knowledge.
>> No. 7003
Can I have new updates?
>> No. 7989
bump for updates
>> No. 8867
>> No. 20250
I just wish this thread didn't die like this.
>> No. 20251
Wha wha wha? There was a story like this here?! Why did it die?
>> No. 20255
File 125747301817.png- (59.24KB , 800x697 , \'\'I want to eat chuu\'\'.png ) [iqdb]

This is like..the sweetest CYOA I've read.
Imagine litte Mystia as your child.


Anyway, Lord Anon, we really need to revive ancient threads like this, and put an ending, or more probably a conclusion, let alone a "THE END". Don't you think so Lord Anon?
>> No. 20256
File 125747344559.jpg- (570.04KB , 1200x975 , 1256739854869.jpg ) [iqdb]

Opss! my bad, answer is out of question.
This thread died maybe because the rise too many writefags and lack of anon votes..

Well that happens a lot here, regardless the board. Unless its a one-shot.
>> No. 20257
I'm raging so hard right now. Is the writefag still around? Or did he/she just pack up and gtfo?
>> No. 20258

The writefag is stiil around, I think. But she/he is more active in other boards.
This thread is considered abandoned.

Damnit! I don' wanna this thread to die like this.
>> No. 20259

... how did you guys miss the fact that Nine wrote this? You know, the guy who writes Aria of Deception? The story with our beloved, deliciously strawberry flavored trap, Aoi?

This was dropped because BC:R was dropped, and this was something of a spin-off.
>> No. 20260

I know the writer. I've just finished reading one of Nine's writing just now.

Spin-off or not, there is hell of a rare-ness to this thread. I and Anon 20257 just wanted the conlusion to THIS thread.
>> No. 20261
>> No. 20262
Here's the first part for people who didn't know about it.


You’ve been living some time with your adopted daughter, Mystia. She’s grown to adore you, and you love her just as much as she loves you. The relationship was rocky at first, but it took off after you began to take her to the playground every day. She enjoys staying there, playing with her friends. In fact, just the other day, you took her there to play with her friends named Chen and Flandre. The three of them are great friends, and always enjoy playing together. You’ve also become friends with their guardians, Ran Yakumo and Sakuya Izayoi. The three of you often go shopping together, and they even suggested that you buy a certain sweater for Mystia, which she now wears as much as she can.

You just got home from picking Mystia up from school, and she trots over to the window, waving goodbye to her friends again. She runs over to you and pulls on your skirt, that same bright smile on her face.
“Hey, mommy? Can we go to the theme park soon? Chen and Flandre said they were gonna go, and I’d really like to play with them there, and I think the music must be really nice there, and and and…”
She giggles and spins around a few times. What a hyperactive child, always running around and finding something new to do. You figure that she’ll probably become the class president one day, seeing the ways she loves to take charge.

You go to your bedroom, thinking about your relationship with this daughter of yours. You know that people often give you odd looks on the street, since an amanojaku never gives birth to a night sparrow. You shrug this off and think about what you and Mystia will do when you get to the theme park, and how she’ll have that huge smile on her face…

“Mommy! Let’s go on this one next, okay?”
“Okay, okay, just don’t wear yourself out, Misty-chan.”
You picture her running over to the line and waving at you, jumping up and down as she does.
“Hey, Mommy! Over here, the line’s over here! Hurry up!”
You then see yourself walking over to her, and patting her head.
“Take it easy, Mystia. I’m here; now let’s just wait to get on.”
The two of you enjoy that nice day at the theme park, running about and playing together.

You hear a knock at your door, and Mystia steps in.
“Mommy… Something feels funny…”
You get up and walk over to her in a hurry, hoping that she didn’t hurt herself.
“Where does it hurt, Misty-chan?”
She lifts up her one piece to show you her innocence, with a white bulge poking out of it.

“Mommy, something is coming out.”
You were wondering when this day would come. It seems that Mystia has hit that age rather early, which you… You just wish she had never hit it at all. You pick her up and take her into the bathroom, setting her on your lap.
“Okay, Mystia. This will hurt, but it’ll be over soon enough. Be a good girl and take it as best you can, okay?”
“Okay, Mommy.”
You pull her one-piece back up, and put your thumbs on the sides of her vagina. She moans as the egg pushes itself forwards, and she gives birth to her first egg. You let go, and she begins to pant, taking in all the air she can.
“It hurt, it hurt a lot. I really don’t want to-”
She’s cut off by her own scream, as she begins to produce another egg. You hold her walls open, but it refuses to come out.
“Come on, Mystia, push!”
She pants, clutching her dress.
“I can’t, I’m tired, and it hurts. It really, really, hurts, Mommy!”
Tears begin to run down her face, and you decide to help her push. You stick your thumb up her anus, and feel around for the egg inside her vagina. You begin to push it, and she lets out a few more moans and screams as the egg releases itself. It falls onto her dress with the other, and she pants as she tries to regain her energy. You pick her up and lay her down on your bed, and take the eggs into the kitchen, so you can get rid of them in the best way possible…

“Hey, mommy! Did you make something tasty? It really smells tasty!”
Mystia come running into the kitchen, her arms spread out. You couldn’t bear to tell her what she’s about to it, especially after she had enough mental shock from the abuse of her former parent, Rinnosuke Morichaka. You do your best to manage a smile, and speak back to your adopted daughter.
“Yes, I made a cake, Mystia. I hope you like it.”
“Yay! Cake!”
She hugs your legs as you pick the treat up, holding it on top of a large plate.
“Hey, Mommy? Are we going to go to the theme park tomorrow?”
You smile as you cut a slice of the cake for her, and set it onto her plate.
“Yes, Misty-chan. We’re going to the theme park tomorrow.”
>> No. 20263
thanks Anon.
This is the 1st part, is there the part after
>>5928 ??

Stories like this make me sobs a lot, at the same time rage with anger.
>> No. 20264

The next part is the beginning of this thread.
>> No. 20265
No, what I mean is, the story after the last post in this thread.
>> No. 20266

>>4195 is the next part.
>> No. 20267
No, its..

Sigh, nevermind.
>> No. 20269

I don't think what you're looking for exists. Pretty sure that's when Nine dropped this.
>> No. 20270

Yeah, yeah, okay...thanks anyway Lord Anon.
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It looks like I'm needed here.
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Lol wut?
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wait a minute...i'm a woman? and a mother? give me a minute i need to prepare myself.
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This story is beautiful. 'Nuff said
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What the hell are you talking about

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