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File 12741644314.jpg - (41.42KB, 521x428, RandSNendo.jpg) [iqdb]
21958 No. 21958
Two Kingdoms, One Purpose: Gain power and might.
Adjoining together and then without spite,
They strike without mercy and hurt without cause,
Forgetting their past and ignoring their laws.

Who knew when it started. The blood shed between the Hakurei clan and the Kochiya clan was already second-nature to the residents of Gensokyo. Hundreds of years had passed since Reimu Hakurei and Sanae Kochiya had passed on, but their bitter separation had caused this nearly millenium-old war.

Along the bright pathways they run not asunder
The methods align to their anger and thunder.
Lightning and fire formed from human emotion
Were naught but a cause for the swirling commotion.

The people of Gensokyo weren't sure when the fighting started. Heck, even most of the youkai alive at this time weren't sure when it started. A certain violet mistress, however, had seen the entire thing unfold, and had left Gensokyo before it escalated to what it was now.

The brighter maroon that belittles the blue
Is something, while horrid, that is nothing new.
A crimson reminder of days best forgot?
Adept are the critics who say it is not.

Reports say that this woman, a dimensional youkai called Yakumo, decided to leave because of the brewing controversy. Some of these reports even go so far as to point the finger at Yakumo herself as the cause for the strife in Gensokyo. I, however, know differently. Yukari Yakumo left because Gensokyo was dead to her.

The shore was a rest place for beacons and sights
Where seas reassembled and made dim the lights.
True battles, once fought here, no longer the norm,
The old saying false: not the calm before storm.

I know it seems hard to fathom, but the decision of both shrine maidens to find a husband struck a nerve with this youkai. As preparations toward both events transpired, she had become increasingly bothered and annoyed. One day, she disappeared, never to return.

No longer the red and the green will collide,
In soil and the earth their strife will subside.

That's because she had returned to her former home; the outside world. And I'm glad. Despite the fact Reimu and Sanae had made up their differences before they died, their descendants hadn't, so I was glad to see Yukari at my doorstep. I had been waiting to say these words for the longest time, and now I could. "Welcome home, Maribel".


"Are you done playing with your dolls, Renko?" Maribel's voice cut through my imagination. "We're going to be late for school, you know."

I sulked. I was almost done. "They're not dolls! They're figurines; works of art!"

"Right, and you're a boy. Come on, Renko!"

There was really no pushing her buttons when she became like this. "Alright, I'm coming."

Maribel was the first outside, while I meticulously closed and locked the door to the house. Our house.

"I can't believe we're almost done university!" Maribel twirled around in front of our gate, turning back to face me. "I'm so happy!"

I took her hand in mine as I walked up to her, my smile matching the intensity of her own. "So am I, Mary."

We left our house, walking to school, with her right and my left intertwined together.

And back at home, I knew that the Red and White Figurine and the Green and Blue Figurine, both covered in dirt, were doing the same.


I'm posting this because I need to get some thoughts out of my head, and I need to so badly I don't care if I get embarrassed because I didn't have it proofread.
>> No. 21962
Even if there were a few mistakes, it was a pretty good prologue-ish work. If you ever take up writing a full-fledged CYOA out of this, I'd support it.
>> No. 21973
I'm legitimately curious as to what you mean. Do you mean a CYOA about the events mentioned or a CYOA about a potential future, like say "Maribel going back to make things right"?
>> No. 21976

I'm a different Anon, but I think >>21962 just meant a CYOA in general.

By the way, the last bit at the end, was this after Maribel/Yukari left Gensokyo, or before Maribel entered Gensokyo and became Yukari?
>> No. 21979
Sometimes, a short is just a short.
>> No. 21982
Well for now, I'll just say this:
Who said Maribel is Yukari? Renko's dream scenario?

Just because Renko's scenario is fiction doesn't mean the events are or aren't.
>> No. 21985
>I know it seems hard to fathom, but the decision of both shrine maidens to find a husband struck a nerve with this youkai. As preparations toward both events transpired, she had become increasingly bothered and annoyed. One day, she disappeared, never to return.


...so Maribel's one of those yuri fangirls, huh.

I bet she writes angry private messages to people who write het fanfic. "Why would you do something so terrible as to pair up [female character] and [male character]?! It's obvious that [female character] could only ever be truly happy with [other female character]'s pure love!"
>> No. 26158
Yep. She ragequit because the eeeevil Y chromosome polluted her tea-drinking clit-bumping paradise.
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