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File 124467171747.png - (8.61KB, 547x397, gallon.png) [iqdb]
16787 No. 16787
You are in a white room. A girl stands in front of you.

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>> No. 16788
[x] Examine girl.
>> No. 16789
File 124467235181.png - (22.97KB, 543x395, KOMACHI.png) [iqdb]
You examine the girl.

Why, it's none other than Komachi Onozuka! She's dressed in a white dress and a blue vest. She has a belt with a coin tied in the centre. Her hair is in pigtails.

She looks stressed.

>> No. 16790
[x] "Something wrong?"
>> No. 16791
File 12446726369.png - (23.31KB, 546x398, KOMAC--OH FFFFFFF.png) [iqdb]
You ask her what's the matter.

"What, you serious?" She seethes through closed teeth. "This is a catastrophe!"

Komachi is enraged.

>> No. 16793
[Q] what's wrong?
>> No. 16794
File 124467341887.png - (23.14KB, 543x396, Favor.png) [iqdb]
You ask her to explain. She looks at you as a small smile grows on her face.

"Wait..." She says, slyly. "Did you die just now? What'd you say if I could bring you back to life, if you did me a small favor?"

>> No. 16796
[] "I'm dead? Great. Just, great. Don't really have much of a choice, because I'm not going to have my sins judged. What will you have me do?"
>> No. 16798
File 124467436973.png - (23.23KB, 548x398, full.png) [iqdb]
She points to a boat that has many ghosts hovering around it.

"That's the boat I usually use to take souls to their final resting place," she explains. "I could be doing that right now, however..." She points out the door on the other side of the lake.

"They have to go through that door to get there. As you may have noticed, the door it just about falling off due to the amount of souls filling up the place. So, what I need you to do is to get me something that can help make more room in there.

"Once you're a soul, like the ones in front of my boat, you can't go back to Gensokyo... And you still seem to have your Human form, so I need to have you do it. I'd go, but my boss..."

She hands you a coin. She explains that it will slow down the process of turning into a soul.

Komachi's Coin obtained.

>> No. 16800
[x] "So, how exactly do I make 'more room'?"
[x] Equip Komachi's coin. If it isn't already.
>> No. 16801
File 124467536229.png - (22.89KB, 543x396, i m unamoozed.png) [iqdb]
You ask about making more room.

"Hell if I know," she says, bluntly. "Use your imagination. My boss usually does it, and I have to watch over these ghosts to make sure they don't do something stupid, so I can't go and ask. Go find my boss, Sikieki Yamaxanadu, if you really want to know. I'm sure there are other methods, though."

You equip the coin. You feel more athletic.

>> No. 16803
[x] Take a jog. You'r burning up! You're on fire!
[x] Hop in the lake for a long swim.
>> No. 16806
[x] Take to the skies for a better view of the area.
>> No. 16813
[x] Take to the skies for a better view of the area.

Scan the surroundings
>> No. 16815
File 124469120897.png - (82.87KB, 1015x826, Komachi's Map.png) [iqdb]
You go swimming in the River of Styx. You get out of the River of Styx. You jump a few times, however you cannot manage to fly.

Komachi hands you a map. She explains how she made it herself and how many parts aren't filled in. The map also tells you the vague location of people.

You are immune to Illness.

>> No. 16816
[x] Ask if Komachi could make our trip to the Scarlet Devil Mansion a bit shorter with her powers.
>> No. 16817
[!/] To the Human Village, someone should know of EikiShiki's location.
>> No. 16818
File 124469282811.png - (74.45KB, 904x813, FWONN.png) [iqdb]
You ask her if she can shortem your trip.

"Yeah, I suppose I can do that," she offers. "I'm not sure how well I can keep it up, though. I've been pretty beat lately."

She uses her powers to make the distance between you and the Scarlet Devil Mansion shorter. She marks where you are on your map if you were to leave Higanbana.

>> No. 16824
What the hell did you do? SDM just crashed into the Forest of Magic.
>> No. 16833
[Q] go to the SDM
>> No. 16846
sounds like some sort of tropical resort in the afterlife.

And then I pictured Eiki and Komachi both in grass skirts and wearing a lei.
>> No. 16847
[x] Go to the SDM
>> No. 16852
File 124476778583.png - (10.93KB, 547x395, Lake lol.png) [iqdb]
You head towards the Scarlet Devil Mansion. You reach a lake.

>> No. 16854
[x] Attempt to gain the figure's attention by any means necessary.
>> No. 16858
[x] Attempt to ford the lake.
>> No. 16859

Only in grass skirts and a lei.
>> No. 16862
I think that's us.

You attempt to ford the lake - it is too deep.
You attempt to caulk a wagon and float it - it has capsized.
You attempt to take a raft for $5.00 - you have no money.

[x] Pay a Cirno to help you for 3 frogs

There are frogs everywhere.
>> No. 16865
Well, yeah. That's sort of the idea.

The delicious idea.
>> No. 16872
Look at the shadow. It's flying over the lake. It can't be us, we can't fly.

Unless you mean the previous us?
>> No. 16875
File 124480815255.png - (10.94KB, 546x397, antenshon.png) [iqdb]
You attempt to get the figure's attention by screaming, shouting and throwing things but it doesn't seem to notice. You think about fording the lake, however it's far too deep.

Looking around, that figure is the only thing around, save for some wildlife.

>> No. 16879
There's only one thing left to do. And that is terrible.

[x] Walk all the way around the lake.
>> No. 16881
[x] Swim across the river.

Perfect solution.
>> No. 16885
[X] swim across the lake
>> No. 16886
File 124482623831.png - (12.08KB, 544x398, swimman.png) [iqdb]
You begin to swim across the lake. The water is warm. The figure notices you.

>> No. 16887
[x] Try to get the figure's attention again
>> No. 16888
File 124483332914.png - (14.16KB, 550x398, splish splash.png) [iqdb]
You splash around to get the figure's attention. The figure begins to fly over.

>> No. 16889
[x] Examine figure
>> No. 16890
File 124483672147.png - (16.56KB, 550x396, China.png) [iqdb]
You examine the figure. Why, its none other than Hong Meiling! She's a bit far away, so you can't really make out too many features.

Meiling is flying towards you.

>> No. 16891
[X] She has her arms spread. Spread your own arms and meet her in a mid-air embrace.
>> No. 16892
File 124483812561.png - (22.64KB, 549x396, chuugoku.png) [iqdb]
You spread your arms to try and catch her. She flies above you.

"What business do you have in the Scarlet Devil Mansion?" She demands.

>> No. 16893
[x] "I came to see you"
>> No. 16894
File 124483956545.png - (23.75KB, 551x400, ya ryt !!.png) [iqdb]
You tell her that you came to see her. Meiling looks unamused.

"Ugh, yeah right," she pouts. "We've never met before. Why don't you tell me why you're really here?"


>> No. 16895
I can't tell if she's wearing pants or not, so I don't know what to vote.
>> No. 16896

[i ]Like this [ /i]
>> No. 16897
[ze] "I need to borrow the services of the legendary maid Izayoi."

Anyone thought about HOW we're going to convince her to come along?

Maybe go get her pocketwatch back from the dick who stole it?
>> No. 16898

Yeah that, but without the spaces. Also, replace the i's with:

b for bold
u for underline
s for dongs strikethrough.

So um

Why did we come to the SDM, anyway? All I can think of that would help would be Sakuya's time/space manipulation.
>> No. 16899
>>16898 here

nvm on the silly question
>> No. 16900
File 124484628733.png - (24.58KB, 545x399, why can't I be so popular.png) [iqdb]
You ask her about Sakuya. She looks at you with sorrow at the sound of her name.

"S-Sakuya...?" She stutters, dejected. "She just went out to the Human Village to gather some food and stuff."

>> No. 16901
>why can't I be so popular.png
Guys, there are hints everywhere.

[] "Well then. I guess I can wait for her at the Scarlet Devil Mansion entrance. Surely the great Gate Guard is a wondrous person to spend time with, as I've heard remarkable tales. Say, have you met her?"
>> No. 16902
File 124484849066.png - (16.72KB, 547x399, wow wat is that arm.png) [iqdb]
You ask if you can go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She thinks about it then turns upward.

"Uh, yeah, sure," she says. "It's starting to rain, I suppose you should head over now. I warn you, though, my master is a bit..." She pauses then holds out her hand.

"You can't fly, can you? I'll take you over."

It is Raining

>> No. 16903
[x] Take her hand
>> No. 16904
File 124485227314.png - (20.79KB, 548x398, Come on in I guess.png) [iqdb]
You take her hand and she carries you over to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She opens the door.

"Make yourself at home," she says, wiping her dress.

>> No. 16905
[X] Look around, area recon
>> No. 16906
File 124485443386.png - (23.07KB, 545x397, SDM Main Room; South.png) [iqdb]
You scan the room. There is a table with a Family Picture on it. There is a table with a Diary on it. A window is open.

Meiling shuts the door behind you. The room has an eerie feel. The main colour of the room is red. It is dead silent, save for the rain beating against the window.

>> No. 16908
[X] Look at the Family Picture.
>> No. 16909
File 124485600847.png - (41.52KB, 547x400, SDM Cast (kinda).png) [iqdb]
You examine the Family Picture. The picture features 3 people. They all look identical. It is noted that Sakuya Izayoi is in the picture. It is noted Patchouli and Koakuma are not in the picture. Two names are scratched out.

>> No. 16914
[x] Read the diary
>> No. 16916
File 124485967784.png - (33.84KB, 550x396, Diary.png) [iqdb]
You pick up the diary and open up to a random page. The writing is messy.

My sister came into my room today and we played some games. Sakuya came into my room today and we played some games. I asked Patchouli to play some games. She declined. I asked Koakuma to play some games. She declined.

Whoever wrote this was in a hurry. A laugh is heard through the room.

"You really shouldn't be going through other people's things."
>> No. 16917

[X] "In my defense, if you don't want people to read through something, it is generally advisable that you hide it more carefully. Or at least outfit with locks. Probably both, actually, if you want to really be secure. Maybe try writing in code, or cipher? Couldn't hurt, at any rate."
>> No. 16918
>> No. 16919
File 124486018134.png - (31.08KB, 549x398, Diary2.png) [iqdb]
You call out to the voice. There is no response. You read more of the Diary.

Sister scolded me today. I'm not sure why, though. Sakuya scolded me today. I'm not sure why, though. I asked Patchouli to scold me. She declined. I asked Koakuma to scold me. She declined.

The voice does not return.

>> No. 16921
[x] Pocket diary and look for the source of the voice.
>> No. 16922
>I asked Patchouli to scold me. She declined. I asked Koakuma to scold me. She declined.
Hahaha, oh wow.

[x] Close the window, it's chilly in here.
[x] Keep reading. Try not to go insane.
>> No. 16923
File 124486047050.png - (22.99KB, 549x396, Diary GET.png) [iqdb]
You take the diary.

You are facing South. There are 5 other directions you can look in this room.

Diary Obatined

>> No. 16924

>Hurr durr imagine the window is closed.
>> No. 16925
[x] Look up

Always, always from above.
>> No. 16926
File 124486116465.png - (11.62KB, 547x398, wtf is that.png) [iqdb]
A debatable chandelier hangs from the cieling. There is nothing else of interest.

>> No. 16933
>A debatable chandelier hangs from the cieling.

[P] Debate the chandelier
>> No. 16943
[X] Debate the chandelier

Meh, why not?
>> No. 16946
[X] Debate the chandelier
>> No. 16952
[X] Debate the chandelier
>> No. 16955
File 124490009614.png - (14.35KB, 548x393, I rest my case..png) [iqdb]
You begin to debate with the Chandelier. It is silent. You rest your case.

>> No. 16956
[x] Ask if it wants some cake because you just happen to have some cake with you at the moment.
>> No. 16957
File 124490328166.png - (18.02KB, 547x398, inventory.png) [iqdb]
You try to give the Chandelier some Cake. You have no Cake. In your Inventory, you have:

Komachi's Coin
Komachi's Map

>> No. 16959
[X] Throw Komachi's coin at chandelier
>> No. 16960
[x] Examine chandelier closer.
>> No. 16962
File 124491442394.png - (16.92KB, 550x396, inb4 flandre.png) [iqdb]
You take Komachi's Coin and whip it at the Chandelier. The Chandelier wobbles to-and-fro. Komachi's Coin hit the ground with a loud clang. A piece of the chandelier falls off as well.

>> No. 16963
Stop screwing around with the chandelier already...

[X] Retrieve Komachi's coin and look North.
>> No. 16964
[x] Take the coin and the fallen chandelier fragment.
>> No. 16965

What on earth do we want with that?
>> No. 16966
Have you ever played an adventure game? You always need everything you can get your hands on.

[x] Take the coin and the fallen chandelier fragment.
>> No. 16968
File 124491753061.png - (18.77KB, 548x399, completely harmless...png) [iqdb]
You pick up Komachi's Coin again, along with a Chandelier Fragment. You turn to the North. You see the door that you came in through. There is nothing else of interest.

Komachi's Coin obtained.
Chandelier Fragment obtained.

>> No. 16969
[X] Throw the chandelier fragment at the chandelier.
>> No. 16970
File 124491796127.png - (16.64KB, 543x398, wtf r u doin.png) [iqdb]
You throw the Chandelier Fragment back at the Chandelier. It bounces of and hits the floor with a thump. Nothing falls off the Chandelier.

Chandelier Fragment lost.

>> No. 16971
[X] Retrieve the chandelier fragment, and head south.
>> No. 16972
[X] Retrieve the chandelier fragment, and head south.

that fucking chandelier
>> No. 16973
File 124492012125.png - (22.81KB, 549x398, South again.png) [iqdb]
You pick up the Chandelier Fragment. You look to the South.

Chandelier Fragment obtained.

>> No. 16976
[X] Who closed that window? Because apparently we never did. Quickly look around for other people.
>> No. 16977
File 124492127677.png - (22.79KB, 549x398, South againzzzz.png) [iqdb]


You scan the area for other living things. There is nothing.

>> No. 16978
[X] Examine that window more closely.
>> No. 16979
File 124492238047.png - (18.57KB, 548x398, wher is meilin.png) [iqdb]
You examine the Window more closely. It is shut. Rain is banging against the window pane. It is absolutely pouring outside.

>> No. 16980
[x] look east
>> No. 16983
[X] Hide under the table.
>> No. 16984
[x] Open the window again and see what happens.
>> No. 16986
File 12449287385.png - (20.88KB, 546x397, SDM Main Room; East.png) [iqdb]
You look to the East. There is a Fire Place. On the Fire Place is a Family Insignia. Next to the Fire Place is a Door.

>> No. 16987
[X] Examine insignia
[X] Examine fireplace
>> No. 16989
File 124493014750.png - (28.54KB, 549x399, Scarlet Family Insignia.png) [iqdb]
You examine the Family Insignia. The Family Insignia bears two sets of wings, one of a bat, and the other looks like two sticks with crystals strewn about randomly. The two wings sit opposite of eachother, each with a picture of a bat over it.

>> No. 16990
File 124493016256.png - (26.38KB, 546x399, fireplace.png) [iqdb]
You examine the Fireplace. It's made of Red Bricks. There is a few Logs of Wood in the Fireplace. There is Ash in the Fireplace.

>> No. 16991
[x] Take Ash.
[x] Knock on the door.
[x] Open the door.
>> No. 16992
File 124493167853.png - (18.78KB, 545x396, dan.png) [iqdb]
You take some Ash from the Fireplace. You then knock on the door. WHen no one responds, you open the door anyway.

There is a long table in the center of the room. On it lies a figure.

>> No. 16994
[X] Examine figure.
>> No. 16995
[x] Examine Figure
>> No. 16996
File 124493329421.png - (32.33KB, 546x397, D-dead!.png) [iqdb]
You examine the figure.

It's a male, but you're not quite sure who it is. He looks familiar, though. He has long brown hair, however it's very messy. He's wearing a uniform that a clerk might wear at a store, but the clothing has been ripped and torn, as if he was struggling. In the center of his chest lies a spear. Whoever this was, he's dead now.

>> No. 16997
Poor previous anon.

[x] Take spear
[x] Examine room
>> No. 16998
[x] Take spear
[x] Examine room
>> No. 16999
{x] use Chandelier Fragment on Family Insignia
>> No. 17000
[x] Take spear
[x] Examine room

More updates!
>> No. 17001
File 124493465728.png - (18.64KB, 550x399, SDM Dining Room; East.png) [iqdb]
You take the Spear form the Corpse. You examine the room.

This appears to be where the Scarlet's would have dined and held meetings. There is a chair at the head of the table. Behind the chair is another Family Insignia.

>> No. 17003
[X] Search around to see if you can find someone to talk to.
>> No. 17004
File 124493692059.png - (18.73KB, 547x400, SDM Dining Room; East...png) [iqdb]
You look around for someone to talk to. There isn't anyone in this room that you can talk to, other than the corpse.

>> No. 17005
[X] Look around for the exits out of the dining room. Where are they located?
>> No. 17007
File 124493923423.png - (21.30KB, 549x399, The two doors.png) [iqdb]
A quick scan of the room reveals two doors. One is to the West, the door you came through. The other is to the South.

>> No. 17008
[x] Open the south door a crack and peek in.
>> No. 17011
File 124494011827.png - (15.08KB, 548x394, kitchen.png) [iqdb]
Cracking open the door, you poke your head in for a brief look inside. This room looks like a typical kitchen, and has several pots and pans hanging from a counter. There is a sink as well. The sink is on.

>> No. 17012
[x] Double-check to make sure nobody else is in there, and then turn the sink off.
>> No. 17013
File 124494069180.png - (17.49KB, 545x399, Sink.png) [iqdb]
You look around the kitchen and nothing is stirring about. You run up to the sink and quickly turn off the cold water.

>> No. 17014
[x] Look around.
>> No. 17015
File 124494415762.png - (19.53KB, 544x396, Kitchen Full.png) [iqdb]
You look around the Kitchen. Pots, pans and other cooking utensils are scattered about. Five dirty plates and bowls are on the countertop next to the sink. There is some Flower on the otherside of the room, as well as some Kitchen Detergent and a few Boxes.

>> No. 17016
[X] Look around for exits.
>> No. 17017
File 124494556149.png - (9.10KB, 548x396, The only way out.png) [iqdb]
The only way out of the Kitchen is the way you came in.

>> No. 17020
[X] Leave the kitchen. Leave the dining room.
[X] Look around for exits.
>> No. 17021
File 124494738146.png - (21.07KB, 546x396, Only west remains.png) [iqdb]
You frantically run through the halls looking for an exit. In the main room, you look at all three, one to the North, the one you entered the Scarlet Devil Mansion through, one to the East, the one leading to the Kitchen, and one last door to the West.

>> No. 17022
[X] Head into the western room.
>> No. 17023
File 124494851447.png - (13.27KB, 547x398, Let's see what's behind door number __.png) [iqdb]
You open up the Western door. It lead to a hallway. There are three doors in the hallway. They each have labels. At the end of the hallway there is a staircase.

>> No. 17024
[X] Descend stairs
>> No. 17025
[X] Read all 3 labels.
>> No. 17026
[x] Read all 3 labels.
>> No. 17028
[x] Read all 3 labels.
>> No. 17029
File 124494994193.png - (23.65KB, 545x400, thump thump... thump thump.png) [iqdb]
You check the three labels on the doors. They say:

"Garden + Residence"


You ascend the stairs. There are no lights on. The only lighting comes from outside. There is a figure banging on the window in the rain. There is a large table.

>> No. 17030
[X] Go to window to identify person
>> No. 17031
[X] Examine figure.
>> No. 17033
File 124495117548.png - (27.31KB, 545x398, chiruno.png) [iqdb]
You examine the girl.

Why, it's none other than Cirno! She wears a blue and white dress, and a blue bow on her head. She is completely drenched.

Cirno looks relieved to see you.

>> No. 17034
[x] Motion for her to move back, then use the chadelier piece to break the glass.
>> No. 17035
[x] Open window

Violence is not always the best option!
>> No. 17036
File 124495168720.png - (30.75KB, 540x396, God help us.png) [iqdb]
You try opening the window. There is no way to do so. You try cutting at the glass with the Chandelier Fragment. No luck.

Cirno looks at you in despair.

>> No. 17037

[x] Try smashing the window with the spear.
>> No. 17038
[x] Indicate that she should go down a floor. Return to the window that was open, open it, and call out for her.
>> No. 17039
[x] Indicate that she should go down a floor. Return to the window that was open, open it, and call out for her.
>> No. 17040
File 12449527448.png - (18.47KB, 551x376, M-Monsters! Really!.png) [iqdb]
You tell her that she should go down to the bottom floor and you'll go get her. She protests with screams. She points out in the black distance claiming that there are monsters.

You back up and stab at the window repeatedly with the spear. The window is hardly scratched.

"Before you proceed further, guest," an ominous voice booms. "You should know that we have a few rules in this household..."

>> No. 17041
[x] Look for the source of the voice
>> No. 17042
[X] Turn to the source of the voice and identify the figure
[X] Apologize and explain that there's an emergency
>> No. 17043
File 124495363624.png - (24.77KB, 545x399, GO FUCK YOURSELF.png) [iqdb]
Despite your apologies, Cirno is infuriated. She begins to curse at you.

There are 2 doors and a hallway that you can search.

"...First of all, do not let any form of Youkai inside. Secondly..."

>> No. 17044
[x] Search hallway
>> No. 17045
[X] Apologize to the voice
[X] Open the door next to the windows. It probably leads outside, so it should let her in.
>> No. 17046
File 124495455074.png - (12.77KB, 546x399, Upstairs hallway.png) [iqdb]
You proceed to the hallway. There is a door down it.

"...Secondly, do not wander too deep into the mansion. Lastly..."

>> No. 17047
[x] Go back.
[x] Open the door next to the windows.
>> No. 17048
[x] Go back.
[x] Open the door next to the windows.

>> No. 17049
File 124495479716.png - (13.33KB, 548x398, Outside.png) [iqdb]
You open the door. It leads outside!


>> No. 17050
[x] "Cirno? I found a way in."
>> No. 17051
Grab the floating hitbox.
>> No. 17052
[ ] Cry out "I just needed some help with a boat! Is that so much to ask?"
[ ] Break down on your knees
>> No. 17053
[x] "Cirno? I found a way in."

Not the time for that, Scorm.
>> No. 17054
File 124495629694.png - (15.86KB, 548x397, (9).png) [iqdb]
You call out to Cirno, informing her that you've found a way in. No response. You go out in the rain to find that Cirno has been slaughtered and now carries a spear in her head. You run back inside and shut the door.

"...Again, do not let any form of Youkai inside."

>> No. 17055
>> No. 17056

[x] "Huh. Sucks to be her."
[x] Examine Cirno further.
>> No. 17057
[x] Go back out and drag her inside.
[x] Remove the spear.
[x] Lock the door if possible.

She should be able to respawn, guys. We can't just leave her out there like that, can we?
>> No. 17059
>> No. 17060
[x] Take spear
[x] Wash spear with rain
>> No. 17064
File 124495766233.png - (22.36KB, 545x393, the plto thikkens.png) [iqdb]
You remove the spear from Cirno's head and drag her inside, locking the door as you enter. You closely examine her wound. With the amount of blood, the wound should have been a wide gash, however it was only a deep, thin cut, as if the spear was placed in her head.

>> No. 17065
[x] Call out to the voice, and ask why it stopped talking.
>> No. 17066
File 124495824947.png - (19.37KB, 545x396, helo helo ne1 ther.png) [iqdb]
You call out to the voice as to why it remains silent. It responds with a note on the table.

>> No. 17067
[x] Examine the note.
>> No. 17068
File 124495856468.png - (17.27KB, 545x398, chicken scratch.png) [iqdb]
You pick up the note and read it.

If you have no intent to listen then I have no reason to speak.

>> No. 17069
[X] "Oh, yeah, real nice. Chastising me when you won't even show your face? Haven't even given me a reason to listen. Why do disembodied voices always have to be dicks?"
>> No. 17070
[x] "Oh, yeah, real nice. Chastising me when you won't even show your face? Haven't even given me a reason to listen. Why do disembodied voices always have to be dicks?"
>> No. 17076
Not a good idea to antagonise the voice guys.

[X] Go through one of the doors labelled "Voile".
>> No. 17081
[X] Go through one of the doors labelled "Voile".
>> No. 17085
File 124498960973.jpg - (192.07KB, 1002x1500, FZ_v02_000b.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Take the other spear.
[x] Go through one of the doors labelled "Voile".

Time for the other Lancer.
>> No. 17086
File 124499082258.png - (31.70KB, 546x391, Voile Magic Library.png) [iqdb]
Cursing at the voice, you head downstairs and open the doors labelled "Voile."

Behind the doors is a giant Library. The walls are lined with Books. The floor is covered with Books. There is a table with two chairs in the centre of the room. There is no one in the room.

>> No. 17087
[x] Look for the card catalog.
>> No. 17088
File 124499362873.png - (32.02KB, 547x394, card catologue x.png) [iqdb]
You look for the card catalogue. No such item exists.
>> No. 17090
[x] Search the table
>> No. 17091
File 124499590499.png - (18.41KB, 546x395, Table in Voile.png) [iqdb]
You search the table. There are many Books scattered on it. There is a Lamp on the table. There are two Chairs.

>> No. 17092
[Read a book at random and wait for Sakuya] x
>> No. 17094
Sit down on the left chair and look at the book
>> No. 17095
File 124499684212.png - (18.89KB, 546x397, patche.png) [iqdb]
You pick up a book on the desk and begin to read. The book is about some form of magic.

The door from above opens. You lay down your book to see who it is.

"Hello? Is there someone in here?"

>> No. 17096
[x] "There's nobody in here, I'm just a disembodied voice. Maybe you've met my sister."
>> No. 17097
[X] Hide under the table
>> No. 17098
[x] Hide under the table with the book.
[x] "There's nobody in here, I'm just a disembodied voice. Maybe you've met my sister."
>> No. 17103
[X] Pretend to be the table
>> No. 17120
[X] Pretend to be the table
>> No. 17123
Damn, this story got considerably creepier.
>> No. 17124
[x] Hide under the table with the book.
[x] "There's nobody in here, I'm just a disembodied voice. Maybe you've met my sister."
>> No. 17126
File 124507636722.png - (14.98KB, 544x396, Helloooooo.png) [iqdb]
You quickly hide under the table with your book. The voice calls out again.


You comment about a disembodied voice.

"Hilarious. Patchouli, is that you?"

>> No. 17127
[X] Examine figure
>> No. 17129
[x] Speak in an affected girly voice.
[x] "Yes, I am Patchouli. Cough Cough."
[x] Examine figure.

I don't mean fake coughing, either. Actually say "Cough cough."
>> No. 17130
File 124508055054.png - (21.96KB, 547x398, ze!.png) [iqdb]
You examine the figure.

Why, it's none other than Marisa Kirisame! She's dressed in black and white. She has a braid on the left side of her hair. She is carrying a sack. She's not wearing her hat.

You fake that you're Patchouli.

"...Right," she says sarcastically. "I'm coming in, then!"

>> No. 17131
OP here;

PROTIP: My dad kicked me out of the house and sent me over to my mother's. This is where I did the first half of the first CYOA I made, but I forgot my tablet... So... No updates, with pictures at least, until tomorrow.
>> No. 17134
[x] Keep up the (poor) impersonation.
[x] "So, how about them Yankees spears. All spearing people willy-nilly. Crazy, ain't it?"
[x] "Uh, cough cough."


Ah, that's a bitch. We can wait.
>> No. 17135
[X] Keep quiet, make a grab for the bag if she comes close.
>> No. 17136
we need those awesome pictures
They remind me of ZUN
>> No. 17137
[x] Keep up the (poor) impersonation.
[x] "So, how about them Yankees spears. All spearing people willy-nilly. Crazy, ain't it?"
[x] "Uh, cough cough."
>> No. 17138

Not sure if that's a complement or an insult... Lol
>> No. 17141
[~] Keep up the (poor) impersonation.
[z] "So, how about them Yankees spears. All spearing people willy-nilly. Crazy, ain't it?"
[e] "Uh, cough cough."


>> No. 17148
File 124516903325.png - (22.02KB, 544x396, m i lootin u yet.png) [iqdb]
You make small talk with Marisa.

"Yeah, yeah," she cajoles. "Mm, yeah, spears. Willy-nilly, sure."

Marisa opens her sack and starts stuffing books into it.

>> No. 17149
[x] Chuck the spear at her bag.
[x] "Whoops, cough cough. Hand slipped."
>> No. 17150
This was meant positive. The pictures go great with the story.
>> No. 17151
[x] Chuck the spear at her bag.
[x] "Whoops, cough cough. Hand slipped."

>> No. 17152
[x] Chuck the spear at her HEAD.
[x] "Whoops, cough cough. Hand slipped."

Slight modification.
>> No. 17153
File 124517986972.png - (22.84KB, 544x393, ERK--.png) [iqdb]
You chuck the spear at Marisa's bag. Marisa is alarmed.

"Ha ha," she laughs, nervously. "Spears...?"

Spear lost.

>> No. 17156
[x] "I trust I have your attention now?"
[x] "There seems to have been a ghastly rash of random spear killings today. That ice fairy, a chap from the village, and who knows who else."
[x] "Know anything about it?"
[x] "Cough cou- Ah, screw it."

She's unlikely to know how to expand Higan, so yeah. Trade one mystery for another.
>> No. 17157
[x] "I trust I have your attention now?"
[x] "There seems to have been a ghastly rash of random spear killings today. That ice fairy, a chap from the village, and who knows who else."
[x] "Know anything about it?"
[x] "Cough cough."

Why the fuck would we blow our cover
>> No. 17158
[x] "I trust I have your attention now?"
[x] "There seems to have been a ghastly rash of random spear killings today. That ice fairy, a chap from the village, and who knows who else."
[x] "Know anything about it?"
[x] "Cough cough."
>> No. 17159
File 124518466580.png - (30.75KB, 584x394, A mystery.png) [iqdb]
You ask Marisa about the murders. She seriouses the fuck up.

"Murders you say..." She begins, intrigued. "No, I haven't heard anything about that. We should start investigating immediately."

>> No. 17160
[x] Retrieve the spear from her bag.
>> No. 17161

[x] Take her to inspect the bodies.
[x] Retrieve the spear from her bag.

A logical first step.
>> No. 17162
[x] Take her to inspect the bodies.
[x] Retrieve the spear from her bag.
>> No. 17163
File 124518889072.png - (25.25KB, 548x397, Definitely NOT traced.png) [iqdb]
Blowing your cover, you step up and grab your spear. You then bring her upstairs to see the deceased fairy.

"I-I thought you were joking," she said, he voice quivering. "This is insane...!"

Spear obtained.

>> No. 17164
File 124518899586.png - (207.05KB, 475x351, 5869738976987.png) [iqdb]
I'm sure this is related somehow...
>> No. 17166
[x] Head downstairs to show her the other body
>> No. 17167
[x] She needs to calm down. Place a reassuring hand on her shoulder.
[x] "Exactly, this is crazy. That's why we need to stop it."
[x] "Cough."
[x] Head downstairs to show her the other body

Can't lose our ally so quickly after getting her.
>> No. 17169
[x] She needs to calm down. Place a reassuring hand on her shoulder.
[x] "Exactly, this is crazy. That's why we need to stop it."
[x] "Cough."
[x] Head downstairs to show her the other body
>> No. 17170

We already are downstairs.

[x] She needs to calm down. Place a reassuring hand on her shoulder.
[x] "Exactly, this is crazy. That's why we need to stop it."
[x] Show her the other body
>> No. 17171
File 124519096032.png - (53.67KB, 548x404, err.png) [iqdb]
You place your hand on her shoulder and help her calm down. You lead her to the door. As you enter the hallway, a loud creak, as if a large door was opening, can be heard. It is followed by a loud bang.

>> No. 17172
OP here. Out of bumpable posts, it seems. Should I make a new topic, or something?
>> No. 17173
[x] Investigate the source of the noise.


That would be advisable.
>> No. 17174
[x] Investigate the source of the noise.

Also, pretty awesome that this one will take up more than one thread. Though I guess that can be kind of a bad thing.
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