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Maybe you people are wondering of why I'm doing here posting a story. Here's why: I've kept this particular stuff in my folder for three months now, and with the recent LSL update that involves Yukari trying to sexually entice the MC that almost prompted me to write an H-scene between those two I guess there's no use keeping it hidden from view.

Take note that I'm not really confident with my writing skill in this particular department, and I had to do a lot of homework just to write this down. Yes, that includes reading H-scenes found in TH-P (especially /at/).

tl;dr Please be gentle at this writefag for what he's going to post.

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“Bloody hell.”

Tittering to herself Suika swings her gourd and takes a huge gulp out of it. “So the loser has to listen to the winner’s request, right?” she asks.

“That’s the rule,” Yukari answers. “Besides, he has just lost the game. Again.”

“Awesome! That means I get to tell you to do whatever I want!” Suika exclaims.

“You have nowhere to run now,” Yukari says at me. “What are you going to do after this? Beg for your life? Surely this excellent wine taster has nothing to say about his loss, hmm~”

My head droops. This is a total defeat; as if losing to Yukari four times in the game of poker isn’t enough already, now I have to submit to the walking drinking machine? I wish I could kill myself right now, but I can’t.

“Oh? Finished?” The three of us turn to the voice and see Reimu walking into the living room. “Thought you’d keep on drinking until you’re no more.”

“We were, but then again our fellow here doesn’t like the idea of over-drinking,” Yukari says as she points her fan at me. “Too bad, because alcohol is a man’s best friend in sombre time.”

“Figure of speech,” I growl.

“Come on! A rule is a rule, and you can’t say no to that!” Suika says and takes another chug from the gourd. “Or is it because you’re afraid to do it in front of Reimu?”

“Cut it out, both of you,” Reimu interjects. “My guest here is suffering, and you’re only making his life more miserable.”

“Oh~ Reimu isn’t very fun to tease~” Yukari sobs in faked dejection. “When we thought we could tell you to give him the Ten-Thousand-Yen Service~” A what? I never thought that such service would have existed, but that’s not the problem. It’s Reimu’s reaction at the statement that worries me a little.

“Nonsense. That’s just silly rumour you like to spread around,” Reimu interjects, trying to make herself look as composure as she can. “Besides, why should I provide such treatment to my visitors? I’m not a public relation officer, you know.”

Paying the shrine maiden no attention Suika and Yukari turn to me. They grin; something’s telling me that it doesn’t look like a good sign. “Well?” the blonde asks.

“Hold on! You don’t mean to tell me to-” I protest. “That’s bullshit! I’m already broke, for Pete’s sake! Get someone else to do that!”

“What? You don’t want to do it?” Suika retorts. “That’s not fun.”

“No, and I say it again: NO,” I reply. “I’ve had enough of this piss.”

“Trying to deny your defeat, I see.” Yukari leans in and taps your forehead with her fan. “You’re the loser, and we’re the winner. Obey the rule, or we’ll resort to nastier stuff~”

“Alright, guys, get out,” Reimu says and pushes them towards the door. “Or I’ll have to kick your butt. Shoo.” The two buddies moan in disappointment but oblige to the demand anyway, and they leave the shrine to somewhere only I can guess. It doesn’t take long before Yukari returns, much to Reimu’s resentment, and she whispers something into my ear.

“Check your wallet, dear~”

I turn back to her but the woman already leaves. What did she mean by checking my wallet? I don’t remember putting anything in it, apart from a few identification cards and a worn picture. The truth is, I don’t care and I don’t want to have anything with the service-whatsoever.

“You should be heading back to the human village, too,” Reimu says as she cleans the mess. “Keine might be worried if you don’t show up.”

“In the middle of the night? Me? While drunk and emotionally broken?” I let myself fall onto the straw mat, groaning at the feeling of my head reeling. “I don’t think I’ll be able to look after myself under my current condition.” I close my eyes. “I think I’ll have to ask for accommodation here, if you don’t mind.”

“Hmm. Suit yourself, then.” Reimu heads to the kitchen, leaving me with the hangover to deal with.

A question strikes me. What’s the fuss about this Ten-Thousand-Yen Service? Surely it can’t lead to anything ‘intriguing’ can it? I forward the question to Reimu as she returns to the living room and she just sighs. “You see,” she begins. “It’s a part of the hundred-years-old Hakurei Service tradition, and to be honest, I don’t give a damn about it. If they want to donate, they should donate, and it doesn’t matter how much.” She has the point; why the fuss over trivial practice when people could just give the money?

It has been a month since I started my live in Gensokyo. As a winemaker who inherits my late father’s winemaking facility, I never found my occupation as interesting, and life was dull to be honest. At least, working with wine had enabled me to learn the telltale skill of wine-tasting, and it was somewhat fun to see my customers’ reaction to my skill at identifying each brand and quality.

It wasn’t until Yukari showed up over my place and offered me a job I could not even refuse. It could not be simpler: all I had to do was to taste some wine sample and evaluate them in preparation for the enigmatic woman’s gathering. I accepted it on impulse, thinking that I would get the chance of tasting fine and expensive wine, but I never thought that such job would land me on this mystical land.

I laugh as I remember numerous incidents I had encountered along the one-month stay. I can’t recall how many, but there are definitely some that qualify as memorable: to be chased by a persistent hungry youkai who can’t stop saying “is that so~”, unwillingly having to accept the dangerous pharmacist’s questionable medication, relentlessly pursued by the nosy paparazzi, and arguing with the perfect maid over the perfect wine for her vampire mistress. Oh, what a life!

“What are you laughing at?” Reimu asks.

“Oh, nothing. I just thought I wouldn’t be able to survive this place when I first came here,” I answer.

Reimu doesn’t seem to buy it. Well, that’s to be expected from the self-acclaimed protector of Gensokyo’s balance. She doesn’t possess any appeal in some way or another, at least from my point of view, but that’s only because I’m constantly gambling my life in this high-risk profession.

“Well, anymore question?” I turn to the shrine maiden, confused by the question. “You know, anything about that Service?” I shake my head; not that I want to ask her about it, but my head’s too fucked up to even construct proper judgment. “I see. Then you better take your sleep. It’s getting late, and I’m sure you have to wake up early tomorrow.”

“I think so.”

“Goodnight, then.” Reimu heads to her room, and again I am left alone in the silence. I close my eyes and begin to sleep, until Yukari’s reminder rings inside my ear. Taking out my wallet, I check its content, and what do you know?

A couple of crisp bank notes worth ten thousand yen.

How the hell did it get there? Moreover, I didn’t remember keeping any changes, since all my moneys had been used in the poker game. I decide not to answer the question and head outside to the offertory box. I put both notes into the box and wait for any response. Nothing. I stay outside for a few more minutes, and yet she doesn’t burst out of the shrine in excess gratitude over the donation. Hmph; what a waste of money. I should have spent it buying more equipment or donate it to the human village's school.

I return to the living room and find myself facing… an elated Reimu?
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This is the second part.

“Uhh… Reimu? You don’t look fine there,” I tell her. “You alright?”

“What did you do with the money?” she inquires.

“Huh? I just put it there,” I say, pointing to the box. “What? There’s nothing wrong with-”

Without warning she tackles me with such force that I crash onto the floor back first. Groaning in pain, I yell at her for the abrupt, rude gesture but then I find myself pinned down by the shrine maiden, and she’s staring at me contently. “Jeez. Now look what you’ve done,” she says, her disappointed voice failing to hide all trace of joy.

“Reimu… don’t tell me…”

She smiles faintly. “Now that you have donated ten thousand yen, I must oblige myself to serve you,” she answers. “And you cannot say no to decline it.”

I stare at her. I find myself looking straight at her chest. Not very big but not very small either; I can say it’s somewhere in between. It’s just that Reimu’s flimsy dress shows its skin, but come on! Who can resist squeezing those soft mounds in their hands? I can already smell her natural aroma, which in turn becomes addictively intoxicating. This is making me go nuts, and I don’t know if I should accept her service or not.

Somehow Reimu sense my anxiety, because all in a sudden she leans forward and seizes my lips with hers. It’s rough, it’s deep and it leaves me stunned and shocked. I can’t move my body as she presses herself against me and deepens the kiss. It doesn’t scare me, surprisingly. It feels so good to be kissed by a woman this beautiful; in fact I find myself returning the kiss with equal eagerness.

“You’re scared,” Reimu says as we disengage.

“Sorry. I was… freaked out.”

“I know. That’s why it’s my job to provide you with inner peace.” She looks so beautiful in this proximity; her eyes look like as if they’re made from clear crystal. Her lips are brightly vibrant and taste so sweet, too. Everything I can see about Reimu right now is perfect; I want to admire her beauty this close.

Oh, God. I want her.

I kiss her. I decide to take it slow and easy, so I let my mouth brush hers slightly. Her lips automatically part as I deepen the kiss, and she seems to enjoy it from the way she tilts her face and pushes her body up against mine. She moans softly inside my mouth as my hands rest upon her firm ass, and her hands hold my head tightly, as if urging me to kiss her even deeper.

We shift position so I am above her. Still interlocked in our kisses, I can feel Reimu’s chest heaving up and down against mine and her warm breath in my mouth. I break the kiss, only to allow myself to stare at her. She looks very vulnerable in this position, a stark contrast from her well-established image as maiden of the Hakurei Shrine.

“Reimu, you’re serious about this?”

She nods and raises her hand to cup my face. “It’s alright. You may proceed.”

I begin undressing her, taking time to run my fingers across her subtle body. She shivers at the delicate touch and slightly gasps when I undo the sarashi, exposing her breasts to the cold night. Then I pull down her skirt and toss it somewhere in the room, followed by her panties leaving her bare for me to look at. I can’t help noticing the insecure look from her and touch her face slightly.

“You’re trembling,” I say. “Are you scared?”

She looks away, obviously in denial. “What do you mean I’m scared? It must be the cold night.”

I give her cheek a soft massage. “No; seriously, you are. I mean, we don’t have to do this. We can stop right here and pretend we never thought of it.”

She shakes her head. “…it’s fine. Just… be gentle.” She smiles. “I want to make you feel good, so…”

I sigh. “Very well. Just tell me if I’m hurting you or anything.” She nods, and I lean down to nibble her neck, calling her name in whispers and savouring her scent all the way down to her chest. I take one of her breasts with my hand and gently mould it while my mouth seizes and sucks her nipple. At first her moans start low, then her voice get pitched up as I graze her hardening tit. It’s the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard, and it only makes me harder.

“Oh, yes… more please…”

I keep licking her nipple, while my free hand squeezes her other breast firmly. Reimu groans and squirms around a little, and her fingers lock around my head as she pulls me, encouraging me to give more. I can feel her heart pounding uncontrollably against her ribcage and her chest heaving up and down, unable to have a fix on me.

Then an idea strikes my head. I let go off Reimu’s lush breast and move up until my head rests underneath her armpit. I’ve wanted to do this ever since I was first introduced to her, and my mind would go wild every time I fantasized about savouring myself with her taste. And the time is now.

I stick out my tongue and slowly lick her armpit, switching from one side to another to devour her flavour. My hand finally leaves her chest and moves down to reach her crotch; I slightly give her pussy a nudge and she cries out, her back arching in response. Her body starts trashing around the floor as I continue eating her armpit and rubbing her, and her moans become high-pitched. I know this is not enough, so I leave her armpit and move lower until I’m resting between her thighs. She must have been surprised because she’s begging me to stop looking at her nether-lips, but her protest is silenced when I trace my tongue around her hairless pussy and her thighs clench my head as if to drive my mouth deeper.

“Succulent,” I tell her. “You taste better than the finest wine I’ve had.”

“You’re embarrassing me…” She screams when I plunge my tongue deeper, touching the very spot that will send her overdrive. She bucks her hips wildly against my face, desperate for more contact with the intrusion, and her moans keep getting louder and louder with each passing second. Her inner juice flows out onto the floor and I savour on it, never wasting even a drop even as I keep my firm hold on her.

Finally after what seems like an eternity Reimu comes. Holding her hips as she rides her orgasm, I lap on her juices before I crawl up her shuddering body and kiss her, filling her mouth with her own zest. After a few seconds I pull away from the kiss and remove a strand of hair from her face.

“You sure you’re ready, Reimu?”

“I… oh, god… yes! Please take me!”

I pull down my pants, freeing my erection from the restrictive garment. Straddling her hips with my arms, I position myself at her lower entrance. I take a deep breath before I push myself all the way into her. Her eyes widen and she shouts in ecstasy as my manhood slips into her, and it’s agonizing to push through without hurting either of us. Eventually I’m fully inside of her, and I take time to familiarize with the new feeling.

“How does it feel?”

“It feels good… please continue…”

I nod and bend down. As our lips lock, I pull myself slightly out of her before I thrust my hips forward and press myself deeper into her, earning a moan from her. Then I obtain the rhythm and begin moving in and out of her, stroking her inner walls, literally knocking her out of breath with each push I make.

“Don’t stop!” she demands. “Oh, don’t ever stop!”

Reimu starts to grind her hips against mine and is crying in passion as both of us are getting hotter. Sweat is covering our bodies, and her breasts are rubbing against my chest, further accelerating the lust we have for each other. I can feel her arms and legs encircling around my back as she holds onto me tightly, as we get closer to our orgasm.

We’re now at the peak of our sex. The speed of my hips pounding against hers reaches it breaking point, and Reimu’s moans become ever increasingly enthusiastic. I look down at her and she returns the stare with a passionate smile before our lips lock together for a powerful, desperate kiss. I’m getting close, and so is she.

“Oh, I’m going to come!”

I feel like I’m going to break her but it’s too far to turn back so I grab her waist and give it my final thrust. Reimu’s nails drag down my back as she clings onto me and I fell her arching, shuddering underneath me. My mind is hazed in total whiteness as I feel her inner muscles convulsing, making me join her in ecstasy. I let out a groan and release my warm seed into her, and I swear to myself it’s the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

I collapse on top of her, and rest my head upon her heaving chest. “I can’t believe we actually did this,” I gasp as she gently strokes my back.

“I know…” Reimu purrs. “And it felt good on my side, too.”

I slowly pull out of her and lay beside her. “Yeah… well, I’m glad to hear that.”

Reimu giggles as she gets up and moves in between my thighs. Before I can have a say her hand takes a hold of my limp phallus and cleans it tenderly. In an instant my cock becomes erect again and her eyes widen at the sight of it. Humming in low voice, she strokes it with her hand, using the fluid as lubricant to smooth her hand motion.

“Uhh… Reimu?”

Reimu looks up at me. With a grin that is as greedy as it is hungry, she presses her lips against the tip of my erection, giving it a teasing lick. Then, after some hesitation, it she takes the whole length of it in her mouth and starts bopping her head up and down. I shudder, the sensation of having this gorgeous shrine maiden wrapping her tongue and sucking on me unlike anything else I’ve experienced. She seems to be an expert in this, and I can’t help wondering if she has done this before, but as the threshold of pleasure rises my mind is clouded in euphoria.

“Oh, God! Reimu, I’m going to-”

My cries go unnoticed as she keeps bopping her head up and down my manhood, faster than before. My mind starts to white out and my cock starts pulsing vigorously inside her mouth. I pull her head upward just as I hit my orgasm; streams of hot semen burst out of my pulsing manhood and onto her, staining her chest, face and abdomen with the sticky white fluid. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and grins lustfully as she lets my cock empty its load onto her.

“Mmm…” Reimu scoops some of the fluid off her chest and licks it gingerly off her fingers. “You taste strong…” She smiles and crawls up towards me, pressing her lips against mine in a sloppy kiss. I let her take the lead, allowing her tongue to hungrily wrestle mine and sharing the tang of the fluid together.

The kiss disengages, and I find myself out of breath I can only call out her name in whispers. “Reimu…”

“Yes?” She stares at me, her eyelids fluttering in the anticipation and hunger of a love-struck woman.

“Are we done for tonight?”

Reimu giggles playfully. “You’d expect the service to end here, wouldn’t you?” She massages my cock, which rapidly hardens in contact with her lithe fingers. “See? Your inner desire still wants to be satisfied, and you know you can’t deny it ♥” Oh, wow. Is it me, or is she somewhat getting hooked up? This isn’t like the Reimu I have heard of and I want to tell her enough is enough, but my protest is silenced when she straddles herself over me. A lustful moan escapes her as she lowers herself along the erection, and her gaze turns blissful as she has me completely sheathed inside of her.

“Oh, yes, this is much better…” She leans forward and wraps her arms about my neck, pressing herself against me. “I heard you prefer wine that has matured, and I happen to know where to find it~” she murmurs into my ear.

“…what do you mean?”

She kisses me. “Now. Pleasure me~”

I can’t say no to that, so I tighten my grasp on her bottom and slide her up and down my erection, and before I know it the treatment lasts throughout the night, as the two of us expresses our emotion towards each other in the most intimate way. Not that I want to complain about it, and I’m sure Reimu doesn’t, either.


Well, here we go. This is my first attempt, and I'm not sure if it comes out as intended. I don't expect myself to write more like this in near future, and even if I do I don't expect myself to reach the level of those who have written H-scenes before. Gods, I better stop being paranoid right now.

With this done, this writefag is signing off from /at/.
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Was expecting Yuri/Yukari, but was pleasantly surprised. Very good for your first time.
>> No. 6312
A pleasant surprise. GJ!
>> No. 6313
Not bad at all Serial, I enjoyed it.

Just one question: How do you type out that little heart?
>> No. 6315
On that note I'm about to go looking in the archives for AoS-based Yukari H. Serial's update left me with a massive hankering for it.
>> No. 6320
This was fantastic! Too bad we won't be seeing more of this from you in th near future, ATA.

Now if you'll excuse me, I shall resume fapping to this...
>> No. 6321

As for the heart, I don't know if your computer has the character map, but you should check this site:


Or you can copy and paste, if you can.
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File 127470344577.png - (46.22KB , 744x812 , 6290112.png ) [iqdb]
>She bucks her hips wildly against my face
>“Don’t stop!” she demands. “Oh, don’t ever stop!”
>With a grin that is as greedy as it is hungry
>[post-coitus BJ]

Holy shit, this is one of the hottest h-scenes on the site. You have to write more like this.
>> No. 6331
If there's ever a Yuri/Kaguya scene, it'll be glorious.
>> No. 6334
>Ten-Thousand-Yen Service
I wonder what we would get for a 100.
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On my computer, at least, it works like this:
1. Hold Alt
2. Press 3 on the number pad (doesn't work with the numbers row above the main part of the keyboard)
3. Release Alt
4. ♥

Excellent work, Serial ATA. By the end, I was beginning to question whether it was Reimu or Yukari in disguise that Ivan was fucking.
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Yuri Ivanov, of Serial ATA's story. I think.
>> No. 6349

Oh. My bad.
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File 127481252212.jpg - (26.92KB , 315x345 , wine-tours.jpg ) [iqdb]

MC in this story is a winemaker, FYI. Reimu even asked him whether he preferred "wine that has matured".

Maybe I should do a story with Satori or Koishi next.
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File 127481776496.jpg - (200.25KB , 1200x900 , 5a3219c7c8702c533a7a6f8e5c1b09e1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh god, it's like you can read my thoughts. Why only one when you can have both.
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File 127485102570.png - (1.30MB , 800x1119 , 4a28f7bdfd81e34bc38b41a5fb78d505.png ) [iqdb]
Yes, yes, it is. Double combo meal is always fun.

And- oh god, why am I still posting in /at/?


It’s halfway past eleven. You’ve been told by Rin that the Satori would like to see you in her room, and it’s regarding the recent supplying deal both parties have agreed upon during dinner. You suspect something, since she has agreed not to discuss the matter further, and the mistrust is further enforced by the fact that she wants to see you in her room. Perish the thought, you tell yourself. It must be something she forgot to tell you.

You arrive at the door. Knocking the door three times, you hear a soft voice coming from behind the door. “Come in,” Satori tells you. You open the door and slowly step inside, ever cautious of whatever scheme the girl has in mind.

“Good evening, Satori,” you greet her. “I thought we’re already done with the deal.”

“I’m aware of it. That’s why I have summoned you here,” she answers. “Please have a seat.”

You take seat on nearby chair and take a close look at Satori as she heads to the wardrobe. “So, what kind of business that requires me to come to this room?” you ask.

“During the dinner, sir,” Satori says as she shoves through the clothes. “I have noticed something amiss about you. Apparently you lack table manners, and it has caused quite a commotion in this palace. My pets have complained to me that your behaviour has scared them.”

You shake your head. Did she refer to the time you accidentally burped aloud in front of the diners? “Well, I’m sorry for that,” you apologize.

She returns from the wardrobe, and your eyes widen when you notice that she’s donning her nightgown. “I’m aware that you’ll issue an apology for the behavioural misconduct, and for that you are forgiven. However.” The moment she says that, you are suddenly tied in ropes and bound onto the chair. This takes you by complete surprise and you try to untangle the ropes, only to be tightly secured on the chair. “Such attitude must be taken care of accordingly, and my younger sister happens to have a brilliant idea on how to… punish you.”

You hear a giggle from behind and turn around to see Koishi hovering over you. “Hello~” She, too, wears the same clothing as Satori, only flimsier.

“Oh, great. What is this trick you’re trying to pull on me?” you demand.

The girl giggles and approaches you. “Well, you were staring at Big Sis from the moment you came to this palace.” She bends down and licks your ear, causing you to shiver. “And you were even looking at me. How lewd.”

“What? No! I wouldn’t do such things to my business partner!” you scoff.

“Say whatever you like,” Koishi whispers. “For you cannot escape from us. Now, Big Sis.” She leaves you and approaches Satori at the side of the bed. “What kind of punishment we had discussed earlier?”

“Hmm… you tell me,” Satori said with a hint of mischief in her smile.

“Oh~ Big Sis is too shy to say it aloud~” Koishi’s hands start roaming across Satori’s body until they reach the shoulder straps. “Maybe I should do this first~” She pulls the strings down, moving inch by inch as to present Satori’s delectable skin to your eyes. She halts midway, only to let Satori do the same to her garment, and gasps when her sister presses her lips on her upper chest. You start panting at the visual torture, and it doesn’t help that a tent is rising in your pants.

They finish undressing each other, having stripped to only their lace panties to cover their private parts. They turn to you and giggle. “Looks like he can’t take the heat already,” Koishi murmurs and licks her lips. “Let’s tease him some more, Sis~”

“Of course, Koishi.” Satori cups Koishi’s face and seizes her lips in a deep kiss, interlocking arms and squeezing each other’s butt, and they are completely oblivious to your current state. Satori plunges her tongue into Koishi’s mouth, wrestling with her sister’s tongue, gasping once when Koishi squeezes her butt that causes her to deepen the kiss. You instantly get turned on from seeing the frolic, but with your body tied on the chair there’s no way you can relief yourself of the temptation.

“Umm… you’re really good, Sis~” Koishi speaks as they break off the kiss.

Satori giggles. “Of course. After all, someone likes it when siblings are playing each other,” she says and throws you a seductive gaze. “Isn’t that right?” she asks you.

“Oh? I bet you’re going to like this~” Satori gasps when she finds herself pressed down on the bed and finally closes her eyes as Koishi straddles her. She moans softly as her hands move to Koishi’s back, pulling her closer for another kiss. Lying down on her sister Koishi pulls back and gives teasing butterfly kisses around Satori’s mouth before licking trails of saliva that runs down her neck. “Sloppy…” she says.

“Can’t help it when you’re making me deep throat your tongue,” Satori complains, cheeks burning at the action. “Don’t stop.”

Koishi nods and kisses her again, her hands running over Satori’s side. The mind reader opens her mouth wider, now panting into Koishi’s mouth; the action is accepted at once and they fight each other for air while hugging each other close. Koishi lets out a small moan, which is chuckled at by Satori. Not the one to let that happen she allows her hands to slide down underneath Satori’s panties and grabs the butt fully in both her hands, pulling Satori’s waist closer and getting a shocked but pleased gasp into her mouth.

Satori rolls over atop of Koishi, taking her turn to seize the delectable tits in her mouth and savouring the feminine taste that comes with them. Koishi slips her fingers into her sister’s pussy, rubbing it once and twice before sliding them into her. Satori moans hard, mimicking the action as a response, and Koishi’s shifting of her hips only encourages Satori to go deeper. Their inner juices already leak out, dampening their underwear and soiling the mattress. You can’t help realizing that they don’t care of what happens to them, as they become even more excited by each second.

Eventually even foreplay becomes too much for them. “I can’t take it anymore,” Satori pants, her body being covered in sweats and drools.

“Neither am I…” Koishi gasps.

They smile at each other and slowly undo their panties, throwing the soaking clothes aside. The intoxicating scent of their love juice puts them into a trance, and drives you to the point of no return as you already start feeling the heat. Satori falls back to the mattress, her breaths heavy and unsteady, and her cheeks burning in passion. Koishi crawls towards Satori, spreads her thighs apart and pressed her nether-lips against Satori. They moan loudly the moment they make contact, and they smile lustfully at each other.

“Oh… that feels so good…” Koishi murmurs.

“Rub me hard, Koishi… make your sister cum…” Satori moans.

Koishi kisses her. “You don’t have to ask, Sis~” With that said she begins moving her hips, grinding herself against Satori’s hips in methodical motions. Satori moaned and straddled Koishi’s hips, trying to match the motion of Koishi’s grinding.

“Yes… harder, Koishi! Harder!” Koishi complies and grinds herself against Satori harder, earning her a lustful scream from her sister. Automatically Satori’s hands crawl up Koishi’s body to her breasts and clasp the warm mound, squeezing and kneading them as to match the movement of Koishi’s hips.

“Oh, oh! I’m going to come!!” Satori’s eyes roll back into her head. “Make me cum hard, Koishi!!”

“Me too, Sis!!” Koishi grips Satori’s waist, grinding once, twice before they reach their climax. Satori is the first to come, her inner juice gushing out of her like torrential river, and the sensation of being creamed all over is more than enough to make Koishi orgasm. She collapses beside Satori, their energy fast draining out after the intense carnal dance. Satori wraps an arm around Koishi, and soon they’re holding each other in a naked embrace.

“Say, are we forgetting something?” Satori asks.


>> No. 6377
>> No. 6378
File 127485184487.gif - (45.32KB , 207x237 , f55555555555.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6379
File 127485197728.jpg - (73.06KB , 500x324 , f5f5f5f5f5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Goddamn, i knew i should have become a winemaker.

>a brilliant idea on how to… punish you.
Let him bound to the chair and leave?
I sure hope that the next part involves a blindfold so that the guy has to guess who the sister is.
>> No. 6380
File 127485423376.jpg - (584.37KB , 1391x1908 , 6a66db7433b28a7869e5c9edd46616c6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alright, alright, folks. Here's Part 2.


“Hmm… Koishi brushes her lips against Satori’s neck, making her giggle. “I think we just did.” She looks at you, who have by now already on the brink of passing out due to the excessive amount of excitement. “Ah~ of course!” She lets go off Satori, giggling at the protest she’s hearing, and approaches you. “So~ how do you like it?”

You can’t say anything. The very sight of naked Koishi, glistening with love juices and sweat, only help in pushing the threshold of your lust to new height. “Ko… Koishi…” you gasp.

“You’re being silly, you know.” Koishi grins, as her hand crawls on your pants and opens the zipper in swift motion. Your erection is revealed in all its might, and she doesn’t even bother wasting as she begins stroking it. “I know you have the craving for us ever since you became our supplier, and I’ve wondered if it takes you long enough to realize it.”

“Oh… Koishi… harder…” you gasp.

“Hmm?” Koishi twitches her hand, making your eyes storm wide. “What did you just tell me~”

“Harder, Koishi!!” you groan. “I don’t care of what you and your sister are going to do to me- oh, yes…!”

Koishi giggles and gives you a soft kiss. “Good. Now sit down and just try to relax, okay?”

By now Satori has gotten off the bed and is joining Koishi. “It’s not fun when only one person gets all the fun, does it?” she says as she pulls your shirt, revealing your well-built chest that makes both the girls blush. She presses her breasts against your back, rubbing her body up and down while Koishi continues stroking your hard length. You close your eyes, unable to let yourself resist the pleasure of having the Komeiji Sisters work on you, and as Satori nibbles on your neck you let out a pleased gasp that is quick to be silenced as Koishi kisses you. It seems to you that the siblings are the one getting excited more than you are.

“G-girls! I’m going to…!” You groan when Koishi strokes you even faster, and your hips involuntarily rock upward as to match her hand movement. Koishi purred, her stroking motion becoming even more vigorous than before. You give them one final warning before you shudder, shooting your load onto Koishi, covering her face and body with the thick and warm cream. Still not letting go off your member, Koishi traces her finger on the stain and licks it, sharing some with Satori as she sucks on her finger, sighing in ecstasy.

“It tastes good~” she murmurs.

“Really? I want to try, too.” Satori lets go off your neck and moves forward, taking your manhood from Koishi’s hand and stroking it again into a hard rod. This time, she takes a step further and engulfs it in her mouth, earning a surprised look from Koishi and you. You try saying something but Koishi doesn’t allow it to happen as she sits on top of your waist and kiss you passionately, all while Satori continues the suckling of his erection. The tie on your wrists loosens a bit, allowing you to move your hands to straddle Koishi’s hips, and you insert a finger into the girl’s lower entrance, making her moan into your mouth.

After what seems to be an eternity the three of you come. You groan, your hips rocking erratically as you shoot your load into Satori’s mouth, in which she swallows every drop of it hungrily. Koishi comes as well from your extensive fingering, and the reaction causes Satori to orgasm intensely. You take a very deep breath; this has been taking too much toll of you, but the sisters aren’t about to let the fun end.

“Help me with him, Koishi,” Satori says as she lets go off you. Koishi jumps off your lap and helps untying the rope of you before they lead you to the bed. “It’s more comfortable when we have our fun over there.” You’re all too eager to have the delicious sisters for you, so you follow their lead.

“You know, Sis, he has very big appetite… for a human,” Koishi says as they lay you strip you naked, and they surprise you by blindfolding you and tying you up on the bed. “Threesome is better if you can’t tell who’s doing who~” you can hear Koishi whispering into your ear.

“I bet he has enough strength to spend the night with just the two of us,” Satori tells her.

“Oh, come on~ less talking and more action, shall we?” Koishi giggles. “And as for you~”

You feel your lips being kissed, but with your eyes blindfolded all you can do is to respond to whoever the kisser is. At the same time you groan when you feel the tip of your erection brushing against the tip of warm pussy, but you can’t tell who’s straddling you since all you can hear is a muffled moan.

“Oh, yes! That’s it…” the girl in question starts moving up and down your erection. “Hit me hard! Give me everything you’ve got!!” She’s going a bit too fast, and you’re about to tell her to slow down when the other girl muffles your mouth with her pussy. “I’m not going to miss the fun,” the other girl says as she grinds her crotch against your face. “Lick me hard! Plunge your hot tongue into me!” You can’t tell which is which and have to make a wild guess, but at this point it doesn’t matter

You comply as you do your best in pleasuring the sisters, switching from licking one girl’s wet cunt with pounding into the other. Amidst your fierce tonguing and fingering you can feel the girl on your lap moaning loudly and bouncing up and down your erection. You have never seen the Komeiji Sisters this horny before, and it only makes you want them even more.

You focus on pleasuring the girl on your face, licking and delving her pussy and touching her inner walls with your tongue. She moans encouragingly, and you start sucking on her deep and hard; her cries get silenced, which you guess happens when the girl on your lap seizes her mouth against hers, and your imagination goes wild as you mentally picture the girls tonguing and biting each other lips, their hands squeezing each others’ breasts and butts, and listening to their sweet voice as they pant and gasp for air. You’re driven mad by the pleasure of doing the sisters and you can’t take it anymore.

“Girls! I’m going to cum!!” you warn them.

The blast of pleasure crashes into your mind and destroys all thoughts in its path. Your muscle tense up and trembled as you thrust forth with all your might, shooting your hot seed into the straddling girl’s womb, triggering her orgasm as she bucks her hips wildly against you. At the same time the girl on your face screams in pure bliss, bucking her hips desperately against your mouth as she comes. It takes a few seconds before the girls leave you and collapse beside you, purring in satisfaction. They seem to be tired, and so are you.

“That was fun~” Koishi murmurs as she crawls up to give you a soft and satisfied kiss. “So, can you guess which girl you just did?”

“Can’t really tell,” you say. “Unless you take this blindfold off me first.”

She giggles. “Really? Or is it because you’re already calling it quit?” she asks. “Don’t be. Sis and I are just thinking of going for round two~”

“Another round? But I have work to do tomorrow-” Your protest is silenced when Koishi kisses you, long and hard. “…uhh, girls. I don’t think I can keep up with both of you again…”

“Who says we’re going to let you go?” Satori whispers into your ear. “Admit it, sir. You’ve wanted us from day one, and you know you can’t deny the longing ♥”

“Maybe he’s just shy with us, Sis,” Koishi suggested. “But it’s okay. Sisters are supposed to share, and I’m sure he likes the idea ♥” She traces a finger down your body until it reaches your limp shaft and she strokes it tenderly until it rises into its full mast. “Hmm~ I think he still has enough strength for both of us, Sis~”

“Of course, dear,” Satori says with a chuckle.

You can only sigh. You just realize you are in for a very, VERY long night…


Alright, I think I'm done expressing my ideas for /at/, and hopefully it will help me in the main story. Now, if you please excuse me while I have to change my pants.
>> No. 6381
That was good and you should feel good for doing it.
>> No. 6382
>Alright, I think I'm done expressing my ideas for /at/

You'll be back. They ALL come back.

And I'm happy for it,
>> No. 6383
File 127486018445.jpg - (364.30KB , 500x750 , 1269807129126.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Threesome is better if you can’t tell who’s doing who~
Goddamn, that was too hot. That were all the things that i like to read about.

I hope that the Winemaker's Journey in Gensokyo is not over yet. There are still many Touhous that haven't got their deliveries yet.
>> No. 6385
File 127488911452.jpg - (134.31KB , 600x800 , f8e92af056189d524abec417e54ed125.jpg ) [iqdb]
Of course, though I haven't thought of making a full story of the winemaker, but I guess it's feasible.

Posting picture because I just love this Satori.
>> No. 6390
He was manipulated into wanting them by Koishi. Satori was the one on his face.
>> No. 6393
I think he did want them all a long, it's just that Koishi let the impulse loose.
>> No. 6396
Alright, folks, I think I'm going to make the winemaker an official MC, so starting from the next entry, I'll provide his backstory (as in how he got introduced to Gensokyo and how he came to know the populations). And I'll keep the written format as how it is, depending on whether I'll use first-person (Ten-Thousand Yen Service) or second-person (Komeiji Threesome) narration. I can't guarantee the update rate to be as fast as my other stories, though.

So, anon, which Touhous you want to see next?
>> No. 6406
>So, anon, which Touhous you want to see next?

Komachi! Poor shinigami hardly pops up anymore.
>> No. 6412
File 127499477821.jpg - (165.83KB , 600x566 , Three! Three! Three for the price of one!.jpg ) [iqdb]
>So, anon, which Touhous you want to see next?
>> No. 6413
Youmu, the poor girl doesn't get nearly enough attention.
>> No. 6415
File 127499683370.jpg - (360.08KB , 859x1214 , 0deaedb29c936c009c1c91a62c3b4b38.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6416
File 127499921346.jpg - (283.30KB , 1000x950 , 9c59626c4cdbd4ac7ccc6a156dce5af9.jpg ) [iqdb]
Seconded. Delicious fairies are delicious.
>> No. 6417
File 12750000912.jpg - (841.97KB , 1150x1150 , 1349f1d206f1ba61a51ec4573fa3f219.jpg ) [iqdb]

Maids need love too.
>> No. 6420
Yes, Komachi needs love badly, and I'm sure your winemaker would enjoy her very soft company.
>> No. 6421

foursome next
>> No. 6423
Other Touhous in need of Loving
Wriggle (Do it for Patchwork!)
The Akis
>> No. 6424

This man has the right idea...

I so want to see an Ichirin scene!
>> No. 6425
>The Akis
We will never get a scene with them in Fragmentation of Memories.
>> No. 6426
So when will we get the eventual Yukari/Yuyuko H-scene?
>> No. 6427
Sata. Writing H. I'm not sure what to say, except thanks for the Reimu scene, congratulations, and fairies do want.
>> No. 6428

There's always the possibility of a side story and a possible time skip back to autumn

>> No. 6430
Hard to say but it does feel as if Lion's Railroading us.

That'd be pretty nice too, though if not for MtG Anon's laziness, I'd think we'd see such a scene there first.
>> No. 6434
File 127510327469.jpg - (84.24KB , 400x400 , 1220045520598.jpg ) [iqdb]
Whoa. Hold your horses, gentlemen.

I misread that as Yukari/Yuri H-scene, seriously.

I'm glad that you're pleased, my friend.

Not sure if I can pull this one.

>Wriggle (Do it for Patchwork!)
Is this a challenge?

Gypsy Touhou needs some tender loving, too ;_;

Already have a plan with it. Sexy? Maybe.

>The Akis
Again, I'm not very confident of writing a scene with these girls.

glasnost beat me to it.
>> No. 6435
>glasnost beat me to it.

That doesn't mean you can't do one with her as well.
>> No. 6436
Moar Parsee is always nice.
>> No. 6437
finally some Komachi loving.
>> No. 6438
File 127511638631.jpg - (150.60KB , 850x1133 , KomachiKimono2.jpg ) [iqdb]

Sometimes the embrace of death isn't cold and hard, but warm and very, VERY soft.
>> No. 6439
File 127512301916.png - (528.98KB , 600x600 , fcadc770e38b316b39a64745a836fd0a.png ) [iqdb]
“What say you, Madam Shiki? Do you agree with the term and condition?”

You can see the Enma’s eyebrows arching low. You swear to yourself you have altered the mood of the atmosphere from the words you have spoken, and for a while you stay rigid in your spot. Standing next to the Yama, Komachi looks back and forth between you, wanting to see the outcome of the negotiation.

“You really have the wits of a merchant, Mister Winemaker,” Eiki speaks. “Such is the sin that you have shown me. You could have been condemned to eternal damnation, you know.”

“What can I say,” you shrug.

She smiles. “Alright. On behalf of the Court of the Judges of the Dead, I accept the contract of delivery. I expect you to supply us with the best wines you have, Mister Winemaker.”

You grin. “I’m always ready to please my customers,” you tell her.

“Well, then. Komachi.”

“Yes, Boss!” Komachi replies.

“Please escort him to the courtyard,” Eiki speaks. “And make sure you don’t get sidetracked, unless you’re ready for the consequences.” You don’t quite understand the last bit of the sentence but Komachi already grabs your collar and drags you towards the door.

“Alright, Boss! Got it loud and clear,” Komachi replies.

“Before I forget. Mister Winemaker?” Shikieiki calls you.

Both of you turn back at the judge. “Yes, Madam Shiki?” you ask.

“Maybe I should visit you and learn on how you make a wine,” she speaks. “I wonder if I can… indulge my curiosity.”

“I guess I could demonstrate how to handpick the best wine, if you like” you speak, earning yourself an amused grin from the Yama. You wonder what the grin is for…
“I bet you’re really tired, kid,” Komachi says as both of you walk away from the court.

You just nod. “Try getting into my shoes for once. Damn, striking a deal with the Yama is tougher than I thought.” You outstretch your arms. “But I have to admit, it’s so fun debating with her about my occupation and whatnot. Especially when I tried to explain to her that a wine is best enjoyed when it has matured.”

“You know what, kid? You really are something,” Komachi tells you. “Come on. I’ll show you a place. And- oh.” She winks. “Grab my hand. It’s going to be a bumpy trip.”

You take her hand. “Okay. I’m ready.”

She clenches your hand, then after repositioning the scythe on her shoulder she takes a deep breath. “Hold on tight.” You hold your breath, and everything around you becomes blurred as you feel your body being jumped across the plane. Immediately you wrap your arms around Komachi’s waist and never let go off her, fearing that she might drop you behind by accident.

The trip ends after a few more leaps, and you hear a soft thud. “Alright, kid. You can open your eyes now.” You’re hesitant at first but you open your eyes, and the scenery before you catches your breath away. No longer are you inside the dull Court of the Dead as you are now standing on top of a hill, with pristine grassland covering the surrounding area. You have never thought to come across this place in Higan, much less anywhere in Gensokyo.

“What did you just do?” You can barely breathe after the explosive trip.

“I manipulate the distance between the court and this place,” Komachi says. “In other words, I can take the shortest route to wherever I want to go.” She, then, heads towards a tree and motions at you to follow her. “It’s my favourite resting spot. Beautiful location, isn’t it?”

“Wonderful,” you say as you look around the landscape. “Reminds me of my home back at my world. Wish I had asked the border lady to transfer the entire vineyard, but eh. Who am I to complain?”

Komachi takes her place underneath the tree. “Let’s sit down, shall we? We have lots to talk about,” she says.

“Really now?” You sit down beside her. “What business you’d like to have with me?”

“I don’t know,” the woman shrugs. “Maybe we can talk about your job?”

“Why should we? There’s nothing special about it,” you answer.

“Come on, you know winemaking was a prized profession in the yesteryears,” Komachi tells you. “And people revered winemakers for their craftsmanship. You should be proud of yourself.” You snicker. Well, she has a point, though. You have to be; in the community back at your place, you’re one of the remaining winemakers who still produce wine in traditional method, and you’re very proud to keep the tradition alive.

“Ahn~ I wish I could speak to Boss like this a lot,” Komachi sighs. “Not that I want to complain about working with her, but sometimes I just wonder if she’s focusing too much of her job.”

As she continues her rambling you take a close look on Komachi. Even while sitting, the top of your head can only reach the lower tip of her ear, indicating how tall this woman is. You can only imagine her height when you’re standing side by side, watching as her breasts sway in rhythm with her each step, listening to her soft voice as she hums her favourite folklore song. How you wish to rest your head upon the soft bosom, listening to the soothing music of her heart as it pounds against your chest-

This is getting a bit out of control, so you clear your throat. “Is there anything else you want to talk about?” you ask.

“Nothing much. I just like having your company. Besides…” She turns around and moves her face towards you, so close that her nose is brushing against the tip of yours. Looking at her this close is enough to make your heart skip; she really lives up to her namesake, the “prettiest girl in town”, and you can’t deny it.

“You’re quite cute,” she giggles.

You feel a rush of blood flowing into your face - and your crotch. “Thanks. And you’re quite pretty, too,” you tell her.

Komachi smiles. “That’s so sweet of you, kid. Maybe… maybe I can do this to show you my appreciation.” Without any warning she takes your head and buries your face beneath her cleavage. Your protest is muffled when she presses her palm against the back of your head as she pushes you deeper into her chest. Your struggle to escape seems to encourage her, as you can hear a somewhat suggestive sigh escaping her.

“Now, now, kid. Don’t be so embarrassed in front of me,” she murmurs as she begins ruffling your hair. “It’s just the two of us here, and there’s nothing wrong about being alone.” She keeps pressing your face against her chest, and every time you gasp for air your breaths tickle her skin, causing her to let out an erotic yelp. It doesn’t help that your erection is now at full mast, restricted only by your pants, and you’re struggling to keep it at bay.

Finally you manage to get free from Komachi’s embrace. “Komachi,” you say, panting for air. “I really appreciate this, but aren’t you supposed to escort me to the outside world?” you ask.

She laughs. “Come on! Don’t be so dense,” she says aloud. “It’s not that you’re going to miss your home if I keep you here forever, right?” She, then, eyes down your body until she arrives at your crotch. Her eyebrow arches upward when she sees the tent, and she grins at the sight. “Oh~ just as I thought.” She grabs your pants by the waist and pulls it down, letting your erection free. “I suppose the intense negotiation back there has left you very frustrated down here,” she purrs. Well, more like her affectionate embrace has caused this, but you don’t mention that to her. “You don’t mind if I relieve you right here, do you?”

You nod. “Can’t say no to this offer, can I?”

Komachi chuckles. “Let me see~” She drags her finger along the length of the erection, a low, impressed whistle escaping her lips as she examines the length in details. The very touch of her finger makes you shudder, and you limply fall backward only to land on the tree trunk. Seeing your respond makes the woman smile, and you shudder as she carefully wraps her digits around you, her thumb gently massaging the tip, the nail occasionally prodding you agonizingly lightly.

“I bet you want more, hmm~?” Licking her lips once, she places light kisses along the length of your erection, moving ever closer towards the tip. Then, as if knowing what to come, she wraps her mouth around you and starts sucking on you, her eyes locked with you the entire time she does this. You moan and instinctively grab Komachi’s hair, pushing her head into your lap as she continues the oral ministration of your erect cock.

“Komachi…” you gasp. “I… I’m going to…”

She doesn’t allow you to finish your sentence as she speeds up the motion of her head, moaning ever louder than before. Her hands caress your crotch as a series of slurping and gagging come from her tight throat, and you can see her face burning brightly, which only increases the threshold of your-


Your body trembles, and your toes twitch as you find release, ejaculating into her mouth, filling it with your load until it overflows. She finally releases you, and a satisfied smile is carved upon her face as she licks the remaining cum off your erection. You’re still out of breath when this gorgeous woman sits atop of your lap and draws you in for a kiss. You’re reluctant when you realize she wants to kiss you while she still has your cum in her mouth, but you can’t stop her.

“How did you like that?” she asks as she breaks off the kiss.

“You’re amazing.” You have to be honest; she really is.

“So? How you like it if we spend our evening together?” she asks.

You laugh when you suddenly realize the reason she takes you to the hill. “Not a bad idea, I guess.”


Part 2 will be posted later.
>> No. 6441
File 127513377788.jpg - (395.56KB , 880x1040 , 342c43e7ba6d5178d91be9ee7d0ceaff.jpg ) [iqdb]
The lack of Komachi H pictures is disturbing, but whatever. Here's the second and last part.


She takes the lead and kisses you again. She sighs softly into your mouth as you wrap your arms around her waist, drawing her in so you can kiss her deeper. She’s so warm, so soft, and you feel like you have drifted off to an alternate universe. Unconsciously your fingers drift off and stroke her inner thighs, discovering that she doesn’t wear any underwear. You look into her eyes; rather than stopping you, she’s moaning again, encouraging you to continue. You give her crotch a light prod; she’s so slippery you easily slide a finger into her. With the other hand you squeeze the flesh of her butt, making her moan loudly into your mouth as she kisses you deeply.

“Undress me,” she commands.

Putting your hands across her shoulders, you pull the dress all way to her waist. Your eyes storm wide as her breasts are let free from the garment that has been restricting them, and she giggles at the response. “My. You really have an eye for well-developed woman, aren’t you?” she asks.

You don’t answer, choosing instead to take her left nipple in your mouth and suckle on it. Your other hand leaves her delectable ass and grabs her other breast and squeeze it into a ripe mound. She cradles your head, sighing happily as you graze her hardening tit. You switch to her other breast and take her nipple in your mouth, licking, pinpricking, and marring it. You release her breasts and lick the skin off the bloodstains your teeth left, feeling her shudder in your arms.

She manages to pull away from you and tells you to lie down. “Let me feel your tongue…” she commands when she practically sits on your face. Groaning, you grab her butt and bury yourself in her cunt while she hungrily sucks your cock again, lapping her juices that are almost dripping onto your face. Oh God. She tastes perfect, a combination of the finest wines your tongue has tasted, and you’re eating her pussy like no tomorrow.

After a while she sits lets go of your erection and sits up. “Stand up, kid.” Without any protest you comply, and you just watch as she bends her incredibly hot and half-naked body over the grass, pointing her ass and her needy pussy at you. “Do you want to fuck me?”

She doesn’t have to ask twice. Of course you want to!

Instantly you pull down her skirt, grab her waist and guide your pulsing manhood into her. “Oh, yes…” she moans as you thrust yourself up to the hilt. Goddamn it, it feels so inside of her, it’s like she’s going to burn you through. You move inside of her and make her writhe with pleasure as you hit every spot imaginable with your hard-on. You can’t believe this; you’re actually fucking the Death God, the navigator of the Buddhist equivalent to River Styx. You lean over her while thrusting steadily in and out of her and grab one of her breasts, squeezing it so hard you think you might hurt her. Your other hand reaches her crotch and is fiercely rubbing her clit, causing her to scream.

“Fuck me hard! Don’t stop! Oh, god! You’re going to make me cum!”

She holds her breath, her body stiffens against you, and for a brief moment all you can hear is the sloppy sound of your balls slapping against her. Then she screams it out. “Oh! Fuck!!” You make her come. You can’t help gloating to yourself as you keep thrusting into her shaking body, until her hand rests against your leg, calming it down.

“Lay down.” Both of you switch position, and when you’re on the ground she slides herself over your cock and begins straddling you. “I want to see your face when you come inside me,” she whispers huskily.

She extends her arm towards you and sticks two fingers in your mouth. You suck on them, watching her face show a whole series of expressions of ecstasy. Your hands reach up for her bouncing breasts and squeeze her nipples while she rides you.

“Komachi, I…” You can feel your orgasm building inside of you, and you know it’s a matter of time before you burst. “I’m going to…”

“Then let’s come together,” Komachi moans and bends down as to kiss you passionately. “Give it all to me… everything…”

You thrust your hips upward and moan loudly as you hit your climax. Your brain shortcuts and you’re riding on the waves of bliss as you release your hot seed into her womb. Komachi arches backward and screams as you trigger her orgasm as well, her inner walls desperately milking you as you spurt a few more loads into her. Then she collapses on top of you, her head resting on your chest, your cock still inside her pussy. She looks up at you, smiles and caresses your face softly.

“I really should’ve escorted you home,” she whispers while lifting herself up to let out your limp manhood, her voice making it obvious that she doesn’t really want to say it. “Boss is going to be mad at me if she knows I’m slacking again…”

You touch her face. “I don’t want to go, Komachi,” you protest weakly. “I want more of you…”

Komachi smiles deviously. “Me too…”


There you go, folks. Hope you're satisfied and enjoying this session thoroughly.
>> No. 6442
Yes very much, but the lack of Shiki is disturbing.
Or is the best yet to come because she looked like she wanted a taste of the better wine.
>> No. 6443
Nice but I do agree there isn't as much Komachi H as one'd expect.
>> No. 6444
A few more suggestions for girls:
Eirin (Please, no dick snapping)
>> No. 6445
You've done it again, Serial! You're really on a roll with these.

>“Maybe I should visit you and learn on how you make a wine,” she speaks. “I wonder if I can… indulge my curiosity.”

>“I guess I could demonstrate how to handpick the best wine, if you like” you speak, earning yourself an amused grin from the Yama. You wonder what the grin is for…

My Shiki senses are tingling...could this be a possible future scene?
>> No. 6448
File 127515497453.jpg - (72.82KB , 811x900 , b1af0ec5aa999962151fb529987f1291.jpg ) [iqdb]
>the lack of Shiki is disturbing.
I know. My apology for that.

>Or is the best yet to come because she looked like she wanted a taste of the better wine.
I can't reveal the information.

>Nice but I do agree there isn't as much Komachi H as one'd expect.
I know, and it kind of saddens me because I find Komachi a very interesting and exciting character to write about (at least that's what I felt when I wrote the scene).

>My Shiki senses are tingling...could this be a possible future scene?
I wonder if your Shiki senses are proven right...

Those are sexy suggestions you have there, anon. And I like it.
>> No. 6450
think it's due to the rather middling popularity of PoFV; that or how japan prefers the Yakumos or Eirin when it comes to boob stuff. Isn't it sad, Meiling?

And there's been very few doujins starring Komachi (she usually appears in doujins as part of a mini-story, never the main focus), that's why I liked stuff like SAZ's Two Komachi things, it's all about her, and they don't ignore her rack. Nothing's more disappointing than getting a doujin starring a girl, and it focuses too much on the pussy, ignoring the girl's special traits.
>> No. 6451
An Iku would be more than fine too.
>> No. 6452
>Implying komachi has noteworthy traits beyond having breasts and a pussy.
>> No. 6453
I'm now outright stating it, you faggot.

Asides from her nigh-unrivaled bust, long legs, and cute red hair, she has a warm, nice if rather morbid personality. She'd never be stiff or boring.
>> No. 6454
I bet she could get pretty stiff under the right circumstances.
>> No. 6455
Well, considering she handles stiffs on a daily basis...
>> No. 6456
File 127517569689.jpg - (67.75KB , 525x394 , 10_rimshot.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6460
I have a surprise for everyone~


Night is fast approaching. Around Gensokyo everyone is either preparing to visit the dreamland or begin their night-time activity. You, on the other hand, have just closed your workshop at the Human Village and are preparing to head home. Business is booming, although slow, and you’re satisfied for being able to support yourself with the income you make. You’re also proud of your title as the only winemaker in Gensokyo, and you have the honour of continuing your tradition.

You arrive at your home - a small cottage surrounded by a decent-sized vineyard for wine production, courtesy of the lovely (if not enigmatic) lady of boundaries. The landscape is prepared in such way to resemble your hometown, so at least you’ll feel less homesick. It’s also located near the lake, which offers an excellent viewing for the visitors.

Your stomach grumbles. Right, you haven’t eaten much since your trip to the Court of the Dead, and you have realized just how difficult is in bargaining a deal with Shikieiki, although in the end you managed to convince the judge to accept the contract of wine delivery. At least you had spent the event afterwards with the lovely shinigami Komachi, and you were happy with it.

The moment you step into the house a pleasant smell catches your nose. Garlic bread being baked, mushroom soup boiling, soothing aroma of hot chocolate… someone’s cooking dinner? Curious you head to the kitchen and catch the glimpse of a pair of golden wings and green hair tied in ponytail near the stove.

“Well, never thought to see a fairy using my kitchen.”

The person turns around, smiling to see you. “Welcome home,” Daiyousei greets. “Hope you don’t mind me cooking dinner for you.”

“Of course I don’t mind,” you answer and seat near the table. “In fact, I appreciate it.” You can see Daiyousei’s smile widens, and this pleases you. “Though garlic bread, mushroom soup and hot chocolate? I was expecting something more exotic.”

“What do you expect from this fairy?” Daiyousei says with a chuckle. “It was Miss Sakuya and Miss Meiling who suggested me to cook those.” Oh, those two would never quit teasing you and your appetite. “Oh, the soup’s ready.”

She approaches the stove and carries the earthenware pot to the table. Then she heads to the oven, where the fresh fragrant of baked bread seeps into your nostril as she takes the finished product out. You close your eyes; nothing beats the freshness of home-made bread, and nothing is lovelier than to savour the sweet taste of Daiyousei’s dedication.

“So how’s work?” Daiyousei asks as she prepares the meal.

“Satisfying, if you can call that an answer,” you tell her, and thank her as she gives you bowl of soup. “You know, Daiyousei, you don’t have to overdo yourself. I mean, we’ve known each other for barely a week, and yet-”

“Why not?” she cuts you off. “This is my way of thanking you.”

“I didn’t do anything much back then,” you laugh. “Well, I did tell them that I’d hang them from a tree and smear them with honey so that the wildlife would feast on them.” You wonder how silly the threat was, but at least the thugs never showed up to bother Daiyousei since then.

“Don’t be silly. You saved me, and I should thank you for that,” Daiyousei says. “Oh, I think I saw your favourite wine at the shelf. Mind if you wait here for a moment while I go get it?”

As she searches the cabinet for the mentioned wine, your mind wanders. Fairies aren’t really popular for their relationship with humans. In general, they tend to be mischievous (goddamn those trio for breaking into the storage room) or boastfully arrogant (why hello there Cirno), and they aren’t too bright, either. Daiyousei is a special exception: being a fairy doesn’t help the fact that she’s the sweetest, most beautiful and most caring girl you’ve ever met. Hell, if it isn’t for the wings, she can be candidate for a perfect housewife.

The sound of a shattered glass drags you back to reality, followed by Daiyousei’s shriek. Quickly you approach her and notice a broken bottle on the counter, its content spilling on her body. “Are you alright, Daiyousei?”

“Oh no no no no no!” Daiyousei panics. “I slipped it off my hand when I tried pulling it out of the shelf! How can I be so careless?” You look at the mess, and back at her as she frantically apologizes. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to waste your favourite wine!”

“Daiyousei, it’s alright,” you tell her. “It’s just an accident.”

The girl starts sobbing. “I… I just want to treat you, so…” Her voice gets shaky, and her eyes are brimming in tears that later flow down her face. She’s obviously trying very hard to repay the deed, you realize, and the way she starts breaking down (while getting all wet from the wine spilled over her) makes you feel sorry for the girl.

“I’m sorry…” she murmurs, her head drooping in shame.

“Hey, now.” You can only smile. “It’s just a bottle of wine. I can replace it with another one.”

“B-but… it’s your favourite…” she whimpers. “How can I be…”

Enough with this. You can’t afford to let such a sweet girl blame herself. So you grab Daiyousei’s arms and pull her into your embrace. The girl’s surprised yelp goes unnoticed as you kiss her, and she squirms at first as she tries getting off you. Then she calms down and accepts the kiss, holding you as close as she can.

Eventually she breaks away, panting and blushing. “The dinner… it’ll get cold if we leave them…”

“Let’s forget about dinner,” you speak and seize her lips in another kiss. “All I know is that I’m very hungry, and it isn’t food that I want.”

Her eyes widen at the remark. For a while she stares at you in bewilderment, and you can see her breasts through the drenched clothes, her nipples jutting and rubbing on your chest, her cheeks burning brightly. You can almost see the reflection of your face in aqua eyes, and her warm breath on your face is starting to turn you on.

She’s so beautiful.

“Then…” She closes her eyes and parts her lips invitingly. “…please be gentle…”

You kiss her again. She sighs softly, and her head tilts sideway as to allow the kiss to deepen. Your hand removes the ribbon from her head and let her hair flow down onto her shoulders, before combing it tenderly between your fingers. Then your hands roam toward her chest and unbutton the wet dress, feeling her body shivers as her breasts are exposed to the chill air. Your mouth leaves hers as you lean into her, brushing your lips down Daiyousei’s neck and collarbone, briefly stopping once in a while to nip at her velvety skin. The girl purrs in your arms as your tongue laps on the sweet tang of her skin, and she lets out a surprised giggle when you playfully bite her neck.

Before long your mouth hovers closely over Daiyousei’s unhindered left breast. The smell of fruit and honey, mixed with her natural aroma, fuels the lust you have for her, and you waste no time taking her stiff nipple into your mouth, bringing forth a short gasp of pleasure. Short vibrations run through her body, which heighten in force as your free hand strokes her cheek before coming down to her other mound. You flick your tongue over her tense nub, licking and sucking on it, while your other hand unremittingly fondles her right nipple, rubbing it tenderly between your fingers. Daiyousei pants and wriggles in your arms, trying to get a fix on you while you administer the unrelenting suckling of her firm nipple.

A few minutes later you let go off Daiyousei’s breasts and pull yourself up to the girl’s lips, kissing her once more, swirling in a passion neither of you have the power to contemplate. Daiyousei eagerly returns the kiss, her hands already undoing your shirt and stroking your firm chest. She’s startled when you break off the kiss, but you say nothing. Your only answer is to move down her smooth body once more, and there is no ushering as your lips return to seize her tender mound once more. Your free hand follows a different direction, however, and after stroking her stomach in a circular motion you slip your hand down her skirt and roam along the curve of her crotch. Then you pull aside her wet panties and…


Daiyousei’s eyes storm wide as you leisurely rub the fairy’s most private of all areas. Suddenly low moans start filling the kitchen, so too does a musky aroma. All of it comes from a love-struck Daiyousei, her thighs closing in to clasp your hand. You stop, just to get a better feel of her sloppy wetness, and you pull out your fingers away before sucking on them.

“You taste so succulent. Delicious; I could eat you all day.” You look up at her, quirking an eyebrow as if asking for permission. She nods. “Well, then.” You haul her up your arms and place her on the table, earning yourself a surprised look from her.

“R…right here?” she asks. “But we’ll leave a mess in the kitchen if we…”

“Daiyousei my dear, I don’t think we have time to wait,” you say as you spread her thighs for a better look on her. You groan when the scent of her love juices seep into your nose, and you immediately dive in, kissing her private parts and inserting your tongue into her, hearing her pants and moans. You insert a finger into her, then another as you pump them in an out of her, while paying attention to the button that will drive her wild.

Louder moans echo out of Daiyousei’s mouth, which turn into high-pitched cries as you unhurriedly stroke your fingers into her depth, while you lick and delve at her lower lips, purposely avoiding the peak of her slit. More of her inner juices leak out from the depth of her sex, and before long her pleasing hips are bucking against your mouth, desperate to gain more contact with your intrusive darts and licks.

After a few seconds Daiyousei reaches her climax and arches off the table, shuddering and screaming your name. You continue lapping on her sweet-tasting cum, never wasting a single drop as she rides her orgasm. As she starts calming down you leave her crotch and plant kisses up her shaking body until you reach her lips. You kiss her, filling her mouth with the unique taste of her love and sharing it with her.

“Thank you… I don’t think I’ve ever come this hard…” she confesses.

“You’re more than welcome, Daiyousei,” you reply.

You get up, and you remove your pants, freeing yourself. You hover over Daiyousei, putting your hands on either side of her head as you kiss her again, getting her to open up for you. You groan when Daiyousei starts stroking your hard length and you reach out to her hand, stopping her.

“My dear, you’ll have to slow down. I don’t think I can last that long.”

“Then take me…”

“Guide me into you.”

She places you on her entrance, and you push your hips, inserting yourself inch by agonizing inch. “Faster,” she pants. “Don’t make me wait.” You thrust all the way in, and both of you shout in ecstasy. She’s so tight, so hot, and you want to stay inside her for a bit longer. Bracing yourself on your arms you start pounding into her, stroking her inner walls with your pulsing rod while savouring the sight of her getting out of breath.

“Deeper, faster…” she whimpers. “Oh! Faster!”

You increase the tempo of your hips pounding, building up the pressure towards climax. You stroke her deeper, reaching that sweet spot of hers, burying yourself to the hilt, earning a moan from Daiyousei. She’s a moaner, you love that about her. You look at your beautiful fairy, her hair spilled on the table, her cheeks flushed from the lovemaking, her eyes glazed with passion.

“Oh!” she cries out. “I’m coming!”

You grip her waist, thrusting once, twice, before she reaches her peak. Her nails drag down your back and you feel her arching and shuddering underneath you. You can feel her inner muscles convulsing around you as she joins you in ecstasy, and you groan deep in your chest as your release your warm seed into her.

You pull her off the table and lay down on the floor. Daiyousei sighs happily as she rests herself on top of you, her lithe arms wrapped around you as both of you are coming down from your passion. Then she lifts her head and looks at you, her face revealing the most blissful expression you’ve seen yet.

“Best meal I’ve ever had…” Daiyousei murmurs.

“I know.” You pull her face down and kiss her softly. “Glad that you enjoyed it.”

Daiyousei giggles and lifts herself from your limp cock as she sit on your waist. “Now that our craving for each other is settled, how about we satisfy our real hunger?” Before you can answer your stomach puts in the first word, and you blush at the realization as she starts laughing.

“Yeah. We better have our dinner before food starts getting cold.”


So, yeah. Sorry for my sudden disappearance, but I thought I could the chance from my three-day break to write down this story. I bet everyone didn’t see this coming. Confession: I love Daiyousei and I didn’t expect myself to write her H-scene, either. I just hope this isn’t so cheesy. Sorry; no picture available for this post.

I think in future stories, our winemaker MC needs a proper name. Y/N?
>> No. 6462
It's not cheesy, but I'm starting to think of a winemaker/Daiyousei OTP.

I think something Italian would suit him best as a name.
>> No. 6463
Eh, I'm fine with him remaining nameless.
>> No. 6465
File 127537401752.jpg - (65.77KB , 355x400 , man-with-no-name.jpg ) [iqdb]
>“Best meal I’ve ever had…” Daiyousei murmurs.
So cute.

Names are overrated.
>> No. 6466
File 127537627134.jpg - (745.43KB , 1000x1285 , 397282ab191a7a349452aace2a5b67fb.jpg ) [iqdb]
I guess that means "a nameless man is fine, too". Well, I can't disagree with that.

This post is just an excuse to post this delicious Daiyousei picture.
>> No. 6467
Wine-anon is just the protagonist in this set of shorts right? Or is he part of another story you write? If he isn't, I wouldn't mind seeing a story like that.
>> No. 6468
Wine-anon is the protagonist of this series of short stories, and have no connection to the main story whatsoever. The setting of his stories is different from, say, Captain Ivanov of LSL, so my interpretation of the Touhous in this series may differ.
>> No. 6469
Nameless is fine too. As for the writing, I think you might want to shift the balance between communication with dialogue and communication via actions and expressions slightly more towards the latter one.
>> No. 6474
That Daiyousei story was delightful.
>> No. 6476

In that post is another nice Daiyousei picture that isn't borderline-pedo.
>> No. 6486
Lovely, and nameless.
>> No. 6525
Note taken, and thanks. H-story isn't my specialty, to be honest, and I'm still learning to write it properly (and beautifully).

Here's another Daiyousei one-shot before our MC goes for a journey. For now, PC-98 Y/Y?


The morning sunshine pierces through the curtains, its warmth seeping into your body and waking you up from your deep slumber. With a reluctant yawn, you outstretch your limbs and pull the sheets back to your body, breathing in the scent that has settled into them - the wonderful mixture of Mother Nature and perfumes that Daiyousei carries with her. You don’t mind the loneliness in the mornings, since she has the habit of waking up long before you, so long as you can admire this divine aroma.

A gentle poke at your forehead prompts you to look upward, and you’re greeted with the sight that never fails to capture your heart. Standing over you, gazing down at you lovingly is Daiyousei, all done up in her usual fancy greens.

“Good morning. Wake up; early birds get their breakfast.”

You groan lazily and pull the blanket over your head, pretending you’re still sleepy. “Give me a few more minutes, will you?” you say teasingly.

“Oh no, you don’t.” She yanks the sheets forcibly away from you. “Get up, you sleepyhead. What about your trip today?”

“I can always postpone the trip, can’t I?” you ask, unable to resist the warmth of her soft touch.

“Oh, please! Even if you do, you still have your workshop to worry of.” She sits atop of you, her hands creeping up your bare chest and tenderly massaging your skin, grinning all the way. “Or should I resort to excessive force to pull you out of bed?”

“Oh? Trying to act daring, aren’t we?” you ask.

Her hands now rest upon your shoulders, and her head is hanging a few inches over yours, her hair dangling off her lovely face. “Well, I can try if you like.” She lifts one of her hand and brings it towards your crotch, massaging your private area oh-so-agonizingly, and she smiles greedily the moment your manhood springs to life. “Already worked up, hmm? You’re one naughty boy, you know~”

“Can’t help it when you try to wake me up in the wrong area,” you say, even as your hands start unbuttoning her shirt and massaging her breasts.

Her smile widens. She pulls the trouser down, relieving your erection off its restrictive tent. Brushing your hands off her chest she turns around and presents her ass to you, wiggling it expectantly in front of your face. You realize that she isn’t wearing any panties underneath the skirt, and that her pussy is already glistening.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Daiyousei asks as she brings her mouth close to the tip of your erection.

You don’t have to wait. You instantly grab her butt and bury yourself in her cunt, lapping on the sweet nectar of your fairy lover, while she starts sucking on your cock hungrily. You continue eating her pussy, licking her inner walls and getting excited by the nature-flavoured aphrodisiac, and she starts moaning as she bucks her hips against your face, trying to gain contact with your tongue.

Both of you come after a few minutes. You groan and shoot your load into Daiyousei’s mouth while she shudders as she climaxes, her cum flowing onto your face like torrential river. You keep on lapping on her juices, pressing your lips against her damp pussy and sucking on her flavour.

Finally she lets go off your cock and turns back at you. “Tastes like strawberry~” She crawls up your body and pressed her lips against yours, and both of you share the essence of your love juices, your tongues wrestling against each other like a pair of slugs mating. She breaks off the kiss, her mischievous smile telling you that she has more things you’ll never know.

“Think you’re ready for more?” she asks huskily, steadying herself over you. The tip of your shaft disappears under her skirt, and you feel her bare, dripping slit brush against you.

“Always, my dear.”

Licking her lips, Daiyousei mounts you slowly, and her sultry smile turns dazed and blissful as she inches her way down your shaft. A hiss of pleasure escapes her when she finally takes you in down to the hilt, and she closes her eyes as she rests on your hips.

She must be really hungry.

Placing your hands on either side of her hips you push your hips upward, causing her to let you a surprised yelp. “Mmm… feels so good~” she murmurs happily as she moves her hips and starts riding you. “Don’t stop…”

You thrust your hips, savouring the sight of her growing short of breath with each push. Her sweet voice, along with the musky aroma of her love, fills the bedroom as she moves herself up and down your erection. Then her moans grow louder as she moves herself quicker, which feels awkward from this position, although the sheer heat and the building friction of the solid grip her pussy has on your manhood makes up for it.

She starts panting herself, forsaking bouncing in your lap for bumping, grinding, writhing, whatever she can do quickly. You groan as you try keeping up with her pace, and she moans even louder as her hips move faster than before. Knowing that she can take the lead, you leave her hips to do the work and guide your hands up to her breasts, squeezing and pinching the warm mound, and she responds by kissing you desperately, moaning into your mouth as her excitement grows.

You feel an intense pressure building inside of you, and your visions start blurring. Before you can issue your lover a warning your world explodes into a blaze of ecstasy, every part of your body going numb with pleasure as you feel your hot seed filling her womb, causing her to let out an ear-splitting scream of orgasm.

You lay slumping on the bed as Daiyousei falls limp against you, and both of you pant for breath as you come down from the high of your lovemaking. The two of you stare at each other with matching blissful smiles, and your hand removes a strand of hair off her face as your lips find their way to her forehead, kissing it softly.

“That’s one hell of a breakfast,” you murmur.

She giggles as she kisses you in return. “I don’t mind sharing it with you every day,” she replies.

You pull her up from your limp cock and turn to your side, holding her in your arms. She squirms happily and nuzzles up against you, her lips brushing against the skin of your chest, while you rest your chin atop of her scalp.

“Say, about the trip…” she asks.

You look at the alarm clock. “Nah; it’s still early,” you answer and hug her closer. “A journey to wine-tasting is best done when it isn’t rushed.” You can hear her growling in protest over the remark, and you silence her with a kiss. “Besides, I’ve wanted to cuddle you like this every morning,” you tell her.

“You’re being silly,” she giggles.
>> No. 6526
the beginning made me think of the PV of Club Ibuki in Break All

couldn't read the whole thing because I'm in school now, I'll check back later
>> No. 6528

with that I mean the beginning of the first post
>> No. 6529
>>your tongues wrestling against each other like a pair of slugs mating
Am I the only one who thought of mollusks there?

Otherwise another nice scene, though you might want to run a grammar check. Even if I am nitpicking with this now, I saw some missing third person s' and a wrong preposition.

>>you still have your workshop to worry of
It is "to worry about" something.

Stay at it though, I have seen things much worse than this.
>> No. 6530
That is why it was hot.
>> No. 6531

I know and I was not complaining there.
>> No. 6532
>For now, PC-98 Y/Y?

Yes please.
>> No. 6533
>>For now, PC-98 Y/Y?
Elly please. After reading Border House it really is a requirement.
I don't mind if she is dominating at the beginning and in the end gets cute.
>> No. 6534
How about a threesome with PC-98 Yukka (IN PAJAMAS!!!) and Elly? (Elly with the red dress and scythe right?)
>> No. 6535
Let's see...

We could stand to have some Kotohime, quirky cute noble

Kurumi (who if Lion's to be believed, is nicely endowed)

Kana (God knows when or if Lion does a scene with her)

More Shinki, Yuuka, Or Mima isn't bad either.
>> No. 6536
File 127596989045.png - (285.54KB , 692x473 , 25.png ) [iqdb]
If you ever do Yuuka, I hope you include a scene like these two images.
>> No. 6537
File 12759699007.jpg - (138.29KB , 1041x750 , 26-27.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6547
Will there be a Mokou or a Reisen scene coming up?
>> No. 6555
Finally a Komachi scene! thank you for it.
I just need a Nitori, Hina and Momizi now.
These two will also be warmly welcome~
>> No. 6566
She is such a gentle girl, some sweet loving sex scene is what she should deserve.
>> No. 6569
My vote goes to Hina as well.
>> No. 6571
Delicious curse goddess~! Must have!
>> No. 6573
I'm going to out on a limb, and vote for a Yuuka scene.
>> No. 6574
Hina hina.

>> No. 6575
There is never enough Hina.
>> No. 6576
So Hina or Yuuka.


Why not both?
>> No. 6577
I like the way you think and would like to subscribe to your blog.
>> No. 6582
More Hina = always yes.
>> No. 6584
Vines an ribbons for bondage?

I don't know give some ideas
>> No. 6591
I'm aware of that. Maybe I should ask for a proofreader in the future.

>PC-98 Yuuka and Elly threesome
Dominant Yuuka or dominant Elly? Either way, I just hope we'll survive the hot and passionate night with these lovely companions.

Except for the last twos, I may have to do some research for the girls, although OH GOD KANA SHE'S SO LONELY I NEED TO COMFORT HER ;_;

Though aren't we forgetting a certain strawberry crisis?

Source, please?

So eager to have our curse sucked out of us, eh?

I second this notion.
>> No. 6592
Or a sailor of time
>> No. 6593
File 127618775073.jpg - (234.07KB , 833x1200 , atsuchanangle.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Source, please?
Kami no Shizuku, a manga perhaps best known for the implausible heights at which decantering takes place therein.
>> No. 6599
“Take care of the vineyard for me, okay?”

Daiyousei and the rest of the fairies nod. “Have a safe journey,” she says.

“Thanks,” you reply and give her a kiss. The fairies squeal in surprise at the sight, but you pay them no attention as you let go off your lover. “I won’t be home for three days, so do your best to keep the business flourishing.”

“Don’t worry about it, sir!” one of the fairies says. “We’ll take care of your Dai-chan, too! We promise!” he remark makes Daiyousei blush brightly and the fairies are quick to take cover when she yells at them. “Aw! Dai-chan is too shy in front of her lovey-dovey!” Seeing these playful lasses gives you an assurance that your trip will be as prosperous as it is fun. Good thing the fairies agreed to help Daiyousei looking after the estate.

You grab your backpack and head outside where Yukari is standing beside a tricycle she has prepared for the trip. “You sure you don’t want me to help? I can gap you to your destinations quickly, if you like,” the lady of boundaries says.

You offer her a smile. “Sorry, but I prefer travelling this way,” you say as you inspect the sidecar for content. “Merlot… Ducru-Beaucaillo… Schilfwein… Hunter Valley… these should be enough for the trip.”

“Really now?” Yukari peers over your shoulder and looks at the packaging. “You should bring some more. Who knows there’s someone who might be interested, like… strawberry flavour?

“I really don’t get you,” you shrug.

“Oh, I’m sure you will,” she chuckles. “Now go, before the girls starting to get restless.”

After bidding Yukari and the fairies goodbye you leave the estate and begin the trip. It proves to be an eventful trip as everywhere people are greeting you and asking for advices on picking the best wine for their occasion. You can sense your pride rising, knowing that the masses are beginning to appreciate this profession.

Somehow you feel your ride going a bit slower than you first thought. You could’ve sworn you’re not carrying excessive luggage but as you paddle up the hill the weight just keeps adding in. It’s when you check the sidecar after reaching the top of the hill you identify the source of the problem.

“Hello~!” Koishi greets you. Sitting next to her Kogasa offers you a sweet smile. “Hope you don’t mind taking us for a ride.”

“Thought you’re staying with your sister,” you chide.

“It’s so boring down there,” Koishi mutters. “Big Sis doesn’t want to play with me today, and Orin and Okuu are too busy buggering the oni. I’m lonely, and you’re the only person I can think of.” Very nice. At least you have someone to talk to throughout the trip. “Besides, you have Kogasa, so you have doubled the fun!”

You glance at the umbrella girl. “Just don’t spill the wine,” you groan.

“Okay!” Kogasa replies.

“Anyway.” Koishi jumps off the sidecar and latches onto your back. “Where are you going with all the wines you’re carrying?”

“Why would you want to know?” you ask.

“Because I’m curious~” As she whispers the statement her hands crawls towards your waist and wraps themselves around it; as she does this, Kogasa leaves the sidecar and floats close to you. You notice these actions but pay them no attention, although Kogasa does distract you by rubbing her hand on your crotch.

“Watch where your hands are, girls,” you warn them. “Do you want to send us crashing into a tree?”

“Oh really now?” Koishi murmurs and tightens her arms. “Maybe that’s a good idea, because that means we can attend your injuries however we like~” As she presses her chest against your back you can feel the blood rushing towards your crotch, and you fight against the temptation while maintaining your focus on the road; to make matters worse, Kogasa has noticed the rising tent and is chuckling as she prods it gingerly.

After so many obstacles involving Koishi and Kogasa distracting you from the traffic you eventually reach your destination: a spaceship. It’s a good thing you managed to keep focused until now, but the nature of this destination makes you wonder if the list Yukari gave you makes any sense.

“Oh~ this place,” Koishi coos.

“You know about it?” you ask.

The girl nods. “I visited it once a few months ago, but it was empty,” she answers. “I found Kogasa, though, so we ended up-” She giggles deviously. “You know how the story ends.”

You climb off the bike and shake the girls off your body. “Alright girls. I know you two want to have fun with me, but business comes first.” You look back at the girls, who are just grinning (you really want to wonder the nature of those smiles…). “And don’t do anything stupid with the bike or the wines. Especially the wines.”

“Okay, we will.” Koishi gives you a quick nip on the left ear before she jumps off the tricycle; Kogasa does the same to your right ear and teams up with Koishi. “You go strike the deal with her. We, meanwhile, will wander around aimlessly until we get bored.”

“Don’t worry about us,” Kogasa tells you as she starts nibbling Koishi’s ear. “We can take care of ourselves~” With that said the girls head off to god-knows-where, leaving you with a thousand questions about their intimacy. Not that you want to complain about it, since it’d be better that they’re occupied with playing each other.

No time to lose. You take one bottle from the cart and approach the spaceship, noticing that there’s a sign pointing at a button that says “Do Not Press If You Are Salesman.” You grin as you read the sign; how ridiculous, it only serves to tempt people into pressing it. Well, you’re going to press it anyway.



You hear sounds of various locks and gears behind the door. You wait for the door to open up and are greeted with the sight of a redhead. Judging from her expression, you can tell that she’s both surprised and not amused.

“Who might you be?” You introduce yourself to the caped girl and explain your intention of visiting the ship. “A winemaker on trading journey? I thought that tradition has died out, at least in my place.”

“Nonsense,” you reply. “I’m still doing it, you see.”

“Oh, I’m sorry for my rudeness,” the girl apologizes with a chuckle. “I’m Yumemi Okazaki, owner of this ship. Please come in.”

You step into the ship - if you want to call it a ship. The interior reminds you of the posh villa you once visited, only much more… feminine, for the lack of better word. Strawberries are all over the place: strawberry painting near the door that leads to the kitchen, strawberry-decorated vase next to the spiral staircases, strawberry curtains, strawberry cushions- gods! This girl must be a strawberry fanatic.

“Oh, do take a seat while I prepare the meal,” Yumemi says as she gestures you to the couch; it even has strawberry decorations all over it, how nice. “It’s been a while since I last had visitors; I feel a bit lonely since Chiyuri left a week ago. To think that it would be a man, anyone would think that I’m such a… oh, sorry for my enthusiasm,” she chuckles.

“Hey, don’t force yourself,” you tell her. “I’m not going to overstay my welcome here, you see. So please, why don’t we just sit down and discuss our term and condition in civilized manner?”

The girl arches an eyebrow upward. “Oh, straight to business, aren’t we? I like that.” She sits on the couch directly facing yours, and crosses her legs as to let you see the pantyhose underneath the skirt. “So tell me, sir winemaker, what kind of business you’d like to have with me?”

“For starter, I’m on a trip to promote my workshop,” you begin. “And I’m hoping that people will start paying attention about it. You’re among the first of my potential customers.”

“That’s interesting,” Yumemi utters. “But isn’t it a hassle for you to do all the works alone? You could have distributed flyers to inform everyone of your shop.”

“I would, but then again where’s the fun of demonstrating my customers on how to pick the best wine?” You enforce your statement by placing the wine bottle you brought along on the table and ask for a glass. You, then, pour a bit of the content into to the glass and sip it, taking time to savour its aromatic taste. “For example, this Red Libourne was produced in nineteen-ninety-five, and yet its freshness… it’s almost as if you can savour the very taste of nature… ah, how am I able to explain this experience…”

You glance at Yumemi. She’s now paying attention to your monologue, which means it’s working according to plan.

“…as my father once told me,” you speak as you take another sip. “You cannot describe the richness of a wine until you let your tongue savour its taste.” You leave a portion of the wine in the glass and return it to the table, pushing it towards Yumemi. “Now why don’t you try?”

Diligently she takes the glass and takes a quick sniff on its content. She smiles, probably at herself, and sips some of the wine. Seeing her face contorting in a mixture of surprise, amazed and pleasure makes you grin; if anything, this is the sign that she’s starting to have interest in this business.

“You know, all these talks about wine make me wonder if you have strawberry wine in store,” Yumemi says as.

“Strawberry-flavoured? I tried making it once but it didn’t turn out that great,” you answer.

She pouts. “That’s too bad, because I prefer strawberry over anything else,” she says. “Maybe I can teach you on how to appreciate the delicious fruit…” Her hands crawl up to her shoulders and remove the cape from her body, letting it sag to the floor. She undoes her shirt and skirt until she’s covered in only pantyhose and bra. Your eyes go wide over this unexpected act, which makes Yumemi grin.

“Well? What do you say, sir winemaker?” she says as she takes a strawberry from the bowl and licks it sensuously.

“I don’t mind having strawberries for dessert right now,” you say.

“I like that answer~” She approaches you and pushes you down onto the couch before she sits atop of your hips. With a seductive smile she places the strawberry between her lips and bends down until her mouth is hovering an inch or so over yours. You try taking the fruit off her mouth before she pulls away from you, and you groan in disappointment. “Patience~” she whispers and places a finger upon your lips. “You’ll get your reward soon.”

“Daring, aren’t we?” you tease.

She giggles. “We’ll see who’s more daring between us~”


This should do for now. I know, I know. With sexy Yumemi teaching us a lesson on strawberry, and the potential threesome with Koishi and Kogasa, I'm such a horrible tease, aren't I?
>> No. 6600
File 127620392517.jpg - (817.42KB , 640x968 , 4e0020866c3cce3d569bb61c162d5e39.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah, I almost forgot to post this, too.
>> No. 6601
>You grab your backpack and head outside where Yukari is standing beside a tricycle she has prepared for the trip.

>Orin and Okuu are too busy buggering the oni.
If this was anywhere but /at/, I would dismiss this as a simple typo. Here, though...
>> No. 6602
>and the potential threesome with Koishi and Kogasa

I would love to see this.
>> No. 6603
>“For starter, I’m on a trip to promote my workshop,”
He sure does work hard to spread his "wine" among the Touhous.
And i like this even more now that this is not some short scenes but has a continuing story.

But damn, now i REALLY want some choices to let me decide what to do. Go and get taught by Yumemi, leave it at it and concentrate on Koishi and Kogasa or just leave and try to sell your wine someplace else?
>> No. 6610
We probably have time to: go get taught by Yumemi, then concentrate on Koishi and Kogasa, and afterwards leave and try to sell our wine someplace else.
>> No. 6611
Why the need for choices, we'll get both then some.

Though I didn't suggest the strawberry professor and her underage sailor cosplaying assistant because they just didn't come to mind... your work might change that.
>> No. 6619
>He sure does work hard to spread his "wine" among the Touhous.
Oh you.

>And i like this even more now that this is not some short scenes but has a continuing story.
I know. Even I never thought to continue the story that started this thread.

>Why the need for choices, we'll get both then some.
Patience, anon. We have to win the girls' "taste" one drop of wine at a time. There is no rush in making and tasting a fine wine.
>> No. 6651
File 127666243851.jpg - (186.08KB , 678x800 , 1242427170962.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay, but here it is. Hope this update will make up for my absence in this place.


The strawberry girl offers you a grin as she bends her head down, holding the strawberry firmly between her lips. You snatch the fruit before she can pull back, and you chuckle as she protests at you. You can’t help wanting to tease this girl some more, so as you swallow the fruit down the throat you pick another from the table. She licks her lips eagerly, already wanting to have the fruit for herself but you aren’t going for that yet. Instead you split the strawberry in two and rub one of its halves on her belly, causing her to let out a shocked gasp.

“Can’t take a little teasing, eh?” you say and rub the fruit around her bellybutton in circular motion.

“What a naughty boy you are,” she purrs and snatches the strawberry half from your hand. “Open your mouth wide and stay still~”

You oblige and let Yumemi do the handiwork. Slowly, deliberately, she puts it over your mouth and squeezes its juice over your tongue. A hungry grin appears on her lips as she inserts two fingers into your mouth; you take it as a cue and start sucking on her fingers, and her face immediately displays various expressions of pleasure. As soft moans are escaping from her mouth she bucks her hips against yours, and you can feel the heat coming off of her body.

You pull her fingers out of her mouth, and she pouts in annoyance in response. “What? Can’t forever be sucking on your fingers, can I?” you ask in mocking tone.

“Are you saying that I should feed you more?” Yumemi replies in a surprised, yet seductive, manner.

“Why, it was your idea in the first place,” you state.

The strawberry girl grins foxily over the answer. “You asked for it~” she murmurs and leans forward so that her breasts are zoomed into your face. You take another piece of strawberry and squeeze it hard over her mound, letting its juice drip into the crevasse between the mounds. You rub the spent portion on her skin, eliciting a sensual moan from Yumemi’s mouth, and you keep on doing it as she starts squirming in your arms.

“Don’t waste it,” she reminds when the essence almost drips off her chest.

“That isn’t even my intention in the first place,” you answer.

You press your face between her breasts, hungrily sucking the essence off her chest and savouring its sharp taste, mixed with her intoxicating zest. Yumemi groans when your hands undo the restrictive bra and pinch her tits between your fingers; loud slurping can be heard as you vigorously feed yourself off the girl’s breasts, while you keep pinching her nipples and working them into an excited peak.

You let go off her. “What an experience,” you tell her as you look up at her.

Yumemi grins. “Are you ready for our advanced lesson?” she whispers and lifts herself off your lap, pulling her panties aside to reveal her glistening pussy.

You’re only too happy to oblige, so you haul her in your arms and make your way upstairs, heading to her room. You lay her down on the bed and pull the soaked panties down, intoxicated by the lustful scent of her aroma. You look up at Yumemi, who points you to a bowl full of strawberries on the bedside table.

“What you did to my breasts,” she purrs. “Do it to my pussy.”

You take one of the fruits and squeeze its juice onto her crotch and into her depth, repeating the process until she’s filled. You dive in afterwards, feasting yourself upon her strawberry-flavoured juice. The strawberry girl moans and starts panting as you graze your teeth over her hard clit, and her thighs clamp your head to pull your mouth deeper into her. The clamping slackens not too long afterwards and you’re let go. You trail your eyes up her body until you make eye contact with Yumemi. She gives you a smile, albeit a tired one, and puts a strawberry in her mouth before chewed it. As if she’s inviting you to share the chewed fruit, her lips part open and you waste no time taking her mouth in a kiss. Her hands are pressed on both side of your head and pull you down as the kiss deepens and becomes wetter.

Both of you break off after kissing and biting each other’s lips for minutes, and Yumemi caresses her hand across your cheek, while you take her hand into a soft clasp. “You know, I’m getting very uptight from all these lessons,” she speaks. “Perhaps you should help me… loosen up a bit.” As she speaks, her hand leaves your face and move down your body until it reaches the waistline of your pants and struggles to pull you out of it. You help her undoing her clothes as well, tossing the unwanted attire away from the bed.

“I think I know how to deal with this situation.” Kissing her once more, you position yourself at her lower entrance and look at her. She nods, and you take a deep breath before inserting yourself into her, pushing yourself up to the hilt. She responds by closing the distance between your bodies, wrapping her arms and legs around you. Lips meet as the hard nipples from her breasts slide up and down your chest as you ride her, and a mixture of muffled moans, kissing and the sounds of your hips slapping heavily against her crotch fills the room.

The familiar sensation of your body tensing up before orgasm emerges, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by Yumemi. She ends the kiss and whispers huskily, “I don’t care if my womb gets filled by your seed.” Her lips meet yours for a moment and then release as she continues, “Just give it all to me.” Her soaked inner walls clamp down around you as if trying to draw the essence out of your body. You scream as your body shakes and quivers, thick ropes of hot cum flowing upstream and filling Yumemi’s insides, and her own scream follows suit as liquids rush out to flow onto the mattress.


Both of you turn to the cry and see a pig-tailed girl in sailor uniform staring at you in utter shock. She seems to be in complete loss of words but manages to remain calm. “Sorry,” the girl speaks. “Please enjoy yourselves!!” she screams and makes haste for the exit.

The two of you stare at each other in awkward silence, but soon break down into a fit of giggles, cuddling and kissing each other as both of you are descending from the fiery lovemaking. Once both of you settle down, drowsiness quickly sets in, your eyes struggling to remain open in the face of warm, fuzzy sleepiness. As you drift off to sleep, you manage to ask a question.

“You didn’t think she’d show up this early, did you?”

“No,” she replies, giving you one last peck on the lips. “But we managed to surprise her, didn’t we?”
>> No. 6653
I like strawberries.

>“But we managed to surprise her, didn’t we?”
Really had to laugh.

Looking forward to the next one.
>> No. 6729
File 127710133595.jpg - (643.04KB , 1258x850 , 3c46a4348469b86b1a904247775d6c70.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I guess our business is done,” you say as you head to the tricycle. “That means I have to start supplying you with strawberry wine from now on.”

“Of course,” the strawberry girl answers. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat me with other flavours, too. Especially those that give my tongue a little bit of sting~

“Whatever you say,” you shrug. “I just hope that friend of yours’ still not freaked out. Must have been a traumatic experience for her.”

Yumemi giggles. “I know how to take care of Chiyuri, so don’t worry about her,” she says. “Thanks for the visit, though. It’s been a long time since a man last came to this place. I really enjoyed your company; it can get lonely here sometimes.”

“I guess you don’t mind me visiting you in the future,” you reply with a smile.

Yumemi smiles. “You’re more than welcomed, dear sir,” she tells you.

You give her a salute and leave the spaceship. You continue the trip across the magnificent land you can call home, cycling down the road that leads you to your next destination. You remember your conversation with Yukari last week regarding a curse goddess who lives at Youkai Mountains, and you wish to give this person a visit.

You look up at the sky. It’s almost afternoon, though the clouds are quickly setting in. It seems the weather’s going to be cloudy for the rest of the day, so you hasten the paddling and head towards a simple hut near a crossroad. You should rest for a while, restoring some energy that has been lost during the “education time” with Yumemi. Not that you want to complain since you have, at the very least, you have struck a deal with the strawberry girl.

Come to think about it, neither Koishi nor Kogasa is to be found near the spaceship. They must have gone somewhere else to continue frolicking with each other. Damn, when you thought you could join the fun, savouring the girls’ divine taste as they express their emotions in the most intimate way you can think of.

Shaking your head in wonder you brush the lone bench and lay down on it. The day is still early, and you figure you can take a few minutes’ doze before continuing the trip. You can only hope nobody’s going to surprise you while you’re asleep.
“Who is this guy?”

“I don’t know. He doesn’t look familiar to me. Should we wake him up?”

“Don’t be so silly. Can’t you see he’s sleeping?”

“I know that, but why would he sleep here?”

“He might be tired. See the bike? He must have travelled so far to reach this place.”

You feel yourself being watched. Slowly you open your eyes and find yourself staring into two pairs of golden red eyes staring down at you. One of them wears a red hat with blue grapes decoration on it, while the other one has dried maple leaves stuck between her hairs. Who are these girls doing- hey, it’s the goddesses of autumn, but what are they doing out here, out of their time?

“You aren’t supposed to sleep out here,” the grape-hat girl tells you.

“Why shouldn’t I?” you ask. “I was just having a quick nap. Yawn, is it evening already?”

“You’re now in Youkai Mountains’ territory,” the grape-hat girl continues. “I suggest that you leave before the creatures here hunt you down.”

“Minori, stop scaring her,” the maple girl pleads. “He must have some reason to go here…”

“Alright, girls.” You get up and face the sisters. “Aren’t you supposed to wait until autumn to show up?” you ask.

The grape-hat girl puffs her cheeks indignantly. “What? You’d expect us to shut ourselves indoor forever?” She leans forward and pokes her finger against your chest. “And you, mister. Either you’re a fool for coming here alone, or you have guts. Or maybe you have neither.”

“Minori, please stop…” the maple girl murmurs while pulling at her sleeve.

“I’m but a humble winemaker on a journey to promote my workshop,” you introduce. “I’m planning to visit the curse goddess at the mountains. Do you know where to find her?” The girls step away from you and whisper to each other, occasionally looking at you over their shoulders before they resume their discussion.

“You must be talking about Hina,” the grape-hat girl speaks as the girls return to you. “Sorry to burst your bubbles, mister, but we saw her leaving the mountains and heading west… isn’t that where the sunflower field is, Shizuha?” The maple girl shakes her head. “Don’t be that afraid. It’s not that we have to look for trouble with the sunflower lady, right?”

“That’s not a good idea at all…!” the maple girl protests.

“Whatever, Shizuha.” She extends her hand, offering a handshake. “We are Aki Sisters. I’m Minoriko, and this is my older sister Shizuha.”

The maple girl nods at you. “Pleased to meet you, sir,” she speaks.

You shake Minoriko’s hand while glancing at Shizuha. The girl quickly hides behind Minoriko’s back and averts her gaze away. “For an older sister, she surely is a shy girl.” You grin when you see Shizuha burying her face beneath Minoriko’s clothes, desperate to hide her flushed face from view.

“Trying to get Shizuha’s attention when I’m still around? That’s a very no-no, mister,” Minoriko remarks with a playful grin. “Unless you’re here for the dual combo option.”

“I hope that suggestion isn’t just a sign of what to come,” you speak and head to the tricycle. “Anyway, I guess I’ll have to visit Miss Hina another day since she’s busy with her schedule.”

“Come on, mister! Why worry about the curse goddess when you have us instead?” Minoriko drags her sister along as she jumps into the sidecar. “You’re a winemaker, aren’t you? Since you’re already here, why don’t you come over to our place? We can learn a lot about each other, if you like.”

“Assuming your sister doesn’t mind letting a man help her conquering her shyness,” you say.

“Your sense of humour is very intriguing,” Minoriko says with a sly grin. “For a winemaker.”

You chuckle. “What can I say? I’m just a regular human.”
I was thinking of writing a Hina scene, until my brain decided to railroad me. So grab your tickets, folks. We're boarding the Aki Express.

Yes, I’m aware it’s out of the season for Shizuha and Minoriko, but I thought I could do a different approach on how the sisters are spending the rest of the year.
>> No. 6730
Gotta get drunk on fall, huh?
>> No. 6731
The way I see it, they don't quite disappear when it's not their season, their abilities are far more limited.

And a goddess of the harvest is a person of value for a wine maker. I wonder when he'd notice Minoriko's possibly nice bounty or Shizuha's lovely leafy figure.
>> No. 6735
File 127711893627.jpg - (133.62KB , 800x800 , 006ea.jpg ) [iqdb]
>We're boarding the Aki Express.
We shall make sweet wine with them.
>> No. 6739
Yessssssssssss need moar Aki sisters
>> No. 6748
Oh man, I was waiting for this.
>> No. 6752
They don't get much faith outside of their times, but they do get a lot of faith from the villagers, I imagine. And winonymous can donate some of his own faith, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 6753
Purest expression of faith that is.
>> No. 6754
I would give them my faith.
>> No. 6758
>> No. 6783
I'm glad I came here.
>> No. 6787
>>I came here.

>> No. 6793
>And winonymous can donate some of his own faith, if you know what I mean.
Well, if it worked for Egypt...
>> No. 6812
Aki sisters! Yay!
>> No. 6814
I suspect one day winonymous is going to have one hell of a surprise party.
>> No. 6823
9 months later.
>> No. 6828
File 127769539144.jpg - (164.14KB , 773x823 , b8a517de7505e4d2bbd6e12d3324c430.jpg ) [iqdb]
I see what you did there.


“I know this is redundant, girls,” you say. “But why must you blindfold me?” The memory of you getting blindfolded by Satori and Koishi during your courtship at their mansion remains fresh, and you start getting the same idea about the Aki sisters’ intention.

“Come on!” Minoriko laughs. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if we let you see!”

“But this is plain unnecessary,” you reply. “And you didn’t let me bring the wines- Whoa! Watch it!”

It seems Minoriko has already taken your hand and starts running through the undergrowth. “Hang on tight, mister!” As you hold on for dear life you hear Shizuha shouting “Minori, you’re going too fast!” beside you; she, too, gets dragged and has to hold onto your hand as the goddess of harvest navigates the forest skilfully.

After a few minutes of running, vaulting and flying the three of you stop and land on a pile of dried leaves. There’s a moment of silence as the girls speak to one another in low voices, followed by chuckles and shushes. You want to question these girls’ intention, but you’re not in the mood to do so. “Okay, mister,” Minoriko calls you. “You can open the blindfold now.”

The moment you do you blink many times when the golden sunshine pierces through your eyelids, and as you slowly open your eyes you’re amazed by what you’re seeing. “What is this place?”

Minoriko smiles as she throws her arm towards the field. “We call this place Fun Autumn Playground,” she says. “And that’s our cottage. You’d think we’d stay outdoors for the most of the time, wouldn’t you? Think again.”

“It’s the only place in Gensokyo where we’re given full freedom to enjoy our season,” Shizuha speaks. “So to speak…”

“Well? What do you think?” Minoriko asks.

You look at this so-called Fun Autumn Playground. It surely has the nice scent of maple leaves, coupled with sweet fragrance of fruits and the freshness of southerly wind blowing down the mountain. You like this place; it gives you the feeling of freedom, the sense of unrestricted emotion to do whatever you like and whatever you want.

There’s a question that begs to be answered, though.

“Don’t you have the issue of living alone here?”

“What are you talking about?” Minoriko asks. She jumps off the piles of dry leaves and hovers in front of you, her face so close you can see the reflection of your face in her eyes. “We feel very content with each other, so the issue of loneliness doesn’t exist in our book.” She enforces the statement by poking your nose. “Besides, we are goddesses, and we exist so long as we get faith from our followers. They even give us fruits and sweet potatoes as offering.”

“Offering, eh? Let me share something with you.” You take your seat on a piece of log. “In ancient Egypt, people would offer wine to please their gods and goddess, hoping that they would receive divine blessing for what they did in their life.”

Minoriko’s eyes go wide over the fact. “Really? They did that in the past?”

“You have never been offered wine in your lifetime?” you ask.

“Yes- I mean, no! Not if I can remember,” Minoriko asks. “Why do you ask?”

“I don’t really know,” you say with a slight chuckle. “But that’s what we’ve been doing in our world. Even if we don’t have to offer wine to the gods, we still feast it to celebrate life.”

“Hmm~ now that you mentioned it~” There it is. Again. That thoughtful, yet mischievous smile you so often get to see from people of the opposite gender. And to see such smile coming from the goddess of harvest, your only hope is that she doesn’t make the sky rain sweet potatoes.

“What would you give us if, let’s say, we want an offering from you?” the goddess asks.

“For two lovely, cheerful and majestic ladies in front of me right now?” You can’t help feeling corny about this. “Of course I’d offer the best of matured wines any woman has tasted in her entire life.” You’re certain you have made the sisters flabbergasted because Shizuha is trying to hide her beet-red face while Minoriko’s lower jaw drops to the ground.

“O-of course! That’s what a winemaker would do, right Shizuha?” Minoriko asks.

“Y…yes, it is…” Shizuha murmurs.

“Anyway! I’ll bring the wines here, so don’t go anywhere!” She makes haste to the entrance gate to the playground. “And don’t start anything without me, okay?” And off she goes, obviously trying to conceal her embarrassment from you.

“I’m sorry for Minori’s behaviour,” Shizuha apologizes. “She’s never been this excited before. I mean, we don’t get as much followers as other gods on the mountains do.”

“I’m fine with it,” you shrug. “It would be nice to have goddesses or someone with divine authority to bless my business. Back at my town, every winemaker would gather at the church and pray for prosperity in their business, but when people rely on divine inspirations less and less…”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Shizuha says. “Then why are you in Gensokyo? Don’t you believe in your… err, God at your place?”

“Only Lord knows the reason he sent me to this place,” you speak. “But I have nothing to complain. If Lord wills it, who am I to deny it? Besides, I wouldn’t be here and talk with you, would I?”

Shizuha blushes. “I… I guess so.” Her eyes close, and she takes a few deep breaths before she closes the distance between you and her. “This aroma…”

You flinch when she takes your hand. “Shizuha, what are you doing?”

“Grapes… raspberries… oranges…” she murmurs, seemingly to herself. “Apricot… honey… barley… oh, I’m sorry for startling you.” She returns your hand back to your lap and turns away from you. “Minori often comes home with lots of offerings from you, and she smells really nice,” she speaks. “To think I’d smell the aroma I’m so familiar with from you, I can’t help wondering…”

She turns back at you and lifts her face. “…do you mind if I… fulfil my curiosity?”

You can hardly believe your ears. You have often heard of stories where deities would travel the earthly realms under guise of commoners and indulge their interest about the world and people they governed. To know that a goddess of turning leave would be curious about you… you must be in luck.

“Well, you can take the lead if you like.”

Her moist lips curve into a smile. “Thank you, sir.” She places her hands on both sides of your head and pulls you down. Then, after a few seconds she kisses you and immediately your brain gets flooded with a tsunami of information, all trying to fill the nooks and crannies they can find, short-circuiting your nerves in the process. The invasion is vicious and you want to pull away before you get overwhelmed, but as the pain subsides and the soothing taste of ripe fruits, maple syrup and autumn fills in the void, you begin to relax and allow Shizuha to sit atop of your lap.

The kisses break off, and you stare at the goddess of autumn leaves as she soothingly caresses your cheek. “Have you fulfilled your curiosity?” you ask.

“Yes, I have, and thank you,” she answers. “However, it has made me even more curious than before. And my heart…” Her eyelids droop. “It… starts pounding against my chest. Please, sir.” She stares lovingly into your eyes. “Will you help me satisfying my inner self before it starts hurting me?”

How can you say no to this beautiful girl?

You place your hand upon her face and caress it softly. “Your wish is my desire, Shizuha.”

She smiles. “Thank you…”

Shizuha wraps her arms about your neck and sighs softly as you kiss her lips, then her face and the velvety skin of her neck. Your hand leaves her face and crawl down to her chest and start unbuttoning her dress, allowing the clothes to slip down her arms. As you bury your face beneath her cleavage and savour her warm, divine scent, you take her with you and descend into the dried leaves.

You move up back to her neck and run your tongue along her sweet-tasting skin, while your hand makes a trip down to her chest and cope a feeling of her breast. Shizuha gasps when you start kneading the warm mound, and a sharp hiss escapes her mouth when you gently pinch her nipple. You silence her moans with a deep kiss, which she readily accepts, and you prod her tongue with yours, exchanging sweet juices with this lovely goddess. For a while it seems nothing can stop you from granting Shizuha’s deepest desire, and your mind drifts to somewhere else as your free hand reaches her waist and-


Startled by the interruption, both you and Shizuha break off the kiss and turn to the source. There, standing with the rack containing the wine bottles, Minoriko is batting an eyebrow at you. “Didn’t I tell you anything about not getting started without me?” she says as she puts the rack on the ground. “Humans really are too impatient.”

Shizuha pushes you off her and quickly distances herself away. “Minori! How long you’ve been watching?!” she yells as she quickly buttons her undone shirt.

“Since you started kissing him, of course,” Minoriko says with a wink. “And why did you stop? It was getting very interesting, too~”

“You could’ve told us you’d show up soon!” Shizuha protests.

Minoriko snickers. “My sister isn’t as shy as you might think, sir. Once you find the right switch-” She doesn’t get the chance to finish her sentence as Shizuha pounces at her. “Let me finish first!”

“No! Don’t say that in front of him!” Shizuha cries out and starts wrestling Minoriko on the ground. You remain seated on the dried leaves and watch as they roll across the ground, the giggles and yelps indicating that they’re having fun with each other rather than fighting (not to mention Shizuha moaning in distress when Minoriko playfully nibbles her ear).

“Alright, girls, you can argue with each other after I leave,” you tell them as you pick up the bottle rack.

They stop rolling, Minoriko being on top of Shizuha. “Leaving? Right now? Come on! I already have plans for party over our place tonight,” she says. “And I met Hina a while ago. She’s going to show up.”

“You met Miss Hina? What did she say?” you ask.

“I told her about you, and she agreed to see you at the party,” Minoriko tells you and gets off Shizuha. “She seemed to be excited when I mentioned your occupation, though, but whatever. Come on, Sis!” She pulls Shizuha off the ground and heads to the cottage. “We have housecleaning to do.”

As you follow them behind you can hear Minoriko asking “how did he taste?” in which Shizuha answers “…like grapes… with a bit of honey and barley”. The goddess of harvest turns at you, puts a finger upon her lips, and grins; it’s as if she’s telling you “I want to have my curiosity fulfilled, too…”

She giggles before she drags Shizuha and dashes towards the cottage. You shake your head in wonder; sometimes you have to ask if people in Gensokyo really act their supposed role.


Don’t get mad at Minoriko for cock-blocking us, Anon. We have party ahead of us, and better yet, Hina’s invited. Besides, I know you guys want to have Aki Sandwich, with Minoriko on top of us, and us on top of Shizuha.
>> No. 6829
Oh god... is this what the Orin-block felt like? Well I hope we do plenty of 'harvesting' of Minoriko's 'bounty' to make up for it.
>> No. 6831
Does this guy have something similar to the Tohno gland?
>> No. 6837

I'd say it's closer to a Touhou gland.

Aki sandwich is my all-time favorite menu item~
>> No. 6839
>Don’t get mad at Minoriko for cock-blocking us
I am not mad, this was a delicious update.
>> No. 6843
>Fun Autumn Playground

I see what you did there.
>> No. 6845
I'm am not even close to mad, more like mad for both sisters
>> No. 6856
Every Writer has a board that they dominate.
I guess /at/ was made for you.
>> No. 6863
First off the Minoriko scene feels a bit rushed, not much in the way of foreplay or attention paid to certain parts. (For being the curvier sister, her curves were certainly ignored)

I think it was in IPF where Orin (in cat form I think) basically cockblocked the MC from getting it on with Satori.
>> No. 6890
I think some of the critique here could help you.
>> No. 6894
Eh, I know it felt a bit rushed.

Somehow I feel flattered.

I'll look into it.
>> No. 6895
In general or about the latest one? since the latter was just a fluke.

I think he won't rush things next time.
>> No. 6922
File 127830902828.jpg - (278.45KB , 734x792 , d09fc50bd5106606076944199f308359.jpg ) [iqdb]
The Aki Sisters are having party, although you have to question the nature of the party, since only the curse goddess is present. It’s more of a gathering between deities than a party, but with Minoriko and Shizuha having too much wine you brought in (is it just you, is Shizuha making a cocktail of beer, wine and champagne?) your only option is to have conversation with the curse goddess.

But where to start?

“I see you aren’t very comfortable with this gathering,” the frilled-ribbons woman speaks.

“Comfortable isn’t the problem,” you speak. “It’s the nature of this party that worries me.”

The woman chuckles. “It’s only natural that the sisters would invite a few select to their party,” she speaks. “It’s their way of appreciating friendship with people. Oh, I’m sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Hina Kagiyama.”

“It’s an honour to meet you,” you say. “I was told that you had looked forward for this meeting, so.” You correct your seating position and face Hina. “What kind of business you’d like to seek with me, Miss Hina?”

“Always straight to business, aren’t we?” Hina sets the empty teacup aside. “You see, Mister… Winemaker, if you don’t mind, people have started offering me with wines in addition of dolls and other stuffs. It’s very flattering that they try something new, but I don’t have, what you would call, experience. I have consulted Aki Sisters for advices on this matter, but I suppose it’s best to take lesson from an expert.”

“I think I can arrange for that,” you answer.

“Hey, mister, turn around for a while~” The moment you do, your mouth gets muffled as Shizuha presses her lips against yours, prying your mouth open with her tongue and pour a large amount of the alcoholic mixture into yours. You can hear Hina muffling her gasps and Minoriko whistling at Shizuha’s boldness, and when she pulls away you end up grappling for words.

“Shizuha, you’re drunk.”

“Don’t be so ridiculous~” Shizuha purrs, hiccupping at the end of the sentence. “I’m not drunk~” She takes a huge swig from the mug afterwards and approaches you, her steps wobbly.

“Shizuha, you really are-”

She cuts you off again with another kiss, and this time you note with alarm that she employs less reserve. You can feel her tongue actually poking and prodding at your own, attempting to rouse you into returning the kiss while she feeds you the alcohol.

You at last push her off you, and she whines in protests. “Aw, you’re not fun!” Shizuha grumbles. “Maybe I should kiss Hina instead~” She turns towards the curse goddess and- oh, dear. Those eyes; only a hungry predator would display them. “You aren’t going anywhere~”

She pounces at Hina and tackles her off the couch. With the frightened goddess in control she takes another portion of the alcoholic mixture and presses her lips against Hina’s, kissing and filling her mouth with the beverage. Hina’s struggle to escape only seems to encourage Shizuha as her hands roam across Hina’s supple body, playing with the laces that are keeping the curse goddess’ clothes in place. This, coupled with Hina’s suggestive moans, is somewhat distractively enticing, and it doesn’t help that you feel blood rushing towards your crotch.

“It’s obvious that Shizuha wants to feed herself in more than one way,” Minoriko comments. “Come with me, mister. There’s a place I want to show you.”

“Shouldn’t we stop her first?” you ask.

“You don’t want to know what Shizuha’s capable of when she’s drunk,” she answers. “Hina will be alright, by the way. Don’t worry about her.” You turn to Hina and offer her an apologetic gaze before you follow Minoriko out of the cottage. She takes you to the deepest corner of the Fun Autumn Playground and to the destination: a cliff overlooking a waterfall.

“This is my secret place,” Minoriko tells you. “Shizuha has one, too, but you have to find it yourself.”

“Nice place, but why you’d take me here?” you ask.

“For privacy, of course,” she answers as she invites you to sit on the ground with her. “And remember when I said about not getting started without me? Well, you owed me an explanation.”

“Sorry, but Shizuha started first,” you reply. “I couldn’t really let her down, you know.” You can’t help feeling worried over this matter. “You angry?”

She shakes her head. “Not at all. In fact, I’m happy that Shizuha has found someone she feels very comfortable with.” She pauses as to close the distance between you and her. “She doesn’t get to speak with people other than me, Hina and the occasional villagers, you see. So when we saw you resting at the shack that evening, it was her who persuaded me to check on you.”

“So what you’re trying to say here…”

Minoriko wags her finger at your face. “Nuh-huh. Remember, mister, we’re sisters. You know there’s a rule that sisters share their belonging, especially if the belonging bears special meaning to them. What Shizuha gets, I also get.” Her hands move to the waistline and pull your pants down. “I’m aware that you’d feel so frustrated after the seeing the exhibit, so…” She takes your manhood and starts stroking it. “Do you mind?”

“I thought you want to share with her,” you ask.

“Of course I want to,” she says. “But knowing Shizuha, she’ll be more than happy to have you for the whole night.” She smiles when she notices the curious look on your face. “Let’s just say that this goddess of harvest demands you to show your faith right here.”

She keeps working on your erection, which starts pulsing beneath the delicate fingers of hers. You fall onto your back, your descent being cushioned by the softness of the dried leaves. You sigh contently when Minoriko licks the tip of your shaft and kisses it tenderly. She chuckles to herself and takes the whole length into her mouth, bopping her head up and down your shaft as she starts sucking on it. The sensation of having a goddess working on you is heavenly, and her sweet moans only make things better.

“You’re going to come, aren’t you?” You can only nod, unable to say anything. Minoriko giggles and takes your erection back into her mouth, sucking on it more hungrily than before. You can’t take this anymore, this divine feeling, and your brain’s on the verge of whiting out, so just before you find release you pull Minoriko away from your lap and spurt your semen onto her face. She scoops the sticky substance off her face and licks it gingerly.

“You have the taste of barley and grapes~ I like it~”

Minoriko moves up to your face and draws you in for a light kiss. You waste no time undoing her shirt and taking her delectable breasts in your mouth, massaging and kneading them in methodical motion. Minoriko gasps into your mouth when you pinch her left nipple, and she moans softly when your hand moves towards her butt and squeeze it lightly. You chuckle when she protests at your decision to leave her breasts to the cold air. “Can I not express my faith in the purest way possible?” you ask.

“You surely have the talent to please us with your words,” Minoriko murmurs, and gasps as you take her hardened nipple in her mouth. “Oh, yes… that feels good…”

You keep on working on Minoriko’s nipple, while your free hand moves towards her crotch. Minoriko gasps again when you insert your finger into her vagina, and she squirms in your arm as you move your finger in and out of her, occasionally prodding the inner walls to further excite her. By now your mouth has left Minoriko’s breasts and moves up back toward her face, taking her inviting lips in another kiss, which quickly turns wet and sloppy.

“More, please…” Minoriko pants breathlessly between kisses. “Oh yes, more…”

You keep fingering her, all while keeping your lips locked with hers. You pull out for a while, only to add another finger into her and you resume the fingering motion with more vigour than before. Minoriko has lost control of herself and starts trashing in your arms, her hips moving up and down in rhythm with the motion of your fingers. She’s going to come but you aren’t about to let that happen, though. You have something else in your mind, something that you’re certain she’ll enjoy very much.

You pull your fingers out of her cunt. Minoriko protests at you, but you don’t allow her to say a word as you insert your soaked fingers into her anus. At once her eyes storm wide and she starts moaning, louder than before. You move your fingers in an out of her in steady rhythm, and she seems to enjoy this more from the way she bucks her hips against your hand. You silence her moans with a rough kiss and keep fingering her rear, until she finally comes. Streams of inner fluid flow out of both her holes and onto your hands and your pants. You pull your fingers out of her, and Minoriko falls limp on you, her breaths shallow and uneven, and she sighs happily as you run your hand along her spine.

“Mmm… you have the knack on how to please a goddess…” she murmurs.

“What can I say,” you say.

She giggles and pushes you onto the ground. “I hope you have more faith to donate, mister…” she purrs as she moves towards your lap.

“I’ll donate everything you want, Minoriko,” you reply.

Licking her lips once, Minoriko takes your manhood in her hands and positions it near her lower entrance. Then, she mounts you slowly and… oh God, she is tight. She has to inch her down your shaft without hurting herself, and it takes you everything you have to keep from thrusting your full length into her. You have to make do by savouring the sight of her growing out of breath as you fill her.

“So eager, aren’t we?” she chuckles when she finally takes you in down to her hilt. “Just relax. We like it when our followers express their faith gently~”

Moving her hips gradually, she begins to ride you, careful not to move too fast for her tight walls to handle. You rise from the ground and take a sitting position so you can embrace her properly. She smiles happily and presses her lips against yours, and you let yourself get swept up, to start thrusting your hips to match the goddess’ pace as your tongues are dancing inside your mouths. You break off the kiss and nibble her neck, nipping and tugging at her skin, provoking a sharp gasp and appreciative giggle from your partner.

As her slick walls massage your phallus, the same pressure you felt earlier builds inside, hotter and more intense than ever. You’re almost on the verge of another release but you have an idea, so you pull her up and tell her to stand on all four. She’s all too happy to oblige and nods, still breathing heavily.

Positioning the tip of your erection at her wet cunt, you grab her waist and thrust into her. It feels deeper than before, and it feels good. Minoriko starts screaming as you pound into her, and her arm automatically wraps itself around your neck as you lean into her, kissing the nap of her neck and her shoulder. One of your hands leaves her hips and finds its way to her clit, rubbing it in opposite direction of the movement of your hip thrust. She screams again as another orgasm hits her, the new flood of juices splattering the ground beneath.

Minoriko puts her hands on your thighs to slow you down. She turns her head at you, and you see lust from her eyes. “Do me in my other hole…” she moans.

You pull out of her and push your hard cock into her butthole in one swift motion. It feels much tighter, so tight that you actually have to move yourself slowly this time. Your sweaty skin slides against Minoriko’s, your hips slap against hers with loud sounds, and she breathes raggedly while you plough her.

“Faster! Harder!” she shouts. “Oh, goddamn it, break me! Fill me! I don’t care what you do!”

You grab her waist and thrust yourself harder and deeper into her. You hit your orgasm, and your cock is twitching violently as you unload yourself inside her tunnel. She moans loudly and stiffens as she climaxes for the third time, her inner walls gripping on you as they pulse and squeeze against you.

You pull out of her, reluctant to leave the warmth and comfort of her insides, but she quickly joins you on your lap. You fall back into the ground and can lay motionless as the goddess of harvest moves up on your chest; you can see cum draining from her thoroughly fucked holes as she lies on top of you.

You close your eyes. “That was… more intense than I thought,” you mutter.

“I know, right?” Minoriko whispers and plants light kisses upon your lips. “Thank you… for showing me your faith…”

You touch her flushed face. “It was my pleasure, Minoriko,” you answer.
Things have gone quiet when you and Minoriko return to the cottage. Shizuha is seen sleeping on top of the traumatized Hina, clothes almost slipping off her body. The curse goddess is sobbing miserably; the ribbons that tie her hair underneath her chin have gotten off, and some of the laces are taken off from her clothes. You can’t help feeling sorry for her.

“Looks like Shizuha will have to wait,” you remark.

“I’m aware of it.” Minoriko picks Shizuha off Hina and heads to her room. “Can you look after Hina for us? Judging from this situation, she won’t be able to walk herself home.”

“That means I have to spend the night here,” you say. “Yeah, I’m fine with it.”

“I’m sorry for troubling you,” Minoriko says apologetically, in which you dismiss it.

“Can’t really say no when I have three goddesses under one roof, can I?” Minoriko gets confused by the remark, but later giggles knowingly when you point at Hina.

“Just don’t make too much noise, okay~” she reminds you.

You turn your attention to Hina. It’s obvious that she needs some comforting after the ordeal she had to go through during your absence, so you kneel beside her and offer her your help. “…yes, please…” the curse goddess murmurs. “Anything… to make me forget what Shizuha had done…”

You pick her in your arms and sit on the couch, positioning her so she rests comfortably against you. “Sorry for having to leave you in the direst time,” you speak.

Hina shakes her head. “I understand; you need to grant Minoriko’s wish.” She nuzzles her nose beneath your shirt, sighing contently at the scent of your body. “You should know that goddesses like us are very happy if their followers have full faith in us.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” you tell her.

“Will you agree to teach me about wine tasting, sir?” Hina asks. “It won’t be tonight, that I’m certain, but I’m looking forward for our future meeting.”

You wrap your arms around her and hold her close. She feels so warm and soft, and she smells nice, too. “Anything to keep you satisfied.” You know she’s smiling, and the way she clings onto you seems to tell you that she’s happy. “Goodnight, Miss Hina,” you say and place a soft kiss upon her scalp. “Sweet dream.”

“Goodnight… and thank you…”
Reposted with additional contents. Words of caution: if anal play isn’t your thing, I suggest that you avoid reading this revised version. If this does still not feel right, I don’t know what else will.

And I think I’m going to need a vacation. Good grief, writing for /at/ has made me run out of steam.

It’s just the wine that the girls are attracted to~

I couldn’t find any suitable name for the Aki Sisters’ place, so yeah.
>> No. 6925
Take you time, greatness can never be rushed. And it was ALOT better this time.
>> No. 6927
File 127833520654.jpg - (168.79KB , 850x898 , sample-ea6f5c9795a20bbb1e70c70609ae5eb3.jpg ) [iqdb]
>She giggles and pushes you onto the ground. “I hope you have more faith to donate, mister…” she purrs as she moves towards your lap.
>“I’ll donate everything you want, Minoriko,” you reply.
>“You should know that goddesses like us are very happy if their followers have full faith in us.”
Winonymous, providing all the goddesses in Gensokyo with Faith. Daily.
>You wrap your arms around her and hold her close. She feels so warm and soft, and she smells nice, too. “Anything to keep you satisfied.” You know she’s smiling, and the way she clings onto you seems to tell you that she’s happy. “Goodnight, Miss Hina,” you say and place a soft kiss upon her scalp. “Sweet dream.”
Awwwwwww, i liked that part the best. This needs more Hina sweet love making.
>> No. 7087
File 127936957176.jpg - (364.24KB , 780x1024 , 00e9571b362431ffc22772c01e3dcf13.jpg ) [iqdb]
Good grief. I can't find any way to update our winemaker's adventure, so my apology for the trouble. Here's a Momiji offering her delicious asset to us.
>> No. 7090
I could get behind her assets.
>> No. 7097
Heheh. Ass sets.
>> No. 7108
File 127950257397.jpg - (14.54KB , 218x230 , SHIT!!.jpg ) [iqdb]
Aya wouldn't like that.
>> No. 7109
File 12795161856.jpg - (215.86KB , 608x811 , 11571317.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah, she'd be pissed if you hogged all the Momiji.
>> No. 7148
File 128036087347.png - (440.89KB , 714x1000 , e2783a24fb60b885d5a48876c735036d.png ) [iqdb]
But what's the point? Aya will probably share Momiji with us, providing we allow her to sample our wine if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I'm in the process of writing Winonymous/Shizuha H-scene but it will take some time before it is done. Please be patient.
>> No. 7153
File 128039323548.jpg - (45.95KB , 220x151 , ayayayaya___.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh. You're one of THOSE people.
>> No. 7175
File 128067144699.jpg - (414.56KB , 600x934 , b3c5e69774562cd6626a4be07c1c3831.jpg ) [iqdb]
The familiar smell of bread and hot chocolate catches your nose. You open your eyes and look around; there’s no one on and around you. You get up from the couch and walk into the kitchen. It’s Shizuha, and she’s preparing breakfast. “Good morning, Shizuha.”

“Ah, good morning to you, too,” Shizuha greets you. “I hope you’ve enjoyed your sleep last night?” You’re intrigued; she doesn’t seem to remember whatever that happened to her during the previous night’s party. You decide not to mention that to her.

“Where’s Hina, by the way?” you ask.

“She went home earlier this morning,” Shizuha tells you. “Minori also left; she said something about overseeing the bounties we collected, but she wouldn’t let me know.” She approaches the stove and takes out a couple loaves of bread from inside it. “Do you mind if we have breakfast outdoor today?” she asks as she puts the finished product into a basket. “It’s the least I can do for you today.”

Leaving? Your mind tries to construct proper deduction- oh, yeah. “Damn, I almost forgot about that.” You scratch the back of your head. “Thanks for the reminder, though, otherwise I’d have cancelled the trip and stay here for the rest of my life.”

Shizuha giggles. “It’d be nice if you do, but we can’t keep you forever, can we?” She pauses as to correct the apron she’s wearing (doesn’t this remind you of something?). “Anyway, I figure that I could show you my secret place,” she says. “Minori already showed hers, so why not me?”

So this is what the fuss is about. “Outdoor breakfast with a divine being, huh? Well, I’ll be more than honoured, my dear,” you answer.

“You flatterer,” Shizuha says amusedly. “Anyway, you better take your shower. You’d displease the goddess if you accompany her unclean.” As she says this, her grin becomes foxy; it’s as if she’s teasing you about her willingness to clean you off. Oh, if only you had the will to ask her just exactly that!
You and Shizuha head to the secret place the goddess of autumn had talked about earlier. After minutes of traversing uneven terrains (and even having the unfortunate case of bumping into Shizuha’s chest) the two of you reach the destination. It’s nothing short of astounding: a creek filled by a waterfall at its far end, surrounded by trees in their autumn season. “It’s isolated,” you remark. “Fitting for a secret garden.”

“It wouldn’t be a secret garden if I let you know where it is, would it?” Shizuha approaches a boulder facing the creek and stands atop of it. “It’s the same waterfall you’d see from Minoriko’s place, but here it’s much closer.” She turns back at you. “What do you think?”

“Well, I think both places are attractive in their own sense,” you say and sit on a log. “But let’s not talk about it and start our breakfast right away.”

Both of you settle down and enjoy the breakfast Shizuha has prepared. “Did you enjoy your time with Minori?” Shizuha asks.

“You bet I did.” You take a bite of the bread. “I had fun spending my time with your sister. She had satisfied me well.”

“That’s good to hear,” Shizuha says.

“It felt kind of bland without you, though,” you continue. “We figured that we would continue our playtime with you, but you drank too much.”

“I know. Minori told me about how you had granted her desire,” Shizuha says. “It’s okay. I don’t hang around with humans as much as she is.”

“That’s nonsense.” The goddess of turning leaves looks at you in curiosity. “I think you’re just not having enough confidence in yourself. As a goddess, not being confident isn’t going to help in long term.”


“Just because you don’t have many followers doesn’t mean you don’t have any at all,” you tell her. “Now tell me, Shizuha, what would you feel if I tell you that I wanted to give you an offering?”

“I’d give you my blessing, but you don’t have to do that,” Shizuha says. “I mean, you’re our guest, and it’d be rude if we ask you to-”

“I’m serious,” you cut her off. “And I’m telling you this not as your guest, but as a human who hungers for divine inspiration.”

Shizuha blushes. “I… I’m flattered to hear that, but why?”

You offer her a grin. “Maybe I could use some blessing to make my business flourish more.” You chuckle. “I had Minoriko’s blessing, so I thought I could ask for yours, too.”

“Oh. Oh~” Shizuha giggles. “So you want me to bless you and your business?” She closes the distance between you and her, and places her hands upon your knees. “I’ll give you my blessing, if that is what you want, but first you have to give me some offering.”

“I knew you’d say that.” you take out a Merlot bottle and present it to Shizuha. “Would you like to enjoy this brand now or later?”

“Right here, please.” You pour some of the Merlot into a glass and give it to her. She takes a sip of the wine, and you chuckle silently as her face gives off the expressions of pleasure and awe, and seeing the goddess of turning leaves enjoying this drink is satisfying.

“So how is it?”

“It tastes good~” Shizuha murmurs, her smile dazed and blissful. “I was going to think a glass of it would be enough, but…” She leans towards you, her hands conveniently resting near your crotch. She raises her head and stares at you, the same soft, loving gaze that she gave when she asked you to fulfil her curiosity piercing into your soul. “…but then again, goddesses like me won’t be satisfied with simple offering~”

“What do you have in mind?” you ask.

“Well, what do YOU have in mind?” she asks back.

You can only grin. “As a matter of fact.” You take a mouthful of the Merlot but not really swallowing it. Then, you turn back at Shizuha, and with a smile you press your lips against hers. Shizuha’s shocked gasp goes unnoticed as you deepen the kiss, filling her wine with the wine, and she shudders as you lightly prod her tongue with yours.

You let go off Shizuha. You caress her flushed face softly while you share into her eyes. “Well?”

“You… you have surprised me…” Shizuha places her finger upon her inviting lips. “And I’m pleased. Very pleased~”

“I’m glad to hear that.” You take another glass of the Merlot for you to drink, but Shizuha doesn’t allow you to swallow it as she seizes your lips and drinks it from your mouth. You do not resist and allow the goddess to take the lead, and you feel rather than hear Shizuha’s groans as she presses her chest against you. Her hands automatically cup both sides of your face, and she pushes you onto your back as she kisses you deeply. Being kissed by a goddess is heavenly, but you can’t help noticing how aggressive her kisses are, compared to Minoriko’s. It’s only when she releases you do you ask, gasping, “Shizuha, what are you-”

“You’d think I’d be satisfied with just a small cup of wine, wouldn’t you?” She leans into you and plants kisses upon your face and neck. “You should know that some goddesses like it when the offering their followers give is hefty~” You wonder if the wine’s starting to affect her mind but your thinking process is disrupted when she forcibly undoes your shirt. She grins hungrily as she runs her smooth hands across your chest. “I’ll let you go only after you give me more offering~”

“What if I refuse?” you ask.

“Then divine punishment shall await you~” She seizes your lips in another deep kiss. “What you did to Minoriko… please do it to me…”
>> No. 7176
File 128067156217.jpg - (155.99KB , 800x800 , 410f8e7c40c516c6d4eaef36456736ff.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes, Anon, you may proceed to F5 this thread.
>> No. 7179
File 128068335170.png - (33.91KB , 600x600 , Cooking with Daiyousei.png ) [iqdb]
>“It’s the least I can do for you today.”
I think something is missing between these two lines.

>She pauses as to correct the apron she’s wearing (doesn’t this remind you of something?)
It better remind you of a certain fairy who's stuck running the buisness while her husband's fooling around with other women.

And now for the grammar nazi part of the post...

>“Do you mind if we have breakfast outdoor today?”
"Outdoors", with an s when used as a noun or adverb (such as here). Only drop the s when it's an adjective, which you did properly here:
>Outdoor breakfast with a divine being, huh?

>It’d be nice if you do
"if you did", since it's a response to a hypothetical.

>but first you have to give me some offering
Don't use "some" with a singular noun. You probably meant "some offerings". These goddesses are greedy.
>> No. 7181
File 128069125476.jpg - (479.69KB , 800x900 , 1280661119164.jpg ) [iqdb]
will do.
>> No. 7184
You sure know how to build frustration/desire/anticipation and many other such emotions!
>> No. 7190
File 128083711993.gif - (25.05KB , 500x361 , dffcb706ac381ba248738a63472addb9.gif ) [iqdb]
I feel so miserable after reading the feedback ;_;
>> No. 7191
Don't read my
as a negative. It wasn't meant to be. I love the things you write!
>> No. 7196
dammit f5 f5 f5....
its not working ;_;
>> No. 7221
File 128127416264.jpg - (622.33KB , 1000x1200 , ecd7b844d433ede5bf32cad741431a34.jpg ) [iqdb]
I know, I know. My fault for not updating. For now, here's Koishi presenting her assets to us this time.
>> No. 7223
Koishi'd be like the best assassin ever, her special ability assists her in her work.
>> No. 7225
File 128131314112.jpg - (1.26MB , 1012x1423 , 8297799.jpg ) [iqdb]
F5 F5 F5 F5, dammit.
>> No. 7230
What is it about those China-dresses that makes girls who have no figure to speak of into something I can't take my eyes away from?
>> No. 7233
Dammit, making me cursing at erotic stories with your cliffhanger!
>> No. 7234
Because you can see the legs?
>> No. 7235
Because it emphasizes what little figure they do have.
>> No. 7236
>> No. 7292
File 128161390376.png - (43.19KB , 640x400 , Update.png ) [iqdb]
He'll do it. Seriously, he'll do it.
>> No. 7313
Hold your horses, gentlemen. Update is on the way.
>> No. 7314
File 128171705738.png - (36.66KB , 640x400 , Oups.png ) [iqdb]
Guess it was my fault.
>> No. 7321
No picture for this post, sorry.

Both of you continue kissing as you lie in relaxation on the dried leaves. You slip your hand underneath Shizuha’s skirt and notice that she isn’t wearing anything. She’s so slippery you can easily slip your finger along her crotch, and she moans encouragingly at you as you start rubbing her. You smile at her as your other hand undoes the upper half of her dress and softly massages her breast. Another moan escapes her mouth as you run your tongue across her nipple, feeling it hardening rapidly on contact.

“That feels so good…” Shizuha purrs and moans again as you give her pussy a nudge. “Oh, yes…”

You comply with the command and keep rubbing the goddess, while your tongue keeps on working on her nipples. Soon Shizuha starts panting, her body getting worked up from the intrusion, and she seizes your lips in a strong kiss as her thighs are clamping on your hand. You can taste how delicious she is, and you’re swept away as she’s exchanging her sweet love with you.

The kisses break off, and both of you are panting as trails of saliva follow the ascent of Shizuha’s mouth. “Touch me more…” she murmurs.

Slowly you extend your hand towards her hips and squeeze the fresh mound of her ass. As a sharp hiss escapes her mouth you grab her butt and roll around so she’s lying beneath you. She shudders underneath you as your lips finds their mark on hers, and she wraps her arms around your neck as your tongue touches the upper recess of her mouth, returning the tongue play with equal hunger. You resume rubbing her crotch, which has gotten wetter by the minute, and she isn’t about to let you go as she grabs your hand and drives one of your fingers into her cunt. Her moans become ragged as she makes you finger her, and her thighs clamp around your hand, as if never letting you go.

The fingering stops. Shizuha’s breaths have gone out of control, and she’s staring at you in lust. “Please don’t stop…” You nod and shrug off her hand so that you can do the fingering yourself. Placing your palm on her flushed cheek, you give her a nod and insert a finger into her pussy. Shizuha gasps and starts moaning as you move your finger in and out of her, her back arching in the process. Her tight walls contract around your finger as if trying to keep you in place, but the wetness that’s setting in means that you have no problem pumping your finger in steady motion.

You lean into the goddess. Your teeth find its mark on her neck, peppering it with pinpricks, love bite and blood. Shizuha moans happily in response and bites your neck in return, nibbling and grazing her teeth across your skin. “You really like it, don’t you?” you whisper into her ear.

“…oh, yes…”

You give her earlobe a playful bite. “I’ll make you enjoy it even more, Shizuha.” You give her pussy a few more strokes before you pull your digit out of her. Then you insert two fingers into her damp pussy with force this time, and she responds to the intrusion with a loud moan. You can feel her orgasm building up inside of her as you’re fingering her harder than before. Just as you have promised her, you give her inner walls a few nudges, and then you drive your fingers into the very depth of her sex. She throws her head backward, her eyes rolling inward, and her tight walls are pulsating around you. She climaxes not too soon afterward, and you let her ride her orgasm until it dies out and leaves her limp on the leaves.

“That… that was amazing…” she murmurs, her voice obviously out of breath.

“I know, right?” you tell her. “Well, do you like it?”

“Very much so…” She kisses you deeply. “But I’m still not satisfied, you see. I was expecting more from you~”

You snicker. “Always hungry, aren’t you?” You remove the remainder of her clothes, leaving her bare naked for you to see. You bend down and place kisses along her shaking body until your head rests between her thighs. The natural scent of her pussy suddenly drives your lust for the goddess of turning leaves, so you waste no time diving in and enjoying the meal that’s presented before you. Shizuha moans loudly as you run your tongue across her slit, and her thighs are clamped around your head as to drive you deeper. You savour on her love juice that’s leaking out of her, hungrily drinking every drop of it like never before. Your perfectly tuned taste buds can identify the cocktail of this girl’s flavour: barley, honey, grapes, every kind of flavour a winemaker would find in a well-produced wine.

She tastes like heaven.

Shizuha starts trashing around, a sign that she’s about to hit her second orgasm. You continue eating her out, holding her hips to keep her steady while your tongue darts into and through her soiled cunt. Eventually she hits her peak, and her body shakes violently as torrents of sweet love juice gush out of her lower entrance. You give her pussy a few more licks before you crawl up towards her face, and you smile down at her before you kiss her, filling her mouth generously with the taste of her own sex. You let go off her lips and give her cheek a soft caress.

“You think you’re ready for more?”

She grins and wraps her legs around your waist. “You wouldn’t think I’ve been waiting for this, would you?” As she says this, her hand moves towards your crotch and undoes the zipper, springing your erection free from its restrictive tent. She strokes on it, her gentle touch making you both shudder and groan, and you seize her hand before she can continue. “Oh? Already getting worked up, I see.”

“I’m always worked up, Shizuha dear.” You guide your manhood to her lower entrance, while you look up at her for permission. She gives you a nod, and you thrust your hips forward, slowly entering her tunnel inch by inch. You can feel the tip of your cock brushing against a soft inner barrier, and you give it a nudge before you thrust all the way-


You halt. It appears that you have deflowered Shizuha. You stop thrusting yourself inward and stare down at the goddess; can this be her first ever sex? “Why did you stop…?” Shizuha asks in laboured breaths. “Please continue… I want to feel you in me…”

You aren’t in the position to object and kiss her. “Just tell me if I’m overdoing it, okay?” She nods, and you take a deep breath in relief before you pull out of her. Then, you thrust back into Shizuha, stroking her inner walls with your pulsating manhood, making her grow out of breath with each push you make. Shizuha’s moans turn to high-pitched cries as she grinds her hips against yours, trying to synchronize her motion with hers. You can feel her arms and legs encircling around you as she holds onto you tightly, as she hits her orgasm. You silence her cries with a rough kiss as you keep ploughing her hole.

An idea strikes you. Earlier Shizuha said she wanted you to do her like how you did Minoriko, right? You slow down the hip thrusting motion and pull yourself out of her, smiling to see Shizuha groaning in protest at you. You bring her on all four and immediately plunge yourself into her asshole, causing her to scream loudly. As you pound her hips in steady motion, you grab her breasts and fondle them roughly, which makes her moan even louder than before. She hits her second orgasm not a moment too soon`, and fluids gush out of both her holes and form a pool on the ground.

You pull out of her, and again she groans at you for the action. “I’ve saved this for the last, you see.” Kissing the nape of her neck, you position yourself at her pussy, and you push yourself into her tunnel. Shizuha’s moans now turn into high-pitched, wordless screams of pure bliss and ecstasy. Like Minoriko, she feels very tight, and you have a little problem adjusting yourself to her, though the sheer pleasure of being wrapped by a divine being makes up for it.

You feel your orgasm fast approaching and issue the goddess a warning. “Oh, yes! Fill my womb with your seed! I don’t care how much it is, just let it flow into me!” You groan deeply and give her one final thrust before you release your warm fluid into her, triggering her final and probably the most intense orgasm ever.

Both of you are coming down from the passionate carnal dance, and fall onto the dried leaves. Shizuha moans happily as she’s started to calm down, and she turns her head around as to face you. “Thank you…” she murmurs, an expression of bliss clearly visible from her beautiful face. “Thank you… for satisfying my inner desire~”

“It’s been my pleasure.” You pull out of her and turn her around so that you can properly admire the beautiful girl. She brings her hand upward and touches your face lovingly, and you wrap your arms around her as to bring her closer. She squirms in your embrace and sighs contently as you place soft kisses upon her scalp.

After a few minutes of blissful silence the two of you giggle. “I better let you go and continue your trip before my mind decides to keep you for my own,” Shizuha says.

“I don’t mind becoming a goddess’ belonging,” you speak and kiss her inviting lips. “So long as I get to express my faith towards you as much as I can.”

“You flatterer,” she giggles.


I don't know how this would turn out, but at least I know I wouldn't have to make the crowd wait any longer. So, Anon, now that we have reached our destination, which direction should we head to next?

>> No. 7323
Yuuka in pajamas looked like a good idea.
>> No. 7324
I want to see something that isn't RAPERAPERAPE.
>> No. 7325
I'm feeling Eientei. Or maybe the SDM. Then again anywhere would be fine. You're depictions of minor characters that are endearing as well as fuckable warms my heart.

Two minor issues I saw, grammar and spelling nonwithstanding. First: Ass-to-pussy is risky, and can have rather unpleasant results. I just told myself that she's a goddess and therefore her bodily functions are in her own control. Not a pleasant topic, I know, but still. Second:
>and fluids gush out of both her holes
Presuming our Wine-making MC didn't cum in her ass, what fluids gushed out?

Just two easily correctable things I noticed. Don't really detract from anything to be honest, just felt I'd mention it. Your writing is improving too, by the way.

I know, I know, nit-picking an H story on /at/, but I think the effort and improvement you've shown in writing here and elsewhere merits legitimate discussion.
>> No. 7326
I'm really impressed by your ability to notice such details.
/me was too busy fapping to notice stuff like that.
>> No. 7328
Has the right idea. Yuyuko and Youmu need some fine wine too.
>> No. 7329
File 128174199613.jpg - (1.25MB , 2100x1350 , 3c909f6b9058ee667a67270107d9e849.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciated it, though.

But will Winonymous be able to satisfy Yuyu's hunger?

Not enough suggestions to be taken into consideration, so I'll wait for more. Come on, Anon! We need to introduce the Touhou to the pleasure of enjoying our wine!
>> No. 7336
What about Hina? How dare you folks forget about her (I don't think she got a proper faith infusion from Winonymous)
>> No. 7340
Hina, then Yuuka, then Youmu.

This. I mean, Anon's been clamoring for her since the start of the trip, and you keep teasing us. And we've got a good reason to visit her anyway.
>> No. 7342
inb4 Vore.
>> No. 7346
Hong Meiling, Youmu, or Eirin.

Those are my votes.
>> No. 7348
Hina's probably lonely by now.
>> No. 7350
We're in the same area as her at the moment as well.
>> No. 7357
File 128187762143.jpg - (884.66KB , 1025x1389 , 763d3f1f1f0705c1543454ed5ab70c75.jpg ) [iqdb]
Gods, I feel so miserable for teasing you guys and I didn't mean to. Alright; Hina will be our next destination, so please wait warmly and enjoy this Touhou-cosplaying Hina as a compensation.
>> No. 7368
When we get the hakugyokurou chapter, it definitely has to have Yuyuko instructing Youmu in the fine art of wine tasting. With hands on training.
>> No. 7467
Heavenly Courtesy Goodness 01

“I guess my business with you two is done,” you speak.

“It is,” Minoriko speaks as she and Shizuha are accompanying you back to the roadside hut. “It’s been fun spending our time with you, mister. I’m really looking forward to our next meeting.”

“Of course we’ll meet again,” Shizuha says. “After all, we like it when a human gives us the purest expression of faith~”

“True that,” Minoriko answers as she wraps her arms about Shizuha’s waist. “So what do you think of us?”

“Both of you have been really nice to me,” you speak. “I admit, I can’t spend much time with you due to my tour, but I’ll definitely remember your deeds. As a token of our newly established friendship.” You give Shizuha a Classified Bordeaux. “This is one of the oldest wines in my collection, almost reaching its peak year. I hope you enjoy this gift thoroughly.”

“Oh~ I see that you have the liking for Shizuha already, mister,” Minoriko coos, much to Shizuha’s embarrassment. “Aw, come on! He obviously likes you!”

“Hush, you,” Shizuha growls.

You shrug. “I don’t have much time to lose here.” You hop onto the tricycle and are about to leave when Shizuha calls you. “What will your business be, Shizuha dear?” The response earns you an amused grin from both the goddesses. “Ladies, I’m trying to chase after my schedule here. Maybe we can spend our time together next time, okay?”

“Oh, we didn’t know about that~” Shizuha answers, a hint of mischief present on her lips. “We’re sorry if we’re stalling you for too long. We should really let him go, right Minori?” She moans as Minoriko playfully nips at her earlobe. “Hey~ don’t do that.”

“Why not?” Minoriko replies as she keeps biting Shizuha’s earlobe. “It’s more fun when we let him enjoy our parting gift~” As she speaks her hand crawls towards Shizuha’s left breast and kneads it while she nibbles her sister’s neck.

“Ahn~ Minori, stop~” Shizuha giggles playfully. “I don’t think he’ll be able to concentrate on his work~”

“Hmm~ maybe we should play together right here~” Minoriko murmurs.

You decide it’s time to take your leave, so after bidding the sisters farewell you quickly leave the shack and cycle down the road. You wish you could stay and join their playtime but business remains business, so you focus your mind on meeting the goddess of curse. Right, you have promised to teach her about wine-tasting and how to treat a wine gift.

You snicker. That significant moment when Yukari offered to become the patron of your winemaking business was the turning point of your whole life as a winemaker. In spite of your initial concern that your business, which has been passed down your family for generations, would suffer from your relocation to Gensokyo, Yukari had assured you that it would flourish in the way you could have never imagined. And how! Not only did it survive, it had also, in fact, prospered. You have to thank Yukari’s hospitality for that; perhaps you could repay her deeds by inviting her to dinner. You’ve heard that the lady of boundaries absolutely loves talking about wines, and you’re sure she’ll enjoy any conversation between the two of you.

Right now, though, your attention on the road is diverted towards a crate on the roadside. Curiosity gets the better of you, so you approach the mysterious object. You’re wondering on who would leave the crate unattended, but you’re very cautious on your approach. It may have been a trap set up by some bored pranksters, but its state is so inconspicuous you may be imagining things.

You give the crate a few knocks. It’s hollow, and it’s completely nailed in so you can’t peek inside of it. What a waste of time; maybe you should just leave it behind and continue cycling-


The crate explodes. Its tremendous shockwave knocks you off your feet, and you’re flung across the road before you land on your back. You don’t know what happens next, or what in the name of Heavens just happened, but all you know is that a frantic commotion takes place seconds after the disaster, and you catch the glimpse of a ribbon and key-decorated necklace moments before you pass out.

What the hell.
You groan. You force yourself to get up from your back but you’re too weak to even move around. You don’t give it a damn and force yourself again when a pair of soft hands gently pushes you back onto the grass. You relent and settle down, thinking that it must belong to someone sent to accompany you through your final seconds of your life. It may strike you as weird, but chances are you’re able to see the Yama again, and the prospect of teaching the woman about wine is-

Hold on a second.

A dead person isn’t supposed to feel pain, and yet your head is throbbing agonizingly, almost as if you’re being eaten alive by a hungry ghost. A dead man can’t feel any warmth, and yet your head is being cradled comfortably by a warm lap. So what’s really going on?

“Ah! He wakes up! Thank goodness! I thought that first-aid kit wouldn’t work on him.”

“Nitori, you should’ve been more careful with that device. You almost killed him.” A soft palm caresses your cheek tenderly. “Poor little thing.”

“But isn’t that how they conduct product testing and evaluation at the outside world?”

“It wouldn’t be that way if a human is involved, especially when the product in question happens to be your invention.” Another palm rests upon your forehead and begins stroking it tenderly. This feels so good; maybe you should just relax and listen to the conversation.

“Well, at least I know the air compressor needs to be fixed.”

“Trying to deny your responsibility isn’t going to be helpful, Nitori. You should be aware of the consequences of ignoring it.”

“Hey! The explosion wasn’t lethal and he didn’t get killed, so that should be great news! But what are you trying to imply here, Hina?”

“Nitori, I-”

“Golly! I’m late for my lunch. See you later, Hina!”

What follows afterwards is nothing but silence, accompanied by the soft rustling of grass blown by the wind. The gentle, almost maternal, touch of the soft hands is soothing at its best, and you don’t even try to rests the warm softness that’s seeping into you. Eventually, though, you have to know what has happened, so you open your eyes and look up at the owner of the divine care.

You can’t get any luckier.

“We meet again, Miss Hina.”

The goddess of curse smiles at you. “Yes, indeed we meet again, sir.”

“So tell me, what has happened a few minutes ago?” you ask.

Hina lets out a little cough. “It’s just an argument between two close friends, but you don’t have to worry about it,” she tells you. “Right now, are you feeling alright?”

“Being attended by a lovely goddess? I feel like I’m in heaven right now.” You stretch out, but a sudden pain on your right shoulder forces you to drop your arms. You ignore the seemingly minor pain and stands up, only to stumble on your feet and drop back to the ground, its fall of which softly cushioned by Hina’s warm body. “Yeah. Maybe a little,” you sheepishly admit.

“You shouldn’t move too much,” Hina says as she holds you. “Perhaps I should take you to my home and attend your wound.” You like the idea of being taken care of tenderly by this gorgeous woman, and you have to admit that she has to be the most gorgeous deity you have met. You have to be very careful, though, since the tent in your pants starts rising, and you don’t want the condition to put her in concern.

You clear your throat. “Well, I’ll gladly let you look after me,” you say as you pull away from her. “But please, Miss Hina, I’ll be fine. I’ve gone through things much worse than being caught in mechanical mishap.”

Hina bats an eyebrow. “Why would you say such thing? Is it not alright for me to treat my believer accordingly?” she speaks, her hands placed upon her bosom to emphasize herself. “Or perhaps… is it my position as a goddess of curse that you’re worried of?” You begin to think that she gets the whole idea wrong, but Mother Nature decides to intervene when rain starts falling down the sky. “Oh, my. It seems today’s weather forecasting has gone awry. We better go to my place before we get caught in heavy monsoon.”

You look up at the clouds. “Yeah, that would be a good idea.” You look back at Hina. “I’ll let you take a ride on my bike. There’s still one more room, if you like.”

“Offering me a ride home? How nostalgic.” Hina giggles. “I like that idea. What are we waiting for?” Gods, at this point you just want to forget the weather (or everything else) and hold this woman in your arms, loving her tenderly and expressing your faith towards her, but what does she mean by ‘nostalgic’?

You clear your throat. “Of course, milady.” You take her hand and smile at her. “It will be an honour.”


Grab your new set of tickets, folks. All aboard Hina Express! And enjoy getting our curse sucked out of you while giving Hina her badly needed infusion of faith.

Well, I figured that since it’s fasting month right now I better slow my writing a bit to give my mind its much needed rest. Inb4 Anon ignoring that fact and asking me to write Yukari/Winonymous wine-tasting session.

Again, no picture to accompany this post, so yeah. Sorry for that.
>> No. 7470
We can wait for the Yukari bit; he does need all the exp he can get before engaging the infamous lady of borders.
>> No. 7473
...am I the only one starting to think of Winonymus as the Golden Boy of Gensoukyou?
>> No. 7475
>That significant moment when Yukari offered to become the patron of your winemaking business was the turning point of your whole life as a winemaker.
He is getting awful full of himself.
>“After all, we like it when a human gives us the purest expression of faith~”
Let's work hard on keeping all the gods in Gensokyo alive. After Hina next stop, top of the mountain.
>> No. 7476
How exactly does stating that meeting Yukari was a very good thing for him translate into being full of himself?
>> No. 7480

Because meeting Yukari isn't usually a good thing.
>> No. 7481
Says who? Run ins with Yukari are not always bad, and if you're about to mention LSL Yukari, Serial ATA mentioned himself that this takes place in an alternate universe with possibly different renditions than in LSL-verse.
>> No. 7502
File 128260688174.jpg - (85.73KB , 800x600 , 44ec6ca7bd33f9a909aacff8e0abdc16.jpg ) [iqdb]
This anon is right. This Yukari =/= LSL Yukari, so don't worry about her antics. If anything, it's she who's going to teach us about wine-tasting instead.

Anyway, the next update is being written so please wait warmly.
>> No. 7504
Hence my experience remark, since he'll need it if he's to sample "17 year old" wine.
>> No. 7505
File 128261227890.jpg - (169.58KB , 850x1133 , cd2c1563310702e6dc56aaf65542f08b.jpg ) [iqdb]
The pleasure of tasting 1000 year old wine. Just The perfect age for wine.
And a different take on Yukari would be most interesting.
>> No. 7511
I think you mean Yukari will be sampling the wine, if you know what I mean...
>> No. 7631
File 128308071231.jpg - (193.44KB , 850x1209 , 70442442e5ea01cf37abd7243a8d333a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just had to post it after satisfying another customer.
>> No. 7793
File 128334714032.jpg - (1.40MB , 1600x1200 , 879fcfca2e3ae28ef299780885d2cd44.jpg ) [iqdb]
This picture is delicious in many ways. Thank you for posting. Have a (wanting-to-hug-you) Hina in return.
>> No. 7899
File 128374243660.jpg - (244.67KB , 1513x700 , 29a0496e8b77c5a22bde71121ec6f3a9.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, yeah, sorry for not updating, been too lazy to do anything else (since holiday is just around the corner). I'll try to update this ASAP, though, so please be patient.

On the other hand, I wonder if Winonymous has the thing for green hair since he already made a deal with Sikieiki, is Daiyousei's lover, right now is about to teach Hina about wine-tasting. Inb4 GREEN HAIR ONLY, FINAL DESTINATION, but this picture lacks Kisume.
>> No. 7900
File 128375965193.jpg - (329.66KB , 752x1062 , bad9ba7d79041559dec3d7d1089f7adb.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm okay with this. Even plants need good wine so that they won't rot.
>> No. 7901
In before we meet a rotten Yuuka we have to revive by pouring wine on her.
>> No. 7902
File 128376199455.jpg - (414.51KB , 658x982 , 458b20809a6d360e48fe477fe4eaa21b.jpg ) [iqdb]
If you know what I mean?

and I think I'm having a bit of issues with Yuuka's depicted personality, since most of the fanworks depict her as a sadist or a person with insane and bloodthirsty tendency (even her POFV story mode indicates that she's known for telling lies). I don't really want to write Yuuka in such way, but I also don't want to do too much justice on her personality. So, Anon, help?
>> No. 7903
Well, you could also go for a bit more "fickle" personality type with a penchant for random acts of kindness or meanness depending on who she's interacting with. Perhaps even throw in a thread of motherly caring. After all, the usual view of her is taking care of her flowers, sometimes very intensely.
>> No. 7904

I always picture Yuuka as somewhat refined and calm, but not hesitating to go on a bloodthirsty killing spree if anything rubs her the wrong way (or hurts her flowers). So long as you are nice and polite enough she will gladly have a chat with you (probably about flowers), but as soon as you do something wrong you will probably have a parasol sticking out of you stomach. Or worse.
>> No. 7905
I believe this as well.
>> No. 7907
This. She is not a monster, just when someone annoys her or is stupid she gets angry and her real nature shows. She is refined, an intelligent women with taste, calm and uninterested in humans most of the time, but she is still a Youkai deep down inside and probably believes in the old ways.

To get on her route you would probably need to move a mountain or accomplish some kind of Gensokyo's Labours of Hercules to prove your worth and manliness.

I can already imagine the tasks: Get the Shrine Maiden to do some work, clean the SDM, capture Spring, steal from Marisa, slay Nitori's Mecha Kappa and so on.
>> No. 7908
Or just shake her beliefs in humanity as a whole, which is most likely not too positive.
>> No. 7910
Ah, I knew I wasn't the only one to see Yuuka in this light.
>> No. 7911
File 128382083570.jpg - (562.66KB , 701x1000 , 9b515766943361e4f4dbf40f4cd86432.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alright, guys. I appreciate you all for the feedback. I think I can finally be able to write about Yuuka properly after this.

>Gensokyo's Labours of Hercules
I laughed at this notion. inb4 Suika/Yuugi is the Atlas- oh wait, she already is.

Picture posted because I should really continue writing YuukaxLetty.
>> No. 7912
does this mean we might see a Letty/Yuuka/Winenyomous scene?
>> No. 7913
File 128384623228.png - (619.93KB , 768x1024 , ce45aa9711963d06fe4df5df41db19a0.png ) [iqdb]
I thought Anon wanted to see Hina/Yuuka/Winenymous threesome, but this works, too. I guess our Yuki Onna needs some warm, tender loving, too. Though we aren't done promoting our wine to Hina yet and considering that she has some fetishes to show us.

Anyway, part two is being written at the moment, so please wait warmly.
>> No. 7914
File 128386586014.jpg - (486.59KB , 853x600 , c6db2f7c8184f05812c375b27fa8deae.jpg ) [iqdb]
The rain keeps pouring down onto the earth. The road you’re travelling has become muddy and slippery, and you’re having a hard time navigating your way, what with the rickshaw full of wine bottles to be delivered and Hina sitting on the backseat. Well, at least having the curse goddess as a companion is good for you.

“Hey, Miss Hina,” you call her while applying brakes as to slow down during your descent down a gentle slope.

“Just call me Hina,” she replies as she holds onto you.

“Okay, Hina, you know we’re supposed to find a quick shelter like, right now?” You suddenly lose the grip of the brakes, and you can hear Hina yelping in shock, her chest pressed against your back in the process. You quickly regain control before you, your passenger and the cargoes are thrown off the road. “Sorry!” you shout.

“Please be careful!” Hina shouts back. “You’re going to crash onto something if you aren’t careful! Watch out!”

You look at the front. A fairy happens to runs across the road, presumably to escape the rain, but you’re travelling too fast to evade the fairy. You apply the brakes but for some reasons they aren’t responding. “Hang on!!” The rickshaw collides with the fairy, throwing you off balance and knocking everything off the rickshaw onto the road. You don't know what happens to the cargo (you hope that the bottles aren't broken or shattered on impact) but you only know that you and Hina are holding onto each other as you tumble down the hill.

The mishap ends. Slowly you open your eyes, noting that you're at the bottom of a valley. There's nothing very spectacular about it, and you're relieved that you don't suffer any injury. That is, until you turn your sight downward, and what you're seeing is nothing out of breathtaking. Hina Kagiyama, the beautiful green-haired goddess, is looking up at you, eyes wide open, face all blushed. It takes you a few seconds before you realize you're on top of the woman, holding hand with hers in a position most will assume as scandalous. With her hair now free from the decorative ribbons, her chest heaving against you, her warm breath on your face, her vibrant lips parted invitingly, and the rain pouring down on and around you, you suddenly have the urge to taste this 'unknown yet alluring' wine presented right before you.

And it happens.

You claim her lips. You aren't sure if this is the right thing to do, especially when you start kissing her, and you almost get lost in your imagination as you savour the sweet, almost tangy, taste that comes with the goddess. Hina squirms beneath you in slight protest, trying to pull away from you, but as the kiss deepens she eventually calms down and let herself relax in your embrace, moaning slightly into your mouth. It feels incredible to kiss a woman this gorgeous, and and you let yourself be swept by the feeling of bliss as Hina wraps her arms about you, pulling you down as to urge you to kiss her deeper.

The kiss abruptly ends. “Jeebus,” you groan, shaking your head in disgrace. “How could I be so impatient?” You move away from Hina, repeatedly cursing youreself at your immature eagerness to have her. “I... I think we should get to your place before the rain gets heavier.”

“Wait.” Hina seizes your hand just as you're about to head back to the rickshaw. “What's the matter? Didn't you agree to teach me about wine-tasting?”

“I did, but this... this feels wrong,” you tell her. “It's just... not right to force someone to like wine. This isn't like me, sorry.” You shake your head again. “I mean, wine is supposed to be enjoyed with patience and appreciation, so-” Hina cuts off your protest with a hard kiss, and it leaves you reeling on your ground as she tightens her arms about you and press you on the ground. You manage to break away from the kiss and look at her in bewilderment. “Hina?”

“It's alright,” she murmurs, her eyelids half-lid lovingly. “I don't mind having our lesson here. I'm comfortable with it.”

“But Hina-” Again she silences your protest with a kiss; this time she takes your hand and slips it through the opening of her dress and onto her breast, moaning when she makes you squeeze the warm flesh. You don't really want to rush the lesson on one hand, but the opportunity to indulge in this gift from the heavens is too good to pass up. It doesn't help that she starts rubbing against you, causing blood to rush toward your crotch.

The kiss breaks off. Hina smiles at you, a smile that is as shy as it is covetous. “Well, we can always start with the opening course~” As she says this, Hina trains your free hand towards the laces that's keeping her dress in place and guides you to undo the strings, making soft purring sound as the clothes fumble down her body, freeing her full breasts. She, then, guides your hand to massage both her breasts, and a sharp hiss escapes her lips as she gets her nipples pinched.

“Hina, you... sure about this?” you ask as you pause your handiwork on her delectable mound.

She nods. “...please... you can do whatever you like to me...” As her lips part again, you pull her face towards you and kiss her deeply, while at the same time methodically carressing her breasts. You run your hand along her spine down to her ass and squeeze the firm mound, earning a muffled squeal from her. You shudder as Hina's hand crawl towards your crotch and stroke your erection; you respond by grabbing her ass tightly, causing her to moan loudly into your mouth.

The kisses break off, and Hina smiles at you before she moves towards your lap. With a rather impatient urgency she undoes the zipper, freeing your erection from its restrictive tent. She gives the tip of your cock a few featherlike kisses before she brings it between her breasts. “Do you mind?”

“You have to take it slowly,” you remind her. “Don't rush it.”

Licking her lips she presses her breasts on both side of your manhood, and- oh, God. It feels marvellous, and you're at the loss of words to describe this feeling. You restrain yourself from thrusting your full length and console yourself by savouring the sight of Hina's breasts rubbing against your manhood, massaging it methodically with each up and down movement. You groan in pleasure each time Hina licks the tip of your shaft, already coated in pre-cum that drips down into her cleavage, and instinctly you move your hips to match the movement of her chest.

“Feels so good, Hina...” you mumble.

Hina giggles at the remark and speeds up, squeezing her bosom closer together, practically sandwiching your pulsating manhood. Your vision starts whiting out as you feel your orgasm coming; Hina seems to sense this as she lets go off you and lies on her back, presenting her glistening breasts for you. “Well?” she asks expectantly.

You position yourself on top of Hina and position your cock in her cleavage You start thrusting yourself back and forth while she squeezes her breasts around you, further stimulating you. You can feel yours orgasm coming closer and closer, your shaft throbbing and tensing up. After a few more thrusts you find your release, shooting your load onto Hina's face, neck and upper chest, barely missing the mark on her lips. She doesn't seem to be bothered by this as she keeps squeezing your manhood until she herself shudders underneath you, back arching off the grass. You get off Hina's body and move your hand towards her damp skirt; you realize you have just made her come in the process, hence the shudder.

“It tastes strong~” Hina murmurs as she licks the cum off her lips, an expression of bliss present on her face. “So, did I pass?” Out of breath, you can only nod and lie next to her. “Hey, don't give up that quickly~” she says as she rests atop of you, her naked breasts pressing against your chest. “I still have more to learn from you, remember?”

“Just give me a few minutes, okay?” Too tired to get up you lie on the grass, letting Hina embrace you in the afterglow of the intercourse. You never expected this to happen, and you can only hope that nothing wrong will befall upon you. At least you have Hina with you, and with the goddess letting out an appeased sigh while nuzzling your neck, you know you'll have one splendid time with the goddess of curse.

“Oh, dear me.” Hina lifts herself off your body and stares at you. “It seems you have been cursed.”

Wait. What?

She trains her eyes up and down your figure before she bites her lower lip in concern. “I don't know when it started, but... you have curse around you.”

“Is that a bad thing?” you ask.

She shakes her head. “I collect curses from various sources and keep them away from living being, that's my duty,” she answers. “The curse isn't so serious; I can purify you from it if you like, but the problem is...” She frowns. “Do you mind if I tell you right here?”

You already grasp the idea behind her role, but you deserve a confirmation. “Do tell.”

“...you...” She smiles shyly; oh, God, she's just too adorable in the smile. Why every girl and woman you meet have to be this sweet and lovable? “...you'll have to stay with me for a couple of days so I can determine the extent of the curse and formulate a method to extract it.” The smile falters. “You don't happen to be chasing after your schedule after this, do you?”

“I don't know; assuming that I can even get half of the wines delivered,” you answer. “But if this will benefit my business in short and long-time term, why not?”

“Thank you so much,” she speaks and kisses your lips softly. “And I'm sorry for having to drag you into this problem.”

You return the kiss. “What can I say?” You get off the ground and fix your clothes; you offer to tie the ribbons back on her hair. “You know, you look beautiful with your hair untied,” you say as you fix the ribbons back on place. “You should do it sometimes.”

“Really?” Hina replies, her face blushing. “Thank you; I appreciate it.”


I just hope I got this right, so yeah, my apology if this doesn't reach the standard anyone would expect. And yeah, I'm sure anyone of us wouldn't mind getting purified by Hina, figuratively and literally.
>> No. 7917
Very nice, but a bit disappointed at how the Komachi bit you did earlier didn't have any Paizuri. But no complaints about this at all.
>> No. 7918
File 128391407053.jpg - (573.27KB , 700x1000 , fdb2f0bebbb253391fb97a9ea1c23956.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah, I just realized that. I can do a rewrite of the Komachi scene with paizuri, if Anon likes.
>> No. 7919
File 128392117251.jpg - (677.88KB , 1540x889 , d7417e5ffeb962e6c86b3f336c49a0e2.jpg ) [iqdb]
And while we're at, here's some boobs of steel. Just an excuse to post this picture, which sadly lacks Komachi.
>> No. 7920
File 128392186955.jpg - (83.47KB , 520x700 , 1d6e457e408e587961f61cb46faaa3ce.jpg ) [iqdb]
And have a Shinki, while we're at it. inb4 Anon wants to have a taste of Makai wine.
>> No. 7921
File 128392217547.jpg - (1.27MB , 1500x2000 , 5bb11c6d14be1d3d903c0bd7bebdbd37.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yet another excuse to post this Hina picture.
>> No. 7923
There could be a later moment as well. We never did help the Yama relax after all.
>> No. 7924
File 128393349069.jpg - (201.37KB , 900x675 , 1281371267995.jpg ) [iqdb]
For Hina, no excuse is needed.
>> No. 7926
Yes. Repent!
>> No. 7927
File 128395228531.jpg - (616.55KB , 1005x1012 , c57baf3717d255ef8f5f6478e75fa076.jpg ) [iqdb]
If you know what I mean?

Heads up: I may or may not be around tomorrow until this weekend, since I'm going to be on holiday trip to my village. So yeah, it's just in case update is needed.
>> No. 7928
File 128395389372.jpg - (364.59KB , 653x800 , 5b20c58c71bcde7b2dfe14158148c3e6.jpg ) [iqdb]
We will wait meanwhile.
>> No. 7930
Or another certain goddess (or two)
>> No. 7973
File 12844269109.jpg - (299.53KB , 958x1238 , bec169f23fda34982e8f316fb6feb39f.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the lack of update, but I'll get it fixed after I get back from my holiday trip. Posting picture just because.
>> No. 8024
So, who is next for the Wine delivery?
>> No. 8025
I don't think we're done with Hina yet... but good question about who's after her.
>> No. 8026
File 128486553995.jpg - (462.54KB , 687x971 , f64e632d9580c28adac455fd411bd1ba.jpg ) [iqdb]
See picture.

Update is on the way, by the way. Please wait warmly while it's being prepared.
>> No. 8032
File 128487328373.png - (552.36KB , 1024x768 , e7eb68c8aa757a04d6189b7d0f531b0e.png ) [iqdb]
You arrive at Hina's house, just in time the rain comes to a halt. You can't get any luckier than this since you have found a place to take shelter from the weather, though it means you have to stay with Hina for time being so that she can cure you from the curse. Moreover, the mishap you had earlier had cost you a bottle, a costly loss that is going to be difficult to replace. Your only hope is to let Hina take care of the curse for you while you use the opportunity to have full rest.

Though there is a more important issue you have to tackle.

“Must every deity's home be difficult to reach?” you ask as you walk up the staircases that lead to the treetop cottage. You have to be careful not to slip and fall down the tree, especially since you're carrying the bottles with you.

“It wasn't my idea in the first place,” Hina answers. “Nitori suggested that I have treetop house as a hallmark.”

“I suppose your followers have to work hard just to ever get you,” you answer.

“It's good for your body workout,” Hina answers jokingly.

“Aw, yeah right,” you shrug. “I should ask for body massage after this.”

Hina giggles. “I like that idea~”

You eventually reach the end of the staircases. Your observation shows that it isn't just a home, but a series of buildings built on trees and interconnected by wooden bridges. You can count five units of house, and there's a stream flowing between the fourth and the fifth tree. “Visitors to my place will first reach this altar of the offering,” Hina speaks as she shows you the building you're at. Then she points to the tree at the middle. “That's where I sleep.” She later points to the third and fourth buildings. “Those quarters house the kitchen, the dining room and the food storage room. You can see they're built close to each other for easy access.” She points to the last building. “And that's the shower room. I know it's quite far from the rest of the trees, but it's done so in case my visitors need some privacy.”

“Clever,” you utter.

“Nitori said she got the idea of building my house after she watched a movie from your world. Something about bear-like race but I can't recall its title.” You didn't expect to have a Star War fan in Gensokyo. “Oh. You might not want to venture out tonight. This area is infested with youkai and night creatures.”

“Yeah, sure. I don't have anything else to do anyway,” you say.

“Nonsense. We have the lesson on wine tasting, remember?” Hina reminds you.

“Oh, right.” You put the bottles near the altar when you notice a wine bottle neatly placed with some offerings. You pick the bottle, unplug its cork and inhale its smell. “Straw wine.” You take the accompanying glass and pour a portion to be tasted. You're not mistaken. “Can't believe someone would know how to make straw wine. It's among the more difficult to produce, especially since one's aiming for the perfect variation.”

“Does it mean anything to you?” Hina asks.

“I can't say,” you answer. “When was this offered to you?”

“About three years ago, but I never touched it until you opened the bottle,” she answers. “And this is the wine I was talking of back at Aki's place.”

“This is it?” You take another sip of the straw wine; clearly whoever gave this to Hina as an offering had the knowhow on straw wine, and this strong, almost acidic taste suggests that this variety had gone through very meticulous process. “How unique.”

“Excuse me?”

“This particular brand has the taste of Vin Santo, but it also has the taste of Vin Paille and Prädikat.” You close your eyes, focusing your thought on identifying the region this wine might come from, but somehow it eludes you. “That's strange. This wine doesn't come from anywhere I know.”

“What do you think?” Hina ask.

“I suspect it's a combination of the varieties I have mentioned – that, or it's made here,” you answer. “But as far as I can remember, I'm the only one who in Gensokyo owns a vineyard.” You replace the lit and put the bottle back on its shelf. “I believe I may have come across my actual challenge as a winemaker.”

“That sounds great,” Hina utters. “Perhaps I can learn more from you.”
You're at the bathroom. Dinner will not be ready for another half an hour, and that gives you the chance to relax under the streams of hot water. Never before you feel so relaxed after all day's work, and as time passes by you start losing grasp of the surrounding environment and drift into your imagination,

Then something strikes you on the head. Where are you going to sleep tonight? There's no way you'll spend the night at the altar or the dining room; the storage and the bathroom are out of question, and outdoor nap is nigh impossible. “Oh.” You chuckle. “Quite a plan you have, Miss Hina.”

With your self hygiene taken care of you dress up and head to the kitchen. Hina is preparing the meal, and you ask whether she can use your assistance. “Please prepare the table for me; my friend's coming in to join us,” she says.

“Nitori, I assume?” you say.

“Yes. She seldoms cooks for herself, so it's usually I who take care of her domestic affair.” Sounds like a dedicated housewife to you; Hina even looks like one, with the apron and all. Somehow she reminds you of Daiyousei; wonder how she's doing right now? “She easily gets caught in her machinery works, but I always have no idea on what she's working on.”

You arrange the cutleries on the table. “A man dedicated to something he likes very much tend to forget everything around him. I can understand that, since I also get absorbed into my work a lot.” You get the glasses ready. “So what's for dinner?”

“For tonight's dinner.” Hina carries the claypot from the stove and puts it on the table. “It's winter squash soup with pie spices. I know it's out of season, but I thought I could give it a try. Also~” She returns to the oven and takes out a pie for all eyes to see. “This is my own recipe: pineapple and raspberry pie with peach topping.”

“I like that. Hang on; I know the perfect wine for this occasion.” You make haste to the altar and return to the kitchen with a bottle in hand. “Tokay-Pinot Gris, from the Alsace region. My dad gave this to me on my fifteen birthday.” The door is opened. Both of you turn around to see Nitori and a wolf-girl arriving. “Looks like the diners have arrived.”

“Sorry for arriving late,” Nitori apologizes. “I had to invite Momiji at the tengu camp. Is dinner already?”

The wolf girl looks at you before she taps Nitori on the shoulder. “Nitori, umm, who's that guy?”

“Nitori, Momiji, he's my guest,” Hina explains. “And he's joining us for tonight's dinner. I hope his presence doesn't bother you.”

“Oh, hey! You're that guy.” Having taken off her raincoat Nitori approaches you and shakes your hand. “Glad you made it in one piece. I told Hina the explosion wasn't harmful but she wouldn't buy it.”

“Next time, put a sign that says you're conducting an experiment or something,” you tell her.

Nitori laughs. “I like that attitude. The name's Nitori, pleased to meet you sir!” She points you to the wolf girl. “And this is my buddy Momiji. She's from the tengu society, for your information.”

The girl bows her head to you. “Momiji Inubashiri, a friend of Nitori and colleague to Miss Aya. Pleased to meet you.”

Hina claps her hands. “Alright, everyone! Please sit down and enjoy the meal,” she speaks. “Or does our winemaker here have any trick to show us firsthand?”

“I thought you wouldn't ask.” You prepare the tools necessary for decanting. “Ladies, this is how we prepare wine for dinner. Watch.” You start the process, and at once you're sinking into the exciting, yet sensual, world of wine decanting. You have been doing this since you became a winemaker, honing it to such degree you can essentially do it blindfolded.

In fact, you're going to do just that.

You ask Hina that she blindfolds you. “But isn't that going to be a distraction?” she asks.

“I've trained myself for many years just for this, Hina,” you say and take your position. “Now, hold your breath if you like.” You resume decanting, deliberately making moves so that you appear to misjudge the pouring. The girls gasp when you almost miss the carafe, and they sigh in relief as you find your mark. You swear to yourself songs are playing randomly inside your head, but none of those can stop you now as you focus on finishing the decanting.

Finally after what seems to be eternity you pour the wine into the glasses. “It's all done.” You undo the blindfold and throw your arms forward. “Ladies, if you may.” The three girls take their glasses and sip the beverage; you grin victoriously at the various expressions their face are showing.

“Amazing,” Hina speaks. “I feel like I've just come down from the heavens.”

“Figure speech,” Nitori comments. “This wine tastes so awesome!”

Momiji has a thoughtful look on her face. “This reminds me of the wine Miss Aya showed me last month... umm, what is it named again?”

“Well, everyone.” You clap your hands to get their attention. “Why don't we all sit down and enjoy this gathering to its fullest?”
“Thanks for the food!” Nitori exclaims, her fist pumped upward. “Now that I'm fully charged up, I can keep working all the way to morning!”

“Don't get too excited about it, Nitori,” Hina reminds her. “You haven't had rest for two days now; you should think of your own self, first.”

“Why, Hina, I can always take quick nap, can't I?” Nitori replies. “Come on, Momiji! I better escort you back to the camp before they start looking for you.” The kappa leaves without saying anything to you, although Momiji does stay behind to express her gratitude.

“Thank you for the dinner,” she speaks. “And thank you for teaching us about winemaking. It was really fun.”

“It's my pleasure, too,” you reply. “And I was quite surprised at your vast knowledge on wine. Who taught you?”

Momiji giggles sheepishly. “Well, Miss Aya has wine storage at her home, but she seldoms takes any bottle out. For collection's sake, she said, though I do get the chance to taste some.”

You laugh. “What's the use of wine if we can't enjoy it? I'm sure she'll have a change in her mind if she lets me visit her,” you say.

Momiji laughs as well. “Oh, I'm sure you don't mind seeing her showing off her talent in winetasting,” she replies. “Well, I better get going before I wake up too late for my shift tomorrow.” The wolf girl bows to you and chases after Nitori, even as you and Hina are bidding her farewell.

“Well, we've done with cleaning the kitchen, and I assume you don't have anything else to do right now, yes?” Hina speaks.

“Pretty much,” you reply. “So what do you think? You think you've gained much from our session just now?”

“I think so,” Hina replies. She slightly gasps when you embrace her, but she giggles afterwards. “My~ I wonder if you have any purpose of hugging this curse goddess,” she utters as she relaxes beneath your arms.

“No idea,” you answer. “Maybe I like hugging a woman as adorable as you.”

“Hey, be careful with what you're saying,” Hina reminds you playfully. “Though I like having someone hugging me like this~” She rests her head upon your chest. “I know you're going to have trouble looking for somewhere to sleep, so~” She slips free from your arms and takes your hand. “Come to my room.”

You bat an eyebrow. “What's this? A curse goddess making a move on this mortal self?” you ask, in which she responds with a shy, yet mischiveous smile. “Oh, come on. Like I don't know your intention.”

“Maybe~” She takes you to her room, the way she doing it almost making you wonder if she has planned this in advance. “Wait here,” she tells you at the door. “I... I need to get changed first, so don't go anywhere, okay?” With a wink she closes the door, and all you can do for now is to wait. You're wondering if this is the side-effect of the curse, of if another factor is at play, but your focus is momentarily disturbed when Hina summons you in.

“You better not have nasty plan, Hina, because if you do.” You step into the room. “I'll have to reconsider-” You're flabbergasted. Sitting on the single bed is Hina, no longer in her usual flamboyant frilled dress as she's now wearing nothing more than simple white nightgown. Her hair, free from her frilled ribbobs, flows down her shoulders and onto her lap, its natural beauty never ceases to amaze you. Her amazing figure is visible, though sadly they're covered by the nightgown, although its translucency means that the dress is highlighting her womanliness more than it actually covers her.

“Please have a seat.” You sit close to her, and she motions you to come closer to her. “Why must you be afraid of me?” she asks.

“I'm not afraid, I admit,” you tell her. “I'm just concerned if you're ever aware of the consequences.”

“I'm aware of it,” Hina speaks and places her hand upon your thigh. “Please think of it as my way of showing my gratitude for teaching me.”

“Well, I'm glad to hear that,” you tell her. “So why are you...”

She giggles. “If you don't mind, please sleep with me tonight.” You almost feel your lower jaw dropping onto the floor. While you have been asked by a lot of people from the opposite gender to spend your night with them, hearing such request from the goddess herself is so overwhelming you want to go out of the room and scream “I'm the luckiest guy in the whole world!” while dancing like an idiot man.

You calm down. “I'm... flattered, though I don't think this is necessary.” You clear your throat once. “I mean, I'm not going to stay here for longer than I should, and-”

“Why not?” Hina stares at you, her eyelids half-shut adoringly, her lips parted invitingly. “It's not that I'm going to lay more curses upon you, right~?” Her face is now an inch from yours, and feeling her warm breath on your cheek is driving you crazy. You try to maintain your composure, but the way she's presenting herself to you-

Oh, fuck it.

You kiss her. You can tell that she's happy from the way she presses her full chest against you and how she wraps her arms around you. You gently prod your tongue into her mouth to pry it open, and her reaction is instantaneous as she presses her tongue against yours. She moans deeply into your mouth as you squeeze her ass, and she shudders as you take her full breasts in your hand and knead them methodically. “Umm... not tonight,” she murmurs as she brushes your hand aside. “I just want to have you with me.”

“Sorry,” you apologize, though you still don't let go off her buttock.

She shakes her head. “It's alright. I understand your need.” She kisses you again, and you get pulled down onto the bed as she lays on her side and stares at you lovingly. You don't know if you should consider yourself lucky to be even in her presence or not, but you don't want to think of it too much. “You feel sleepy right now?”

“Kind of.” You kiss her lips again before you turn her around so that you can embrace her properly from behind. “You know you could've asked me nicely out there,” you say as you tighten your arms around her. “This is just plain unnecessary.”

“I couldn't help it,” she answers. “You're the first man I met who I have the willingness to ask you, you see. I was happy that you didn't actually freak out like many others did.” She sighs happily as you give her cheek and neck featherlike kisses. “Are you angry?”

“Not at all.” You rest your chin upon her scalp. “I'm just too sleepy to be mad at you. Goodnight, Hina.” There's no answer, and you look down at her to find she has fallen asleep. “Well, well.” You pull her closer to you and position her so that she's sleeping comfortably in your embrace.

This is indeed going to be your luckiest time ever.


Sorry, folks, no proper Hina scene for now, but we'll get there eventually.
>> No. 8033
>You pull her closer to you and position her so that she's sleeping comfortably in your embrace.
It's okay. That was enough for me.
>“I've trained myself for many years just for this, Hina,” you say and take your position. “Now, hold your breath if you like.”
Someone needs to draw this.
>> No. 8076
File 128520648422.jpg - (680.02KB , 800x1067 , 635d17547c9f22cef88694019c00076a.jpg ) [iqdb]
So I was approached by krisslanza who had asked me if I could write her a Reina scene. I don't mind being asked to write someone else's OC, but personally, I'm not really into crossovers. I already started writing it as a part of this update, however, and I can't turn back now, so I just want to know if Anon's fine with it. Patience, Anon, this does not mean we will not be able to spend our quality time with Hina. If anything, it only gets better.

Have a catgirl Yuuka for all the troubles.
>> No. 8078
File 128521081433.jpg - (307.86KB , 986x706 , 901afd51f5cf6feddb77a2e9b390bd1f.jpg ) [iqdb]
“An errand, you say?”

Yukari merely hides her grin behind the fan. “Why? Are yo uexpecting something more exotic?”

“Not really, but why didn't you tell me about it before I started this trip?” you ask.

“Why, it was her fault for not alerting us about the disaster!” Yukari exclaims. “Silly Reina, you can't be too independent forever~”

“Sounds like Miss Roots' having a problem on her side,” Hina says.

“You have met her before?” you ask.

“I have,” she answers. “A few months, when she came here to fix the stove. She's really a nice girl, if you ask me.”

“I can imagine that.” You focus back on Yukari. “Alright. You're aware that you've shown me very little respect by interfering with my business with Hina, but I'll forgive you for that.”

“Aw, you'll only be away from Hina until this evening!” Yukari utters. “Why, our winemaker here is very eager to present his wine to the cute curse goddess! I'm envious~” You have a hard time hiding your embarrassment from plain view, and it isn't working wel.

“You should visit us last night,” Hina utters. “I had amazing time seeing him demonstrating me how to choose the perfect wine for our dinner. He really has the talent, and I can't wait to see more from him tonight.”

“Aw, really? Now I'm getting jealous~” Yukari says with a grin. “I was right after all when I brought him to Gensokyo,” she murmurs to herself.

You cough. “Anyway, what kind of errand you're seeking from me today, Yukari?”

“Oh, nothing very important. Just patching some holes, reparing the walls, that's all,” Yukari says. “And I imagine she's going to need some manpower to complete her work. You know, manpower~” She winks at Hina. “Do you mind if I borrow him for a while, Hina dear?”

“Oh, no, not at all,” Hina answers. “But don't push him around too much, or he won't be have any energy left for me~”

“Oh, ho~ I see what you mean,” Yukari says in acknowledgment before she turns back at you. “So, are you ready?” Before you can reply a gap appears underneath you and sucks you into a void. The descent is cut short when another gap pops out and throws you onto the ground; the lady of boundaries appears next to you, landing as gracefully as she can.

“What the hell was that for? At least let me say goodbye to Hina, jeez,” you grumble as you stand up.

“You'll have plenty of time to spend with her, you silly,” Yukari replies. “But let's forget about it, because we are now here! Reina's very own living quarters, as simple and adorable as the girl herself.”

You look at the house. You can see a gaping hole at where the door is supposed to be. “Mind telling me what happened?”

“Just a bitter argument between Marisa and Yuuka that went out of control,” Yukari answers. “Good thing she didn't Spark the whole house, or the cute Reina will be left homeless.” She, then, mumbles in low voice, “and I thought I could ask her to sleep with me last night, but she refused! I'm so sad...”

You pay Yukari no attention as notice a ponytailed girl walking out of the hole to assess its damage, followed by Reimu and a tall, green-haired woman. The latter notices your presence and walks towards you, her parasol spun slowly in her hand. “I assume this is the 'extra hand' you talked about earlier, Yukari,” the woman speaks, her tone soft yet commanding.

“One of the best there is,” Yukari answers. “In fact, he's agreed to treat us with his wine once we're done repairing Reina's home.”

You want to protest at Yukaris' remark but the woman's mere presence is calling for your attention and you stand still as she steps forward. “Wine? Are you perhaps the infamous winemaker Reimu had told me yesterday?” she says as her bright ruby eyes are staring into yours.

“I have no idea why Reimu would tell my name to you, ma'am, but yes, that infamous winemaker would be me,” you answer.

“Oh! I see why she was so happy,” the woman speaks. “You look really strong and promising, I can see that.” She giggles. “My name is Yuuka, pleased to meet you.”

“It's my pleasure as well, Miss Yuuka,” you say.

“Guys, cut the introduction off,” Yukari says. “Unless we get him to work now, Reina will have to look somewhere else to spend her night,” she says. “Will it be Reimu's humble shrine? Or will it be Yuuka's majestic sunflower cottage? Or will it be Yukarin's exotic loveshack?” You can see the girl and Reimu averting each other's eyes while Yuuka is staring at Yukari completely unamused. “Of course, we can't always be too hopeful, can we?”

“Cut that out, Yukari,” Reimu sighs. “You've brought in the reinforcements, so my work here is done. I'm going back.” She leaves the commotion but later returns to you. “As for you, Mister Winemaker.” Without any warning she pulls your head down and claims your mouth in a kiss that leaves you stunned, and the rest of the women flabbergasted. She lets you go just in time you gasp for air, and chuckles foxily as she places a finger over your lips. “Do you best~ ♥ ”

“Oh dear me,” Yuuka utters. “Reimu knows something about you that I don't. Hmm, I wonder what it is.” She approaches you and places her nose upon your neck, inhaling your scent deeply and sighing softly in the process. You stand still, noticing that Yukari and the girl are staring at the commotion disbelief. This whole affair is ridiculously disturbing, not to mention the amount of strength you're employing just to prevent blood from rushing to inappropriate place.

After a few minutes of sniffing and nuzzling Yuuka lets you go; there's a hint of temptation, mischief, curiosity and expectation from the smile she gives you. “I assume you're free after helping my little flower repairing her garden, yes?” she asks.

“Actually, my business with Hina is not done yet, so...” Her smiles falters, and for a while it looks like Yuuka's going to frown at you for the answer. Oh, no, you can't help feeling guilty for what you just said to her. “Let me tell you this: I'll come over to your place right at the first hour of the morning. Hell, I'll make sure you're included in my VIP list.”

“That's better,” she says with a smile. “I'll be waiting for you tomrorow, then, so don't ever forget our appointment, okay?” With a gentle prod of her finger on your chest she approaches the ponytailed girl to give her a few words of advice. Then she walks back at you and does the unexpected by taking your lips into a kiss. “This will be my sweet reminder to you, young one. Make sure you cherish it~” she murmurs over your lips.

“How... how rude!!” Yukari protests after Yuuka left. “Those twos made their moves on you while I haven't! That's not fair!!” She approaches you and hits your forehead with her fan. “And you didn't even bother resisting their bid to tantalize you! What are you going to do if your fairy lover finds out about this?”

“Was it my fault for letting them kiss me? No, wasn't it?” you reply. “I just didn't want to lose my potential customers, you included.” The response is enough to make Yukari blush, and you almost want to laugh at her reaction.

“What? What are you- oh, I get it. Then Yukarin shall do the same thing Yuuka and Reimu had done to you!” She pulls your head down and presses her lips against yours as she kisses you aggressively. You notice with an alarm that she's applying hard force into the kisses, and you can notice her tongue forcefully poking and prodding at your own, attempting to rouse you into returning the kiss. The moment your tongue make contact with hers you can actually feel Yukari's passionate moans in your mouth as she presses herself against you, and you push her away before you get carried away. “Aw! Why did you stop? Yukarin can't enough of the kisses, you know~” she protests.

“Are we here to help Reina with her home or to make out in front of her?” you demand.

“You're so straight to business. Yukarin is not amused at all~!” She, then, giggles. “Maybe that's why you've been a successful winemaker after all.” Licking her lips once, she taps her fan on your chest. “Put this eternally-seventeen lady's name in your VVIP list, will you~? I want only the best of your winemaking expertise~” She steps into the gap and waves you goodbye before she disappears into the fabric of space. You bring your face into your palm. You simply cannot apprehend the magnitude of absurdity you have faced, what with getting yourself kissed by Reimu, Yuuka and Yukari right in front of their friend. It's like they're trying to entice you into having a wild orgy with them! Good grief.

“Umm... you alright?”

You shake your head. “Eh, I don't know if I am,” you say. “I don't know if I should jump into the lake in despair or not, but whatever.” You discard every piece of distraction that's bugging you and focus on getting the work done. “You are Reina, I assume. Yukari asked me that you need some assistance in repairing your house, so...”

“Ah, yes! The fixing.” The ponytailed girl corrects her posture and bows to you. “First thing first, I want to apologize on my friends' behalf. Please don't mind them; they can be, uhh, eccentric.”

“I suppose I should,” you say.

“My name is Reina Roots,” she introduces herself. “I'm... I'm looking forward to working together with you today. Please be gentle with me.”

You give her a simple nod. “Same with me, Miss Roots-”

“Ah, could you please not be too formal with me?” she asks. “I prefer if you call me with my first name, it's more comfortable that way.”

You grin. “Oh, alright. I suppose I should be more casual towards my customers starting today,” you utter. “I'll be glad to assist you however I can, Reina.”


As you can see, our MC doesn't really like the idea of the girls making their moves on him but I'm sure Anon begs to differ. Anyway, this is just the first part, so please be patient while the second part is being prepared.
>> No. 8079
can't wait to see more, Mr. Winemaker is a great choice for her first time.
>> No. 8080
>catgirl Yuuka
God lord jesus.
>> No. 8091
File 128524416169.jpg - (93.74KB , 900x800 , 1bc9910316ee45c3b639734fa814a200.jpg ) [iqdb]
Update on the way, so please wait warmly.
>> No. 8093
My... seems Yukari's been a very bad influence on innocent not-so-little Reina. And Winonymous seem to be a real biter. Still a great short.
>> No. 8108
>back to our usual scheduling with our curse goddess
>> No. 8114
File 128533042851.png - (749.82KB , 1000x952 , f26b5dd3e25f4ca51d60f7d4b897bf41.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 8115
File 128533051133.png - (0.98MB , 1200x900 , c3a8e17554661d588b66e26030e7fff1.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 8116
File 12853306098.png - (1.02MB , 1200x900 , b45ccdc8c46e8273857855e32ef4170b.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 8117
File 128533077863.png - (1.35MB , 1231x1900 , fda053659f7c0cf427e555493e293168.png ) [iqdb]
Don't mind me, I just need an excuse to post some Hina.
>> No. 8118
File 128533137334.jpg - (442.16KB , 1170x1443 , 2b229b21328502bfe73b4af5349f5f97.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 8119
File 128533181984.jpg - (746.38KB , 700x1200 , 9df4ac677f8e602bf4e5892832abecf0.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 8120
File 128533219645.jpg - (612.06KB , 1920x1080 , c0d1f6d7e5b4071f71f9e2051a75a8ca.jpg ) [iqdb]
I bet this is the first thing Anon wants to see tomorrow morning when our MC wakes up.
>> No. 8121
File 128533236873.jpg - (498.21KB , 1806x2648 , 28676e54c6a47ebaeff6b73fa0460893.jpg ) [iqdb]
Or maybe this.
>> No. 8122
File 128533270655.jpg - (589.02KB , 800x700 , af9f76a3075ba6b259770481bf2c1b8f.jpg ) [iqdb]
And I better stop posting and get back to writing before Anon gets angry at me.
>> No. 8124
File 128534730292.jpg - (154.93KB , 700x1200 , 52078bead5ba2936a35bcf363e2b6054.jpg ) [iqdb]
>excuse to post some Hina.
>no update
You are doing it wrong.
But this one should go along nicely with the coming update.
You better start the new Thread with some delicious Hina. We shall go over to the other missing Green haired Women after that.
>> No. 8130
File 128539314567.jpg - (0.99MB , 2705x2150 , d7daa17a597043bc4e647d788e76cd4d.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Update in new thread.
I'm fine with this, anyway.
>> No. 8145
File 128556434149.jpg - (779.46KB , 1200x1375 , 245131ff087eee41b919f6a2409ff405.jpg ) [iqdb]
Repost with some edited contents.

You take a breather. Working with bricks and woods isn't something that you're fond of, as your physique isn't built for labour works. You tend to leave the labour works to someone who's an expert in this field, as you often did back at your hometown, and you often worried that your physique isn't going to keep up with the hard work. Perhaps you could learn something or two from this Reina Roots, since from your observation she seems to be very adept in this skill. You're amazed she can fix the wall with her own strength, considering the fact that it would normally take at least two people to rebuild the construction (not to mention the time it'd take to fix at least half of the hole).

“Tired already?” Reina asks.

“More like unable to keep up with your speed,” you say. “I'm not a construction man by heart, to be honest. I'd rather spend my day tasting wine and waiting for customers to show up.”

“I think I can understand the situation.” She places the final piece of frame in position, fixing it so that it fits. “Now all we have to worry now is to fix the door, and we're all done after that!”

“So what about the door?” you ask.

“Leave the door to me,” Reina tells you. “You don't have to force yourself if you know you can't do it.”

“Yeah… I think so.” You excuse yourself and return to the couch. It's only two hours since the work started, and already you're feeling strained. You really need to think on how to complete the work before evening.

“Can I ask you something?” you speak. “If you know you can, sorry for being rude, do the damn thing yourself, then why you need someone's assistance?”

“It wasn't my idea in the first place,” Reina utters. “Yukari proposed that I should go find, umm, someone I could rely on.” She leaves the doorframe and inspects the wall for minor details. “I usually do most of these works on my own, but sometimes I do get help from my friends. So it feels awkward to have a, ah, a man offering to help.”

You use the chance from her monologue to check on Reina. Compared to other busty women you have met, for the lack of better words, Reina's figure is nothing short of amazing, though admittedly her rack falls behind Komachi's or Hina's. Not that you want to complain about it, since Reina also has perfectly shaped legs, the kind of assets that will make any woman turn green.

“Hey, are you just going to sit there?” Reina asks.

“What am I supposed to do if you said I don't have to do anything?” you ask.

“You silly,” she chuckles. “You can help me with the door. Please hold it for me; I'm going to fix it into its place.” You oblige and help her fixing the door. Is it you, or do you find this whole ordeal suspicious? You just don't get the whole idea behind seeking for someone's help, since you notice with your own eyes how skilled Reina in domestic work is, but you're complaining too much.

“I wonder how it feels?”

You peek from behind the door panel. “Did you just say anything?”

Reina shakes her head. “No, no! Please don't mind me,” she replies and resumes her work on screwing the door into its place. She's murmuring again, and you can hear her saying “to be kissed by-” before she coughs.

Before you know it the door is fixed in position. “We're done!” Reina exclaims. “That's easier than I thought. Thanks, sir. I couldn't really do it without your help.” She calls you back into her house. “You mind if I treat you with orange juice? It's getting hot this afternoon, so some iced drink will cool us down.” You need to grasp this situation, but somehow seeing Reina outstretching herself and presenting her assets fuels your lust at her. It's getting too hot, not to mention Reina has taken off her denim jacket, revealing her breasts in all their glory, though upsettingly they're still covered by her black tank top.

You approach Reina from behind. Without any alert you pull her body towards you and rest your hands on her chest. Her shocked yelps go unnoticed as you cope a feeling of her breasts, and she moans as your fingers touch the tip of her erect nipples that are pushing her tank top.

“Umm… you… what are you…” she murmurs, moaning again as you tug her nipples.

“I don't know about you,” you tell her. “But I believe this is your first time with a guy, right?”

“I…” She gasps again as you pull her tank top upward and take her full breasts into your hands, kneading and molding them to full ripeness. “Did Yukari tell you about this?” Another moan escapes her lips as you squeeze her breasts, and she places her hands upon yours as to guide you to work on her mound.

“Not if I can remember,” you say and pull her tank top over her head, tossing it somewhere in the house. You lower your face to meet hers, and you claim her lips in a kiss as you keep working on her chest. “How do you like it?” you ask over her swollen lips.

“Mmm… yes, it feels so good…” she sighs.

“I'll make you feel good, Reina.” You turn her around and push her onto the wall. You claim her lips in another kiss, massaging her breasts at the same time, and she pushes her head forward, wanting to dominate your mouth. Both of you stop kissing only for a moment to pull your shirt over your head. Feeling Reina's crawling up their way to your shoulders and making way down to your waist and brushing against your member you push harder into the kiss, making the girl moan into your mouth.

You pull back and lean forward, nibbling her neck and shoulders. “Let's… let's do it on the couch…” you hear Reina moaning in delight. You haul her up her ass and make way to the couch. You sit her down, her breasts jiggling as she makes touchdown with the cushion. You kiss Reina again, your tongue wrestling against hers in your mouth, and your hands slide through her soft hair as you trail your kisses down her collarbone all the way to her chest. She moans as you take her nipple into your mouth and lick it, feeling it hardening rapidly on contact with your tongue. You take her other breast in your hand and squeeze it gently; Reina responds by arching her back a bit, zooming her chest into your face.

You let go off Reina's lush breast and bring your hands down to her jean shorts. You grab the garment on its waistline and pull it down her legs before you throw them away from the couch. The smell of her wet pussy fills the air and it's completely intoxicating. You feel dizzy from inhaling the scent and the heat wave, but you don't care. With your head positioned between her thighs you push forward, licking and caressing her outer lips with your tongue, making Reina moan in pleasure.

“Mmm… feels so good… don't stop.”

You can't even if you want to. Your tongue slides into her lower lips, finding her hard clit instantly.

“Oh god, yes!”

You watch Reina writhe in enjoyment as you move your tongue over her in small figure eight motions. You can feel her hands fumbling through your hair, tugging it every time you touch her in just the right spot. You pull back, and she groans in disappointment.

“Why did you stop? Please… please continue…”

You lean forward again, this time plunging your tongue into her depths as she screams out in passion. Her head tosses from side to side as you feel her orgasm coming. She stiffens and let out a passionate moan as she climaxes, her thighs clamping on both side of your head as her warm juices squirt onto your face. You lap on her cum before you pull away from her.

“Tastes delicious.” You lean forward to attack her mouth once more, filling her mouth with her own juice. “Do you like it?” Reina nods, her eyelids half-closed in desire. You kiss her once again and get her to open up for you as you move your hand towards her lower entrance. Giving her pussy a soft nudge you insert a finger into her, eliciting a loud moan from her. You start fingering her while keeping her body in place, and she writhes in your arms as you push your finger into her depth.

“Oh, fuck yes!”

You lean into her chest and ravage her swollen tits, all while you speed up the fingering, adding another finger into her. Reina moans happily in response to the intrusion and clamps her thighs around your hand, urging you to go deeper. Reina starts trashing in your arms and her toes curl outward, a sign that she's close to her orgasm. You give her pussy a couple more thrusts before she hits her peak, and her cum flows out of her and floods your hand as she comes down from her climax.

“You've come twice already, I see,” you speak.

“I… yes, I am..” Reina gasps.

You put your cum-coated fingers into Reina's mouth, letting her clean them off the juice. She moans in pleasure as she sucks her own taste off your fingers, and she wraps her arms about your neck. “Please take me…” she murmurs.

“You don't have to ask twice, Reina.” Kissing her once more you pull your pants down and position yourself at the opening of her slippery tunnel. “This is going to be your first, so are you ready?” you ask, placing one hand on her left breast and the other underneath her ass.

She squirms at your touch and nods, rather nervously as you notice. “I'm ready… please…”

Very gently you push against the slit of her pussy, and Reina makes a few, quiet noise as the tip of your member makes its way inside. You take a deep breath and release it in an attempt to steady yourself. You can't help noticing that she is very tight, and the notion that she's asking you to spoil her serves to arouse you. You slowly push deeper and deeper, until it finally stops at the wall of her virginity. A pained sound leaves her lips when you touch against the barrier.

“This is going to hurt a bit, Reina,” you tell her. “Tell me if I'm overdoing it, okay?” She nods and grits her teeth in preparation. You put pressure on her hymen, her face contorting in pain as it gives way. She sharply inhales as the wall is broken down, and you cock is fully embedded within her. Her arms wrap around your back in tandem with a loud sigh of relief, while her wet hole tightly clenches around your hard length.

“Yes,” she cries out. “Fuck me!”

Happily you pull out and thrust back into her harder, adjusting yourself to her writhing body. A content moan escapes her when you grind against her sloppy cunt, and she smiles at you before she kisses you on the cheek. “More, please…!” she asks. You're all too eager to give her what she desires, so you draw back slightly and thrust back into her virginal body. A loud slap of flesh, joined by a moan of pleasure, echoes throughout the small house. Reina arches her back, zooming those large breasts of hers into your face. You suck on her nipples hungrily, marring them with pinpricks, love bites and blood.

You shift position on the couch, allowing you easier access to her body. Your hand slide along her back and support her body as you continue ravaging on her breasts. Her body shudders and convulses at the combined assault of your hard shaft and teeth, and she wraps her arms and legs around you tightly. You sit back a bit, Reina now nearly upright on your crotch and straddling your body while you pump your cock into her. You can feel her pussy contracting around you and her breathing growing heavier. “I… I think I'm going to…!” she calls out between breaths.

You kiss her briefly. “I know,” you reply, returning to her chest afterward. You're getting close to that point yourself, your hard member twitching and pulsing early inside of her warm snatch. A loud scream of pleasure rings out from Reina as her orgasm passes through her, and your own shout follows shortly after, cum flowing from your rock hard shaft and staining the inside of her womb. She clings to you for a time as her pussy seems to suck and drain the semem from your body.

You fall into the couch, taking Reina along as she collapses on top of you. “That… that was amazing…” she murmurs happily.

“I know, right?” you say and kiss her. There's a strange sensation coursing through you, though. Somehow you'd expect your strength to wane after you hit your orgasm but it doesn't. In fact as you pull her off your lap your erection is still as hard as ever, pulsating as if it's ready for another round.

“Mmm… you're ready for round two~?” You turn to Reina who is crawling off the couch and is standing on all four. “Come on~ I know you want to take me right here~” she utters while wiggling her ass. You don't know what to do, and you think you want to call it quit, but your body seems to respond to the invitation on its own as you approach her from behind. You position yourself at her lower hole and with a swift movement push you're sheathed inside of her again. Her body arches and she shoots her head back in excitement.

“Yes, yes!” she moans out. “Oh, god yes! Fuck me hard!”

You pound your hips against hers roughly, knocking her out of breath with each and every thrust. Your hand reaches her breasts and squeeze them hard, eliciting a high-pitched squeal from her. You pinch her tits and roll them between your fingers, all while you pound harder and harder into her drenched cunt. You move one of your hands towards her crotch and rub her clit, while you other hand squeeze her ripe breast so hard you think you're hurting her. She doesn't seem to mind you violating her, and from the way she's moving her hips and screaming she's loving it.

“Oh! I-I'm coming!”

You grab her hips and push yourself deeply into Reina's womb, and your brain shortcircuits as you shoot your hot seed into her. The girl herself hits her climax and she screams loudly as torrents of her juice gush out of her thoroughly fucked hole and onto the floor. She puts her hands on your legs as to slow you down, and she turns around staring at you in lust. “Oh, God… you came so hard inside of me…” She pushes you onto the floor, pinning you down onto your back with her weight. You try to get away but she doesn't allow you to escape as she takes your erection and positions it near her lower lips. With a hungry grin she lowers herself onto you, and moans happily as she has you fully sheathed inside of her. “I'm going to ride you until you can't move anymore ♥ ” she murmurs with a chuckle.

“Uhh, Reina, I-” You moan as she moves up and down your erection, essentially riding you in the process. In spite of your insistence to end whatever you've started, your body doesn't cooperate with your brain and instead follows the lead of your lust. You keep on thrusting upward, knocking Reina out of breath with every push, and you can feel her inner walls tightening around you as she's reaching her climax. You don't allow that to happen so you grab her hips and turn around so you're hovering over her in a missionary position. You kiss her lips hard and fondle her breasts roughly, earning yourself a loud and passionate scream from your lover. “Let's see who can outride each other,” you murmur and thrust yourself all the way into her, giving yourself to her desire.
By the time evening arrives you have come inside of her for at least twelve times; Reina herself has climaxed for so many times you lost count of it. As you finally feel your strength draining out of you you begin to suspect the unusual amount of energy you're exerting doesn't come from within you but from outside source.

“Mmm…” Reina purrs as she lies beneath you, basking in the afterglow of the intense sex. “I don't think I've ever felt this amazing…” she murmurs.

“What can I say,” you tell her.

She groans quietly and slowly shuts her eyes, her appreciable breasts rising and falling as she breathes heavily. “Thank you…” she whispers tiredly, her body worn out from the carnal dance. You release her body and gently lay her down on the floor. Carefully you slide out from between her legs and tentatively standing up, your legs shaking unsteadily. It's a shame that you have to leave her now, but she seems content. You gather her clothes and set them beside her before grabbing your own and dressing. Turning back once more to Reina, you gaze upon her beautiful body briefly. She has fallen asleep.

“What a noisy affair~” remarks the voice of Yukari when you leave the house. You turn around as you carefully close the newly restored door, Yukari, Reimu and Yuuka coming into view.

Yuuka smiles. “Indeed it is,” she speaks. “And I see you have made my little flower very pleased. I wonder if you can do the same to me during your visit.”

You stare at the three of them in shock. “Ladies, don't tell me you're-”

“Why, we've been watching from the start,” Yukari says with a foxy chuckle. “It was fun seeing you pleasing Reina in more than one way, but don't worry about getting the whole scene taped. We wouldn't allow that to happen if Reina's involved.”

“Too bad he didn't offer Reina some wine,” Reimu utters, slightly blushing at end of the sentence. “I thought I could see him teaching her about wine tasting, too.”

“At least we know Reina isn't someone who's very easy to please, if you know what I'm talking about,” Yukari remarks.

You feel the colour on your face changing rapidly. “What? What! Are you trying to say that…” You frown. “Oh, I get it now. Those kisses… those kisses you three gave me earlier today…” You cackle in resignation. “You were using me as, what is it, guinea pig?

“I see that our young one is starting to lose his temper.” Yuuka approaches you and silences your protest with a soft kiss; its effect is instantenous as you feel yourself drained out of the remaining energy. “Save your energy for the curse goddess. I'm sure she'll be more than happy to look after you tonight.”

“What are you-” You feel a light tap on the back of your head and the world around you goes dark. Oh, for fuck's sake. At least they should tell you the reason they kissed you!!


Slowly you open your eyes. You find yourself in the caring, yet worried, gaze of Hina. You realize you're back at her treetop house, and you can barely move as you lie down inside her room.

“You were in miserable condition when Yukari brought you home,” she speaks as she softly carresses your head. “What happened to you back there?”

“Nightmares, Hina,” you groan. “And I don't think you'd believe me even if I swear by heavens' name that I'm telling the nature of what I have gone through.”

“Why? What had Yukari done to you?” You don't answer, instead opting to take Hina into your arms, falling onto the bed with the goddess in your arms. “Mister Winemaker, what's the matter?”

“I…” You bury your face beneath her cleavage. “…please hold me…”

“I… I don't understand,” Hina speaks. “Please tell me what really happened.”

“Please, Hina… just hold me,” you plead.

“I… I understand.” Reluctant at first, Hina returns the embrace and holds you caringly, like a mother would do to her emotionally scarred child. “It's alright. You can let it go. Just let it go~” she whispers as to sooth you.

“…thank you, Hina…” you murmur as you slowly drift into your slumber. “I… I owe you for this.”

“It's alright,” she whispers into your ear in assurance. “I'll be with you. I'll always be here.”
>> No. 8146
>Yukari, Reimu and Yuuka coming into view.
Oh shit.
>“I'll be with you. I'll always be here.”
>> No. 8148
File 12856453688.jpg - (1.55MB , 1800x1000 , 803cdafedd90d42f18c0fd41b565b780.jpg ) [iqdb]
A quick checklist on the customers we have met and those we're going to meet before I proceed with the promised Hina scene.

Customers we have delivered our wine to:
+ Reimu
+ Komeiji Sisters
+ Komachi
+ Daiyousei
+ Yumemi
+ Aki Sisters
+ Reina

Current client:
+ Hina

Customers we have yet to meet:
+ Yuuka (VVIP-tier)
+ Shikieiki (VVIP-tier)
+ Yukari (VVVIP-tier)

Potential customers:
+ Aya
+ Momiji
+ Three Mischievous Fairies
+ Letty
+ Yuyuko (with Youmu as dessert)
+ Scarlet Devil Mansion

Do tell me who else I have left out in the list?
>> No. 8149
Myouren temple (might be a tough sell, based on what codes they follow)
Kanako and Suwako (you can skip Sanae, she's usually depicted as unable to hold her liquor)
Yuugi and Suika (could be easy, could be hard)
>> No. 8150
>Myouren temple
Nevermind, they all abstain from alcohol.
>> No. 8152
File 128565556962.jpg - (144.15KB , 500x733 , 35409d3fdaf2a14e2f58f6a8dbd6e265.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wine and Lamprey.
>> No. 8155
I don't think east-asian cultures or religions have any of the straight-laced hate of alcohol that christian fuckwits do.
>> No. 8156

>straight-laced hate of alcohol that christian fuckwits do
Funny you should mention that, since the "blood of Christ" is usually wine, and what was one of Jesus's miracles? Oh right, he turned water into wine.
>> No. 8158

Seconding Yuugi, Kanako, or Keine
>> No. 8160
Seconding this
>> No. 8161

The ignorance in this post is amazing.
>> No. 19815
i'm hoping we'll get more Daiyousei at some point :D