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IRC: irc://irc.rizon.net/touhouporn

[X] The goddess.
[X] Ask for details on the errands.


“I've made my decision, but I think you should tell me about some of those errands,” you say to Yukari. You haven't been in this world very long, but Yukari has kept you constantly busy. It seems she always has something planned for you.

Yukari runs the soap through your dirty hair, humming idly as she works. “Well, I'd like you to collect a few things from around Gensokyo for me,” she tells you. “Plants, fluids, and a few other ingredients here or there.” She shrugs and dips the washcloth in the tub again. “You'll be busy, but maybe you could do a few of them depending on where you decide to visit next,” she suggests. Water from the cloth streams down over your head and washes away the soap. “Where are you going next, by the way?”

You raise your chin and roll your shoulders as she cleans you. “I was thinking about going with that goddess you mentioned to me,” you answer.

She chuckles happily upon hearing your choice. “Great, so you'll be able to take care of a few of those errands.” Her hands move gently down your body. “I'll be sending you to the base of Youkai Mountain in a day or two,” Yukari says. “It's a bit of a journey, but that's part of the fun, my pet.” Yukari giggles and runs her hands across your chest. “With that said, I'd like you to visit two of the inhabitants of the mountain in addition to my friend.”

“Climb a mountain and visit a bunch of people, great,” you groan.

Yukari playfully slaps your chest. “Oh, it won't be so bad,” she assures you. “The first to visit is a goddess named Hina.” She sighs happily and pushes her hands beneath the water. “She embodies misfortune and curses, and I need you to get me a bit of concentrated misfortune.”

You moan softly as the cloth moves across your crotch. “Concentrated misfortune? Curses? I really have to...” You inhale sharply when she squeezes your testicles.

Laughing softly, Yukari nods. “It's not as bad as it seems, you just have to get her off.” She hums quietly in thought for a moment. “I can't really give you advice on how to sleep with her,” she says with a shrug. “If you're lucky enough, or I suppose unlucky, you won't have to do anything in particular.” Her delicate fingers run along the semi-hard shaft of your penis. “I'll give you a container, just get some of her fluids in it and you're done.” She gently peels back the foreskin and rubs the head. “Of course, she's a very beautiful girl, I wouldn't blame you if you played with her a bit longer,” she laughs.

“I shouldn't be worried about becoming cursed or anything?” you ask her.

Yukari shakes her head and continues playing with you. “Oh no, no, she takes the misfortune from people, she doesn't bestow it, dear,” she replies. “She's the altruistic type, always doing something for others.” The soapy cloth wraps around and moves along your length. “This part needs a good wash,” she says with an amused tone. “Now, aside from getting Hina's fluids, I also need some from a rather annoying tengu named Aya.” She releases your cock and brings her hands out from the water. “On your hands and knees, face the wall for me,” Yukari insists.

You nod and position yourself as requested. “Tengu? Aya?” you question her.

“Mm, she always causes problems, but I can help you with her, my pet,” she answers. “Aya has an interesting little secret, and while I don't care to spoil it for the world, you can use it against her.” She runs the rag across your lower back and rump. You blush slightly, realizing that your hardening penis is quite visible as it hangs down between your legs. “She's very sensitive about it, you don't really need to know what it is, just tell her that you'll expose her if she doesn't do what you ask,” Yukari instructs you. “It's more fun if you find out the secret on your own,” she laughs. “In any case, sleep with Aya and get some of her fluids as well.”

“What could you possibly need this stuff for?” you ask her. “They're not exactly normal ingredients for anything.”

She laughs loudly and takes the cloth from your back, setting it aside. “That's for me to know and you to find out later,” Yukari says in a teasing voice. “So, get me the fluids from those two and make my friend happy. Whatever else you choose to do on the mountain is up to you.”

You shift back and forth in the bath. “You still haven't told me much about your friend, you know,” you mention to her.

“Of course, you're entirely right, dear,” she says with a nod. “My friend is a goddess of the mountain named Kanako.” Yukari's hands tenderly massage your rear and squeeze it lightly. “She's got some unique tastes, but I can say with confidence that she'll keep you tied up for a bit.” She spanks you lightly and sighs. “Alright, you should be nice and clean now.” You stand up from the tub and step out. Immediately, Yukari's arms are around you and covering your body with a warm towel. “You said you missed me earlier,” she says with a grin. “I missed you too, my pet.” She kisses the tip of your nose and smiles. “Like I said earlier, you'll stay here for a few days before I send you off.” Yukari releases you and steps back. “I've got to prepare a few things before my guest arrives, go ahead and get dressed.”

You nod to her and return the smile. “I'll see you later then, Master,” you say to Yukari. She turns around and tears open a gap, then steps through it and disappears. You look over to the nearby mirror and shake your head. “That woman is a tease,” you sigh.

“She is, isn't she?” whispers a familiar voice into your ear. “Why be teased when you can be taken care of?” Your eyes open wide in surprise and you look around the room in confusion. No one is in the bathroom except for yourself. You shake your head and take a clean set of clothing from the shelf above the sink.

In the corner of the room lays your old clothes. You grab them and dig through the pants pocket to retrieve the panties. “Best not to leave these laying around,” you chuckle. A small, circular object can be felt in there alongside Nue's underwear. Pulling it out, you find that it's a black ring made of some soft material. Something itches in the back of your mind, urging you to wear the ring.

The object seems to expand and contract within your hand. “It would fit nicely on your finger,” says the voice. “But perhaps it'd fit well on another long, hard object.” A soft breath tickles your neck and the sensation of teeth lightly nipping your ear can be felt. You shudder and groan softly in response.

[ ] Put the ring on your finger.
[ ] Put the ring on your penis.
[ ] Forget the ring for now, you can try it later.
[ ] Write-in.

>> No. 5516
[x] Put the ring on your penis.
>> No. 5517
>She's got some unique tastes, but I can say with confidence that she'll keep you tied up for a bit.

Kanako is into bondage. Calling it here.
>> No. 5518
>She's got some unique tastes, but I can say with confidence that she'll keep you tied up for a bit.

Kanako is a drama queen and loves watching soap operas. Calling it here.
>> No. 5519

Hey, shut up.

Which reminds me that I am still sad Guiding Light ended. ;_;
>> No. 5521
>Aya has an interesting little secret, and while I don't care to spoil it for the world, you can use it against her.
Aya is a futa. Calling it here.

[x] Forget the ring for now, you can try it later.
>> No. 5524
[x] Put the ring on your penis.

Fuck yeah!
>> No. 5525
[x] Put the ring on your penis.

lol cock rings
>> No. 5526
[X] Forget the ring for now, you can try it later.

It's a trap!
>> No. 5527
[X] Put the ring on your finger... but not the ring finger.

It's fun to play with toys that play back. Still, I was rather tempted to say 'wrist'.

>> No. 5528

Nice spoiler tags bro.
>> No. 5530
[+] Put the ring on your penis.
I hesitate about this, due to hearing lots of IRL horror stories about cock rings in the trauma ward, but... It's Nue we're dealing with, here. She's a tease, not malicious.
>> No. 5531
[X] Forget the ring for now, you can try it later.
>> No. 5532
[x] Put the ring on your finger.

I don't think putting a strange ring on our dick is a good idea, not with the prospect of 'quality time' with Chen and/or Ran is coming up. Too bad the deviants can't see that; think Kogasa, Ran or Chen would react well to seeing such a thing? I'd imagine Kogasa would react the worse since she'd know Nue was involved.


But even then that's more parody than anything. Just about everyone in the Inaba comics are over the top parodies with the sole exception of Reisen perhaps.

It's hanging on to such preconceptions that have basically lead to poisoned opinions of certain characters on this site.
>> No. 5534
[x] Forget the ring for now, you can try it later.
>> No. 5537
[X] Forget the ring for now, you can try it later.

I think Ran is waiting for us. We did promise to spend time with her.
>> No. 5538
[X] Forget the ring for now, you can try it later.
Naw, son.
>> No. 5541
[x] Put the ring on your penis.

Oh why not, it wouldn't be the kinkiest thing we've done. Not even close.
>> No. 5542
File 127010651336.jpg - (40.38KB , 900x599 , StrangeloveRipper1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>get some of her fluids
Pic related. It's a little difficult to be aroused by this update when I can't help but read Yukari's lines in Sterling Hayden's voice.

[X] Put the ring on your penis.

This is the /at/ story, remember, guys? It's not a trap.
>> No. 5544
>Yukari's lines in Sterling Hayden's voice

...Fuck, now I'm hearing it, too.
>> No. 5545
>It's a little difficult to be aroused by this update when I can't help but read Yukari's lines in Sterling Hayden's voice.
I'm hearing it and I'm about as hard as two rocks.
>> No. 5546
[x] Put the ring on your penis.
>> No. 5548
[X] Forget the ring for now, you can try it later.
>> No. 5549
[x] Put the ring on your penis.

Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and die~
>> No. 5551
Was F5ing for that last vote for a bit. Votes closed, ring on penis, writing today.
>> No. 5556
>> No. 5557
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Take it easy~
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File 127015539669.jpg - (369.36KB , 1085x1535 , e89cee17b9a2d9bb11452c79969e1ef9.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh hey, this is the big #50. My log is at about the 90,000 word mark, too.

[X] Put the ring on your penis.


You grin and roll the ring over in your fingers. “Alright, Nue, I'll play your game,” you call out. Lowering your hand with the ring outstretched, you line it up with your erection. The ring requires no prompting and floats over to your shaft. It pushes gently against the head of your penis and moves down the length of your cock.

“Good boy,” the voice responds as the ring settles at the base of your shaft. The material is warm and soft and continues to expand and contract slowly around you. A light vibration from the ring causes you to moan and sink to your knees. The vibrating pauses and the ring seems to shift and change shape. Multiple thin tendrils expand from it and slither up your shaft. A pair of the tentacles slip beneath your foreskin and tug it downward, while others massage the engorged head of your cock. “I offered you release, didn't I?” the voice asks in an amused tone. You glance to the source of the voice and find Nue sitting on the toilet with her skirt hiked up. The ring and its extensions melt away into nothingness.

You stare at Nue, your eyes roaming over her sexy body and coming to rest on her crotch. “Nue,” you say softly. She nods and gestures for you to come closer. You stand up and close the distance. “I want to,” you start to say.

Nue laughs and interrupts you. “I know what you want,” she says with a sly grin. “You'll get everything you need in due time.” She spreads her legs wide and runs a finger along the fabric covering her slit. The delicate, pale fingers of her hand take your penis and place it against her. “But for now, you'll have to be content with this.” She slides down the toilet a bit, causing the textured cloth of her panties to rub along your hard cock.

“That feels good,” you moan. You press your cock tighter against her pussy. She blushes slightly and nods, urging you on. You grab her legs, hoist them up and run your hands along the smooth stockings covering them. A moan leaves your lips as your penis rubs against her panties.

Her hands move up to her chest and slowly massage her tiny breasts. “Take care of my feet as well, would you?” she asks sweetly. You nod and groan out a response. Your pelvis continues to thrust against her while you bring one of her feet to your face. Nue coos happily when your tongue touches the tips of her stocking-covered toes. “That's quite nice,” she giggles. You hungrily lap the toes and suck on them. You close your eyes and let out a muffled moan. A strange sensation can be felt, similar to fingers closing around your genitals. A tingling feeling spreads from your crotch in multiple directions. Up along your pelvis and down beneath you, curling around up your ass. “Just relax, continue, and enjoy,” she insists.

You groan and breathe heavily, releasing the toes from your mouth. Her leg slides from your grip and rubs along your side. “Nue,” you moan, bending over her and supporting yourself on the toilet. You open your eyes and glance down. A writhing mass of black tendrils are extended from Nue's body and caressing you. The sensible part of your mind tells you to scream, but the lust silences it. You look back across her body, the pale skin of her arms and face now slightly glistening with sweat. She grins and pushes her hips upwards, grinding back against you. That tight black dress, those sexy little panties, her lustful face. They arouse you to no end, and they need to be stained with your semen.

“Claim the release you want so badly,” Nue tells you. “Cum all over me,” she adds, nearly tipping you over the edge. You grunt and moan as your hard cock grinds against her slit. The feeling of a thin tentacle pushing at your asshole is what finally sends you over the edge. You moan out loudly, body tensing up as the cum begins to rush from you. She swiftly grabs your length and squeezes it, sending thick strands of sticky cum across her body. Cum soaks her black outfit and lacy panties. She sighs happily and the tentacles begin to retract from your body. Her hands run over her body, smearing the semen over her clothes and gathering some of it up. Nue licks a bit of the cum from one hand and rubs the other on her face. “Delicious, absolutely wonderful,” she laughs happily. “You got what you needed, and so did I.” She sucks on her fingers for a few moments. “And you didn't even get dirty again, isn't that wonderful?” she says jokingly. “I'll be sure to take care of you again.”

You nod and lean down towards Nue's face. She shakes her head and disappears beneath you. “Nue?” you call to her. “What are you doing?” The black ring rests on the toilet lid where she was before.

“Don't get too close,” the voice of Nue giggles. “You may not be ready for that yet.” You pick up the ring and roll it over in your hand. The color has changed slightly, thin streaks of white can be seen in the surface of the band. “Now, put the ring on your finger this time, would you kindly?” she requests. “As much fun as it is to be elsewhere, I understand you may have other engagements.” She's quite reasonable despite the constant attempts to seduce you. “Next time I show up with you, we'll sit together and chat for a bit,” she whispers in your ear.

With that, the voice is gone. You slip the ring onto your finger as requested and return to what you were doing before. She was right, you are still clean, albeit a bit sweaty. You quickly dress yourself and stash Nue's panties in the pocket of your pants. The only thing left to do is figure out what's next. You're home, bathed, and even got to have a little tryst with Nue. You could look for Chen, she's probably out playing with her friends at this time of the day. Ran would be doing housework and might need some help. Kogasa's probably in your room and you imagine she might be a little lost in this new place. Yukari is out of the question, of course. In any case, you've got a few hours to kill before tonight.

[ ] Check outside for Chen and friends.
[ ] Go look for Ran.
[ ] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
[ ] Visit one of the empty bedrooms and attempt to entice Nue out again.
[ ] Wander off on your own and just relax.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 5562
[Q] Check outside for Chen and friends.

Chen. Always.
>> No. 5564
[x] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.

I'm sure she'd appreciate a tour of the place. And by "tour of the place," I mean "demonstration of the best places for some fun."
>> No. 5567
[x] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[x] Introduce her to Ran and Chen.
-[x] "Introduce" her to Ran and Chen.

Kogasa must be lost without her human and Ran is in dire need of some lovin!

Also, see guys? Crazy options lead to good things in this CYOA.

Unless Kogasa can smell Nue on us.
>> No. 5568

There is a limit on crazy, though.
>> No. 5569
[X] Go look for Ran.
>> No. 5570
[x] Go look for Ran.
>> No. 5571
File 127015997292.jpg - (33.84KB , 400x400 , china ahhh.jpg ) [iqdb]
>would you kindly?
>> No. 5572
Also, my vote.

[x] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[x] Introduce her to Ran and Chen.
-[x] "Introduce" her to Ran and Chen.
>> No. 5573
[x] Go look for Ran.
[x] Check outside for Chen and friends.
[x] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
in that order
>> No. 5574
[+] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[+] Introduce her to the rest of the Yakumo family.

I imagine she's nervous as hell in such an unfamiliar place. Introducing her to everyone might help with that.
>> No. 5577
[x] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[x] Introduce her to the rest of the Yakumo family.
>> No. 5578
[X] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[X] Introduce her to the rest of the Yakumo family.
>> No. 5579
[x] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[x] Introduce her to the rest of the Yakumo family.
>> No. 5580

Was going to vote for some alone time with Ran but if that means Kogasa getting lonely...

[x] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[x] Introduce her to the rest of the Yakumo family.
>> No. 5581
[x] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[x] Introduce her to Ran and Chen.
-[x] "Introduce" her to Ran and Chen.

>>5556 here, sorry 'bout the overreaction. Chastity rings (and things resembling them in nature) scare the hell out of me, and I was expecting different.
>> No. 5582
File 127016446268.jpg - (78.89KB , 350x750 , 1249205621214.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, it wasn't a chastity ring, or even a metal ring. It was made out of 'a soft material' so I figured it was more like a leather band than anything.

...not that that's any less kinky...
>> No. 5584
File 127016474676.png - (23.00KB , 417x331 , 11611.png ) [iqdb]
Nue is Frank Fontaine
>> No. 5585

Fuck me I didn't even think about that when I wrote it.
>> No. 5586
[X] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[X] Introduce her to Ran and Chen.
-[X] "Introduce" her to Ran and Chen.
>> No. 5587
[X] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[X] Introduce her to the rest of the Yakumo family.
>> No. 5589
[x] head to your room and meet up with Kogasa
[x] "Introduce" her to Ran and Chen.
>> No. 5590
[x] Go look for Ran.
>> No. 5591
[X] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
[X] Introduce her to the rest of the Yakumo family.

Ran meeting Moegasa? Nothing but good can come of this.
>> No. 5592

>Would you kindly...
[X] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
-[X] Introduce her to Ran and Chen.
-[X] "Introduce" her to Ran and Chen.

Also what was the very first thread of this story?
>> No. 5593

>> No. 5594
... It just occured to me that we've got Nue in our pocket.
>> No. 5595
[X] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
[X] Introduce her to the rest of the Yakumo family.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves, I'm sure threesomes/foursomes will come soon enough.
>> No. 5596
Votes closed, looks like this won:

[X] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
[X] Introduce her to the rest of the Yakumo family.


No, she's on your finger!
>> No. 5597
[x] Go look for Ran.
>> No. 5598

So then the power is ours?
>> No. 5599
Oh wait.
>> No. 5600
File 127025548980.jpg - (1.04MB , 900x1200 , e0a3f43b5ef2ee0f61f04402a08c7a9c.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Head to your room and meet up with Kogasa.
[X] Introduce her to the rest of the Yakumo family


Locating Kogasa seems to be the best course of action. The problem is that you aren't entirely sure where your bedroom is. You haven't even had a chance to visit your own room yet. Knowing Yukari, though, it's probably close to hers. You pop out of the bathroom and start off towards your master's bedroom. There are a few other rooms nearby, so if your instinct was right then Kogasa should be in one.

“So, what's your interest in Kogasa anyway?” the nosy voice of Nue asks.

You sigh loudly and in a very obviously annoyed manner. “I thought you were going to keep quiet for the time being,” you reply. “I'll humor you anyway.” Peeking into the first room ahead reveals it to be empty. “She's a sweet girl, pretty, I don't know, just nice to be around I guess.”

The voice laughs softly. “I expected that sort of answer,” she says. “As for being quiet, we're not around anyone else right now.”

“We can talk later, Nue,” you tell her. The room immediately next to Yukari's is empty as well. “I don't think I want everyone believing I'm crazy and talking to myself.” The voice seems to finally stay silent at this point. It's a good thing, because the door across the hall opens up to reveal Kogasa laying mostly naked on your futon. The only clothing on her body are a pair of socks and sky blue panties. She doesn't move to greet you, so she's most likely taking a nap. You take the opportunity to quietly pick through the various dressers. This is the first time you've been in the room and doing such a thing serves two purposes: exploring the room and finding a good hiding place for the panties. Most of the drawers are full of clothing for you and you're able to easily slip the undergarments away. A few of the others seem to have been set up with various outfits for Kogasa. Yukari works quick for sure.

Kogasa yawns softly behind you. “Hey?” she calls out sleepily to you. You turn around and smile to her, offering a small wave as well. “Come lay down with me for a few minutes,” she asks sweetly. It's hard to deny a request from her. As you lay down, the shorter girl immediately rolls on top of you. She rests her chin on your upper body and looks at you with a grin. “Thank you for bringing me here.” Kogasa kisses your chest briefly. Her soft breasts can be felt pressing down against you, the tips of her nipples brushing over you when she shifts slightly.

You reach down and run your fingers through her soft hair. “I was happy to have you come along, Kogasa,” you say. “So, how has Yukari been treating you?”

She rubs her head against your chest. “She's really nice to me, she got a bunch of pretty clothes for me too,” she tells you cheerfully. “Maybe later you can watch me try some on?” You nod and rest your hand on her upper back. A content sigh escapes from Kogasa's nose. “My human makes me happy,” she mutters quietly. “I made a bed in one of the drawers for your sword and my umbrella, I hope that's okay.”

Chuckling quietly, you pat her on the back. “You're a good girl,” you assure her. The ring constricts slightly on your finger. Perhaps Nue is a little jealous of your relationship with Kogasa. Your bed-mate slides a bit up your body. Her lips press against your neck and move towards your chin. “Hey, have you met any of the others here yet?” you inquire.

A quiet 'mm-mm' is the response you receive. Kogasa breathes a bit heavily now, her face clearly flushed. Those soft lips finally touch upon your own. “I want to meet them,” she says quietly, her mouth briefly leaving yours. “But I want to just do this for a few minutes first, alright?” she requests. “I'm happy to be here but I'm scared too.” A quiet whimper can be heard from her.

“You have me here,” you whisper to her. She nods slightly and kisses you on the mouth again. You both moan quietly. When your lips part, her tongue darts inside and twists around yours. Her arms slip beneath your back to embrace you and her legs straddle your waist. The two of you lay there together, simply content to explore the others mouth.

Another five or ten minutes pass before Kogasa finally crawls off of you. “Thanks,” she says in a soft voice. “I'm a good girl and you're a good human,” she giggles. “Hey, do you think that humans and youkai are supposed to be like this together?”

You shrug slightly. “I really don't know,” you answer. “Before about a week ago I'd never even met one in person.”

Kogasa nods in understanding. “I think it doesn't matter if we're different, as long as we're friends and happy.” She takes your hand and flashes a grin in your direction.

You sit up on the futon and return the smile. “I think you're right, but in reality I'm not sure how many people would agree with us,” you say to her. A sad look crosses her face briefly, but she quickly shakes it off and returns to her usual exuberance. “Now, how about I introduce you to the other two members of the family?”

“That sounds like fun!” Kogasa cheers. She hops up from the futon and pulls you along with.

Scrambling to your feet, you attempt to gain balance. “Always in a rush,” you laugh. “Right, first I'd like to introduce you to Ran.” Kogasa gives you a questioning look. “She's sort of the, uh, caretaker or motherly figure of the house, I guess.” You shrug slightly. “That's the best thing I can think of to describe her.” You gesture toward the door with your free hand. “The other one is Chen, she's a playful girl and I think you two will get along great.”

She gives an enthusiastic nod and pushes open the door. “Nazrin told me about Chen once or twice I think, but I've never met her.” The both of you step out into the corridor. At this time of the day, Ran is probably in the kitchen either cleaning or doing some sort of prep work for later. You start to lead Kogasa down the hall, but she tugs back on your hand. You glance back at her. A grin covers her face as she moves up against your back. She giggles and hops up onto your back, wrapping her legs and arms around your body.

You laugh and resume walking, Kogasa firmly attached to your backside. “You don't even have to ask,” you say. Now standing at the entrance of the kitchen, you tap twice on the sliding door to announce yourself to whoever is inside. The muffled, yet recognizable, voice of Ran can be heard quickly approaching.

The door slides open to reveal the happy face of Ran. “Oh, I've missed you,” she cries out. Ran glances at the girl clinging to your back. Kogasa gives her a wave. “And this must be the guest that Yukari told me about?”

Your partner nods fervently and extends her hand. “My name is Kogasa, nice to meet you!” she says politely to Ran.

Ran takes her hand and smiles. “I'm Ran, and it's nice to meet you as well.” She beckons you both inside of the kitchen. “Such a nice girl, and pretty too,” she comments. Kogasa blushes slightly and remains quiet. Slipping from your back, she takes a seat at the table.

“Do you think we could get a little bite to eat?” you ask Ran, settling in at the table as well.

She nods and steps over to the kitchen counter. “Of course, I was about to have a bite myself,” she responds. “We can eat and chat for a bit.” The sound of Ran humming can be heard as she begins preparing some snacks. “I'd call for Chen, but she has been busy with her friend Utsuho all day,” she mentions in passing. Within a few moments a tray of small sandwiches rests on the table. Ran takes a seat across from Kogasa and watches her with delight. “So, how long are you going to be staying with us, dear?”

Kogasa grabs one of the sandwiches and pops it into her mouth. “Good,” she mumbles with her mouth stuffed. She swallows the food and grins. “Anyway, I'm gonna be staying until my human goes somewhere else.”

Ran raises an eyebrow. “Your human?” she questions. Kogasa simply smiles and nods cheerfully. “I suppose that means you'll be staying with us quite a while.” She grins and takes a sandwich herself. “Perhaps you should go take her to Chen soon, it's best that she becomes friendly with everyone if she'll be a permanent fixture,” she directs you.

“That was the plan, we just wanted to stop by and see you first,” you reply, taking a few of the snacks yourself.

Ran nods and stands up from her seat. “Well, I've got a bit of work to do, so why don't you two head outside and find Chen?” Kogasa bobs her head eagerly in agreement. “By the way, I'll talk to you later tonight,” she says to you. She moves beside you and leans down to whisper in your ear. “Does tomorrow evening sound good for, well, you know?” she asks playfully. You grin widely and nod. “It's a date, then.” She stands up and heads towards the door. “Have a good afternoon,” she calls out as she leaves.

Kogasa eagerly scarfs down a few more of the sandwiches. “This stuff is great!” she exclaims. “Come on, take a few with you and let's go meet Chen.” You voice your agreement and stand up from the table along with her. The two of you head outside, food in hand, into the afternoon sun.

“Chen is fun, you two would have a good time playing together,” you tell Kogasa. “She's usually out here somewhere.” You scan the dilapidated village for any sign of life. She stands beside you, looking curiously around the town. “Chen!” you shout loudly. “Chen, where are you?”

A loud clattering can be heard to your right. Out of a hole in the roof of a nearby house flies a black crow. Right on its tail is a black, twin-tailed cat. The bird swoops straight towards you and lands on your head. The cat follows after it and drops to the ground from the roof. Chen now stands in the spot where the cat was. “Okuu, what are you doing?” she asks the... bird? “Either let me catch you or change back!” she demands.

Your eyes go wide. “Wait? Change back?” you begin to ask. A large weight suddenly drops onto your back and knocks you to the ground. Kogasa jumps back in shock, mouth agape.

The weight on your back shifts, as raven-black hair spills onto the ground in front of you and a pair of pretty, reddish-brown eyes lower themselves to gaze with blank confusion into your own. "Unyu?”

Chen sighs in disgust while Kogasa gasps in horror. “Okuu, get off him, you shouldn't do that to people you haven't met,” she says to the girl, scolding her.

The weight lifts itself from you and then offers you a hand. “Well if I introduce myself then it's okay, right?” she inquires in a serious tone. Chen lets out a sigh of exasperation. “Hello!” she kindly greets you. “My name is Utsuho!”

You take her hand and are pulled up to your feet. “It's nice to meet you, Utsuho, though a bit unexpected.” Kogasa seems to have calmed down a bit and moves over to brush some of the dirt from you. “Chen, I wanted to introduce you to Kogasa here,” you say, turning to the cat-girl. The two girls greet one another and start to converse a bit. Utsuho seems to be watching you with curiosity. “Do I have something on my face?” you ask her.

She blinks twice and shakes her head. “I don't usually talk to humans,” she starts, pausing to sniff the air, “especially ones that smell so good.” It seems you've found another person who is sensitive to this supposed scent of yours. Utsuho seems to have already forgotten about the other two girls and is fixated on yourself.

“Hey,” Chen speaks up, grabbing your attention. “I'm going to show Kogasa around and hang out a bit, why don't you go get acquainted with Okuu here?” she offers. You nod and turn your attention back to Utsuho. The other two girls start off towards the house, leaving the both of you alone.

Utsuho stands directly in front of you, her hands folded and resting against her lower abdomen. Now that you've got a moment, you have a chance to take in all of her features. You suddenly realize how tall and developed she is. Roughly about your height, maybe an inch or two less, with a fairly generous bust. Long, black hair rolls down her shoulders and back. Her skin is smooth, pristine and absolutely radiant. One eye-catching feature is the large, jewel-like object sitting between her breasts. A pair of raven wings sprouts from her back as well, but aside from those she seems to be a relatively normal, yet attractive, girl. You realize you have probably been staring at one another for a few minutes now. “Unyu?” she says again, breaking the silence.

“Unyu?” you respond, unsure of what it means. Utsuho shrugs and smiles at you. You aren't sure if she's messing with you or if she is simply dense. “So, uh, what do you like to do?”

She glances up and off to the right, lost in thought. “Oh, Orin and Chen usually chase me around, that's pretty fun,” she answers, nodding her head with excitement. “Can you turn into a cat too?” she asks, now staring at you intently.

It's quite difficult to prevent yourself from laughing, but you manage to do so. “No, no, I can't turn into anything like that, but I do know some other games.” A look of interest is now on her face. “Well, I've got a couple ideas that might be fun, if you're interested,” you tell her. She nods at you with a happy smile on her face. You've got plenty of privacy and the options seem almost limitless.

[ ] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
[ ] Take Utsuho to one of the nearby buildings and play a more 'private' game with her.
[ ] You can play games later, maybe you could just talk and get to know her better.
[ ] Show Utsuho your control rod.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 5601
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.

Wow, didn't expect Utsuho to pop up here. Absolutely do want to see how you write her.
>> No. 5602
[x] Take Utsuho to one of the nearby buildings and play a more 'private' game with her.

Sure, why not?
>> No. 5603
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.
>> No. 5605
[x] Take Utsuho to one of the nearby buildings and play a more 'private' game with her.

Delicious testicular cancer.
>> No. 5606
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.

We should do some normal play, since she seems like a big kid (in more ways than one). Then we can try some naughty stuff.
>> No. 5607
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.
>> No. 5608
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.

Why not~? A little innocent play can't hurt.. for long...
>> No. 5609
If what I'm told is correct, nuclear fusion isn't likely to result in that, due to the only radiation being heat and heavy particles that can be blocked by a simple sheet of paper.
The more concerning thing would be plasma burns.

[+] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[+] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.
>> No. 5610

Fuck yeah, this story is now superawesome.

[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.
>> No. 5612
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.
>> No. 5613
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.

>Delicious testicular cancer.

Some types of radiation have enough energy to ionize particles. Generally, this involves an electron being 'knocked out' of an atom's electron shells, which will give it a (positive) charge. This is often disruptive in biological systems, and can cause mutations and cancer.

These types of radiation generally occur in radioactive decay and waste.

So yeah I think Utsuho's pretty safe for our protagonist unless she decides to unleash an attack or two...
>> No. 5614
[+] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[+] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.
>> No. 5616
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you
>> No. 5617
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you

<3 Utsuho so much. Can't wait to see what unique little quirks you give her.
>> No. 5618
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe definitely play 'private' games if when she finds you.

oh god i have been waiting so long to say this.

>> No. 5619
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.

>> No. 5620
[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you

It bugs me that Mikoto had to smash a glass pane every time that was used. By the tenth episode, I was asking why GGG didn't just use a flip-up cover instead. Don't even get me started on the Goldion Hammer sequence.
>> No. 5621
[x] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[x] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you
>> No. 5622
So, we're going to play "hide the sausage" with a living microwave oven?
>> No. 5623
You miss the true meaning of COURAGE!

We've had relations with a tiger, a monk, an umbrella, and Cthulhu amongst many others. We have traveled to another dimension in order to have sex with the entire population. We will soon be off to have sex with multiple goddesses.

You had better believe we are going to ride this bird like Slim Pickens.
>> No. 5624
File 127029390939.jpg - (109.30KB , 1024x768 , GaoGaoGar chibi wp.jpg ) [iqdb]
Indeed! Courage means shouting loudly and breaking shit because you can!

And as for replacing the glass panes, worry not! Where there is courage, there will always be a LIMITLESS BUDGET!

Have a wallpaper, Chief.
>> No. 5625
>> No. 5626
Flip the bird over and...
>> No. 5627
Votes over. It looks like the winner is:

[X] Insert your fuel rod into Utsuho's reactor.

Or, in other words:

[X] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[X] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you.
>> No. 5628
[x] a game of danmaku
am i the only one who wants to fight a level 6 boss? Okuu is kinda the violent type and this could entertain her alot, and it could always end in sex, but hide and seek sounds...eh w/e its too late to complain now.
>> No. 5629
>> No. 5630

feels bad man.

It's like taking advantage of a special ed kid.
>> No. 5631
File 127030899832.png - (324.81KB , 714x636 , 7613768.png ) [iqdb]
Did I miss something, or did Kogasa never get dressed before we left our room? Not that I'm complaining, but I just thought it was odd for Ran not to comment on her state of undress.
>> No. 5632

Oh god damn it. Just assume she got dressed, although it's more amusing this way.

It's pretty bad when myself and a few other people checking it for mistakes miss something like that.
>> No. 5633

Utsuho's not the brightest person around, but I doubt she's that stupid...
>> No. 5634

I assume that's actually pretty normal around the Yakumo house. Especially for the people around the protagonist.
>> No. 5635
Gamma rays, not microwaves. Our dick is going to gain Hulk powers.
>> No. 5636
Frequency schmequency. I'd FFT her frequency response, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 5637
I'm ashamed to admit that I do know exactly what you mean. I'm more of a theoretical physics man myself, though. I'd observe her until her waveform collapsed, if you kn(ry
>> No. 5638

I'm pretty sure a lot of the girls would like that.
>> No. 5642
You don't want to have sex with her because she wouldn't understand it?

So..... "I'd have sex with Utsuho, if she knows what I mean"?
>> No. 5643
Ok, I admit it, I laughed.
>> No. 5644
I didn't say Utsuho didn't understand sex.

She's not retarded, she's simply a bit dense/slow, generally speaking.
>> No. 5648
File 127044075458.png - (153.74KB , 1000x800 , e7078fb5a1cd7a11e89c2a1edfc05fa0.png ) [iqdb]
This story is still running good. By this point most ero fics have jumped the shark, but you're an exception. Thankfully.
That said, I miss Shinki. Dunno why, really.
>> No. 5649
Yeah, the no-pressure feeling this story has is refreshing. You don't have to agonize over your votes, seeing as something good will probably happen as long as you don't make a really retarded write-in or something. I hope it stays like this later on. Bad ends aren't any fun, unless there's some really awesome sexing beforehand and you don't have limited lives.
>> No. 5651
Well fr me I never liked her much.
Of course becaouse Im a Ranfag...
>> No. 5652

No limited lives.

There are some ends, but they aren't 'bad' ends, more of 'What would happen in the long run if you decided to do X?' and then you go back an option or whatever.


I've got some surprises ahead that may jump said shark, but I'm not too concerned as long as I still produce good H scenes.
>> No. 5654
You can't possibly jump more sharks than Code Geass season 2.
>> No. 5655
What are you talking about, season 2 was the best!
>> No. 5656
If even s2 was utter shit it still had it's pure awesome moments.
>> No. 5657
I got most of the update done today but didn't finish it. Expect a long update tomorrow.
>> No. 5658
Geass was like a perfect storm of awesome and stupid.
>> No. 5659
most shark jumpings are caused by writers trying to appeal to people, not sticking to their artistic guns.
>> No. 5660
File 127052007650.jpg - (753.20KB , 698x900 , a8b6d6fe6c9ea206de321bcb4ca02464.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just skimmed through this thread, and I have to say that Utsuho's impromptu appearance took me by surprise, but I didn't have anything to complain about it. (

>“The first to visit is a goddess named Hina.”
Oh god, yes. I don't think I'm the only one who noticed this, do I?
>> No. 5663
"I also need some from a rather annoying tengu named Aya.”

And I also noticed this~ Can't wait the updates~
>> No. 5664
“Aya has an interesting little secret, and while I don't care to spoil it for the world, you can use it against her.”

I wonder what that could be~
>> No. 5665
Probably a lewd photobook of herself. It would be interesting if Hatate interrupts, and a delicious threesome happens, eh?
>> No. 5666

Hatate doesn't exist, Aya's ears aren't pointy and she is still best friends with Momizi.
>> No. 5667
Hmm, I was thinking something a bit...harder. <3
>> No. 5668
File 127057053622.jpg - (182.87KB , 920x1102 , 8b8672cd98081ab5106d63435ef956e5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Her nose?
>> No. 5669
I honestly don't expect our first futa to be before fun needle time.

And I don't expect Rick to be fine with it just yet, given that his is the only dick he's seen in Gensokyo.
>> No. 5670

>> No. 5671

Gasping and writhing in pleasure as Aya teaches us the pleasure of being cummed inside?

Yes please.
>> No. 5672

Well, that is pretty much the next step up from what Ran did to him, which he obviously enjoyed. He's definitely okay with penetration, I'm just not sure if it being by an actual penis would make a difference to him.

Besides, the way I see it, he might as well open up to the idea sooner rather than later. It would open up some possibilities in later scenes, and surely it's only a matter of time before Yukari turns him into a woman and screws him herself. Plus, though it may just be me, I get a strong "incoming pegging while tied up" vibe from everything we've heard about Kanako, which could be fun.
>> No. 5673
Crazy idea. Nothing's wrong with Aya.
>> No. 5675
Of course there isn't. Her penis is perfectly natural.
>> No. 5676
I got zero writing done today so far because the majority of my time was spent at Wal-Mart's/Sam's Club shopping. With that said, I will be writing a bit tonight and might have a special non-story surprise in /at/ later.
>> No. 5677
Mediafire does not like my surprise, will try again later. Tomorrow should be 100% free for writing.
>> No. 5681
What is this "surprise"?
>> No. 5682
Wouldn't be much of a "surprise" if they told you, now would it?
>> No. 5684

Actually, I might as well spoil it since I'll be doing it hopefully tonight (alongside my update, it really is coming along!).

I've got maybe 4-5 H Games/CG sets I want to get uploaded that I haven't seen available for download before. All Touhou, of course, this is /at/ after all.
>> No. 5685
File 127073949227.jpg - (593.82KB , 1700x1600 , 4e7916b42ee183bb81d564482b3db23f.jpg ) [iqdb]
I decided to cut it short for obvious reasons.

[x] Play something simple like hide-and-seek.
-[x] Then maybe play 'private' games if she finds you


A grin crosses your face. It's almost cruel, but perhaps hide and seek would be a good choice. The thought of doing something perverted to this girl lingers in the back of your mind. If she found you, the both of you would most likely be in a private place. “Hey, Utsuho,” you say. She cocks her head. “How about a round of hide and seek?”

She pumps a fist into the air with excitement. “Alright! I want to seek, though!” she insists. “I'll stand right here and start counting.” This will probably be the easiest game you've ever played. Utsuho shuts her eyes tightly, turns about and begins counting. Off in the distance you spot what looks like some sort of stable or something. You take off in another direction first in an attempt to misdirect her. Wrapping around the side of another building, you dart for your target.

Off in the distance you can see Utsuho still standing where you left her. You imagine she has lost count a few times by now. As you reach the entrance to the stable, she finally moves. She follows your misdirection as was expected. You gently press the door open and slip inside.

The interior of the structure is dimly lit and musty. In the back sits a ladder leading up to a loft. You climb up the rickety ladder and look around. A couple piles of straw are spread about the upper level. The roof has a large hole in it, allowing light to stream in. You scoot a pile over to the edge of the loft and crawl inside, positioning yourself on your stomach. You then watch the entrance, waiting patiently. Minutes pass and you begin to wonder if she is ever coming.

A sneeze spooks you and breaks your focus. You roll out of the pile in surprise and shout when you come face-to-face with Utsuho floating above you, inches from your face. This surprises her in turn which results in her suddenly dropping onto your chest. “Ow, ow, ow,” she groans quietly.

“What are you doing?” you ask her. “You were supposed to find me, not scare me.”

Utsuho shifts her position on your body. Her soft breasts rub against your upper body, her leg sliding up against your crotch. “I did find you, but I was waiting for you to say something,” she whines. This girl truly is something else. But in a way, her density is sort of cute and endearing. Not to mention she has a wonderful body.

You shake your head in disbelief. “Well, how long were you there?” you inquire. She shrugs and says that it was a while. “I guess my next question is how you found me so quickly.” Utsuho giggles and touches her nose. A moment later, her attention seems to be taken away by something else.

“Unyu?” she says, cocking her head. She uses your body for support and props herself up, her leg still pressed against your growing erection. “What is this?” Utsuho looks down between your bodies and stares at the bulge it makes in your pants.

You swallow nervously and blush slightly. “That's, uh, well,” you stammer. This is the sort of moment you wanted, although it isn't how you expected it to go. You try to sit up, but the strength and weight of her hands against your shoulders holds you down on the straw. One of her hands reaches for your arousal and rests on the fabric covering it. You moan softly as she gently pokes at it in curiosity.

She seems nervous and a blush covers her cute face. “I think this is one of those things,” she says with uncertainty. “But, but Orin said other people don't have them.” Utsuho seems to be focused on your penis and talking to herself. Her hand rubs at it clumsily for a minute or two before she looks back at you. “Do you mind if I look?” she requests. “I have to know if it's the same thing.”

You're not entirely sure what she is doing, but you nod anyway. “Go ahead, but be careful.” She releases your shoulders and slides down your body.

Utsuho carefully pulls down your pants and releases your stiff penis. She stares at it in amazement, softly touching the head with her fingers. “Wow, I thought only Orin had this thing,” she says. “It's a bit smaller, but it smells nicer, and it's hot and, and,” she stutters nervously. She slowly peels the foreskin down. “It's kinda weird with all this extra skin, though.” Utsuho swallows and exhales slowly, glancing between you and your penis. Her face is flushed and she fidgets slightly. “I feel different from when it's her, though,” she says to herself.

You are rather confused by the whole situation. “Different?” you ask her, drawing attention. She nods hesitantly. “What do you mean?”

“Orin, um, I don't know, when I see her like that it's kind of weird, but,” she starts nervously. “I don't know, it just feels more right when I see you like this.” She shrugs slightly. “If that makes any sense.” As far as you can gather, it seems like Utsuho has only a partial understanding of what's happening. She stares into your eyes, her face covered in a mixture of emotions: doubt, worry and curiosity. “Do you think I could see the rest of you?”

You nod to her again. “If I can see you in return,” you answer. If she's inexperienced, this might be a good opportunity to help teach her. She blushes and nods, grabbing at your pants and pulling them off your legs. Her hands pull you up a bit and tug your shirt off. She unbuttons her own shirt and slides it off of her body. That large jewel remains, though, embedded in her. Her fairly large breasts jiggle slightly, Utsuho shifting back and forth as she slides her skirt off. She had no bra, and she has no panties on either. A patch of untamed hair surrounds her pussy lips, a bit damp and glistening. “You're beautiful,” you mutter, penis fully at attention now.

She shakes her head and averts her gaze in embarrassment. “I don't know,” she says. She glances back and closes her eyes, taking in a deep breath. Her hand reaches up and rests on the chest ornament. “I just want to look and see if you're the same, okay?” You watch her in silence, allowing Utsuho permission to do as she pleases. She leans down to your crotch and takes hold of your penis, lifting it up and back. Her fingers poke cautiously at your sack. “You've got this thing,” she says, shaking your penis, “but you've got these instead of what I have.” Her fingers gently squeeze you, causing you to jump and groan quietly. She sits up and moves up your body, straddling your waist. Fingers run along your chest and brush over your nipples. “You're flat like her, too,” she adds.

“Does Orin do anything to you?” you ask her. She smiles and nods, turning about. Utsuho reaches back and grabs your penis. With her other hand, she points at her anus. “How about anything else?”

Black hair bobs up and down as she returns to face you. “She made me use my mouth and hands on this,” she replies, touching the tip of your cock. “Orin said one day I can use this hole, but only when I want it.” Her finger points down towards her damp cunt. “Do you think I could try that stuff with you too?” she asks sheepishly. You take her hand and wrap it around the length of your hard cock, nodding in silence. A happy smile crosses Utsuho's face. At this point, denying her feels like it would be impossible. Her soft hand gently squeezes down on your penis and begins to move along the shaft. She stares in amazement as the foreskin rolls back and forth across the head. She leans in close and inhales deeply. “It smells so good,” she mutters quietly.

You moan weakly when the tip of her tongue flicks out and slides over the exposed tip. A quiet 'mm' escapes her as she slowly tastes your cock. “Utsuho,” you moan out, placing a hand on her head and running it through that silky hair. You relax against the straw and look down your chest at the girl working on you. She glances hesitantly up towards you as her lips part and allow your stiff length to slip between them. Utsuho closes her mouth around the head of your penis and gently sucks on it. Her wet, hot tongue causes pleasure to course through you when it rolls around you. Muffled, happy noises can be heard from her. She sucks contentedly on you, simply happy to just taste you. Her eyes close and her body leans forward. Inch by inch, she draws you deeper into the warm and tight confines of her mouth and throat.

With a loud cough and gag, she pulls back from your shaft. Utsuho's jaw hangs out while she gasps for air. “It tastes so good,” she moans, staring at you with eyes full of lust. You sit up and push her back onto the hay behind her. “Unyu?” she says curiously. You're now on your hands and knees above her body. Turning around carefully, you place your crotch directly above her face.

“This way, we can make each other feel good,” you explain. You lay your body against hers and bury your face in the fine hairs of her pussy. They're damp with a mixture of her sweat and juices. The smell of her body is strong and overpowering, yet serves only to fuel your lust. A sharp yelp can be heard when your tongue parts the slick lips of her cunt. Hands grab your rear and pull it downwards, followed by Utsuho's warm mouth surrounding your engorged cock and sucking hungrily on it. Hard nipples can be felt pressing against your stomach. Using one hand to support yourself, you slide the other down between her body and your own. Quiet moans of pleasure fill your ears the moment you grab a hold of one of her soft breasts. A hand leaves your butt and grasps your shaft firmly, your own cries of pleasure ringing out as Utsuho sucks on and strokes you.

Suddenly, you are rolled forcefully onto your back. The soaked pussy before you pushes down on your face, grinding against it. You reach up and squeeze her ass firmly as your tongue fucks her wet hole. “Feels so good!” she cries out, her mouth having freed itself from your cock during the swap. Utsuho sits up on your face, the weight of her body bearing down on your head and burying it in her crotch. Her hand still holds on to your stiff length, pumping away at it vigorously. A loud cry of pleasure leaves her as an orgasm floods your face with her fluids. She sits up from your face and releases you, her legs wobbling unevenly. Crawling forward a few feet, the front half of her body collapses in the straw. One hand reaches up and grabs at her rear. “More,” she moans, spreading her anus and wiggling her rump at you.

You stand carefully and take your position behind Utsuho. Your cock is coated in a mixture of saliva and pre-cum. You briefly rub your fingers in the fluid coating your mouth and chest. She groans loudly, your fingers pushing inside of her loose anus and lubing it up with her own cum. The tip of your cock rests against her opening as you bend over and rest on her back. Utsuho's surprising strength and ability to hold your weight makes this all the more fun. Moans fill the loft when your penis enters her asshole in a single, smooth motion. She's hot and loose inside, obviously well-used, but this doesn't detract from the amazing feeling. The muscles of her anus contract and squeeze your length. Your hands move to her chest, squeezing those large, soft mounds. She whines quietly while you tease her nipples, rolling them between your fingers and pinching them. A single sharp gasp exits her lips in response to your member drawing itself out from her slick pucker. It's followed by a short groan and the sound of a loud, wet slap as you fall back into place.

“Inside of me,” she whispers to you. You firmly hold on to Utsuho's body and roll her over. Your hands leave her breasts and grab at her legs, pulling them up to her chest and holding them in place. Her silky hair spreads across your chest and tickles your skin. You thrust upwards into her ass from below, moaning softly as she instinctively clenches it. Short cries of pleasure follow each stroke of your cock into her anus. The tension is building up, you've suffered two of her mouths with no release. You speed up the pace, drilling into her sloppy asshole with your rock-hard shaft. Utsuho breaks her legs free from your hold, planting them firmly on the floor and bouncing herself up and down on your lap. You run your hands up her stomach and grab at her jiggling tits from below. She writhes in your arms and moans, getting close to another peak. Your own orgasm finally hits, body going rigid and toes curling up as you flood her. You scream and lift her body up in the air, Utsuho joining you in ecstasy with a shout of her own. Fluids stream out from her asshole and pussy, running down your shaft and balls to settle on the wooden floorboards.

You groan and drop your arms to the straw surrounding you. Utsuho slides off of your body and drops down beside you. You glance down at your spent penis and then to your partner. She smiles weakly, a blush coming across her face as she scoots up against you. “So, what now?” you inquire.

“I don't know,” she shrugs. “But I think I want to try something new with you,” she adds, her face covered in a look of uncertainty and doubt. She rolls up onto your stomach and looks at you face-to-face. Her lips press to your cheek briefly before moving down to rest beside your ear. “I think I'm ready for the other one,” Utsuho whispers.

You raise an eyebrow in surprise. “What about this Orin person?” you ask of her.

She slowly shakes her head. “Orin is Orin, and she's my best friend, but,” she starts, pausing to swallow, “but, it feels different to me, if that makes any sense.” Her chest rises and falls, pressing to your own with each breath she takes. A soft sigh passes over your ear. “It's still weird to me, and I'm sort of confused, but my body tells me it's right.” You nod and embrace Utsuho, kissing the side of her head. Her own arms slip around your back and tightly hold onto you. She brings her head back up to look at you. “Please?” she asks, her face now taking on a very intense and serious look.

[ ] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.
[ ] Restrain yourself... does she really understand what she is asking?
>> No. 5686
[X] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.

Orin's a futa? Well, that'll be interesting if we ever go Underground.
>> No. 5687
[X] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.

Futa Orin? Do not want.
>> No. 5688
[X] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.
>> No. 5689
[o] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.

Orin's apparently bigger than us, so it'd probably be easier on Okuu to have us as her first.
>> No. 5690
[X] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.
>> No. 5692
>“But, but Orin said other people don't have them.”
What? I guess there are few men in Gensokyo, but that's kind of
>“Wow, I thought only Orin had this thing,”
>“It's a bit smaller, but it smells nicer, and it's hot and, and,”

[X] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants
>> No. 5693
[+] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.
>> No. 5694
Also, I suspect Orin was using a strap-on, and Okuu got confused.
>> No. 5695

Is that what you suspect or is that what you hope?
>> No. 5696
[X] Restrain yourself... does she really understand what she is asking?

Just to be different.
>> No. 5697
[X] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.
>> No. 5698
[X] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.
>> No. 5699
[X] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.

Be gentle Rick.
>> No. 5700
[x] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.
>> No. 5701
its for homophobics who don't want to have balls touching if we ever go for Rin, but hey it's all cool hell we already had our ass fingered by yukarin there's no turning back.
[x] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.
>> No. 5702
[x] Hit it so hard she'll need a cooling rod to function for the rest of the day.
>> No. 5704
I'm pretty sure it's a warm hell. Unless unyuho not staying there cools it down that much.
>> No. 5705
That was pretty much the first thing that happened to us. I really should have taken that as an indicator of where the story was going.
>> No. 5706
[x] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.

I imagine that Utsuho would be a bit more surprised at ejaculation if Orin was just using a strap on.
>> No. 5708
File 127076774597.jpg - (478.43KB , 1021x1507 , IMG_0010.jpg ) [iqdb]
Maybe Orin can just do this.
>> No. 5709
There were prior opportunities for Futa to appear in the story. They were simply missed up until this point.

If Futa turns you off, then I imagine some of the other fetishes/oddities I write are going to as well. My intent is to cover the widest variety I can, with some exceptions. Do not ever expect guro, vore or asphyxiation. There may be others I refuse to write, but at this moment I can't recall them. Assume anything is fair game.
>> No. 5710
I'm pretty much okay with anything, an the things I'm not okay with you already said you wouldn't do them, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Could I have the source of this, please?
>> No. 5711
You forgot to include scat.
>> No. 5712
You forget receiving a tail fuck from Ran (as in her tail going up Rick's ass), TAIL FEEL SO GOOD indeed.
>> No. 5713
bestiality as well, though, considering who Rick's having sex with, I guess that's more or less covered.
>> No. 5714
>nothing about scat

>> No. 5715
File 127077431085.jpg - (139.23KB , 1015x700 , 6514103.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5716

>> No. 5717
I meant to include it to this list
>guro, vore or asphyxiation
>> No. 5718
Suspect. The "and it's hot" comment had me thinking this, since your average dildo doesn't produce its own heat.
I've got no problem with futanari, provided it doesn't go into the "so obscenely huge that it cannot practically be used on someone without inflicting severe injury" level of physical proportions. And, as has been pointed out, the whole shebang (heh) started with Our Hero humbly offering his ass to a dominant woman. At that point, it's time to let a few preconceptions about gender role slide.

Good to hear there'll be no scat, guro, or vore, though I'm scratching my head over the asphyxiation.
>> No. 5719

Orin's isn't that big. Nobody has one that big.
>> No. 5722
[x] Indulge Utsuho's desires, take her virginity. Her body knows what it wants.

Oh yes oh yes I can't wait to meet Orin <3
>> No. 5723

But the writer didn't confirm anything about scat? Just baseless speculation from Anonymous posters.
>> No. 5724
Pissing is hot - as long as I don't have to drink it.

Scat - no.
>> No. 5725
testicular cancer
>> No. 5726
>> No. 5727
The only hot thing about pissing is the temperature.

Aside from that, the only difference between it and scat is that it probably doesn't take as long to clean up.

Still smells awful. Still lingers in the air after it's done. Still tastes awful. Still bodily waste. Still disgusting.

If it was a good thing, I hardly think the phrase "piss-poor" would exist, figurative meaning or not.

In before trying to defend a bad fetish and/or denouncing me for being a prude and/or how dare I try and judge people. Obviously the author's going to write whatever he's going to write, and I can't change that. All I'm saying is: don't kid yourselves; it's a pretty awful fetish.

And before anyone accuses me of shitstorm-inciting, keep in mind that this is saged for a reason. If I wanted to shitstorm, there are far, far easier ways of doing that.
>> No. 5728

Different people take different pleasure from various fetishes.

People who are into urination may genuinely enjoy the scent or taste. Others may find themselves aroused by the thought of demeaning (or being demeaned by) the other person.

I don't think a person can really 'defend' a fetish. All that can be said is that different people enjoy different things.
>> No. 5729
Unfortunately, when it comes to stuff like RL loli/shota, well...higher-ups ban what they don't understand.
>> No. 5730
I vote we ban Cosmic Horrors.
>> No. 5731
Admitting that you're not trolling just makes your post even more hilarious. 'Bad' fetish? Do you have an entire ranking system worked out in your head? Which is 'better', pray tell, an ass man or a breast man? If I have a foot fetish, do I have to step off the sidewalk and avert my eyes if someone who likes anal passes me?
>> No. 5732
File 127084387618.jpg - (143.99KB , 480x600 , dcf48b5aa0dc2f2981408b8a023dfb61.jpg ) [iqdb]
How could you ban such a sweet little girl? ;_;
>> No. 5733
File 127084932467.jpg - (598.39KB , 800x800 , 0b4ac27ff2a2ac6a958f95cd1f07a22a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Breast. Definitely.

I'm not >>5727, by the way
>> No. 5734
File 127085414616.jpg - (112.69KB , 960x600 , 1265570961588.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nah, ass is where it's at.
>> No. 5735
I am a hips and thighs man. I prefer my girls a bit meaty/chubby, as well. As far as breasts go, anything is fair game.

With that said, I didn't feel like writing porn today. I did a little brainstorming and put some notes down, at least!
>> No. 5736
File 127085526466.jpg - (724.72KB , 1106x1600 , 0030.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I prefer my girls a bit meaty/chubby, as well
I'm glad to hear that, it seems my favorite Touhous porn-wise are the healthier ones.

I was a bit disappointed you went for the 'retarded crow' Tasofro portrayal of Utsuho but your writing is great. Even though I've been following this since the beginning I still check all the time to see whether it's been updated. You're doing a great job.
>> No. 5737
File 127085544019.jpg - (18.04KB , 341x512 , chrishansen.jpg ) [iqdb]
Right. Why don't you have a seat over there.
>> No. 5738
Okuu is canonically something of a childish, dim girl

And about >>5729's post, he has trouble with english (as seen in his story), so he most likely meant something else.
>> No. 5739
Context fail. I was talking about certain politicians and recent bannings of certain aspects of drawn material IRL.
>> No. 5740

>People who are into urination may genuinely enjoy the scent or taste.

I don't enjoy either, I just like watching.
>> No. 5741

Okuu isn't retarded. She is a bit dense, maybe a bit slow, and inexperienced in some aspects of life. However, there is a side to Utsuho that has yet to be seen that is planned for the story.
>> No. 5742
for a small crow who can gasp the smarts on how to use nuclear fusion, that is one smart bird.
>> No. 5743
File 127090106355.jpg - (262.25KB , 898x1000 , dominant bird.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hmm, I see. I just got the 'mentally handicapped' vibe that I usually get when people write characters like Cirno and try too hard to make them stupid, what with the 'unyu' and the other ways that she talks, but it's true that you haven't finished with her yet, so I'll keep watching before I say anything else.

This is why I feel the portrayal of Utsuho being stupid (in Hisoutensoku specifically) is a bit off. In her dialogue in SA she clearly understands the consequences of her having nuclear fusion and the uses it could be put to (in Marisa's route) and shows more awareness of the mechanisms of nuclear fusion than any of the other characters do, even if she never deliberately says she understands it entirely.
>> No. 5745
Side effect of her power, smart in terms of using it, but dim everywhere else. And her personality naturally lead to her getting the idea to use her new power to take over the world, possibly frying it in the process.
>> No. 5746
Occam's razor? Also, her ideas include using it as a power source for vehicles, and for magic. Pretty inspired for a crow in an underground cave.
>> No. 5747
I support unyu. It's cute.
>> No. 5758
inb4 Rin's dick is just her tail between her legs.
>> No. 5759
>But, but Orin said other people don't have them.
Chen also has tails.
>> No. 5765
Orin doesn't know about Chen... or possibly guys in general.
>> No. 5769
>or possibly guys in general.
Something about the idea of futa Rin growing up in the palace without any male contact, thinking that she's the only person in the world with a dick, is simultaneously heart-breaking and hilarious.
>> No. 5771
Yes, but Okuu knows about Chen. You don't think Okuu would notice that her friend was also sporting two mighty, thick tails if that's all Orin's equipment was?

It's a penis.
>> No. 5773
File 127107504397.jpg - (278.11KB , 800x800 , d7a4bc670258fb1480bfebd7b506f67f.jpg ) [iqdb]
This picture popped up on danbooru this morning. Surprisingly relevant.

It has nothing to do with any confirmation or denial of speculation, I merely find it entertaining.
>> No. 5780
Darn I was going to post that,beat me to it.
>> No. 5790
The past few writing days (Friday, Monday, Tuesday) I simply haven't felt like writing porn. I've done up a bunch of exposition and non-H segments, but that's about it. Sorry for the way, maybe tomorrow.
>> No. 5797
File 127129081120.jpg - (173.80KB , 899x1000 , 23fdf28799c520ff4ac105cf19240fc5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Take your time, though I have to say I'm getting impatient to setting chain reaction in Okuu's nuclear reactor see Utsuho H scene.
>> No. 5800
File 12713221206.jpg - (425.83KB , 930x1017 , 1377ebeaa9f3112d3d46b1b0f51210e1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Posting "inspiration".
>> No. 5801
File 127132214952.jpg - (164.41KB , 1000x708 , 5934a28c789fc7d4957872283a9f9c89.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5802
File 127132217890.jpg - (316.98KB , 800x572 , c231be0679c9c0fb8491b28e2d37d1ef.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5803
File 127132250284.jpg - (831.98KB , 1000x1322 , 9116429.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5805
I'll be writing the rest of the update tomorrow. Promise.
>> No. 5817
Good news: I got a big chunk of writing done today.

Bad news: I broke my promise. I spent a good 4-5 hours going down to the AFB and back.

Good news: I'll finish it tomorrow.

Bad news: It will be finished late, I need to go to the AFB again.
>> No. 5864
so.......about that update?
>> No. 5871

In seven minutes
>> No. 5872
File 12717281511.png - (119.45KB , 294x250 , lf6y6fh28zd85scxzr3.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5876
>> No. 5878
I've been slacking lately, plus some issues and stresses irl are distracting me from writing.
>> No. 5879
File 127180945719.png - (70.17KB , 360x200 , Yukkuri_MarisaReimu.png ) [iqdb]

Don't get burned out. Take it easy!
>> No. 5880

I'm not burnt out on writing. I love writing. I've just been preoccupied.
>> No. 5882
File 127182223178.jpg - (254.96KB , 876x620 , 18050.jpg ) [iqdb]

Writing under stress won't do you any good!
>> No. 5896
God damn, what's with that ear?
>> No. 5897
rather have aya elf ears?
>> No. 5899
Yukkuri always had ears. Go find a copy of the original "Take it easy" image.
>> No. 5902
Actually, now that you say that, it looks kinda like a pointy ear with hair covering it.
>> No. 5924
File 127225532268.jpg - (302.88KB , 550x600 , 9d3c37409e85551cfb0e538dc1e7818d.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5928
Alright, I'm going to make another attempt at writing.

My creativity is fueled by the necessity to beat back the other writers who are invading MY board!

That's a joke, obviously.
>> No. 5929
File 127228319686.jpg - (206.70KB , 877x620 , 1dd383dd82e144d31481d3c195348735.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm just awaiting for when we go to visit the good Doctor.
>> No. 5933
I got some writing done today. Not an update's worth, but more than I have done in a while.

I'm going to try and upload some stuff tonight to make it up to you guys.

I don't know why I'm struggling with this. I have a few ideas what the cause is, but we'll see. I adore Utsuho, so it's not a lack of interest in the character that is slowing me down.
>> No. 5934
Alright, so here's a full status update:

I've got pretty much everything but half of the Utsuho H scene done. I'm going to finish it tomorrow, and I figured out where my inspiration disappeared to. I've got some neat stuff to try and upload to Mediafire or Megaupload tonight, assuming it doesn't shit out like it did the last 3-4 times I tried.
>> No. 5936
Okay, so I tried uploading this stuff twice and it failed both times. By failed I mean 'it uploads and then the file is corrupt'.
>> No. 5937
Try another service like megaupload or 4shared. Or send the stuff to someone on IRC and have them upload it, and hopefully they'll have better luck.
>> No. 5938

Planned on it, but tomorrow.
>> No. 5939
try putting it in a rar or a zip
>> No. 5940

This sort of dumbassery doesn't even deserve a response. But I did so anyway.
>> No. 5941
How large are the files in question? You might have better luck breaking them into parts and uploading those individually.
>> No. 5943
Alright, first upload.

Two H-games (well, more along the lines of glorified CG sets) from ぶい112CR.


One of them features the Moriya Shrine crew, the other has Alice, Yuyuko and Youmu.

Pardon the file name, I figure it's less likely to get deleted this way.

Two more uploads on the way in the next 1-2 hours.
>> No. 5944
I would enjoy going on vacation with you. As long as you don't just pull something out of a bag without telling me about it first.
>> No. 5945
File 127241130420.jpg - (282.26KB , 580x800 , genso00.jpg ) [iqdb]
Upload number two, one to go.


H game featuring the Moriya Shrine family, mostly centered on Sanae but with scenes for everyone.
>> No. 5946
Is it normal for me not to be able to access the third option on the start screen (That's the CG option, right?) But in the Moriya shrine one, everything's nicely unlocked.
>> No. 5947
Don't worry about stuff getting deleted. Nothing gets deleted unless someone reports it.

Also, the Tail Up game was uploaded a few weeks after C77. I didn't have the 112CR games, so thanks for those.
>> No. 5948
Last upload. PC-98 characters, this game is a bit weird. Art isn't that great, has Kieyza and a few other artists.


It took me a while to figure it out since I'm silly at times, but here's how to unlock everything: Play through the game once, you'll get 2 or so H scenes. Yumeko kills you, this can't be avoided, and you return to the main screen. Play through again and things happen differently this time.


Go through the game once, sorry.
>> No. 5949
Kamikoi was also uploaded a while ago.

Get the patches from the official site. The game is kinda buggy if unpatched, especially when trying to load a saved game.
>> No. 5950

The upload is already patched.

Also, I don't pay attention to these releases for downloads, shrug. Consider them mirrors then.
>> No. 5951
Well I found its scenes on another site; seems a darker game in nature than the Moriya Shrine one.
>> No. 5955
So... this thread is about games now..?
>> No. 5956
Nah; it's just that the writer felt like sharing some stuff with his readers in-between updates.
>> No. 5963

It's my way of saying, "Hey, sorry for not updating, have some H-games."
>> No. 5966

Ah I see, just wondering is all.
>> No. 5967
o god why did i play this game i couldn't take it sanae wasn't enjoying it so i quit. good quality though.
>> No. 5968
I think the cover/title screen said that much. >>5943 's Moriya game is far more light hearted.
>> No. 5969
It's "THAT is all" or "THAT's all" you illiterate uhmerikkkunt twat.
>> No. 5970
The phrase ", is all." (including punctuation) appears 152 times in the Corpus of Contemporary American English (http://www.americancorpus.com), a collection of American English utterances and writing from 1990-2008. The phrase is cited primarily in fiction, but also in high-profile magazines (Sports Illustrated and Esquire) and newspapers (USA Today and the Chicago Tribune). In each of its occurrences in the corpus, it is acting in the same fashion as it does in >>5966: grammatically, it nominalizes a preceding gerund phrase or complete sentence, a pattern found in many other languages (in Japanese, sentence-terminal もの or モン has this effect); semantically, it downplays the importance of the speaker's thoughts (almost as a politeness save of sorts, since you can tack it on the end of just about any sentence, but that's not my field of expertise). While its prevalence in fiction does indicate that it is more appropriate for an informal, spoken register of English, the implication that anyone who uses such a construction is an illiterate (or, heaven forbid, an American) is simply foolish.

tl;dr You are part of the problem I mentioned in >>5856. Die in a fire.
>> No. 5971
I usually ignore the garbage such as >>5969 but a response such as >>5970 being made is fine as well.
>> No. 5972
File 127262341442.jpg - (156.95KB , 918x809 , 126917428096.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5973
File 127262381487.jpg - (210.92KB , 700x979 , 6a2908143cae0303699a07d7db7c16b2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5975
Never thought I'd see the day when people were upset about grammar when there's porn to be had...
>> No. 5976
File 127264802267.jpg - (111.85KB , 750x381 , fuckwad_theory.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pic related.

Continuing on, I'm curious, will Kanako as kinky as it seems like she would be? (i.e. bondage) And what about Yuyuko?
>> No. 5977
It's the internet, everyone has to put on some sad show of superiority. It'd be one thing to nitpick writing in a story, but in general remark post? That's just absurd.

So true, I think bondage will be involved with Kanako though I hope there'd be some normal sex with her.
>> No. 5983
>what about Yuyuko?

Eating food off her..?
>> No. 5985
No vore allowed (I'm okay with this!), so I'm not sure how he'd take to food play.
>> No. 5986
It's Yuyuko. It would go the other direction -
dantaimori rather than nyotaimori.

Either that, or we reap the benefits of her oral fixation.
>> No. 5987
File 127267468329.png - (246.33KB , 750x700 , 1265543750000.png ) [iqdb]
Perhaps we would both dine off of the softest Touhou.
>> No. 5988
1. Strip Youmu naked.
2. Put food on Youmu.
3. Have Yuyuko eat out Myon.
4. See if Youmu can maintain her composure enough to avoid spilling the food.
>> No. 5989
There again you go, proving how much of a illiterate twat you are, ruining a language that doesn't belong to you. Oh, and don't think that you can get away by samefagging like that, I'm on to you.
>> No. 5990
File 127270396760.jpg - (306.02KB , 822x631 , hula hoop kanako.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your butthurt is delicious, speaking as an English expat. I'll stop troll feeding now, though.

>So true, I think bondage will be involved with Kanako though I hope there'd be some normal sex with her.
I think it'd be great if she initially comes off as abrasive and rough and has rough bondage sex but deep down is a sensitive middle-aged woman who watches the dramas on TV. That seems quintessentially Kanako to me.
>> No. 5991
File 127270614779.png - (1.25MB , 1200x1200 , yuyumad.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5992
File 127270676892.jpg - (293.29KB , 905x393 , rapeface yuyuko.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5995
I just figured even the most dominating war goddess feels like just being loved at times.
>> No. 5996
>deep down is a sensitive middle-aged woman who watches the dramas on TV
Spanish/Philipino soaps?
>> No. 5997
I can totally see Kanako whipping us till we black out, then wake up on the veranda in her arms, all deliciously apologetic for getting too excited.
>> No. 5998
>Spanish/Philipino soaps?

Heard they're the only ones ever worth watching; heck some stations seem to have English subtitles to cater to American/British audiences.

In any rate what are the chances of Kanako being very into roleplaying..?
>> No. 6001
I don't even know what to think any more.
>> No. 6002
When no updates occur it happens man...

feels bad man...
>> No. 6003
This is what happens when updates take too long: we get restless. This is what results when horny and restless mix.
>> No. 6004
>In any rate what are the chances of Kanako being very into roleplaying..?
>> No. 6007
File 127276924183.jpg - (66.87KB , 600x750 , 1199625021239.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6011
File 127280815332.jpg - (103.58KB , 1000x760 , reimu stares into your soul.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think he was talking about the grammar Nazi guy.
>> No. 6013
File 12728289027.jpg - (471.81KB , 684x988 , e7fc301f449f24e67b6a10276efd31e5093d85a8.jpg ) [iqdb]

The most astute Grammar Nazi usually takes in account of differences between variations of the English language, that was no Grammar Nazi but a douche bag of the worst degree.

Besides, we Grammar Nazis have some standards amongst ourselves. To have a myopic understanding of the world usage of a language is pathetically stupid at best, at worst such a burden would bring nothing but bigotry and ignorance to any one and everyone.

Plus it's a thread with pornographic literature and images, take it easy~!
>> No. 6020
File 127285057851.png - (594.39KB , 600x827 , sakuya nazi.png ) [iqdb]
It was pretty apparent that he was just trolling anyway. Most grammar Nazis I know are polite and just receive the moniker from annoyed AOL-speak users.

But we're talking about him now, and that's exactly what he wants. Let's just forget it ever happened.
>> No. 6022
File 127292886495.png - (411.04KB , 1027x1165 , 9c64413a743633f1c894320c819434e16613db98.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6023
File 127295728738.jpg - (521.73KB , 700x987 , 12cf7d393f3c89fd66af1c2a3b27fe63.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6025

I love Ran, can't wait until we get back home to see her...IF we get back home :\
>> No. 6027
At the rate the updates have been lately, that'll be around march 2011.
>> No. 6032
File 127300480181.jpg - (110.89KB , 500x500 , yumi confused.jpg ) [iqdb]
Read this as 2010 and tilted my head a little.

Writeguy must be real busy.
>> No. 6033

Rick is home. He's just not actually inside the house. More like within a couple hundred yards.


Somewhat busy, mostly uninspired. This update is literally two or three paragraphs from finished, I just haven't felt it lately. We'll see what I get done tomorrow.
>> No. 6038
I know what its like. I must have started like 20 stories, only to dump them because I didn't really feel like continuing writing them. Never really have kicked myself to actually complete one fully.
>> No. 6048
That's not something to be bragging about.
>> No. 6049
>> No. 6050
File 127304076419.png - (755.07KB , 1250x912 , depressing.png ) [iqdb]
No, keep the faith going anons!
>> No. 6052

Well, I have no intent on quitting this story. I just get lethargic from time to time. I've got so many great ideas stockpiled up that I want to write.
>> No. 6054
If the order of girls you've chosen (Hina -> Aya -> shrine) doesn't work for you, you can always write the scenes of meeting them as a flashback, for example. This is a written story, nothing says the timeline of the story has to strictly follow the order it's written in. And I don't think the readers mind it all that much either, as long as they still get those scenes one day.
>> No. 6055
I think he's kinda stuck on the Okuu scene though I can't see how writing that could be hard. That and laziness is a common thing.
>> No. 6067
It's fine, just don't give up! Thank you for the status update, though. It's more to tide me over with than others are giving me.
>> No. 6071
File 127315664076.jpg - (412.67KB , 1600x990 , 53adb8094ea898443bab8aee37070968.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6076
File 127318115525.jpg - (125.62KB , 400x400 , cirno ahhh.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6078

Buckets. Every time I've seen this picture.
>> No. 6079
Maybe you should add Girls with Muscles to the fetish list.
>> No. 6080
File 127325115219.jpg - (568.25KB , 723x1023 , abs.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kanako seems the most likely old lady to have killer abs.
>> No. 6082

That implies I wasn't going to write some muscles in the first place.
>> No. 6083
You better write something. Thread will be on page 2 pretty soon.
>> No. 6085
If/when we get to see Yuugi I'd be very surprised if she didn't fulfill the musclegirl quota.
>> No. 6087
File 127328561765.jpg - (119.86KB , 1000x941 , b69a5db335115a0aa6d7d3fc112c974baf85f729.jpg ) [iqdb]

strangely enough Yuugi figure, at least in the case of fan art, either portray her to have the figure of a super model with no muscles as visible, super model with some actual meat, to what might regard as true Yuugi with very prevalent musculature but retaining her femininity rather than suddenly looking manly; excluding some jokes/parodies
>> No. 6090
She'd be the most likely one if not Meiling.

It's hard to say since most characters are stronger than they look. Example: Suika.
>> No. 6095
File 127332479778.jpg - (427.53KB , 600x675 , 1262177003174.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't know, I've always seen Yuugi as one of the few truly butch Touhou characters. She's female but at the same time exudes pure masculinity. Since I'm quite partial to yuri I'm intensely comfortable with this.
>> No. 6096
File 127332617518.jpg - (378.77KB , 600x700 , 47af7b0a8af253f78bd83a310ca77096.jpg ) [iqdb]
I also don't mind if she has some muscles, but not like a bodybuilder...
>> No. 6097
File 127332741752.jpg - (330.35KB , 866x642 , oekaki yuugi.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't imagine her as being built like a bodybuilder, I just imagine her as being built like a warrior with incidental gigantic breasts
>> No. 6099
File 127334575181.jpg - (482.31KB , 850x600 , 7bfbe14f379284b9204fc9b9e8aca.jpg ) [iqdb]

And thus my point >>6087 is explained better by those posts on the multiple depictions of Yuugi Hoshiguma; regardless, no one can go wrong with her...
>> No. 6100
I can already imagine the scene "C-can i touch your abs?"
>> No. 6102
I'd think her breasts would be among the few soft parts of her body, but she wouldn't come off as absurdly muscular, just that if you felt her stomach you would feel muscle. Different than say Yuyuko whose stomach would be more feminine and soft.

Butch is such a crude word... Bro-ish is more like it. I think the character with the highest is Mokou (doesn't have melons to offset it), perhaps why she doesn't have much luck in most stories. The only other example is Komachi.
>> No. 6103
>Butch is such a crude word...
I would have said 'seme' but it doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
>> No. 6104
File 127336283385.png - (16.18KB , 467x559 , fujiGARa no mokou.png ) [iqdb]
And as an addendum to that, I'd say Mokou is kinda 'butch' too, Komachi not so much (she just has a more masculine personality, like Marisa)

I'm seriously gar for Mokou.
>> No. 6105
When I update this I'm going to repost the previous update with it since the Okuu scenes belong together.
>> No. 6106
Does that mean it's coming soon?
>> No. 6108
in seven minutes..?
>> No. 6109
(Waits warmly)
>> No. 6111
File 127341349722.png - (329.89KB , 1052x984 , zayaku_menace_28.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6112
You are now reading this post with Okuu voiced by Noto Mamiko.
>> No. 6114
File 12734230251.jpg - (7.29KB , 300x225 , 778235-waltonsimons_large.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. Within six months.
>> No. 6120
File 127352293229.jpg - (502.29KB , 768x1024 , ee7e773641dab85e46d87d49b6731413a7a50fe3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't mind me, just alleviating a bit of despair that's been floating around the boards lately...;_;
>> No. 6127
File 127352496712.jpg - (88.94KB , 375x525 , parsee come hither.jpg ) [iqdb]
What a cute little horn...
>> No. 6129
File 127352716575.jpg - (162.23KB , 700x496 , 24d452a5856fb67d7caea45ac8bd7e48.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6133
File 127359853885.png - (26.40KB , 257x227 , kogasa bero.png ) [iqdb]
I miss our surprisingly adorable karakasa girl, OP.
>> No. 6134
Expect a new thread before the weekend.
>> No. 6135
File 127361037979.png - (289.69KB , 735x490 , 1252437969980.png ) [iqdb]
Thank you!

(pic unrelated?)
>> No. 6139
It's not dead? Hooray!
>> No. 6163
You promised!!

So you didn't actually, but still...
>> No. 6169
I expected as much at this point.
>> No. 6170
Me too, honestly.

It was good while it lasted though.
>> No. 6171
Chillax guys, it's only Saturday. Maybe he just got busy or something.

Best thing on /at/ by far, btw. Can't wait for more DELICIOUS OKUU
>> No. 6174
I'm bad. Here's a list of things keeping me busy:

Family, relationship, Cataclysm alpha, various other activities (i.e. shopping, cat-related things, etc). Maybe tomorrow.
>> No. 6175
>Cataclysm Alpha
My curiosity has been piqued.

Good luck with the whole 'tomorrow' thing also. I can't wait to see what happens when we pierce Okuu's core.
>> No. 6177
File 12739585652.png - (289.23KB , 675x900 , parsee castlevania.png ) [iqdb]
>Family, relationship
Well, never mind my complaining, then. There are things more important than writing ero fanfics.
>> No. 6181

To defeat Okuu, you must shoot (in) the core!
>> No. 6182
like kitties!!
>> No. 6185
A large battleship UTSUHO is approaching at high speed!
>> No. 6190
File 127403727311.jpg - (205.64KB , 1316x930 , coolant flush.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I can't wait to see what happens when we pierce Okuu's core.
To prevent a catastrophic meltdown, the reactor flushes coolant from itself.
>> No. 6191
File 127403736474.jpg - (0.99MB , 1000x1399 , meltdown.jpg ) [iqdb]
...but it doesn't work all the time.
>> No. 6192
File 127403766257.jpg - (440.70KB , 1137x1054 , okuu happy.jpg ) [iqdb]
However, the aftermath of a Type 0-KUU nuclear fusion reactor meltdown is not unmanageable, and the reactor can continue to function afterwards if another reaction is started.
>> No. 6193
Looking kinda cool there, Utsuho.
>> No. 6194
Reaction collapse moe.
>> No. 6195
Dear writeanon, could you be a bit more specific when you write the meal scenes like you did before?
I thought it was a nice personal touch.

Also, muscules = not really want.

Inb4 "WTF are you saying?"
>> No. 6196
WTF are you saying?
>> No. 6198
File 127407458942.jpg - (124.26KB , 400x438 , 6yihiq.jpg ) [iqdb]
Its Monday...
>> No. 6200
You promised an update over a month ago.
>> No. 6201
Patience, for fuck's sake. The man has personal problems.
>> No. 6202
>personal problems
>he's playing WoW instead
I'm still gonna keep waiting but let's not pretend it's anything different.
>> No. 6203
I didn't say I was having personal problems. I said what was keeping me busy.
>> No. 6204
He also listed family, relationship, and pet problems.

Who do you think he is? Scorn or Taisa?
>> No. 6205
We will be ready for you to resume your normal update schedule when you are. Don't sweat it too much.

But dang man, it's actually been over a month! Trying to blue ball us, eh?
>> No. 6206
Blue balling? I believe my balls bear a striking resemblance to the meteorite from The Colour Out of Space by now.
>> No. 6223
I've started to laugh several times for remembering this post.
>> No. 6226
Nooooo...I´ve read the naerly all the storys from you the last three days...and now I´ve to wait.Dammit.^^
btw.:I really like all your storys ^^
>> No. 6229
This isn't Pooshlmer or Shrinemaiden or something. Speak properly or not at all.
>> No. 6230
File 127432465883.jpg - (1.03MB , 1739x1218 , 1270223425870.jpg ) [iqdb]
I see that we are not at the good part yet.
>> No. 6232
File 127433788655.png - (69.43KB , 256x256 , mokou tense.png ) [iqdb]
OP, if you're just not gonna do this anymore, could you at least say so? We've been told pretty continuously that a new update will be here shortly and it's more than a month since the last one.
>> No. 6233
waiting is annoying, but a little bit patience isn´t that bad. -.-
>> No. 6234
Here's the thing: I WANT to continue this. I've just got other stuff on my plate.
>> No. 6252
Do you want us to help with the creative process in any way? Busy in real life is busy in real life, I can understand that (there's no way in hell I could write anything with my current work schedule). Maybe give us a small peak at what's coming?

Sorry man, it's just that everyone's been slow lately, so there hasn't been much to read of what I've been following.
>> No. 6253
I think it's more time than creativity, and the last thing some folks want to do after a hard day of work is write.
>> No. 6254
I figured as much, I was just thinking about the stuff in /gensokyo/ about writers not getting enough interaction from their readers (even though I know OP gets alot from us).

Dunno what my main goal was, suppose it might have just been to see how far along he was. Oh well, it's only one more day to the weekend though.
>> No. 6266
WoW shouldn't count as 'stuff' on a plate.
>> No. 6273
Have you forgotten how he remarked on having other problems as opposed to shooting your mouth off about his supposed MMORPG addiction?
>> No. 6278
File 127448609234.jpg - (243.78KB , 1280x960 , 1273293457927.jpg ) [iqdb]

See >>6203

I hope you write again, OP, but I think it's about time I stopped F5ing this thread now. I'd like to be proven wrong but I don't think this is going to be updated any time soon.
>> No. 6279
This is nearly on page 3 now...

Don't you have like two more paragraphs left on the update anyway?
>> No. 6280
This thread shouldn't be F5ed anyway. When I post an update it will be on a new thread in the first page.
>> No. 6286
>> No. 6288
When it's done.
>> No. 6289
7 minutes
>> No. 6292
File 12745679411.jpg - (53.45KB , 355x500 , duke.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6330
Anyone got any links to the older threads?
>> No. 6335
File 127474316235.jpg - (90.84KB , 520x720 , e8f02744ef8d6da143d9f9581c3f2c9e.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6336
that'd be a good idea; it'd give easy access to past threads so we can kill time between updates.
>> No. 6337


ctrl+f type in 'mind the gap'
>> No. 6338
Get any writing done over the weekend?
>> No. 6341
Thank you.
>> No. 6391
File 127493626244.png - (102.21KB , 350x352 , a forlorn insect.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6392
He is not Patchwork, Get it through your head.

You'd have better luck with Yukari pictures or sexy cat-kanako ones.
>> No. 6395
He's pretty much on hiatus anyway, it would seem.
>> No. 6410
I find it extremely amusing when somebody thinks I am another writer.
>> No. 6411
Get unbusy soon, nameless dude.
>> No. 6429
File 127508230522.jpg - (648.08KB , 700x1000 , 1269821192468.jpg ) [iqdb]
I love to stick my shaft into her gap, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 6440
File 12751284316.png - (118.18KB , 448x630 , oh my green.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6470
aww, this is the end of the story for now D:
just finished reading the previous stuff, I love those H-Scenes
>> No. 6477
I have read the Ran-tails bit an unknown number of times.

Get unbusy!
>> No. 6480
File 127544626491.jpg - (75.60KB , 450x626 , 1274921775017.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't make me post SICP, dude.
>> No. 6481
File 127544637065.jpg - (60.55KB , 450x600 , 1275009789277.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's deadly.
>> No. 6483
File 127546752719.jpg - (706.73KB , 800x800 , 1271647004855.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6487

I found a fairly old text file with this saved from /jp/.


Suddenly, a huge black snake head with retarded-looking eyes materialized in front of them and stared menacingly. In a loud booming voice, it asked "HAVE YOU READ YOUR SICP TODAY?" and everything turned black.

When they woke up, they found themselves sitting in a lecture hall at MIT, amonst several dozen other students. "Welcome to 6.001" was written on the board. Professor Gerald Jay Sussman walked into the room, wearing his robe and wizard hat.

"Is this a hack?" he asked as he glanced around and saw the strangely-dressed group, shocked and staring back at him.

"What...?" Patchouli managed to say, all of them confused and unable to understand what had just happened.

"Nevermind, let's start the lecture." The Sussman said softly.

"I'd like to welcome you to this course on computer science. ... Actually, it's a terrible way to start. Computer science is a terrible name for this business. First of all it's not a science." The Sussman lectured while the students sat and listened attentively.

"What's going on?" Koakuma whispered to Patchouli.

"I have no idea. But this is getting interesting."

"Or we'll actually see that computer... so-called science actually has a lot in common with magic." The Sussman continued.

"So procedures are the spells if you like that control these magical spirits that are the processes."

The Sussman produced a wand and waved it in the air, muttering to himself. A bright flash of light filled the room, and a stream of glowing parentheses shot out the end of the wand, dissappearing into the air. The students applauded loudly.

"But... how can he do that? He's only a human, right?" Koakuma whispered.

The Sussman, who up until now had paid no attention to the group, turned and stared at her with an astonished expression.

"What did you just say?" he asked, pointing his wand at her.

All of the other students turned in the direction of the group.

"Nothing," she answered quietly.

"I hope so," The Sussman said in stern tone, ending his pointing with the wand and returning it to a pocket on his robe.

"And... well I guess you know everyone needs a magical language and sorcerers, right, real sorcerers use ancient Arcadian, or Sumerian, or Babylonian or whatever. We're gonna control our spirits in a magical language called LISP, which is a language designed for talking about... for casting the spells that are procedures to direct the processes," the Sussman continued, moving his hands in a series of complex movements as he spoke.

"What a disappointment. I thought he was going to teach us magic," Patchouli muttered almost inaudibly.

Once again, the Sussman quickly turned and stared at her, retrieving his wand and pointing at her with it.

"Excuse me?" he asked, "What did you say again?"

"Nothing," she replied, trying to avoid attention.

"No, I'm pretty sure you said something. Please repeat it for us, so as not to miss a fine learning opportunity."

"She said, 'What a disappointment. I thought he was going to teach us magic'," Koakuma exclaimed. At the sound of those words the Sussman's face turned a bright red.

"HOW DARE YOU DOUBT ME!!" The Sussman shouted angrily. "By the power of the Y combinator I send thee to the land of Java!"

The Sussman raised his wand and a pointed it at the group, sending from its blunt point a stream of red parentheses. Almost immediately Patchouli sent forth a bright white beam, which collided with the parentheses at 61.8034% of their way toward her, creating a blindingly bright blue ball of plasma. The other students watched in amazement as the parentheses slowly ate their way through the beam towards her.
>> No. 6488

I thought there was more but I can't find it.
>> No. 6495
lol awesome. not hot, but it was kinda entertaining
>> No. 6496
File 127559499813.jpg - (6.82KB , 126x120 , despair.jpg ) [iqdb]
I thought that was an update for a second.
>> No. 6497
File 127562177611.png - (589.72KB , 800x1089 , d167f0ce3cf2cbfb2d9426fe73d65f5caebaa9d7.png ) [iqdb]

Aye know how yer feelin there,

Don't fret cheer up

Maybe this will help
>> No. 6498
File 127562710358.jpg - (277.50KB , 1000x1000 , 8331517.jpg ) [iqdb]

Nue always cheers me up.

Kogasa and her are probably the best new girls from UFO.
>> No. 6499
File 127564320042.jpg - (142.42KB , 600x800 , so moe.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd agree but after UFO was released Byakuren quickly became my waifu, so I can't leave her out.
>> No. 6501
Same here, bro. God I loved that.
>> No. 6502
File 127571670135.jpg - (105.06KB , 490x598 , 1273994943712.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6503
File 127571675872.jpg - (211.78KB , 1280x960 , 1273314855190.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6504
File 127571682154.jpg - (329.73KB , 2362x2362 , 1273996121707.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6505
File 127571970486.jpg - (108.55KB , 800x717 , maiwaifu.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6538
so about that update, are we never going to find out what happens with oshu or is the gap dead?
i miss you yukarin ;_; it was this writer that made me fall in love with yukarin. sad face.
>> No. 6539
just calm down, he's just being a Taisa-Grade Lazy Nigger. But I do agree, he really should get back to work.

I heard though that he's getting tired of the CYOA format, not so much this story... I say if this helps with the updates, who cares about choices.
>> No. 6541
In this story the choices are generally all good anyway, no route locks and we usually pick an option (e.g. which of Yukari's friends to visit) on the understanding that we'll get round to the other ones afterwards, so losing the CYOA aspect wouldn't do much harm at all.
>> No. 6570
Just finished reading my way through this adventure.

Shit's awesome. Yukarin~'s mai waifu, except the thought of her eating us or booting us back outside when we get too old to keep up with her makes me sad.

We're forming really strong emotional bonds with pretty much all of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, however, so by the time we really start aging Eirin might just drop off a certain elixir.
>> No. 6598
File 127619681821.jpg - (42.39KB , 292x256 , cirno sigh.jpg ) [iqdb]
>two months without an update
>> No. 6604
I think he's dead.
>> No. 6608
He's alive, Jim.
>> No. 6612
The reason why she 'disposed' of past candidates was how poorly they adjusted to things. This was not a problem for Rick, who adjusted quite well.
>> No. 6616
I assume the polite ones were given a relatively painless and swift boot back to the outside world.

The rude ones were made into a tasty snack.
>> No. 6618

I'm alive, and although I've been occupied I do still WANT to write.


These are both pretty much correct.
>> No. 6621
What DOES happen to people who she doesn't keep then? Snacks for the hungry youkai, blood for the vampires?
>> No. 6622
Many people are writing on /at/ now. Why not take the time and read that while waiting.
>> No. 6646
Why IS this guy named Rick anyway?
>> No. 6648

The character isn't actually named Rick. If you read the entire story you'll find zero name references, just copious 'you's. My readers decided to call him Rick because he's no stranger to love.
>> No. 6652
That's for our reference, not the story's.
>> No. 6655
File 127671662113.jpg - (35.65KB , 512x384 , yukari come on~.jpg ) [iqdb]
Will we get at least sporadic updates after your WoW beta test is over?
>> No. 6656

I played it like, two or three days to check out the rogue changes and haven't touched it since. Level is capped at 82 and, as cool as Hyjal and the underwater zone is, shit's kinda dull right now.
>> No. 6674
My faith... it dwindles.
>> No. 6676
File 127684186715.png - (113.23KB , 242x226 , 1276469733243.png ) [iqdb]

>WoW beta

>> No. 6680

At this point it's a matter of 'I want to write, I just don't feel like it.'


Whenever I see this, I tend to think that people throwing 'wow sux' type comments around are simply spewing forth the drivel they've heard from some place like /v/ and have never actually tried it themselves. Or, if they have tried it, they've gone in with a bias mindset that 'wow is bad' and thus won't enjoy it since they're looking for every flaw to further cement their supposed disdain for the game.

Example: I think Harry Potter is fucking stupid. Have I ever watched the movies or read the books? No, and they could be decent but my mind is already made up about them. If I did actually 'give it a chance', I wouldn't enjoy it because I am predisposed against enjoyment of it. Most people who get to this point of predisposition will actually try to, subconsciously, suck the potential enjoyment out of what they're doing. But I have no basis for my hatred of Harry Potter.

Why did I write this? Early morning and I felt like it.
>> No. 6682

Heh, I absolutely know what you mean. I for myself don't really act that way, but I know a LOT of people who simply don't give many things "a chance", and really don't want to even try to enjoy certain things.

The only time I came close to such a behavior would be this "Avatar" movie, which I still kinda refuse to watch. But it's not really that I hate its content, it's more like the way people are fan-fagging about it that keeps me from doing so.

>At this point it's a matter of 'I want to write, I just don't feel like it.'

This could be a sign for burn-out or apathy, be careful. It may lead to major depression or a temporary blocked mind. In case you often come back thinking of this story in your freetime, don't do it. Forget about this, and enjoy different things. You will automatically feel the urge to continue if you enjoyed writing this story. It's kinda sad because this means we still won't be getting an update in a while, but hey, at least we will get them at SOME point.
>> No. 6693
No that's typical writefag behavor, fucking off and doing anything but write. Most of them do it anyways. Hell just recently Vodka got his head out of all those VNs and actually fucking updated!

This author is at least honest about his laziness as opposed to making a bunch of bullshit excuses.
>> No. 6699
File 127696301717.png - (283.62KB , 486x416 , yukari yuyuko gossip 2.png ) [iqdb]
Are you implying that WoW is a good game?
>> No. 6700

WoW was pretty awesome before they made expansions for it. The way it is now can only be described as "ok".
>> No. 6701
I've been considering posting some of my ideas/plans for the future of the story but I don't want to be a massive tease since I'm unsure when I'll get there.



Joking aside, I'd rather be honest than lie to my readers when they'd know better anyway. It's just insulting.


I am implying that WOW is a decent/acceptable game.
>> No. 6714


That sounds a bit too close to what Kira said once for comfort.
>> No. 6740

Can't recall if he said something like that or not. Wasn't intended in any case.
>> No. 6751

I played WoW for something around four years before I quit. It is imbalanced in PvP and easy in PvE. For months during WotLK I was doing daily quests and raiding and that is it. I really don't care about aesthetic things like different colored drakes, I had the 310% Plagued Protodrake and nothing goes faster, and did not want to deal with unbalanced PvP. There was nothing more for me to do.

In the old days of WoW PvE encounters were difficult and each boss was different. I can't stand what Blizzard has done with raiding recently. Making me run the same raid four times a week is more like working a job than playing a game.

If you have just recently started playing WoW, anything up to a year really, then I can see why you would think people have no basis for thinking it is shit. I was the same way for a long time. I'm still waiting for an MMO that is as good as WoW pre-Wrath.

Sage in an autosaged thread because I am a double nigger bitching about WoW on a Touhou porn board.
>> No. 6757
What's wrong with asphyxiation
It's no more messed up than everything else
>> No. 6759
File 127720656967.png - (713.25KB , 801x601 , iskaGAmikouheigonnahavetochokeabitch2.png ) [iqdb]
Because strangling people just leads to falling in pools.
>> No. 6760

I've been playing since release day. I've cleared every raid in the game except Sunwell and Old Naxx (4H+sapph/kt left), as well as the end of ICC (which is more of my choice in not particularly caring).

As far as difficulty goes, I'd say BC was the only genuinely difficult expansion we've had. Vanilla was more fake difficulty due to lack of understanding the game and 15 players being dead weight.

Wrath has issues, sure. I don't think the game is 'great' right now, just 'not bad and acceptable'.

Also, Cataclysm fixes a lot of issues.
>> No. 6761

Because it bothers me and I am the one writing the story. You are more than welcome to write an asphyxiation H scene and make a thread, though.
>> No. 6762

Vanilla was at least more difficult because of the amount of time that had to be put in to raid. There were much more consumables and resist gear that had to be farmed. BC had like two fights total where resist gear was needed IIRC (resist gear for the raid).

I liked it better when there were not tons of websites dedicated to giving DPS rotations and spelling out bosses so that a retarded ape could do them. Apart from not knowing the game Vanilla and BC are pretty close in difficulty, though. Naxx was more endurance and Sunwell had generally harder encounters. Seriously, be glad you didn't have to wipe on Felmyst and M'uru all night.

Raiding in Wrath is a fucking joke. It's broken down into following a Youtube video that Tankspot came out with and paying attention to DBM notifications. The worst part about it is how trivialized threat has become. Every boss is tauntable and almost every DPS has an aggro dump? What a joke.

I miss the days when even heroic mobs were untauntable and would one shot a squishy no matter what.
>> No. 6764

I did my share of wiping on M'uru. Also ledge boss was the hardest boss in the game.

Farming is not difficulty, it is tedium. With that said I still highly enjoyed vanilla. The difficulty wasn't in the raids, but actually getting there and doing them. Resist gear wasn't a painful issue with one exception and that was due to Blizzard's failure in providing proper NR gear (GUYS LET'S GO FARM MARAUDON FOR HUHURAN YEAH).

For what it's worth, Ulduar hard modes did provide a challenge during the time that Ulduar was the peak of content. Of course, now Firefighter is puggable, as well as Yogg+0 and Algalon.

p.s. i like my aggro tools thank you very much, although dpsing as anything other than a mage (mirror image mechanics), rogue (tricks/vanish) and hunter throws me for a loop since i'm used to being able to go all out from the start.

I agree the game has become easy, but I still find it somewhat enjoyable. With that said, I'm also ADD as fuck and tend to game hop constantly, although relationship has reigned that in significantly.
>> No. 6765
I figure calling someone mother is much stranger
Doesnt matter too much to me though
>> No. 6774
File 127723947445.png - (1.08MB , 1119x1600 , patchouli 'choking'.png ) [iqdb]
Like this?
>> No. 6777
>> No. 6779
>> No. 6780
File 127726411498.png - (33.90KB , 690x656 , 1256771360987.png ) [iqdb]

This thread is about WoW and asphyxiation. Dickings will be in a new thread.


Yeah, I was still playing during Ulduar. It did remind me of the difficulty of old raiding. Still had to run the fucking thing twice a week. If hard modes had been the normal difficulty it would have been perfect, and yes I realize that some of them would have had to been toned down a bit for that to happen.

>Of course, now Firefighter is puggable, as well as Yogg+0 and Algalon.

No word. My face.
>> No. 6781

Gear made FF much easier. DPS has jumped significantly since Ulduar. I can't remember what Ulduar numbers were, but my rogue is doing about 10,500 dps in a 25 man(closer to 13k in ICC due to buff). Most of the HMs in there are pretty easy to almost zerg down due to gear. Easy drakes.
>> No. 6782
File 127727883356.jpg - (35.87KB , 285x610 , Update please.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6794
Picked up WoW during WotLK. The game makes raiding dungeons un-fun. PvPers are cocks. PvE has no challenge. Questing is boring, even for an MMO. Nothing exciting about the story or world.

I got all this from going into it with zero expectations for or against the game.

If WoW is the best MMOs have to offer, MMOs are doomed.
>> No. 6796

Yeah, but at least you tried it and determined you didn't like it. It's not for everyone.

If you want somewhat challenging PVE, I'd suggest EQ2. At least, the last expansions I played were pretty challenging in terms of both raids and small group content. I haven't played the newest expansion, but the prior one had a really fucking nasty single group (6 players I think) boss encounter. The game does have some bullshit Fake Difficulty at times, though.


This is the fight I'm talking about. The one time I actually beat it, the whole encounter took about 35 minutes. And our group was decent.
>> No. 6803
In the time you've spent discussing WoW in this thread, you probably could have finished the update. Heh.
>> No. 6806
Played WoW for a while... the "pay up" shit really makes it dumb. Otherwise, it's playable but not that good. Now can we put an end to this topic and get on with things that really matter?
>> No. 6807
He's right; it's rude to leave us hanging in the middle of Okuu sex.
>> No. 6808

Oh god you just reminded me of that....you can't believe how hard I came when I first read it. The thought of Okuu exploring your netherregions....I'M GETTING HARD AGAIN.

Seriously though, one of the best written touhou porn scenes I've ever read.
>> No. 6815
>> No. 6824
File 127765457912.png - (348.13KB , 601x753 , renko it's dead.png ) [iqdb]
There will be no more updates.
>> No. 6826
Yeah, I'm pretty convinced up to this point now.
>> No. 6830
File 127771634039.jpg - (51.63KB , 256x256 , cry some more.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6832
File 127772703387.png - (283.81KB , 800x601 , cry some more.png ) [iqdb]
At least post a Touhou version.
>> No. 6836
I will return to writing as soon as I finish this play-through of Xenosaga 1-3. I've already finished XS1 and am about 10 hours into XS2.
>> No. 6838

Also, with that said, XS2 is a shitty nightmare to slog through (which is why I've yet to complete it despite finishing 1 and 3 multiple times) so I might skip it if I get tired.
>> No. 6840
yeah... what were those guys thinking when they made that? the Damage it did was so bad it more or less cut the series short.
>> No. 6841

At least it moved the story forward. Shame we'll never get XS4 and 6 though. 3 was pretty solid.

The major problems with XS2 were: The combat system (which was both terribly boring and complicated), the art shift and the change in VAs.
>> No. 6842
the whole art style/voice/battle system shift was really unneeded, since I think people generally liked XS1's style, and it was a very direct sequel, not a faintly related one or another universe game that happened to have the same name.

Then again Namco's infamously retarded with RPGs, to the point where Capcom looks good with RPGs.

Tis a bit of irony how Monolith left Square due outside meddling when they ended up on a company which did that worse. If they stuck around at Square, maybe they could have gotten an intended remake.

But on the bright side we got endless frontier in the end.
>> No. 6846
EF had one of the best combat systems period.

Also, XS3 ES > XS1 AGWS > XS2 ES

and losing Magical Girl MOMO for Loli Archer MOMO was disappointing even though the mental image of MOMO dressed up like a Disgaea Archer is amusing.
>> No. 6852
>Then again Namco's infamously retarded with RPGs
>Namco, maker of the Tales of... series
Son, I am disappoint.
>> No. 6853
I never said they made bad RPGs, just make some particularly stupid decisions with them somehow. Same goes for Capcom, most of the BoF games weren't bad, just a tad rough in some regards.
>> No. 6861
I've got four dungeons left in XS2 and I am not doing any of the extra post-game content, so this one should be done soon. Then just a romp through XS3 which is enjoyable and fairly easy.
>> No. 6865
File 127793091163.png - (846.66KB , 1386x780 , c5515c20b5f3b86da003f90860329a80.png ) [iqdb]
>442 posts and 99 images
Jesus. You sure have die hard fans.
>> No. 6867
File 127793261624.jpg - (267.29KB , 800x572 , iku.jpg ) [iqdb]

Porn helps people come together.
>> No. 6881
I changed my mind about Hatate for various reasons.

I'll be writing her. I even have ideas for her.
>> No. 6887
File 127801599150.jpg - (83.37KB , 567x800 , 1269385071671.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm glad you changed your mind although I still dislike her in some ways and I hope it's tag-team hate sex with Aya
>> No. 6888

We'll see. Also, fuck yes I LOVE Kieyza's work. It's a sort of.. Unrefined yet attractive style, is the best I can describe it.
>> No. 6889
File 127801868161.png - (503.72KB , 1200x846 , e2b5e4593cc18ce4e24326818f08b9c5.png ) [iqdb]
It has a sort of rough-around-the-edges feel to it without ever actually being badly drawn.
>> No. 6904

How far into Xenosaga?
>> No. 6906

About two dungeons left in XS2. I'm not playing it on weekends, by the way. I've got other things to do.
>> No. 6908
File 127825945596.jpg - (7.71KB , 93x95 , chen no sandwich.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6939
Yukarinfags getting antsy while MtG isn't going I think.
>> No. 6940

I'm more antsy for a certain goddess of the winds and rain.
>> No. 6941

At least you didn't make two new threads about it.

I wonder where Yukari is going to leave us though... Base of the mountain or at the steps of the shrine? I guess we'll see.
>> No. 6942

I thought I spelled it out pretty well.

Spoiler: Near the base. Yukari wants you to climb Kanako's large mountains.
>> No. 6945

you're practically teasing me at this point.
>> No. 6948
Yes and we need to finish the delicious Okuu scene!
>> No. 6951
To that guy in the /tg/ thread:

Seven minutes and eating a bowl of soup are two separate references that generally mean some sort of long period of time.

So, when I say 'seven minutes after I finish this bowl of soup', well.. Sorry?
>> No. 6953
>> No. 6956
Hey guys, I'm going to try and finish the Okuu H scene after I clear Labyrinthos in XS2.
>> No. 6957

People on /tg/ go on TH-P?

also Hooray!
>> No. 6958

Yes. There's a Touhou thread on /tg/ about Yukari never being used in campaigns. SOmeone mentioned MTG and it sorta went from there.
>> No. 6959
Writing commencing, new thread sometime today.

As I said before, I will post the prior Okuu scene in combination with the new one in a new thread.
>> No. 6960

Damn, I prefer a relaxing stroll over small hills.
>> No. 6965
new thread: http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/6961.html