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"A-Are you sure this is alright...?"

The gentle, though shaken voice from above you says down to you, the nervous little girl straddling you in between her bare legs, her white nightgown resting over top of you, wearing next but a simple yukata, in disarray after the intimate struggle you had just had with the girl sitting so feverishly on top of you.

"Yes..." you breathe out, exasperated by this situation. "Don't worry about it...just go with what feels natural."

"I...I want to but...what about Ra-" You press a finger on the girl's lips softly to hush her.

"Don't speak of her right now. There's no doubt she wouldn't enjoy the sight of this, but if we're to be together like this, then we have no choice but to go against your master's wishes. Please..." After you take your finger off her mouth, she simply stares at you in awe for a moment before slowly leaning down to your face, and catching you in a passionate kiss. The feel of her soft, innocent lips always tasted sweet and tempting to you, and now that you two are finally having your moment together, you get to feel the bliss of release when you finally get to experience the full joy of what comes after. Her lips seem to have a very intimate dance with yours for the longest of whiles before she finally breaks off from it, looking into your eyes quite solemnly.

"I've...always wanted to be with you like this...I just..."

"Didn't know how to word it?" You smile softly, you know this little girl by heart now. "It's alright. You're still young, after all." You pull her head down a bit and start teasing those cute, black ears of hers with your mouth.

"Ahhn! Th-That's sensitive..." You can tell she's trying to withhold herself greatly, but you've become very familiar with these ears by now. You know how to traverse over the line that separates ticklish and erogenous. The slow way you feel around with your lips and tongue, the gentle way you cover all the spots on the ear you know of to be sensitive. It's enough to make her arch her back, her rear pointing upwards and her forked tail standing on end like a tower. You can tell that she's gripping the tatami mats under you quite harshly, as much as they can be gripped anyways.

After she gets enough of your teasing though, she wearily sits back up, hands propped up on your chest to hold her small frame up, her chest heaving in and out from her heavy panting. It's a bit difficult to see her due to the angle, the full moon clearly behind her, showing in through the open sliding doors behind her, creating a shadow over her front side. You can still see her though, as you wouldn't miss the chance to study her facial expressions throughout this steamy night. At the moment, she's looking at you with a glare of lust, embarrassment and anxiety, all at once. You're not too sure how, but you can see it in those golden eyes of hers. You can't help but reach up to that expanding and retracting chest of hers, grabbing at her torso and toying with the nipples beyond the thin fabric. Your partner whimpers in embarrassment and pleasure, causing her to cringe.

"A-Ah...Stop that...I...I don't know if I'll be able to control myself..." You smile to her as you continue your romp across her chest. While it's of no busty size, you can tell she's finally starting to grow in a bit, being just enough to call breasts, and of course, due to this, they are in fact very sensitive, a fact you are quite happily abusing as of this moment.

"Then let yourself go...there's nothing wrong with letting your feelings go unfettered. I'll always accept them with open arms." You say this as you continue to massage the small breasts of the young girl sitting on top of you, causing her to err out a few muffled moans of rapture. When she manages to open up her mouth, releasing a few pants, she talks to you in a soft, come hither voice.

"Is that...what you want...?"

"Yes...do it." With that, you playfully pinch her now plenty erect nipples through her nightgown, making her squeak out in surprise. When you let your hands fall down to her waist, holding her gently from the sides, you realize that she is shaking. Whether it's from fear, anxiety, or embarrassment, you don't know. But it's gone this far. And you can tell your partner is ready for the next step. Keeping her head tilted, thrown back from before, you feel her torso gradually lifting off your body, and she slowly brings her hand down in between her legs. Your member is quite easy to reach, due to the yukata being thin, and your erection having already pierced straight through it. Her hand is very soft to the touch, and while slightly cold, it shows how tiny her hands are, unable to keep warmth by themselves to the small of amount of blood running through them. The actual technique she employs is a very docile, compassionate touch, the tips of her fingers very calmly gliding across your manhood before her whole hand comes towards it and grips it tenderly. Lost in your ecstacy, your fail to notice your partner's body slowly lowering, until you can feel the soft, warm lips of your partner's womanhood on the tip of your shaft.

You nearly gasp when you do feel this, and you can see your partner's eyes closer as she breathes out, feeling the pleasing warmth and hardness of your phallus. You feel your hands' grip on her waist tighten upon feeling her teasing you by rubbing the tip across her wet entrance several times, her hot lips sliding across you in an extremely pleasing, yet frustrating manner. You have to grit your teeth to keep yourself from exploding and thrusting your hips straight up into her. You told yourself you'd let this go at her pace.

"Do you want it in...?" Your eyes shoot open and you look over to see your partner looking down at you, but not with a mischievious, teasing face, but with a look of lust, desire and, most of all, caring love. You can tell, she wants this too. You nod softly in responce, and after pulling your throbbing member to be parallel with her entrance, she lets go and slowly starts lowering the rest of her body down. She once again throws her head back upon proper penetration, your dick slowly disappearing inside her pussy, and the further in it gets, the hotter and tighter it feels. Your grip on her waist continues to be strong in responce to the pleasure you're recieving from this. When her body finally comes to a rest sitting atop your pelvis neatly, your cock thoroughly and fully inside her, your partner lets out a long, soft moan of relief and pleasure. She then looks down at you and smiles with that loving kindness you fell in love with, though with tears of happiness still young in her eyes as she softly runs her hands across your arms, still tightly attached to her waist. "We're one...together, at last..."

"Yes...you're right..." Your hands start loosening clutch on her waist, the softness of the mood right now too much to dare break. Your partner, however, closes her eyes and you feel hips moving back and forth in a gentle grinding motion, causing her to start panting again.

"Uhn...g-good...so good..." She seems to be lost in her own ecstacy as she starts grinding her hips faster. The grinding itself is of minimal pleasure but it's starting to heat up and tighten her walls on the inside.

"U-Ungh...th-that...ghn..." You're finding it hard to even talk with the amount of pressure being applied to you on the inside of her body. It's extremely pleasing and you already feel like coming, but you try your best to hold it in for her sake, and yours too. Her pants become quick and hard as her grinding becomes especially fast, and it's not long until your hands drop down to her hips and she nearly falls forward over you, keeping herself propped up on your chest with her arms. She makes eye contact with you, panting, breathing out her desire for you. The time you two get tow stare into each other's eyes is cut short though, as you can't hold yourself back now. Your hands practically take on a life of their own and it's very soon that they grab hold of your partner's hips tightly, lifting and pushing back down, the resulting penetration, although not hard, still causes her to moan out in surprise, gradually seeping into a meek, yet somewhat howling mewing, a familiar sound you've grown to love hearing.

"Ah...k-keep going...nyaa~n..." You almost want to laugh, her habits are incredibly cute, yet the way she's mewing right now is still full of love and desire for you. You regain control of your hands momentarily and help her body back up, the tight walls of her vulva slowly sliding up your thick, hard manhood, not wanting to let go. When you let her body drift back down onto yours, you can feel the familiar warmth and tightness wrapping itself around you and pulling down on you once more. "Mmm...~! W-Why does...it feel so good..." You can't help but smile softly at her.

"Because, we're becoming one, after so long of waiting..." You gently and slowly pick up the pace, savoring the moment for all it's worth as your partner's body drifts up and down over you, the feeling of her pussy beginning to continue tightening around you getting gradually more and more intense. It's not long before you realize that your partner has started moving on her own, her hips swaying up and down rhythmetically, producing more and more combined bliss between the two of you, your shaft constantly reentering her, starting to go deeper inside her, throbbing, pulsating within her just as much as her walls inside her do the same for you. Her hands are very firmly planted on your chest for support, allowing her to continue picking up the pace in your stead. Soon after you feel that your hands aren't even taking hold of her hips all that tightly, all the movement now being orchestrated by her and her strength alone. The act now starting to become more intense and intimate, you're holding back moans yourself as your partner is mewing and moaning out almost wildly, her ecstacy and lust driving her to go on, faster, harder, deeper, the act continuing to go on unbound.

Before long, your partner manages to push herself off your chest, sitting more upright on top of you, and she takes your hands, her still gentle touch guiding them up past her hips and waist, and placing them to rest on her very modest chest. Your first instinct, is of course, to massage her chest passionately, an action your partner very much agrees to with a wistful moan, and with a loving smile upon her face, she bobs her entire body up and down on top of you, creating a deeper, warmer penetration then before.

"Ahh...you're really good at this..." She smiles back at you softly and warmly, her body's gentle bobbing up and down being the only distraction from her hot womanhood tugging at your member.

"Nnn...really...it's my first time but...you taught me all this...hahh..." Her lustful panting almost going into quiet moans as she keeps bouncing up and down on top of you, the pace slowly, but surely going up. You continue massaging her breasts, though it starts becoming a bit haphazard, the pleasure starting to seep into your very soul now with ecstacy. Your partner meanwhile, has her hands on your wrists, hoping you'll keep your hands on her chest for support as she bounces more heavily on top of you. You finally can't contain it anymore and you just have to moan out in pleasure, as it's too much for you now. Your partner seems to enjoy this very greatly and instantly picks up more speed upon hearing your blissful moan. "Ahh! Ah, i-it's so good...! M-More...!" You feel flattered that your moans are turning her on further, but you can understand, as her own drive you wild, the pleasing sound of her moaning as she ascends to heaven in ways she thought weren't possible, it's a feeling that you can't place, yet would always have to act upon.

It has soon picked up enough that it feels as if she is bucking up and down on top of you now, the intense feeling getting stronger and stronger and you fear you can't hold back any longer. You're almost practically gripping her breasts, but it is not as bad as her, as you're certain your wrists are starting to get red from her gripping them so hard. You can see her gritting her teeth, her entire face turning red, tears starting to stream down her cheeks as she finds a higher form of bliss and pleasure she had never encountered before. "...!!! S-Something's...coming...~!!!" In middle of your own panting, you have to tell her.

"Let it come, don't stop...until you feel that peak...!" You have to clench and brace yourself for the home stretch, as you had been holding it in for a long time now, and the speed and force behind her bucking makes it extremely hard. Soon, though, you can hear your partner's loud moan as she approaches climax. "Nnnnnyaaaaaa!!!" Her hands start shaking wildly while still grasping your wrists. You then cannot take it anymore, with a great release, you come right inside her, and the moment you do, she instantly stops, and her eyes go wide as her back starts arching. You almost feel as if she's going to crush your wrists, but it calms down, and her grip weakens. Soon, she slowly falls on top of you, labored breathing and panting coming with laying on top of you. After a bit of recouping, you pet her hair softly.

"Was...I good...?" You smile softly.

"Yes...it was absolutely amazing." She giggles a bit and softly snugglers into you, holding onto you tightly.

"I'm so glad...I was able to become one with you finally...I love you so much."

"I love you too, Chen."

(...don't ask. Releasing tension I suppose.)

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>"I'm so glad...I was able to become one with you finally...I love you so much."
>"I love you too, Chen."

awwwwww, i am a sucker for such things
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Are you planning on updating that border story anytime soon? Since I was looking forward to reading more of it (and a possible 'tension' relief scene with Ran)

but this is a nice Chen one shot.
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One word:

>> No. 3661
I'm starting to have more free time then usual. In all honesty, I should've updated that instead but I couldn't resist. Next time I will definitely update my /border/ story.
>> No. 3662
So am I. Tender moments are my weakness.

Sukima, I salute you. GJ!
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This is beautiful.
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Just gonna stuff all the /at/ related crap in this thread.

Ahh, this is how a nice relaxing bath should be. Warm water, comfy tub, perfect atmosphere...there's nothing not to like about it. It's incredibly soothing and unbelievably relaxing. You might get used to this. You should take baths like this more often.

Just then, an interruption happens. Who would dare get in the way of your special private time?!

"Satoshi?" Eh? It's Rin. What does she want at this time of day?

"Uhh...Rin? What is it?"

"Could you close your eyes for a few moments?"

"...uhh. What for?" You're pretty puzzled but Rin insists you do it without telling you. She's always like this.

"Just do it. And don't open them under any circumstances or you'll regret it."

"Uh...alright then." You give a sigh as you close your eyes. "Alright, they're closed." Sitting in the bathtub with closed eyes feels weird, for some reason.

But then a shock and surprise comes to you. The door opens! Is...is Rin letting herself in?!

"Don't open your eyes..." She sounds kind of embarrassed as she closes the door behind her. You don't open your visual recepticles just yet though.

"It's kinda hard not to when you're letting yourself in while I'm taking a bath..."

"You'll see..." Suddenly you hear thump on the floor next to you, like...a towel being dropped on the floor? You're about to open your eyes when suddenly, you're on the recieving end of a deep and passionate kiss laid on you by Rin. In a totally unexpected move, she gets in the tub with you and begins straddling you in between her legs as she continues embracing her lips upon yours. It doesn't help that she's giving you this seductive, sultry look as she does this. Needless to say, it sets you off faster then anything else in this world ever had.

"Pweh-...R-Rin! What-" Before you can talk much after separating your lips from Rin's candy mouth, she puts a finger on yours to shush you.

"I've been meaning to get around to this for a very long time Satoshi...you said sex feels much better when there's feeling behind it, and after gathering up my feelings for you I finally want to try this first hand..." Rin then closes her eyes and presses her lips upon yours in a much more loving manner, putting one hand behind your head and the other around your shoulders, holding you closely. There's no sense in resisting, deep down you know this is what you want too. Giving in, you close your eyes as wel land begin returning Rin's feelings, knowing full well that this very kiss in actually real, and comes from the heart, despite all the struggle and difficulty Rin had with understanding them.

When you put your hands on her waist, you begin feeling heated up again. Her thin frame is accompanied by her sexy curves, creating a figure just about any human, man or woman, would absolutely die for. You quickly reach the height of your arousal and can feel yourself lightly nudging Rin's ass as a result. It's incredibly powerful, the tension that's building, you have to really resist squeezing Rin's soft waist to help with it. Rin soon pulls from the tight kiss you were enjoying with her, she's panting afterwards, with a fully flushed face.

"S-Satoshi...my heart is...racing..." You smile and put one of your hands on her cheek softly.

"It's alright, that's natural. Just go with your heart, Rin..." You pull her face back into yours and resume the dance between your lips and hers. Moving your right hand down from her face and your left hand up from her waist, pressing both on her rather generous chest. Rin reacts to it, more tightly wrapping her arms around your neck and kissing you deeper, and pushing her chest further into your hands, only causing an even deeper reaction. You can feel her nipples piercing through the palms of your hands, giving you a clear indication. Pressing a bit more deeply, beginning to massage her bountiful breasts with your hands results in another reaction, this time one of vocal properties.

"Mm...! Mmmm...." She muffles a moan in her mouth suddenly opening yours with her lips and inviting her tongue in, causing the kiss to become very deep and passionate right away. Rin is greatly enjoying the treatment you're giving her breasts and in return, you can feel her hips swaying up and down in the water, her rear rubbing against the head of your member softly as it starts adjusting. The deeper your hands press up against her breasts, the deeper the kiss becomes, the more wild the dance between your tongues gets and the faster her hips go. Eventually she manages adjust herself to where your member's head brushes up deeply in between the lips of Rin's extremely hot pussy, pushing up to her entrance but not quite penetrating her. It's still enough to cause her to break off the kiss suddenly, throwing her head back in a long gasp.

She then looks down at you, shocked and blushed, her lucious frame shaking ever so gently.

"S-S-Satoshi...can...can I...?" You nod softly, lowering your hands down into the water and onto her hips, your throbbing member can't wait anymore.

"Do it. We've waited long enough." Rin closes her eyes and pulls her arms back, resting her hands on your shoulders. Sitting more upright now, she slowly lowers herself onto you. From the very moment she sat up, you could feel a raging pressure inside your cock, and the moment it penetrated Rin's ultra tight pussy, you almost felt like coming right then and there. Rin seemed to feel similarly too, as she moaned you loudly upon her entrance being stretched out to welcome your hard member. The moan becomes long, drawn out and passionate the further in your shaft goes. The hot, pulsing walls deep inside Rin welcome your entry, which proved to be easy enough thanks to all the water in the bathtub. When Rin has finally sat down on top of you, your whole girth fully inside her, Rin pants heavily to catch her breath before leaning forward and into you, resting her head gently on your shoulder.

"Sa...toshi...it feels so good..." You can't help but smile and put your arms around her in a loving embrace. Snuggling your face into her hair, it smells very nice and feels rather soft. This is a very relaxing moment...even more so then before.

"Doesn't it, Rin? I'm glad you finally see now..."


The two of you just simply sit there like that for a while. It's too relaxing and satisfying to break the mood over. The feeling of love between the two of you is very strong, and it makes you incredibly happy and satisfied deep down. After a few moments though, Rin slowly parts her warm body from yours, still sitting on top of you as she looks at you.

"Satoshi...I'm going to move, alright?" You blink a few times before complying. She then starts gently lifting her hips and pushing them back down onto your tense cock. Guh, you feel like coming already! But you persevere, holding it in with all your might. Even if you have to grunt a bit, it's worth it. Though, Rin is sure quick to point out. "Feel too good already...?" Rin is giving you that mischevious look, with that sly grin of hers. Although, looking at it, it makes her look extremely cute and perverted with the flushed cheeks and sultry look in her eyes. "Feel too good already...?"

"Sh-Shut up, I can't help that..." You find yourself panting harder when Rin's movements pick up the pace a little. Rin too is feeling the increase in intensity as her breathing becomes labored, nearly causing her to moan with each time your hips meet with hers.

"Oh god, Satoshi..." You can see the water in the tub beginning to wave around a bit in responce to Rin's heightening bouncing on you. Her tight entrance pulls on you on your way out and so pleasurably sucks you back in, it's driving you wild. Your hands have by this time wandered back down to Rin's hips, helping her along the bouncing motion. As it gets faster and faster, you feel yourself tensing up tighter and tighter, you swear you're about to burst a vein. As well, Rin's look of seductiveness has gradually become one of ecstacy as she moans blissfully to the rhythm of the act. "S-Satoshi...uhnn~"

Suddenly, taking you almost off guard, Rin falls into you, leaning into you deeply as she wraps her arms around you tightly, cringing as she starts going much faster, splashing the water. Her legs are squeezing your hips with lots of intensity. You can't even take it anymore, this one burst causes you to unleash a burning orgasm that continues even as Rin herself climaxes shortly after.

A few moments later, you're panting, catching your breath from the rush. After calming down, you assess the situation. Water is everywhere, all over the floor, the bathtub, even on the walls...kind of embarrassing. You came quite heartily inside Rin. Despite this, your member is throbbing for more. It was just so good. Rin has settled down on top of you, holding you in a soft, tender embrace. A cute smile on her face, her checks a deep red, her hair sprawled out over her face and back, and the soothing sound of her purring filling the air. Her purring was always music to your ears. This was no exception.

"Rin...that was great..."

"Mmm~ Wasn't it?" Rin looks up with you, and the moment is shattered the moment you notice that sly look on her face. "I was leading the whole time, though I guess it was to be expected."

"What...is that supposed to mean?" You get this vague feeling she's degrading you. Or teasing you. Possibly both. Either way, you don't like it.

"It was so good because I did it. You couldn't come after my lusty body even if you tried, Satoshi~"


It's only a few moments later that Rin is being pushed roughly onto your bed in the bedroom, surprised as much as she could be as you instantly get on top and repenetrate her.

"Uhhn! S-S-Satoshi!!" You waste no time, already you're driving your erect cock into her hard enough to cause the bed to emanate a loud squeak with each thrust. Tears have begun forming in the corners of Rin's eyes. "Satoshi!! Stop this...!" You're not about to let up, not at all. This was quite a gamble you invested in, but you trusted your instinct.

"Why should I? If you really wanted me to stop, you would've burnt me to a crisp." You say the next bit, leaning down close to her face with a grin on your face while still pumping her full of your member. "Admit it, this is what you wanted." Rin just looks up at you, growling and glaring. But behind that growl, you can tell Rin is trying hard not to moan out in pure, sheer lust and passion. Her pussy is even wetter then before, which is incredible considering that you were just fucking her in the bathtub not too long ago.

You sit down on your knees after taking some pleasure in watching Rin squirm a bit, grabbing Rin's arms. Pulling her hands towards yourself, you use them to keep Rin still as you drill deeper into her. Rin is whimpering now, her resolve is taking it's toll. It won't be long now. "S-Stop..."

"I don't think I will, I'm pretty content on pleasuring myself to you right now, Rin." You say this with utmost satisfaction. And despite your total domination, Rin doesn't do anything but lay there and take it, acting like she doesn't want it when deep down, you can really feel her arousal from all this, her walls throbbing and tightening more then before, her wet pussy drooling feverishly. Her body won't like, she's extremely turned on by this. You really never expected Rin to be the type that gets hot off of being submissive, though considering the whole master thing she loves throwing around, it shouldn't be surprising.

Soon you come to a stop. Rin lays there and pants heavily, trying to regain her bearings. Before you let her though, you quickly turn her over, once again she's taken off guard. "S-Satoshi?! What are-" You interrupt her by pulling her hips up, pointing her ass into the air and briskly ramming yourself straight inside her. Rin nearly screams out before looking behind herself and at you angrily. "W-What're you doing?! That hurt!"

"Oh, sorry, I'll be gentle then~" You say as you lean over and pick her upper body up, making her stand on her knees much like you are right now. As you cup your hands over her breasts, you stay true to your word and softly push in and out of her. In responce, Rin's breathing becomes a bit labored again before she closes her eyes and moans in tender passion.

"Ohh...Satoshi..." Rin leans back, resting her head on your shoulder while stretching her arms back behind her and around your neck. Despite the earlier roughness, you're finding yourself feeling even more pleasure from this position. Rin seems to be quite enjoying it too, but of course, you're not only taking her from behind, but you're also massaging her soft, perky chest as well.

"See? You really were enjoying yourself weren't you?" Rin looks at you with a bit of an embarrassed glare.

"S-Shut up..." Smiling from that verbal victory, you give Rin the kiss she deserves and she returns it heartily. You can hardly contain it though, the pressure is building up again. So in the end, the loving kiss ends up not lasting long before you break it off and push Rin back down to the bed on all fours. "S-Satoshi...UNGH!" Rin's reaction to your sudden hard thrusting into her can only be described as delicious. Soon she's whining and whimpering, trying to herself from bursting out in pleasure. Her loud pants and whimpers going to the rhythm of your bursting member ramming in and out of her at fast speeds.

The more you do it, the more intense it feels, and the faster you do it, the faster it builds up. You intend on lasting until the end though, as you aren't truly satisfied until you've seen Rin come in the most gratuitous fashion. The feeling of her wet walls and tight pussy only serve to further heighten the experience tenfold, but no matter how difficult it proves, you persevere, even if you're gripping Rin's ass hard enough to make it red.

Rin then finally breaks down, her arms crumbling under the weight and pressure of the sheer bliss she's experiencing, her face half way dug into the pillow she's gripping so tightly, and her loud moaning bursting out and filling the whole house. Her screams of ecstacy are finally what sets you free as gloriously release all your pressure built up inside of her. The release that would give you a relief feeling better then anything you've ever experienced before.

The next morning, you're in bed, happily slumbering the day away. In front of you is Rin, whom you're holding dear to you. She sleeps soundly as a kitten. A darling kitten you promised you're take care of for as long as you lived. Because you know, behind all that tough attitude she puts up, inside that heart lies a similar wish to take care of you.

"I love you...Rin."

Happy belated Valentine's Day!
>> No. 5003
Nice and it's as much as I'd expect from Rin. But you might want to double check it sometime since I think you made a few slip ups.
>> No. 5004

I really did not bother proof reading it because in all honesty, it took me over the course of 7 hours to write due to extreme ADHD half way through it and I lost track of what I was going to write so many times.

So yeah, sorry 'bout that. This was a scene I've actually been wanting to write for a few months now but I only recently remembered it.
>> No. 5008
Rin's Valentine Visit (?)
>> No. 5009
File 126683246849.gif - (236.83KB , 240x320 , 1213135185538.gif ) [iqdb]
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File 127411091979.jpg - (111.31KB , 900x1213 , 1BdaF.jpg ) [iqdb]

This is so beautiful, this needs to get featured somewhere, I've never seen a Chen story like this before and it was beautiful.

I love you too.
>> No. 6789
This is good.
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File 128886718330.jpg - (563.46KB , 750x1000 , a01a84b0d18ab173c4224740aed15a04.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't expect this to mean I'm coming back to writing. This was based on a dare, and I was originally supposed to write at least three times this much. I need to get to a point to where writing doesn't give me a hernia first.

Also, I hate writing in third person.





The feisty kasha licks her lips, staring down at the exquisite meal before her, which happens to be the soaking wet pussy of her best friend, legs spread out in a very vulnerable fashion.

"Come on Okuu, you're not scared are you...?" The raven just gulps softly, staring down at the meaty protrusion from her own friend's bare crotch, teasing the lips of her genitalia softly.

"N-No! I'm not, it's just..."

"You said you'd help me with any problem I had, Okuu. I know you wouldn't want to let me down, and besides, this won't hurt, it'll feel good after a while. That's my solemn promise to you~" Staring up into the eyes of the cat above her, the shy bird swallows her fears, closing her eyes ready for what may come.

"A-A-Alright, Orin...if you say so..."

"That's a good girl...don't worry, I'll make you feel very good. It's all the return payment for helping me like this." Her partner says, slowly reaching a sultry whisper as she leans down further towards her, her bright pink lips ending just above her captive's ear. With a light lick of her tongue, the kasha makes the other's body shiver, just before slowly diving her hard, ready shaft into her. The black haired raven is clearly in a lot of pain, but the gentle, red clawed hand of her captor reassures her. "It won't hurt for long. Bear with it, would you Okuu?" With one eye open, the helpless bird can only struggle against the pain.

"I-It hurts, Orin..." The sly smile on the cat's lips are of minimal help as the pulsing appendage makes it's way further into her vulva.

"Ah, you feel so good though Okuu, I can't pull out now~ It'll feel good by the time this is over though, I promised you that didn't I?" The soft whimpering is surely turning the domineering one on greatly, but they are still whimpers of agony, however slowly the throbbing rod is sliding in. After what seems like forever, the tip pushes onto the cervix lightly, but only this tiny amount of pressure is needed to send warning signals throughout the raven's body.

"Ghn!! O-Orin! Stop!" All the kasha can think of though is how pleasurable this feeling is.

"Oh wow...Okuu, mmm...~" The two bodies meet, and then their lips do as well. The horny cat gorges down on her dinner, treating herself to her captive's lips and tongue, pushing her own tongue in the moment she's allowed to, and creating a deep, passionate kiss between the two friends. Both the red head's hands and pressed softly on her friend's cheeks, unable to control her feelings any further. Slowly the grotesque growth in between her legs starts sliding out, only to be slid back in, and then back out once more, creating a pattern and rhythm of her hips thrusting slowly back and forth, but gradually gaining speed. The whimpering of the black haired bird has slowly turned to moaning into her's captor's mouth, and it's only a matter of time before the sensual kiss ends with a loud, pleasurable moan escaping the raven's mouth.

"Ahhh! O-Orin! It...It feels really good..." Even for her demeanor, the raven feels embarrassed to say such a thing, the redness across her face becoming more and more apparent, but this only causes the kasha more delight and making the thrusting of her hips faster, promoting further embarrassment.

"You're so cute Okuu, and furthermore, you feel so good, I don't think I could hold back even if I wanted to..." As the raven moans in pleasure, the panting of her friend starts becoming audible, seeking more bliss and searching for her climax. Almost subconsciously her driving into her captive gets harder, faster, deeper, strong, hotter, the intensity raising with every time the thick cock rams itself into the hapless bird, making her moans louder and more frequent.
>> No. 8642
Needs more tenderly Chen loving.
>> No. 8644

Is there a second part or is that it?
>> No. 10618
File 129786662838.jpg - (289.61KB , 900x800 , cbeec9ded37330cf19f71382edca2094.jpg ) [iqdb]

There Rin lays, in her terribly flattering dark green nightgown, sprawled out over your bed sleeping. She must have gotten tired of waiting for you to come home. You did come back especially late. You left Momizi with the tengu while you were helping them out with a job they offered you. Being the center of attention these days is hard work!

You find yourself staring at Rin a little creepily however. She's laying as is, in your bed, in your room. No matter how many times you find her like this, you feel unbelievably lucky to have someone like her as your significant other. You wouldn't have it any other way, being able to bear witness to her sleeping so soundly like this is something you would trade the whole world for. Her nightwear is very loose and thin, which quickly allows you to examine every curve of her breasts. Not this is a challenge regardless, the top of the garment barely covers about a third of the chest in whole anyways. It would be exceedingly easy from any direction to slip your hand under it and grope her bare chest...not that you planned to, mind you. Oddly enough though, as revealing as the top of the nightgown is, it extends and fans out as it goes down, even going down to her knees. Maybe she's self conscious about her legs? Who knows.

As you sit down on the bed next to Rin's sleeping body, you notice that she hadn't even bothered undoing the braids in her hair, resting softly on both sides of her head. She seems to be resting quite peacefully like that. Not even the covers are over top of her. You guess she more or less spontaneously fell asleep trying to wait for you. The poor thing, even if it's adorably cute. Her light breathing, her serene expression, her gentle movement...everything about it is splendid and you couldn't think of it as anything other then highly endearing.

"Mmm, Satoshi..." She doesn't appear to be waking up, as her voice is soft and light enough to seem as if she's talking in her sleep. You lean in closer and... "Harder, please..."


You're pretty sure that if you had anything in your mouth at that point it would have come shooting out of it and straight at the door where you quickly thought to point your head after such a surprising comment from Rin's sleep. After a little getting your bearings together, you look back at Rin, who's still sleeping quite peacefully.

...maybe you should wake her up.

"R-Rin, wake up..."

"Mmmnn...nnhhggg..." Rin doesn't take very well to waking up until a good decent while of shaking her. Where she wearily sits up, yawning. "Aahhh...ahhh. Satoshi...?"


"...gah! S-Satoshi! I--" You cut her short by putting a hand on her shoulder.

"It's okay, I have dreams of myself hammering together a new house for us too." Instead of an embarrassed look, her expression instead turns to that of sheer bewilderment.

"What? I was about to apologize for not being awake when you came home."

"Oh...well, ahaha, that happens you know?" While trying to cover up for your little slip up, Rin just pouts at you.

"Satoshi, come on, I got excited and ready to welcome you home and I wasn't even awake to do that."

"Yeah, I could tell..." You tell her as you eye her nightgown more, being closer to it and seeing how it falls while she's sitting up in it. She noticed you staring and instinctively puts her arms around her chest protectively, though not that much. She just gives you a look saying 'hey buddy, my eyes are up here.' With a nervous laugh you get off the bed and sit down in the chair opposite of it. "Hahaha, okay, okay, I get it. Thanks anyways though Rin." However, she's still insistent on it.

"It's not like I put this on for that kind of purpose! I just thought maybe you'd like the way it looks you know, maybe it fit me or something..."

"I think it suits you very well, Rin. It looks beautiful on you." Rin gives you a bit of a modest look.

"You really think so...?" Even though you reassure her, she ends up looking off to the side as if that wasn't what she was hoping for. You feel a bit of sinking in your heart upon noticing this, as you don't really know what to say to make her feel better. She's a lot more self conscious about these things then you take her for at times. You have to constantly remind yourself that under that tough, rowdy and sly exterior is a troubled cat whose normal social adeptness has all been without experience. She doesn't show it, but she's really paranoid about what you think of her at times.

The awkward silence lingers on for a short while. You look about at the desk you're sitting at. You haven't gotten much done lately. Neither has Rin, you guess. There's a bit of tension between the two of you, you guess. Eventually though, Rin says something.

"Satoshi, are you gonna come to bed?"

"Uhh...huh? I just got home though." Once again, you get to be on the receiving side of Rin's pouting face.

"It's late, Satoshi. I mean, I fell asleep waiting for you! Doesn't that say something?"

"Yeah, it says that you expend all your energy during the day so you have none left for the night." She doesn't seem all that impressed by you showing her up like that.

"Oh, really? What pray tell would I use that energy for then? What kind of activity would I do that would require it being done at night?"

You would answer her with the first thing that came to mind, but given the deep sarcasm in her voice, you get this feeling saying that would just make things worse.

"W-Well, I mean, if you want to go to sleep you're welcome to do so, but I still feel wide awake myself."

"Is that so? Well then I am wide awake too then."

"Rin, you were asleep not too long ago. If you're tired, then don't ride it out like this."

"Satoshi, maybe you're forgetting, but I happen to be a youkai. I have plenty of energy left." You then cross your arms looking at the hellcat.

"Really? Prove it to me then." You get this vague feeling you'll regret saying that once Rin looks at you with the simplest unamused look ever. She then sits on the bed with her legs folded to both her sides and reaches behind and under herself, digging under her nightgown.


"...R-R-Rin! What are you doing?" Rin starts laughing suddenly, in quite the unstable fashion, no less. The blush creeping up in her cheeks just gives away where her hand is right now.

"Th-The look on your face is priceless! A-Ah...hahaha, d-do you believe me now...?"

"W-What is this proving at this very moment?" You're probably too shocked to realize what Rin's getting at, but her harder panting is making it clear to you, along with what she says next.

"S-Satoshi! Come on, do I have to spell it out to you? N-Nnngh...~"

You start to think she's getting a little too into it now. Her head is tilting back a little, and her expression is breaking under the pleasure she's getting just from touching herself. You can tell she's even trembling a bit. She be pushing fingers in now...suffice it to say, it's a hard grip on your heart (and something much harder) and it's starting to have noticeable effects on you. But being the stubborn man that you are, you can't just back down now.

"If you have to, then maybe you're not trying hard enough...?" The expression Rin is wearing is almost distraught looking, but instead of giving up, true to her nature she instead leans forward, getting on all fours and resumes pleasing herself with her hand reaching down and back in between her legs.

"Do...you really wanna test me...Satoshi...?" Her loud panting and breathing is becoming noticeable now. Much more noticeable. In fact you could swear that it's the only thing you can hear right now. Your resolve hasn't broken just yet though, even if you are shaking a little.

"H-Hah, d-do your worst."

With a short glare, Rin gives you exactly what you asked for. She turns around, still on all fours, and with her face lightly pressed up against the backboard of the bed looking back over her shoulder to you, she pulls up her nightgown and reveals what you've been suspecting all along, that she wore absolutely no underwear under that frilly dress. With an inherently seductive look, she continues on.

"Alright Satoshi, look closely...I want you to do me right here..." You suddenly see her forked tail curve downward towards her womanhood and soon enough, both ends are spreading the folds of her puffy labia open, putting on full display for you just how exceedingly wet she had been this whole time. "And...I want you...to do me...like this..." One of the ends of her tail starts creeping closer to the orifice that was exposed to you, pulsing and leaking the fluid that begs the entry of a hard cock. While it's certainly not one, the penetration of Rin's tail into herself still causes a reaction from both her pussy and her face. The entry way practically sucks her tail right in, causing Rin to twinge a little bit. The further in it goes, the louder Rin moans and contorts her face into a sexual expression of lust and desire. You know she's just putting on an act though. Her tail alone wouldn't cause her to cry out in such pleasure. There's only one thing that could right now.

"Ah...R-Rin, are you really willing to go to such lengths? Or is that all you got...?" Rin looks at you like a sad child being denied of her hard earned candy. You can tell she's really anxious about it, as she grips the bed sheets under her and her tail starts thrusting itself into her in and out a bit fast, absolutely soaked in her bodily fluids.

"S-S-Satoshiii...c-come on, don't make me beg...just...fuck meee..."

Her face is totally flushed, her body is shaking tenderly, her panting is deep and frequent. You'll admit, you're having an unbelievably hard time holding yourself back now. But seeing Rin like this...it's a rare sight to behold, one you never get to see on any ordinary day. She's completely embarrassed and anxious for your manhood all at the same time, it's both ridiculously endearing and hideously sexy. So much so that you just can't take it anymore, no matter how much you may want to continue watching this spectacle. Despite all the resistance and willpower you can muster up, you find yourself stumbling hastily to Rin's position and before long, your hands are poised tightly on the voluptuous kitty's rump, causing her to gasp a bit.

"H-...Hah! Do you really mean what you say, Rin?" Rin looks up at you from behind her shoulder with a sultry, lustful look, the gleam in her eyes dulled only by the fact that they're barely open, yet stand out clear as day. Her next line comes at you as she teasingly waves both her tails in front of your face, wafting her delicious scent right into your nose.

"Of course Satoshi, but please...do be...gentle~" You can feel your resolve shatter with those words as you begin to say something somewhat uncharacteristic of you.

"...as if I'd ever obey that with you!" You quickly prop one knee up on the bed Rin is sitting on after pulling your pants down just enough for exposure and don't hesitate to ram it right into her as hard as you can, pushing Rin's crying face deep into the wall opposite of you.

"Kyaah! N-Not so roug--...! Nnngghh!! Satoshi~!!"

Rin's screams are so delectable as you drive your piece of throbbing meat into her pussy, that it nearly overpowers how good her walls tightly sucking you into her feels. With every powerful thrust you can feel her vulva pulling you in further and begging for more, far too attached to you instantaneously to even bear the thought of your pulsing dick not being deep inside of her. With one hand tightly grabbing the base of her tail and the other gripping her shoulder, you've pushed Rin straight up against the wall, with her chest pressing up against it now as her rear end is force fed more of your manhood. Her twisting, flexible body in this state only pushes you further to continue screwing her brains out. As well, the loud, sensual screams and moans flying out of her mouth is only the icing on the proverbial cake.

In a sense, this is your absolute true heaven right here.

"Hahh...! N-Nnnggghhhaaaa!! S-Satoshiii...!!" Rin crying out your name in bloody passion is something you could never tire of. It causes you to continue pressing your body further towards her's and trying to ram yourself into her faster and harder.

"Ah, ah...do you like that, Rin? Do you...?" With her face pinned into the wall so tightly you're a little shocked she can still speak perfectly clearly, through the loud moans she's producing as well.

"Mmmnnn!! S-Satoshi! Y-Yes, it's feels...good...!! Nnnnggghhhaaaahhh~!!!"

You think Rin starts orgasming as you see and feel her body, in and out, convulse as you continue thrusting into her. You didn't believe she was so easy to satisfy. You're not done with her yet though. No, in fact, you're quite far from it. After she's done coming, you wrap your arms around her flexible torso and pull her back as you sit down on the bed with your legs over the side of it. Rin is now sitting reverse cowgirl in your lap and you wouldn't want it any other way. You start passionately kissing at her neck and moving your hands up and under her nightgown, running them across the pearly white smooth skin adorning her stomach and chest. Rin catches on quickly and moves her legs parallel to yours and starts moving her hips up and down sensually, almost twisting them as your rock hard cock slides in and out of her effortlessly, putting one of her hands on the back of your head, encouraging you to continue kissing her neck while her other hand you can see reaches down under her nightgown and in between her legs, likely fondling herself and further increasing the pleasure. You can't help but squeeze one of her breasts as she does this, making her head tilt backwards as a loud gasp escapes her mouth over her heavy panting.

"S-Satoshi...Sa...Satoshiii~" Her sensual, seductive, yet begging voice are all you need to become even more aggressive then you already were, holding her closer to you and moving her up and down yourself, speeding up her bouncing in your lap and pushing moans out of that pretty little mouth of her's.

"Ah...ahh, R-Rin, you're..."

"Satoshi, Satoshi...Satoshi, Satoshi! Satoshi~!"

Rin continues calling your name out lustfully and before you know it, you're feeling overpowered by her body directly as she leans backwards into you more and more until you can't support her weight anymore, falling backwards onto the bed. Before you have a chance to regain your bearings, Rin has turned the table of aggressiveness around and has already turned herself towards you and is promptly riding you for all you're worth. Immediately as she faces you, she slams her hips down into yours and your manhood pierces right into her like a sharpened spear. She wastes no time and instantly begins pumping her hips up and down at a very fast rate, the distinct sound of your skin meeting her's with such strong momentum echoing throughout the room. You can't even bring your hands near her hips for fear that you would just slow her down. She is starting to put all her energy into it now and it makes you realize that it only just begun with her first orgasm; she clearly intended on coming much more than once, a little more then your poor, human body could handle. But to hell if you weren't going to give it your all.

All you can do now is hold tight and keep yourself from coming too early as Rin pleases herself with your shaft. You brace your arms behind yourself and lift your head and shoulders up a bit to get a better look at your lover. The way her glistening red hair dances in the soft light, the sweat whipping off each strand and slowly dripping down her body, the absolute look of lust and passion gleaming in her eyes and plastered all over her face, looking at you with that sensual glare, telling you that she wants you forever like this. Her breasts bouncing up and down erratically to the rhythm of her bouncing, her hips shaking up and down violently eating up and spitting out your solid cock, her waving tails being unable to keep up with her hips and inviting you further to please her more and more until she reaches heaven, together along side you. Hands gripping the sheets, ears folded back, face glowing red, pale white skin turning pink from the rise in circulation. Her heart must be pounding right now. Pounding full of love and lust for you. Much like yours, for her.

"Satoshi! N-Nnngh! C-Come--...!! G-Ghhhnnnn-!!!"

You can see Rin tensing up shortly before you try asking her what she meant by come, until it becomes painfully clear to you. Before a sound even leaves your lips though, she entangles them with her own, pulling you close to her and feasting on your tongue, playing a sensual dance in both your mouths. A hot, steamy dance only rivaled by her hips grinding into yours, her pace having slowed as she merely wishes now to just drive your manhood as far into her as possible. A few moments later, Rin breaks her lustful kiss with you to look you deep in the eyes, panting heavily still as well as continuing to push her hips into yours deeply.

"S-Satoshi...I...I love you so much..." All you can do is smile up at her sincerely, knowing just how you feel about that.

"I love you too, Rin...I don't think I could ever leave your side." Despite her complete sexual dominance at the moment, you can see her eyes beginning to well up in response to that.

"Do you...promise me that...?"

"I swear on my life that I will never leave you, Rin." You feel Rin's heated forehead rest on yours softly as she smiles gently down at you.

"Thank you...I won't leave your side either, Satoshi, that is a promise."

You don't think you could ever ask for anything more.

Sorry if it's not polished, don't really have time to proof it much at the moment, just wanna get it posted since I started writing it nearly a week ago. Enjoy though!
>> No. 10622
Get your internet back, eh?

Either way it's nice to see something new.
>> No. 10625
Great scene, but do you have plans on writing any more Momiji?
>> No. 10626
oh god, thank you for this. I am overjoyed to read something like this. Even after the Chen one it really never gets old.

Tenderly loving Touhous is my fetish.
>> No. 10635

After the sheer wall I shat out in that one story? I really don't know. I honestly don't think I could top it.
>> No. 10687

I see where you're coming from. The Momiji scene in the thread over at /youkai/ was pretty much perfect with the build up to it and all.

Great work on the Orin scene though.
>> No. 10829
I only asked because frankly Momiji doesn't get much love on /sanae/- Oops I meant /youkai/
>> No. 10851
File 129853583849.jpg - (314.72KB , 512x512 , ce6fcffc5c98c418b31e603156b27a0c.jpg ) [iqdb]

I dunno what hurts me more, the fact that you would say such a thing, or the fact that it's entirely true in every regard.

There needs to be a tengu oriented story...I think after what I built in Little Visit I have enough foundation to do it. Maybe once I can get into a proper update schedule again.

Pic related; teaser to the next entry into this thread.
>> No. 10852
Well there's some hope; someone started an Aya story there that while updates aren't too rapid, it's still a decent pace; that and its Aya is typical yet has a cute vulnerable side.

And who knows, MoF might not end on a Sanae route. Otherwise it'd be "Isn't it sad, Shizuha?"

There's some slight efforts at breaking the routines in a few other boards.
>> No. 10937
File 129871347788.png - (90.99KB , 450x500 , f9dab10d5bdc6b79dc79db33b36c5953.png ) [iqdb]
"Come on Chen, stop squirming around."

"You scrub too hard!"

"Well if I don't scrub hard enough, I won't get the dirt off your filthy body!"

"Humph, you're the filthy one here Mr. Pervert."

"Excuse me? Who was it that said they wouldn't take a bath unless I forced them to?"

"Certainly not me!"

This kind of exchange has been going on for the past 15 minutes. You practically wrestled Chen to the floor, to much of Ran's dismay, tore her clothes off, dragged her into the bathroom and drenched her in as much water as you could muster onto her. Water significantly weakens her so after that, it became a lot more simple. Not that it became any less frustrating though. You're currently sitting behind her, nude yourself as it was appropriate, and washing Chen's back. Throughout most of this, Chen has been berating you for your intense desire to strip a young girl naked and cop a feel all over her body, though you think it's mostly just her teasing you. After all, there's a reason why she would let you and only you bathe her, even before someone like Ran.

"Chen, lift your arms."

"W-What? Aren't you supposed to be washing me?"

"...yes, which is why I told you to lift your arms. Get your mind out of the gutter."

"It isn't in the gutter! I was just making sure..."

With that, the young girl before you nervously raises her arms and allows you to scrub down her sides. It's not like you would freely take the chance to grope her. You've already done so plenty of times, and it shows; her chest has been growing in leaps and bounds lately, and while she is still quite considered petite, she is most definitely not a child anymore. Her hips have been widening too as a result of rampant hormones, and it's only a matter of time until her figure becomes that of a charming seductress...er, young lady. You get a little distracted by the catlike body of Chen as you run your hand up her side. You try your hardest not to gravitate your hand towards her front knowing full well her chest is bare and ready for it. It might have something to do with the fact that you've become a lot more gentle in scrubbing but as you do so you can't help but notice Chen is very lowly whimpering.

"Chen? Are you okay?"

"Y-Yes! It just tickles a bit..." You know her better then that. She's very meek right now. Normally she gets energetic when tickled, even by you. It's a different kind of 'tickling' you believe.

"Are you sure?" You feel like teasing her a bit, you quickly glide the washcloth up her arm, holding it up with your other hand, going about it as if there was nothing wrong.

"I-I am...what are yo-eee!" Suddenly, Chen arches her back, as if something had poked her, something hard, pointy and rather grotesque...

"Err, Ch-...Chen, I-"


Why yes, even the simple prospect of teasing her turned you on and both of you realized it like a shock of voltage. It rose right up and lightly jabbed Chen right under her forked tail, a very, very sensitive spot for her. She's trying to look away from you now, but via the mirror you can tell she's both angry and embarrassed. Her pouting face is a bright red all over and she's huddling herself in...in such an endearing way that you can hardly resist it.

"Oh come on, it was an accident, you know."

"Hah! You told me to get my mind out of the gutter too. You're a bad washer, and a pervert too. A dirty pervert that should be washing himself and not me." You can't really hold back anymore. In fact, you don't really want to, because she's just asking for it now.

"As if you weren't thinking the same thing!" You exclaim, reaching forward and very easily breaking the barrier she had set up around herself, grabbing both her breasts tightly with your hands.

"Kyaahh! Wh-What are-...!" Her voice is suddenly halted as your hands deeply press into her chest and fondle her for all she's worth, you're not going to be gentle this time. "Nnn--! S-Stop!"

"Come on Chen, when you need to be cleaned, you need to be clean everywhere, right?" Chen immediately starts panting heavily as you drag her and the stool she's sitting on closer to you, so that her back presses up against your bare chest as you help yourself to her naked body. Shortly after this, you can her her whispering the words "dirty pervert" over her panting, in such a way that tells you that while she's angry with you, the fact that she most certainly doesn't want anyone outside the bathroom to know means she most certainly wants this to continue.

"Ah...uhn...i-isn't this enough washing that area...?" Chen says to you after a short while of you massaging her growing chest and listening to her pleasant panting. She speaks to you in a low, quiet tone, making sure that no one hears the subtle lust and desire for you that's otherwise errant in her voice. The effect it has on you is astounding. Perhaps you also owe it to the fact that your manhood is currently rubbing up against the very smooth skin of her bare back as well. You return replies to her in a tone of voice that's just as low, almost whispering in her ear.

"Someone that's as dirty as you needs to be cleaned thoroughly."

"Y-You're the dirty one...nnnhh~..." Chen's arms are wrapped very gently around your neck from under you, it takes so much willpower not to move one of your hands down so that you can rub your erection deeper into her back. So much so that to temporarily placate yourself, you dig your face right into Chen's exposed neck, as her arms practically will you to do so anyways, and start feasting yourself upon it, kissing and sucking on the most tender parts of it as you see fit. It only causes Chen's whimpering to become more noticeable. "N-Nnnggghhh...! N-No, not...aaahhh..." The more you grope and feel up Chen's petite, yet ladylike breasts and the more you savor the taste of her luscious, tender neck, the cuter and more lustful her quiet moans and panting becomes. You're afraid that at this rate, you'll give her a painful hickey, it's so hard to control yourself right now like this. As one of your hands moves off her chest almost without you realizing it though, she stops it halfway down her stomach with her own. "N-No more, I don't...I don't want Master Ran to hear..." After a bit of catching your own breath, there's but one thing you can say to that.

"Chen...after coming so far, you know that I can't stop now." With that, you quickly move your hand to escape her's and get right to work. You only open her labia briefly enough to immediately slide two of your fingers into her exceedingly wet entrance. Mentally, she wasn't very prepared for it, as she nearly screams out and just barely stops herself in time, but her body on the other hand, was practically waiting for it. Her insides are hot enough to be an oven, leaking her juices everywhere on the bathroom floor, you now notice. "Besides, we have to clean everywhere, including here...and you're very, very dirty down here, I can see..."

"N-Nnn--..!! S-...Stop...!" She's trying to still use a low voice, though it's difficult for her, under the strain of the pleasure you're giving her, moving your fingers in and out of her steadily with a hand still on her chest, scrubbing and massaging it with the washcloth still in hand. "N-No...! Please..."

"Come on, doesn't the thought of Ran catching us make it that much more exciting? Look, it's making you even more wet..."

"No! N-No...!" She is so embarrassed that she's nearly crying, but her body won't lie to you. Her vulva is practically sucking your fingers in, making you push them into her more and more, soon becoming relentless in your thrusts. It's driving you wild, just pushing her back into your cock further isn't cutting it like you thought it would. Her very womanhood is begging you to put it into her. But her actual thought process isn't. "P-Please stop, n-nngh, I...ah-...nnnmmm...!" You decide to quickly lock yourself up with all the willpower you can muster and stop all your movement,dropping the washcloth you previously had on her chest and move your hand up to her chin, pointing it towards you so you can give her a gentle, reassuring kiss before moving on.

"It's okay, just don't make any noise. But after having come this far, I can't go on without becoming one with you..." Chen's eyes widen suddenly as she stares at you. You know she can't resist a line like that, especially when you say it so sincerely. She then closes her eyes tightly as she buries her face softly into your neck.

"I...I love you..." Despite your earlier rush to get inside her, you feel like savoring the moment now. Whenever she says that so meekly, like she's begging you to hold her tightly, you can't help but comply and make her feel needed. All it takes is your arms wrapping around her small body softly and a little cuddle and she nearly breaks down in your arms, resisting tears and failing. In an effort to quell her emotions, she quickly reaches up and gives you a passionate and loving kiss. Moving a hand back down to her thigh, you notice that she's spread her legs even further apart now. She is definitely ready. Just this simple notice reignites the flames burning for entry into her once more. You put one hand under one of her legs while keeping the other arm wrapped around her and slowly lift her up onto your lap as the two of you share a deep, emotional kiss. She doesn't even break it off as you lower her onto yourself, very easily penetrating her as if the two of you were made to be this way. She instead chooses to let loose her moans directly into your mouth, making the kiss deeper and more lustful then before. You find it hard to resist coming right on the spot, as she is extremely tight and hot, even barring the fact that you cut into her like a hot knife into butter. When the young catgirl settles into your lap, you feel her grip your wrists with her hands tightly as she rocks her hips back and forth gently, still pressing her kiss onto your lips. You can feel the lips of her vulva grip and pull on you with each steady movement, making you harder and more eager to take this kitty's pussy with all the energy you got. You're not done teasing her though.

"Hey, look..." You say to the young girl swaying her hips in your lap gently after breaking the kiss between the two of you off. "Can you see it? Where we meet." You point Chen's attention over to the mirror, due to her increased height from sitting in your lap and the spread eagle formation of both of you, the area where you're penetrating right into her is clearly visible, and just noticing this causes Chen to nearly freeze up and stare at it in sheer embarrassment.

"--!" You can't help but smile seeing her already blushing face turn an even deeper scarlet hue. To make it worse for her, you decide to make her resume rocking back and forth in your lap, and the two of you can see your throbbing hard dick slide out and then right back in. As expected, you feel Chen twitching in embarrassment as she closes her eyes tightly, trying to get the image out of her head. "Nnn--!!"

"Why are you looking away? You know you want to." Watching the mirror closely, you can spy Chen taking intermittent peeks at what's going on, getting more and more flustered each time she does so, her whimpering and panting becoming more intense with each soft push you make into her. Soon you become dissatisfied with just this small amount of movement and take hold of her again more tightly, lifting her up a bit and setting her back down. At this point, Chen becomes surprised by her body being lifted up and down by you and can no longer help but stare at the mirror.

"A-Ah...nngghh~ W-Why are you doing this..." All you can think of to do in response is smile and give her a few words you love telling her.

"Anything to please my wonderful kitten, love." You feel her hands grip your wrists even tighter and it only urges you further to pick up the pace. It's been rather tame up until now, the movements are minimal and slow, being very modest sex that you're having right now. But you can't hold back for much longer. The cute, sheepish look of Chen's beet red face combined with the utmost tightness and warmth of her pussy is driving you absolutely mad. You...you just have to let it out.

"...?! Kyah! Wh-What are--!! Nnn-...nnnmpphh--!!" Are the sounds you hear as you prop Chen back up onto her feet as the two of you stand once more, wasting no time in bending her over and making her take it from behind. With one hand on her hip and another stroking that smooth, supple back of hers, you thrust your hips relentlessly into her rear without pause, practically feeling as if a beast inside you were just unleashed. Chen is biting her lip quite hard to keep herself from screaming out in pure pleasure from your currently very rock hard cock drilling it's way into her ever so mercilessly. No matter how much you may enjoy savoring the moment with her, sometimes you just gotta let it out.

"F-Forgive me Chen, just bear with it for now..."

"Mmm! Mmmnnn!" You can see tears streaming down her cheek lightly, as well as her pussy grabbing very tight hold of you, it's almost difficult pulling it out now. Pushing it in however, is easy as it nearly sucks you right in. Her forked tail even wraps itself around your arm tightly, begging you to never stop.

With the way your manhood is taking this however, you might have to very soon.

"N-...ngh, Ch-...Chen, I can't hold it in..." You end up bending forward a bit as your body goes under pressure just from holding it back. But it's inevitable, not too much longer after, you let loose a milky white stream into her, releasing godly amounts of tension. It's an exhilarating relief, although it came all too quickly for you. The two of you are left panting heavily in that position, Chen's toes have become red from having to be stood on, as otherwise her hips wouldn't be able to reach yours. After a while of catching her breath, as well as you doing the same, Chen looks exhaustively over her shoulder, smiling over to you.

"Ah, maybe we should...wash all this off now, huh?"

She looked exhausted...but that was just a ploy.

No more then three minutes afterwards, you are hard once more, and again deep inside her. This time, she's taking control, straddling you between her slender legs in the bathtub, full of hot water that's only rivaled by the heat of the moment. Almost immediately after getting into the bath with you, she quickly teased and then seduced you into submission, quickly got you aroused, and mounted you as soon as she could. She wasn't going to wait, clearly the previous session wasn't enough to satisfy her growing needs. It's almost scary how well she learns. When you were first with her, she was utterly inexperienced and didn't know a thing of how to please a guy. Now is very different. You only have yourself to blame for this delectable corruption. A corruption you will never be sorry for, that's for sure.

Her hot tongue has been dancing a sensual game with yours ever since she mounted you. Her arms are wrapped tightly around your neck to keep you holed up in her mouth with her, her legs straddle you softly as she moves her hips up and down deeply, though not enough to splash water around, for fear of being discovered. Her tender breasts rub up against your chest in a very arousing way, only causing you to hold onto her even tighter, urging her to go on and on until she tires herself out. The way she kisses you is very hungrily not for your body, but for your love. You know what it's like to be lusted after, and you feel very thankful to have shown this young girl the actual feeling of love before the lust. Her feelings, unlike those of a seductress succubus with only one goal in mind, are true to her heart and open to you. It's what makes the act in whole feel miles better. After experiencing it like this, you don't think you could do it any other way.

"Mmm...mmnnn-...mnah! Ah...nnn-..." Chen's quiet moans and panting as she breaks the kiss off from you is very endearing and arousing, making you want to egg her on yet at the same time, tell her that she's doing just fine. "Wh-...Why does it...feel so good...?" She asks you, staring deeply into your eyes with her own dark hazel colored ones, shimmering and gleaming from the intense feeling she gets from being connected to you so sensually. It's a vision that makes you smile very warmly.

"Because you're doing it with someone that loves and cherishes you more then life itself." Chen stares back at you, eyes beginning to well up even as she continues pushing your manhood deeper into herself, eventually not able to take it as she just holds you tightly, burying her face into your shoulder, trying to hold off the tears.

"That...that's not fair...! I love you too..." Her heart must be aflame so bold and proudly right now, her emotions unable to cope with such an abundance of happiness that she's feeling that it causes her to break down into tears. It's such a magnificent sight for you to behold, that even well after she would come, finish bathing with you and even fall asleep beside you, you would continue to tell her over and over...

"It's okay, I'll never leave you, you'll always have my love here to support you by your side."

I'm not gonna lie, somewhere near the end of this I completely lost track of what direction I was going with this. But hey, more Chen. Everyone loves Chen. I think I'm finally gonna try updating soon...
>> No. 10948
>I think I'm finally gonna try updating soon...

Of course we all love Chen. How couldn't we?
>> No. 11003
Definitely a good story. Still I've always wondered whenever someone starts saying no, like Chen did, isn't it almost like... forcing them to have sex or something? I've seen it a lot in h-doujins, and it's always made me slightly creeped out.
>> No. 11066

It's a bit of a fetish some guys have, where doing such things gives them a sense of superiority and arouses them further. As for the other side, like Chen's, it's a case of the mind saying No but the body saying Yes, in this case Chen's body wanting release but her mind being scared of getting caught in the act.

It's sorta like getting hard off of seeing Chen get whipped into a bloody pulp crying and miserable and you really don't want to, but you do anyways.

...don't look at me like that.
>> No. 11088
File 129924295949.jpg - (8.55KB , 216x152 , make this face.jpg ) [iqdb]
But this is our normal face.
>> No. 15754
File 131237798586.jpg - (60.04KB , 561x707 , bcde38a7e2c9326665c86341090e104e.jpg ) [iqdb]
You can hear it. The sound of your great lord bellowing for you as you're led down the mighty halls of your highness' palace.

"Where is my concubine ya damn wench!" You could hear it from miles away, and you would happily come running through hell or high water to please your master.

Soon, the grand doors to the royal bedroom open, and you're tossed inside, with a few of the lord's servants and subordinates leaving out the way you came in. After picking yourself up off the floor from your rather embarrassing forced entry into the room, you lay eyes upon the you will be serving. Short, silvery hair that's as smooth as silk and shiny as metal, that is tied around despite it's short length. Piercing eyes of a great leader. Large wings that would whip up hurricanes. Long, strong legs that could run across the world in days flat, non-stop. Milky white skin, an extraordinary bust, a perfect figure and the most extravagant and ornate lingerie complete the Tenma's supreme good looks. She could easily pass off as the most stunningly sexy tengu in all of Gensokyo, and then some. It's this woman that you will be working to serve and please, and the seductive and sly, if really inebriated smile on her face makes this as clear as day to you right away.

"Ahh...ya my new conky, eh...?" Looking around as you get down on one knee, you wager she's likely downed a few gallons of sake already. This will be interesting.

"Yes, indeed I am, mi'lord."

"Wah's ya name?"


"Shut up! I di'int give ya permission ta talk, did I?"

"No mi'lord."

Even through the lord's light verbal abuse, you play it cool. As you always do.

"Good ta know ya got ya pry-or-it-ees strayt. Now then, phursht of all," Lord Tenma says as she tosses her drink aside and almost lazily and quite haphazardly moves to the edge of the bed that she had been laying on this whole time, sitting on the edge and spreading her legs, exposing the fact that no underwear or any form of cloth now separates you from her bare womanhood, "ah gots an awfully bad itch 'n' aye think yer tongue is jus' what the docta' ordered~"

"Right away, mi'lord." You don't give much hesitation to help your new master with her 'itch.' You can't help it, even in her drunken stupor, she manages to still have an air of brilliant balance and superiority, displayed by the fact that even though she was erratic in getting to the edge of the bed, she still did it flawlessly and without looking goofy, which most people can't say about themselves.

"Mmm...oh yeah, tha's the spot~" You can hear your lord's soothing moans of pleasure as you bring your tongue across the delicious folds of her tender, perfect pussy. She is highly experienced and yet it tastes as if her cunt had never known the pleasures of male dick before. So pure, so clean, untainted as if it were truly the most perfect pussy in all the land.

You brush your tongue up and down her juicy lips, already she's getting clearly wet. Perhaps she was wet to begin with? Running your lips up and down her pussy, occasionally sucking on her utterly erect clit, you can tell she really enjoys this. It's all you can do to please your wonderful lord. Soon you can taste the sweet flavor of sake across her folds, infected with your lord's unique and delectable essence, having had time to flow down the partially naked body of her's starting from her abundant chest. Looking up at her, you can see her drunken eyes leering at you with a satisfied look on her face, knowing that with you under her complete control, she will always find bliss and pleasure from your skill and expertise.

The delicious taste of sake...the warm flavor of her pussy...the amazing view your eyes are getting, it just simply could not be better then this.

"Ya like tha' dunt ya? Eh? Ya want mor', ya filthy crow?" Looking up at your drunken lord, there's only but one thing you can manage to say.

"Of course, mi'lord."

The large tengu woman pulls you up and starts kissing you with her proper lips, hungrily and messily feasting upon your face while grabbing at your hardened erectness. Her intoxicated state causes her to tug and pull at your penis a bit painfully and rather sloppily, being controlled by her lust and clouded by her inebriation has dulled her ability to properly jerk a guy off in this manner, but you couldn't care any less right now. The incredible scent of her voluptuous body, the magnificent curves that your hands find their way around, the delicious cherry red lips that are feasting upon your face in a messy though cute way, you are so amazingly turned on right now that you could probably fuck a horse right about now.

You can barely help yourself at the moment, you're rubbing your erect shaft all over your lord's clit and pubic hair, unable to be granted true access with her hand tugging you so tight and having to settle for less. It doesn't take much of this for your drunken master to get a clue and decide it's time. In one swift motion, your back is heaved onto the bed and you're laying face up on top of it with your mighty lord mounting you with all due haste. She doesn't hesitate to continue indulging herself to your face, locking lips with you in such a hungry manner that it's only matched by the eagerness of her hips, forcing their way downward into yours sloppily, constantly missing slipping your increasingly hard cock into her drenched innards. Even while completely hammered, you can feel the hot lust that her body is emanating and you feel the need to fulfill this strong desire to fuck.

"M-Mi'lord, calm down, let me put it in..." You try to say this over your feisty master trying to hump you into oblivion. She just doesn't take no for an answer however.

"Shut ahp! Ah know wut aye'm doin'!" Despite the aggressive reaction though, Lord Tenma seems to realize she hadn't been succeeding in getting your utterly impatient manhood into her. You prop yourself up on your elbows as your lord sits up on top of you and grabs at your erection a little sloppily, though it's clear she's trying to make some sort of effort to concentrate.

"That's it, just slip that in there and we'll both feel real good, eh?" Lord Tenma is still struggling a bit to get it into her, but she takes the time to berate you while she does so.

"Told ya to be quiet! Can't help it if'n yoo get me so exshyted..." Your master lets out an eccentric chuckle as she finally manages to open her exceedingly soft pussy to your cock. "Jusht sit back 'n' I'll mayck ush both feel really good..."

Urgh! Your arms instantly lose their focus the moment her tight walls start enveloping around your shaft, sliding down it with utter ease and quickly bringing you straight to ecstasy. It doesn't even stop there either, you feel the bedsheets below you gripped tightly as Lord Tenma starts proving her strength and rides you like a fucking bull. You could swear the bed itself was bouncing to the rhythm of your master's hips pounding away at your body like a rampant jackhammer. The wild, happy moans are nearly drowned out by the bed crying for mercy as she continues screwing your body in a manner that would make a tiger feel ashamed of it's pitiful amount of power compared to this hungry beast. The way her body swallows your dick whole, slurping it up like some high school girl eating up a sundae after several months of being on a strict diet, ramming itself into your body in such an aggressive and powerful way that it threatens the very bed the two of you rest on, it's all so overwhelming and almost frightening that there's nothing for you to do that wouldn't result in you endangering yourself.

You wouldn't have it any other way either.

As you lay back and enjoy the brutal sex, you can somewhat make out her cries and screams of pleasure as time passes on, until something finally occurs to you.

"..ll! ...all! Last call for drinks!"

What this occurrence was, was you realizing that the pounding was actually the effect of drinking way too much alcohol.

"Hey buddy." You can see the bar keeper above you. Your senses are finally coming to. You...think, anyways. You're still half way waking up and half way experiencing the dream you really don't want to wake up from. "You've been out there for a while. Mind leaving so I can close up?"

This is the last time you ever take on a dare involving how much alcohol you can drink.
>> No. 15756
>it was all a dream

I'm not sure if I love you for this short or want to punch you in the fucking dick.
>> No. 15769
This story needs to be expanded on in some way.
>> No. 15770
Her accent is killing my boner. What kind of accent is that? I don't really like.
>> No. 15776
It's called "drunk slurring".
>> No. 15777
Didnt know 'drunk' was an accent.
>> No. 15864
>slurping it up like some high school girl eating up a sundae after several months of being on a strict diet

Anyway, I was waiting for a better occasion to say this, and I don't know if you can take as a compliment, but I'll say it anyway: You write some of the best, if not the best smut in this site.
Of course, I like it far better when it's actually connected to something and not just random porn, but this is fine too. Props.
>> No. 15888
>best smut on the site
>same site glasnost and Patchwork write smut on

5/10 not sure if trolled

For the record though, as far as relevancy...

>> No. 15910
You're definitely up there with the big names.
>> No. 16204
File 131332693687.jpg - (99.13KB , 600x786 , 0f7bcea19c080a400301bd284ffce811.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Ah...Mmm...oh, hey, why'd you stop?"

"Won't we be seen...?"

"You're worrying too much. The ghosts won't care if they see us having a little fun~"

This tanuki is sly...too sly. Somehow she managed to trick you into giving her a little 'favour' and lured you into a desolate corner of the Myouren Temple graveyard. With her bloomers around her ankles, her legs around your neck and her hands on your head, you've been eating her out for quite a while now. It's actually starting to turn you on, though this took you the good part of this activity to even consider getting a boner as a graveyard is far from the sexiest place to make fuck in. Learning how this youkai's pussy works along with listening to her incredibly erotic moaning has done it's work on you however, and you can feel your raging stiffy trying to break out of your pants as you continue treating the tanuki's womanhood to a brutal tongue lashing, which she receives very happily.

"Nnnhh~ Oh! R-Right there, please...~"


Your face is so deep within the crotch of this raccoon dog that you've become intimately acquainted with it's smell and taste by now. It feels rather tight, even on your tongue as you push the tip of it in and out of her soaked entrance. You're beginning to lose control.

"Ahh...ohh...hnn-...do you need breathers that often?" You give a look back up at the tanuki girl before you, readjusting her glasses while she studies you to make sure you're not just slacking off. She's really putting you to work here.

"Eh...it's just...I've been at this for a while and-"

"Do you intend on forgetting your debt then? You can't just walk away now." The smile she gives you is charming. Like one that a wise teacher would give you. But you can see the devilry in it. The cleverness that got you into this mess in the first place.

You're not going to let it control you anymore.

"Of course not...how could I walk away when I got this?" You slip the rest of your body through her open legs as you pull your pants down a bit, just enough to whip out the crazy erection that you've gained and unsuccessfully push into the throbbing pussy of the youkai under you, instead just rubbing the front of your cock across her cunt's lips and pressing deeply into them. This is still enough to take the tanuki by complete surprise however.

"Uh?! I don't think I authorized use of...of that." Her eyes are trying to look at you sternly, but her eyes are just too benevolent looking to make this anything but cute. Combined with her red cheeks and otherwise flustered expression, you don't think there's any way you couldn't screw this girl's body for all it's worth.

"You didn't? Well I'll just have to authorize myself!" You thrust into her poor youkai's entrance and penetrate her deeply and instantly upon finishing your piece after pulling yourself back for the plunge. This is so rough that the first sound that comes out of the shocked tanuki's mouth is almost akin to choking, as if purely speechless from the sudden entry.

"--!! G-Ghhnnkk--" After you've stopped knocking on her cervix's door with the tip of your pulsing cock, you steadilly pull out and then gently push it back in, garnering a much more proper response from her. "...ahh...nnn...nnmmmgh...th-that's really good...~"

You can feel the legs of the raccoon dog below you start to tighten around your hips a bit, subtly encouraging you to dip your manhood deeper into her. After a few moments, you feel one of the tanuki's arms resting on your back, her lustful face looking up at you totally pleased and blissful. The feeling is mutual; this girl's pussy is out of this world. Unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Do all youkai have cunts this amazing? You can feel it sucking on your throbbing cock as you attempt to pull out, as if it absolutely refuses to let go, sucking you right back in the moment you push back down into her. The tight entrance, the hot insides and the deepness all come together and make it bloody hard to resist coming inside her right away.

"Ah! Nnth, g-...ghhnn~ H-Harder...y-yes, more...ahhhgghhnn...~"

Her moans have gotten even more erotic since you ate her out. She is loving every inch of your meaty shaft and you can do nothing but serve her more of it, thrust after blissful thrust. Her head is almost writhing around soon enough from the sheer pleasure, her glasses drooping down the side of her face now. Her other arm joins the first on on your back, both now starting to wrap around your neck lovingly, the same as her legs around your bobbing hips. You can barely take it yourself, you have to dip your head down once you start bucking your hips into hers at a more wild pace, taking everything you got to not spill your seed into this tanuki. The ground below her is cold and moist, and the air is thick and heavy, but despite this, you clench your fists and teeth as you try and please this raccoon dog with every ounce you have.


It's no use though. With a few more powerful thrusts, you release your hot semen into the tanuki's snatch. It really was hopeless. This girl is just too good.

"Hah...ahh...nngh...h-hey, aren't you going to keep going...?" You look at youkai as you try your damned hardest not to just fall right on top of her. She looks...almost disappointed. She wants more. A lot more. Over your heavy panting though, you try and tell her that you're not exactly confident in fulfilling her fantasy.

"Ugh...I...I'm beat...that-" You don't get enough time to really explain much though, as the tanuki kicks her bloomers off her feet and rolls over, almost slamming you into the ground next to her and mounting you right away with a determined look on her face. A rather cute one at that.

"Huah! You're going to make me come, whether you like it or not! Do I make myself clear?" The girl seats herself down on top of you, straddling your weakened body in between her legs. This whole time, she hadn't bothered letting your manhood escape her tight, needy pussy. She doesn't hesitate to start riding you like a stallion either.

"H-Hey! Y-You're going a little fast...!"

"Put up with it then! Th-This feels too good...~!"

Even with a straight back, she effortlessly bounces on top of your hips like a wild rodeo rider and her cunt devours your dick at a ludicrous rate. You figure though that while you're on bottom this time, you may as well enjoy yourself. You watch her noticeably abundant breasts bounce up and down in that low cut shirt of hers before reaching up and pulling her shirt down, much to her surprise, though this doesn't stop her rampant riding for even brief second, even as you grab her plentiful chest in your hands. They're exquisitely soft and pleasant to touch. It briefly makes you forget about the fatigue and starts getting your blood boiling once again. You soon can't help but massage the decently sized melons of this tanuki as she rides your cock with expert skill.

"Ghhnn~! M-More! Don't stop...!"

The erotic cries of her lustful moaning return once more as she plants her hands on your chest and is forced to lean forward a bit to slam her hips down into yours harder and faster. You keep at her chest and grope and feel it up with all your might, determined to remember vividly at all times just how incredible her breasts feel. Her speed is slowly picking up, you can soon feel her ravishing your body with relentless aggression. Her hips are pounding away so fast that her giant tail is ramming itself into the ground like she was some beaver building a dam. Her actual beaver is busy toiling away at your throbbing cock, threatening to pull you closer to a second orgasm, tightening up with each insane bounce.

At this rate, you're going to look very insignificant. You have to do something. You may as well go out with a bang. In one swift motion, you push the raccoon dog off you and straight into a nearby gravestone, an almost abusive looking act that presses the poor girl's cheek into the cold, hard rock. Before she can get off her knees and react though, you grab her hips and slam your own right into them, producing a loud squeal from the youkai, that almost would have been a scream if she hadn't apparently held herself back. You don't even take much notice of the massive raccoon tail taking up the majority of your upper body and face. It's actually quite cuddly and soft. You instinctively grab hold of it with one hand, tugging on it as you wail away on her meaty ass, pounding her pussy with all your energy and making her moan and cry out with highly erotic tones in her voice.

"Nghyaahh~! G-Ghhaannghh~!! M-More...! Nnnn--...!!"

You're driving this girl wild. She's gripping at the gravestone ferociously, her body shaking and no longer able to withstand the heightened amount of insane pleasure you're giving to her now. She's going absolutely crazy at the feeling of your shaft piercing her tight, wet and utterly hot cunt repeatedly over and over again. Even though you're at your limit, you don't stop picking up the pace. Harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper you deliver your pulsing manhood into her hungry snatch. You're practically driving her into the gravestone now, as her head rides up it and her back begins to arch, the hideously speedy motion of your hips pounding her has caused her abundant breasts to start slapping the rock before her. You soon can't help but lean in and clench your lips around one of those cute raccoon ears that adorn her head, which results in an interesting reaction.


A loud piercing scream emanates throughout the graveyard, making a rather distinct echo. This comes so sudden that it briefly makes you let go of your bodily functions and you accidentally fill her womb with more of your seed. You nearly bite down on the poor girl's ear as you come, but thankfully you're able to prevent this at the very least. It soon occurs to you that the tanuki had also came, her body trembling now as she pants and recovers from it. Still holding onto the gravestone as well. The same can be said of you, you can't be bothered to bring your lips away from the pleasant raccoon ear you teased earlier, and one of your hands, which had found it's way onto her chest while you leaned over, is still gripping her breast quite tightly, with your other hand gripping her tail just as tightly. The both of you go through plenty of heavy breathing, still connected like that, for a nice while before the tanuki girl finally turns her head over to you, giving you a very satisfied smile.

"I think you've...repaid your debt now...and then some~"

"Hah...I'll be sure to owe you some more later on then." The raccoon dog stifles a small chuckle before leaning her face up and giving you an actually very loving and tender kiss that nearly blows you away.

"Remind me to trick you some more then. I'll have you owing me for life~"
>> No. 16205
>> No. 16207
>A loud piercing scream emanates throughout the graveyard, making a rather distinct echo.

I wonder if Kyouko was in the area.
>> No. 16210

They really shouldn't. Based on that assumption if I had only started writing a couple weeks ago I'd have been rushed off the site faster then a patient with a pillar in his gut. I know I'm an utterly terrible writer but it really puts into perspective how flat my readership is when my only defining traits are simply my tenure.
>> No. 16211
Rather overblown minor complaints.

The story was good, and you should feel good, Sukima.
>> No. 16216
You're not terrible as I don't read terrible stories. Sure you may not be the latest Fell or HY but you keep at it and write interesting stuff.
>> No. 16223

You are blowing the comment out of proportion. Nothing was said about bad writing, just that there is a lot of ellipsis and tilde usage. As for the comment about getting a pass, it is absolutely true that veteran writers of all sorts get passes for things, and new writers are scrutinized harshly in comparison. Some of the long standing writers have done shorts or stories under other names and gotten poor treatment. Had they used their existing trip, not a word would've been said.

Sukima does some nice work, although I haven't read anything of his outside of /at/ and his old story involving Sousha (I think that was his) a few years ago. The comments are valid, though. There really are a lot of ellipsis and tildes, however he has always used a lot of ellipsis. The descriptions of the sex are really nice, it's just a matter of the dialogue.

In other words, constructive criticism is being provided, something that most writers don't get from their readers once they've developed into a long term poster.
>> No. 16226
>You're not terrible as I don't read terrible stories.
Hahahahaha. This is some hollow as fuck praise, dude.

>the tildes are completely unnecessary
Nah, tildes have meaning. Usually playful voice. ... But when I see one after an ellipses as used in this story a few times, I have no idea how to read it, so don't do that.
>> No. 16228

All that was meant by the comment was that I don't see tildes or ellipses as a problem that needs to be fixed.
>> No. 16229
They're fine when used properly. That is not the case here.

>"I think you've...repaid your debt now...and then some~"
Relatively good:
>"Remind me to trick you some more then. I'll have you owing me for life~"
>> No. 16232
I've always believed I was a terrible writer, as I've been well aware that I'm amongst the lowest acceptable tier on the site. I make no real effort to improve on my own. I don't bother dropping bad habits. (no spaces after ellipses is one) And I have no real dedication towards my stories most of the time. I normally accept criticism well, but being told I was acceptable merely because I was a 'veteran' hit me kinda hard.

I know the standards for the site have been rising and I do actually live in constant fear that I won't be able to keep up with these rising standards. The criticism is appreciated nonetheless. I did try to refrain from tildes (if I didn't, there would be at least twice as many of them then there are in that short) and ellipses...well, I'm just going to say that dialogue during sex is just not one of my strong suits anymore. Or maybe I should just quit trying to write in the moaning since I was really obsessed with that at the time.


Thanks, for both this post and the PMs you left me in IRC. I went to bed shortly after reading the post I blew out of proportion not feeling good but seeing your post and PMs made me feel a lot better.
>> No. 16239
>worries about keeping up
>doesn't try
pick one
>> No. 16240
I think it was great. I didn't even notice the ellipses or tildes until it was pointed out, so it obviously doesn't bother me.
>> No. 18222
No one gives a shit about dialogue during sex. A fapfic is a fapfic so don't go all Taisa on us. You're definitely good enough to be writing on this site.
>> No. 20426
>>18222 Wow and here I thought the Chen, Orin stories written here were amazing because of the love for their partner being displayed through "dialogue." I guess dialogue which adds meaning to the piece isn't important is it? On the subject of tilde and ellipsis, the tilde shows a slight lilt in the voice which actually shows how the speaker is speaking. The ellipsis show pauses in speech because let's face it, no-one can just talk during love making. I saw none of the "could be heard mistakes" So rampant in amateur writing so I am happy.
>> No. 20429
Sage your god damned posts.
>> No. 21871
File 132543377264.jpg - (93.77KB , 850x600 , sample-97794409547e0448a002a46ca2305ca8.jpg ) [iqdb]
There she is. The fiery red headed cat from hell. Those pointy, furry black ears. Those curvy, wavy tails. The way she walks, the way she talks, the way she moves about as her body language clearly tells the world that she wants it, and wants it bad. The language coming from a body that already speaks supreme sexiness, desire, lust and the utmost beauty and arousal by itself. A feisty meal fit for a king, you'd say. A meal that you will be gorging yourself upon very soon. Those delectable legs, those perfectly shaped hips, that untainted waist, those bountiful breasts, her delicious neck and those luscious red lips... all of it will be yours and yours alone. It doesn't matter if she's already taken... who would oppose you? That's right, no filthy human would. Certainly not her pathetic human boyfriend. He thinks moving out of the human village allows him to do whatever he wants with the fellow youkai... well, you'll just have to show him who is really boss out here.

You walk over and greet the hot kasha, she stops pushing the covered wheelbarrow that she loves traveling with so much. It's only a short exchange before things go from playfully innocent to despicably dirty, however.

"Ah, s-stop..."

"If you really wanted me to, you could make me."

"Y-You know that I can't, not when it feels this good."

The hell cat is honest, at least. In truth, meetings like this between you and her are common place now. Countless times has your hands reached all over this savory body of hers. Into the most private crevasse, the most personal valleys, the most treasured spots on her body you have all felt and indulged yourself in. It began as a fight, and downspiralled into something far more sinister.

"N-Not here, please--"

"You think I'd let that weak boyfriend of yours stop me?"

"B-But, if he sees, then..."

"Then what? Will you cry? Cry knowing that he realized you found someone far more gratifying to your body?"


The break of silence assures you that no matter what, this hot flame will not burn you, no matter how much you play with it. You've conditioned her to your body, taught her to enjoy the taste of bliss that you give her. She no longer fights back, not even when you invade her mouth with your cock. You've had her please you many times, just as much as you've pleased her, all for the sake of equivalent exchange; you did her a favor, so you expect to get one back in return. It's time she made good on that promise now. There is but one area on her body that your meat stick hasn't defiled. No, rather, one area inside her body.

"W-W-Wait! What're you--"

"I think it's time we stopped lying to ourselves. This is what we both want."

"No! If you do, then I... I'll..."

"You'll what? I don't think your boyfriend will mind another dick going in here."

"He will!"

"And what would he do about it?"


It almost feels like rape. That won't do. While you're not against it, the kind of violation you want to achieve is much greater then that. No, if you're going to fuck her, she's going to like it.

"Ah! A-Ahh... s-stop, please..."

"Stop lying, you want this. Your pussy is begging for it."

"No, I--uhn!--don't want--ahh!--to lose that--nnggh!"

This girl is yours, no matter what way you look at it now. Bent over her wheelbarrow, dress ridden up, underwear around her ankles, one of her soft breasts in one of yours hand, the soaked crotch she is so embarrassed about in the other. Her timidness is cute, but her snatch is honest. Her clit pokes out like a crude third nipple, erect and horny. She's showing signs of restraint and resistance, but in the end, you know she doesn't mean it. She could very well throw you off her at any given moment, but she never does.

You suppose it's time to stop fooling around. You quit massaging the lips of her naughty hole and press a finger on her clit aggressively. The extreme sensitivity of it is felt with full force as the kasha squeals out happily, although quite distraught on the outside from the fact that she is cheating on her utterly worthless husband. Quickly you begin rubbing it, moving it, massaging it, attacking it with all you got until the body of the hell cat nearly goes limp over the wheelbarrow. She's in a rather immodest position now, not helped by the fact that she's moving her hips about in a wanting manner.

"So what of that resolve now? If I can be this good, don't you want to see the true extent of my ability to please you?"

"..." The next words that fall out of that pretty little mouth of hers are all that you've wanted to hear this whole time. "Please... please fuck me... turn me inside out, I-I can't take it anymore. Fuck me until I'm raw~"

That is all the confirmation that you need. With her body hunched over her wheelbarrow, displaying her prime assets to you in such a filthy way, you take her hips in your hands after pulling your manhood out of your trousers and ram it into the kasha as hard as you can. You're certain that you would have drawn blood had she not been so drenched in her own dirty juices. The moment your cock hits the cervix of it's receiver, her head jolts up into a loud and practically excruciating moan. It's not long after that you're pumping it into her like some crude jackhammer, making the hell cat grip the edges of her wheelbarrow as all she can do is cry out blissfully, unable to do a single thing to stop you from violating her insides completely and destructively. Not that she would ever try, rather, instead, she seems to beg for more. Both her pussy and her mouth, lewd holes enough as they are, both plead for your cock to drill into her as hard and violent as it can.

Even after making her ass red from your hands gripping it tightly enough do you falter. Not once does your speed drop, never do you take even a split second to do anything other then feeding this cat's addiction for your member. No matter how much derogatory and dirty trash that comes out of your mouth, verbally raping her inside out just as well as you're doing physically, does she ever stop spewing filthy smut from her own mouth, returning your dirty talk tenfold, no longer able to keep it a secret that she is hungry for your cock and nothing more, desperate for every ounce of fluid that could spill from it and into her frothing pussy. Never does she want you to stop tearing her up, and the bigger your dick gets, the louder her moans and screams of pleasure become. Language more filthy then a waste dump flies out of her mouth with alarming frequency. The count on how many times she has dropped the f-bomb on her extreme desire for your manhood has easily reached digits incomprehensible after only a few minutes.

You soon lose count of how many times you've spilled your seed into her. Once. Twice. Ten times. It doesn't seem to matter after a while. Many positions are tried, all of them lewd and aggressive. But with just as much force as you've used on her slit, she seems to return it with an equal amount of assertiveness, pinning you down and riding your cock like a wild stallion if she has to, just to satisfy her insatiable hunger for the throbbing piece of meat to turn her inside out. To say that the two of you were fucking like animals would be an understatement. Rabid beasts could barely describe the wild play the both of you engaged in. Eventually, after what seems like an eternal of bliss, the both of you are finally tuckered out. Laying on the ground, now completely naked, panting and regaining all the lost breath that had been exhausted during the many hours spent sexually assaulting each other so inhumanely. It occurs to you that this is just what the kasha is. A beast, an untamed beast that could never be satisfied by anything less then what she is. That is what you gave her. In return, as she looks at you longingly, still enjoying the feeling of your member inside her, even as the two of you rest, she gives you some oddly sweet words.

"I love you."

Later on, you would face a question that would give you much difficulty, relating to all this.

"Master Satoshi, what is this 'role play' that you do with Master Rin?"
>> No. 21905
You almost had me raging at the implied NTR to come. Almost. Well done, Sukima.
>> No. 21927

Well that certainly caught me off guard. Now what the hell am I going to do with all my anger?

Good stuff.
>> No. 21929

Holy crap I thought you had finnaly snapped

Good stuff.